:-( my poor babie :-( #Ouch #FallingSucks #BigBoy
fallingsucks - ouch - bigboy -
Guess who brought the house down today at work!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž #fallingsucks #bullshitframers
bullshitframers - fallingsucks -
xhoudini : hahahahaha #fuckthoseframers damn!
phatso_craycray : Bruh Who you body slam through the frame #wwf #neonpythons
sixty7er : Oh shit.
punk.rock.girl - psycho_lovin - pinchepolicia - kingchiefsource -
First time for everything right? #fallingsucks #cast #doh
cast - doh - fallingsucks -
nph.on.wheels : Little black cast. At least you're keeping it sexy!
michigandaddy : Nice cast. Good luck
michigandaddy - lindsayrspooner - sophiaslone -
@kristybezeel numbs the pain of fresh road rash as nurse @rachelbaarson disinfects the wounds #fallingsucks #questionabledecisions2k15
fallingsucks - questionabledecisions2k15 -
bigoakes - walenski.nick - cam_zach - jhowsmon -
One week down, 5 more to go. #brokenarm #dislocatedshoulder #fallingsucks
dislocatedshoulder - fallingsucks - brokenarm -
henryann1010 : OMG!!! I feel your pain 😒. Hope you're on the mend quickly!
missy_cma42 : OUCH!!! Heal quickly!!
kbgirlref : Oh my! Hope you heal quickly.
g_marylynn : Whaaaat? Ow! Take care of yourself! :)
princesa_linda.divi - rovert290 - michigandaddy - tha__ne -
The #aftermath of my little spill while hiking yesterday 😝 #BattleScars #PrettyColors #FallingSucks
prettycolors - aftermath - battlescars - fallingsucks -
linda.downing.y - maijkah -
In honor of the wellsville mile today! Throwback to my 5th grade year! Good luck to all the kids running today!!! #fallingsucks #butmyfamrocks #winnerwinnerchickendinner
butmyfamrocks - winnerwinnerchickendinner - fallingsucks -
goodwintatiana : cutest runner out there 😍
lindycherie : Miranda I was like right behind you when you fell!! But you still won so its fineπŸ˜‰
lucijepp4 : Hey I remember that day!! πŸ˜‹
ashleygrace_bernhardt : Ahh cuteness❀️
smithlivi - lastovery11_ - amcbride_17 - sarah_rass -
#elkmountain #roundtwo #mothersday #hike #hiking #legday #familytime #fallingsucks β€οΈπŸ˜„πŸ˜­
hiking - fallingsucks - hike - familytime - roundtwo - elkmountain - mothersday - legday -
fitnuzz - maggielh_ - madmobbinmeagan - katrina_browne_01 -
Filmed by @c0dy03 #Skateboarding#SkaterProblems#ISuckAtSkating #HaveFunSkating#FallingSucks#YourProbablyBetter #thatwashilarious
thatwashilarious - isuckatskating - fallingsucks - skateboarding - yourprobablybetter - havefunskating - skaterproblems -
c0dy03 - - pimentel1220 - seann_davis -
Wasn't so sure being on ice was such a good idea after breaking my ankle on ice in January ..... But we made it out alive !!!! #sundayfunday #rinx #iceskating #fun #slippery #ouchcharlie #fallingsucks
ouchcharlie - slippery - rinx - fallingsucks - fun - iceskating - sundayfunday -
kimberlee_ann_1031 - pacifictanning - dance_momof2 - longlivescorpions -
And just like that, good bye to my Briana's baby tooth. Broken at the root from a fall. There are worse things in the world, but right now I'm just sad for her. #dentalproblems #herecomesthetoothfairy #fallingsucks
herecomesthetoothfairy - fallingsucks - dentalproblems -
krystastori : Poor baby! Well at least it'll grow back and on the plus side it makes it a little easier for the rest of us the tell them apart! Lol hope she's feeling ok!!!
twinnermom : Yeah. This is all true @krystastori ...just having a pity party. She was such a big girl through it all. She handled it better than me. I almost fainted when they pulled it.
