Mi mamá entendió todo. A las gordas putas se nos incentiva con comida. #FatWhore
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matidelossantos : Mira vos...
marcosmorena : @matidelossantos felicitaciones cabeza de termo! Me entere que te fue bien!
matidelossantos : Si! Igual no tan bien como a vos! Jaja, felicitaciones también... Queda menos!
marcosmorena : @matidelossantos a vooos nadaaa boludo, armate alguna farra para cuando suceda ! Graciassss ! Y gracias a Mr músculo, el personaje que encaja en todos los finales
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Me all the time #badgrandpa #fatwhore
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πŸ˜ͺ #sad #sadness #sadquotes #words #quotes #empty #depression #depressed #bulimic #bulimia #binge #fat #fatty #thin #skinny #mia #fatwhore
fatty - bulimic - sadquotes - fat - sad - quotes - words - depression - depressed - binge - mia - sadness - thin - fatwhore - skinny - bulimia - empty - : I love that song
charlie_dupont : #nice
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@little_einstein5 Mom just got out of the hospital, let's all pray for her before the cancer takes her life away. #FuckCancer #Lovemymomma #fam4lyfe #fatwhore #jk
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little_einstein5 : Shits big as fuck nigga
little_einstein5 : Them titties Finna hang to the damn flo
little_einstein4 : I know The bitch took all my fuckin Ice lsst week shes lucky I even came up to that hospital man
little_einstein5 : Damn bitch. Hopefully she finna die soon awynay b. 😀😈
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Ñam #masitas #foodporn #hardcoreporn #cream #strawberries #dulcedeleche #desert #sweet #fatwhore #overweight
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Ready for a Sunday Funday... Determination is my fuel, @michelle_lewin_ is my Motivation #LetsDoThisShit πŸ’ͺ #INeedSquats πŸ˜‚ #Fitness #LetsGetFit #LetsBeActive #EndorphinsMakeYouHappy
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ctellez621 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
missdianajp : Gorgeous como siempre!
lizzygalvez : Skinny! Be my motivation πŸ’ͺ
qbanrodri : You look too cute to be working out lol
diana_8918 : @missdianajp im telling you it must me a Diana thing πŸ˜™... @lizzygalvez skinny but healthy 😌 @qbanrodri you should see me now... ewwwww sweaty, nasty 😷
fany818 : Bitch dint even work out
diana_8918 : Jelous? Lol @fany818 #FatWhore (regina george voice)
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I'm seriously fucked up. I have lots and lots and lots of issues. #fatwhore πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ (yes I'm allowed to call myself that)
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It's crazy how much these #Lays chips taste like Southern Style Biscuits and Gravy. #Heaven #FatWhore
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luchanagatica : stooooop
manestylistjoce : That shirt! 😍I'm dying laughing right now. @yodasoda_ and I miss you!xoxo
amberkhan : They're so good, it's crazy.
tylerburrownyc : BEYOND @amberkhan
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Look at the baby hand fam πŸ˜‚ #noass #fatwhore
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sexyfox16 : Definitely no ass
classy_fxck : Ikk it sucks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thx @sexyfox16
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Bodycheck at 153 pounds. Im going on a liquid fast until... Well until i fuck up. I want to go till Sunday. I need to be under 150 for my show next weekend. Im such a fat shit. Its so gross. Idk how ppl can look at me. I cant even really look at myself. Im disgusting. Im a stuffed sausage. My body looks like a stuffed sausage. I need to do better. I need to be skinny. I need to lose this weight. Im tired of this. Im tired of being a fuck up. Im diagnosed with an ED but im super fucking fat for a person with a fucking ED. Im a super fucking disappointment. Im done. So fed up. #ineedskinny #fatbitch #fatwhore #fatslut #fatass #obesewhale #needstodie #suicidal #ana #EDs #overweight #gross
gross - suicidal - ana - overweight - eds - fatbitch - needstodie - fatass - fatwhore - obesewhale - ineedskinny - fatslut -
99.9lbs : Goals 😍😍😍
failing_recovery101 : Um thank you. But you weigh much much less than me. How could i be your goal? You are already much skinnier than me. Im sorry if saying that is a trigger. And i appreciate the comment. I just dont understand how my disgusting sausage body could be a goal when you already weigh 40 pounds less.
failing_recovery101 : Im sorry i didnt mean to sound like a bitch πŸ˜” not at all. I just really wanted to know. U were being nice and i was being a bitch. Im sorry!
