#battlewounds #rollerskating #inthepark #pavementsucks #πŸ€• #soworthit #soswollen #cantwaittodoitagain #fallingsucks #imgettingold #sf #sfliving #goldengatepark
goldengatepark - battlewounds - soswollen - soworthit - fallingsucks - sfliving - cantwaittodoitagain - rollerskating - inthepark - pavementsucks - πŸ€• - imgettingold - sf -
_lisamarie89 - livlife723 - bebe.rebelde - agal720 -
fallingsucks -
miguelgazza - mamacassg - inknburn - themudcrusher -
At the Orthopedic doctor they are talking about a cast what #nocastplease #usemystronghand #anxious #fallingsucks #justgonnarollwithitcauselifeisshort
anxious - fallingsucks - usemystronghand - nocastplease - justgonnarollwithitcauselifeisshort -
mlugo207 - keikorunstrails - leahwardauthor - rosiered20 -
I'm still so-o-o-o sore from my epic fall last night. Like major. So, of course, what happens today? I trip going up the stairs on the top step, face plant onto the floor, get a bloody lip and shredded bloody shins, my neck is instantly in horrific pain, and I'm pretty sure all my vital organs shifted a few inches.😭😭 Who am I??? I think the last time I had a major fall was in college, when I "accidentally" tumbled (and I mean TUMBLED) down a big muddy hill, with about 15 people watching. I got up, covered from head to toe in mud, nose bleeding, coat ripped, and nobody said a word. I think they were just as stunned as I was. I did the whole, 'play it off, act cool, no prob, I totally meant to do that' vibe and quietly, very slowwwwly limped away.πŸ˜‘I'm kinda scarred for life from that experience. Now two big falls in less than 24 hours!!!😩😩I'll be the one covered in ice packs and downing Ibuprofen, if you need me. #fallingsucks #someonesendmeachiropractor #andlotsofwine
someonesendmeachiropractor - andlotsofwine - fallingsucks -
sarahsmiles : @awisenanpie You are the best! I'm thinking God might be telling me something???😏😏
sarahsmiles : @sarah_andrich Oh my word, Sarah. I knew there was a reason I don't run!! (Just kidding!) I can only imagine the hell-ish-ness that ensues when you fall running, often times, on concrete!! You totally did make me feel better, but πŸ‘Ž for falling!!😘😘
sarahsmiles : And, @sarah_andrich, BOOOO to all of those people who just spectate and don't stop to help.πŸ˜­πŸ‘Ž
sarah_andrich : @sarahsmiles, I know, right? Wipe out in front of tons of people sitting in their cars at a stop light , bleeding on the pavement, they don't even ask if you're okay. Maybe if I were a hot young babe-haha!
sarah_andrich : By the way, hope you feel better quickly!
sarahsmiles : @sarah_andrich Trust me, you are OH-SO-BABE-A-LICIOUS.
sarah_andrich : Haha, @sarahsmiles , back at ya! 😘😘
aussiemum : Oh no!
kitty_love - mphlizard - 3babybearsandme - xeduardox -
The moment you just keep thinking about someone, but know you stand no check :/ #alternative #alternativeboy #alternativeteen #alternativenation #falling #nochance #fallingsucks #wishiknewhowshefelt
alternativeboy - fallingsucks - nochance - alternativenation - wishiknewhowshefelt - alternative - falling - alternativeteen -
ericfingsims - w.allflowe.r - kitten_lover2000 - camcatzilla -
It's weird how you can fall for someone so hard in a short amount of time. This hasn't happened to me before. She really did get a hold of me. And I'm happy she did. #Beautiful #Mariah #MyBaby #fallingsucks #butworththejourney
beautiful - mariah - mybaby - butworththejourney - fallingsucks -
leumoundayflour - arianalucero16 -
Hand-Plants Are AWESOME✊🏼πŸ’₯ | @herbbauerbmx @feeble_life #HerbBauerBmx #KinkBikeCo #Sesh #FeebleLife #isuck #FallingSucks | FilmCredsπŸ“Έ: @tannermckeand
isuck - fallingsucks - sesh - kinkbikeco - feeblelife - herbbauerbmx -
nick_zermeno : Throw a bar in it you won't no balls
chadthew : Yeee! πŸ”Œ
wyattejch : Some πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
_wulf666 : Fuck yea !
feeble_life : Hell yea!