krystastori : Haha I would have too!!! Stevon got a huge scratch on his face a few weeks ago and I was ready to pass out! Lol
truver1958 : Oh my poor baby girl, grandma will be there in a few days to hug her, they r stronger than we think
josie_marie_63 : Oh man :-(
amykiesl2 : Poor baby.
taoshuntingco - felicexo_5 - jessbdqueen - carol4028 -
#truth #sotrue #truestory #tootrue #feelings #emotions #emotional #falling #fallingsucks #fuckfeelings #killingmeslowly
truestory - fallingsucks - fuckfeelings - sotrue - tootrue - emotions - feelings - truth - killingmeslowly - emotional - falling -
hayleyshannon11 : You ok?
medenerluv - danigurl3378 - obey.tiffanie - kansas_rn_ -
Only marylin Monroe could make crutches look sexy, the rest of us mere mortals just look awkward as hell. #crutches #crutchessuck #marylinmonroe #awkward #fallingsucks #bornclumsy
crutches - bornclumsy - fallingsucks - awkward - crutchessuck - marylinmonroe -
styleinjuries : @molly_debrun Hey I see you're injured and I hope you recover soon. I have a blog dedicated to showing that injuries like yours can have style and not be such a negative thing. If you have the time and would like to join the cause you're welcome to.
styleinjuries : :p
priskillamania : Hahaa @caffinat3d
caffinat3d : Lol!!!! @priskillamania hahahahahahhahahah
priskillamania - capt_jt - michigandaddy - caffinat3d -
It's the beginning of the new season and I'm still wondering how I survived the last one #skiing #fallingsucks #style #water #newseason #newscars
newseason - water - style - newscars - mlgpro - fallingsucks - skiing -
angus772 : I'm gonna comment away
angus772 : C
angus772 : O
angus772 : M
angus772 : E
angus772 : N
angus772 : T
martinsusername37 : This isn't chill @angus772
sophie.mcleod - i_am_a_lev - marchcaps - alycia_campbell23 -
I got to much speed got some air and fell to the flat bottom messing up my knee now my life as been a nightmare I can't skate so therefore I can't sleep I just want to skate again so bad I am going mad cuz of my knee it been 4 week i cant skate I MISS SKATEBOARDING!!!!!!!!!!!😩😩😩😩😩 #imissskateboarding #fallingsucks #iwanttoskateagain #iwannaskate #kneepain #thestruggle #cantsleep #thanksobama #skatelife #Austinskatepark
thanksobama - skatelife - austinskatepark - fallingsucks - iwanttoskateagain - iwannaskate - thestruggle - imissskateboarding - kneepain - cantsleep -
arton255 - yakob_schmidt - pu_cdestroyer666 -
Cheeky hospital visit to get me shoulder put back in. @cristacober I need your technique! #Lol #London #Bmx #FallingSucks #BmxLife
bmxlife - bmx - london - fallingsucks - lol -
patinyaboonto : Hope you get well soon @leebothestampede
audrey.lmbt : Hope all is Well, that is crazy because i'm not far from you now we can meet at any Time 😦
judemoore_ : I can put them back bro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚on a level hahah hope ur all good fella
leebothestampede : It appears to be a dislocated AC joint @judemoore_ not as easy
judemoore_ : Ohh I know how to just put a normal popped out shoulder back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hope it goes well mate
roland.lepp : Damn I look well entertained, anyway dude, healthy diet and relax the shoulder, you'll be be fine in a jiffy.
