Major shoutout to @buffalobills Community relations department for providing some bills gear to give to the campers at Next Level Football Camp this Friday. #faithandfootball #billsmafia #jtluvdakids
faithandfootball - jtluvdakids - billsmafia -
aalahrag : That's awsome
silver_poptart16 : Bengals 18
i_can_only_be_toot : We in there bruh... see u friday
followthenomads : Hit me on FaceTime
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It's truly a pleasure to work and give back to the community of Tanner through the Next Level Football camp. Words can't explain the feeling of seeing all these kids thoroughly enjoying themselves and learning skills not only for the sport of football but life as well. Working side by side with some of the best men I know that I consider my brothers is only icing on the cake #NextLevelFootball #FaithandFootball #GivingBack #ChangingLives
faithandfootball - givingback - nextlevelfootball - changinglives -
kshoulde35 : @o_johnson251 I really appreciate you bro!! I mean that
o_johnson251 : @kshoulde35 no doubt bro. I am there next year too
kshoulde35 : @o_johnson251 that's a bet!
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Nothing major...just hanging with #Beastmode today! Saturday football fun! #MarshawnLynch
faithandfootball - beastmode - marshawnlynch -
shauni1908 : #faithandfootball
shauni1908 : @Beastmode
shauni1908 : πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ
almat00 : He is only there so he doesn't get fined!
shauni1908 : And u know it! @almat00 Gotta love him!
shauni1908 : @beastmode @beastmode @beastmode "Mommy beastmode talked about my curls and called me slick!" Lol @beastmode @beastmode
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Out here supporting my bro @jforsett with his first youth football camp in polk county Florida #faithandfootball "let your situation refine you not define you" #selfie
faithandfootball - selfie -
cole_perkins12 : 69
thehomiebull : My boi down in Polk county.
ginathetrainer : 2 of my fav RBs ever!
nicky_sanders : @jonathanstewar1 I have that same hat!
sharky_mcstevenson : Fresh! How many Oregon buckets you got man? Haha
chriskathrens : Godux
bryantanaka : Best kind of role model. πŸ’―
rocnheli13 : @jonathanstewar1 Hey Jonathan Rocco from Queen City Helicopter in Charlotte. Working with Charlotte Luxury Rentals we would be honored if you follow us and give us a shout to take our flagship Queen City Tour !!! www. qcheli.com. Thanks !!!
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More #spiritplaques #faithandfootball #faithfulfans #christianathletes #rolltide
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anthemathletes : Cool!
sayrah_ : Nice page πŸ˜ƒ
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More #spiritplaques arrived today! #teamspirit #faithandfootball #christianathletes #faithfulfans
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Cultivate the blessing. #faithandfootball #BillsMafia
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emilypinerola : Oh u feelin famous boo?
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Thank you to all our customers at Havant Meridian Centre! #faithandfootball #loveyourlight
faithandfootball - loveyourlight -
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Time to get down to business on this business plan! #faithandfootball
faithandfootball -
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Check out these new #SpiritBlocks available at our #EnterpriseAL location of @dovechristian #madeinUSA #Amerciancraftsman #WordBlocks #faithandfootball #christianathlete
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faithcaylor : @whittakersawyer Jesus is a Trojan would look so cute in my new house 😊
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Was so humbled yesterday that I was invited to speak/ pray at the FCA breakfast for my alma materin front of almost 200 people. Anyone that knows me, faith and football are two very important things in my life. So to be able to serve in this role, was truly an honor πŸˆπŸ™ #untappedfitness #vtspringgame #FCA #faithandfootball #gohokies
faithandfootball - fca - untappedfitness - vtspringgame - gohokies -
ms.womanup : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
d.towe : πŸ’―πŸ™πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ’―
beckybrawley : Thats awesome!
mmt617 : Congratulations that's wonderful.
dueceque : Dawg see if my football scholarship is still good there! Lol congrats
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2 weeks to go.. Preparing for everything! #faithandfootball #enterprise #teenupcyclers #teen #business #selfie 😜
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sir_globalfunds : Superb!
