👀👤The Church of Rome did not consider the African slave a human being until 1839. 👀👤 🙏Christianity played a variety of roles in slavery in the New World.  There were missionaries sent to the colonies to convert the slaves into human beings by Christianizing them. 🙏Because slavery was such a lucrative business, many in the church continued to profit from the despicable institution. Notwithstanding this, there were still many who were adamant abolitionists. 🙏Some missionaries to the colonies owned slaves. Bartolomé de Las Casas, a Catholic Priest and missionary who stationed in Hispaniola in the early sixteenth century, owned Native American slaves, and later swapped them in for the more durable and work-friendly African slaves. 🙏He wrote to Spain suggesting that the slave holders cease the use of Native Americans as slaves because they were unable to cope with the harsh working conditions and European diseases that were wiping them out.  The Africans on the other hand were sturdier, and were better equipped to withstand European disease. 🔬🔬FLIPSIDEIt is important to note that there were many opposed to the atrocities such as the Quakers &  Priests🔬🔬 ==  #Farrakhan #religion  #ReligionOfTheSlavemaster #PastorsBeLike #BlackPreachersPacifiedTheSlavesFromRevolting #Christianity #Debate #slavery #africa #religion #willielynch 💊#DrRayHagins #CesareBorgia #colonialism🆓 #neocolonialism #Mentacide #egypt 👑 #drhenrikclarke #Reparations💲 #lightskin #darkskin #blackhistory #blackawareness #blackman #knowledge #InferiorityComplex #SelfLove #love
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#Jesus #farrakhan Most powerful man in the world!
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#God has come to deliver us. But if we reject His Grace (#Farrakhan) "The following are Executive Orders that Pres. Bush, as well as presidents before him—Carter and Bush, Sr.—have signed into law: Executive Order 10999: Federal seizure of all means of transportation including cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways—this means in an emergency, your car or truck doesn’t belong to you anymore; the government can seize your car and say they need it. Executive Order 11000: Federal seizure of American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires—this means that if such a thing happens, they can pull us all in and put us to work on whatever project the government says, you have no authority to resist. To resist is death. Executive Order 11001: Federal seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private. Executive Order 11002: Empowers the Post Master General to register every single person in the United States. “No more draft; we’re just taking you now.” Executive Order 11003: Federal seizure of all airports and aircraft. Executive Order 11004: Federal seizure of all housing and finances—that the government would take your house; take your money, this means your bank account is not yours. What you thought you had hidden in a safety deposit box is not yours. The United States government has the authority to enforce relocation, meaning if they think you need to be relocated like they did the Native Americans on that long march, they’ll just do it. They can establish new locations for population; relocate communities and build new housing with public funds. Seize all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities. And if you resist—forced vaccinations; they can force you to take a needle. What you are seeing is the development of a‪ #police state‬. So the next coming months and years are going to be difficult, and that is why we have to work to save our youth."‪ @LouisFarrakhan: Black Youth in Peril. ‪#martiallaw‬ #policestate
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We have to be better as a people at researching and confirming material we take as truth. It is shameful that #Farrakhan and a number of other so called black leaders and scholars actually reference this peice of mythology. They have us thinking this letter is the reason we are all divided while the real reason and problems go ignored and unresolved. Wille Lynch never existed. Do your research please! ! I am sick and tired of this bogus letter popping up. It shows how feeble our minds are! Shame on whoever keeps teaching this. Shame on these so called black leaders! The blind leading the blind! Thats what's so jacked up about being weak minded, somebody will come and tell you anything and you believe it! Thats part of our problem! Stop just accepting and start researching. Wake up please!
