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fporras88 : Hate u! Jajaja
gporrasn : Have to work???? @fporras88
ferdyhoopweblog : this is a cool photo! love the colors! should get it on instapopz com
fporras88 : @gporrasn seeee tda la semana! Pero el jueves y viernes dobleeee soooo eso lo recompenza ademas no es como q celebre jaja y no tengo plata entonces tampoco m estoy perdiendo algo jajaj :-P
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I miss the muskiness of fresh jungle in the air. The feeling of ground moving underneath your feet, because it is. Everything is alive. Everything is growing fast. Everything is beautiful. Like a centipede gliding over a delicate toadstool. #throwbackthursday #eyecoolmayanseries #tikal
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javiergamero : The roads haven't changed much, honestly, I haven't travelled from Guatemala to Copan, nor the other way around but you could take a plane to Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula and the roads are much better inside Honduras, I can guarantee that @eyecool
javiergamero : That's what I've heard about the roads from Guate to Honduras, to Nicaragua... etc.
eyecool : Your idea is better, fly in to Honduras! I want to check out the Bioshphere Reserve too. @javiergamero
javiergamero : whenever you're ready, Honduras awaits!
jamie_l_myer : LOL-we got lost here. The howlers were mad and peed on us. Your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for sending me on a mind journey and a good laugh at myself.
kosuly : ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ‘
espiraldefuego : Mushies!! Love earth pics :)
bro_amrayy : Fuhyooo.!! Nice
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stevenpetrovski : @amandapleasee__ @megandersonnn
stevenpetrovski : He likes this one
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My new uniform..... #lol #cool #photoshoottrick #photography #photo #photooftheday #eye #eyecoolmayanseries #i #instagood #follow #igboy #igers #l4l #beautymirror #instagood #k #italian #instadaily #instaselfie #me #selfie #modeling #nothingtodo #morning #instahomo #ikea #problem #yum
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Spa day!!!!!!!! ^_^ #me #selfie #lol #cool #spa #igfame #derma #swiss #pain #l4l #beautymirror #instagood #k #good #homo #nofilter #nothingtodo #vacation #iphonography #instahomo #ikea #problem #igboy #igers #l4l #eye #eyecoolmayanseries #i
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Saudade ....
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shisoares : #goodnight #sleepwell
shisoares : #bestportraits
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The Tree of Good Will - (Pic II of II) This tree is different. A perfectionist might call it a failure. A dull mind might try to cut it down because it's not acting like the others. I call it the Tree of Good Will; a natural bridge that supports an amazing, beautiful, network of plants and vine that wouldn't survive on the jungle floor. #eyecoolMayanSeries
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johnsfather : @eyecool i've heard of world citizen. is it really recognized?
masmad : ๐Ÿ˜ณโ•โ•โ•โœจ๐Ÿ˜
faisal_almasri : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
drskullz : I would have loved to see that in person
seralubowa : I wanna play up there!
thedreamgiver : We each paint our own canvas
currypeppers : I love it!!!
eyecool : #eyecoolism
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The Tree of Good Will - (Pic I of II) It doesn't grow straight up, like all the other single trees in the crowded jungle. The Tree of Good Will grows over and across, exposing it's back. This tree is like the playful father or proud mother who gets down on her hands and knees for her children to ride her piggyback. Here you are seeing the base of this tree and the start of it's magic. #eyecoolMayanSeries
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ludviglagerwallofficial : Wow!
eyecool : @jackmortis @mskathy0724 @wisemandrummer Thank you!! ๎Œจ ๎Œญ ๎Œช ๎Œฌ
sofiabuchler : How do you get such good quality pics?! Is it on the iPhone?
jesperjuul71 : Im a big fan of all your photos. Il follow you ๐Ÿ‘โœจ
eyecool : @charmingbeads thank you!
eyecool : I take most with a digital camera with manual settings and upload them from my phone. @sofiabuchler
infinitygirls14 : Shoutout?
eyecool : #eyecoolism
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Welcome to the Jungle #eyecoolMayanSeries
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rob_nac : Nice
debbietsv : Nice !
leafybug97 : Very cool
dreamsofrubymoons : Beautiful
lisa_j_landry : Love love love your work!! Amazing gallery! Thanks for sharing:)
eyecool : Love love love the compliment! Thank you very much! @lisa_j_landry
baekhyun.xx : Niceโค
eyecool : #eyecoolism
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This weekend, do your community a favor: buy local, pay cash. Everyone wins!
