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Much love for this beautiful, dysfunctional family tree. #sigmasigmasigma #familytree #blessed #wisdompower #faithhopelove #familylove #faithfuluntodeath #goodvibes #goodfriends #greatmemories #livefearlessly #beyourownhero #makeyourownluck
familytree - sigmasigmasigma - familylove - faithhopelove - blessed - wisdompower - makeyourownluck - faithfuluntodeath - goodvibes - livefearlessly - goodfriends - greatmemories - beyourownhero -
icha.ahmed97 : Lfl
faith_fit_woman : This is great
nogynyan - - rafadv_ - clareisokay -
John "DOC" Holliday's "Violent Gentlemen Social Club" Concept Art I drew and colored today. #wyattsown #menofviolence #wyattearp #docholliday #docholiday #gunslinger #tombstone #thinblueline #lawenforcement #theOriginals #saywhen #faithfulUntoDeath #saloon #tattooart #neotraditonal #strengthInNumbers #weWillRise
wyattsown - wewillrise - faithfuluntodeath - tattooart - lawenforcement - theoriginals - menofviolence - gunslinger - wyattearp - docholiday - neotraditonal - saywhen - docholliday - tombstone - saloon - thinblueline - strengthinnumbers -
rudeboytroy : #nice #SAYWHEN
ml.nov : Fantastic!
adamaniac - b.mo83 - boomhower417 - doc1holliday -
happy send on to these beautiful ladies and all the other seniors. sorry I can't be there today but know I'm proud of all of you 😘😘😘 #proudmom #faithfuluntodeath #sendon
faithfuluntodeath - proudmom - sendon -
julgul - lo_ho7 - jess_dowd13 - felishiavera -
I don't know what I would do if I didn't have these wonderful ladies in my life. #ΣΣΣ #faithfuluntodeath #sororitylife
faithfuluntodeath - σσσ - sororitylife -
irvatomnia : πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
invokethyquote : Great photos in your feed πŸ™ŒπŸ»
ashleylizb_ : Ahh I love you so much G😭😘❀️
mcarp2012 - joanna_straka - christine_desrochers - gambinogirl76 -
We are excited to welcome Sigma Sigma Sigma to campus in Fall 2017 as they recolonize their Beta Mu Chapter. #EverForward #FaithfulUntoDeath
faithfuluntodeath - everforward -
lauren_1121 : How exciting!!
sydrich29 - nickel_anne - chelsea_jean_thompson - rachelmeyer14 -
Looks around.... It's me, isn't it? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ #LeosAreLoyal #FaithfulUntoDeath
leosareloyal - faithfuluntodeath -
4hurleybirds - b.breeden211 - dane.kate - carlyhorse33 -
I just attended my last chapter meeting for Tri-Sigma as an active member. I've learned so many lessons through this organization and gained a confidence and a sisterhood that I know I will never lose. Thank you for the crazy ride. I'll always be a Sigma, faithful unto death πŸ’œ #trisigma #trisigmaalpha #faithfuluntodeath #lastchaptermeeting
trisigma - trisigmaalpha - faithfuluntodeath - lastchaptermeeting -
hgibbles - boone1918 - simmmpatel - caseeey_cakes -
Formal 2016 #sigmasigmasigma #faithfuluntodeath #lookingsnazzy
sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath - lookingsnazzy -
maddyinabox - jillified_ - makayladannin - gmercadoo -
Just initiated β›΅οΈπŸ’€πŸ’œ #TriSigma #faithfuluntodeath #everforward
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - everforward -
shannon_br : Love my fam πŸ’œπŸ’œ
charlotteekolbb : πŸ’•
warnernoelle : So happy for you Beautiful!!! Happy Tri Sigma Initiation Day!!!