brodyprestonnn : Thanks dudesπŸ’₯🀘🏼 @feeble_life @_wulf666 @wyattejch @chadthew @nick_zermeno
yo_boy_jessie : That was dope bro
katedoos - 559_bmx - 75_chevy_k10_ - pmed_99 -
#brokenfinger #brokenknuckle #equestrian #equestrianproblems #fallingsucks #fuck #thissucks #barn #horse #damn #barnlife
horse - equestrian - fallingsucks - thissucks - fuck - damn - equestrianproblems - brokenknuckle - brokenfinger - barnlife - barn -
blondaries : Agh that looks awful 😬
arilijah81 : I'll come take care of you boo
krazybake : I need someone to I feel like I got hit by a truck
liz171953 : Glad you only. Broke a finger and not your head. Love you
anais.vanwinckel - zhestianka_shop - yobrowe33 - smokie_taboo -
I broke the housing clip where the pin goes. The @gopro is fine but need to get a new housing for it now 😠 here is the clip where I lost it #gopro #broke #fallingsucks #snowboarding #snowboardfail
snowboarding - gopro - snowboardfail - fallingsucks - broke -
webster503 - jayfo_447 - hoffi007 - parker_vitangeli -
Had to get out n hit the mountain today. One thing I love about snow is #snowboarding. #labmountain #labradormountain #lab #winterfun #snow #mountain #sofun #fallingSucks
labradormountain - mountain - sofun - fallingsucks - snow - lab - winterfun - snowboarding - labmountain -
thelarkinbeats - elizabeth_trixie - rayhannainawa - ernannda -
fallingsucks -
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#skateboarding #skatelife #fallingsucks
skatelife - fallingsucks - skateboarding -
djakobreyna : Fuuuck, that was worst caseπŸ˜”
skate_rat_806 : Not enough wax man hahaπŸ˜… @djakobreyna
chloereed81 - i_love_youhh_13_ - marked_skateboards -
I was a bunny today πŸ‚πŸ°β„οΈ #snowboarding #firsttimers #fallingsucks
snowboarding - fallingsucks - firsttimers -
53_to_the_third_power : Why is @luke_diehl tagged as the snow? Haha
abbiegayle__ : @53_to_the_third_power bc he was there/ the reason we went/ photographer
benkriegsman : Takin the boat down the slopes, I see you
luke_diehl : @53_to_the_third_power gotta problem with that?!
53_to_the_third_power : @luke_diehl haha no no. I thought it was gonna be a Vermont thing. Haha
luke_diehl : Haha gotcha.. Just kiddin!
felicity.carlo - daktakoficial - kristen_schnell - jeremyaforeman -
So this is what my camera captured on the way down when I busted my ass in this wonderful #ohiowinter we are experiencing right now 😑 did I mention #ihatewinter #icyroads #icy #staysafe #Ohio #cold #snow #winter #fallingsucks #nature #cbus #columbus #expcbus #expcols #expcolumbus #ohioadventureclub #myohioadventure
columbus - expcols - staysafe - ohioadventureclub - nature - cbus - expcbus - myohioadventure - ohio - cold - winter - fallingsucks - expcolumbus - snow - icy - ohiowinter - ihatewinter - icyroads -
theslowgenius : Sometime there is sacrifice for creative action shots πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘ #putalittletussinonit #thankschrisrock #feelbetter
jimmychopit : @theslowgenius lolπŸ˜‚
joefrazier904 - mattemorde - bwanted - theslowgenius -
We decided to go snowboarding today up at mountain high!! I have to say it was a lot harder than I remember from when I was younger!! #freezing#uphighinthesky #snowboarding #snow#fallingsucks #bruisedup #couplegoals #earlymorningstart
fallingsucks - couplegoals - bruisedup - freezing - snow - earlymorningstart - snowboarding - uphighinthesky -
kat_the_creator : Ah thats awesome! My sister and I were just talking about going there, how was it?!
sweetdeelife : It's beautiful and cool I wasn't as good as I remember, got some bruises from falling so hard so much but Chris did good
mandiii88 - topcrumbletop - heatherleighaa - toosmooth21 -
So questacon was fun #lotsoflearning #fallingsucks #funkywindows
funkywindows - fallingsucks - lotsoflearning -
privnad__ : ahahah you're so cute 😸
boooneill : Says you 😱
primaega1820 - vivianshagraves - karleecurtissullivan - _youngkimm -
fallingsucks -
thesamebrave - xsamaantha - 14nazza - zansparks18 -
#iceskatingrink#hastag#lol#fallingsucks#iknowhowtoskate#imawesome#ibelikeyeah#nolikeforlike#nolike4like#thisisfun don't worry I know how to ice skate ;)
nolike4like - thisisfun - fallingsucks - imawesome - lol - ibelikeyeah - iknowhowtoskate - iceskatingrink - nolikeforlike - hastag -
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Merry Christmas to me :( #fallingsucks #howwillimakecookiesnow #christmasproblems
christmasproblems - howwillimakecookiesnow - fallingsucks -
_jaycarlson_ : I'm not laughing... hard lol
dangerbruno : I got you on the cookies.
