What happened next wasn't fun. Photo- @david_reis_ #redrocks #rockclimbing #climbing #chalkmatters #bouldering #kushclimbing #lasvegas #fallingsucks
rockclimbing - bouldering - fallingsucks - kushclimbing - chalkmatters - climbing - lasvegas - redrocks -
bramberkien : Pretty awesome
rutger_betz - levi_koivu - matt_nunes7 - hiimhine -
When u think u be all cool grinding a bench but u really not cv: @jaxonleal #scechy #fallingsucks #videobomb
videobomb - noahquir - scechy - fallingsucks -
therealsquirel : Did u hit your face on the top part thing #kainqeir
therealsquirel : @gavin_the_sloth @william_the_ice_bear
the_real_ice_bear : Lol
the_realkola : No #noahquir
therealmrdolphin : Laughed so hardπŸ˜‚
therealsquirel - gavin_the_sloth - _skyeskye_ - cody_bloomstine_12 -
Definitely NOT the way I wanted this race to go. Taken out 10 laps in to the 10k pts/elim tonight. Tomorrow is a new day, however, with the 15k elimination. πŸ‘ŠπŸ» #kaohsiung2015 #inlinespeedskating #fallingsucks photos by Mark Russell
kaohsiung2015 - inlinespeedskating - fallingsucks -
adrianablas1 : Espero que estés bien πŸ‘Œ@morganmckey. Never say never πŸ™
giulia_lollo : @ronnyveriluc
sharrbucks : Love the positive attitude about getting back out there. Goodluck Chica.
kaitymarkaity : Hang in there!
laura_asiain : @anahf8 campeona!!!
_trey.tinsley_ - maayra.gonzalez - brisabianchettin - z.o.h.r.e__k7913 -
So proud of my little guy, he paid some taxes today but he got right up again and kept going #getbackup#payingtaxes#neverquit #grom#skate#skategrom #skateboardingisfun #fallingsucks #lakeskateboards #butigotrightbackup #stoked
fallingsucks - skateboardingisfun - payingtaxes - grom - skategrom - getbackup - neverquit - skate - lakeskateboards - stoked - butigotrightbackup -
stoked3 : @kevintimmons_ thx for helping him today, he will grind by himself soon!! Love both ur faces in this pic
kevintimmons_ : Ha! No problem man he's a great kid and a shredder! See you guys soon!
madaboutskateboarding : 😳⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
jkrobinsegg : It builds character. Lol
laurafy1989 : That bail face xD
jojo_jones8 - skate_alfie_boaz_skate - thatkid_athen - evans.crew -
If anyone saw me fall during soldiers today... I cannot even walk :( just so you all know I was skating and tripped on my foot (which is the same as my sprained ankle) and fell on my left thought and knee with all of my weight. #fallingsucks #iceskating
iceskating - fallingsucks -
ice_skater45 : Aw that sucks @balletqueenofhearts
jskate_write : Oh no! So sorry!
saumya.j - sophiarjdrake - maddiegeesen - noelski_11 -
"We should love. Not fall in love because everything that falls gets broken " #ifeelya #fallingsucks #itsatrap #blueeyescryingintherain #smilethroughthepain #alwayspretendingimok
ifeelya - fallingsucks - itsatrap - alwayspretendingimok - blueeyescryingintherain - smilethroughthepain -
mrjoshbrad - onlybrand0n - clarkncourtney - vonjakey -
Dinner out on #tulsatuesday #notornados #insideis4losers #fallisawesome #fallingsucks
tulsatuesday - notornados - insideis4losers - fallingsucks - fallisawesome -
orangeserpent - justinadavis - rookmap - goods327 -
Best friends #fallingsucks @didddaaa
fallingsucks -
___amalik___ - najla2007 - didddaaa - steveasfour -
Just a clip I got today and some #tb bails from awhile back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ had a pretty good day with la homies @kayy.kayyla @mf.kelsey._ @king.koda @underestimated_ #skatelife #cleanish #fallingsucks #skateanddestroy #isuck #stillreppincarelesswhisper
skatelife - isuck - stillreppincarelesswhisper - skateanddestroy - fallingsucks - cleanish - tb -
chantell_cx : Ded. πŸ’€πŸ˜‚
shelby.perez : "#tb bails" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nickchapa_ : Tbh I'm glad I'm not the only one in port lavaca that still skates.πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ @jaime_says_hi
