For those in Utah or coming to Utah for the OR Show, demo the MagLOCK Bike Pedals at the Fezzari shop in Lindon or the Go-Ride shop in Draper @maglockbikepedal #maglockmobility #fezzari @fezzari #go-ride @goridedotcom #outdoorretailer @outdoorretailer #downhill #mtb #demo
go - fezzari - outdoorretailer - maglockmobility - demo - downhill - mtb -
red1882 - demondirt - bicimag - jordanpalmer232 -
Taking custom to a whole new level. 2016 #Fezzari Solitude in custom paint hot pink/raw carbon for @byufootball head coach Bronco Mendenhall. Drivetrain, wheels, brakes, and cockpit from @srammtb suspension @rockshox grips and saddle from @ergonbike
custompaint - bikeporn - bikeracer - fezzari - ergonbike - custombike - xc - byu - mountainbike - biker - rockshox - mtb - srammtb - byufootball -
momwhotris : Drooooool.
reesrider : Woooooooooowwwwwww!!!!Nice job! @fezzari_bicycles
troot62 : Go cougs! Maybe I'll see you out on the trail Bronco.
bballdudeburbidge : Sooo jealous.......
mcnunnari : @labergen1 this bike would look good on me! When I do get a bike, I want it to look like this!!!
shjacobsen : So it appears you guys will sell to just about anyone these days #disappointing #havesomestandards
fezzari_bicycles : @shjacobsen If your credit card works we will even sell a bike to you. 😜
baldgerb : Need to see that up close.
logan.wilson03 - thayne_wade - merkbc - rafaelpettersdacunha -
Thankful for the morning ride, and many other Great Things! #outsideisfree #clicknabike #cycling #mntbike #bike #giantbikes #mtb #rideshimano #mountainbike #pedalando #rockshox #pedal #biking #singletrack #raceface #maxxis #lifebehindbars #mtnbiking #fezzari #fujibikes #ilovemybike #ride4life #brothersbebiking
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ange_rs_abramov - sperlix97 - tiger_geiger1 - anna_glowinski -
#outsideisfree #clicknabike #cycling #mntbike #bike #giantbikes #mtb #rideshimano #mountainbike #pedalando #rockshox #pedal #biking #singletrack #raceface #maxxis #lifebehindbars #mtnbiking #fezzari #fujibikes #ilovemybike #ride4life
giantbikes - pedalando - ilovemybike - lifebehindbars - mountainbike - rideshimano - mtnbiking - mntbike - ride4life - singletrack - pedal - fujibikes - cycling - clicknabike - maxxis - outsideisfree - bike - rockshox - mtb - biking - fezzari - raceface -
demondirt - gortz33 - berger_76 - mdb_phd -
Got all psyched and ready to get soaked on tonight's #bikecommute but the rain never came. And since the wife is late in picking me up, it's beer time. #twinsix #roadbike #700c #fezzari #camelbak
twinsix - fezzari - camelbak - roadbike - 700c - bikecommute -
cycling60 : Nice rest stop
fezzari_bicycles - mattanarchy - bullcitybiker - twinsix_brent -
NEW BIKE THURSDAY | Look what just arrived. The new 2016 #Fezzari Solitude carbon hardtail race bike. This bike is fast! This one and its identical twin are going to a couple in California. Look out for these flying past you on the next climb! #MTB #mountainbike
mtb - fezzari - mountainbike -
estubbart : @fezzari_bicycles any plans for a new tri bike?
reesrider : @quinb_79 yup!!
quinb_79 : @reesrider LIKE
james.dugan - deavushka - merkbc - scotts610c -
New #fezzari is fucking awesome.
fezzari -
amykeliiaa : Sick!!!!!!!
