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Entertaining a fellow #SlimmingWorld devotee tonight so the fat-less steaks are in the fridge marinading with onions, garlic, rosemary, soy and Worcester sauce. Plus a cheeky teaspoon of oil just for lubrication. #Dinner #Steak #SW #FatFreeFriends #Meat
fatfreefriends - dinner - meat - slimmingworld - steak - sw -
peachichick : Tasted better than this picture looks
simplecuisineco - rearderailleur - after_baby_sw - bconn_sw_weightloss -
Spent the early part of my day trying out a new kick butt workout at Orange Theory Fitness Madison Wi! AMAZING workout -- definitely check this place out if you haven't already! I love my home workout space and the convenience, but sometimes you just need a change of scenery and the push from a live trainer! And best part - got to take the class with a fellow fitness friend Bobbi Jo Schmitt and recharge with an awesome lunch and some much needed girl/business/life talk!! Now -- off to get my hands on some of my amazing clients!!
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theresamartinson : #massagetherapist #massagedoesabodygood #healinghands #hiittraining #orangetheory #organic #cleaneats #poatworkoutfuel #fitfriends #fatfreefriends #businesstalk #fitnessjunkie #athomeworkouts #accountabilitygroups #betteryourself #boseheadphones #createyourlife #consistencyiskey #deeptissuemassage #earlyriser #fittherapist #gymselfie #greatness #intervaltraining #intermittentfasting #liftweights #summerstrong
domcarney : 💪🏾
bobbischmitt : I think you're pretty awesome!❤️
kokofitclubplantation : Totally rocks!
sham05hubb - _danfries - domcarney - mariogodiva -
Happy Wedding Weekend @marieber3 !!!! 👰🏻 I can't begin to explain how proud and inspired I am by these ladies for waking up before 5am not once but TWICE a week for the past 6 weeks. They support each other's goals and push each other to work harder each week. So naturally we celebrate with glow sticks, tiaras, gangster rap, burpees and muffins. I hope you love your job as much as I do and never have to work a day in your life!!!! 🤗💗💪🏼😅 please give these ladies a congrats below!
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kthake : #TGIT #bridalbootcamp #sweatingforthewedding #weddingwod #fatfreefriends #fortwayne #fortwaynefitness #morningworkout #girlsgonestrong #girlswholift #proudmama
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Now this is taking my usual PiYo LIVE practice to a whole new level 😳😂📸 on set rehearsing for Turbo Kick & PiYo Beachbody LIVE CDJ workouts! 💪🏼 stay tuned to see how you can do these workouts fo FREE online!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
akampenga : So awesome! !!
jeffjohnsonfit : I am so glad you were our celebrity in region 3! Lol rock on
jenniferalawlesswellness : Nice job!
the_fitness_pixie : So much fun to be together for this experience!
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Day two of #smartsuccesslive with @chalenejohnson- my hand feels like it's going to fall off from taking so many notes! Smart Success is truly my FAVORITE of all Chalene things. ❤️ I'm going to be devastated when we leave tomorrow, the last day. NOTHING compares to learning from someone who you just GET....who is like you and wants more for you. I'm blessed to know Chalene and I KNOW how generous she is with every ounce of her being. Being surrounded by a thousand like minded, positive, growth-hungry people...the energy in the room is outrageously courageous. 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡 And so happy to be spending some time with friends like @hiphophelen and @laurasteil , but also meeting lots of new, energetic people too! If you haven't done Smart Success but want to, I PROMISE you it is worth the investment! And the live event is like 10 cherries on top!!! Ahhhh it's so hard to explain but I hope you give it a shot next year! It's cliche but it truly is changing. ❤️ Ask me any questions you have and I will answer them, anytime!!!! I want everyone I know and love to get to experience this.
smartsuccesslive -
jackieenos : I thought I saw you here the other day @hollygiuliano
hollygiuliano : @jackieenos ahhhhh we need to run into each other tomorrow!!!! I wasn't there till lunch today. Brendon was ammmmmmazing though! Can't wait to watch the recording of Michael Hyatt!
big_showoff : Nice shot!
ellieparvin : 😃💕💕
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💖All the good stuff is shared here: @confidentnotperfect @confidentnotperfect @confidentnotperfect
confidentnotperfect : 💖💖 @emergingenergy
sunaffirmations : Thank you for giving from your heart 💜 💛
coachapril_fit : Amazing!
fitmothertucker : Best pic ever!!!
