"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Galatians‬ ‭6‬:‭9‬ Yes Lord & thank you for your Word! #BeNotWeary #FaintNot #ImNotTiredYet #KeepOnKeepingOn #ServeHimTilliDie #FaithfulUntoDeath #WaitiSayOnTheLord #TheyThatWaitOnTheLord #ShallRenewTheirStrength #TheyShallMountUpWithWingsAsEagles #TheyShallRunAndNotBeWeary #TheyShallWalkAndNotFaint
keeponkeepingon - shallrenewtheirstrength - theyshallrunandnotbeweary - benotweary - theyshallwalkandnotfaint - servehimtillidie - faithfuluntodeath - faintnot - waitisayonthelord - imnottiredyet - theyshallmountupwithwingsaseagles - theythatwaitonthelord -
f0rgiven : Amen🙌
f0rgiven - laurennaturally - theejulierose - iamamber_b_ -
last one of the night, I promise. I am forever proud to be a Tri Sigma. Standing in this circle looking around at the beautiful women who came before me and the ones that came after, I realized what a legacy and a story we have here. I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my soul💜 #FaithfulUntoDeath
faithfuluntodeath -
jyaneabelle - greekisgood - _xodanie - dean_bean96 -
I know this picture is really old and doesn't have a lot of us in it, but it captures our spirit and love for each other so well. Through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, Eta Rho has given me so much more than I could ever describe. I have an absolutely perfect Big, two wonderfully amazing Littles, and I have met so many women that will be standing next to me on my wedding day and who I will spend the rest of my life close to. I have been given opportunities to give back to the community, which has made me such a more humble, loving person. I can't express my gratitude for the women who came together 10 years ago and made this chapter. Happy 10th birthday to the Eta Rho chapter of Tri Sigma💜 #FaithfulUntoDeath
faithfuluntodeath -
cebuchanan - meganmeow4 - husky.503 - nicolecleghorne -
I honestly don't think there are enough words to tell you how much I love my sorority 💜 #trisigma #sigmasigmasigma #sorority #sisters #greeklife #lovemysisters #fun #spring #faithfuluntodeath
fun - sigmasigmasigma - spring - greeklife - sisters - faithfuluntodeath - lovemysisters - trisigma - sorority -
sweetie727 : 😍❤️😍❤️😍
kristen_nicole93 - lindseyg17 - briana0456 - erbear32 -
Always representing sigma! #Trisigmalove! #Faithfuluntodeath
faithfuluntodeath - trisigmalove -
atrain_6 - kitkathope - kimberleeross - mszulejha -
5 years ago I accepted my bid to @trisigma_alpha and I have not looked back since! Even as an alum I am still thankful for the sisters that I have! #faithfuluntodeath #everforward
faithfuluntodeath - everforward -
natfarver - dandeebrandee - camcfadden93 - hannahcandler -
I love randomly running into sisters! #alum #faithfuluntodeath #sigmas
alum - faithfuluntodeath - sigmas -
cambam1523 : LOVE her!!
jewleeuhhgewleeuhh : @cambam1523 I do too! She's just getting day drunk on brookside with Janna!
cambam1523 : Casual.
steeleydusty - leashpiece - sararwilcox - cambam1523 -
Our sisters are on the way home from Columbia, SC! We hope they have a safe drive home. 💜💀 #faithfuluntodeath #sigmasigmasigma
sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath -
jennmilore - trisigmanyc - throwwhatyouknow - 2009kate -
Weekend get away is what I needed. Being a Tri Sigma really is for life. My gbaby Krystal and my ggbaby Kim showing me some love. #familytree #trisigma #sisters #faithfuluntodeath #sororitygirls
trisigma - sisters - familytree - faithfuluntodeath - sororitygirls -
wugirl88 : Is that in Rock Hill and at Luke's?!
wugirl88 : Or Charanda's actually?!
spurlockv2 : Charandas lol
wugirl88 : I thought that's what it looked like! I miss that place! Hope you are having fun! I know you definitely need it!
shiftingmodernstyle : love this, check out my page giving out some free demos of product that i know you would love. i just a review on the product :) DM your number and a great time your next to a computer so i can give you a great customer experience.