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amymoorehead : I love seeing a Texas Rangers shirt in Guatemala.
beaugirl7 : Guuuuaaaaatemaaaalaaaa my beautiful country!!
jckula : Yes!! Buy local & pay cash!! It allows you to interact with the locals so much better..... Plus a Lil back and forth haggling is fun!!!
angelshoes : Heart heart heart. I left my daughter there...
erick082 : That's my hood
anissette : @eyecool I toyally adore your photos of Guatemala, you make it more beautiful to look. Thanks for sharing my country with your great talent. Gracias y bienvenido ! โ˜บ
fruitupp : Love your advice! Keep promoting the message ๐Ÿ‘
eyecool : #eyecoolism
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Tall trees and eyecool jr sitting on the steps of a 3,500 year old pyramid. (roughly 1,500 B.C)
julixxa : Tall trees are called Ceibas the national tree of Guatemala.. They are beautiful ;)
wildorchid87 : Reminds me of the ruins movie lol
alixnatti : I LOVE TIKAL
joseph_rack : Very good! I love #Guatemala
ill_be_your_huckleberry : A ziggurat?
ari_enne : Love your photos
yvonnevillalba : Keep it up!
nsxmanu : @vas101
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Dripping wet tree fruits. The colors remind me of Christmas.
eyecoolflowerseries -
subiechick303 : Gorgeous
eyecool : Thank you! @subiechick303
natullina : What fruits are these?
d120f : What equipment do you have? These are so vivid!
sandralindsey : @eyecool Amazing color! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
nabilaobas : Beautifull
eyecool : #eyecoolflowerseries
janma2013 : I love the contrast :)
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Everywhere I go, the only thing I see is: Beautiful People
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shirleyescobar : Parque central, Antigua ! โค๏ธ
eyecool : @shirleyescobar yes! I have a love/hate relationship with Antigua. This pic is part of the love part.
shirleyescobar : Love more...hate less ....Antigua. Its simply magical !!
eyecool : It's the high heels on cobble stones, short skirt, carrying the dog in a LV tote - types that turn me off of what Antigua has become. I still go. I just don't hang around as long. I do love waking up at Santo Domingo though. @shirleyescobar
ladymaricella : @eyecool hi I want to asked you a few questions about photographic?
alemapes : Guatemala ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๐Ÿผ๏ธ
eyecool : Guatemala es mi ๐Ÿ’š @alemapes :)
alemapes : Great shots your photos are awesome
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Jump in to the weekend. It's FR๐ŸธG Friday! This pic is a headshot of the Ancient Mayan frog. (Remember the shot from behind last week?) I've never seen eyes like this. They are all black. It also has a pointed nose, which I don't ever think I've seen before. Show this pic to your science or biology teacher. Maybe they know what it is. (and you won't get in trouble for using your phone @school... teacher's pet!)
eyecoolanimals - eyecoolism -
szandrancs : ๐Ÿ˜ณ
abdulazizkrs : Beautiful creature
omppudesign : ๐Ÿ‘
funnyfrog01 : Love it @eyecool
eyecool : #eyecoolanimals
anrdey : Obey to hypnofrog))))
eyecool : #eyecoolism
toobetabona : Prince chairming๐Ÿ˜—
mademoiselle_kokeshi - donmezelf - ninethirteeneight - nestorgamez -
_mariapopi_ : @eyecool Truly amazing gallery. Very inspiring.
eyecool : Thank you very much! @mimipopivanova
concious_eb_83 : Wow
lunaamii : Nice Gallery :)
bthewind : Nice shot-I was there in 1977...
j_zilla_214 : Bad ass
yinqianqian : @amsylvester same place ๏ผŸ
eyecool : @yinqianqian yes! Same place.
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Bromeliad growing on the ground.
eyecoolflowerseries -
amymesho : Really nice
iispiiratiion : Wow!
ninakenanga : Great ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
yvonnevillalba : Lovely!
fadi_malouf : @eyecool great shots! Enjoyed it
eyecool : #eyecoolflowerseries
mintjulep48 : Bromeliads are one of my favs! ;~}
runbikelove : The color is spectacular in this photo!
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"I'm at a pay phone trying to call home, help get this song out of my head...๐ŸŽถ". Hope everyone has a great week!
