My tattoo is now a mural on the side of the #hopcat Detroit. She's beautiful #fel3000ft !
hopcat - fel3000ft -
ohudson - markjanowicz - segerjwsbrg - reschehines -
This happened yesterday. Fel did a great job interpreting and tattooing my own work on me. Painful, but I love it. #mdart #fel3000ft @fel3000ft
fel3000ft - mdart -
mcsunas : That looks great!
md_art_ : Thanks Michael! @mcsunas
neonpix : Damn cool, thats unique and so you :)
epluribusfunk : Wow, looks great!
fel3000ft : You take care of that foot young man it was great chilling out and talking with you keep doing what you do your very talented @md_art_
chzpizza__ - fourgetmenot8 - rtwilley - jlegerer -
Photo by my homie @whothefisjc tattoo by ME! #fel3000ft
fel3000ft -
happylvt : I get my new one next Saturday!!
eazyace - chasegolematis - detroitmikeb - wasabi_flavored -
January 21st 2015 "Keep your heart true and your mind strong Detroit" #313 #detroit #wallart #midtown #hopcats #detroitart #fel3000ft #mural #paintingsonbuildings #vscocam #vscogood #keepdetroitalive #detroitgraffiti
wallart - fel3000ft - 313 - detroitart - keepdetroitalive - detroit - vscogood - detroitgraffiti - hopcats - paintingsonbuildings - vscocam - mural - midtown -
_blue_diamond_detroit - detroitrespect - jekyllhyde_apparel - colinstagrammer -
fel3000ft -
this_jacob - jennlaurence - prellk77 - oliver_stoned -
#fel3000ft #xstattoorochester
xstattoorochester - fel3000ft -
wasabi_flavored : Really good stuff. I need a tat from you asap
alice_mouzhowzer : Love
dbramble : Beautiful!
missmonica313 : I need more of your work...
cat_kaiser : So excited to see you tmw! Finally!
leon_brandow : Awesome color in that one!
ainsliefaust - heinousculprit - jakeisgross - frankierose08 -
@unclexso chipping away at the sleeve #fel3000ft #xstattoorochester
xstattoorochester - fel3000ft -
this_jacob : @fel3000ft I was just in XS a few minutes ago to see Rich. Hope you are well, can't wait to have you do more on my arm.
fel3000ft : I will be here @this_jacob
happylvt : I can't wait until the end of the month for my next one!!
darth_samsquanch : @fel3000ft nice work on this one mate, this is elijah by the way
j_dennard - vivalaeir - moultriej1 - leon_brandow -
#fel3000ft #cstattoosrochester
cstattoosrochester - fel3000ft -
mimifresh2def : ...what a brave
walden.alexander : You are my Detroit . @fel3000ft
walden.alexander : Detroit idol*
samstrong4 : It is healing nicely!!! Still amazed at how great it looks every time I look at it!!!! @fel3000ft
fel3000ft : That's great! @samstrong4
this_jacob - mobie187 - lizzie1228 - asianburritos -
#detroit #streetart #graffiti #fel3000ft #detroitgraffiti #detroitstreetart #313 #lincolnstreetartpark
streetart - fel3000ft - 313 - detroit - detroitgraffiti - graffiti - lincolnstreetartpark - detroitstreetart -
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Saw this in #Midtown #Detroit today "It takes heart to fight for something that so many consider a lost cause. A strong mind to breathe life into that cause and prove so many wrong. Keep your heart true and your mind strong Detroit" -Fel3000ft #streetart #FEL3000ft #hopcat
midtown - streetart - hopcat - detroit - fel3000ft -
just_saia : This is so beautiful ☺
grccdetroit : @fel3000ft
leahmarie62 - athmaryaldo - bonjourmahnoor - just_saia -
#detroit #streetart #graffiti #fel3000ft #detroitgraffiti #detroitstreetart #313
detroitgraffiti - graffiti - streetart - fel3000ft - 313 - detroitstreetart - detroit -
val972 : perfect :)
b_knd_detroit : Yes!
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Mural by #Fel3000ft at #hopcat in #Detroit #graffiti #detroitgraffiti
detroitgraffiti - graffiti - hopcat - detroit - fel3000ft -
thisisstreetart : Clap, clap!
hksbks : I must get down there!