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This describes our relationship perfectly. My ggbaby is better than yours. #trisigma #familytree #sisters #sorority #faithfuluntodeath
trisigma - sisters - familytree - faithfuluntodeath - sorority -
cookiesbydesign : Great!
traci_lynne16 - daninicole28 - annacatwagers - lillibridgedoreen -
We are sure that this year will be a BIG one for Delta Theta! So many changes and fun events coming up, be on the look out. #trisigma #faithfuluntodeath #webΣliΣvΣ
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - webσliσvσ -
kris10iv12 - jillianolivia - moniv32 - kimberlycrawford82 -
#Repost @traci_lynne16 with @repostapp.
#Flashbackfriday in honor of recruitment weekend! Good luck ladies!! #winthrop #gogreek #deltapi #sigmasigmasigma #faithfuluntodeath
gogreek - faithfuluntodeath - winthrop - sigmasigmasigma - deltapi - flashbackfriday - repost -
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One of the amazing people I have had the opportunity of meeting after having pledged Tri Sigma. I'm so glad I get to have you as my sister. ✨⛵️💀💜 #FaithfulUntoDeath @trisigmadeltadelta #TriSigmaUNC
faithfuluntodeath - trisigmaunc -
baby_dobbs : I love you too, Alex! And, I am so lucky that we are sisters now. 😊
briallaman - mckenzief6 - soccerhuddy - devinnmarieee -
My #wcw and #wce tbh is @ksellit . Since day 1 of pledging, we've had this beautiful bond that came naturally, as if we had known each other forever. That bond grew stronger each day and I'm so grateful to have such a strong and inspirational woman in my life. I'm honored to call her my best friend and most importantly, my sister. I love you . #ΣΣΣ #phis #sororitysisters #sororitywomen #srat #sratsohard #trisigma #sigmasigmasigma #faithfuluntodeath #trisigmaordonttryatall
wcw - sigmasigmasigma - sororitysisters - srat - trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - phis - sratsohard - sororitywomen - wce - trisigmaordonttryatall - σσσ -
ksellit : Love you! ❤️
burkalation : Damn
anniekinman : Love you mellie 💋💋💋 you are amazing, yourself. I'm no longer in jersey, but if I ever head that way in the next year you will be at the top of my list!
maliceee_ : @anniekinman yay love you too ❤️❤️❤️
jaboyphotography : this is kewl
ashbo44 - joebelowsky - tan26ker - koshe_1892 -
Happy Birthday to one of my best friends in the entire world! Attached at the hip since recruitment 2012! Even though she's miles away she's still chose! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Love you so much sister! We need a reunion soon!❤️😘🎊🎉🎁 #SLAM #faithfuluntodeath
faithfuluntodeath - slam -
maliafrench : I love and miss you so much risaaaa ! You are the bomb! Come backkkk to me!! 😘
ammourges - maliafrench - kpwifebaby - mhuss5521 -
Day 1: Why Sigma Tri? Joining a sorority is about more then finding lifelong sisters and future bridesmaids. It is about becoming a better version of you. It is about finding a group of people who care about you at your lowest points and at your highest points. They are sisters who encourage you to venture out of your comfort zone and to try new things, to overcome fears. They are there to support you and help others along side of you. Being in a sorority is a way to find yourself and grow into the best woman you can be, along the side of others who are growing as well. It's more than 4 years, it's for life! #faithfuluntodeath #trisigma #PhotoChallenge
trisigma - photochallenge - faithfuluntodeath - trisigmabtspc - ksu -
carolyngracem : #TrisigmaBTSPC #ksu
sjacks58 - leahlovesjesus - moniv32 - emmahanby -
Spent an awesome afternoon guiding these ladies through goal planning, expectations, and dreaming for the year ahead! What an inspirational group of leaders for @trisigmavcu! @sigmasigmasigmahq #advisorlife #faithfuluntodeath #project365ay
faithfuluntodeath - project365ay - advisorlife -
parniepants : how do i get your job? seriously!
annayoung628 : @parniepants this is just a volunteer advisor role with my sorority, but I do get paid in thank yous and t-shirts!
parniepants : oh ok! still want your actual job though. 😁
jesscreates : @annayoung628! I'm a tri sigma too!
annayoung628 : @jesscreates ahhh no way! I figured there may have been some at @creativeatheartconference since there's so many chapters around!