jaime_says_hi : We should catch a sesh soon😼gotta couple bros that skate that'd be down to,not rn tho my ankle is all swollen πŸ˜’ @nickchapa_
nickchapa_ : Nice just hmu here my number. 361-482-9567 @jaime_says_hi
jaime_says_hi : U gotta kik or something cuz my phones been acting up and being stupid πŸ˜’ ? @nickchapa_
nickchapa_ : Kik: Nick_Chapa_31
nickchapa_ : @jaime_says_hi
amrigaona - kenziegalvan - adrixnx7 - tellyourstorywalking -
Fear=Inadequate. recent events seem to make it ring true. #peoplesuck #openingupsucks #lettingpeopleinsucks #trustingpeoplesucks #fallingsucks #lovesucks #relationshipssuck #inadequate #cantkeepem #secondshoealwaysdrops #fail
lovesucks - cantkeepem - peoplesuck - fallingsucks - inadequate - fail - relationshipssuck - lettingpeopleinsucks - trustingpeoplesucks - openingupsucks - secondshoealwaysdrops -
trishaayers : Everything will work out in your future....don't worry cousin. Stay strong and keep your head up. I love you❀️
jojo_malm : "Fear of failure" another word inadequate ... @jessabundiz
estevangee - cjbanuelos - mr.bert14 - maletas92 -
Well Clear Creek you made me work for my beer today 🍺 #climbing #fallingsucks #leadclimbing
climbing - fallingsucks - leadclimbing -
whiskeyslumbers : come climb the southwest with me and @iamalemur !
whiskeyslumbers : southeast!
whiskeyslumbers - _kristinlehr - hgruber13 - racheljcross -
Falling down stairs suuuuucks! Especially when ur carrying ur little Pom and ur hurt yourself more trying to make sure she doesn't get hurt. #ouch #fallingdownsucks #fml #ithurts #meh #clumsygirl #clumsy #clumsygirlproblems #clutz #imdead #clumsyasfuck #ifelldown #fallingsucks #fallingdownstairs #heatandice #icing #oww
clumsygirlproblems - icing - heatandice - ouch - imdead - meh - clumsy - ithurts - oww - fallingdownsucks - ifelldown - fallingsucks - clumsyasfuck - clutz - fml - fallingdownstairs - clumsygirl -
viledrew - j_h_gilbert - hikumiko_chan - sherrie23_ill_make_you_rich -
#fail!!!! Poor Dypsy Doodlebug!! FYI she is ok!! Hahaha was trying to work on having control on both sides rather than just one. Whoops! Lol #headstandfail #fall #fallingsucks #mom #error #practice
mom - fallingsucks - error - fail - fall - practice - headstandfail -
kattystheffany - irytacja9 - jamibry - 10000000_folllowers -
I need these for days like this! I'm in extreme pain and being forced to use my cane, no big, I have no shame using it. But when I fall and fall hard is when I want some cranky pants! Been trying to live on $22 for the last week, which is also difficult when feeding so many mouths! Thank goodness a paycheck comes in on Friday! #thegrindisreal #fallingsucks #spoonie #spooniesisters #fibromyalgia #me #cfs #pots #menieres #ptsd #depression #anxiety #chiarimalformation #chronicpain #chronicallyawesome #chronicillness #chronicpain #menieres #restlesslegsyndrome #migraine #hypermobility #toomanytolist #invisibleillness #spoonsneeded
chronicpain - menieres - chiarimalformation - chronicallyawesome - chronicillness - cfs - spooniesisters - me - restlesslegsyndrome - anxiety - fibromyalgia - spoonie - fallingsucks - thegrindisreal - migraine - invisibleillness - pots - spoonsneeded - depression - hypermobility - toomanytolist - ptsd -
pscarmen : Those are great!
jennyleigh426 : @pscarmen Thanks! Been MIA. .. struggling a bit. Posting about it in a few. β™‘
headachesupport - just.gil - _._my_story_my_life_._ - menieresdiseaseteam -
6 failed attempts. 6 failed attempts at just starting this v2 problem for the second send. I sent it the day before but wanted to have my wings for a video ☺️ #fairyclimber #bouldering #send #fitlife #TheGunks #girlswithtattoos #climbfail #thegunksny #fallingsucks
thegunksny - bouldering - fallingsucks - girlswithtattoos - send - thegunks - fitlife - climbfail - fairyclimber -
mohonkpreserve : Your chalk must be made of Pixie Dust.