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La primera, única y original gorda puta #GordaBatata #ReinaBatata #GordaPuta #FatWhore #Cat #Tatu #GordaHermosa #TeAmo #AmorEterno #Ojuda
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I had to.
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gvel_ : #donuts #doughnotplant #fatwhore #food #brooklyn
carrielipscomb : Don't care.
gvel_ : @carrielipscomb why you pressed, jada? 😘
carrielipscomb : Miss you! 😘... πŸ˜‰
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Gordas PINTASELFIEENTODOSLADOS #AmoLas #GordasPutas #FatWhore #NosPoneMuyHotQueNoNosTenganMiedo
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Sis won a gift card for playing #mariokart so we had a family night out. Spoiler alert.... The crepe and cake were mine. Sorry coach. #yum #icecream #foodgasm #foodporn #fatwhore
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Me. #fatwhore
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Back to my old tricks #Chickenwings two ways: Mole and masala #secretrecipe with kale Caesar and herbed potatoes #imadeit #instafood #foodporn #fatwhore
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Hey I'm a pathetic fat ugly slutbag whore!!! I've hooked up with four guys (not sex, other stuff) at my work over a period of two and a half years. Fuckkk me. I hate myself. I did it all bc I didn't give a fuck, wanted to die anyways. Was supposed to back in February. Sorry I'm in such a foul mood. I don't deserve food #fatslut #fatwhore #stupidslut #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorders #ihatemyself #disgusting #gross #fatass #ed #iwanttorecovery #seemsimpossible
gross - iwanttorecovery - ed - ihatemyself - disgusting - eatingdisorder - fatass - fatwhore - stupidslut - fatslut - eatingdisorders - seemsimpossible -
master_of_none_god_of_all : You have amazing eyes
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Lovely lunch time β€πŸ‘Œ #starbucks #turkey #sandwich #greentea #fresh #cool #favorite #best #deli #delicious #delish #yum #yummers #yummy #foodporn #food #foodie #friends #goodtalk #goodtime #mexican #igers #fatwhore #bye
sandwich - mexican - foodporn - deli - igers - delicious - greentea - foodie - friends - goodtalk - best - cool - turkey - yummers - yummy - delish - favorite - food - fresh - goodtime - fatwhore - yum - bye - starbucks -
maryanalb : Se me antojooooooo! Te odio!
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Gordas. Cine. Comida #FatWhore #Fat #GordasPutas Peronismo & Coj/mer β€βœŒπŸΌπŸŽ€πŸ’“πŸŽ₯πŸ”πŸŸπŸ¨πŸ«
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Okay, we got great front row balcony seats for lunch to view the Panama Canal, unlimited delicious buffet (which you know I had about 9 plates of food, cause I'm a fat bitch), and 2 beers for 42 dollars. #worthit #buffet #fatwhore #bigbutt #mirafloreslocks #canal #panama #panamacanal #beer #freeparking #fuckyes
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Im suing disney for making me fat #freefood #fatwhore
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lisa_le_63 : Haha
summerluv614 : What free food?!
illeybilly : Sry BOH only lol @summerluv614
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HAHAHAHAH if you see this whore DO NOT even look in her direction... She will cheat, steal your money, fuck you over and all of the above!!! She's a pathetic whore. DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING SHE SAYS!!!!!
