Yikes #fairweatherfans
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fairweatherfans -
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# Ronnie #Radke #Fairweatherfans #song #sodamntrue #true #Ronnie! #The song #FIR #tour So before you try and hate me try to walk in my shoes.
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Happy Birthday to this guy, the best thing to ever happen to me 😊 love you, thank you for spending your big 22 with me 😘 #hbd #nationalcatday #gogiants (#fairweatherfans)
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Haha #fairweatherfans #hereyoucome #congratstotheloyals
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tatted_tank : Yea sure Haha just like you can name your past 5 Niner coaches too right? Or what year did Barry Bonds retire right off the back without looking it up huh? All of a sudden a doe hard fan hahahahahahaha... #girlswatchsports?
jp__marie2 : #yesgirlswatchsports mad cuz it ain't ur team lol #poorsport always have been since we were kids #tuffluckbob
krcornejo : 😁😁😁
tatted_tank : @jp__marie2 Poorsport? I said congrats to the loyal Giants fans..
rushreking : Lol I just had a giants fan tell me Barry bonds was the best DH ever. Dumb fuck NL league has no DH.
tatted_tank : Hahaha @rushreking
niqjones : Haha dumb mother fuckers
janielgeerlings : You are a hater i hate the giants too man but i see a hater here
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I ain't heard 1 Miami Heat fan today but for da last 4 yrs that's all u was hearing. #fairweatherfans
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dopegirlfreshkc : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I luv it! #rp
bdizzzle43 : LeBron fan bro
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#FairweatherFans #ISeeYou #ChicagoBulls #DerrickRose #ThisTeaOnPoint
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ckhid : Wow!
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Gents. Perhaps you don't know, but it's GAME 7 of the #royals #WorldSeries #TakeTheCrown - it's not a night for a casual dining experience at the K where you can't see the game. #fairweatherfans
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We believe? βšΎοΈπŸ»πŸ’™ #royals #fairweatherfans #causemerchisexpensive
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I DARE you to tell me in lying! #FairWeatherFans #WheresTheBlueAndSilver #IsYouAFan #OrIsYouAintAFan #TurnedIslamicREALQuick #From100to0 #In4Quarters
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kevt_123 : I'm a real fan. I will be one win or lose.
koolroski : All the time..
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Opening day @lakers #leggo #la #lakers #kobe #mamba #newseason #motivate #GTFOH #fairweatherfans #love
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ultimatebasket_ball : Nice post! Mind checking our account? : I'll be working right outside. Come in for happy hour :)
jackeebabee : πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›
__tanjic__ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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#Cavs #bandwagon #fairweatherfans #ImALebronFanTheySay #clevelandcavaliers #cavsfansbelike #lebronbelike #lebronjumpedship #shaq
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cappagc : @brich4e @amygauthier25 @gauthierjeff
nacroteau : I can't stand #fairweatherfans @cappagc
cappagc : @nacroteau hell no! When you a kid its one thing, but people nowadays just jump from team to team
soocrafty : Lol
armani29nyc : @jasonjonathan1811
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Amen #CowboysNation #Bandwagon #FairweatherFans
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masterjerseys : Check out my page dude, love your pictures
qadir_gittens : Go Redskins! #GiantsNation
jennalynn116 : Yo, preach. #nonewfans #swervehaters #romoisbae
lovin_me_2 : Deadskins suck #cowboynationbaby
renskiibroo : Feel some type of way
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If I was granted one wish: it would be for you to see me, for who i really am, because these looks can be deceiving. And I swear to go if you really listen closely by the time this song is over you will truly know me... @ronnieradke #ronnieradke#ronnie#radke#idol#favesong#fairweatherfans#hesagod#hesalegend#hesthebest
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I'm so sick of these fuckin' bitches always changing what I'm saying Into something that it's not Man this shit has got to stop Shit I'll wear the clothes I want And I'll cut my hair all off And I'll do it just to prove That I'm a motherfucking boss. #ronnieradke #fairweatherfans
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Oh look! It's fair weather and we are fans! #goroyals #fairweatherfans #takethecrown #KC @aburke1978
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kellyxgray : #GoGiants!!! πŸ˜‰
erinatwell07 : Tyler and Bryan just got back from San Fran and had the best time at the games!!
shellimnetko : @erinatwell07 How fun!!! @kellyxgray πŸ™ˆlol
emily_cooperrider : I sent you an email the other day!
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That one time that Bane and #BruceLeroy partied too hard and fell asleep during the World Series. #fail #bayarea #fairweatherfans #gogiants #ishikawa #worldseries #partyfoul #dontbullymybreed #bulldogsofig #americanbulldoglovers #pitbullsofinstagram #doglovers #dogsofig #whywerescue
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dogneydangerfield : @juvyinparallel
juvyinparallel : @dogneydangerfield he would much rather play ball, or in this case sleep! Lol @mandybee2
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It's ok y'all, us true #cowboy fans will share our team with you guys. #cowboys #cowboysnation #dallascowboys #wedemboys #gocowboys #bandwagon #bandwagonfans #fairweatherfans #cowboysfansincethebeginning #cowboysfantillidie #winorlose #rainorshine #hashtagsfodays
cowboysfansincethebeginning - wedemboys - bandwagon - cowboy - rainorshine - gocowboys - winorlose - cowboysfantillidie - hashtagsfodays - fairweatherfans - bandwagonfans - dallascowboys - cowboys - americasteam - cowboysnation -
josh_l_hilton : #americasteam
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#bandwagon #fairweatherfans #gogiants !!! #brothersisterday ❀️
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thecitysupplyco : Nice hats! #LetsGoGiants!!! ξ€Ž ξ€Ž ξ€– ξ€–
mejeffbaker : What seats do you guys have?
