We are such fair-weather fans. but as much as my family acts as if they know everything about the game you would think we were very Loyal fans!!! #watchingtheroyalsgame #fairweatherfans
fairweatherfans - watchingtheroyalsgame -
teresamarge - ruthroger - sarah_t890 - kennedyessary -
fairweatherfans -
jessica_endaya - aerdna_ttiweh - sgaines0112 - reallysoawkward -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Frontrunners #frontinass #FairWeatherFans you know who you are 😭😭😭
frontrunners - fairweatherfans - frontinass -
_ellerose : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
rosheezus : @_ellerose😁
grace_so_fly - easytek9 - itscherylg - flipstar -
I'm hanging on an airplane✈️ Falling through the airwaves in the clouds☁️ #selfie #lyrics #ronnieradke #fairweatherfans #outside #fall
fairweatherfans - outside - ronnieradke - lyrics - fall - selfie -
imxreoz_ : #lesbian
mandii2204 : @imxreoz_ um thank¿?
imxreoz_ : I'm jk your gorgeous
mandii2204 : 😹Lolol thanksπŸ’• @imxreoz_
joyboynl - meganchippett - daniellekonge - kimmi_d_reid -
Even that rams whooped it! #fairweatherfans
fairweatherfans -
willalex04 - rheddheddjenn79 - snobishh - rynnmyksmom -
Lawd this is all I want to know...if my memory serves me correct some of you guys rooted for other teams... #fairweatherfans #footballfan #steelersgirl
footballfan - fairweatherfans - steelersgirl -
heiressjewels - kobragraphics -
I wanna root for my fellow Texas team but I'm not about to be apart of the most annoying fans in sports probably πŸ˜… #neindanke #Lakersfans #heatfans #makesitfuntoroastwhentheylose #heatfanswillbescarcethisyear #fairweatherfans
heatfans - neindanke - heatfanswillbescarcethisyear - lakersfans - makesitfuntoroastwhentheylose - fairweatherfans -
christopher_lovehall : Man these 9er fans so bad. They probably the worst
therippeddj : @christopher_lovehall you sure you not biased cause that's one of the only teams will probably mow the boys? Lol
darealnette : The most ANNOYING fans of all times.......ugh
tres_vinos_ : Yes!!!!!! My thoughts EXACTLY!!!
christopher_lovehall : Nope not biased at all. I lived in Dallas w/cowboy fans & now I live in Cali w/9er fans. I've seen first hand how both are.
therippeddj : @christopher_lovehall oh I except the city dwellers that's expected I just can't stand the Cowboys that come out of no where from parts unknown lol all the celebrities on it now it's like really?!? Out of all the teams that win weekly Cowboys are the only thing I see (until they start losing again) so no faithfulness just all bad
kkaygee - aliciadaniellle - tres_vinos_ - leslie13_20 -
Emotional eating after the hawks game #fairweatherfans #homemade #chiliandcornbread #grandmajeanscast iron @andyscoot
chiliandcornbread - fairweatherfans - grandmajeanscast - homemade -
debbiefogarty : Yum
debbiefogarty - cbalph - jsolvie - seattlebeerdude -
I will always be loyal, but this ish is funny! #seattle #loyal #seahawks #seattleseahawks #rams #pnw #fairweatherfans #champs #lob #nomorepercy
lob - seattleseahawks - champs - nomorepercy - pnw - rams - loyal - fairweatherfans - seahawks - seattle -
thacoalman : I died when I saw this!
thacoalman : #abandonship
joshcaleb : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @thacoalman
_luxuryboutique_ : Were huge fans of your page, check out our page, give us a cheeky follow and you can win prizes!
