Скоро лето!! 😻😻Мы должны встретиться!!💙 #sofly #fdc2012 Repost from @allexandragz : Я очень скучаю 😘 @litle_miss @sgushenka_ #summer
summer - sofly - fdc2012 -
litle_miss : @sgushenka_ в том же месте 😜😜😜😜
sgushenka_ : @litle_miss чувствую я и тебя только тогда увижу!
litle_miss : @sgushenka_ но но но.... Что это за глупости.... Кто то обещался прийти в марте в студию....
tankistka_t : Девочкииии!!! Давайте уже чаще встречаться 😿😿😿
sgushenka_ : @tankistka_t а давайте!
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#FDC2012 #prima #chulas
chulas - prima - fdc2012 -
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#prima #Party #FDC2012 #Mariana
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sopayasaa : Otras fiestaas asiii PORFII😝😝
noehappy5 : Siiii fiestas como esas ninguna :)))
noehappy5 : @sopayasaa
paulafuero06 : Pues podría a ver otras como esas :) fueron perfectas jajaj
noehappy5 : Hubo de todo jajaja cuchillos ,barras por el suelo, puertas rotas uuu jajaja @pekefueroxafe @sopayasaa
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Como sinto saudade de vocês!!! Queria muiiito estar com vocês hoje, mas infelizmente a distância não permite!! #amigaslindas#amomuito#fdc2012 👭👭👭
amomuito - amigaslindas - fdc2012 -
marieandrade : Ah Mari, não faz assim. 😞 esse vai ser só o primeiro de muitos encontros que teremos! Também estou morrendo de saudade @marianadefalmeida ❤️👯😘
marianadefalmeida : O próximo encontro vcs fazem o favor de marcar no fds em...!!kkkk
nataliaestefan : Poxa mari... maa pode dexa... no proximo sera fds... mas nosso grupo no whats ajuda a saudade diminuir neh? Bjinhos
marianadefalmeida : Ajuda bastante! 😄😄😄
therezanogueira : Uma pena você não vir, friend! Mas o próximo só sai se for todo mundo! Saudades. Amo muito! 😘
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Ftour Du Coeur à l'ancienne #FDC2012 #Hamza's <3
hamza - fdc2012 -
enassima : Hahhaa j'avais pas fait attention, j'allais dire omg nice dresss :D @ferrisarah
ferrisarah : Hahaha ça arrive @enassima
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Работаю во Французской палате))) #paris #france #audrey #audreytautou #amelie #montmartre #audreyhepburn #charade #cinema #hollywood #marilyn #marilynmonroe #cannes #festivaldecannes #cotedazur #fdc2012
beautiful - cute - cinema - marilynmonroe - hepburn - audrey - marilyn - audreyhepburn - instadaily - instamood - amelie - film - montmartre - festivaldecannes - lovely - paris - france - audreytautou - cannes - cotedazur - hollywood - charade - picoftheday - ccifr - fdc2012 -
lidia_s : #ccifr #hepburn #film #beautiful #instadaily #picoftheday #instamood #cute #lovely
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I am going to miss them @boburns9 @_tayday @tbunz3 #fdc2012 #egcamp
egcamp - fdc2012 -
_tayday : How cute are we??
jenwithonen_ : Tay you look so tan!!! Hot mama
durtysturdi - flocka2016 -
Celebrating @FoodDayCanada in the garden and sunshine #FDC2012
fdc2012 -
fram_higgins -
First day breakfast at Abbaes #Kelowna #ylw #FDC2012
ylw - fdc2012 - kelowna -
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@bekafran97 / @drumlinebeast2012 putting makeup on Pj one day before practice. HAHAH. So pwetty.  #tbt #fdc2011 #fdc2012
tbt - fdc2011 - fdc2012 -
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My babies made an American Flag!!! #FDC2012
fdc2012 -
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#tbt American Canyon HS Exhibition. #FDC2012 #ReflectionsFromWithin But at this show, our show was called "Mirror's Edge," hahaha.
reflectionsfromwithin - tbt - fdc2012 -
rmnlng : But it's fine. I was COMPLETELY happy with the "OG Four" ;) hahaha.
alyssalynettee : WAHHH! omg. I miss it 
rmnlng : @alyssalynettee I know!! I feel so empty without FDC :( I feel like that happiness I feel without FDC is temporary of fake. And it sounds so corny, haha! But that's really how I feel. 
rmnlng : Temporary or fake**
alyssalynettee : Ahaha! Awwww. I miss it too much! We haven't had a kick it yet. Hopefully it's soon cause I'm gonna be hella busy as Relay for life gets closer. 
rmnlng : @alyssalynettee I know, but it's almost impossible to find a day where EVERYONE is free 
kaykeii : that bottom right though
rmnlng : @kaykeii aw
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💎#festivaldecannes #fdc2012
festivaldecannes - fdc2012 -
I love these pictures. They make me hella happy inside again. It's still unbelievable to me that we won champs AGAIN. Our second year in a row.  Hellllla proud of all of us. We've been through so much together, and we left it all on the floor after our final performance. I'm so thankful to have instructors that pushed us to be more than a typical middle school line. Though we can be SO irritating at times, they come back to rehearsal every single day. *more pictures coming still*
reflectionsfromwithin - fdc2012 -
rmnlng : #fdc2012 #ReflectionsFromWithin
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Caitlyn, Pj, & I doing the challenge.  It wasn't that bad. HAHAHAHA @Pj's face though  My brother, Christian, and I think some other people did it too, but we didn't get a picture.
fdc2012 -
rmnlng : #fdc2012
_chibi : Yee, wasn't even hot tho >_>
alyssalynettee - msxkleanne - princessjeazelle -
The Habañero Challenge (instructors). A spoon full of Habañero hot sauce with a slice of jalapeño. According to Jeremy, it was a good "bonding activity." haha!
fdc2012 -
rmnlng : #fdc2012
kaykeii : lol wow i remember that
olivaxkei - kaaaelynnn - rjoy75 -
Dude, the tenors have the same face in every picture.. HAHA. Oh well, I loved yesterday's performance! 
fdc2012 -
rmnlng : #fdc2012
olivaxkei - chris_duncil - shanvergara -
Kei Ann is hella scary in our show though.  I swear.. Haha! #fdc2012
fdc2012 -
kaykeii : das meeee
kaykeii : ayyye
olivaxkei - rylan_ballar - princessjeazelle -
We look pretty cool though, huh? Haha. #fdc2012
fdc2012 -
rmnlng : @jaykidding haha! We know  lolol. It'll probably be in YouTube when the season's over. BUT it's better seeing it live. Haha! When are your guys' comps? Maybe you could see us before the season ends.
rmnlng : @jaykidding when are champs? In two weeks? Maaan, we were supposed to go to NCPA -__- well, we were planning to at the beginning of the season. It's at Logan, right? Yeah, we're gonna be at Pleasanton this week. Uhm, our next concert is at the end of the year and I doubt we'll play our winter show :/ our last concert was last week.. Haha! I should've told you. My bad.  it wouldnt be the same though! We'd be in the auditorium and we wouldn't be able to do drill or anything. Maybe if we have that Bethel Exhibition again this year, we'll see you guys. :)
rmnlng : @jaykidding you know what though? You should join guard for Blue Devils C. 
rmnlng : @jaykidding it's not as much as BDB! haha. It's only like 425. Lol. + you can fundraise. & yeah. But not in their battery :( all the spots were taken. I'm in pit. Is' coo' doe.
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