fatwhore -
meagan_jones06 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lewis_snowden : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
workins44 : You know im cool with you but don't bring Ryder in it he has nothing to do with it who cares he calls Corey daddy too
kenziemorgan : lol. Trust me I love Ryder. But yall have NO idea what she has even said about your entire family. Trying to get Corey in jail. None of you know the story so don't jump my ass. Idc one fucking bit. But it will be known what a white trash whore she is. And I didn't say a fucking thing about Ryder. I'm saying all of it about his fucking worthless mother. Thanks tho @workins44
workins44 : I didn't say anything about marissa I said don't put Ryder on here I could care less what she says or said about my family it's done now but like I said drake isn't Ryders dad drake doesn't buy and provide for Ryder drake doesn't take care of Ryder so he's not his dad I know what she has done you know I do but no need to put stupid shot on here I thought you was bigger than that
kenziemorgan : Lol. Nobody said my brother was his dad. Guess you can't read. And actually my brother has bought him plenty of stuff. You weren't in it. So you don't know. You can hop of my shit because it has nothing to do with you. Ryder wasn't put on hear besides saying he said something ohhhhh big deal. Lol yall care nothing about him anyways. And your brother doesn't buy for him either Hahahahah. But this has nothing to do with you. Corey isn't on here. It's Marissa. What do you like her now because your brother and her are fucking again? Yeah prolly. Hop off my shit unless it has to do with you. Thought you was bigger than that? Yeah your not @workins44
workins44 : I never said I liked marissa and we take care of him he stays with us all the time and I care about him you don't know very much yourself I wasn't trying to argue I was just saying don't put the babies name on here that's it you took it to far what Corey and marissa do is nome of my business they are both adults your just mad cuz your brother got hurt I'd be the same way but like I said wasn't trying to start a fight just telling you not to put stupid shit like the daddy thing on here
kenziemorgan : Lol it's not stupid when it's true. I feel so bad for Ryder having her stupid ass as a mother. He doesn't know who to even call daddy. And as far as Marissa even tells everybody nobody keeps him but your grandmother. And I'm not mad. My brother isn't hurt he's fucking laughing at how stupid both of them are. Maybe he will beat her again and she'll become a bit smarter. But I think it's funny how every time something happened between her and your bother your all over that shit. Don't act like you aren't we all know. I didn't take shit to far this is all for Marissa NOT you, your brother, Ryder nobody but her so. Yall can think what you fuckin want but you'll be looking stupid in the end for it. If you ain't trying to argue why you still trying to come at me with some bullshit? Had nothing to do with you and it's not our child so .. @workins44
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Cae la noche y la cosa se pone buena. 🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢 #Bebos #GordasPutas #FatWhore #Amor #Party #NosPoneMuyHotQueNoNosTenganMiedo πŸ˜˜πŸ‘―πŸ’…πŸ’„πŸ’‹πŸΌπŸΈπŸΉπŸΊπŸ·
fatwhore - nosponemuyhotquenonostenganmiedo - amor - gordasputas - party - bebos -
guidoaguustin : Ocho lolas
marcosmorena : @guidoaguustin CHEEECOS SABEN QUE YO HAGO POOOLE DANCENG?
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Y a veces, sólo a veces, parezco mujer #Selfie #Random #Rose #Pink #FatWhore
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This is my face while reading about this new #instagramfuckery Seriously, #instagram do not make me hate you like I do every other social media platform. You're really going to take #curvy away because it's "too pornographic" but you're gonna keep #fatwhore #fatcunt and a ton of others that do actually have porn references and/or photos? #wtf #youissodumb #reallyreallydumb
youissodumb - instagram - reallyreallydumb - iamcurvy - dontbeadick - instagramfuckery - curvywoman - curvy - curvyandconfident - bringingcurvyback - wtf - youcaneatadick - fatwhore - iwantcurvy - fatcunt -
thiswildhaert : @instagram well, here ya go #curvy #iamcurvy #iwantcurvy #curvywoman #curvyandconfident #dontbeadick #youcaneatadick #bringingcurvyback
everydayisred : That article was so disappointing and appalling. Awful. Shame on you #instagram.
firewalkwithniffany : It just makes it seem like the word curvy equals something disgusting and thats not right! Instagram made a bad decision censoring womans natural body hair and realized their mistake and apologized but curvy is to be banished? @instagram for your job and block accounts tgat post porn dont censor a word that describes beautiful women
lisajulianeb - ahorrorshow - firewalkwithniffany - whiteelephant7 -
#Repost @amandakater ・・・ "While thousands of confident fat women used #curvy to connect with one another, Instagram claimed that the tag was being inundated with pornography, and therefore had to go. All the while, tags like #fatbitch, #fatcunt, and #fatwhore still exist. And don’t forget: For a site that tasks its policy police with stamping out pornography, there sure are quite a few #pornos left untouched." Link in bio! Thanks to @bronzeexcuses, @peach_e_paige, and @snicolen58 πŸ’
curvy - fatbitch - pornos - fatwhore - fatcunt - repost -
alienbishh - cutefatbabe - shopbarelylegal_ - deedo_mcnugget -
Myself and two other figures in the plus size community, @bronzeexcuses & @snicolen58 were featured in @amandakater newly published article addressing Instagram's policies regarding #curvy, and nudity affecting plus size women. How could #curvy be pornographic, yet #fatwhore be acceptable? Take a moment to read what it has to say and think on it. πŸ’­ Thank you Amanda for your incredible words, yet again.
curvy - fatwhore -
krodriguez517 : Just read the article. Good stuff.
moriahdeee : Just read it and I'm pissed. I had no idea! It's so true though! There are TONS of accounts with sexual or nude photos going up on the daily and never getting deleted.
