one of my Sucia's Castro rocking that EOW RIDER EISENHOWER DICKIE JACKET. The only thing more high speed than this pic is his sickfade.gov haircut. ;) #WYATTSown #thinblueline #thebrotherhood #Godspeed #goonsquad #menofviolence #faithfulUntoDeath
menofviolence - faithfuluntodeath - godspeed - wyattsown - thebrotherhood - goonsquad - thinblueline -
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Thanks for the pic brotha! @wrecks_911 wearing the Brotherhood Tank! #WYATTSown #familyfirst #thebrotherhood #thinblueline #livefree #winning #original #gunslinger #NOBODYlikezUS #faithfulUntoDeath #menofviolence
menofviolence - gunslinger - nobodylikezus - wyattsown - thebrotherhood - winning - livefree - familyfirst - faithfuluntodeath - thinblueline - original -
code4realestate - adjimimi - escoandalous - floridagunlife -
Solid pic from my boy Parra! Thanks for reppin Hard #WYATTSown #familyfirst #thinblueline #hardtokill #menofviolence #violentG3ntlemen #lawenforcement #mademen #lacountysFINEST #faithfulUntoDeath #totheFALLEN #wewillrise #dauntless #fearless #fuckprop47
lacountysfinest - menofviolence - fuckprop47 - wyattsown - dauntless - wewillrise - fearless - hardtokill - familyfirst - faithfuluntodeath - mademen - violentg3ntlemen - tothefallen - thinblueline - lawenforcement -
leopatchplaques - nicky_knuckles75 - industrial_strength14 - dratori -
TBT - July 4th in #annapolis b/c this beauty is finallyyyyy back in VAβ€οΈπŸ‘― #friends #blondes #sisters #waterfront #faithfuluntodeath #trisigma @jacqueline_alissa
blondes - sisters - faithfuluntodeath - waterfront - annapolis - friends - trisigma -
airabella_active : 😍😍
geneelizabeth908 : Yes, please @nikolyngrant Actually Ima take at least 2 date nights. I'm selfish like thatπŸ˜‰
geneelizabeth908 : Back atcha @airabella_active So much hotness😍😍 I keep buying more leggings hoping to get on your levelπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜˜
airabella_active : @geneelizabeth908 oh puhlease you are basically perfect! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ thanks for always being so sweet
geneelizabeth908 : βœ‹πŸ»I'm just being honest @airabella_active That hair, that face, that smile...dat bootyπŸ˜‰ lol Oh, and 'Mrs' looks soooo good on you❀️
nikolyngrant : Deal!! 😘
badbritt334 : Wow! 😍 This is hot πŸ”₯
undarated_kim : Absolutely stunning πŸ‘
airabella_active - undarated_kim - pipernoah - annapolis -
Sometimes when I get down on myself I put on my letters to remind me of the woman I chose to be and am. I remember the love of my sisters, the accomplishments I made, and remind myself of the self worth that the women who became my family showed me to see. #faithfuluntodeath #trisigma #loveyourself πŸ’€πŸ’œβ›΅οΈ
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - loveyourself -
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Because I was tagged 4 times in the same picture πŸ’€
akω - 1997 - rushweek - rushakω - csueb - faithfuluntodeath - alphakappaomega -
cyan__magenta : #AlphaKappaOmega #AKΩ #RushAKΩ #RushWeek #CSUEB #FaithfulUntoDeath #1997
alexandreamae - jomarieangel - jenjenandjuice - vivaciousvanitea -
Today my Big and her beautiful sister are going on an adventure and moving away. I'm going to miss you so much but I am proud of you for taking this big step. I love you like crazy and hope it's everything you wanted it to be and more. #FaithfulUntoDeath #BigLittle #TriSigma
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - biglittle -
beautifulqueen_dee - conner_ellis_305 - kellere94 - ceferg -
Retreat yesterday was perfect πŸ’œ #trisigma #faithfuluntodeath
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath -
ale_miramontes02 - coach_georgeadams - stef_scalish - klee220 -
The actual wanted poster following the shootout posted in the town of Tombstone. ..#WYATTSown #familyfirst #faithfulUntoDeath #lacountysFINEST #gunslinger #thinblueline #violentG3ntlemen #huckleberry #menofviolence #forTHOSEiLOVEiWILLsacrifice
lacountysfinest - menofviolence - gunslinger - wyattsown - forthoseiloveiwillsacrifice - familyfirst - faithfuluntodeath - violentg3ntlemen - thinblueline - huckleberry -
vitamingeorgie : @wyatts_own1848 that would look awesome back print on a tee
industrial_strength14 - sircserrot1973 - stoked81 - nicky_knuckles75 -
Big, lil, gbaby. #trisigma #faithfuluntodeath πŸ’œβ›΅οΈπŸ’€
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phil_ilo - kenziegizelle - esebstead - annmargaretj -
Love these women #TriSigma #FaithfulUntoDeath #TriTilliDie
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - tritillidie -
trisigmaslu - allyvincent13 - conner_ellis_305 - ceferg -
My diplomas and membership certificate are finally up in my office again! So proud to share my alma maters and my sisterhood with my students. #faithfuluntodeath #foreverlsu #siemprefiu #sigmaatthetoptho
foreverlsu - faithfuluntodeath - sigmaatthetoptho - siemprefiu -
wondergrl4u : Very very nice. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ’Ž
cmira004 : Ty! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
wondergrl4u - chelsteez_ - chile_pepr - jennoshiro -