blitekis : @zoy_latte_please
zoy_latte_please : @blitekis Hha yeah I saw this the other day and thought that's so something you would do
hussle_stover - capt_redbeard27 - fraulein_bertovna - cyrilseret -
I'm sad I've been mia from ig for so long...i have seriously missed you all and hope to catch up with the happs, and im sore and tired from a fall on asphalt yesterday, which was my 33rd Birthday. Thrilling. Luckily only swollen i think...xoxo to all and i will benpisting some random sale items to help get food for my #servicedogs #medicalalertdogs #bestdogsever and my #servicecat. We will all be living in a van day after tomorrow bc i have no more ability to pay for a motel . 😐 much love to all with your daily life journey, more latergfsms to come as lyme allows me to see sporadically well πŸ˜‘πŸ˜•...namaste.πŸ’šβ€πŸ’š #lymetime #lymelife #lymewarrior #chronicallyill #thelymestruggleisreal #serviceanimalssavelives #igangels , so if #lymedisease #medicalcosts #foodasmedicine #spoonie #notenoughspoons #simplefood #notworkingtoday #migrainetoday #Californian #sb #sbrules #brainmold #cnsdisfunction #ineedahelper #hopemybfdoesit #pain#fallingsucks
notworkingtoday - lymetime - notenoughspoons - simplefood - brainmold - foodasmedicine - hopemybfdoesit - lymedisease - lymewarrior - migrainetoday - chronicallyill - pain - servicecat - thelymestruggleisreal - serviceanimalssavelives - medicalalertdogs - cnsdisfunction - servicedogs - spoonie - fallingsucks - lymelife - igangels - medicalcosts - sbrules - ineedahelper - bestdogsever - sb - californian -
aquaobsessionlove - littlevampress - chronicallygrateful - cindyluwestrup -
Ore-Mountains, awesome place to rock with ya Trek MTB #trekbikes @trekbikes @trekfactory @trekworldracing @gardatrentino @foxracing @foxmtb @fox @foxheadeurope @oakleyeurope #oakley @tld_bike @gopro_gold @gopro @gopro.oftheday @gopro_boss @goprocycling @goprocycling @goprojunkie @goprosettings @gopromultiverse @goproluxury @gopro_world.wide @redbull @redbullaustria @redbullcanada @redbullnyc @rockstarenergy @rockstarenergysouthafrica @rockstarenergyuk @rockstargermany @monsterenergy @monsterenergydaily @admithandwear #gopro #goproboss #gopro_boss #goprooftheday #red #bull #redbull #readyfor #rockshox #rockstar #weekend #erzgebirge #trekbikes #thuglife #oakley #outdoorresearch #admithandwear #sunshine #stone #fallingsucks #cliff #bull #monsterenergy #maciag #mtn #trek #slash #tree
thuglife - bikevidsgermany - rockstar - admithandwear - sunshine - erzgebirge - readyfor - oakley - bull - goprooftheday - gopro_boss - weekend - trek - cliff - stone - riderschannel - outdoorresearch - fallingsucks - maciag - goproboss - tree - gopro - mtn - trekbikes - slash - monsterenergy - redbull - red - rockshox -
gopropaule : Thank you dude @nikkeerose how to add it? #riderschannel
gopropaule : @riderschannel
gopropaule : @bikevids_germany #bikevidsgermany
b_goat : cool stuff
jimthompson95 : Way too many tags
gopropaule : Yeah i know bro @jimthompson95 but smtimes all that Tags cum outta me 😜😜😜
gopropaule : Just kidding πŸ˜‚
gopropaule : Check out @sam_besa
_13_paulschumann - westcasting13 - jimthompson95 - m4events -
My current company while I am bed bound today. #FallingSucks #InvisibleIllness BedBound
fallingsucks - invisibleillness -
chronicallyliving -
Ran this morning and placed 3rd! A big thank you to my Dad for taking me!! @jphillips94 #dirtyspokes #fallingsucks #3rd
dirtyspokes - 3rd - fallingsucks -
donnap117 : Look at you skinny!!!
brittanyp_00 : Thank you Donna! @donnap117
johnnyseeloch - samantha_simpson15 - katelynn_simpson - hayleys80 -
This is getting old. Dear left foot get your shit together. I really hope it's not broken. I got shit to do. Wish me luck. #bmx #wtfleftfoot #fallingsucks
wtfleftfoot - bmx - fallingsucks -
thebengonzales : No the feels. My stupid wrists always seem to be hurt.
freegun : ;(
stin666 : Left ankle ligament death. Sucks ass!!!
nicknobullsht : Injuries suck man. HEEL UP
gagecarbajal : Bummer
causeyayanaa : I hope you feel better @ajanayalater
laflakalmr83 : Oh no! 😩 feel better AJ. @ajanayalater
jasonishii : Get well brother!
sergio_fernandez_ct - everything.montages - vova.vinogradov - _camden_gilbert_ -
New regulations start tomorrow for 'working at heights'. #FallingSucks Read up and tie off dummies.
