Newest accessory to my wardrobe πŸ˜” #tornAC #sling #fallingsucks #triptoemerg #fml
tornac - fml - fallingsucks - sling - triptoemerg -
lindseybm : #healsoon! ❀️
maeganfriess - jumping_jazzman - leahvands - rhiannedelany -
As most of you all ready probably know I most likely just broke my leg πŸ˜” thank you to everyone who has already wished me to get better! I will be back! @inkys_proscooters #inkysfamily #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - inkysfamily -
victorolmedo_ : Get well
o2j_w : Hope you'll Get well SoonβœŒοΈπŸ‘†πŸ’¬
mr_jessytaylor : I was one of the people that helped the most 😘
jmords : If it weren't for you calling my parents it would have taken a lot longer for me to get to the hospital 😘
jmords : @mr_jessytaylor
mr_jessytaylor : Exactly! That would've been so bad!
tannerfox : Sorry to hear thatπŸ˜ͺ how did it hAppen
jmords : Looped out and my back foot went like under my butt and and so I sat on my leg and it snapped @tannerfox
jmords - dannysalt123 - gurraproo - _torrinnwitt -
Just another day in the life of me :/ #bustedknee #stupidstairs #fallingsucks #pain #icepacklove
stupidstairs - pain - fallingsucks - bustedknee - icepacklove -
angies_fitlife : Ouch 😯
onesorerunner : Sorry! Feel your pain. @pammy_fit_rose
lau_p_94 - angies_fitlife - onesorerunner - tonibwilli -
Snuck in a quick 30 mins on bike. #gymselfie
kneesurgery - fallingsucks - gymselfie - aci - movementismedicine - acl - asymmetry - dfo -
bubblyheartgirl : #DFO #ACL #ACI #asymmetry #kneesurgery #fallingsucks #movementismedicine
bubblyheartgirl : Maybe it's the patterned tights but left leg looks tiny today.
bubblyheartgirl : Also, smile Sarah.
mbeck78 - lindyc13 - agurlcalledjas - nothinglost -
Sigh. Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it. #gymselfie #fallingsucks #kneesurgery #movementismedicine
gymselfie - kneesurgery - movementismedicine - fallingsucks -
krissiebentley : :(
joeberm : Are you ok?
bubblyheartgirl : Yeah, mostly @joeberm. Appreciate you asking. :) Pit in stomach isn't quite as gnawing know that I know...
ig_fitness_reposts : Cool pics! Check out @ig_fitness_reposts and tag your pics #igfitrepost for a chance to be featured!
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I hate when this happens #fallingsucks #skatelife @yacob_yolls @sethmahaney
skatelife - fallingsucks -
year88brand : Pretty!
sethmahaney : Tasty
kylevarner : Bameron where is you be? @bameronweber
haileyy_buggg - kylee.nye - yacob_yolls -
Just met the nicest little kid at the skate park. We're both newbies scared shitless at dropping in. One day little man, one day. #Geaux #Leaux #longboarding #oldschool #newbie #sector9 #mousemovement #fallingsucks
longboarding - newbie - fallingsucks - mousemovement - sector9 - geaux - leaux - oldschool - : Rad :)
theboardroom - ehlerslongboards - paperboy357 - valhallaskateboards -
Mystery wound. Investigations put the incident somewhere between midnight and 3am near Civic Center/Tenderloin before I fell asleep on the abandoned church stairs 1 block from my hotel room. #theoriginalafternoonblackout #afternoonblackouts #fallingsucks #headscab #faceroadrash #elegance #tenderloin #mysterywound
mysterywound - fallingsucks - headscab - tenderloin - theoriginalafternoonblackout - elegance - afternoonblackouts - faceroadrash -
jdu5 - ildikriszta -
#mrroboto #ankle #couchlife #smile #liveit #fallingsucks #heal
mrroboto - liveit - fallingsucks - ankle - smile - heal - couchlife -
brittneysenger : @bshinski wats going on with ur ankle? Is it almost better with the pins and needles
bshinski : Few more weeks @brittneysenger
brittneysenger : Ohhhh very exciting!!!! Been a long road @bshinski
samgustilov - dylanridgway - acewawryk - tmlecomte -
The gist: ACL tear, complex medial meniscus tear, new articular defect on medial femoral condyle, #kneesurgery #fallingsucks
kneesurgery - fallingsucks - mrireport -
xxheathmariexx : Damn sorry. @bubblyheartgirl
bubblyheartgirl : Thanks @xxheathmariexx, that was my reaction too.
xxheathmariexx : @bubblyheartgirl when did you fall? Hope it's the last surgery for you
bubblyheartgirl : October 6th, so pretty recent @xxheathmariexx. Next will be clean out only, no repair.
xxheathmariexx : @bubblyheartgirl why no repair.. And yea that is pretty recent.. My knee still hates me
bubblyheartgirl : Had enough for awhile @xxheathmariexx . About 18 months ago had 4th ACL, 2 osteotomies, re-aligned thigh and moved knee cap. Also had cartilage procedure that while worked, is a slog of a recovery. Not into it again. This next scope will be number 15 and the knee can't take much more.