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Really? We have to fly south? But I cheer for the #Sens. #fairweatherfans #snowbirdsgottajointheSensArmy #birds #nature #nofilter #Ottawa #outdoors #myottawa #loveottawa
loveottawa - nature - snowbirdsgottajointhesensarmy - myottawa - fairweatherfans - ottawa - outdoors - sens - nofilter - birds -
courtloveslashes : Love your pics! I #followback
summersolsticegirl - tetyanavk - chrisarrrrr - janerussett -
If I was granted one wish It would be for you too see me For who I truly am Because these looks can be deceiving #night #fairweatherfans @ronnieradke
fairweatherfans - night -
naes_ynohtna : ✊
head.aches : Tbh, I think you know my boyfriend? But anyways, you seem cool and yeee ☺
cannabistits : EIGHT
naes_ynohtna - rach_nicole_hall_ - katiee1019 - mramazingjordan -
True fans stay🏈 #fairweatherfans #last15there
fairweatherfans - last15there -
natbuberl : Yewww
joeridebike : We are the best. CIF champion we are coming
jhit5 : ^
brentenkelly : True fans stay
michaeljolmos717 : #thosearmmuscles
corrina26 : Only like 20 true fans last night
danicp28 : 😍😍😍
hewenttojerod - flowinwater97 - itsdylankinney - clackasaurusrex -
Truth. #iamroyal #loyalroyal #fairweatherfans #sitdown #blueoctober
loyalroyal - fairweatherfans - iamroyal - blueoctober - sitdown -
courtneylube - madalynbonderer - zukusenryu - mizzou47686 -
Soooo true!! #timehop #fairweatherfans
fairweatherfans - timehop -
harlessa -
#bandwagons get da faah outa here ! #fairweatherfans #sincewen ... #yahyou !
sincewen - yahyou - fairweatherfans - bandwagons -
mvrk8106 : @felizy lol Foreal tho
solepino57 : #Sodicks Lol... good luck this week! β˜† #faneversince all the bandwagon fans go jump on the sheddy 9ers & seacock wagon
felizy : @solepino57 - yahyou ! loosa buy buffet ?! πŸ˜„
felizy : @mvrk8106 - lol
solepino57 : Yeah u @felizy
ethancruz808 : #truth
karaiden : Freaking bandwagon followers
yahyahyahyah : Gulaman fans coming out
aladinramos - mrbig808 - sumdem1313 - karaiden -
I could be a fan. #fairweatherfans #clippers #blakegriffin #hawt
blakegriffin - fairweatherfans - hawt - clippers -
seaelletee : And this is from the Oct. '14 of GQ
juicy_brush - hylannis_mom - cierrawatson32 - annie024 -
πŸ”…I never ever want to touch the ground, I'm walking on a tight rope searching the right note, play that soundπŸ”…#ronnieradke #fairweatherfans Lisa rocks hardcore, just saying ^_^
funny - sister - lyrics - bands - bluehair - ronnieradke - fairweatherfans - music - blonde -
darth_melissacarlile_of_gotham : SHUDDUP -SMACKS- NOT FOR YOU
melaniemayday : LOL ILL SMACK DAT ASS ;D @darth_melissacarlile_of_gotham
darth_melissacarlile_of_gotham : OMG XD THAT IS NOT FOR YOU!!
melaniemayday : OOOO IS IT FOR AUSTIN TO SMACK THEN!?!? XD @darth_melissacarlile_of_gotham
darth_melissacarlile_of_gotham : *-* Austin carlile is perfect
gmpent : OMG! βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«πŸ’›πŸ‘‘ So blondieful! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Έ
melaniemayday : Thanx!! 😘😍😁 @gmpent
bethhcannon - akeko_1030 - mlonghelt - thekingisdeaduk -
I've seen more cowboys hear this week than I have for the past 8 years, where have you all been? #fairweatherfans #bandwagoners #cowboys #americasteam
americasteam - bandwagoners - fairweatherfans - cowboys -
brandon.jared : *gear
justinbinyon : @mike28moreno
tuphan1312014 - drewpearsonshow - _niqqa_dont_ -
I don't even gotta name people. You know who you are. #D #FairWeatherFans #ImStillNotAFan
fairweatherfans - d - imstillnotafan -
#ronnieradke#song#fairweatherfans#monster#mysong#saved #me#smile#fan#nothappy#doubletap #ifollowback
me - ifollowback - monster - doubletap - song - ronnieradke - fan - fairweatherfans - mysong - smile - saved - nothappy -
insta_daliloush - hdgaga - xx_justa_ghost_xx - _addictedtothepainx -
Very True!!!#lol#nfl#dallascowboys#nflmemes#fairweatherfans
nfl - fairweatherfans - dallascowboys - lol - nflmemes -
donpanouch : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just died bro!!! @ari_michaels
natzed : Lan.... Sous getzir dzo.... @kevorkass
mellymaygirl : Wow!
