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The first time opening this door and approching to this house scared the shit out of me and from that day on I had trust issues #fable2
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Reunited and it feels so gooooood. #fable2
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What game should I play first?๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽฎ #Altair #ezio #kenway #assassinscreed #assassinscreed2 #assassinscreed3 #assassinscreed4 #tombraider#tombraiderunderworld#batman#residentevil#rememberme#finalfantasy132#finalfantasy#fable2#skate3
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limboishere : I have most of these games ^_^
lu_bu_official : I have 360 too
heartlezzhat : Fable 2 is fun, you can have sex with the same sex as you are xD
notamockingbird : @heartlezzhat Haha, WHAT?๐Ÿ˜‚
notamockingbird : @anaknskywalker @dead_bloody_prince Haha okay ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ’š
notamockingbird : @limboishere Cool!
notamockingbird : @lu_bu_official Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐ŸŽฎ
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I think my hubby will be happy with the choice of games I picked out for him well I am plodding away doing my essay for my degree. #oustudents #openuniversity #ou #fable2 #w2k14 #xbox360
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Wraithmarsh is perhaps, in my opinion, one of the most brilliantly designed levels in a video game I've ever seen. It's such a huge contrast to what it once was in the first Fable--the beautiful town of Oakvale. Now, it's a flooded ghost town. #fable2
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Playing some #fable2 this evening. It's weird that I've never played through it before considering #fable used to be my favourite game back in the day. I guess there's much better things out now eh! #gaming #gamer #girl #xbox
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nadeburst : Fable 2 was awesome. The only one I've ever played
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Up for sale. Give me some offers. Will be posting more. (:
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snortings : #fable #fable2 #bioshock #bioshock2 #bioshockinfinite #xbox #xbox360 #forsale #videogames #videogame #gamer #gaming #forsale
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An unexpected ending to a great game. #fable2
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••Alas my dear followers, I shall be a busy little bee and will be gone for a few days after today. I will return around Monday. Don't fret, I shall return to your lovely faces.•• #Fable #Fable2 #Fable3 #FableAnniversary #Reaver #PirateKing #FableRP #LionheadStudios #StephenFry #FableReaver #HeroOfSkill #TheTheif #Microsoft #Xbox360 #BloodstonePirate #BowerstoneIndustrial #ReaverIsIndustry #ReaverSharpshooter
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mxleficus : Have fun with whatever you are doing~ ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’–โ˜บ
flower_demon : Don't kill too many people ๐Ÿ’œ
reaver.sharpshooter : @mxleficus Just taking a road trip with friends out of state, I'll reply when I can โ™ก @flower_demon I'll try, no promises ;)
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Haven't done this in a while,but today's #videogameoftheday is Fable 3. Fable 3 is the third installment in the Fable series. It was the first game i played when I got my xbox 360 and I loved it instantly. The game was fun, not too hard,the voice actors were great, being able to use magic and weapons was fun,Completing tasks so you could get guild seals so you could level up. I also loved the steampunk theme. Anything steampunk is great. The only thing i didn't like was how incredibly glitchy the game could be at times. But i was never sure if that was just my xbox or not. Overall fable 3 was a great game that anyone could enjoy, and i believe everyone if they haven't already, should go and play this game. #videogamereview #review #bowerstone #mourningwood #guildseal
albion - videogame - fable3 - reaverindustries - johncleese - reaver - bowerstone - xbox360 - fable2 - fable - stephenfry - guildseals - videogamereview - suchagreatgame - geekygirl - gamergirl - steampunk - review - videogameoftheday - nerdygirl - mourningwood - nerdgirl - guildseal -
btmcra7xmusepf : #fable3 #fable #videogame #xbox360 #johncleese #stephenfry #steampunk #reaver #nerdygirl #gamergirl #suchagreatgame #fable2 #reaverindustries #albion #guildseals #geekygirl #nerdgirl
giulia_mitica_34567 : Wow fable 3
epg_dubiousderp : I liked the first fable better but 3 was still good
btmcra7xmusepf : I never got the chance to play the first fable, I've played fable 2 and 3 and i loved them both. But the 3rd will always have a special place in my heart haha @epg_dubiousderp
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And yet another entertaining glitch. Poor Balverine, me thinks he's afraid of me :3 #Fable2 #gameglitch #gamingfun #crazybalverines
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testmonkey006 : What is that thing?!?
greenwolf89 : It's a Balverine. A Werewolf-like beast.