sir_globalfunds - jo_verzosa - ____shannon____ -
S/O to @suave.graphics for the graphix. #faithandfootball
faithandfootball -
lyfes_undergrad : U been ight big homie
jhuncook : That dude @jt_su91
suave.fx : Thanks
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Z at scout #QB during a practice, fake end around with jump cut and outtro! #Sharks #nys #nfl #faithandfootball #footballislife #kidssportsnetwork #speed #speedkills
sharks - faithandfootball - speedkills - footballislife - nys - nfl - qb - kidssportsnetwork - speed -
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Helmet to the ball! Coming up from #freesafety, Z better get ya up! #hits #tackle #32 #nfl #nys #footballislife #faithandfootball
faithandfootball - hits - footballislife - 32 - nfl - freesafety - nys - tackle -
_halfnhalf16_ - hitshaneup - diorjador - quel0121 -
This was the best picture i could get, but Vota was awesomeeee!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ If you don't know who they are, go freaking check them out!!!!!! Haha! @timtebow Was also awesome! His testimony was great. We didn't get to get an autograph from him though:/ #VOTA #TimTebowInNebraska #FaithandFootball #KeithBecker #TBF #TimTebow
faithandfootball - timtebow - keithbecker - vota - timtebowinnebraska - tbf -
monique_labee - megan.dibben - tigersg0rawrcx - no_bunny -
#FaithAndFootball β™‘
faithandfootball -
adanaj_blackey21 -
Tim Tebow in Grand Island, Nebraska! #FaithandFootball
faithandfootball -
taylor_yryxytix - r_a_n_d_a_l_l - jk_wrangler_girl - sselena7 -
Z #32 on the cutback, #Sharks #football #speed, nice body lean and balance! #faithandfootball #footballislife #RB #nys #nfl got the W, scored, 3 tackles, onside recovery, great blocks & played a unselfish team game! Photo cred: @_halfnhalf16_ for your sports photo needs.
sharks - faithandfootball - football - footballislife - 32 - nfl - 25 - rb - nys - speed -
raiderfantan : Make a hole #25. Hit somebody!
robbejonze : Yea @raiderfantan I thought the same thing but #25 scored 4td's was a bit tired and made some lazy blocks, he will hear and see it at practice this week tho!!
raiderfantan : Ok coach. We'll give him a pass
armanibaybee : @mrfonzerelli89 @thereal_mg they feared!
armanibaybee : Geared*
robbejonze : Yea @armanibaybee them uni's is fresh to def
dsg_apparel : Visit SacrificeGrind.com to see what NFL athletes Sacrifice and Grind to Achieve their DREAM. DSG®
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Z trying to find that hole! #RB #Sharks #nys #nfl #32 #faithandfootball #footballislife #football #vision #valleyvista photo cred: sister @_halfnhalf16_ for all your sports photography!
sharks - faithandfootball - football - footballislife - nys - nfl - valleyvista - rb - 32 - vision -
_halfnhalf16_ - mrfonzerelli89 - quel0121 - coach_fern -
It wouldn't be Buffalo weather unless it was snowing in April. #BillsMafia #faithandfootball
faithandfootball - billsmafia -
tweetledpee : (I see you never stopped by my office)
kingsmitty_97 : Wowwwwww
emilypinerola : Poor mission mobile 😞
allimaemae : Oh hell nah
amandamoritz8 : I'll send you those mittens like I promised!!!
jt_su91 : @kingsmitty_97 hahaha. Its crazy fam
jt_su91 : @tweetledpee u r right. Ima change that when I get back
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Pre-game weigh in, Z praying he makes weight! (Ha! Hoping he ways enough!) #RB,#QB & #LT great job today #gameface #focus #faithandfootball #footballislife #nys #nfl #jrpeewee #9u #Sharks
faithandfootball - gameface - footballislife - nys - nfl - focus - lt - qb - rb - jrpeewee - 9u - sharks -
robbejonze : Got the W! 43-24
doit4thegraham - mrfonzerelli89 - gomac304 - quel0121 -
Another great night hearing my hubby share his story at Faith Christian Family Church in Lubbock, TX! Thank you to the Pastors for the opportunity to be a part of your family! And so blessed to hear that 40 souls gave their lives to Christ tonight!! @manny2911 love how God is using you to bring Glory to His Name!! #f619worshipmovement #glorytoGod #GodsStory #NFL #faithandfootball
faithandfootball - soulsforchrist - glorytogod - nfl - f619worshipmovement - godsstory - nflwife -
foundations619 : #f619worshipmovement #faithandfootball #GodsStory #glorytoGod #soulsforChrist #NFLwife
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Thats what we call models πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Trading Day at Cascades, Portsmouth. 😎 #teenupcyclers #teen #business #enterprise #challenge #faithandfootball #cascades #portsmouth #tradingday #follow #jewelleries #upcycled #upcycling #charity
teen - faithandfootball - portsmouth - upcycled - business - upcycling - challenge - jewelleries - tradingday - follow - enterprise - cascades - teenupcyclers - charity -
justincsantana : Awesome profile! Send me a follow request, let's connect :)
adventuretravel_profits : awesome!