xxx_i_ - har8_inc - yoconto_calisthenics - kokzzz -
I'm seeing a lot of this at the moment and my god it's getting on my tits. #oasis #noelgallagher #madferit #fairweatherfans
getyourtitsoutforthezaps - madferit - fairweatherfans - oasis - noelgallagher -
prudencesquires_ : πŸ˜‚
ciaraxdoherty : @rosielxddy @mowgorman crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
rosielxddy : @ciaraxdoherty so true lad
mowgorman : I'm only going for wonderwall πŸ’πŸ˜‚πŸ”« @ciaraxdoherty @rosielxddy
fennzander : @prudencesquires_ @rosielxddy @ciaraxdoherty @mowgorman I really hope there is no element of truth in my above statement ladies. ⬆️⬆️ #GetYourTitsOutForTheZaps
ciaraxdoherty : @fennzander mate I'm going to see noel so he can sing acoustic wonderwall to me?
_emma_griffiths_ - mowgorman - tomcroucher - rosielxddy -
3 seconds to spare... AND #SexyAsHell / you assholes! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ @packers: who taught you how to play football like that?!?!? J E S U S!!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ’šπŸˆπŸ’›πŸ™Œ #MONSTERS - yes! I'm still celebrating. madd respect to all you REAL diehard 305 fans but to the others... πŸ‘€ FUCK YA'LL πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š #FairWeatherFans #Miami - help -get me outta here! πŸš‘
miami - fairweatherfans - monsters - sexyashell - sityoassdown -
ooyequebola : Lol did I hit a nerve
ooyequebola : You know I luv you honey
jdm_goose92 : @izuniga2 this is a REAL beast boiii
izuniga2 : Vs the Dolphins? Okay real beast they worse then the Rams @jdm_goose92
th3_monst3r_ : damn - so many haters on this post! #SitYoAssDown & people wonder why I hate Miami 'fans' - keep it movin' πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
th3_monst3r_ : @jdm_goose92 πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
jdm_goose92 : @izuniga2 you sound stupid af, rams only have 1 win dolphins have 3 how are they better ? Kap is garbage af bruh we'll forsure beat you guys if we play now.
izuniga2 : Hahahaha they played better teams!!! We got the hardest division duh they not gone have wins. Hahah now? I bet just like all the other games huh? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ’€ @jdm_goose92
tylersmithmodel - tredakidkir - stone7474 - amanda_mishelle143 -
Yea now everyone wants to be a cowboy fan. #yesimbitterbecausemyteamsucks #fairweatherfans #movebacktodallaswiththatshit #thisisnovanotdallas
movebacktodallaswiththatshit - thisisnovanotdallas - fairweatherfans - yesimbitterbecausemyteamsucks -
tmccourt_81 : Its ok man we all know 1-5 hurts lol
ty_rexxyy : @tmccourt_81 it does but you know its true. Weird bumping into you the other day looks like you got a nice job.
tmccourt_81 : Hell yea man very blessed ,hope all is well on your end
ty_rexxyy : Everything's great just trying to work hard and get to where I need to be in life.
chelseasquires - twhittytwhit - aboveclouds - kstanl3y -
Yall real silent today and tell me why all these fans came out the woodwork #fairweatherfans #wedontneedyou #haters #always #loyaltothestar #cowboysnation #theboysareback #wheretheyattho #yassssbitch #inmytivoice
wedontneedyou - always - inmytivoice - loyaltothestar - yassssbitch - fairweatherfans - cowboysnation - wheretheyattho - theboysareback - haters -
have_a_nice_day_b : #cowboysnation
vh311 - feux_d_artifice - aaron1129 - delia__bruh_cx -
Only a few a y'all actually know about the triplets n such. #repost #nohate #knowyourhistory #fairweatherfans
knowyourhistory - fairweatherfans - nohate - repost -
j_kwest : Lmao
torysl86 : You goin lls?