amykeliiaa - zombielay_d - alidwhite - marcoosemk6 -
#cycle#mtb#bike#justride#bikeday#summer#road#zoot#shutuplegs Took the hubby's MTB out for a road ride. Whew that boy is heavy. Great workout though. Used to my lightweight #Fezzari . πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ˜ŽβœŠπŸ‘
summer - fezzari - shutuplegs - bikeday - bike - zoot - mtb - justride - road - cycle -
iamleonofficial - - croakcro - tamao1414 -
Congratulations @ironcowboyjames and the entire #ironcowboy crew on completing the #505050 We have enjoyed following your journey and look forward to more. You have inspired us all. We put together this video for you showcasing the final day of the 50. The full link is in our profile. Please share with those that were there. #IC505050 #fightthefight #ironcowboy #505050 #Fezzari Video shot and edited by Chris Mabey Photography @chrismabeyphoto Additional footage provided by @jaybirdsport
505050 - fezzari - ironcowboy - fightthefight - ic505050 -
moore.miles : Love this!!! Go James!!!
kellester70 - adersonferrare - cycling60 - todd_kingsolver -
Tonight's view brought to you in part by a bicycle. #utahisrad #fezzari #rockcanyon #mtb #mountainbike
utahisrad - rockcanyon - fezzari - mountainbike - mtb -
moore.miles : Oh hellll yes! Where is rock canyon? #lovewhereyoulive
b.m.wall : Is that a 27.5+ nebo? Wouldn't mind getting my hands on that rear triangle #altapeak
fezzari_bicycles : @moore.miles It's in Provo, Ut. This is the top looking down. @b.m.wall you'll just have to wait and see mwahahaha
moore.miles : Awesome. I'm going !
diversifiedcycling - brandon_rowe21 - kphansen23 - adersonferrare -
@ironcowboyjames giving a great live interview on @foxnews this morning talking about the 50-50-50. James is still inspiring a nation after these 50 days! #IC505050 #Ironcowboy #fighthefight #Fezzari
fighthefight - fezzari - ironcowboy - ic505050 -
edcrnj : Yay, made national news @donniekeele @jtatarchuk
donniekeele : @edcrnj finally - too bad Fox will somehow turn #505050 into a reason to hate Obama
edcrnj : @donniekeele Hahaha so true
raitisstalazs : Thanks for sharing this! As @ironcowboyjames said finishing #505050 is just the beginning!!
karenkmonsen : Hope he gets more TV coverage than just Fox News!!!
alisonfarage : Glad he got some publicity but he deserves more. So amazing!
myheartandhamstrings - brandon_rowe21 - charliemcgoo - cycling60 -
3" wide tires making Rock Canyon not so rocky. #Fezzari
fezzari -
farleymiwako - daisylawrencerocks - kilian_mena14 - merkbc -
I can't thank @fezzari_bicycles enough for all the amazing opportunities that I've been able to have and for being one of the best companies to work for! #ilovewhatido #solitude #fezzari #getoutandride
solitude - getoutandride - ilovewhatido - fezzari -
cjwiggins00 - bnielsen31 - mothslayer6 - jnote_muzik -
Just a reminder the raffle ends in two hours!! Donate to win (! We're going to announce the winners live via Periscope (ironcowboyjames) at 7:30 pm (MST). Remember every $20 you donate gets you 1 entry. #altra #normatec #fezzari #rudyproject #garmin #jaybirdsport #nathansports #strengthtape
normatec - fezzari - nathansports - altra - rudyproject - strengthtape - jaybirdsport - garmin -
jencaw : What is periscope? Do you have to be a member of something?
labergen1 : @jencaw It's a video app that allows you to broadcast stuff live. Download the app and follow "ironcowboyjames" and you'll be alerted when he's broadcasting via Periscope.
ironcowboyjames : @labergen1 *nope ;)
ironcowboyjames : This specific raffle is for online donations only. The raffle on Saturday was for donations made on-site at Thanksgiving point.
ironcowboyjames : We are live!
mirage4774 : Donated saturday night :-)
brandonscales : Will you also tell us the winner on Instagram?
fedara12 : @coque2412 @diegoloud
edutriathlon - bernice_moon11 - auzy_millz - thebeardedalaskanrunner -
My baby looks great in our gym!! She's just waiting for us to head home again soon! #FFF #Fezzari #Cycling
fff - fezzari - cycling -
demondirt : Excellent!.. would love to see you in Demon protective gear, maybe you're interested in joining our team... Email me (Ricky) for more info. #Demonsaves.