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Everything old becomes new again #xstattoorochester #chaserocks #fel3000ft #USMC
usmc - xstattoorochester - chaserocks - fel3000ft -
fel3000ft - davinteescreenprint - elamott - patriot_alliance -
______________________________________ πŸ”Ήβ—Ύβ—ΎTV_STREETART_β—Ύβ—ΎπŸ”Ή . Presenting our street art featured PHOTOGRAPHER taken from our tag, #tv_streetart . Congratulations go to: . πŸ™πŸ™πŸ”·@abinthecutπŸ”·πŸ™πŸ™ . Artist: @fel3000ft #fel3000ft . Photo Selected By:@snap_happy126 ______________________________________ A featured photographer is a non-member we acknowledge for their amazing work and loyal following!!!!! Please take some time to check their gallery and show some IG love!!! ______________________________________ At tv_streetart_ it is our aim to showcase photographers who capture street art from around the world. Although we make every effort to acknowledge and respect the hard work of each street artist, it is often very difficult to do that given that in many cases the photographers themselves do not know or mention the artist. We encourage all photographers or viewers of this artwork to tag the artist(s) if known. Thank you for your kind support . How to become part of the @tv_streetart_? Make sure to tag #tv_streetart and follow @tv_streetart_ . πŸ“·πŸ“·Happy Snapping πŸ“·πŸ“· ______________________________________ #streetshots #graffitigers #streetart #wallporn #ig_graffiti #streetarteverywhere #gullyart #urbanromantix #nexus_streetart #graffitiporn #graffiti #graffitiart #ic_streetlife #streetstyles_gf #instagraffiti #nycprimeshot #urbanart #loves_street #splendid_urban #urban_graffiti #transfer_visions #royalsnappingartists
gullyart - nycprimeshot - ig_graffiti - streetart - streetshots - instagraffiti - ic_streetlife - loves_street - splendid_urban - graffitiporn - graffiti - urbanromantix - urban_graffiti - royalsnappingartists - urbanart - fel3000ft - wallporn - graffitigers - transfer_visions - streetstyles_gf - streetarteverywhere - graffitiart - nexus_streetart - tv_streetart -
graffitipin : ❀️ the πŸ’„β—οΈ
lu7070 : Congrats @abinthecut Beautiful capture!
jitch_ : Perfect! Congrats! @abinthecut
transfer_visions : Congrats! β­οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β­οΈ
blondelks : Congratulations! Great piece! @absinthe cut
1disneyana : Congrats! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
nazzarellasworld : Awesome shot @abinthecut πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
tobyfryer :   
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Detroit love ✌️ #ComeBackCity #Detroit #detroitlove #lovethed #visitdetroit #city #citylife #downtown #culture #Hopcat #art #urban #urbanart #mural
city - visitdetroit - urbanart - art - lovethed - comebackcity - fel3000ft - hopcat - detroit - downtown - culture - mural - detroitlove - urban - citylife -
julcic : #Fel3000ft
julcic : @hopcatd
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#Fel3000ft (@fel3000ft) and #KobieSolomon at #HopCatDetroit (@hopcatd ) #mural project. Curated by: #4731Group
hopcatdetroit - art - streetart - fel3000ft - 4731group - mural - hopcat - midtown - detroitgraffiti - graffiti - detroit - kobiesolomon - detroitstreetart -
grccdetroit : #detroitgraffiti #detroit #graffiti #streetart #detroitstreetart #art #hopcat #midtown
picturedetroit : Fantastic shot!! πŸ’—πŸ’•
yahyah_yadi : Love this pic
carryon_onward - gakx3 - hm_lutz - professional_survey -
Mars opposite Jupiter 2015: Happy New Year Mars opposite Jupiter 2015 is exact at 11:49 AM PST. This energy is rebellious and a bit precipitous. However, it fosters an inclination to settle conflicts and clear the air afterwards. As I wrote yesterday, this is also a combination that favors decisions and resolutions. This image is from the city of Detroit by a local artist, FEL3000FT. It is a message of hope amidst bankruptcy and despair. Here is what it says: It takes heart to fight for something that so many consider a lost cause. A strong mind to breathe life into that cause and prove so many wrong. Keep your heart true and your mind strong Detroit. It is a firm decision to go on in the face of adversary and misfortune. The word that comes to mind is fortitude. Whether you begin this new year with everything going your way or in your darkest hour, never give up. Keep your heart true and your mind strong in 2015 and eventually your path will become clear and unimpeded. Mars opposite Jupiter 2015 is a message of renewed resolution. ... To see more or to schedule a reading go to #astrology #streetart #Detroit #fel3000ft #hopcat #Resolutions #Sun #Moon #Mercury #Venus #Mars #Jupiter #Saturn #Chiron #Uranus #Neptune #Pluto #Aries #Taurus #Gemini #Cancer #Leo #Virgo #Libra #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Capricorn #Aquarius #Pisces @fel3000ft
streetart - cancer - chiron - aquarius - hopcat - taurus - leo - gemini - jupiter - uranus - pisces - resolutions - saturn - astrology - mercury - mars - fel3000ft - scorpio - sun - neptune - detroit - moon - virgo - capricorn - libra - pluto - aries - venus - sagittarius -
butterelixir : πŸ‘Œ
ainsliefaust : @butterelixir πŸ’‹β€οΈ
annauppstrom : Brilliant art!!! Great reading🌟🌟😍🌟🌟
ainsliefaust : @annauppstrom πŸ’–πŸŒŸ
bikramyogadetroit : Hey Ainslie!! that image is right next to my bikram studio :))
ainsliefaust : @yogadetroit lucky you it's so beautiful and inspiring πŸ‘β€οΈ
brandenxmartin : Super cool :3
ainsliefaust : @brandenxmartin πŸ‘β€οΈ
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mom and daughter bonding #detroit artist: #fel3000ft
peoplewalkingpastwalls - tv_strideby - detroit - fel3000ft -
catchtheye : Outstanding!!πŸ‘
snap_happy126 : Hi @abinthecut this is great, could you please tag to #tv_strideby, thanks Maria πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
abinthecut : @snap_happy126 thanks! 😺 #tv_strideby
snap_happy126 : πŸ‘
photisg : Great!