anne_baby90 : Oh noo!!
samanthajoy26 : Lol it sucks :(
dangerbruno - _jaycarlson_ - anne_baby90 - rozanna_renu -
Fell really hard at work yesterday and this is the gross super painful bruise on my wrist. And the dot bruise on my palm that I don't understand. I've never had a bruise on my palm before and it doesn't hurt but it showed up when the wrist one did (which was immediately) I hurt a lot from that fall. DX #fragile #bruised #pain #fallingsucks
fragile - pain - bruised - fallingsucks -
stillrachel53 : Yikes, falls are no fun
mysweetpareidolia : @stillrachel53 it looks worse in person! I was running to the back door to open it and both my feet flew out from underneath me (water was on the floor) and both my shins are bruised from hitting the shelf that was in front of me and I landed on my left hip/thigh which has no visible bruise but hurts like mad and then also my wrist. DX terrible things! Lol
stillrachel53 - pixelvice - _nea.jess_ -
So this just happend... #fallingsucks #stitchesaregayandannoying #fortheloveofskateboarding
fortheloveofskateboarding - stitchesaregayandannoying - fallingsucks -
skate_boarding : damn
brandtsavage : Seen this shit go down, hope your alright
dgkimmell : Damn g what happen
justin_voecks : Fell of the hubba head first at the bay then my board flew
justin_voecks : πŸ‘†πŸ‘†Back and hit me in the lip and split it in half got 12 stitches and a concussion @dgkimmell
dgkimmell : Well damn! That ain't fun.
justin_voecks : Na it's all go tho. Gotta pay to play @dgkimmell
dgkimmell : Pry why I don't ever skate anymore lol
deleted446765434 - lual_skates - coppingclark - bringmethefrankke -
#insane #vans #propeller @vans @vansskate watched this video like 20 times can't even land a heel flip but this video fools me into thinking I must keep trying! #dinosaursrule #neverfold #oldguysrule #whoiam #therealme #fallingsucks #diamondlife #SLS #sponsorme #alpo #surfingroundlake #angryminnow #ridetiliDie #skatenark ..thanks again @relief_skate_supply
insane - vans - angryminnow - neverfold - oldguysrule - therealme - propeller - diamondlife - sls - dinosaursrule - surfingroundlake - fallingsucks - whoiam - skatenark - alpo - sponsorme - ridetilidie -
99moneytips : Best one so far
squatch1 : @99moneytips life don't hand you anything, gotta go after it right?
fossilizedfashion : Cool picture! Always cool to find fellow dinosaur lovers! πŸ‘ Excited to see more!
squatch1 - gonebeachin - kirkbeckham79 - _ccsc -
This fall was fun πŸ˜‚ #skateboarding #skatemarshall #skatecharlotte #skatehuntington #goskate #damnitfeelsgoodtobeaskater #fallingsucks #whatislife #prevail #progression
goskate - fallingsucks - whatislife - damnitfeelsgoodtobeaskater - skatemarshall - skateboarding - skatecharlotte - progression - prevail - skatehuntington -
londontwoface : vibing bruh !!! πŸ‘Š check these out Twoface London @twofaceposse πŸ˜‰
londontwoface - 95perspective - trevor_cantley - skatebrdgram -
Hitting the slopes in Niseko today. #timetoride #fallingsucks #powder #earlyseasonmeansnoqueues
earlyseasonmeansnoqueues - timetoride - powder - fallingsucks -
taineephant : You confirm keep falling down
rachelchinnychinchin : Tooooo much πŸ˜’ @taineephant
justinplastik : Oh. My. Freaking. God. That's just beautiful. 😱😍
rachelchinnychinchin : The whole place is!! 😍😍😍 Don't. Want. To. Go. Back! @justinplastik
korenasoo : Awwww I want to leave everything behind and be there πŸ˜‚
rachelchinnychinchin : Have some patience. Your turn is comingπŸ˜’! @korenasoo
sylviachee : Hurry back!! Our isle is getting too quiet these days~
rachelchinnychinchin : Hahah, let me enjoy a bit longer here πŸ˜‰πŸ˜!! @sylviachee
fx_hui - cavejune - aloydamnation - soishou -
What happened next wasn't fun. Photo- @david_reis_ #redrocks #rockclimbing #climbing #chalkmatters #bouldering #kushclimbing #lasvegas #fallingsucks
rockclimbing - bouldering - fallingsucks - kushclimbing - chalkmatters - climbing - lasvegas - redrocks -
bramberkien : Pretty awesome
rutger_betz - levi_koivu - surgeshots - bluelizardclimbingandyoga -
Definitely NOT the way I wanted this race to go. Taken out 10 laps in to the 10k pts/elim tonight. Tomorrow is a new day, however, with the 15k elimination. πŸ‘ŠπŸ» #kaohsiung2015 #inlinespeedskating #fallingsucks photos by Mark Russell
kaohsiung2015 - inlinespeedskating - fallingsucks -
adrianablas1 : Espero que estés bien πŸ‘Œ@morganmckey. Never say never πŸ™
giulia_lollo : @ronnyveriluc
sharrbucks : Love the positive attitude about getting back out there. Goodluck Chica.