termimaeter - alyssa_fanelli - aliahaddad_ - lorobb -
I just had to #tbt this precious moment. I forgot this photo even existed...such a perfect little pledge class. I can't believe it's been SIX years since we were initiated into the greatest sisterhood of all time. #ΣΣΣ #happyfoundersday #latepost #faithfuluntodeath πŸ’œ
happyfoundersday - latepost - tbt - σσσ - faithfuluntodeath -
simply_crystaal : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
dheanadiara - aoife_fifa14 - ilolly88 - wendsyadamsem -
Happy Founders Day to all our sisters across the nation! This year we celebrate 118 years of sisterhood in Sigma Sigma Sigma. Here's to many more years and many more sisters ahead of us! πŸ’œβ›΅οΈπŸ˜‡ #everforward #faithfuluntodeath #foundersday2016
faithfuluntodeath - everforward - foundersday2016 -
megganmecrazyy - jo_schmo__ - karysmahicks - trisigma_etanu -
Happy founders day to the sorority who helped me truly love my college experience. Thank you to the founders and my amazing sisters who have made such an impact on my life #1898 #trisigma #faithfuluntodeath
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - 1898 -
ashleymb827 - madisonnicole77 - ekimballlll - msmaddiegrace -
#happyfoundersday#trisigma #faithfuluntodeath #sigmasigmasigma #foundersday2016 #sisters#foreverfriends#southeastern#twu#zetagamma
sisters - sigmasigmasigma - foundersday2016 - zetagamma - faithfuluntodeath - twu - trisigma - happyfoundersday - southeastern - foreverfriends -
greekdaily - bartersugar - thehappyarkansan - chambersmerg -
Happy Founders Day to my Tri Sigma Sisters! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ -------- #TriSigma #FoundersDay #healthyhabits #BeachBodyCoach #BeachBody #healthychoices #fitfam #fitness #TriSig #FaithfulUntoDeath #WeAreTheViolets @carrieunderwood
beachbodycoach - foundersday - healthyhabits - beachbody - faithfuluntodeath - healthychoices - trisig - fitness - trisigma - wearetheviolets - fitfam -
stephen4division : Sweet Post, Division wants Brand athletes. Email us if you want in! Our email is
cmae_getsfit - acadiafit - samkofroth - thedustybanana -
Happy founders day to all my beautiful sisters near and far. Words can never express how truly thankful I am for all that Sigma and has given me and thought me πŸ’œβ›΅ #happyfoundersday #118years #sororitysisters #lovemysisters #faithfuluntodeath #fud #trisigma #everforward #sigmasigmasigma #ΣΣΣ
sigmasigmasigma - 118years - fud - sororitysisters - trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - lovemysisters - happyfoundersday - everforward - σσσ -
jaymiejo : So thankful that I found my best friend thanks to joining an amazing sorority
kailaa_m : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
itskirrr - wolfpackgymapparel - agent_r3d - courtneyarionus -
Here's to 118 years of sisterhood, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Today I'm especially grateful for everything this organization and its members have done for me. Special shout out to the koalas, @katnissxo @theitinerantone #1898 #trisigmaunlv #bidday2012 #everforward #faithfuluntodeath
faithfuluntodeath - 1898 - rude - trisigmaunlv - everforward - bidday2012 -
erinnshea : It was actually just windy. #rude @katnissxo
sparkleshineshimmer : @gabriellapari and I are right next to each other!!!! 😍
gabriellapari : @sparkleshineshimmer us being big and little was meant to be from the start. 😘
sparkleshineshimmer : @gabriellapari yup! It was fate πŸ’•
kelsijeannebean - jeffnavahoe - zavey29 - ashleyfloresxo -
Happy founders day ladies! #faithfuluntodeath #violetsandpearls #properladieslovefootball
properladieslovefootball - faithfuluntodeath - violetsandpearls -
chef_fulginiti -
Happy Founders Day to all my sisters in Sigma Sigma Sigma! I would not be the woman I am today without the experiences Tri Sigma gave me, I would also be short a few best friendsπŸ’œπŸ’€ #trisigma #womenofcharacter #faithfuluntodeath
trisigma - womenofcharacter - faithfuluntodeath -
autumnlirette - andreambrunet - sir_chase_of_louisiana - tiffanildufren -
118 years ago today, Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded. Since then it has changed the lives of so many women all over the nation. I could not be more thankful for the bonds I have created and the opportunities that have opened to me. Sisterhood isn't about always getting along and pretending, it's about being there for a group of women who share the same ritual as me and coming together for a cause. Tri Sigma, thank you for all you've taught me over the past 3 years. Coming into my final year, I hope I can spread that sigma love and show women that it's not just 3 letters on a shirt. πŸ’œ #faithfuluntodeath #happyfoundersday #sigmasigmasigma
happyfoundersday - sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath -
lilaco08 - beach.barbie55 - kalieroseee - kat_lynkieweggg -
Happy founders' day to all my amazing Sigma sisters! Sail ever forward, SLAM β›΅οΈπŸ’œ #sigmasigmasigma #faithfuluntodeath #SLAM
sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath - slam -
paige_trageser - ksahut - beecolna03 - flymetoatl -
Happy Founders Day, Tri Sigma! πŸ’œ #sigmasigmasigma #TriSigma #FaithfulUntoDeath
sigmasigmasigma - trisigma - faithfuluntodeath -
thehappyarkansan - lisaann1116 - amandalubeck - _stephanie_co -
