#gd #gdragon #jiyong #kwonjiyong #kwonleader #cutegd #hotgd #sexygd😍 #vi #seungri #panda #babypanda #leeseunghyun #top #tabi #choiseunghyun #taeyang #sol #YB #dongyoungbae #dongYB #dlite #daesung #kangdaesung #bigbang #bb #vip #favkpopspam #favboyband #FAVKPOPGROUPEVER!!! BIGBANG R OBVIOUSLY MY FAV GROUP THEY R AMAZING TALENTED COOL,CRAZY,HOT & JUST ALL ROUND AWESOME THEY R THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED!!!! BIGBANG FIGHTING VIP's FIGHTING!!! My fav song-(this is VERY HARD!!) tonight & stupid liar my fav member-(isn't it obvious) my gorgeous husband GDRAGON😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
favkpopgroupever - kangdaesung - bb - vip - vi - choiseunghyun - yb - sol - dongyoungbae - dlite - daesung - tabi - gd - babypanda - sexygd😍 - seungri - cutegd - jiyong - panda - favkpopspam - favboyband - leeseunghyun - kwonleader - top - gdragon - kwonjiyong - bigbang - dongyb - hotgd - taeyang -
bigbang_is_back : Omg tonight is also mine!!! Aaah soo good, and gd's hair *sighs* and he looks so hot and cute! Just plain adorable!
christina.jay : Hahaha taeyang☺
bangseoktan : @bigbang_is_back SOOOOOO HOT😍😍 I LOVE HIS EARRINGS HERE THERE SO COOL
bangseoktan : @dasmunchkin YERRRR
bangseoktan : @kpoppy YB 4 chrissy😘
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#CL #leechaerin #2ne1 #21 #favgirlsgroup #favkpopspam #favgirlsgroupmember CL IS MY FAV MEMBER OF 2ne1 she is cool,an awesome rapper/singer,she is super stylish & just plain EPIC!
favgirlsgroupmember - 2ne1 - favgirlsgroup - 21 - cl - leechaerin - favkpopspam -
elyzabethmaeee : Ah I see,I live in Malaysia.what about your age? 
elyzabethmaeee : @tesslovsgd
christina.jay : I like dara😊
bangseoktan : @elyzabethmaeee 13 u?
elyzabethmaeee : @tesslovsgd what a coincidence,same!high 5! but I was born on the 25th of August,you?
bangseoktan : High 5βœ‹βœ‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠI was born on the 30th of January so r u turning 14?
bangseoktan : @kpoppy Sandara 2nd fav for tessery
christina.jay : CL my second FAV 3rd probs bommieπŸ˜‰
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#2ne1 #21 #CL #leechaerin #dara #sandarapark #bom #parkbom #minzy #gongminji #favkpopspam #1stfavgirlsgroup #favgirlsgroup my fav girls group would have to b 2ne1 I LOVE this group because there songs r awesome there really cool girls & there style is just AMAZING! They r also from YG & I love YG hehe BIGBANGπŸ‘‘πŸ˜‰β€ my fav song by 2ne1-I am the best my fav member-CL
favgirlsgroup - 21 - gongminji - parkbom - cl - 1stfavgirlsgroup - leechaerin - 2ne1 - sandarapark - bom - dara - minzy - favkpopspam -
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#girlsgeneration #snsd #jessica #taeyeon #sunny #yoona #tiffany #yuri #sooyoung #seohyun #hyoyeon #favkpopspam #2ndfavgirlsgroup snsd/girl generation are my 2nd fav girls group fav song-genie fav members-taeyeon & Jessica
seohyun - snsd - jessica - taeyeon - tiffany - 2ndfavgirlsgroup - sunny - hyoyeon - yoona - yuri - favkpopspam - girlsgeneration - sooyoung -
boomshakalakaaaa : They have uniform legs!!! Oh m gee
notredy2leave : @tesslovsgd haha same (I do dance sometimes haha)
bangseoktan : @fremz nice LOVE MR TAXIπŸš•πŸš• twinkles pretty goodπŸ‘
bangseoktan : @bigbang_is_back agree not as talented as 2ne1! Snsd were the first kpop group I heard then bigbang
bangseoktan : @boomshakalakaaaa LOL THEY DO
bangseoktan : @mattea_marnika_lee lol I dance too lol
fremz : What are you talking about? SNSD has way better vocals and dancing skills more than any girl group, not to mention acting skills...
bigbang_is_back : @tesslovsgd omg same here! In grade 6, when my friend first showed me Kpop!