dataguy : #PeopleWalkingPastWalls πŸ‘
abinthecut : #peoplewalkingpastwalls
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"It takes heart to fight for something that so many consider a lost cause" #detroit #Fel3000ft #streetart
streetart - detroit - fel3000ft -
ripcityrao - ocean2balance - sophiemaestyle - swazkurd -
#Repost @fel3000ft "I loved to meet all the people at the all I want for Christmas event but These two sweeties were the best part of my night, Abby and Chloe you two are the best!!!" #fel3000ft #detroiturbandesignstudio #alliwantforchristmasevent
fel3000ft - detroiturbandesignstudio - alliwantforchristmasevent - repost -
cmt316 - lexicon_germ - darlene48067 - milleniumcatering -
I loved to meet all the people at the all I want for Christmas event but These two sweeties were the best part of my night, Abby and Chloe you two are the best!!! #fel3000ft #detroiturbandesignstudio #alliwantforchristmasevent
detroiturbandesignstudio - alliwantforchristmasevent - fel3000ft -
funshopgifts : @fel3000ft they LOVED meeting you as well. I know you have inspired them. Best to you and the family!!
fel3000ft : @funshopgifts thank you and same to you and yours I'm sure we will be in touch
franky_43434343 : @fel3000ft fel... Gmornin.. There's this guy on northwestern my cousins uncles gallery that one big one anyways my brother wants me to network with these guys but I've been in there and their art is real like professional more ur level...
franky_43434343 : @fel3000ft plus they seem like gray party poopers mustard ... Ppl
franky_43434343 : @fel3000ft u can't even take pics of the art in there ;/
loteshiva - andreidaniliuc - franky_43434343 - hellovertigo -
Woke up about 15 minutes too late to catch all the colors :( ah well, at least there's art to be sold today in the city i love mostesttttt Detroit <3 Good morning, Rise and shine Come downtown And buy some art of mine! #alliwantforchristmas #allthingsdetroit #fel3000ft #exposedetroit #askjennyfer Oh and go follow @funshopgifts It's like City Bird, but way better <3
exposedetroit - fel3000ft - alliwantforchristmas - allthingsdetroit - askjennyfer -
trancefield - damonstrosity - kellyluttrell - rose_ay7 -
Own a piece of Detroit! #FEL3000ft will be painting LIVE at The All I Want for Christmas event on Dec 21, from 3-8. PREORDER at ! #streetart #christmas
streetart - christmas - fel3000ft -
askjennyfer - picturedetroit - sasha_la_muchacha - costkrt -
All signs point to All I Want for Christmas. Tomorrow 3:30pm at International Institute of Metro Detroit 111 E. Kirby Great last minute gift ideas, custom art pieces, and much more! #askjennyfer #alliwantforchristmas #detroit #DVE #detroiters #fox2detroit #fel3000ft #shoplocal #shopdetroit #supportsmallbusiness #holidaydeals #localbusinessowners #entrepreneurs
detroiters - shoplocal - shopdetroit - fel3000ft - dve - entrepreneurs - detroit - alliwantforchristmas - askjennyfer - supportsmallbusiness - fox2detroit - localbusinessowners - holidaydeals -
j_aileenravis : really cool!
