Game rage is too real rn. ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก Fucking Xbox froze. Going to bed good fucking night.๐Ÿ˜  #gaming #gamerage #Xbox #fable #fable2
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fernsjacobi : hack today gta5 online link in our bio
itz_landon_x : Lmao my shit never freezes hahahaha
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My jeans look like the trousers from Fable 2 haha #jeans #checkered #bluebanana #ootd #outfitoftheday #grey #checkeredjeans #fable2 #funny
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Bought these bad boys again :P #xbox #gamer #gamergirl #rpg #rpgs #360 #xbox360 #fable #fable2 #fable3 #elderscrolls #skyrim
fable2 - fable3 - gamergirl - rpgs - elderscrolls - xbox360 - xbox - gamer - rpg - skyrim - fable - 360 -
davidacummings : Skyrim for the win!
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#hair #handmade #nerd #nerdystoof #fable #fable2 #fable3 #guildseal #sparrow #gamer #girlgamer #cute #crafts #etsy #steampunk #steam #gaming
cute - fable2 - girlgamer - sparrow - hair - fable3 - fable - etsy - nerd - steampunk - handmade - gaming - nerdystoof - gamer - crafts - steam - guildseal -
thepreppystrawberry : Nice pictures! Love your IG page.
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This is why #Fable2 is awesome!!!! #ForrestTroll #Gamer
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Who needs a man when you got Fable? ๐Ÿ˜ #fable2 #iminlove #singleright #illgodieforamoment #teamxbox
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_mr._mojo_risin_ : That's my favorite game!!
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The best game EVER! #Fable2
fable2 -
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Omg #LMFAO #Fable2 #ThatMoment
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brook_hodgins101 : Lmfao totally
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#fable #fable1 #fablethelostchapter #fable2 #fable3 #fablethejourney #microsoftgame #lionheadstudio #xbox #xboxoriginal #xbox360
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Legendary #fable2
fable2 -
sveta_pavlv : ะั…ะฐั… ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ
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Finally Fable on Xbox One !!! Just signed up to hopefully partake in the Beta ๐Ÿ‘Œ #fablelegends #fable #fable2 #xbox #xboxone
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bmxfurlife : Let's play
tr1kone : @bmxfurlife add me @basedm0m
bmxfurlife : Added
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Jo is stealin my xbox ๐Ÿ˜ฑ #fable2 #xbox360 #girlfriend #love @jobo2008
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I don't know if I've been playin too much fable 2, but hero hill reminds me of the galaxy warp from Steven Universe. #fable2 #herohill #stevenuniverse #galaxywarp
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marqus___ : Yes it does look like the galaxy warp
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Give a follow to @brooklynhere ๐Ÿ’“ @brooklynhere @brooklynhere @brooklynhere @brooklynhere @brooklynhere @brooklynhere #xbox #xbox360 #titanfall #codaw #deadisland #cod #callofduty #codghosts #gtav #gta #farcry3 #farcry4 #grandtheftauto #fable2 #fable3 #minecraft #mw2 #mw3 #advancedwarfare #worldatwar #xboxcontroller #gamerchick #girlsthatgame #girlswhogame
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amazinggaminggirls : 1.6k
brooklynhere : Thanks!! ๐Ÿ˜
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@mandajayneg and I know where it's at #fable #fable2 #fable3 #Xbox #Xbox360
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mandajayneg : Fuck yeaahhhh โค๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
ryanman1988 : Fable anniversary?
dazza_carts : Cough cough umm ok let me post on mine and I'll tag yas
staceface_mayhem : Haha nah just reminiscing and keen to play again as @mandajayneg is :-) @rysn
staceface_mayhem : @ryanman1988
ryanman1988 : But anniversary is the same as fable I
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My mama bought me Fable 2 and Fall out 3 #xbox360 #fable2 #fallout3
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scottt0711 : Fallout New Vegas is better.
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The Last Story is in fact a great story. It does have a lot of cliched elements, but really what game/movie doesnt anymore? Everything has been done to death, so its not the story itself, but the way in which its carried out that makes the difference. That is where this game shines. The characters make this story great, not the story itself. First and foremost, the voice acting is superb. The lines are all delivered well, and it allows you to focus on whats being said and whats happening as opposed to the lack of effort put into the voicework. The characters really do seem like theyve been working together a long time, and I even noticed a sense of awkwardness in the voicework when characters who were new to the party would join. The characters do fall victim to certain stereotypes (does the healer always have to be a reserved, soft-spoken young woman?) but again they are done well enough to overcome them. I got attached to all the characters in some form or another, and even the supporting cast is great. Between the characters and the dialog this game made me laugh several times, which is good. There are a lot more humorous things in this game than I expected and it was very refreshing, some are easter egg types, some arent. This game also moved me to tears at least twice that I can think of. Which is something most video games dont do these days, connect with the player emotionally.