klementine909 - tfay929 - parniepants - csmithhisler -
#NYPD, open up! #police #cityofnewyork #newyork #policedepartment #FidelisAdMortem #FaithfulUntoDeath
cityofnewyork - faithfuluntodeath - police - newyork - fidelisadmortem - nypd - policedepartment -
vetrovak - kirdyapkina_lena - elizaveta__tinkelman - snezhanasr -
In exactly 5 days we will be on our way to Cali and the happiest place on earth. And I finally get to meet biggie's best friend @call_me_alexx_ !! 😍 #Disneyland #CaliTrip #CantWait #SigmaSisters #UNLVTriSigma #EverForward #FaithfulUntoDeath
faithfuluntodeath - sigmasisters - cantwait - unlvtrisigma - calitrip - everforward - disneyland -
sarahflorio : I'm going?! Who's buying my ticket?! 😍
chelseaskye_ : @sarahflorio Wait what?! SARAAAAAAAAAAH I told you to give me the details for the event for you to win and you never did. So I just thought you already figured out another way. 😩
mufasa_andme : 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 have fun!!
abigailsophiav : So excited guys 😍😍😍😍
marilove10 : Yeyyy!!! Sister trip can't wait 😊☺️
lilmuraco : Can't wait😍❤️
call_me_alexx_ : I'm so excited 💜 can't wait darling!
heyy_brittanyy : Counting the days!!! 😍
novhizkovich18 - prettylexij - jenniloveee811 - morgan_mo_johnson -
#tbt when Millis hall was strictly sorority. #trisigma #sigmasigmasigma #faithfuluntodeath #highpointuniversity #hpu @lfreeyourselfl
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - sigmasigmasigma - tbt - hpu - highpointuniversity -
ana.elliott : I miss this room and you three!
throwwhatyouknow : great pic!
lilcoop40 - thatskychick - addieconway313 - beckyking77 -
#fidelisadmortem #fidelis #faithfuluntodeath #faithful #justus2 #youandme #tats #tatts #tatted #tattoos #tattoo #ink #inkd #inked #inkedgirl #inkstagram #inkofinstagram #tattooedmom #tattoodgirl #picoftheday #tatoftheday #inkoftheday #momwithink #tattooedmom
tattoodgirl - tatts - tatoftheday - tattoos - justus2 - inkofinstagram - tattoo - faithfuluntodeath - tatted - inked - ink - inkd - momwithink - inkoftheday - faithful - fidelisadmortem - inkedgirl - inkstagram - tattooedmom - youandme - fidelis - picoftheday - tats -
errynlarnelle : @tracyh0rn happy new year angel... Wish u all the best x
margueritej144 : 👍💞
tracyh0rn : @errynlarnelle happy new year to you gorgeous!
dazza_lurie - arika.talbot - daveygate - lauracan33 -
Jmu reunion #2015#faithfuluntodeath #ringingin2015 @jessshives @courtney678
2015 - faithfuluntodeath - ringingin2015 -
ktgebbs : 😩😩
courtney678 - deanabacon - kristinazooks - gina5wilson -
Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. Love and miss you girly! 💀🌸⛵️💜 @jessicamess_ #womancrushwednesday #wcw #ΣΣΣ #TWYK #throwit #sisters #rideordie #faithfuluntodeath #everforward
wcw - twyk - everforward - throwit - faithfuluntodeath - sisters - womancrushwednesday - rideordie - σσσ -
jessicamess_ - kdenbaum - lexi613 - katertots_13 -
I didn't take very nice pictures of my big sis' skull and crossbones, but here it is! I'm very proud of it and am so happy to have finally finished this symbolic piece of art for her. Love you Genny Big! @genyee138 #picstitch #trisigma #sigmasigmasigma #ΣΣΣ #faithfuluntodeath #skullncrossbones #sorority #tsm #sratty #crafty #bling #purple #pearls #flowers
picstitch - tsm - sratty - sigmasigmasigma - pearls - purple - faithfuluntodeath - bling - trisigma - sorority - skullncrossbones - flowers - crafty - σσσ -
jamellehakmoun : Nice!!
jemadrid13 : :)
throwwhatyouknow : looks great!