farrakhan -
cciu_commentary : @butistaywoke you made a wonderful point. All of those conditions you named stem from things outside that letter. Colorism , light and dark, goes way back before slavery. This is covered in the text " The Destruction of Black Civilization" you should read it. The Gang warfare is a new phenomenon that stems from political persecution. Most gangs are just offshoot from the Black Panthers and other such community committed organization. The beefing came from the crack cocaine epidemic for the most parts. Within the last 40 to 50 years is when the black on black genocide really kicked off. This has nothing to do with some secret string pulling and everything to do with our political ignorance. There is no connection between our relational dysfunction and the white supremacist power structure directly, at least not in the sense that you suggest. The growing wedge between the black woman and black man stems from our own unawareness and miseducation. So no one man or ideology is responsible, it is generational ignorance and detachment from knowledge that these problems stem from. So there is no actuality involved, none of those theories accurately explain nor correlate with our present conditions. There are many other things that need to be blamed, that need our attention. The WILLIE LYNCH letter , at best, is a very shallow, very vague explanation of our conditions. The more you study history and slavery as well as the techniques used the more you will see how irrelevant the fake letter is. Our attention needs to be averted to things that are actually real, not mythology that could be interpreted in a way that offers an explanation to our situation. There are real books we can read. There are real letters we can read that will educate our people with all facts and no fiction. That is the only way to properly educate and equip our people. If we want to know the real reasons we have to figure the real facts, we can go off of make-believe tall-tale nonsense that cannot be corroborated past '91.
cciu_commentary : You kept saying actual events, when these actual events never happened. We have to focus on the reality, regardless if our conditions match the letter. At the time the letter was written these things were already happening. So it would have been easy for an observer to aim to write something that was right in front of their eyes @butistaywoke thats what I was trying to explain to you. The conditions , yes, we need to focus in them and rectify, but doing that will require an accurate and factual analysis. All if the conditions you named can be explained elsewhere. Thats all I am saying sister, we can only correct what we can rightly confront. We cannot confront our crisis by studying suggested realities in fictional letter constructed by some mysterious person trying to distract us.
butistaywoke : Wow. Well, I am currently reading The "Destruction Of Black Civilization...." by Chancellor William, but clearly I am not yet at the part where he covers that. But because you said, and I qoute "There is no connection between our relational dysfunction and white supremacy and white supremacist power structure directly." I'm going to go ahead and end this discussion now, King. Clearly you havent reached this place in your road to consciousness yet, so I will let you keep reading and thinking until you can see things from Panoramic view. Have a good day.
butistaywoke : "If you don't understand white supremacist racism, everything else you THINK you understand will ONLY confuse you."- Neely Fuller Jr. By the way if you haven't already, research Neely Fuller Jr..
cciu_commentary : Well thank you for telling me where I am consciously. I won't assault yours. You seemed to have missed my entire point and that is okay. You can quote me all you want. I said there is no direct connection, not no connection. How many white supremacist have you had in your home? In your relationship? None, I assume. Therefore, the effects of white supremacy are not direct , but are instead indirect. It is on the television you watch, in the magazine's you read, in the image you see. It is outside of your relationship, it is an outside influence no matter how you say it. So don't take my words out of context. Our relational dysfunction is from a lack of knowledge. A lack of knowing how to exist with each other, how to respect each other. This can be credited to the savagery of slavery, the African family was divided but not destroyed. So it is our ignorance , defenselessness , and our adherence to the tools of white supremacy that destroy us and make us dysfunctional within our relationship , within our homes, between men and women and so forth
cciu_commentary : . If we were conscious and educated and not entertaining nonsense like the nonsense you are spewing about this letter then we would be equip to properly defend ourselves in a way that isn't disgraceful and dysfunctional. You, entertaining that letter, are exemplifying the characteristics that keeps us divided. Here, you know it is false, but you attempt to draw truth from it and not one time did you mention any of the actual reasons for our conditions. Why? IF SOMEONE KNEW THE TRUTH THEN THEY WOULD NOT ENTERTAIN A LIE. It is a lie written in modern times when these conditions were already existing in our communities and in our families. So attack my consciousness all you want but facts are facts and you DIDN'T present any. You cognitive dissonance and blatant avoidance of my points is totally understandable. However n we must learn to communicate without attacking one another's "consciousness" when we disagree, this essential creates a wedge between educated people. Divide you ever sit back and thi k of the factors that potentially could also impact us ? Like drugs, debt, unemployed, the prison industrial complex, media, and so forth? You must realize this letter was written in modern times. Dont Drink the kool aid.
