When you hear about a slot canyon hike in the desert, you go there immediately. One mile of narrow, 25 ft tall mud and rock walls. #anzaborregoslotcanyon #notfortheclaustrophobic #goodjobjenna #exploremore #getoutside #rei1440project
goodjobjenna - notfortheclaustrophobic - getoutside - exploremore - fallingsucks - rei1440project - anzaborregoslotcanyon -
1fitbit : Perfect day. I'm in Tahoe exploring today
thejingles : #climbthatshit :)
bob_narly : 😳
amberbouge : @thejingles we tried, but the mud walls would just crumble #fallingsucks
henrysbythesea : So fun!!!
lizard2713 : I need to get some ideas of places to hike from u!!
elderon_1 - lizard2713 - amberhay4 - yucasel -
Here's a stupid fail from today. Right when I try to film this happens. I landed right on my already bruised Palm and now I can barely ride. This sucks.. @inkys_proscooters #fallingsucks #partofthegame #imprettyusedtoitnow #scootscootbangbang πŸ“· @justindollar12
imprettyusedtoitnow - scootscootbangbang - partofthegame - fallingsucks -
krystyllynn : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #scootisnotlife
chris_jacobzz : No it still is lol @krystyllynn
miles_partida : That second bar was late af
chris_jacobzz : I know idk why lol @miles_partida
tad.03ct : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kahliel_5 - juicyfimland - mr_jessytaylor - ben_darby -
#tbt to an amazing weekend with amazing people #Tahoe #friends #bae #gf #goodtimes #vacation #getaway #memories #snowboarding #fallingsucks #myteamwinning #lifestyle @daniellemichelleeee @jademichellelee @cromero7 @dgo_8a @rickymartin22
lifestyle - fallingsucks - memories - getaway - goodtimes - tbt - gf - bae - vacation - tahoe - snowboarding - friends - myteamwinning -
itsveralicious - karinaaa_irene - ro__ro_ - passionate_m3 -
#getup#fallingsucks#sledding#skidoo #skidoofreeride#sledlife#sledlife#brap#doo#sleddingislife#iwanttosledfortherestofmylife#workhard
brap - workhard - skidoo - fallingsucks - sleddingislife - getup - iwanttosledfortherestofmylife - skidoofreeride - sledlife - sledding - doo -
melanypreece - s13cob - ski_dood - criz_ribadeneira -
Me and my buddy #charliebutton are out of commission for a minute....not cool man! #thestruggleisreal #brokenleg #tornmcl #goinghard #fallingsucks #cantstopus #willbebackstrongerthanbefore
goinghard - tornmcl - thestruggleisreal - fallingsucks - cantstopus - brokenleg - charliebutton - willbebackstrongerthanbefore -
djizzo : Broke leg squad. Feel u bro. Keep ur head up @dgdarby23
malloryknighton : Omg nooooo feel better babe
themrsdaniellejones : Hope you heal quickly @dgdarby23!! Did you have surgery? I'm πŸ™ I don't have to. Ugh MCL. Miss ya dude.
chloemirandasayshi : 😒 I'm not surprised though! Get well soon bf ❀️
cdawli : We have a golf cart reserved for you this weekend 😘
dgdarby23 : @cdawli I should be good by then! Can't wait for the big day!!!πŸ˜„
dgdarby23 : @themrsdaniellejones no surgery thank god! Most MCLs heal without surgery just takes a little while and a brace is needed
bermudabay92 : Hate when my boyfriend is hurtin!! Get better soon!!
itsomar007 - jmonoky - d_sil - jrodonn -
Why yes indeed I left a bit of my a$$ on Hotham yesterday!!! 😝 After sleeping on an ice pack and knocking back painkillers I hit up Falls Creek today and the prognosis is: Bike + Shoulder = Screwy!!! SO I came home from Bright!! #booo #fallingsucks #fallscreek #cyclingadventures #cyclingpics #cyclingselfie #oricakit #oricagreenedge #rudyproject #rapha #kask #cyclingprincess
oricakit - oricagreenedge - kask - fallingsucks - rapha - booo - fallscreek - cyclingprincess - rudyproject - cyclingselfie - cyclingpics - cyclingadventures -
shiirlene81 : You're a machine
scuddsy : Boo! I hope not in need of screws!
mamasitareese : Hardly @shiirlene81 !!! But THANKS!! I doubt it @scuddsy be like Leggo fitting since the last plate is still in there!! 😝
miss_cadence : Your my model no scars please πŸ‘ πŸ‘™
mamasitareese : Sorry @miss_cadence !! Don't worry the face is Ok and we can photoshop the rest?! Hahaha xx
ozsprocketman : Get well soon
mamasitareese : Thanks @ozsprocketman 😘
hardcoreclimber88 - spmatheson - tehani_cross - errybibbie -
just another chapter in my life #ACLclub #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - aclclub -
ktwaske : @nickski_races_23 you broke your leg?!