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You are too valuable to settle. ❤️ #ConfidentNotPerfect
confidentnotperfect -
confidentnotperfect : So glad that it did! You made mine Karen @seekinghealthybalance :) : 👌👍
g_ibarra92 : 👌
love_fire_fighters : This is sweet :)
sandiglandt - kateeckman - jannisem - triciatmcfaul -
Let's get serious here! I am ready to dig deep how about you! Comment below if your looking for some help finding your inner strength! It's time to make some changes and stir things up! Tag a friend to join us!
fatfreefriends - makeachange - eatclean - decide - fitfriends - accountability -
jillmromig : #fitfriends #fatfreefriends #accountability #eatclean #makeachange #decide
tdromig : Go Panthers!
fitweeten - pamfrosties - shirlyjoyweiss - jillmromig -
A little turbo fun!!!! What's your soulmate workout!
fitjourney - feelingfit4life - fitgoals - fitforlife -
feelingfit4life : #feelingfit4life
feelingfit4life : #fitforlife
feelingfit4life : #fitjourney
feelingfit4life : #fitgoals
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YOU CANNOT 🌻PROSPER AMONGST WEEDS🌱. ================================ Do you ever wish you could punch your bully of a boss in the face? Tired of dealing with that player, loser or abuser of a man? Feel down 'cause of a cukoo-for-cocoa-puffs family member? ================================ Please 🙅🏽don't listen to the "this is all I deserve" or "who else will have me, love me, or want to be with me...I should just be grateful" thoughts. ================================ If your job sucks, there's a better employer out there for you. If your man is an unfaithful jerk, there's a good guy out there for you. If your family is nuts, there's a group of sane people out there for you. ================================ Remember, you don't deserve abusive treatment. Time to create distance and put up some boundaries. Will you? ================================ ✨Upgrade your girlfriends. ✨Upgrade your surroundings. ✨Upgrade your life. ================================ 🤔Need help with this? Inbox me on this Facebook page or message me through my website. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!🙌🏾❤️😁 #confidentnotperfect
confidentnotperfect -
natalie.diver : Loving this! 😘
katezambr : Loving this too ❤️💝
confidentnotperfect : Like my favorite quote of this season @katezambr 🎀☺️
katezambr : 🌞🌞🌞
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Small but mighty CIZE LIVE Master Class!! 💪🏼👊🏼💥 had so much fun teaching this dance format to these newbies!! Watch out for their next music video 😅😂💁🏼 thanks @athleta for hosting!! @laurenwrighton
bjoyful913 : Yayyy! Thanks for likely picking the best part of the routine where I was hitting all the moves 😂
michaelhardle : 👊
c46816 : Where do you teach CIZE at?
kthake : @c46816 currently I just teach for special events and sub in Fort Wayne! You can find a class near you at! Have you ever taken a live class?!
sekeefe - laurenwrighton - kendallbertholf - skgetz -
Planks are for 2 minutes but friends are forever 💗 @jennystricklandd @whipcoolwhip @laurenwrighton
karenfaithfit : 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 lovelovelovelove
kelschrades : FOMO
suz_stephan : RT @kelschrades !!! You gals are awesome!
jennystricklandd : Miss you ladies! @k.faithfit @kelschrades @suz_stephan !!
aleesiu - micheelfitness - micheleschnelker - jennystricklandd -
Planks are for 30 seconds but friendship is forever! #fatfreefriends #clique #turboforever #mizzourec
fatfreefriends - turboforever - mizzourec - clique -
pau.segovia : Ahhhh you gals look so great! Miss you all! Wish I was there 😔
karenfaithfit : OHMYGOSH LOVE THIS
karenfaithfit : 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
ljackzibby : You are down in Missouri?!?