Because I got my first letters today. And because they're camo. #notallsororitygirlsaregirly #trisigma #ΣΣΣ #faithfuluntodeath #sigmasigmasigma
notallsororitygirlsaregirly - trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - sigmasigmasigma - σσσ -
tbroyles97 - parkerkacilyn - snazzy_syd - tracifulcher -
Because it's recruitment! #panhellenic #uwoshkosh #gogreek #greeklife #trisigma #faithfuluntodeath πŸŽ€β›΅οΈπŸ’œπŸ’€
gogreek - faithfuluntodeath - panhellenic - uwoshkosh - greeklife - trisigma -
flynnbobify - goodfella.chris - thesociallife - royalhouligan -
Words can't even describe how I feel about this beautiful group of women. This weekend brought us all so much closer & I couldn't imagine life without them in it. Never have I been more proud to call someone my friend and sister than I have with today. We have come such a long way in just a short 3 years here at UNLV and are leaving a long lasting legacy of sisterhood like no other. I am so blessed to be spending my last year of college with them creating more memories and bonds with them than ever before. My love for Tri Sigma runs deep and my love for Theta Epsilon is unreal πŸ’œβ›΅οΈπŸ’€πŸ‘―πŸ˜˜ #TriSigma #Sisterhood #UNLVIsBeautiful #faithfuluntodeath #sigmasdoitbest
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You see that girl in the bright red jacket at the end? That's me. Two years ago today, I made one of the best decisions of my life and ran home to the Zeta Epsilon chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma. (With my Rho Sister @vpmontiel might I add!) These past two years have been unforgettable. My sisters make me laugh, pick me up when I'm down, and made Tri Sigma a second home for me. I am so grateful that I took that leap and decided to go through recruitment because I met some of the most amazing women in the world. I am thankful for these ladies everyday and can't wait to be reunited them! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #TriSigma #SigmaSigmaSigma #FaithfulUntoDeath #BidDay2013 #Bidaversary #PC13
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - bidaversary - sigmasigmasigma - bidday2013 - pc13 -
vpmontiel : Awwww!!! 😭😭😭😭😭I remember this!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Love you Rho Sis!!!!
wh1teisland - lizzypuldon - vpmontiel - all.americain -
After darkness, comes light... #WYATTSown #prayforbetterdays #togetherAsOne #thinblueline #familyfirst #faithfulUntoDeath #lacountysFINEST #gunslinger #wewillrise #bluelivesmatter #GOSPEED #lawenforcement #sheepdog #WyattProtectUs #stayvigilant #stmichaelprotectus #AndShepherdsWeShallBe
sheepdog - faithfuluntodeath - stmichaelprotectus - prayforbetterdays - wyattprotectus - togetherasone - lacountysfinest - wewillrise - gunslinger - stayvigilant - lawenforcement - bluelivesmatter - andshepherdsweshallbe - familyfirst - wyattsown - thinblueline - gospeed -
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It's that magical time of year on the UNLV campus again!!! Can't wait to see & meet all my new amazing sisters! πŸ‘―πŸ’œπŸ™ŒπŸΌβ›΅οΈπŸ’€ #faithfuluntodeath #UNLV #TriSigma #bidday2015
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - bidday2015 - unlv -
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Feeling especially grateful that I found my forever home in Sigma Sigma Sigma. #faithfuluntodeath πŸ’œπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
faithfuluntodeath -
shley_t - mckennasloan - courtneybraasch - mmbreyts13 -
Welcome home, ladies πŸ’œ #erautrisigma #sigmasigmasigma #faithfuluntodeath #EverForward
sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath - erautrisigma - everforward -
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Drafting the best since 1898 πŸ’ͺ🏻 Successful first recruitment week/bid day with my sistas! #ΣΣΣ #FaithfulUntoDeath β›΅οΈπŸ’œ
faithfuluntodeath - σσσ -
kayla_bee14 - erautrisigma - deanababy27 - pittman.page -
What can I not say about you! Recently at Young Life, we talked about garden friends, those who as enjoying knowing, who enjoy knowing us, who we have some form of an intimate relationship with. You are a garden friend. You've seen me at my best and at my worst, you've been my fairy godmother, my pageant coach, and have kicked me in the pants when I need it. I love you so mix that I can't possibly express it #gardenfriends #sisters #sigmasigmasigma #love #faithfuluntodeath @roriann
sisters - sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath - love - gardenfriends -
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#tbt to Preference Night! We're still so pumped about our fabulous new members. #everforward #faithfuluntodeath β›΅οΈβš“οΈπŸ’€πŸ’œ
faithfuluntodeath - everforward - tbt -
gmsherrod - maryellisrice - bambiebert - ashtonikole -
9 years ago today! I love tri sigma and everything my sisterhood stands for! #faithfuluntodeath
faithfuluntodeath -
chouamunga - savhbelle8 - kai_and_me -
Thank you for showing me the beauty of an organization that has changed my life and always showing "to receive much, you must give much." #trisigma #faithfuluntodeath
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath -
ashleyyc1 : Aw 😍 I love you so much!