nickski_races_04 : Ya 2 years ago
nickski_races_04 : At Marquette camp
nickski_races_04 : @ktwaske
bberryski : You were there Waske lol
jamiemocrazy : You got this!!! Did 2 on my right knee, good luck!
mariaisamish : @jamiemocrazy ouch!!! How long was your recovery for both??
jamiemocrazy : @mariaisamish I went back at 6 months the first time, but retore it training at the utah Olympic park at 8 month πŸ™ˆ then I went up to canada and got a Lars surgery which which with everyday training you can ski at 4 months which I did and that ones still holding 4 years later πŸ‘Œ
harrietbyronx - marihalee - gerliecueto - whywalkwhenyoucanrun -
Acting like I'm cool, right after I ate shit hella hard. #sugarbowl #snowboarding #beautifulviews #powder #hellafun #hellabroken #goodtimes #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - hellabroken - hellafun - goodtimes - beautifulviews - powder - sugarbowl - snowboarding -
jeremymuldoon - kas_graves - masoodahmadi8 - krystagastelum -
Gooood my back needs to get better soon. I miss the gym :/ #recovering #fallingsucks #littleguy #wolverine #thegymisfornerdstoo
wolverine - thegymisfornerdstoo - littleguy - fallingsucks - recovering -
flatnut_nutrishop_athlete : Buddy wait to I get to tell Ya my "back" story ...I'll be out for awhile too!!πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
believethepowerofone : @flatnut_nutrishop_athlete yeah I got fucking hurt at work bro...and it happened the day after you saw me at Wegmans and complimented my progress lol.
brittanyelisex : πŸ΄πŸ˜‹
_mr_grim - ledpeach - x_oceandust_x - brittanyelisex -
I fell, screamed, cried, and pouted....but I survived! And eventually I was skiing on my own! #firsttimer #skiing #snowbowl #flagstaff #fallingsucks #crashingintofencessucks #thankgodforbigbooties
flagstaff - firsttimer - snowbowl - fallingsucks - thankgodforbigbooties - skiing - crashingintofencessucks -
jocelyncolegrove : @cheryle1632 how are you a first timer and you grew up there?!? This is crazy talk!! 😜
cheryle1632 : @jocelyncolegrove I never grew up there. My parents moved up here after HS. It's more disappointing its still taken me 13 years after that to go!
jocelyncolegrove : @cheryle1632 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh oppps what do I know lol! Better late than never!!!! I love skiing but don't go enough!
sharmgirl : You go girl!! I did all those things my my first time skiing too!
berniegarcia1 - akailahyocom - ang_rn - caraleerose -
Make it hurt,scare me straight cursed is he who can't burn by fire,we're all falling show me feeling I'm your designated diver #reyep #skydiver #bluh #curlpact #curlyhair #nah #neverbeard #dumb #dudefish #spaceboybraves #beautifulmusic #fallingsucks #lame #loser
curlpact - fallingsucks - lame - nah - beautifulmusic - bluh - loser - dumb - skydiver - curlyhair - reyep - neverbeard - dudefish - spaceboybraves -
nancy_alice_ - genevieve.wynne.z - bmeier06 -
#tbt to my first time snowboarding. #snowboarding #firsttime #goodtimes #powder #fallingsucks #bachelor Photocred: @jessemolson
bachelor - firsttime - powder - fallingsucks - snowboarding - tbt - goodtimes -
billielily97 - benguinn921 - tristanmettling - ichiroisababe -
#tbt #brokenwrist #sunmer2014 #tyedye #notdopeatall #sucked #longboarding #fallingsucks #pavement #compoundfracture #nofun #lame #utters #dudefish #dumb #mess #scum #great#killlerdude
compoundfracture - utters - mess - brokenwrist - great - tbt - dumb - notdopeatall - killlerdude - dudefish - sucked - nofun - longboarding - tyedye - fallingsucks - lame - sunmer2014 - pavement - scum -
filthyhippie_ : #utters
yourownastronaut_ : @filthyhippie_ are you touching my #utters ???
filthyhippie_ : @thespaceboybraves what if I am
yourownastronaut_ : @filthyhippie_ I mean I'd probably just thank you..... Yup seems about right
innasantander - filthyhippie_ - shweaa -
[insert wise quote] ✨✨ @hiimbrandon @_danieldinh #acroyoga #fallingsucks #butwediditdoe
butwediditdoe - acroyoga - fallingsucks -
skipwithjoy : ahaha
jenafalla : Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius
tcnewkirk : "Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up." - Alfred
johntastic : Pew pew pew - John
ruthchu : @dagampat @evacliang let's do it! 😜
evacliang : @ruthchu @dagampat 😳 someone is going to break in half πŸ™Š
_danieldinh : Wisdom is not a characteristic we can claim for ourselves, it is a quality recognized by others.