cciu_commentary : @butistaywoke
cciu_commentary : Lmaoo I know full well who Neely Fuller is, who do you think I am ? Lol okay sister. Good day. @butistaywoke
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There is no way a man and a woman can have a wholesome relationship unless respect is a factor. For example, if you are 30 she should be 23, seven years older than her. If she has 100K, you need 700K. If she has a bachelors degree, you need a PhD. A woman needs to have something to look up to in order to stay interested. There are a few exceptions, but not many. If you look at the relationships where the opposite takes place, there are a lot of fights and arguments. Remember, you have to have something to respect to be respected. Go buy Pimpin Ken's book on your iPad or smart phone. Go to the App Store and type iBook. Once you're there, type Pimpology in the search box and download the book. If you're on your PC, just go to and buy it. #youngjeezy , #ymcmb , #drake , #outkast , #pimpinken , #pimpology , #pimpingken , #pimpc , #pimpc, #pimp, #1, #50cent #business #newsweek #positive #selfhelp #money #motivation #mastermindgroup #leadership #rich #e40 #purpose #leadership #moneychangeyou #UGK4LIFE #ugk #pgo #hgo
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yaeski_boutdrama : @hazegang_dego @
realpimpken : @keep_calm_n_love_a_francois There is a reason for this. Women grow faster than men , therefore she needs an older gentleman or a smarter gentlemen . Do you want a slow, dumb ass boy?
realpimpken : #MinisterFarrakhan #Farrakhan
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realpimpken : @keep_calm_n_love_a_francois Right on,
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After the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan Spoke at a Historical Black Church in Philadelphia Pa. #GoodMuslimGoodChristian #Unity #Love #Farrakhan #Reconciliation
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"Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome."- Rosa Parks #maarifacircle #LoveWhatYouSee #UnitedStatesOfAfrica #blackhistory #blackawareness #education #blackman #blackwomen #SelfLove #empowering #NextGeneration #BlackPanthers #pieandmash #malcolmx #MartinLutherKing #farrakhan #MarcusGarvey #Reparations #lightskin #darkskin #FollowingTwoTagsAreToPrickTheConscience #niggasbelike #bitchesbelike #GottaGetAtEmSomehowIGuess #DivideAndConquer #colonialism #neocolonialism #slavery #africa #willielynch ✊💯
farrakhan - neocolonialism - blackhistory - colonialism - pieandmash - malcolmx - africa - selflove - slavery - martinlutherking - darkskin - reparations - blackawareness - education - bitchesbelike - marcusgarvey - nextgeneration - lovewhatyousee - followingtwotagsaretopricktheconscience - willielynch - lightskin - gottagetatemsomehowiguess - unitedstatesofafrica - divideandconquer - blackman - maarifacircle - niggasbelike - empowering - blackpanthers - blackwomen -
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👀 OVERSTAND THE GAMES THEY PLAY 👀 🎶They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes But if I talk about God my record won't get played; Huh? - Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" 🎶 🎧🎼🎤🎺🎷#maarifacircle #LoveWhatYouSee #UnitedStatesOfAfrica #PositiveBlackImages #BlackRoleModels #BETSucks #WorldStarHipHop #badbitch #BadBitchIsntASynonymForStrongWomen #Truth #selfie #Farrakhan #MalcolmX #MarcusGarvey #MartinLutherKing #IdaBWells #Kathleencleaver #harriettubman #KnowledgeOfSelf #KnowledgeIsPower #RickRoss #NickiMinaj #Accountability #ExcuseTheNextTwoTagsPeople #niggasbelike #bitchesbelike #GottaGetAtEmSomehowIGuess #LilWayne #MTVBase #Azonto
farrakhan - idabwells - mtvbase - blackrolemodels - badbitchisntasynonymforstrongwomen - selfie - lilwayne - martinlutherking - malcolmx - gottagetatemsomehowiguess - positiveblackimages - bitchesbelike - marcusgarvey - betsucks - azonto - lovewhatyousee - badbitch - harriettubman - knowledgeofself - accountability - kathleencleaver - unitedstatesofafrica - nickiminaj - truth - knowledgeispower - maarifacircle - worldstarhiphop - excusethenexttwotagspeople - rickross - niggasbelike -
maarifacircle : rp: @brothahaneef 👤🔥
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#Farrakhan Challenges the #HipHop Community: Accept the #Responsibility of #Leadership. #jayelectronica #jayz #thefinalcall
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Truth is not hate. It is the highest form of love. It raises the oppressed and gives the oppressor the a mirror to see their actions through, thereby giving them a chance to atone, correct the wrong and escape the Wrath of Allah (God) What is hate? It is when the wicked oppressor seems to vilify the truth teller to the masses in order to discredit, destroy and ultimately, kill the Messenger. This is what they did to the Prophets of yesterday. But it is a new day today because God is on the scene and He is backing the Honorable Minister Louis #Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.