rachelmentzel - lyndsey.hernandez - laurenwrighton - pharoflow -
HUGE shout out to @athleta Indy for hosting our #PowerOfIntention Turbo Kick event!! We had so much fun doing the new Signature Round ☺️💁🏼💪🏼 Can't wait to be back in 2 weeks with my new swag to teach CIZE!
powerofintention -
kthake : @bjoyful913 so great to meet you! Can't wait!!
ohemmgog : @kthake it was so fun! Hope they mopped up after us 😹😹
kthake : @ohemmgog uhh for real tho 😅😂😅😳🙈
tineyspark_fitness : 💗
alexkaye13 - aussiegirl_withglitter - e_under_the_sea - raaeecharles -
Daily Affirmation to start off the New Year week 😊
georgiaflynt : Enjoying your content. Plz keep it coming!
kickinitwithkayla : @georgiaflynt thank you! I do Daily Affimation every Monday 😊
sunaffirmations : your post is really great 😃 🎶
kickinitwithkayla : @sunaffirmations thank you 😊
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You better workout, you better not cry. I am telling you why .... Your jeans don't lie. #jeansgagehealth I have a group (cult) of people that help keep each other accountable and motivated. Do you want some support? #fatfreefriends #JoinTheCult #KCFitnessCult
fatfreefriends - kcfitnesscult - jeansgagehealth - jointhecult -
natashasanborn - rourk24 - amybugggg - heyits_bec -
I seriously have the BEST clients EVER!!! I have been dying to try the @swellbottle 's but just haven't run into them yet. Well what do you know, My Christmas present from the beautiful and inspiring Mrs. @chalenejohnson ! I am in LOVE with the vibrant PINK and can't wait to use this throughout my busy days! Thank you Chalene you are truly one of my favorite clients to be with and not just because of your fun gifts, insanely FUN workouts, and major laughs you bring but truly because of the way I feel when I'm around you. The positive TRUE energy just stays with me for days!! 🎄 #fatfreefriends #sheisacomedian #workouts #spraytan #itsallaboutthetan #fun #swell #hydration #pink #bikinipink #thankyou
pink - spraytan - swell - itsallaboutthetan - fatfreefriends - thankyou - hydration - fun - sheisacomedian - bikinipink - workouts -
thebronzer : 😍😍😍
liv_brown : I love my swell bottle!!!
fitfairytales : I am a little addicted to my Swell's!
nextbty : Terrific!
queenjacquelinebee - babz87 - laurynoviedo - lbcapp -
#FlexFriendFriday 💪🏼 is that a thing? It is now!! Try this plank stack with a friend then go follow my friend @chiphoffa because he is the 💣.com 💗💁🏼🏋🏼 (@jperryfitness can we crop you on top lol!)
piyoinstructor - fortwayne - chalenejohnson - turbokickinstructor - tgif - teamturbo - fatfreefriends - louisville - mastertrainer - beachbodylive - flexfriendfriday - friyay - flexfriday -
kthake : #teamturbo #fatfreefriends #turbokickinstructor #piyoinstructor #mastertrainer #beachbodylive #chalenejohnson #louisville #fortwayne #tgif #friyay #flexfriday
jperryfitness : Hahahah crop me on!!😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
chiphoffa : Pose game is strong!!!! 💪 and yes... put @jperryfitness on top please!!! #PlankOnPlankOnPlank 😍 : Awesome!
mbrown102191 - argarcia015 - cathrynpage - lisalozanodiaz -
Post Piyo booty pic! We got our booties kicked today for sure, but was an awesome way to start the new week! 💪🍑💪 #piyolive #fitnessnowtx #fitfam #sweatsisters #bootybuilding
motivation - sweatsisters - fitfam - firedupfit - workout - piyolive - fitmom - onamission - fitfriends - piyo - bootybuilding - fitlife - gymlife - monday - cantstopwontstop - accountability - fitnessnowtx - piyostrength - fatfreefriends - majormovers - gym -
mannagayle : #majormovers #fitfriends #fatfreefriends #piyo #piyostrength #monday #motivation #workout #accountability #gym #gymlife #fitmom #onamission #fitlife #firedupfit #cantstopwontstop
embernevill : Two amazing chicks!!!!