tiffanywinnn : @jenafalla @tcnewkirk ahhhh I love both those quote! I'm going to use it very soon. Thanks guys
jasmnmae - ilovebouldering - _danieldinh - jenniefigueroaa -
Jenn wanted me to get new shoes. Don't think this is what she had in mind. #brokenankle #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - brokenankle -
jjchanrocks : Oh no!! Hope he feels better soon!
totes_mcgotes - jjchanrocks - lballss - kellymillarward -
Who needs advil? #beatup #fallingsucks #toecarvingmaster
toecarvingmaster - beatup - fallingsucks -
vivi_dooo - b_gregory31 - ericbritson - coachbabefan -
Few jibs from today #jibs #fallingsucks #ukbmx #Spothunting #selfshot #solosession #street
solosession - jibs - street - fallingsucks - ukbmx - betterlucknexttime - spothunting - selfshot -
crusades_ivxx : Yes 180 smith
vaughan_williams : @crusades_ivxx thanks man, was trying to get into oppo smith from the 180 smith, got so dam close its unreal but ended up with that little gem instead #betterlucknexttime hahaha !!
crusades_ivxx : Yeah mane we've found a few new spots lately street wise so we will have to get out on a day n film some shit, there's some gems up mayflower retail!
vaughan_williams : @crusades_ivxx ive seen a few interesting things over there man, deffo have to get on some filming over there!
achmadxpanca - midnightrequestline - neilprice1991 - crusades_ivxx -
stay away from the edge #fallingsucks
fallingsucks -
rampage_elite_softball - getrenn - beaglesandbeer -
Our own personal puppy bowl #fallingsucks #buthelookscutedoingit @princesslinynik @shannaleea @kevinjcp @brettjhodson
buthelookscutedoingit - fallingsucks -
jewieee : Aww
amandakath44 - kevinjcp - alexlouise80 - princesslinynik -
Knocked myself into another dimension today. Big thanks to @squawalpine 's ski patrol. Walked out of the clinic concussed with a real sore back #thanksskipatrol#gotlucky#fallingsucks#rideanotherday#snowboarding
rideanotherday - snowboarding - fallingsucks - gotlucky - thanksskipatrol -
antlergirl : Hope you heal soon x
crockerfella : Thanks @antlergirl ! Shred some of that Japanese pow for me!!!
randalo : Glad you're alright man!!
cherrypeppersandgarlic : Oh man :/ β™‘
killer_kerry : Glad your okay. Love you!
tessieboreen : Heal up quick! SquawAlpine patrol are the best, I'm glad you were in good hands!
hanimal_kingdom : No!!
dorielapan : Glad your OK!! @Crockerfella
matzymatzy - caitlin_robb - dorielapan - jfountain410 -
New @inov_8 kicks for #3gun. Hopefully I'll stop falling as much. #moretraction #fallingsucks #3gunlife #pewpewpew
pewpewpew - moretraction - 3gunlife - fallingsucks - 3gun -
broc_downs_3gun : #SureFootedAsAMountainGoat
daveshoots45 : Nice shoes, but please, never stop falling!
chrisweirshooter : @daveshoots45 I'm sure it's entertaining for everyone but me. It's hard to stop a wrecking ball once it's moving.
brian_wikel : You can't escape newtons law son just try to roll more when you go down.
nohandedshooter - falcon.bullets - sierraelement - broc_downs_3gun -
The dumb fall that hurt me little and ended my riding for the day #fallingsucks #nogood #bmx
bmx - nogood - fallingsucks -
luke_young530 : Nuts
timothy_bmx : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
kay_tea5 : @trinity_spencer
jayjhope : Oh damn! Looks looks like it hurt.
tyler_gess : Hip and ankle hurt to walk on and somehow my collarbone is hurt too from landing on my side @jayjhope it sucked
jayjhope : Sucks. Hope it's not serious.
commuterchips - billy_schatz - jayjhope - mckay___mansfield -
Decided to try something new! Went #iceskating and fell and sprained my ankle :( it hurts like Hell, but there doesn't seem to be much swelling so that's a bonus. Now back to icing it! #lifefails #fallingsucks #bruises #criedlikeababy
lifefails - criedlikeababy - iceskating - bruises - fallingsucks -
pettypottery_nc : Hope you feel better soon!
pettypottery_nc - linderandhenry - dylainie - sorokinaantonina -
#snowboarding again haha. #fun #winter #notthatsore #slopes #burton #mtbrighton #istillcantturn #fallingsucks
winter - fallingsucks - notthatsore - burton - istillcantturn - mtbrighton - fun - snowboarding - slopes -
cjstewar : Dang!! You gotta stop going. You are gonna make me look bad! Haha
ephraimd : @cjstewar haha man I suck at snowboarding so you're all good.