kaitymarkaity : Hang in there!
laura_asiain : @anahf8 campeona!!!
_trey.tinsley_ - maayra.gonzalez - brisabianchettin - zohre_ketabchi -
So proud of my little guy, he paid some taxes today but he got right up again and kept going #getbackup#payingtaxes#neverquit #grom#skate#skategrom #skateboardingisfun #fallingsucks #lakeskateboards #butigotrightbackup #stoked
fallingsucks - skateboardingisfun - payingtaxes - grom - skategrom - getbackup - neverquit - skate - lakeskateboards - stoked - butigotrightbackup -
stoked3 : @kevintimmons_ thx for helping him today, he will grind by himself soon!! Love both ur faces in this pic
kevintimmons_ : Ha! No problem man he's a great kid and a shredder! See you guys soon!
madaboutskateboarding : 😳⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
jkrobinsegg : It builds character. Lol
laurafy1989 : That bail face xD
6yearoldkeahikai_knight - rollerboards - thatkid_athen - evans.crew -
If anyone saw me fall during soldiers today... I cannot even walk :( just so you all know I was skating and tripped on my foot (which is the same as my sprained ankle) and fell on my left thought and knee with all of my weight. #fallingsucks #iceskating
iceskating - fallingsucks -
ice_skater45 : Aw that sucks @balletqueenofhearts
jskate_write : Oh no! So sorry!
saumya.j - sophiarjdrake - maddiegeesen - noelski_11 -
"We should love. Not fall in love because everything that falls gets broken " #ifeelya #fallingsucks #itsatrap #blueeyescryingintherain #smilethroughthepain #alwayspretendingimok
ifeelya - fallingsucks - itsatrap - alwayspretendingimok - blueeyescryingintherain - smilethroughthepain -
mrjoshbrad - onlybrand0n - clarkncourtney - vonjakey -
My goal today is to stay in my pjs allllllllll day. So far, so good. #vampirediariesmarathon #fallingsucks #sodocolds
sodocolds - fallingsucks - vampirediariesmarathon -
katieferg15 - hkeaveny - saavedraash2212 - afitz1591 -
Dinner out on #tulsatuesday #notornados #insideis4losers #fallisawesome #fallingsucks
tulsatuesday - notornados - insideis4losers - fallingsucks - fallisawesome -
orangeserpent - justinadavis - rookmap - goods327 -
Best friends #fallingsucks @didddaaa
fallingsucks -
___amalik___ - najla2007 - didddaaa - steveasfour -
Just a clip I got today and some #tb bails from awhile back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ had a pretty good day with la homies @kayy.kayyla @mf.kelsey._ @king.koda @underestimated_ #skatelife #cleanish #fallingsucks #skateanddestroy #isuck #stillreppincarelesswhisper
skatelife - isuck - stillreppincarelesswhisper - skateanddestroy - fallingsucks - cleanish - tb -
shelby.perez : "#tb bails" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nickchapa_ : Tbh I'm glad I'm not the only one in port lavaca that still skates.πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ @jaime_says_hi
jaime_says_hi : We should catch a sesh soon😼gotta couple bros that skate that'd be down to,not rn tho my ankle is all swollen πŸ˜’ @nickchapa_
nickchapa_ : Nice just hmu here my number. 361-482-9567 @jaime_says_hi
jaime_says_hi : U gotta kik or something cuz my phones been acting up and being stupid πŸ˜’ ? @nickchapa_
nickchapa_ : Kik: Nick_Chapa_31
nickchapa_ : @jaime_says_hi
karlossucks : Is that chase chapa?
kenziegalvan - dudemanbro_man - adrianadiclemente - princeofmontclair -
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