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Late night/ morning sketch before I finally got tired enough. Good night guys โ™ก #Oc #originalcharacter #sketch #doodle #art #artist #drawing #sketchbook #pencildrawing #Fable #Fable2 #FableOC #Owl #videogames #videogameart #LionheadStudios #Microsoft #xbox360
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Sparrow irl? ;)
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sparrow.the.pirate : @missmurder98 #sparrow #fandom #fanfiction #obsession #rp #alternativegirl #pirate
sparrow.the.pirate : #fable #fable2 #fable3
tinalbion_ : Omg jealous! I've always wanted colored hair like blue or teal ๐Ÿ˜
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Decided to dust off #Fable2 and just realized that my shadow looks like I'm just hovering around, like Hero Hill isn't real :/ #gamingfun #gameglitch
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•"Sometimes I do miss my old manor in Bloodstone, especially with the dwindling law factor, but it was constantly surrounded by grubby imbeciles. I much prefer the posh cleanliness of Millfields. Speaking of which, party tonight at the manor my lovelies, attend if you'd like."•~ #Fable #Fable2 #Fable3 #FableAnniversary #Reaver #PirateKing #FableRP #LionheadStudios #StephenFry #FableReaver #HeroOfSkill #TheTheif #Microsoft #Xbox360 #BloodstonePirate #BowerstoneIndustrial #ReaverIsIndustry #ReaverSharpshooter
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missmurder98 : Count me in!
reaver.sharpshooter : @missmurder98 Yes! I most definitely will, darling โ™ก
sparrow.the.pirate : I suppose I'll pay you a visit too Reaver, but only for the free booze. As I assume will be provided? XD
reaver.sharpshooter : @sparrow.the.pirate Of course love, there's plenty to go around. But I'm sure you're also coming to see my beautiful face, right?
sparrow.the.pirate : Oh of course, I haven't seen your sly grin for quite some time. @reaver.sharpshooter
reaver.sharpshooter : @sparrow.the.pirate Then you better hurry ;)
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#closedrp with @hero.of.albion #fablerp #fable #fable2 #fable3 Sitting in Bowerstone's local tavern is a woman with a unique appearance. White hair paired with blue and red eyes; not something seen nearly anywhere, if seen at all. The woman is sitting on the counter, her legs crossed leisurly as she smiles at the patrons of the bar. Nearly everyone is drinking from large mugs, seeing as the woman just paid enough gold for the whole tavern to have a round of the best stock. Her eyes glimmer as she watches the people drink, though she herself has nothing. She is humming a tune gently; having been feeling generous for the moment. She smirks as the people start to lose their own control as the drinks cloud their judgements. She hears the doors swing open and looks at the person who just entered, eyes glimmering with curiosity.
fable2 - fablerp - fable3 - closedrp - fable -
hero.of.albion : "A performance? What sort of performance?" Her curiously picked up again as she looked up at the female
ceruleanart : @hero.of.albion "I sing and dance." She smirks and stands on the bar, clapping her hands, singing an upbeat song that got everyone up and moving. (she is singing 'shots'. Lol she sings songs from our time)
hero.of.albion : [] oh dear gold ๐Ÿ˜‚ [] At first she was surprised at Joy standing on the bar, but soon the music and alcohol took over. Emily chugged the rest of her drink and began to sing along
ceruleanart : @hero.of.albion Joy's eyes glimmered as she sang and danced, getting everyone moving. She even gets the barman to join in and soon the people will do anything as long as she sings. Her hands make small motions and the people respond by guzzling their drinks.
hero.of.albion : Emily laughed in pure bliss as she watched the crowd. This was one thing that she loved about being a princess; she got to see just how the people of Albion lived. Sometimes, she wished to be a normal citizen.
ceruleanart : @hero.of.albion Joy finished the song and the patrons of the bar clapped for her. Her eyes glimmered and her face kept its smirk in place as she jumped down from the counter and sat down on a stool.
hero.of.albion : The princess definitely was effected by the alcohol. Even with one beer, she was quite drunk. "That was amazing!" She slurred
ceruleanart : @hero.of.albion Joy laughs brightly, "Glad you enjoyed it. I am quite happy to perform for the common folk." She fixes her bangs and smirks.