mohonkpreserve - hey_lucy_im_home - myfareladies - dylan_veltri -
#epicpark bachelor party day.. I'm so close on these. I have landed a few but my body is starting to feel like a #piñata. #fatguy #fallingsucks #oldguyskates #smc #skateboard #skate #caballero #fatguyonboard
fatguy - epicpark - fallingsucks - fatguyonboard - piΓ±ata - skateboard - oldguyskates - skate - caballero - smc -
marekhurst - swolfe25 - pavlikovkos - assfamily -
@jackgza shows you have to pay to play #fallingsucks #chuchcrew
chuchcrew - fallingsucks -
killakirkk : πŸ™€
jwhopp : @BangedUpBros
andrew_hoy : @board_is_life98 @sam63boehne
jackgza - kristybezeel - footies_ - ashuhvs -
I experienced a lot of that thing called pain yesterday day but there nothin like a little David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) and some McDonald's to cure it #skateboarding #fallingsucks #fail #davidbowie
fail - davidbowie - fallingsucks - skateboarding -
heffa_d - g_fase - calebbmagee - skaternotafilmer -
Well I guess I hoped either to hard or not enough cause both bones were fractured πŸ˜‚ #feelingbroken #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - feelingbroken -
correehhh - ty_man_doo - znich4 - sailorbug12 -
Another one down, 4 more to go! This race was easy peasy compared to last week, even after getting impaled by a log. Video to come soon πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜° #spartanrace #spartansuper #tripletrifectabound #fallingsucks #ihurt
spartansuper - ihurt - spartanrace - fallingsucks - tripletrifectabound -
firemen1206 - healthytiffstime - yajoo101 - liberpool1984 -
#cleanupthedamnwateroffthefloorinthehallway #fallingsucks #everseeablackeyelooksexylol
everseeablackeyelooksexylol - cleanupthedamnwateroffthefloorinthehallway - fallingsucks -
dcsmomof4 : Oh wow!! I'm so sorry :-(
awakengymnastics : Whoa! U ok?
collinsfreya : Yes yes I'm totally fine I just found this picture and thought damn that's hot in a VERY UNHEALTHY DISTURBING way , I just slipped on the water my head hit the door frame my eye ... The fact that I was wearing makeup at the time made it look really cool to me but we all know I'm worked anyway so its all good I'm fine I am happy in love well protected honored and cherished by my husband and my sons the fact that I was wearing makeup at the time it it looks really cool to me but we'll know I'm working anyway so it again I'm fine I'm happy in love well protected meriden cherished by my husband and my sons. My point is however don't let water sit on the friggin floor! Lmao thank you for your concern you guys you sweeties love you all!
collinsfreya : I'm warped ... Not worked .... Why can't I edit my text on this Instagram?
collinsfreya : Okay so talk to text not so good on Instagram however I do feel like redoing all of this you have a stunning day darlings XO XO
dcsmomof4 - awakengymnastics - fullmetalcardigan303 -
When I left the lip I really thought I'd land this one.. Well I ate shit .. Old and fat. I don't go up very well and fall very hard. #walkofshame #hadthegrab #stillsearching #fatguy #smc #skate #skateboard #fallingsucks
fatguy - skate - stillsearching - fallingsucks - skateboard - walkofshame - hadthegrab - smc -
jerdude1976 - swolfe25 - deannadickson12 - lukeratcliff -
Not even a fuzzy #puppy at her feet or Minion band aides could distract this little one from the bummer process of digging rocks from her palm. #fallingsucks #mtb - eventually #powerice and cookies helped... #eventems #doitagaintomorrow
powerice - eventems - fallingsucks - mtb - doitagaintomorrow - puppy -
team_yetibeti : Supergirl doesn't cry! More photos of #pepperpuppy please
_hadenmills_ - cyclejersey - bethanygggrace - bryan_7star -
Well, no PR today. But I finished within 2 min of last year's time. It was HOT out there! But no excuses. Other than eating dirt 3 times (never have fallen more than once in a race) I don't think I made any strategic mistakes and I gave it my best effort. Then, what happens, happens. #skylinemarathon #skylinemountainmarathon #trailrunning #trailracing #suffermore #sufferbetter
suffermore - trailracing - skylinemountainmarathon - sufferbetter - skylinemarathon - trailrunning -
willardrunnergirl : Great effortπŸ‘ŠπŸ»βš‘οΈ
justin_runs_ogden : Thank you Daniel! I hope you know how much I enjoy your pictures. Always beautiful. @trailwandering
justin_runs_ogden : Thank you Toby! @willardrunnergirl
willardrunnergirl : @justin_runs_ogden πŸ‘πŸ»
curtbentley : Nice work! But also ouch!