underconstructionfitness : Thanks for the motivation!
kristicarter19 - nrod78 - valerieowenssalem - milwau_ -
Incredible PiYo workout yesterday with @chalenejohnson and Team Johnson (and @patflynn !!) followed by a short meditation and prayer. 🙏🏼 (I'm in the back left, red pants!) ❤️ I have been so beyond blessed by this woman, I am forever grateful for the opportunities, education, and blessings that she has brought to my life. I hope you're all subscribed to her podcasts because they are not only free, but invaluable! Check out The Chalene Show and/or Build Your Tribe on iTunes! PS- this is NOT from a PiYo Live workout....this was her own warm up you see in the video. BUT if you are an instructor, you WILL see a new warmup starting with Round 44 which you'll get in February!!! Hope you are part of Pro Team!!
mshartrick : @lukehartricx I wanna go! I love her 😞
eleanorcg : I want to be on the team, are there applications for 55 year olds? ☺️
sarasordiinsurance : @mlbdiesel
mcuthbert07 : So excited for a new warm up!
girlwiththecurl21 - kglove4fitness - dorabitz -
Thank you my beautiful friends for last night. The gifts were so touching but the best gift of all is your friendship. God bless you always. Love you bunches! @pinedaboo @so_cal_jay @joybunny #irma #keepyourcircletight #fatfreefriends #whenfriendsbecomefamily #zumbalove #zumba happy #muevete #Luna #happy #blessed #grateful #love #smile #SoCaliente #myfriendsarebetterthanyours #everyoneshouldbesolucky
love - muevete - irma - blessed - fatfreefriends - luna - socaliente - zumbalove - grateful - zumba - whenfriendsbecomefamily - everyoneshouldbesolucky - myfriendsarebetterthanyours - smile - keepyourcircletight - happy -
pinedaboo : Love u mamas!😘❤️
turbotita : Love you too!
bernii_alvarado - jennmarie84 - sally_marquez - tooblessed1212 -
Negativity usually likes company! This girl ain't got no time for people that drain my positive spirit, don't support me, don't love who I am even with my many shortcomings, and who don't have capacity to love or grow themselves! We are the company we keep, so if you find yourself alone, it's probably because you created your own space!! Friendships are supposed to be easy, friends are supposed to bring out the best in you, and bring you to your greatest potential! If I'm good at anything in life, it's my friendships! I struggle with many many other things, but this is my #zone! I love my friends so much! So blessed to have a huge extended family in my life! #friendships #friends #love #relationships #success #heart #soulful #fatfreefriends #easy #laugh #power #positivity #grateful #peace #lovemybitches
heart - love - grateful - power - soulful - fatfreefriends - laugh - friendships - friends - relationships - zone - success - positivity - peace - easy - lovemybitches -
hollygiuliano : Miss you!!!! 😘😘
crazycatmama38 : Preach! Love it
hiphophelen : I adore you HA! 💋
emeliayusunni - alex.pavlov_ - tasteforafrica - heatheramin -
Couple of piglets this week. Oinkkkkkk 🐷 #fatfreefriends
fatfreefriends -
llux16 - hcompo79 - ninamerlonghi - bamboocherz -
I am so proud of @sylviagleal for stepping outside of her comfort zone and applying to and then getting accepted to Platinum Presenters business bootcamp! I see huge things in store for this lady, and a lot of lives about to be changed!
platinumpresenters - endthetrend - helpingothers - love - fitfam - success - nutrition - honeybadgers - changinglives - fatfreefriends - byebyecomfortzone - bootcamp -
mandelicious : #success #helpingothers #changinglives #honeybadgers #platinumpresenters #love #nutrition #fitfam #byebyecomfortzone #endthetrend #fatfreefriends #bootcamp
fitmothertucker : Good shot!