xxheathmariexx : Damn @bubblyheartgirl
workoutmommy : Oh no!!!! Ugh, my heart goes out to you and your knee!
susan_thornton06 - sabrinaannmiles - adono10 - apomerbeatriz -
Ugh, being clumsy sucks... #bruise #fallingsucks #clumsy
clumsy - bruise - fallingsucks -
dj.stif - killswitch415 - dhizhere - nathanbrown_95 -
Click #gymselfie #kneesurgery #fallingsucks Made the ask today, over fear and embarrassment. Need to know what damage I did. A cartilage divot would be ok. Think it could be ACL, possible with way I fell and feel. That would be a punch in the gut.
gymselfie - kneesurgery - fallingsucks -
maroongoalie - joeberm - apomerbeatriz - lovelysplendor -
Ava bucked on me for the first time after a jump. Ladies and gentlemen this is my first time getting bucked off! Holy shit #horses#fallingsucks#ouch#scary glad I didn't hit the Brick wall.
horses - scary - ouch - fallingsucks -
kjack22 : You almost had it too!!! It's good that you got it on video!
kaci_marie24 : @kjack22 I know!!! I just didn't expect that from her haha it threw me off. It was funny I told me friend to get a video of us doing the course... Good timing I guess!
horselover424 - biggjay92 - kjack22 - dannypow89 -
#Skateparknights #iLoveYouSkateboarding #FallingSucks
skateparknights - iloveyouskateboarding - fallingsucks -
dana_rayy : Broke my elbow skating the other night ! I never thought I'd say this but wear pads cuz
hannahcanna - kyrosestrada - jay.lucio - haileyl12345 -
Great workout today. Slowly easing back into a groove. Just cardio, but felt great and had some push for first time in weeks. #kneesurgery #fallingsucks
kneesurgery - fallingsucks -
jacquimccoy : That's awesome!! ❀️
dannomorin2 - susan_thornton06 - jacquimccoy - agurlcalledjas -
Yay! Finally a decent workout. Been since before the last fall. Trying so hard to get my groove back. #kneesurgery #gymselfie #fallingsucks
gymselfie - kneesurgery - fallingsucks -
sabrinaannmiles - magnetic_peacock - ann_sophieherbst - randih_fit -
Me almost dying πŸ˜‚ too funny. #fallingsucks#horses
horses - fallingsucks -
super_koeche - dream_to_ride_ - ahhlexis28 - abequigley -
Just messin around @urbangravityscoots #fallingsucks #slipperywheels
slipperywheels - fallingsucks -
mattresvaloso - ayeeitsaustyn_1014 - shizll_ - king_kiyondre -
Really though! Refusal! #horses#fallingsucks
horses - fallingsucks -
broncofan777 - horse.luvers - bsoy213 - rdnemmers -
Wheels up to SFO! Sporting my new kick. Thinking I put the right shoe in left foot! 😳 #facepalm Anyone know if I did this right? Lol #Fashionproblems #boot #thesebootsweremadeforwalking #Startup #startupTales #fallingsucks #onward #flats
facepalm - fallingsucks - startup - thesebootsweremadeforwalking - onward - boot - fashionproblems - flats - startuptales -
alamar9 : There's NO stopping U! ;)
farrahwun : Dis-like. Are you back by Saturday for Broadway in Malibu?!?
lesliesanchez : @farrahwun - if you expect me to can-can dance w/ you, I just don't know πŸ˜‰πŸ’ƒ (hope to be there. Will look for dets)
jamietburke : Ouch..:( You'll make the boot stylish!
farrahwun : I'll dance around you- the beauty of choreography! (The invite's in your fb!)
lesliesanchez : @jamietburke - adore and miss you! 😘
ricciardellim - just_joshn_ya - alamar9 - geoffhampton -
#nofilter #grump #gymselfie #fallingsucks
gymselfie - grump - nofilter - fallingsucks - puffy -
bubblyheartgirl : #puffy
impact_gym_wear - mbeck78 - laurasalion - j_a_fitness32 -
Running on a log is fun until it's not. #fallingsucks #becareful #badbreak #brusiedbuttandego
becareful - badbreak - brusiedbuttandego - fallingsucks -
teganandsara : :(
arlae : ohh tilly... :(
qvoth_the_raven : The Adventures of Tilly, Chapter 4: The Log.
krystinakoepke : Tilly is so adorable.
huckandmick : I think Tilly and my dogs would get along very well! #adventurous
tns_mom : Be careful sweetie, we don't want you to get hurt! xoxo
aimsmktg : Aww...poor Tilly!