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#beast #b2st #yangyoseob #yoodoojoon #yongjunhyung #jonghyunseung #jondonwoon #leegikwang #favkpopspam #2ndfavboyband B2st/beast is my 2nd fav boyband fav song-fiction fav member-yoseob
jondonwoon - jonghyunseung - leegikwang - beast - favkpopspam - 2ndfavboyband - yangyoseob - yongjunhyung - b2st - yoodoojoon -
thettywetty : i love fiction
bangseoktan : @jtkpop B2st r epic
bangseoktan : @thettywetty niceπŸ‘ fiction is so cool 😊
bangseoktan : @jtkpop yer omg he's such a cutieπŸ’œ
bigbang_is_back : Hs was gonna be in big bang :O so happy that baby panda is in instead!
bangseoktan : @bigbang_is_back omg ikr panda wayyyyy cooler!!!!!
bangseoktan : @drewlovesgikwang u can hav him GD's mine😍
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#BAP #bap #b.a.p #zelo #youngjae #himchan #bang #daehyun #jonhgup #favkpopspam #3rdfavboyband B.A.P is my = 3rd fav boyband fav song-power fav member-Zelo
b - bap - jonhgup - youngjae - zelo - daehyun - himchan - bang - 3rdfavboyband - favkpopspam -
christina.jay : Power! They're all blonde!
bangseoktan : @dasmunchkin maaaaaaaaaaaa boy oh maaaaaaaaaaa boy baby 😜
bangseoktan : @dasmunchkin GD IS MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOY😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
bangseoktan : @kpoppy warrior that's where there all blonde in power all different colours
l.i.ndaa - elucidxter - christina.jay - bap_fan -
#missA #missa #jia #min #fei #suzy #favkpopspam #3rdfavgirlgroup miss A is my 3rd fav girl group my fav song is good girl bad girl & my fav member is jia
min - suzy - 3rdfavgirlgroup - favkpopspam - jia - missa - fei -
christina.jay : U don't know me, so shut up boy😝
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#u-kiss #ukiss #kevin #eli #dongho #hoon #aj #kiseop #soohyun #favkpopspam #3rdfavboyband ukiss r my 3rd fav boyband my fav song is neverland & my fav member is Kevin
eli - aj - soohyun - ukiss - dongho - hoon - u - 3rdfavboyband - favkpopspam - kevin - kiseop -
l.i.ndaa : @tesslovsgd no!!! Way do u always do that!! Just like web I said my fav member was seungri because he's rly funny and then ur like I like him and I'm like no!! And now everyone thinks i like him!!! Seriously I acctually don't like seungri at all!!!!! No offense but he's not that hot!!!!!
l.i.ndaa : Why*
bangseoktan : @linda_kpop I was only joking bout this 1^^ not bout panda tho hehe😜 & seungri is hot he's just not GD😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘 oh so who's 'hot' in Linda's opinion?
l.i.ndaa : I don't like panda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one that I've seen is hot yet!!!!! But I don't like panda!! Seriously it's actually so annoying I don't like him!!!! It's all ur fault u said u wouldn't say it!!!!! U promised!! U bully!!
l.i.ndaa : @tesslovsgd
bangseoktan : @linda_kpop ok dude πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ‘
l.i.ndaa : So no more panda? @tesslovsgd
l.i.ndaa : Still hate u then @tesslovsgd
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#jaypark #jay #park #new #breed #2012#favkpopspam #1stfavsoloist jay park is my fav soloist my fav song by him is know your name
breed - jay - jaypark - park - new - favkpopspam - 1stfavsoloist - 2012 -
victoriawtv : @tesslovsgd I LOVE know your name!!~
bangseoktan : @00920 KNOW YOUR NAME!! AMAZING SONG!! Apparently it got no.2 on the billboard charts when it was first released or sum thing!
bangseoktan : @00920 actually I think it was the iTunes charts
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#G.NA #gina #Black #& #white #favkpopspam #2ndfavsoloist G.NA comes in = second for fav soloist my fav song by her is her BLACK & WHITE & her current single 2hot
2ndfavsoloist - black - g - white - gina - favkpopspam -
christina.jay : My FAV song of hers is top girl! She's my 3rd 1st Hyuna 2nd taeyang😍
bangseoktan : @kpoppy if we r counting BIGBANG soloist then OBVIOUSLY GD😍😍😍 but with out the bigbang members solo stuff who's 2nd for u? Hav u heard 2hot by yet?
christina.jay : Yes it's I good song lalalala🎡if not taeyang.... Second jaypark! I just wanna no ur name! But including taeyang (🐭)hhahahaha jaypark is 4th
christina.jay : (not including bigbang) hyuna, jaypark,, beat of angel- BoA, ummmmm and a few more😜
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#BoA #copy #& #paste #favkpopspam #2ndfavsoloist So today I've decided I'd do a photo spam of all my fav kpop artists I hope u enjoyπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ BoA 2nd fav soloist!
boa - copy - paste - 2ndfavsoloist - favkpopspam -
bangseoktan : My fav song by BoA hurricane Venus & Copy&paste
l.i.ndaa - bangseoktan - christina.jay - leehani_92 -
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