farrakhan -
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First, my people must be taught the knowledge of self. Then and only then will they be able to understand others and that which surrounds them. Anyone who does not have a knowledge of self is considered a victim of either amnesia or unconsciousness and is not very competent. The lack of knowledge of self is a prevailing condition among my people here in America. Gaining the knowledge of self makes us unite into a great unity. Knowledge of self makes you take on the great virtue of learning.” Honorable Elijah Muhammad - #farrakhan #elijahmuhammad #malcolmx #stevebiko #FrederickDouglas #BETSucks #AngelaDavis #gabrielprosser #johnhorse #johnhenrikclarke #rosaparks #247WayOfLife #maarifacircle #LoveWhatYouSee #UnitedStatesOfAfrica #blackhistory #blackawareness #education #blackman #teamnatural #naturalhair #dencia #weave
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Well bc I love #Nas and it's is #WuWednesday.... 👐 #Nasir #Raekwon "Rare ***** ima wonder, your best success is my worst blunder" #IGotMoreToLoseButImARider "#ChefAmbidextrous #Farrakhan "They don't care about your power, bc they come from the power , hate to see you acting like a slave... Bc someone else controls your destiny" #richandblack #JackieO
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With few exceptions like Marcus Garvey, Paul Robinson & Martin Luther King Jr., the leaders that Dr. West is talking about are Prophets and Messengers of God. This is the category The Honorable Elijah Muhammad & Honorable Minister Louis #Farrakhan come under. Speaking truth to power regardless to whom it what and raising the dead to LIFE.
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Again he's right in time. #Farrakhan
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knowledge4life : Apdta
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@louisfarrakhan #farrakhan #farrakhantwitterarmy
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I wanna share some history in 1985 Saviours Day the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan wanted to show the world the passing of the torch from the Hon. Elijah Muhammad so he asked my mother Wauneta Lonewolf to use Native American beadwork in his fez and this is what she completed. She used traditional Native beads that enhanced the crown that represented the sun, moon and stars!!! It also represented the coming together of the Black and Red! #noihistory #farrakhan #waunetalonewolf
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sidestreetked : Wow! You're mother work will inspire others exponentially! A truly amazing woman.
jewelida : ApdtA!
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➿ INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR CHARACTER FLAWS, SEEK THE MESSAGE.EVEN MALCOLM X WAS GETTING ATTACKED ON MY PAGE, COME ON NOW.➿ "Those who desire to serve the Negro people, must be prepared for criticism from his own race. I did not organize the universal Negro Improvement Association without calculating the cost, and the cost is ingratitude of Negros whom we are serving. Their ingratitude does not concern me one bit, Garvey will not be disappointed about anything. My work is cut out" -MARCUS GARVEY (from his book called, the philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey) 🔰👤🔰👤🔰👤🔰👤🔰👤🔰👤🔰👤🔰👤 #maarifacircle #LoveWhatYouSee #UnitedStatesOfAfrica #blackhistory #blackawareness #education #blackman #blackwomen #SelfLove #empowering #NextGeneration #BlackPanthers #pieandmash #malcolmx #MartinLutherKing #farrakhan #MarcusGarvey #Reparations #lightskin #darkskin #FollowingTwoTagsAreToPrickTheConscience #niggasbelike #bitchesbelike #GottaGetAtEmSomehowIGuess #DivideAndConquer #colonialism #neocolonialism #slavery #africa #willielynch ✊💯
farrakhan - neocolonialism - blackhistory - colonialism - pieandmash - malcolmx - africa - selflove - slavery - martinlutherking - darkskin - reparations - blackawareness - education - bitchesbelike - marcusgarvey - nextgeneration - lovewhatyousee - followingtwotagsaretopricktheconscience - willielynch - lightskin - gottagetatemsomehowiguess - unitedstatesofafrica - divideandconquer - blackman - maarifacircle - niggasbelike - empowering - blackpanthers - blackwomen -
flowersbyladyvee : Don't get why people would try to take you down your educating what's wroung with that 🙈
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There words, success, life stories, accomplishments, trials and tribulations, have all motivated me thru my life and career. #Jeezy #2Pac #Boosie #Kobe #TDJakes #Obama #Farrakhan #Elijah #MalcomX I want to be like these group of individuals, to anyone who looks up to me
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nylainanajee : Thats not the real.Elijah Muhammad. Thats the man from the X movie..