Happy 4/20! AKA #sigmasigmasigma #foundersday #faithfuluntodeath #trisigma
sigmasigmasigma - trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - foundersday -
mia_bella15 - baily_roseee - kimmie_cabins - vnella -
#HappyFoundersDay to the organization that gave me so many of the people and memories that I am thankful for today. joining @trisigmacmu is, and will always be, one of the best decisions I've ever made πŸ’€β›΅οΈπŸ’œ #faithfuluntodeath
happyfoundersday - faithfuluntodeath -
kellyansell : @jt_brosiak not everything can be about you
jt_brosiak : @kellyansell what? I thought it was a cool picture... Can I not share my opinion? #firstamendment
kristymarhin : Ily
kellyansell : @kristymarhin ilyM
gina_fuga - brinnserafini - annika_cushnyr - kristymarhin -
Happy 118th Founder's Day to Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Traci, Shannon, and I all work together! Sorry we did not dress up. #everforward #faithfuluntodeath trisigma #sigmasigmasigma #sororitysisters #workfriends #foundersday
faithfuluntodeath - foundersday - sigmasigmasigma - everforward - workfriends - sororitysisters -
obsessedbyshanel : This is cool :)
traci_lynne16 - laurentee11 - dorielancaster - zachmcadamfitness -
"From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it." Sigma sigma sigma has given me more than just a group of friends, it has given me my home away from home and bonds that will last a lifetime. Happy founders dayπŸ’œβ›΅οΈ #faithfuluntodeath #118yearsstrong #ΣΣΣ
faithfuluntodeath - σσσ - 118yearsstrong -
ayeteebe : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
thehobbanero3 - edytapietrowska - vanessamatheu - ayeteebe -
Happy Founders Day to my lovely tri sigma sisters!! πŸ˜„ #gutrisigma #trisigma #faithfuluntodeath
trisigma - gutrisigma - faithfuluntodeath -
amberr_costello - mmaryelizabethgu - 14tara_edwards - samshepherd14 -
Happy founder's day to all of my wonderful sisters. I hope this day reminds everyone of how blessed we all are to be part of such a special organization. Tri Sigma has shown me giving, loving and sharing in so many ways and that to receive much, we must give much. As a senior, I can truly say I would not be the woman I am today without the love and support of Gamma Mu. Joining this sorority has been the best decision I've ever made. With that being said, if I paid for my friends, I surely didn't pay enough. { 4-20-1898 } #ΣΣΣ #FaithfulUntoDeath #EverForward #188years πŸ’œβ›΅οΈ
faithfuluntodeath - everforward - 188years - σσσ -
cookmonster_ - tbouuu - mckensey_lynch - dhatislandgirl -
118 years ago, 8 women founded a sorority on faith, hope, love, power, and wisdom. Thank you, Tri Sigma, for giving me strength I never knew I had and for giving me a second family. I thank God each day that He led me to become the "sorority girl" I never thought I would be; and the truth is it's so much better than I ever could have imagined! Happy birthday Sigma. #faithfuluntodeath #everforward #sigmasigmasigma "May your tears come from laughing, you find friends worth having; with every year passing they mean more than gold."
sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath - everforward -
adanielledaly - the_amos20 - cassidy_morgan13 - zachmcadamfitness -
Happy founders day to the most amazing organization I have ever been a part of. Tri Sigma has made me a better woman, given my my absolutely best friend in the world, @sammgc24, supplied me with tons of laughs and memories, and given me tons of women to look to up day in and day out. The bond that we have as sisters is one that can never be broken. I am so thankful for each and everyone of these ladies and for the 8 brave women who founded our sorority 118 years ago. I pray we are just as strong in the next 118 years. #faithfuluntodeath πŸ’œ
faithfuluntodeath -
beka_a - fifigalvan - marcojoker27271 - k_knowles1 -
Happy Founder's Day to Sigma Sigma Sigma! I'm very blessed to be apart of this amazing sisterhood! I'm also very fortunate to have met 3 of my beautiful best friends through here! @monica_jaed @sydneyxkitty #ΣΣΣ #sigmasigmasigma #trisigma #foundersday #118years #faithfuluntodeath #sisters #bestfriends
foundersday - sigmasigmasigma - 118years - bestfriends - sisters - faithfuluntodeath - trisigma - σσσ -
sillyb_intimates : πŸ˜„
queenbee_randi - morganhill121 - irishqueen1028 - charlesfeary -
Happy Founders Day to the absolute best sorority on campus! 118 has never looked so good, so here's to the next 118 years. Ever Forward! #FaithfulUntoDeath #1898 #SigmaChops
faithfuluntodeath - 1898 - sigmachops -
marinazager - coleenelizabeth - moe_koe_ - abby_schu15 -
118 years ago today Sigma Sigma Sigma was established. So proud to be part of such an amazing chapter πŸ’œ #faithfuluntodeath
faithfuluntodeath -
katiecooper1325 - juliebloomquist - dreamercoffeeshop - kelseyaalexander -
Happy Founder's Day from my Beautiful family to yours. Here's to another 118 years of sisterhood. May our values always guide you & be the light of your heart ❀️ #FaithfulUntoDeath #Faith #Hope #Wisdom #Power #Love #SigmaSigmaSigma #DonBellas #ΣΣΣ
faith - love - power - sigmasigmasigma - wisdom - donbellas - faithfuluntodeath - σσσ - hope -
meganstarrrrr - xo_ryy - sanchizzle_18 - iamspirituallymotivated -
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