talesoftheabyss - fable2 - fable3 - disgaea2 - disgaea3 - xseed - openworld - disgaea4 - kingdomhearts - masseffect - finalfantasy - diabloiii - talesofgrace - darksiders - fable - thelaststory - jrpg - talesofsymphonia - starocean - bravelydefault - demonssouls - darksiders2 - chronocross - metalhead - anime - everquest - chronotrigger -
thyultimategamer : The gameplay is solid, but could have been better in some ways. I highly recommend changing the attack mode to manual instead of automatic, or you will just be sitting there through the whole game. Even with that though, most battles are somewhat repetitive, but it never really became tiresome for me. WIth that said though, I also found the majority of the game to be pretty easy, Im not sure if my level was to high? I did nothing to "grind" except use a few summon circles in the early parts of the game to get used to fighting, and I visited the arena 2-3 times. I also kept my weapons and armor upgraded as much as I could as often as I could, but other than that nothing out of the ordinary and it just seemed easy. Except for the last boss, which took a big jump in difficulty, and I found myself grinding it out at a summon circle to cope. Some of the more standard RPG elements such as magic, status ailments, etc are pretty watered down in this game, which is both good and bad. Healing circles cast by members of your party are pretty much a fix-all, which does save you from using the wrong kind of item, or potion, or what have you (there are none in this game). But the elements and status effects seemed to be kind of an afterthought, and dont play a huge role in combat, but they do help. Very few battles require you to stick to a strategy of any kind, and its mostly just attack attack, oh I need to heal, attack attack. You get used to playing this way, and then the final boss requires a strict strategy (unless your level is way too high) and it was frustrating until I figured out how to do things.
thyultimategamer : The graphics are good, but not great, overall the game is pleasant to look at though. I liked the fact that you could customize your armor/outfit by removing bits and pieces and changing the colors. But I really wish they would have included the "cosmetic outfits" approach included in most MMORPGS.many of the armor types in this game have good attributes, but for a particular character, or any character, look ridiculous, horrid, or something else. So it would have been nice to have your armor equipped for its attributes, and then have an "outift" over the top of it that is more eye pleasing.There were several times I liked the attributes of an armor, but couldnt stand to look at it. (a grown man in booty shorts and leather chaps anyone?) But really, the armor is all the same until the later parts of the game, but thats when they matter the most. I also liked the fact that they include the armor and weapons that you have equipped into the cutscenes, its a nice touch, but it does mean they have to render the scenes using the games "engine", so they arent as cinematic as in other games. Only the "flashback" type scenes have the cinematic feel. The game does push the Wii to its limits and it shows, during heavy battle scenes and sometimes even just roaming about certain parts of the city, the framerates really chug. Its tolerable in the city, but does become bothersome during battles when you are used to a certain pace and it starts to crawl. This is a short game by RPG standards, I beat it in less than 30 hours, and that was doing some sidequests. I didnt do all of them, nor did I revisit any locations like you have the option to. So you could stretch some more time out Im sure. But either way, its fairly short all things considered. But its still a good trip!
thyultimategamer : #TheLastStory #BravelyDefault #FinalFantasy #StarOcean #JRPG #FinalFantasy #Kingdomhearts #Chronotrigger #Chronocross #Fable #Fable2 #Fable3 #DarkSiders #DarkSiders2 #Anime #Metalhead #DemonsSouls #Disgaea4 #Disgaea2 #Disgaea3 #TalesOfGrace #TalesOfSymphonia #TalesOfTheAbyss #Xseed #Openworld #Masseffect #DiabloIII #Everquest
anthonyflipside : I really want to play this
thyultimategamer : @anthonyflipside if you have a Wii I strongly suggest checking this game out!
uh_oh_hotdog : This game is why I bought a Wii and I got it for my 22nd birthday last year. This is Final Fantasy in everything but name and even then the name is pushing it. Great game, amazing characters, beautiful music, and a really fun combat system.
aprilmarietucker : Great profile! How are you doin? Would love to keep in touch on Instagram. Check my profile and if you like the value I share shoot me a follow. Take care โœŒ
stephyxb0r : Enjoyed that game so much
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Fable 2 #fable2
fable2 -
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True loveโค๏ธ๐ŸŽฎ #Fable2#Xbox360
fable2 - xbox360 -
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Does anyone other than me still play any of these games or at least own them? #Fable2 #Skate #StarWarsBattlefront #MarvelUltimateAlliance #CallOfDuty3 #Gaming
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alex.pitcher : Nice
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This is a brilliant prequel to what will be one of most well known video game crossovers of all time. Beautiful graphics, the PSP shines like the PS2. True sceneries could be played with more but for the PSP Im massively impressed. The story is absolutely heartbreaking, and incredibly dramatic. A perfect tie in to Kingdom Hearts, while also setting up potential storylines for KH3(whenever that decides to be announced). The gameplay like any Kingdom Hearts game is the typical God of War hack and slash with reaction commands every now and then. I like how they added D links and I LOVE the new combat system, its very enjoyable. The one problem with the gameplay is the camera mode, they fixed the problem in KH2 but it came back in this one, granted it does not really effect the game play but when your trying to fight the boss and it locks on to a crate it can kind of make or break you. Which now leads me to difficulty, this game is HARD. It is very challenging especially on Proud Mode, I underestimated the level of difficulty. It seems all those fans that complained about how easy KH 2 was can breathe a fresh air because BBS especially on proud mode is HARD. I think I died 6 times in the Sleeping Beauty world, very difficult. This game is well worth the money, well worth the wait and an incredible experience.
