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habooshhki : Sooo cuteee
myownfreemind : THIS IS SO CUTE AND I LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT : Aww thanks!! 💕 @myownfreemind
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caitburny : Lol
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5.seconds.of.stories : So black and Tardis blue. I like it
em2002webb : A rainbow with black! 😂😂 @city_of_untrusted_ducks
city_of_untrusted_ducks : A rainbow has black in it! @em2002webb right?
em2002webb : No, its; Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet @city_of_untrusted_ducks sorry to break that news to u
city_of_untrusted_ducks : Hahah I thought there where much more!!! @em2002webb :-D
em2002webb : There should be black and white cause they're important colours aswel, they need to add some more colours! Is that possible? Hahaha I sound so stupid
city_of_untrusted_ducks : No its a great idea @em2002webb !!!!
em2002webb : Thanks, that made me feel better about my kinda stupid idea xx
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shmoo121 : I said the thing about the chromosomes in science when the teacher asked me 😂😂😂 the whole class went silent 😂😂
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I've finally made it! I received my first gender-based hatred for having an opinion on something comic book related! 😁 apparently I need to apologise for my remark, I'm a joker 'purist', and I should be cooking and cleaning, not reading comics. 😂😭 well, I won't apologise, because unlike the imaginary women in your world, I don't do what men tell me to, unless I want to, or I'm naked. 👍
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bambiiriiot : @roborich_ most of the time I avoid it, because I'm so easily irritated by stupidity, but I've seen a few examples. This guy gave me no choice though, and sent it me in a DM! 😁 he must be so attractive to women with his draconian views on gender ideals. Xx
arkhaminmate0801 : Pretty obvious he didn't know what the hell he was talking about an was embarrassed so he brought up your gender. Some comic fans need to realize it's ok to admit when their wrong. I was in a discussion a few weeks ago where A guy started bashing grant morrisons writing cuz he was wrong about his reasoning for why batman couldn't shoot darkseid in final crisis. He basically stated darkseid can read minds an at that point I was like umm yea you don't know what your talking about lol
bambiiriiot : @arkhaminmate0801 I totally agree, it's perfectly acceptable to be wrong, I get a lot of things wrong, but the good thing about something that is purely opinion, is that it can't be wrong. What I said was "I don't like Capullo's joker because it's not the joker I grew up with, and it's not the joker I know and love" can't possibly be wrong. Hence why I refuse to apologise for it. I respect Snyder and Capullo's artistic freedom, and fair play for trying to do something new, it's just not my cup of tea :) that comment is why he felt the need to say I shouldn't be reading comic books anyway because I'm a woman 👍😂 he could have just said "fair enough" like everyone else does. #fanboyarmy #outtogetme
arkhaminmate0801 : @bambiiriiot 😂 that's ridiculous I myself liked the dotf joker not more than for example the current joker in end game or how he usually is but I still wouldn't bash someone for not liking it everyone has their own tastes an opinions. Plus dotf joker was really out there an nothing will ever top the original joker. @o__d__b 😂😂😭😭^^ based on what this guy said to her I wonder if it's a certain Snyder capullo stalker we know? 😭😭😂
bambiiriiot : @arkhaminmate0801 exactly, I get why people like him, it's just not for me, I like back-to-basics joker, who's intimidating because he's plausible, he's inherently just a man who took every wrong turn on the way. I like characters and artwork I can believe in, hence why I like batman, but not superman. #shootme haha. There are loads of versions of the Joker, I don't have to like all of them :D xx
arkhaminmate0801 : @bambiiriiot agreed I'm the say way I like realistic heroes more so than the "superhero" like I love batman green arrow daredevil stuff like that are my favs but I am a big spawn fan an that's out there lol I understand the supes thing I used to HATE superman my brother was always the supes fanboy where I'm the batman fanboy but I have found some superman stories I can get into just depends who's writing I like superman more when he's not such a Boy Scout.
bambiiriiot : @arkhaminmate0801 I do like spawn, mainly because the artwork is always beautiful. Like Hellblazer, I like that, it's incredibly unlikely, but it IS possible. In the same way, I'll buy into an utterly ridiculous story, with no real life basis, if the art is so good that it makes it feel real. If I can almost feel real-world texture in the art, I can believe the wackiest of plots x
ash_darko : Haha what a dick
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bihuangxi : nice pic @____grise
the.darkest.unbecomings : Apparently a special divergent can open it and it holds the secrets of their world idk
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Im a fanboy repost if you are a fanboy #fanboyarmy
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