shrnaldino : Help the unpaid Indian workers
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Great Night playing 5-a-side with #PortsmouthFC legend Linvoy Primus followed by a curry and a talk from the man himself! #FaithandFootball #Christiansinsport
portsmouthfc - faithandfootball - christiansinsport -
beatofafrica - k_hol - idmarshall1981 - beck_isaac -
Picture Frames!!! Yours for only £6 (including p+p) Handmade with love and care!!! You can also come order them on Saturday at Cascades shopping centre Portsmouth 9am-3pm!!!!! For more info email us at bitsandpiecescompany@gmail.com #amazing #faithandfootball @mckenzarella @alom_anisha
faithandfootball - amazing -
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5 more days before Trading Day in the Cascades, Portsmouth (Saturday 21st March 2015)... Please come and support us and the other schools 😊 thank you! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ FOLLOW- facebook: Teen Up-cyclers twitter: Teen_Upcyclers visit: http://teenupcyclers.wix.com #teenupcyclers #teen #business #upcycle #jewelleries #school #faithandfootball #team #enterprise #cascades #portsmouth #followme #follow
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#inspiration @manny2911 Manny spoke to the Muleshoe ISD today...it was such an honor to share his story with these kids to inspire and motivate them to believe jn themselves and go for their dreams! This clip was just too priceless not to share--Manny admitting I'm his boss, LOL!! Love this guy and how he honors me without hesitation;)) Even more than that, love how He honors God and shares his faith with boldness!!
faithandfootball - motivation - foundations619 - boldness - honorgod - inspiration -
foundations619 : #motivation #foundations619 #faithandfootball #honorGod #boldness
fit_rn_ap : Like it!
agatinom - nathan_collins303 - cynthiabetz - julienquaglierini -
Amazing worship time to close out the #increase Conference, focused on decreasing ourselves in order to allow Christ to increase in our lives. Thank you to everyone who made this week possible--we may be in the #nfl but we still need Jesus, and we do know and love Jesus! Praying that this is the beginning of a new culture for the league and that all the world will see and glorify God!
faithandfootball - lovejesus - nfl - increase - nflwife - pao -
foundations619 : @manny2911 @mrsleahharris #increase #pao #nfl #NFLwife #loveJesus #faithandfootball
mrsleahharris : πŸ™Œ
charmedwithamocha : Love this sweet Iris!!!!
mrsvdoubleu : Was so happy to see you guys! Miss you!
foundations619 : @mrsvdoubleu oh Girl yes it was!! Praying for yall!! Can't wait to see yall again next year;)
manny2911 - martineztamara - clarkboy75 - charmedwithamocha -
Our new shrine for the greatest man to ever grace the beautiful game, Linvoy Primus #linvoyprimus #pray4linvoy #linvoyshrinemus #football #pompey #faithandfootball
faithandfootball - linvoyprimus - pompey - pray4linvoy - football - linvoyshrinemus -
davidsonhrj - thresholdtofire - pompeyshirts - kayleighhpfc -
Had the pleasure of meeting ex premier league footballer #linvoyprimus yesterday. Great to listen to his story and a true gent #foootballer #faithandfootball #MCCFC
foootballer - linvoyprimus - faithandfootball - mccfc -
benjaminfox1 - hannahboweren - jowellsss - ashtashstroudy -
Because it is obligatory for everyone who goes to Africa to post a picture with a child. || Tried to teach this young lady football yesterday. Despite her formal dress attire, her effort and skills were something else. #SouthAfrica #FaithAndFootball
faithandfootball - southafrica -
shannen_iris : Love it Miss!! So proud of you over there. :)
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The #SuperGospelCelebration will air again TONIGHT at 11pm EST on #BET. #FaithAndFootball #NFLPlayersChoir
faithandfootball - supergospelcelebration - nflplayerschoir - bet -
mrsjaywilliams - daliastarkey - sospecial2u -
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