quality421 : I'm in no position to flame unless we talkin rings lol @torysl86
torysl86 : Lmao there you go
its_cajas - s1lentmoe29 - shecanonlybe_cee - beccahbeee -
#nowheretobefound #bandwagon #est2012 #fairweatherfans
nowheretobefound - fairweatherfans - est2012 - bandwagon -
jzuniga87 : Right here mofo! Good game!
stanmartina - geronim05 - gavinator62 -
With all the Walking Dead excitement I forgot to post, How 'bout them Cowboys going to Seattle and beating the Seahawks? #DallasCowboys #ForReal
fairweatherfans - forreal - dallascowboys -
tisha_rodrigues : πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
jcot674 : @tisha_rodrigues How 'Bout Them Cowboys?
tisha_rodrigues : Everyone's a fan now right? pshhh
jcot674 : Haha yep! They're coming out the closets. #FairweatherFans
michaelsheid - chris522ty - diehardcollection - tisha_rodrigues -
Y'all starting off hot ill give you that... But come holla at me when y'all win games that actually matter. #lmao #FouttaHere #cowgirls #dallascowboys #trash #StillGottaBeatTheEagles #FairWeatherFans #NowYallFansAgain @richardericklujan @redbull_papi
fouttahere - lmao - 1cowgirlhater - nowyallfansagain - stillgottabeattheeagles - fairweatherfans - cowgirls - trash - your - dallascowboys -
wordisalex : @pkroberson5 last 20 years we have the same amount.. You've never seen your team win one lol silence
_rachiii_ : Stop hating so much
pkroberson5 : πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ @wordisalex
tai_brother21 : Geoff you the reason I hate them @_rachiii_ along with uncle curt and your mom lol
prembert11 : Hater...........
javinchhoeun : Cowgirls*
richardericklujan : @ruckfules22 you already knkw I been down with the boyz since day 1
firmeza96 : @cloc44
jahmenruano - adi_o9 - dan_g_system - c2_koolkid -
Mayne I ain't wailing, after the Cowboys beat Seattle, their bandwagon bout to be stupid packed #fairweatherfans
fairweatherfans -
teely804 : HOP ON COWGIRLS!!
franchize31 : @teely804 lol i wish we would have played yall after week 1. Think the outcome would have been diff
teely804 : Ima keep it funky, Romo gift wrapped that bitch for us brah, thanks Tony...but Niners and the 'Boys might play again in the postseason shaw, so u might getcha wish brah....and we gotta throw some scrilla on that if it happen
teely804 : @franchize31
franchize31 : @teely804 true story
my2_me - my2gurlsrmy_world - zy_jourdon - bigjyheat -
Acting like Texas Ranger "fans". #Bandwagon #iseeyou #dumb #ihateyou #gohome #fairweatherfans
fairweatherfans - iseeyou - bandwagon - dumb - gohome - ihateyou -
crishtenleon485 : Btw this doesn't make sense that Cowboys beat the Seahawks
jcaskeybruhh : It says that they played good. Not that they beat them. Read the picture. It's a shot a bandwagon fans. Not cowboy fans. It does, in fact, make sense. @chrishtenleon485
#bandwagon #seafakes #since2012 #legionofgloom #est2012 #fairweatherfans
since2012 - fairweatherfans - seafakes - bandwagon - est2012 - legionofgloom -
corbray04 : Chata!!!
jacobearls92 - theginger234 - stanmartina - ayshaaamia -
That didn't take long... #statefanfromthebeginning #fairweatherfans #byefelecia
statefanfromthebeginning - hailstate - fairweatherfans - byefelecia -
michael_westerfield : I swear. All these people posting stuff and it's like where were you before Dan Mullen. πŸ˜‚ same way with ole miss.
missybush : Exactly!! We sat thru some bad times back in the day but we never left a game early and no matter what we still supported our team @michael_westerfield #hailstate
michael_westerfield : I supported ole miss since Houston mutt.πŸ˜‚ but now people call the real fans band wagons.
t_jones_3 : Haha so true! Ole miss and State this is awesome! @michael_westerfield @missybush
erinhunterrr - adenmaddox - k_mingyy - leeleern35 -
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