markycristobal - richelleeee_marla - itzsimplysteen - cloudlogics -
Hazards of the playground #playgroundssuck #fallingsucks #thatswhyyoudontkickaballintothemiddleofabasketballgame
thatswhyyoudontkickaballintothemiddleofabasketballgame - fallingsucks - playgroundssuck -
jorlin15 : Ouch!
martyjamson : @jorlin15 yeah! Some first grader kicked the ball into the basketball court as I was on a fast break. Terrible
ja_neel91 - jorlin15 - pariyart - ninjagaiden86 -
#Snowboarding #Realestwoman #2yearsSTRONG #FallingSucks lol
snowboarding - fallingsucks - realestwoman - 2yearsstrong -
lorenriche - chelli_pie - tayeli_4 - ashatune -
It really sucks when you bite it hard on the drift trike or evolve carbon board! Way not to be recording @ryanbellaci #drifttrike #verrado #fallingsucks
verrado - drifttrike - fallingsucks -
ryanbellaci : Best drift bike in lake view hands down. @rinascitaconcepts
melissabellaci : The only thing that changes between men and boys is the price of their toys #overgrownmanchild
marcelomcm_10 - meisturwerk - laceyliss1 - sekolovemasha -
8 more weeks with my new lace up cast and 8 weeks of thetapy πŸ˜” #fallingsucks #ankle #stupidfall
ankle - stupidfall - fallingsucks -
arteaga1755 : My phone is dead .?
thebigbokchoy : #furryfoot
arteaga1755 : πŸ˜•
emmy4674 : @eilyny aye mama i can only imagine yours was even worse than mine
thebigbokchoy : Therapy is code for torture. I did therapy on my ankle back in the 90's and it sucked. Tho I hear women have a better tolerance for pain and that I'm just a pussy. πŸ˜„
arteaga1755 : Home sweet home missing my mess lol
emmy4674 : @thebigbokchoy roflmao.....hmmm very similar to Albe weak links. I'd better shut up i haven't done it yet....I'll let ya know how it goes Monday 😒....furyfootπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thebigbokchoy : Good luck!
ozzie_a - lizzy0172 - tatiana_contreras14 - xo_britbrit -
It ain't all easy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @david_beccia #skateboarding #falling #fail #pain #skate #ouch #takethegoodwiththebad #fallingsucks
takethegoodwiththebad - pain - fallingsucks - ouch - skate - skateboarding - fail - falling -
serginicolas : great stuff      ξ€Ž
delaneyraexo : Did your shoe fall off ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
madyelkington : Lmfao I can't stop laughing
no_hatin_on_skatin_scott : Yes it did.. πŸ˜‚ @delaneyraexo
karissa_leann - pete_bauer - gundammeister007 - margaretlandry -
Got these gems for $3 at goodwill. Fuck your icy steps. No slipping down that shit this year.
deliverydriverproblems - fuckice - fallingsucks -
foxtrot_nine : #deliverydriverproblems #fallingsucks #fuckice
ghostboot_ : saw these on an infomercial
bmoore412 : Dayummmm where have those been all my life?
foxtrot_nine : They work fucking great! Been using them every day since the snow fell. Walk run jump doesn't matter. Just don't walk on a tile floor or hard wood haha @bmoore412
foxtrot_nine : Yak traks @bmoore412
bmoore412 : Haha sounds about right. I'm allover it
youngyinz - thatbrowngirl100 - gnarlymanson - benzov -
#scarsunday #tattoo #scar #scarred #smile #fallingsucks #walkitoff
tattoo - scarred - fallingsucks - scarsunday - smile - walkitoff - scar -
reedcam : Punk rock guy
samgustilov - dominic_hand24 - mrscourtzky - b3dard13 -
Two quick tricks on my friend @c0dy03 's skate box #Skate#Skateboarding#FallingSucks
skate - fallingsucks - skateboarding -
c0dy03 : FOR BOGART!!!!
theflores1 : NO IT'S FOR TORELLY!!!
theflores1 : BOGART!!!
ginolopez - pimentel1220 - hpc_cloud_supply - creativecannabis -
(Mid invert) @kt_matt I'm pretty tired I'm just gonna take a nap real quick #ohthepain #naptime #fallingsucks
naptime - ohthepain - fallingsucks -
edvko : Get it HenryπŸ‘Š (new jersey accent) *ENREY*
loose_trucks : @rastahhvibe ohh yup! I might got to the park later
jazzyxkatz : I love this picture !
loose_trucks : @jazzyxkatz Haha thanks
jazzyxkatz : Welcome
oddflwer - chink.boy - jazzyxkatz - fantasy_ruben25 -
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