anukwattay - c2h60 - _extra_chrispy - _mary_hadalittlelamb_ -
This article brought up what we've all noticed regarding Instagram's censorship. Absolutely great read. It's on #Repost @bronzeexcuses ・・・ I was featured in an article by the incredible @amandakater please, take a minute to read it. As she states, #curvy was removed....but #fatwhore was not. Take a minute to think about that
curvy - fatwhore - ebony - repost -
bakelitebroad : They're very inconsistent with what they choose to censor and it's ridiculous. Her photo was literally just cleavage it was no different visually had she been wearing a somewhat low cut shirt.
do11facedame : @bakelitebroad I remember when they put a "may contain graphic photos" warning under certain self harm hashtags. I get it. Look what was done to the #ebony hashtag, okay great give people a heads up. But there really is zero consistency. Leaving hashtags literally with porn in the title and blaming the "community guidelines" πŸ†—πŸ†’ I'm sorry but I'm rolling my fucking eyes
caroljade : What bugs me about this is if you search the "skinny" tag you just get that may contain graphic images warning but are allowed to proceed. How is that any different? So ridiculous.
bakelitebroad : Also let's address how I can report dudes for sending me dick photos and they still have their accounts but meg can't show cleavage . Sure okay
do11facedame : @bakelitebroad I will literally never understand how unsolicited dick pics are even remotely okay or acceptable. It's about way more than just the photo content. It's extremely offensive. I know we all joke about it but really...I feel like it should warrant be punching you in the dick after the first picture and pulling a Lorena Bobbitt anytime after that
do11facedame : @caroljade the inconsistency is really pathetic at this point
emxedge - neilhuz - mrsbiggs_ - foureyedgeek -
"While thousands of confident fat women used #curvy to connect with one another, Instagram claimed that the tag was being inundated with pornography, and therefore had to go. All the while, tags like #fatbitch, #fatcunt, and #fatwhore still exist. And don’t forget: For a site that tasks its policy police with stamping out pornography, there sure are quite a few #pornos left untouched." Link in bio! Thanks to @bronzeexcuses, @peach_e_paige, and @snicolen58 πŸ’
curvy - fatwhore - fatbitch - fatcunt - pornos -
kamylala : @chestnut1151
lexie_lexiekins : What do u have to say for yourself @instagram πŸ‘€πŸ˜€
becandbetty : What the hell @instagram ?? I'd never think to look at #pornoa
becandbetty : #pornos etc how can they be left there yet #curvy is a problem?!!
sherilynn5690 : @instagram
heavenunaware : @Instagram you suck for discriminating against us #curvy #bbw members. Someone on your staff has too much time on their hands and hatred for larger women -- fire them, bring back the #curvy and #bbw hashtags and put your energy into the real porn on your site. #idiots stop shaming us!!
soulvandal : @Instagram wtf typa shit...
anna__cabana : Well said
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Día del amigo de gordas putas. Con razón tanto éxito #GordasPutas #DiaDelAmigo #FatWhore #QueLindasLasVedetteMadurasDeCherutti #ConRazonTantoExito #PobreMiguel πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‘πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ’„
quelindaslasvedettemadurasdecherutti - pobremiguel - conrazontantoexito - gordasputas - fatwhore - diadelamigo -
brenfz - florhoffmann - lulilarro - guidoaguustin -
GORDAS PUTAS #FatWhore @guidoaguustin @florhoffmann @antozoccali
fatwhore -
lucasdifresco - florhoffmann - guidoaguustin - antozoccali -
Hahahhaha #getfucked #onpoint #orwhenasidebitchtryingtobut #icanstillsmellmyshitonyourbreathfromhere #ifyoustalkinghim #yougotstahavemynumber #givemeacallifyouqintnodropnuts #illwait #notworthmytimeanymore #imakickbackfromhere #fatwhore #yougotthepointloudandclear @moongirlx
orwhenasidebitchtryingtobut - imakickbackfromhere - illwait - givemeacallifyouqintnodropnuts - getfucked - notworthmytimeanymore - onpoint - yougotstahavemynumber - icanstillsmellmyshitonyourbreathfromhere - fatwhore - yougotthepointloudandclear - ifyoustalkinghim -
shaylansworld -
Out the bath for #pizza 😍😍 #fatwhore and will probably end up eating ice cream after #pig πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
fatwhore - pig - pizza -
nottinghamphotographer : Hope your all well x
katypotter : hey fatty bum bum!! xx
nicgleds - vicscas - katypotter - ripstar21 -
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