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there are two of US backing you up brother Allah and myself. Should I put this on my EP? #Farrakhan #FarrakhanForever #Nationofislam
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marco3allah : Sounds smooth
raheem2289 : Yes
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🔎📣 Are you following [ MAARIFA CIRCLE ] on Facebook?? 📣🔎 🎶🎵"I was watching some Hip Hop artist the other day on television, and I just broke down and cried. Because I have been here preaching for 40 years, and our people are still acting like this. I thought about just quitting. Because it’s not the white man, it’s us now destroying one another" - Minister Louis Farrakhan (from his lecture called, Surely Man is Ungrateful)🎵🎶 #maarifacircle #LoveWhatYouSee #UnitedStatesOfAfrica #PositiveBlackImages #BlackRoleModels #BETSucks #WorldStarHipHop #badbitch #BadBitchIsntASynonymForStrongWomen #Truth #selfie #Farrakhan #MalcolmX #MarcusGarvey #MartinLutherKing #IdaBWells #Kathleencleaver #harriettubman #KnowledgeOfSelf #KnowledgeIsPower #RickRoss #NickiMinaj #Accountability #ExcuseTheNextTwoTagsPeople #niggasbelike #bitchesbelike #GottaGetAtEmSomehowIGuess #LilWayne #MTVBase #Azonto
farrakhan - idabwells - mtvbase - blackrolemodels - badbitchisntasynonymforstrongwomen - selfie - lilwayne - martinlutherking - malcolmx - gottagetatemsomehowiguess - positiveblackimages - bitchesbelike - marcusgarvey - betsucks - azonto - lovewhatyousee - badbitch - harriettubman - knowledgeofself - accountability - kathleencleaver - unitedstatesofafrica - nickiminaj - truth - knowledgeispower - maarifacircle - worldstarhiphop - excusethenexttwotagspeople - rickross - niggasbelike -
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#np #Farrakhan #TheTime (Part 34)
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Happy Eid Mubarak. #eid #eidmubarak #islam #muslim #farrakhan #nationofislam #thetimeandwhatmustbedone #palestine #gaza #freegaza #freepalestine #prayforgaza #prayforpalestine
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mustafoinc : Thanks brother same to you! Eid Mubarak!!
gregoryin07 : @mustafoinc your welcome my brother.
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Sent This Too My Team. #Farrakhan #FOI
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#islam #muslim #allah #gaza #palestine #nationofislam #Farrakhan #thetimeandwhatmustbedone #prayforgaza #prayforpalestine
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0017_badr : Who is Farrakhan ?
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by @saw_dee_aah__naturally Always on time. #love #growth #ramadan #farrakhan
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On October 24, 1989 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington D.C. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (@louisfarrakhan) made The Announcement. He spoke about his experience with what it is called UFO's today. He mentioned that his teacher The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad had taught about these wheels (UFO's) for over 60 years. He Spoke about being carried up into one of the smaller wheels and then into the Mother Wheel which measures half mile by a half a mile. This craft is HUMANLY built. It makes no sound. These planes can move in any direction without making a complete turn. "Before you will be able to establish your mockery of me (if that is what you wish to do) for what was revealed to me in the Wheel you will see these wheels or what you call UFO's in abundance over the major cities of America and the calamities that America is presently experiencing will increase in number an in intensity that you might humble yourselves to the warning contained in This Announcement." - Louis Farrakhan They say I'm crazy too...They don't speak about it in the local news but we had 1200 sightings last year. Watch the documentary The Phoenix Lights...#theannouncement #projectbluebook #elijahmuhammad #fardmuhammad #farrakhan #noi #phoenixlights #ufo #toronto #theangels
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The Minister stay on the Hood like Chinese wings. #Farrakhan #truesoulja
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godezekiel : That's his Son in the back. He about 6'4
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Now this is how you enter a room. Straight "G" (God) style. #Farrakhan #Muhammad
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0017_badr : Who is this man?
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Did @louisfarrakhan keep it real out what?!?!?!?!? To all parents! And about our parents #Farrakhan #NOI #FOI
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