fable2 - fable3 - mortalkombat - residentevil - watchdogs - kingdomhearts - finalfantasy - deusex - birthbysleep - rpg - fable - jrpg - hitmanbloodmoney - starocean - trophyhunter - sonypsp - chronotrigger - diabloiii - murderedsoulsuspect - kingdomhearts3 - chainofmemories - anime - everquest - squareenix - kingdomhearts2 - hitmanabsolution - sora -
_the_majin_ : Gamer problems for sure man! Lol
raynixx : I only have the PSVita. ;-;
thyultimategamer : @raynixx I don't have one sadly
xxvi_xilusxx : I loved this game but I won't lie, it was pretty hard.
thyultimategamer : @xxvi_xilusxx hard games= rewarding
peytonhudson01 : Uh... Dude KH3 is coming out this year.
thyultimategamer : @peytonhudson01 Square Enix hasn't really confirmed an actual release date so it won't come out until 2016
peytonhudson01 : Ah I see. I wish it had a Wii U version.
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Playing fable 2 with doritos and a coke float, perf Saturday night #fable2 #doritos #food #games
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So we meet again my faithfull xbox controller. #xbox360 #gamer #fable2 #cantaffordanewsystem
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apeofspades : #ChatPad ๐ŸŽฎ
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@steckosaurus lulz Back in my day games weren't like this. I had the option to bag it or not. I let it ride. #Fable2 #Xbox360
fable2 - xbox360 -
steckosaurus : That game is kinda crunk tho
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Had my copy of #fable2 signed by one of the voice actors when I went to #comiccon #2012. #fable #xbox360 #Microsoft #rpg #gaming #autograph#lionheadstudios
gaming - fable2 - fable - lionheadstudios - rpg - xbox360 - comiccon - microsoft - autograph - 2012 -
ya_boy_aus : @rad.ruth
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Forgetting how much you loved gaming. #xbox #myboyfriendisawesome #fable2 #borderlands #fallout #cod #halo #enslaved #gearsofwar #geek #gameon #relaxin #ahhh #dayoff :)
gearsofwar - fable2 - relaxin - enslaved - borderlands - dayoff - xbox - geek - cod - fallout - ahhh - gameon - myboyfriendisawesome - halo -
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๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ“บ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ“บ this has been me the last few days.... #guilty #potd #xbox #fable2
fable2 - potd - guilty - xbox -
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the final product #fable2 #art #drawing #videogames #sonicx568 #gaming
gaming - fable2 - art - sonicx568 - videogames - drawing -
tristanklein : Awesome work ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
sonicx568_gamer_david : @tristanklein thanks ๐Ÿ˜„ it took me all day to make
joshpetty38 : Looks cool
joshpetty38 - _i_want_to_be_a_pineapple_ - prez4592 - batmoose_99 -
Part 2 #fable2 #speedart #speeddrawing #drawing #art #videogames #gaming #timelaps
speeddrawing - fable2 - art - timelaps - gaming - videogames - speedart - drawing -
meetmeinthegraveyard_ - dinh.paula2014 - miri_gershovitz - xo.samii -
Part 1 #fable2 #art #speeddrawing #speedart #timelaps #drawing #gaming #videogames
speeddrawing - fable2 - art - timelaps - gaming - videogames - speedart - drawing -
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This is my Theresa Cosplay! I am proud of this one!!! I made this in 2013 for fan expo and I was 13! Theresa is from the fable series btw and this is a Coldplay you might see me in if I go to more then one convention or if I go more than one day! (And yes I can see)
fable1 - fable2 - fable3 - theresa - fable -
_.sader._ : Exactly๐Ÿ˜Š
leagueoflegends_andquinn : Thank you @official.garen
official.garen : @leagueoflegends_andquinn mhmm
zinkster3 : Wow, you're so great at cosplaying.
leagueoflegends_andquinn : You can stop @zinkster3
zinkster3 : But don't you WANT me to be nice to you?
rosenrot_lalonde : I LOVE this!!!!
mluhukay : ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
sorakha - tatispalumbo - quinn_leagueoflegends - rosenrot_lalonde -
im drawing the cover to #fable2 its not done yet though but this is waht i have
fable2 -
theerroe : Not bad
sonicx568_gamer_david : @theerroe thxs
rachel_jayray_26 - kenyaa31 - insane_pinkie - iibatiistaii -
More presents from my girlfriend @shannon_rogers6209 #Fable2 #Fable3 #HaloWars #TheOrangeBox #GordonFreeman #Crowbar #HalfLife #TeamFortress #Portal #LionheadStudios #Valve #EnsembleStudios
halflife - fable2 - fable3 - theorangebox - teamfortress - valve - gordonfreeman - portal - ensemblestudios - halowars - lionheadstudios - crowbar -
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