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townmom : Wow! You have beautiful photos. Thank you for visiting my page. It always inspires me to have a real artist visit my page. ๐Ÿ’‹
arbilin : Don't know which ฤฐ Love more ,the note or photo;)
eyecool : @arbilin, I know what you mean!
_speechless_1 : -----> 999. =)
feliza_lol : Love Guate..
reese05 : Where I was born!
nhunter34 : "all of my change I spent on you. Where have the times gone? Baby, it's all wrong. Where are the plans we made for two?" I guess that didn't help much, but I love this song!
eyecool : #eyecoolism
fuelinjecteddreams - coleman__scott - nataliayudinaa -
eyecoolism -
keyrite : Nice POV
marco3allah : Wow
world_photo_studio_ : Very nicely framed, beautiful!
madeinchiapas : #palenque? #chiapas?
eyecool : @n3t0ca5till0 Tikal! (Most of my pics are geotagged too)
texaspictorial : My Best Vacation ever was here!
eyecool : I like your vacation style! @texaspictorial
eyecool : #eyecoolism
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Standing tall since A.D. 700 Nearly 200 feet in height. 100 years to build. It was built to last, not built for a quick profit. #eyecoolMayanSeries
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j.o.n.c.e : Wow can you please teach me your ways! You take amazing pictures! Also if you find my pictures good enough can you give me a shoutout please I will do the same with the followers I do have. I know they are nothing compared to yours. Thankyou!
sporcellag : Tikal beauty!!!๐Ÿ‘
world_photo_studio_ : So beautiful!
emutsagasiuol : I hope to make this trip one day
texaspictorial : Best Chicken I ever had was at the little diner they have there. #Freerange
eyecool : Pretty goo breakfast too! : ) @texaspictorial
eyecool : #eyecoolism
toobetabona : Was there to, love it๐Ÿ˜
place_des_martyrs - pepsone1983 - kot_irina - vanbarth99 -
The Honey Badger's Mayan cousin - El Pizote (I might not have gotten so close had I known it was related to the ferocious honey badger) #eyecoolMayanSeries
eyecoolanimals - eyecoolism - eyecoolmayanseries -
eyecool : #eyecoolAnimals
akdre : The exotic pet store near my house has two of these!
gloriayadira : Un coatí :)
guglielmoquepasa : thanks and greetings from Amalfi Italy
eyecool : Thank you! I enjoyed looking at your pics! @guglielmoquepasa grazie mille!
kickasscoach : There is a captive coati who lives nearby on our beach (San Pedro, Belize) poor little bugger bit my daughter once lol... so nice to see them in the wild :)
sherie7 : Brave!! :)
eyecool : #eyecoolism
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Hanging out on the top a pyramid. Next stop: the 2 pyramids in the background.
eyecoolcloudseries - eyecoolism -
jennflanagan : Gorgeous :)
goodlilgeekgirl : Wow...speechless. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
meganelizabeth210 : Amazing pictures <3
livssugen : Wonderful picture! !!
reet4u : Ho! Wow!!! Real cool !!
raecam_17 : Wow!
eyecool : #eyecoolism
kin0_gt : How wonderful is that people like You come to Guatemala and capture this kind of beauties! Ty @eyecool
f_and_s_traveller - violett_snow_qween - anajobi - sonia_austen -
eyecool jr standing in front of a literal 'tourist trap'. Once they get to the top of the pyramid, they realize climbing down is much more difficult than climbing up.
theflashback : Superb
ahmed.a_othman : Waw
spicycouture : I needed the rope to get down!!!!
con_estas_manos : @eyecool: México? I
lexa_the_conqueror_ : Amazing!
jp.valenzuela : @ssb_ilikebacon
idilde : Yes I know it :))
jaelanne : Jealous
fridakahlo00 - yildirimgungor -
The famous Temple I. This is the one kids see in their history books. It's at least 15 stories high. For perspective, look at the 2 people on the bottom left.
anlilma : @raidernation713 @cmelendez92 nice picture
anlilma : @pmelendez29
anissette : @eyecool El Gran Jaguar (:
j_zilla_214 : @its___vero
flowestcuh : Beautiful this place is like magic๐Ÿ˜Š
chappimotos : Looks amazing. Always wanted to see it in person. Definitely one of the places I'm visiting when finally get free of these restrictions
anrdey : Titty Twister ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž
yinqianqian : @amsylvester and this
f_and_s_traveller - twirling.passion - elena_bijou -
eyecool jr climbing ruins
eyecoolism -
phillydan78 : @eyecool all your shots are Jaw-dropping. Great job.