gbgraphix : Such an inspiration
creswell_luxury - courtneystens - kchandler1618 -
That's a wrap 📸 THANK YOU to @le_petite_studios & @ekampenga for being my model client!! 💪🏼😅😬😘
priscillaa_cs : Lookin good! 💁🏼
rinlogan : Dang girl! You look great!! 💪🏻💪🏻
gabby_maurer : Looking awesome! @kthake
kthake : Thanks frands!! 😘 @priscillaa_cs @rinlogan @gabby_maurer
jayde_sills - kforsythe1 - kendallbertholf - shipleyj1 -
Love them. 👯💗 #sweatsisters #flirtygirlfit #fitnessnowtx #fitfam
sweatsisters - fitfam - dance - fatfreefriends - flirtygirlfitness - fitfriends - instructor - cardio - fitmom - flirtygirlfit - support - myfriends - thursday - fitnessnowtx - fitness - danceparty - accountbility - groupfitness -
mannagayle : #fitfriends #fatfreefriends #myfriends #support #accountbility #fitmom #fitness #instructor #groupfitness #flirtygirlfitness #dance #cardio #thursday #danceparty
cardio_exercises_ : Wow!Cool photo!
erickmatosfitness : Love it!
abbiemcfarland - jackierojas11 - shawn_dren_fitness -
BodyPump and BodyShred with my beautiful sweat sisters! 💪💦👯 #workoutwednesday #sweatsisters #fitfam #gymlife #Bachsfixgroup
sweatsisters - fitfam - workout - fitmom - onamission - workhard - fitfriends - majormovers - fatfreefriends - gymlife - wednesday - playhard - workoutwednesday - bachsfixgroup - accountbility - rockon -
mannagayle : #fitmom #onamission #accountbility #workout #wednesday #workhard #playhard #fitfriends #fatfreefriends #rockon #majormovers
ahonish : 👍
lobiedo - dani_yasss - jswaluv -
Another amazing shot from photoshoot with photographer: Daniel Pelletier and @je4nmiche #modelesLCP #models #malemodels #photoshoot #quebec #falls #waterfalls #boys #muscles #abs #fit #fitness #fitmen #fitfriends #fatfreefriends
fitmen - muscles - modeleslcp - fit - waterfalls - models - malemodels - falls - fatfreefriends - boys - abs - quebec - fitness - fitfriends - photoshoot -
jennymarie536 : Like it!
je4nmiche - oboubou - ziko.bull - rosguterjunge99 -
What are you telling it? When I came back from studying abroad in Australia I had a not so nice voice in my head towards my body. A fresh 21 yr old with a love for cider 🍻& #TimTams🍫 I had gained 10+ lbs, low energy, and was just in a total FUNK! 🙍🏼TG for accountability groups and #FatFreeFriends I was able to get back into my routine & remember my WHY. It’s not about the weight or the physical appearance. It’s about how you FEEL on the inside, it will reflect what you look like from the OUTSIDE! Tell yourself you are STRONG, CONFIDENT, & BEAUTIFUL vs “fat, weak, & layzy” and I promise you things will change. You will KILL it in your workouts, be confident in how you hold yourself, and be HAPPIER overall. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼Do it for yourself & no one else! And go download ‘Love Myself’ by Hailee Steinfeld bc it’s great.💗
fatfreefriends - timtams🍫 -
kthake : @srnakapac miss you more!!!!!
kthake : @kmueller319 @suz_stephan ☺️💗
dragosnetwork : Yo what's going on, what is it you do for a living ?