nest_real_estate - simpligourmet - detroitattitude - harryloveknuckle -
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS POP UP! Sunday, Dec21, 3-8 with the most UNIQUE DETROIT GIFTS for the season! #artsale #FEL3000ft #funshopgifts #alliwantforchristmas #allthingsdetroit #askjennyfer
alliwantforchristmas - fel3000ft - funshopgifts - askjennyfer - artsale - allthingsdetroit -
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OWN A PIECE OF DETROIT! all I want for Christmas! POP UP. Sunday Dec 21st 3 to 8. #fel3000ft graffiti artist and live painting event! St Andrews Hall Wall Street Art Canvas Print Featuring “Captain America” Version #2. Available in un-stretched canvas- 20"x24" #detroitgraffiti #detroit #allthingsdetroit #artwork #localgraffitiartist #fel3000ft #hopcatdetroit #detroitartist #artist #streetartist #artistlife #instaart #undergroundgraffiti #supportdetroit #detroitstyle
hopcatdetroit - streetartist - supportdetroit - allthingsdetroit - artistlife - detroitgraffiti - artwork - detroitartist - localgraffitiartist - undergroundgraffiti - artist - fel3000ft - detroit - instaart - 2 - detroitstyle -
talnt : πŸ‘
thestyleartist : Very Cool!
jan_tatomir : Is this canvas still available?
darlene48067 - learntoforget_ - colindetroit - motorcitymunchers -
OWN A PIECE OF DETROIT! one of a kind art canvas customized by the artist LIVE at the ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS event Dec 21 at the International building FREE ADMISSION with donation of a baby item. 
Lincoln Street Art Park Graffiti Canvas Print featuring “I Am Cold Fusion” Available in 20"x24' Un-Stretched Hand Embellished #detroitgraffiti #detroit #allthingsdetroit #artwork #localgraffitiartist #fel3000ft #hopcatdetroit #detroitartist #artist #streetartist #artistlife #instaart #undergroundgraffiti #supportdetroit #detroitstyle #detroitvseverybody
hopcatdetroit - streetartist - supportdetroit - allthingsdetroit - artistlife - detroitgraffiti - artwork - detroitartist - localgraffitiartist - undergroundgraffiti - artist - fel3000ft - detroit - detroitvseverybody - instaart - detroitstyle -
lhmorin : If un-stretched, what is the best way to display such a canvas?
funshopgifts : @lhmorin you can have it stretched or hang it from clips. (Which is what I'm going to do)
lhmorin : TY @funshopgifts, feared stretching would damage paint.
motorcitymunchers - slitzishere - detroitdabboys -
Save the best for last! All I want for Christmas POP UP at the international Institute of metropolitan Detroit. FREE PARKING, LOCAL ARTISTS, THE MOST UNIQUE GIFTS YOU WILL EVER FIND! PLUS, LIVE PAINTING BY GRAFFITI ARTIST F EL 3000 FT! Message for more details.#christmasshopping #artsale #alliwantforchristmas #allthingsdetroit #shoplocal #FEL3000ft #funshopgifts #localgraffitiartist #localbusinessowners
localgraffitiartist - shoplocal - fel3000ft - christmasshopping - allthingsdetroit - alliwantforchristmas - funshopgifts - localbusinessowners - artsale -
darlene48067 - thiinkriich - kenr0ck - carmensognonvi -
#deathface #fel3000ft lightweight version 2.0 lol
deathface - fel3000ft -
flype313 : That's sweet bro what is it? A helmet for video gaming?
fel3000ft : It goes to my respirator for when I paint walls
fel3000ft : @flype313
flype313 - chasegolematis - spell_ease - cindynap -
SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! All I want for Christmas POP UP this SUNDAY at the International Institute of Meyropolitan Detroit. FREE PARKING and FREE ADMISSION with donation of a baby item. #christmasshopping #artsale #askjennyfer #allthingsdetroit #alliwantforchristmas #FEL3000ft #funshopgifts #localgraffitiartist #localbusinessowners #shoplocal #shopsmall #shopdetroit #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness
localgraffitiartist - shoplocal - shopdetroit - fel3000ft - christmasshopping - supportsmallbusiness - supportlocal - allthingsdetroit - shopsmall - alliwantforchristmas - askjennyfer - funshopgifts - localbusinessowners - artsale -
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Pop up shopping for last minute gifts at the ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS Event. Sunday Dec 21, 3-8. FREE ADMISSION with a donation to Mother and Unborn Baby fund at the door. ContCt @askjennyfer for details! #FEL3000ft #shoplocal #artsale #christmasshopping #detroitshopping #funshopgifts #askjennyfer #iloveallthingsdetroit
shoplocal - fel3000ft - christmasshopping - iloveallthingsdetroit - detroitshopping - askjennyfer - funshopgifts - artsale -
aresnouveau - aimoz71 - goodd313 - kenr0ck -
#Fel3000ft #Hopcat #detroit #detroitgraffiti #graffiti
detroitgraffiti - graffiti - hopcat - detroit - fel3000ft -
comic_noise_nerd - wasabi_flavored - gobonussaves - skywalkinlikeanakin13 -
fel3000ft -
joz_and_easy : Nice
andreidaniliuc - seanananananana - theearwig22 - harryloveknuckle -
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