ex_parte_motion : @throwwhatyouknow @jamellehakmoun @jemadrid13 Thank you! I worked really hard to make sure it was perfect for my Big and would remind her of how much I love her, always!
michellestergios - throwwhatyouknow - itscollegelife - sgtsambo300 -
My new jacket. Proud to call myself a sigma. 💀💜 #sigmasigmasigma #ΣΣΣ #sigmalove #trisigma #sororitylife #faithfuluntodeath #everforward #christmaspresent
sigmalove - christmaspresent - sororitylife - sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath - trisigma - everforward - σσσ -
dianayukihira : My orderrrrrr !!! Enjoy the jacket!! <3 so happy you love it!!
throwwhatyouknow : looks great!
zumbalaura - venleystyle - addieconway313 - taylor.reynolds.18 -
In honor of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. #AllLiveMatter #NYPD #InHonor #FaithfulUntoDeath @crossfit
inhonor - alllivematter - faithfuluntodeath - nypd -
guastella56 - coachpoach - aleciurato - brreal -
Fidelis ad Mortem💙 #nypd#countrysfinest#faithfuluntodeath#proud#fidelisadmortem#peoplearedisgusting#hypocrites#bleedblue#strong#alwaysandforever
countrysfinest - strong - bleedblue - fidelisadmortem - proud - peoplearedisgusting - faithfuluntodeath - alwaysandforever - hypocrites - nypd -
nfl_jersey_lover : Amazing shot! Now take advantage of this Amazing Deal. Free NFL Jeresey @nfl_jersey_lover
leo1189 - danailise23 - lionfitness_tc2 - focused_on_me -
Throw what Ya know @molly__beth @molly3022 @nicole_kayse @thenamesbec #faithfuluntodeath
faithfuluntodeath -
nyleen_machine : Squad 💯💯💯
brittanykayse - caseyreevesc2 - captainblacksparrow - rev_cardenas -
R.I.P to the two officers who lost their lives today. You'll be forever in our hearts and never forgotten. Thank you for your services to ensure our safety. Our prayers are with your family. #RIP #ThinBlueLine #NYPD #BrothersinBlue #Policelivesmatter
#nypd #rip #fidelisadmortem #faithfuluntodeath
faithfuluntodeath - nypd - brothersinblue - policelivesmatter - fidelisadmortem - thinblueline - rip -
shernii - sexybeast_i_am - vernalchung -
Congrats to Lauren & Adriana! Our newest lawyers. #howlatthemoon #trisigma #sigmasigmasigma #lawyers #achievements #faithfuluntodeath #happyhour #christmasbreal
achievements - christmasbreal - lawyers - sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath - howlatthemoon - trisigma - happyhour -
daisylynn89 : @lnicoles7 👏👏👏😘 so proud of you babe!
lnicoles7 : @daisylynn89 gracias 😘😘
rebeccaprada : 💜
throwwhatyouknow : great pic!
ladoll22 - palvarado5 - lynguyen789 - eileenlopez08 -
I will forever be proud to wear my badge but my heart breaks to have to wear it in memoriam of a sister entering Omega 🙏 #faithfuluntodeath #everforward #ΣΣΣ @sigmasigmasigmahq @trisigmazk
faithfuluntodeath - everforward - σσσ -
gigi_lovesdisney - jencib9 - gabcarpentier - sarahbethcummins -
Sigma in Nelson, Nevada. 💜⚓️⛵️ #GhostTown #DayTrip #NelsonNevada #WinterBreak #TriSigma #UNLVTriSigma #EverForward #FaithfulUntoDeath
ghosttown - unlvtrisigma - nelsonnevada - faithfuluntodeath - daytrip - trisigma - everforward - winterbreak -
moniv32 : Amazing!
brolik22 - shelbssbrookee - hands_on_dslr - ajhann_ -
And of course, happy birthday to my beautiful little, @atrev13 💜 You bring so much laughter into my life. #little #trisigma #bigsislilsis #faithfuluntodeath #birthday
trisigma - little - birthday - faithfuluntodeath - bigsislilsis -
rebeccaprada : Happy birthday cutie pie!
atrev13 : Thank you Big!!!!! I love you more than you know :)
eimylovee - jameengantell - sweetcat08 -
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