maeelizabethg - fezzari_bicycles - diane_levesque - chapman.15 -
A quick clip of the #Fezzari interview with @ironcowboyjames and his experience during the 50-50-50. #IC505050 #ironcowboy #IC505050
fezzari - ironcowboy - ic505050 -
lizbergh : What kind of shoes is he wearing??
lizbergh : @fezzari_bicycles
mrscrooks : @lizbergh he wears @altrarunning
brandonscales : When will this be up for viewing?
leecollins99 : @brentmandel
pamelawarren : @27reasonstorule @grandmaconniesue @kipski @stephybott
logan.wilson03 - lds_car_guy - kilian_mena14 - daisylawrencerocks -
A quick clip of the #Fezzari interview with @ironcowboyjames and his experience during the 50-50-50. #IC505050 #ironcowboy #IC505050
fezzari - ironcowboy - ic505050 -
momwhotris : Oh man that's a teaser! I so badly want to hear more!
fezzari_bicycles : @momwhotris the full 4 part interview is up on the Fezzari Bicycles YouTube channel.
duketrystri - cycling60 - todd_kingsolver - daisylawrencerocks -
Interview with @ironcowboyjames here at Fezzari. James just finished his 50-50-50 this past Saturday. That's one of James' #Fezzari bikes behind him.
fezzari -
airtrent : Legend
gensiulia : +1
pike : Looks rested up
bartboma : How many bikes did he use or go through?
fezzari_bicycles : @bartboma Fezzari supplied him with 3 bikes, but as you'll hear in the interview, he rode his T5 Triathlon bike 90% of the time. He only had 7 punctures the entire 7000 miles, plus he had support crews riding his other bikes throughout the trip. He said he was pleasantly surprised at how few bike issues they had.
bartboma : Wow, I'll have to listen in. Know if they used a sealant?
james.dugan - kieran.haug - cycling60 - duketrystri -
We are still in awe at all of your support on Saturday for @ironcowboyjames on the bike ride. Over 400 people came out to ride with James. Your support was definitely felt. Keep that support going with a donation over at Be sure to share this photo with everyone that was there. PC: @jaybirdsport #Fezzari #ironcowboy #utah #IC505050 #fightthefight
utah - fezzari - ironcowboy - fightthefight - ic505050 -
james.dugan - daisylawrencerocks - havechairswilltravel - merkbc -
I witnessed something truly inspiring yesterday. @ironcowboyjames just click on that little name above ⬆️ to see what I mean #qualtrics #fezzari #altra #50|50|50 #dax
dax - qualtrics - fezzari - 50 - altra -
demondirt : good times!.. would love to see you in Demon protective gear, maybe you're interested in joining our team... Email me (Ricky) for more info. #Demonsaves.
stacwilding - braydon_a - skcrane_ - tytheobald -
We had a blast yesterday supporting James as he finished the most epic feat in endurance athlete history in his effort to raise awareness for childhood obesity by running his last 3.1 miles of his journey. He was already a world record holder but yesterday he made history that won't be touched !!50 full ironman triathlons in 50 days in 50 states. We are so proud of him! The ironman triathlon is a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bike followed by a 26.2 mile run. He did that everyday for 50 consecutive days while traveling around the country with his wife and 5 kids in an RV ( with the exception of a few flights) !! There are no words to describe this!!!!!! If you don't think that's a big deal, I challenge you to do ONE full ironman! Any endurance athlete that wasn't there really missed out. Even if you're not, this is something to respect. He prooved there are #zerolimits on the mind and #nogoaltoobig .We are proud to know him and his family as they are truly some of the kindest people and also members of our local triathlon club! James' oldest daughter , Lucy , ran the last 5k of each race with her Dad. She is 12! I love what the Lawrence family is doing and I am grateful to @ironcowboyjames &his wife, Sunny, for empowering and inspiring me along with thousands to get up and move and dream really freaking big!!!!! #fighhthefight #fezzari #fitfam #lovethecowboy #505050 #sltcmoment @fezzari_bicycles
505050 - fezzari - fitfam - zerolimits - lovethecowboy - nogoaltoobig - sltcmoment - fighhthefight -
bkmill : What?! Whoa. Wow.
courtneyduckworth : It was incredible to witness and be apart of it yesterday! Made me believe once again that #anythingispossible ...SO awesome!