atstir04 - martin71081 - og_makinyoulaugh - gregory_the_rescued -
Yet just learned back heels!! #skateboarding #fallingsucks #backheels
backheels - fallingsucks - skateboarding -
dbfilmm : gowtdaym wynlie u blow
dbfilmm : jk im goin to vets tmrw and those were tight as fuck
wyn_brantley : Haha I can try go man and thanks @dbfilmm
chaserom205 : That fall is like what I do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
wyn_brantley : Yeah like that one vid you showed me of you skating that sewer gap πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @chase.romanstine
chaserom205 : MannπŸ˜‚ @wyn_brantley
waterwippinevan : dude hell yeah
wyn_brantley : Thanks too bad I havnt really done these lately @waterwippinevan
becca614 - mattkeaton - jacob_mccormick_ - dustinc1129 -
#friends #bestfriends #quotes #fallingsucks #haha
haha - quotes - bestfriends - friends - fallingsucks -
if.only._ - isabeldarlinng - ashley771 - alex_sugi_18 -
#love #beautiful #fallingsucks #whycantijustknow #justshowmesomething #worry
beautiful - whycantijustknow - love - fallingsucks - justshowmesomething - worry -
fo.kk - rebekaharice -
Ouchie. #imfineiswear #fallingsucks
fallingsucks - imfineiswear -
mochadream82 : :-(
chynadog1 -
Swollen and bruised but not broken. #fallingsucks #missyou #imfineiswear
missyou - fallingsucks - imfineiswear -
mochadream82 : :-(
ellopopet : No worries. I'm ok.
chynadog1 -
Decided to HeelFlip the quarter pipe before I left home πŸ˜ͺ Sorry for the sketchy landing I was running out of sunlightπŸŒ…πŸ˜… #SkateBoarding #SkateLife #TheHomies #HeelFlip #FallingSucks
skatelife - skateboarding - heelflip - fallingsucks - thehomies -
jcashnigga : Mah nigga bobby killin shit
scooby_lovee : Holly shit dude damn
vuurvuur_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
steezleweez : πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
weeklystatus : @bruh_youtrippin. @_slimx_
amigocrew_clothingco : Hey would you be interested in getting a sponsor?
jay_g14 : You know that's a real ankle shredder
nullkmh : @dean_sk8
jason8harvey - cherebeehere79 - luupe__ - greg_darnley -
My new addition. #aircast #brokenleg #cast #surgery #recovery #smile #liveit #fallingsucks #heal #broken #painful #brokenbone #drinkmilk #lovelife
recovery - fallingsucks - broken - heal - lovelife - brokenbone - cast - liveit - brokenleg - painful - danceparty - smile - surgery - drinkmilk - aircast -
colt_blooded : #hashtag
timeless_stoneworks : #runit
bshinski : #danceparty
nursesproud : Only few minutes left!!! ** DON'T MISS THIS SHIRT * NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES ** Check out the link in my bio, let me know if you have any questions :-) Please tag your nurse friends. I would be grateful! :-) #nurse #nurses #nurseslife
bshinski : Well @nursesproud thanks for sharing that on my picture?? Haha
missrandwhit : Lol^^^
maccartneyryan - kacen_ka69 - conordeann - mariyeee1124 -
Took a bad fall earlier for a line #fallingsucks #skateboarding
fallingsucks - skateboarding -
natalieesmithh_ : werk
oooooooohh_kill_em : AyyπŸ˜‚
sb32k : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
hayden7sk8 : Ouch
bland_321 - ty.real - craigostertag -
Most definately how you start a race! Shoutout to Jeremy Wood for biting the bullet in his first cross country meet ever! #guts #grit #fallingsucks #scorpion #runnerprobs #runnerspace #flotrack
runnerprobs - flotrack - guts - grit - fallingsucks - runnerspace - scorpion -
jeffersjack : Haha who took this picture?
xcinman : One of our guys mom.
cdawghall : Guys, I think we need to stop making fun of and life is kinda starting to get too much for him right now.....he's running himself into the ground, lololol jk
makeittnastee : @robertsjake1 lmaooo
theswiss1202 - morganmulford_ - kruser2015 - jd_mulford00 -
Fell way to many times trying this line πŸŽ₯: @robert_nicholson #skatelife #skateboard #skateboarding #slam #fallingsucks #afterhours #nyc
skatelife - slam - fallingsucks - afterhours - nyc - skateboarding - skateboard -
zoebrooksxo - k4yleebetts - jad_raad - jackieboy33 -
Paddle Boarding was fun.....not so much for our other halfs #husbandscantstand #girlsgotthis #nicolesapro #shemakesitlookeasy #paddleboarding #pompanobeach #probablyneveragain #fallingsucks @nicolesheaffer @sheaffern
fallingsucks - husbandscantstand - pompanobeach - paddleboarding - shemakesitlookeasy - nicolesapro - probablyneveragain - girlsgotthis -
stephanie_rothenberg : One of my favorite activities! You probably burned at least 700 calories too. You rock.
nicolesheaffer : I'm exhausted...
lindseys_life - tayla_vw - lauranesexton - nquick_ -
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