jeannamarie94 : @ashleyyc1 love you more
kaylafhamilton : Wow ok yall are F I N E fine
coach_georgeadams - kaitlyn.dublin - reidrathburn - johnflynch410 -
So proud to wear this badge and these letters!! I will always be #faithfuluntodeath #trisigma #sigmasigmasigma #sigmatritillidie
trisigma - sigmasigmasigma - faithfuluntodeath - sigmatritillidie -
jennifer_simone - lizardsun1993 - scurryy24 - chan_chan106 -
B-line #FaithfulUntoDeath #TriTilliDie #SugarSkull #TriSigma #Mammy
trisigma - mammy - faithfuluntodeath - sugarskull - tritillidie -
hollycombast - e_brennan_03 - mrs_scott2411 - court_leighh2 -
One of my favorite days with one of my favorite sisters. #trisigma #bidday #faithfuluntodeath
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - bidday -
simply_teresa - maryanna.foulds - abretiakay - nails_by_naomih -
Has it really been 4 years since my own bid day? It's such a bittersweet feeling knowing that my time in Sigma has came and went. I am still so incredibly happy for all the actives and their amazing new girls! They've worked so hard and I'm so proud! Now it's my sister's turn for her 4 years in Sigma. πŸ’œ #everforward #faithfuluntodeath
faithfuluntodeath - everforward -
hannahrbrogan : There's officially nobody in that picture that's active anymore! 😩😭 @tabithacrumley
hiphopmogul4lyfe : Hannah, what is the chapter total now?
hannahrbrogan : I asked an active and they said they thought it was 82! They made recruitment more formal this semester and one of the changes was not having a cap of 65 like usual. @hiphopmogul4lyfe
hiphopmogul4lyfe : Holy crap!!!!!!
hannahrbrogan : I know! Lol it's hard for me to imagine. @hiphopmogul4lyfe
hiphopmogul4lyfe : Wow! I think quota was 60 or 62 when I was a member. That is amazing!!!
laurenjacquelyn : I thought the chapter looked huge! I was wondering how many girls, that's so crazy!
luciannecall : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
thatssofletchboutique - alydrown - thekidspicer - hanzie94 -
So this happened today #ΣΣΣ #trisig #vwcgreeklife #faithfuluntodeath #fall2015 πŸ˜ˆπŸ’€
vwcgreeklife - fall2015 - trisig - faithfuluntodeath - σσσ -
ginger.martini : Congrats!
beeetthh : Two of my favorites 😍
missvaleriazhukova - cassiesmith607 - micgiselle - thegreeksquad -
"NEVER BRING A DRUNK DENTIST TO A GUN FIGHT..." John Henry "DOC" Holliday... faithful unto Death. Email wyattsown1848@gmail.com for orders #WYATTSown #docHOLIDAY #faithfulUntoDeath #loyalty #sayWhen #thinblueline #thebrotherhood #Godspeed #wewillrise #bluelivesmatter #lacountysFINEST
lacountysfinest - wewillrise - godspeed - wyattsown - docholiday - bluelivesmatter - loyalty - thebrotherhood - saywhen - faithfuluntodeath - thinblueline -
sircserrot1973 - red_white_and_beid - escoandalous - est.1976prince -
My daughter can sleep peacefully at night because my brothers and sisters stand at the ready to fight the evil that exists #FidelisAdMortem #FaithfulUntoDeath #thinblueline #dontmesswithmyfamily #mysecondfamily #thislinewillneverbecrossed #JuliannaFei #daddyslittlegirl #princess #NYPD #ESU #5Truck #WhenCitizensNeedHelpTheyCall911WhenCopsNeedHelpTheyCallESU #BigBoyToys
esu - dontmesswithmyfamily - thislinewillneverbecrossed - fidelisadmortem - 5truck - bigboytoys - faithfuluntodeath - daddyslittlegirl - mysecondfamily - nypd - thinblueline - whencitizensneedhelptheycall911whencopsneedhelptheycallesu - princess - juliannafei -
cpw1265 : @macktrucks
cpw1265 : @maxicosiusa
finestmobilewash - goon_chino - blackwater_usa - sergeant1200 -
Swollen feet, sore throat, lack of sleep and a whole lot of talking later... formal recruitment is over! I fell in love with my sisterhood all over again and could not be more excited to welcome home all of new members tomorrow! #faithfuluntodeath #trisigma #asutrisigma
trisigma - faithfuluntodeath - asutrisigma -
youngpotta : Pretty girl
kdhbell - rydogpat10 - amcbabii - ale_miramontes02 -
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