justin_runs_ogden : Thanks Curt! It's healing nicely. @curtbentley
iwannarunfast : That elevation and heat is no joke! Great accomplishment regardless.
justin_runs_ogden : Thank you my friend. I gave it what I had. @iwannarunfast
runwithtara - thebionicathlete - ricardo20fonseca - anniehenrie -
There's nothing like falling on ice and remembering the winter season in my hometown Chicago. β„οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ #iceskating #fallingsucks #hurtsobad
iceskating - hurtsobad - fallingsucks -
luisfranco83 : Eso te paso por algo que se llama JUSTICIA..
el_anibal10 : Siempre vas a estar en mi corazón πŸ˜‚ @luisfranco30
luisfranco83 : Tú estas saliendo del mío cada día que pasa @el_anibal10 πŸ˜’
el_anibal10 : Esta bien, siempre estarás en el mío πŸ˜‰@luisfranco30
luisfranco83 : En vez de que digas que ya me la darás πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ @el_anibal10
smoothlew : I miss you my nigga! No translation needed, ill be seeing you in the future!!
el_anibal10 : El siña lo tiene @luisfranco30 ....same here bro @smoothlew
yulissapina - tavin_garcia - lizette_solis_ - bobbyshay.20 -
#fallingsucks #3sixtytiretap #summer #bmx film cred @gagelewisbmx
3sixtytiretap - summer - bmx - fallingsucks -
courtlambo : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dillonlintz : I hit so hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gagelewisbmx : Every time I watch this I die
anna.meredith : Tbh// learn how to ride a bike. 😏
dillonlintz : Really 🚢🏻
brandicheek1 - stephhh_276 - courtlambo -
@kristybezeel has been going fast and eating a lot of shit lately #questionabledecisions2k15 #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - questionabledecisions2k15 -
jackgza - rad_train - nate_duxbury - _punkbutt_ -
Me and @gagelewisbmx putting in work #bangers #bmx #dwack #summer #fallingsucks #3sixty
bangers - 3sixty - fallingsucks - summer - bmx - dwack -
gagelewisbmx : Honesty mine looked like a backwards manny
dillonlintz : Tad bit
brandicheek1 - ceoni_ - gavyn.williams -
Learning #progress #fallingsucks #summer #dwack #bmx #bangers 3sixy
bangers - fallingsucks - summer - progress - bmx - dwack -
djjankinz : Use the lever to take the grip off
dillonlintz : Thanks, that's thing is ugly lol
gagelewisbmx : @djjankinz that's his turbo man
dillonlintz : It really is
brandicheek1 - xoxo_hanna95 - lea_cc -
Im learning as I go #bangers #bmx #dwack #summer #fallingsucks @gagelewisbmx
bangers - bmx - summer - fallingsucks - dwack -
gagelewisbmx : Ayyyyeee
brandicheek1 - karra_bearr - djjankinz -
Rode hard today #bmx #bangers #fallingsucks
bangers - bmx - fallingsucks -
brandicheek1 - lilkev_walker - anniegirl113 -
Made me laugh #bmx #ohshit #fallingsucks
bmx - ohshit - fallingsucks -
cam_seward - mikejenkss - jake88z28 - davidd_bmxx -
First time skiing in 15 years. #stillgotit #fallingsucks
lakeeffect - stillgotit - fallingsucks -
richanddori : This is my attempt to walk on water. Missing @communityedgewater #lakeeffect
kyndalljoyner - kentkarenw - alec.j.kenny - brianmolll -
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