aam_travels - blue_missions - fitsponsible - jayde_sills -
"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." -Jim Rohn Missing our Andrea but thankful to have all of these women in my life who challenge and push me to be a better person each and every day. 👭👭 Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who lift you up instead of drag you down with negativity. There's already enough of that in the world! Can't imagine life without these amazing women!💓 They truly make me BETTER. Love you guys! 😘
iworkout - fitnessmotivation - teamnodaysoff - fitmom - fitfreak - fitfriends - livefit - fitaddicted - fatfreefriends - livehealthy - fitchick - fitlife - friendsforever - shtms - getfit - support - instafit - livehappy -
hollygiuliano : #fitnessmotivation #teamnodaysoff #fitmom #fitlife #livehealthy #livehappy #livefit #fitchick #fitfreak #fitaddicted #instafit #getfit #iworkout #fitfriends #fatfreefriends #friendsforever #shtms #support
hiphophelen : Love that quote! Xxoo
maedeeland : Omgeee...I love and miss each one of you😘
marie_catherine - emilybirch10 - andreagalbreath - mom2saminoc -
Uh yeah....did this really happen to me?! 😊💓😊💓 Thanks for posting @beachbodychallenge!✔️Piyo onstage with @chalenejohnson and crew in front of almost 20,000 other fitness fanatics, and impromptu photo shoot with the @insanitymax30 crew and I'm sitting there next to @shauntfitness ?!? #pinchme #dowhatyoulove Best job ever! So thankful for the opportunities that Beachbody and Chalene have given me! More importantly it's surrounded me with kind, humble, caring people! It's an unbelievable feeling to serve others and the Beachbody community has been a gift from God! 💓🙏🏼 @beachbodychallenge with @repostapp. ・・・ #TBT to the time @shauntfitness and @chalenejohnson (and superfriends) joined forces to fight for fitness at #coachsummit2015. #BeachbodyChallenge #throwbackthursday
dowhatyoulove - beachbodychallenge - throwbackthursday - coachsummit2015 - pinchme - tbt - : You have an AWESOME page!
lovetobe_fit.and.healthy_mama : Aww cool
lovelifefit : Super nice!
become_star_diamond_with_dirk : You are so driven! I love it.
thelms - joseph.cervantes - girlwiththecurl21 - t0p_bikes -
"I was a total Damien-lurker with Turbo Kick. (Mean girls reference) haha totally wanted to be a part of all the fun but not willing to commit. I loved loved going to class, especially Katie's class. I can't tell you how many years not months or weeks but YEARS went by and "become a turbo kick Instrctor" remained on my bucket list. Until I finally decided this past summer to get rid of my excuses (money, time, etc.) and become an instructor. I truly regret not getting certified earlier. I am so mad I allowed my excuses to stop me. Don't be a Damien-lurker like I was commit to it and just do it! You have nothing to lose literally at all. You gain so much knowledge and you'll have SO MUCH FUN!!! Trust me. Even if you don't end up teaching right away which I currently can't because of my current job but I love being a turbo expert in the classes I take now. Definitely front row diva and I love it #noshame. Stop lurking and just do it!!!" 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 reserve your spot at for THIS Sunday 9/27 in Ann Arbor 👊🏼💪🏼😅
noshame -
pau.segovia : 💁🏻
strongforapurpose : I will be there this Sunday!! I've NEVER done a turbo class 😁 but it looks like fun! Is it going to be a big group?
kthake : @strongforapurpose can't wait to meet you! It's going to be a blast!! we have 9 so far and space for more so feel free to spread the word and bring a friend ☺️💪🏼
whatsgoodly - dillonjpainter - peterrpandrea - teethdreams -
Did a little morning booty shaking with these ladies today! 👯💃💗 #flirtygirlfitness #fitfam #sweatsisters #majormovers
sweatsisters - fitfam - firedupfit - dance - workout - fitmom - fierce - flirtygirlfitness - onamission - fitfriends - cardio - workit - fatfreefriends - flirtygirlfit - firedup - work - shakeit - fitlife - sweatypic - fitness - majormovers - bootyshake -
mannagayle : #firedupfit #fitmom #onamission #fierce #firedup #dance #fitness #cardio #flirtygirlfit #fitlife #fitfriends #fatfreefriends #sweatypic #workout #work #workit #shakeit #bootyshake
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