xrichardjamesx : Go Royals! ⚾️
cmb1310 : @mejeffbaker hey dad! We will be watching from my couch and celebrating from my apt! Woo!!!!!!🚬⚾️
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Atlanta sports fans are the sorriest. #sucks2suck @izzyman2
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gansteryan92 : I know @itb345 still loves the Falcons right? Lolol πŸ˜‚
itb345 : Not to much this season.
itb345 : I do know georgia is gonna lay an ass beating down in Florida @gansteryan92
gansteryan92 : We will see about that. Florida do have one of the best defenses in the country #bitch
itb345 : I got a twenty saying georgia is gonna beat that gator ass. #gatorssuck #bitch
gansteryan92 : I'll put 20 on it. B/c I actually believe in my team. It's convenient that y'all are all for Georgia cause they're doin good. If they were looking like the Falcons y'all would be like wah wah wah 😒😒
izzyman2 : GA is gonna wipe their ass with FLA point blank end of story
itb345 : @izzyman2 knows what's up.
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#wherethecupbelongs #remember how nobody showed up for #lakings parade on left ! #CHICAGO #BLACKHAWKS #truefans on right #la #Fairweatherfans #chi #originalsix @sweetsarbear86 #imjustsayin
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Wow! 1 loss and the tailgate game gets so weak. #FairWeatherFans #imStillAllIn #auburn #wareagle
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lilstikmom : I think the last game crowd was based on the LSU rival. But it does seem a little vacant there
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Haha currently dead. Thanks @chazhazard. #chargers #fairweatherfans #washedup #philrivers #gobroncos
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broncosguy1985 : Hell Yeah! Dope pic! Come checkout my page! I think you'll get along with all of us other Broncos fans!
tyler.newton : So disrespectful @kick_ass25 @kinghudson288 @chuckhayze
asablan519 : Well said!
jadawley87 : Wow cousin you are quite the shit talker aren't ya? I'm sure that will all come to an end like it did after the first 12sec of the Super Bowl? #gohawks
jeffclarkk : @jadawley87 I always shit talk the chargers. And yeah, I doubt it'll change this year.
kinghudson288 - robertarthurmain - tyler.newton - kadeer93 -
Great week to be in KC! #fairweatherfans #game2 #royals @kellenwiest
fairweatherfans - game2 - royals -
kathryngraver : How fun to be in a winning town.
themilkshakeman : You found a KC hatπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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#rr #rappinandrockin #ronnieradke #fashionablylate #fallinginreverse #fairweatherfans #bands #posthardcore
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We are such fair-weather fans. but as much as my family acts as if they know everything about the game you would think we were very Loyal fans!!! #watchingtheroyalsgame #fairweatherfans
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fairweatherfans -
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Frontrunners #frontinass #FairWeatherFans you know who you are 😭😭😭
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_ellerose : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
rosheezus : @_ellerose😁
breezy23o6 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
breezy23o6 : @erbardhi23
breezy23o6 : @2dot4 lol
2dot4 : @breezy23o6 lol
erbardhi23 : @breezy23o6 lol
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I'm hanging on an airplane✈️ Falling through the airwaves in the clouds☁️ #selfie #lyrics #ronnieradke #fairweatherfans #outside #fall
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imxreoz_ : #lesbian
mandii2204 : @imxreoz_ um thank¿?
imxreoz_ : I'm jk your gorgeous
mandii2204 : 😹Lolol thanksπŸ’• @imxreoz_
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Even that rams whooped it! #fairweatherfans
fairweatherfans -
willalex04 - rheddheddjenn79 - snobishh - rynnmyksmom -
Lawd this is all I want to know...if my memory serves me correct some of you guys rooted for other teams... #fairweatherfans #footballfan #steelersgirl
footballfan - fairweatherfans - steelersgirl -
heiressjewels - kobragraphics -
I wanna root for my fellow Texas team but I'm not about to be apart of the most annoying fans in sports probably πŸ˜… #neindanke #Lakersfans #heatfans #makesitfuntoroastwhentheylose #heatfanswillbescarcethisyear #fairweatherfans
heatfans - neindanke - heatfanswillbescarcethisyear - lakersfans - makesitfuntoroastwhentheylose - fairweatherfans -
christopher_lovehall : Man these 9er fans so bad. They probably the worst
therippeddj : @christopher_lovehall you sure you not biased cause that's one of the only teams will probably mow the boys? Lol
darealnette : The most ANNOYING fans of all times.......ugh
tres_vinos_ : Yes!!!!!! My thoughts EXACTLY!!!
christopher_lovehall : Nope not biased at all. I lived in Dallas w/cowboy fans & now I live in Cali w/9er fans. I've seen first hand how both are.
therippeddj : @christopher_lovehall oh I except the city dwellers that's expected I just can't stand the Cowboys that come out of no where from parts unknown lol all the celebrities on it now it's like really?!? Out of all the teams that win weekly Cowboys are the only thing I see (until they start losing again) so no faithfulness just all bad
ciciredd - aliciadaniellle - tres_vinos_ - leslie13_20 -
Emotional eating after the hawks game #fairweatherfans #homemade #chiliandcornbread #grandmajeanscast iron @andyscoot
chiliandcornbread - fairweatherfans - grandmajeanscast - homemade -
debbiefogarty : Yum
jmgoulet - debbiefogarty - cbalph - seattlebeerdude -
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