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This is the guild seal from Fable... I will be using this item for my Fable cosplay #fable #fable3 #fable2 #fableguildseal #guildseal #guild #videogame #cosplay #item #cosplayitem
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•"I can be your #mancrush any day of the week, why settle for only Monday?"• #Fable #Fable2 #Fable3 #FableAnniversary #Reaver #PirateKing #FableRP #LionheadStudios #StephenFry #FableReaver #HeroOfSkill #TheTheif #Microsoft #Xbox360 #BloodstonePirate #BowerstoneIndustrial #ReaverIsIndustry #ReaverSharpshooter
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"•I normally don't get so carries away with my wine, but sometimes life calls for it I think."• #Fable #Fable2 #Fable3 #FableAnniversary #Reaver #PirateKing #FableRP #LionheadStudios #StephenFry #FableReaver #HeroOfSkill #TheTheif #Microsoft #Xbox360 #BloodstonePirate #BowerstoneIndustrial #ReaverIsIndustry #ReaverSharpshooter
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hero.of.albion : Why do you want me so badly? There's nothing special about me. Take away my experience as a hero and my fire and electricity powers and I'm your average lady
reaver.sharpshooter : @hero.of.albion Ah you're thinking so simplistic, my darling. If you cannot see why I yearn for such a strong woman, then I can see why your heart aches for a boy.
hero.of.albion : He's not a boy! He and I are very close in age
reaver.sharpshooter : @hero.of.albion Yet his mentality is so close to that of a child.
hero.of.albion : He just wants to settle in and live happily ever after, how is this childish?
reaver.sharpshooter : @hero.of.albion Hah! Maybe you should be paired with the whelp, seems your mentality isn't too far off. And to think you'll be on the throne one day, how dull.
hero.of.albion : I'm perfectly mature thank you! I just have a dream. And I'll rule like any queen should, with a gentle smile
reaver.sharpshooter : @hero.of.albion You need more of a firm hand than a gentle smile, darling.
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My character is a girl, I married girl and we had sex.. After that.. We got a son.. Happy lesbian life! Damn you Fable 2! #fable2
fable2 -
Sorry for my gaming spam cx I just wanted to say thank you again so much to all my followers and likers. I love you all~ Also Fable 2 is literally the best game in existence. I don't care if you're a "gamer" or not, you NEED to play this. #fablelove #fable2
fable2 - fablelove -
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Time to get my nerd on.. #xbox360 #xbox #minecraft #fable2 #borderlands2 #gaming #gamergirl #gaminglife #likeforlike #followforfollow #photooftheday #tagsforlikes #picoftheday #teamfollowback #instalikes #picsplay
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All my Xbox games so far. xD In order (and ratings):: Dante's Inferno. (9/10) [Very fun; but short.] Diablo III (9/10) Splatterhouse (5/10) [Needs a better story plot.] Silent Hill: Downpour (8/10) Dead Space 3 (10/10) Dead Space 2 (10/10) Resident Evil: Revelations (5/10) Brutal Legend (6/10) [A funny game, haha.] The Evil Within (9/10) Rocksmith 2014 (8/10) [Learn guitar.) Fable: The Journey (6/10) Fable III (7/10) Fable II (7/10) Skyrim (10/10) #DantesInferno #DiabloIII #Diablo3 #SilentHillDownpour #DeadSpace3 #DeadSpace2 #ResidentEvilRevelations #BrütalLegend #BrutalLegend #TheEvil Within #Rocksmith2014 #Rocksmith #FableTheJourney #FableIII #Fable3 #FableII #Fable2 #Skyrim #Xbox360 #Xbox #360 #VideoGames
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big_rob_911 : Saaaaatttttaaann
big_rob_911 : Hello
big_rob_911 : Dildo
big_rob_911 : When the hotdog goes into the doughnut
big_rob_911 : Jk
slamtillyousquirt : @big_rob_911 LOLOLOLOL.
big_rob_911 : Mhhkay : ๐Ÿ™Œ
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Far far away in distant land, lies a cabin. A cabin so abandoned that nobody has ever seen before. You are experiencing a once in a lifetime adventure. Traveling miles away from your loved ones, you hear voices throughout the winds guiding you to the cold, blistering weather. You see fantasy like creatures. Goblins, Dragons, Skeletons, Trolls, Mammoths, Witches, Fairys, and all you can do is do absolutely nothing but wandering around filled with endless imaginations. That's how I feel when I play Role Playing games while listening to some Folk Metal. You see, Folk has been around for centuries. It told us stories, myths, legends, tales from the forgotten. Unbounded, and broken. I wish we can travel throughout our history to see what mankind was really all about. There's so much discovery in such due time. Coming from someone who is a fan of World Culture, and Geography, I want to go on a journey to find mysterious artifacts, world's we've never seen before, a dimension as a human to step foot into the next chapter. Centuries have passed and now we can't control time. But however, since we are humans visiting Earth we start to realize how much God has done for us universality. He created the Heavens, Mountains, Animals, he sacrificed us to be free. Free to not only have opportunities as whole, but experiences to build better relationships and have certain consequences based upon our actions. We are, people. We are, infinite. We are, the home, the free, the brave, the endless, we are, eternal.