jonmoore24 : Do you know how much money he ended up raising? #fightingchildhoodobesity
mommacrawfish : So impressive and inspiring.
moore.miles : @jonmoore24 68k in 50 days! He says he won't stop there and this is just the beginning! Basically, he got our attention and now it's on like donkey kong. He is SUCH A FREAK
susanmaloy : @moore.miles I wanted to be there so freaking bad but we had a family reunion that was booked and paid for long before... He is so freaking cool it makes me want to be stronger and more committed to my goals!!
whitmarielarsen : No excuses when you think about what he has done πŸ‘Š
fatprice12 : Puts my 50 donuts in 50 days record in perspective...I can't fathom anyone coming close to his record for a while! Unbelievable!
irish.creme - leo_the_lean - tricanadian - morrisonrex -
#Fezzari Founder Chris Washburn out on the ride yesterday with @ironcowboyjames on the final day of the 50-50-50. Chris rode 90 miles with The Cowboy. We are proud to be the bike sponsor of such a stand up guy. Way to do the impossible James! #IC505050 #ironcowboy #fightthefight
fezzari - ironcowboy - fightthefight - ic505050 -
endurancefiend : Boom!
lollywillis : So awesome!
airtrent : Thank you all for sponsoring such an epic trip!
stan1634 : Thank you both for an awesome day
stacys_mom79 : Looking good, guys!
pamelawarren : @erikastaylor related?
deavushka - brandon_rowe21 - kphansen23 - todd_kingsolver -
Thank you Sunny! @ironcowboyjames #fezzari Your bike was amazing...not to mention your kindness in letting me use it! #fast #awesome #family
awesome - fezzari - family - fast -
demondirt : good times!.. would love to see you in Demon protective gear, maybe you're interested in joining our team... Email me (Ricky) for more info. #Demonsaves.
lbbarrow4 - mkrisponz - questlovesbrother - lkbmahon -
@ironcowboyjames just finished his 50th Ironman distance triathlon, 1 every day, 1 in every state! Huge congrats James. You are an inspiration to all of us. We are extremely proud of you and happy we are part of this with you! #IC505050 #nonetogo #Fezzari #fightthefight #foughtthefight
foughtthefight - nonetogo - fezzari - fightthefight - ic505050 -
lindzeemill : Amazing!!!!
rjeffreydavis : That's something that probably will never be done by anyone again
iamjeremyrice : Utterly amazing. Thanks for being a huge part of it @fezzari_bicycles
jmikepow : This is unbelievable and should be made into a documentary. The recovery aspect you dealt with defies common science. Truly you are the fittest man in the word. Just wow
eddiepapaupa : Beyond human awesomeness! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼
amy_weller - kphansen23 - brandon_rowe21 - charliemcgoo -
@ironcowboyjames is 10.3 miles in on his last marathon. Come support him here in Lehi, Utah or by donating at and by liking and sharing. #IC505050 @ironcowboyjames #Fezzari #fightthefight
fezzari - fightthefight - ic505050 -
quinb_79 : @richroll, I am sure this goes without saying but can we get a follow-up podcast with the @ironcowboyjames? Please. πŸ™πŸ»
eattrainrun : @theellenshow please please get him on the show!!!
lollywillis : Yes @theellenshow for real get him on! And go @richroll way to show up! This man is amazing!
lindzeemill : How fast does someone run when he's on his 50th ironman? He's amazing!!
lds_car_guy : That is me pushing a girl with #musculardystrophy behind the #IronCowboy and #RichRoll
kphansen23 - brandon_rowe21 - charliemcgoo - rmb7984 -
Aerial photo of the awesome bike support today. This helped power @ironcowboyjames through his 50th consecutive 112 mile bike ride. #Fezzari #IC505050 #fightthefight
fezzari - fightthefight - ic505050 -
daisylawrencerocks - merkbc - kilian_mena14 - thebuoyproject -
@ironcowboyjames is in from the bike! #Fezzari #IC505050 #fightthefight
fezzari - fightthefight - ic505050 -
endurancefiend : Amazing! Just one run left!
karen_nannie : LOVE the wingmen!