fallingsucks -
oxborough21 - scottlacelle - craigger_tee - jacobsn91 -
Almost that time!! #hail #to #the #mushroom #trips #cruise #skate #ride #bail #gunnafall #falling #fallingsucks
the - mushroom - fallingsucks - ride - hail - to - skate - cruise - falling - gunnafall - bail - trips -
missbmartinn - reefermadness19 - nancy_bojin - kidcrip -
When you hear about a slot canyon hike in the desert, you go there immediately. One mile of narrow, 25 ft tall mud and rock walls. #anzaborregoslotcanyon #notfortheclaustrophobic #goodjobjenna #exploremore #getoutside #rei1440project
goodjobjenna - notfortheclaustrophobic - getoutside - exploremore - fallingsucks - rei1440project - anzaborregoslotcanyon -
1fitbit : Perfect day. I'm in Tahoe exploring today
thejingles : #climbthatshit :)
bob_narly : 😳
amberbouge : @thejingles we tried, but the mud walls would just crumble #fallingsucks
henrysbythesea : So fun!!!
lizard2713 : I need to get some ideas of places to hike from u!!
rolotravel - abwalker7 - s_party - 22rebeccag -
Here's a stupid fail from today. Right when I try to film this happens. I landed right on my already bruised Palm and now I can barely ride. This sucks.. @inkys_proscooters #fallingsucks #partofthegame #imprettyusedtoitnow #scootscootbangbang πŸ“· @justindollar12
imprettyusedtoitnow - scootscootbangbang - partofthegame - fallingsucks -
krystyllynn : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #scootisnotlife
chris_jacobzz : No it still is lol @krystyllynn
miles_partida : That second bar was late af
chris_jacobzz : I know idk why lol @miles_partida
td3ct : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mark_aback - ryann_d - scooterfarsan -
#getup#fallingsucks#sledding#skidoo #skidoofreeride#sledlife#sledlife#brap#doo#sleddingislife#iwanttosledfortherestofmylife#workhard
brap - workhard - skidoo - fallingsucks - sleddingislife - getup - iwanttosledfortherestofmylife - skidoofreeride - sledlife - sledding - doo -
boostaddicts_ - s13cob - filipmaczko - ganicemir -
Me and my buddy #charliebutton are out of commission for a minute....not cool man! #thestruggleisreal #brokenleg #tornmcl #goinghard #fallingsucks #cantstopus #willbebackstrongerthanbefore
goinghard - tornmcl - thestruggleisreal - fallingsucks - cantstopus - brokenleg - charliebutton - willbebackstrongerthanbefore -
malloryknighton : Omg nooooo feel better babe
themrsdaniellejones : Hope you heal quickly @dgdarby23!! Did you have surgery? I'm πŸ™ I don't have to. Ugh MCL. Miss ya dude.
chloenowell : 😒 I'm not surprised though! Get well soon bf ❀️
cdawli : We have a golf cart reserved for you this weekend 😘
dgdarby23 : @cdawli I should be good by then! Can't wait for the big day!!!πŸ˜„
dgdarby23 : @themrsdaniellejones no surgery thank god! Most MCLs heal without surgery just takes a little while and a brace is needed
bermudabay92 : Hate when my boyfriend is hurtin!! Get better soon!!
vassi_vassi : Omg! This pic! Love you!
rdlanham - santiago_d9 - trikkiallen - missmollywest -
Why yes indeed I left a bit of my a$$ on Hotham yesterday!!! 😝 After sleeping on an ice pack and knocking back painkillers I hit up Falls Creek today and the prognosis is: Bike + Shoulder = Screwy!!! SO I came home from Bright!! #booo #fallingsucks #fallscreek #cyclingadventures #cyclingpics #cyclingselfie #oricakit #oricagreenedge #rudyproject #rapha #kask #cyclingprincess
oricakit - oricagreenedge - kask - fallingsucks - rapha - booo - fallscreek - cyclingprincess - rudyproject - cyclingselfie - cyclingpics - cyclingadventures -
shiirlene81 : You're a machine
scuddsy : Boo! I hope not in need of screws!