kamelot - dragonageinquisition - fable2 - fable3 - burzum - blindguardian - fable - carachangren - fantasy - finalfantasy - alestorm - sonataarctica - folkmetal - dragonage - assassinscreed - destiny - dimmuborgir - gameofthrones - amonamarth - summoning - behemoth - blackmetal - gothicmetal - cradleoffilth - rhapsodyoffire - skyrim - metalhead - bathory - assassinscreedunity - shadowofmordor -
metalhead2790 : #CradleOfFilth
metalhead2790 : #GameOfThrones
dead_or_alive_game : AWESOME PIC!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜
chloejadestewart96 : Beautiful review and picture โคโคโค
fatal_framme : Great pic
follokar : I liked it
1_riot_1_ranger : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‹
metalhead2790 : @1_riot_1_ranger Bravo Bravo Encore Encore haha
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Bloodborne is coming to my house week or two from today! Woooooo #Bloodborne #LegendOfZelda #DarkSouls #DarkSouls2 #Darksiders #Darksiders2 #Borderlands2 #AdvancedWarfare #BattlefieldHardLine #TheLastOfUs #TheOrder1886 #TheWitcher3 #Metalhead #FinalFantasy #DragonAge #ShadowOfMordor #MortalKombat #DyingLight #RolePlaying #KingdomsOfamalur #Fable #Fable2 #Fable3 #AssassinsCreedUnity #Arkhamknight #InfamousSecondSon
roleplaying - fable2 - advancedwarfare - mortalkombat - kingdomsofamalur - dragonage - theorder1886 - thewitcher3 - finalfantasy - fable3 - arkhamknight - darksiders - fable - thelastofus - borderlands2 - bloodborne - darksouls - infamoussecondson - battlefieldhardline - darksiders2 - metalhead - assassinscreedunity - shadowofmordor - legendofzelda - dyinglight - darksouls2 -
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hello everyone this is my wife he's a shithead but still my wife #reaver #fable2
reaver - fable2 -
elibirdi : he nasty
xstalkercatx : @elibirdi how dare u talk about my trashy wife that way
xstalkercatx : @elibirdi we are gonna fight for that too
elizabeth_tyykila : Your wife though…
xstalkercatx : @elizabeth_tyykila isn't he such a pretty trash can
elizabeth_tyykila : He doesn't have his hat. What a shame.
reaver.sharpshooter : I'm way better than a trash can, thank you very much. Definitely more classy.
xstalkercatx : @reaver.sharpshooter Ah, yes, of course. I apologize
angel.miller - kayla_koala_queen - elizabeth_tyykila - fanzel4life -
is2g garth is mY SON like holy shit he's a bby #fable2 #garth
fable2 - garth -
elibirdi : he nasty
xstalkercatx : @elibirdi F U CK OFF ELISABEHTH L,MAOO
elibirdi : fight me
xstalkercatx : @elibirdi WE GONNA FIGHT
angel.miller - akatsuki_deidara - kayla_koala_queen - fanzel4life -
¿Ser bueno o malo? ¿Hacer lo correcto o incorrecto? ¿Quien determina lo que esta bien y lo que no?, sin importar lo que hagamos, sin importar lo que oponemos siempre los demás encontraran un motivo para juzgar. La única opción que tenemos es hacer las cosas basándonos en la moral y el capricho ,con el fin de complacer a una sola persona ... Tú.
xbox - fable2 - fable3 - hero - fable - videogame - fablelostchapters - theresa - microsoft -
gatekazu : #fable #fablelostchapters #fable2 #fable3 #Theresa #Hero
gatekazu : #videogame #microsoft #Xbox
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Oh my god, this is the first time I've seen this. Anchorman?! Anyone?! #fable2 #xbox360 #game #videogames #anchorman #reference
anchorman - fable2 - reference - xbox360 - videogames - game -
clarke.ashley - diego.orrico - overcurfewgaming - freexboxlive10 -
Tf how is there community service work in wraith marsh. There isn't even anyone living there to be in danger so like what the actual fuuuuuuuuuck xD #fable2
fable2 -
mttxyuri - synrbls_pain -
Why are there two furniture sellers? #fable2 #game #xbox360 #videogames
videogames - fable2 - game - xbox360 -
xboxgiftcardss2015 - dorathyrohal - freexboxlive18 -
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