gillcolin4 : That was a magical moment for sure. Highlight of my day
adersonferrare - kphansen23 - merkbc - cycling60 -
James is expected to finish the bike at 2pm. Huge crowd today, over 200 riders estimated. Run will start around 3pm here at the Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point. Come support @ironcowboyjames #Fezzari #fightthefight #IC505050
fezzari - fightthefight - ic505050 -
andysutton1977 : @ironcowboyjames super impressive mate!
micheldrei : @ironcowboyjames go go go!
tiffo012 : Just the running left so close!!!
believeintheprocess2k16 - merkbc - havechairswilltravel - cycling60 -
The bike support for number 50 rolling down University Ave in Provo is massive!!! #Fezzari IC505050 @ironcowboyjames
fezzari -
alansoelberg : Wish I was there so bad. @jarenglade @jaronfisch
hh26_2 : So amazing. He deserves every single one of those support peeps. Total inspiration!! @fezzari_bicycles @ironcowboyjames
bartboma : Wow! Who is going to attack?
jennwenn531 : Wow! That is awesome!
pike : @timmyv I think I saw you. Probably not though. Looks like the Tour de France with so many out to support. Pretty rad!
cycling60 : Wish I could have been there
braydon_a : @karl.anderson1, can you spot me?
lewruns : @gillcolin4 @emmmbirch I see you
ironmandanmull - merkbc - nina_tris - duketrystri -
The swim is underway of number 50. @ironcowboyjames kids sang the national anthem to kick thinks off. Brought great emotion to the final triathlon of the 50-50-50. #IC505050 #fightthefight #fezzari
fezzari - fightthefight - ic505050 -
kilian_mena14 - logan.wilson03 - merkbc - nina_tris -
#Repost @16mm_movieman with @repostapp. ・・・ Coach Rob on a solo run... Yo! #BrothersBeBiking! #outsideisfree #clicknabike #cycling #mntbike #bike #giantbikes #mtb #rideshimano #mountainbike #pedalando #rockshox #pedal #biking #singletrack #raceface #maxxis #lifebehindbars #mtnbiking #fezzari #fujibikes #ilovemybike #ride4life
bike - pedalando - giantbikes - lifebehindbars - mountainbike - brothersbebiking - rideshimano - mtnbiking - mntbike - ride4life - singletrack - repost - pedal - fujibikes - cycling - clicknabike - maxxis - outsideisfree - ilovemybike - rockshox - mtb - biking - fezzari - raceface -
coroxeurope - cbk_cyclesuk - alfa_bisiklet_ - saulolucca -
Coach Rob on a solo run... Yo! #BrothersBeBiking! #outsideisfree #clicknabike #cycling #mntbike #bike #giantbikes #mtb #rideshimano #mountainbike #pedalando #rockshox #pedal #biking #singletrack #raceface #maxxis #lifebehindbars #mtnbiking #fezzari #fujibikes #ilovemybike #ride4life
giantbikes - pedalando - ilovemybike - lifebehindbars - mountainbike - brothersbebiking - rideshimano - mtb - mntbike - ride4life - singletrack - pedal - fujibikes - cycling - clicknabike - maxxis - outsideisfree - bike - rockshox - mtnbiking - biking - fezzari - raceface -
bocabikeshop : What's your dream bike?
i4czion : @bocabikeshop Today, the Santa Cruz Nomad, Black on Black. Tomorrow, who knows...
skiwithanastasia : πŸ‘
clicknabike - happycarol.heath - proteus_bmx - brandrides -
Coach Rob and a suspicious white van observe a "pro-selfie" in action. Yo! #BrothersBeBiking! #outsideisfree #clicknabike #cycling #mntbike #bike #giantbikes #mtb #rideshimano #mountainbike #pedalando #rockshox #pedal #biking #singletrack #raceface #maxxis #lifebehindbars #mtnbiking #fezzari #fujibikes #ilovemybike #ride4life
giantbikes - pedalando - ilovemybike - lifebehindbars - mountainbike - brothersbebiking - rideshimano - mtb - mntbike - ride4life - singletrack - pedal - fujibikes - cycling - clicknabike - maxxis - outsideisfree - bike - rockshox - mtnbiking - biking - fezzari - raceface -
montanaricky - gary_menjik - vinmokry - no85custombicycle -
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