mamasitareese : Hardly @shiirlene81 !!! But THANKS!! I doubt it @scuddsy be like Leggo fitting since the last plate is still in there!! 😝
miss_cadence : Your my model no scars please πŸ‘ πŸ‘™
mamasitareese : Sorry @miss_cadence !! Don't worry the face is Ok and we can photoshop the rest?! Hahaha xx
ozsprocketman : Get well soon
mamasitareese : Thanks @ozsprocketman 😘
daeronoronra : Beautiful!!
takeo.watanabe - frankyscissors - gimadeev97 - mariastavely -
just another chapter in my life #ACLclub #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - aclclub -
ktwaske : @nickski_races_23 you broke your leg?!
nick_ucrazy : Ya 2 years ago
nick_ucrazy : At Marquette camp
nick_ucrazy : @ktwaske
bberryski : You were there Waske lol
jamiemocrazy : You got this!!! Did 2 on my right knee, good luck!
mariaisamish : @jamiemocrazy ouch!!! How long was your recovery for both??
jamiemocrazy : @mariaisamish I went back at 6 months the first time, but retore it training at the utah Olympic park at 8 month πŸ™ˆ then I went up to canada and got a Lars surgery which which with everyday training you can ski at 4 months which I did and that ones still holding 4 years later πŸ‘Œ
casualtyofconformity - unie_gu - itsthenewblaack - merielle3hunna -
Acting like I'm cool, right after I ate shit hella hard. #sugarbowl #snowboarding #beautifulviews #powder #hellafun #hellabroken #goodtimes #fallingsucks #EarthGirlAdventures
earthgirladventures - fallingsucks - hellabroken - hellafun - goodtimes - beautifulviews - powder - sugarbowl - snowboarding -
nadl_a - findyourcoast - masoodahmadi8 - snowycreations -
Throw back estillo ! At the roller drome our 3rd time this week! Such family fun/quality time. #couponcommunity #rollerskates #skating #familyfun #fallingsucks #fun
skating - familyfun - rollerskates - fallingsucks - fun - couponcommunity -
pepper22doll : Niemas here too of course but shes skating with friends!
mrz_melissa_lopez : I wanna go @pepper22doll
pepper22doll : @mrz_melissa_lopez i started coming cuz of @betty88jean. Its so much fun!! And they have roller derby that'd be fun to try!! Its good excersize too :-)!!
mrz_melissa_lopez : My friend does roller derby there! I really want to go haven't been in years! @pepper22doll
pepper22doll : @mrz_melissa_lopez you should go, it was a blast ! lets check out the roller derby that sounds fun' !
jennifermunozh - mrz_melissa_lopez - pepper22doll - betty88jean -
Gooood my back needs to get better soon. I miss the gym :/ #recovering #fallingsucks #littleguy #wolverine #thegymisfornerdstoo
wolverine - thegymisfornerdstoo - littleguy - fallingsucks - recovering -
flatnut_nutrishop_athlete : Buddy wait to I get to tell Ya my "back" story ...I'll be out for awhile too!!πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
believethepowerofone : @flatnut_nutrishop_athlete yeah I got fucking hurt at work bro...and it happened the day after you saw me at Wegmans and complimented my progress lol.
brittanyelisex : πŸ΄πŸ˜‹
acipolla78 - jepoczatek666 - r0sep0se - _mr_grim -
I fell, screamed, cried, and pouted....but I survived! And eventually I was skiing on my own! #firsttimer #skiing #snowbowl #flagstaff #fallingsucks #crashingintofencessucks #thankgodforbigbooties
flagstaff - firsttimer - snowbowl - fallingsucks - thankgodforbigbooties - skiing - crashingintofencessucks -
jocelyncolegrove : @cheryle1632 how are you a first timer and you grew up there?!? This is crazy talk!! 😜
cheryle1632 : @jocelyncolegrove I never grew up there. My parents moved up here after HS. It's more disappointing its still taken me 13 years after that to go!
jocelyncolegrove : @cheryle1632 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh oppps what do I know lol! Better late than never!!!! I love skiing but don't go enough!
sharmgirl : You go girl!! I did all those things my my first time skiing too!
sharmgirl - mustgym - mistygrace79 - flaglady61 -
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