john.bacon : that's me
yvonnevillalba : Amazing shot!
shawnessy : I really want to learn HDR photography.
ilemo5 : @eyecool nice pic bro , which filter did u use to come up with this result ?
eyecool : Thanks! The only instagram filter I use is the alpha/brightness one. I'd say I use it on 1 out of every 4 pics I post, just for the extra "pop" it gives the tiny 612x612px, 72dpi Instagrams. @lemo5photographer
ilemo5 : @eyecool thx man for the tip
eyecool : #eyecoolism
publicintoxication - picttture_this - danielmaya21 - fridakahlo00 -
A simple wooden bench.
eyecoolmayanseries -
kettysiregar : Wonderful
ginevra_martin : Brilliant ๐Ÿ˜Œ
eyecool : Thank you! @wandajbarreto
eyecool : @cathysiregar @ginevramartin many thanks! This is one of my favorites.
eyecool : The upper/lower half balance, the circular feel. The person behind the bench, off in the distance... I really like this one. Photographically feels well composed. Thanks! @finnstone
sicacr : Congrats, you have great gallery
eva_wsz : good!
oneweiser : @eyecool I could just keep liking your photos..but I need you to know some of the most beautiful shots taken that I've seen on here by have an amazing eye(s) for viewing our world...those are the type of pics I like the most.
ihavethecapacitytochange - __allisont - ttyotyok - krizty_ -
Tip Tops
eyecoolism -
apalexgonzalez : Guatemala!
flabis : Tikal!
amador.dolor : Geez
sporcellag : Wonderfull! Magic...๐ŸŒ 
nicsully16 : You have the most beautiful pictures! Thanks for liking some of mine :)
classye1 : I have been wanting to visit Tikal but have not been able to! Stunning pictures!
eyecool : #eyecoolism
fridakahlo00 : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
evananrg - superchick1994 - billto1 - campanabiagio -
I get unbelievably close to this grasshopper and got the picture I wanted. Now, looking at the picture, I see that this rain forest warrior is missing his right rear leg.
eyecoolanimals - eyecoolism -
eyecool : #eyecoolAnimals
beca_01 : Eeeeeek!!! These get tangled in hair!!!!
theohorneman : Great!
photofresh91 : #warrior
shiningbrightlyphotography : I love critters!
alex_vigil44 : Your photos are awesome
lillapillan : Eeiiikkkk !!! ;)
eyecool : #eyecoolism
ilatrek79 - vanbarth99 - pepsone1983 -
Moving the small tree that is blocking our path.
suci_darma : Cool
gringawanderer : Haha
pdxphoto : #nice
shellaine420 : ๐Ÿ˜‚You're a hero
yukokhua : clarkkenttotherescue!๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
scastellano2 : where you take it
ikozzola : I can know the app that u use ? Thanks
mktartist : Awesome tree . . . But I'd prolly try to make art out if it :)
velsicrew - fadymounir98 - lstylista - romeolf1 -
A bromeliad grows on the side of this tree. They call it the "Do Not Touch" tree. Trunk to top, it's covered in spikes that can puncture skin and make a man sick. Watch out boys! My daughter is like that beautiful bromeliad and I am like that tree. Preschool here we come.
eyecoolism - eyecoolflowerseries - eyecoolmayanseries -
eyecool : @montellacruise I love that you love detail! :)
audiotiztikmayhem : @eyecool what kind of phone do u have your pictures are the best
vanessamorelli78 : Beautiful
kellydong604 : Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
psychicrose419 : Beautiful
dkota26 : Awesome photos sir!
eyecool : #eyecoolflowerseries
eyecool : #eyecoolism
pagan_metal_momma - mako_midnight_sun - danielmaya21 - ksenia_obolenskaya -
Stumbled across an ocellated turkey. We both froze. His left eye is looking right at me. I clicked, he clucked and flew back in to the jungle. As I walked off, the ruins didn't look like a gray, dull mystery. The buildings became vivid, precise works of art. The buildings were elaborate and full of color, like the ancient Mayan turkey. Don't be an artifact. Be colorful. Roar! To whisper is to be misunderstood.
eyecoolism -
obaydatulrahman : @bsyony @kharshouf @shayma_elkhaldy
stepmercjohn : Incredible!
kanticoy : #whoa
debbiedeller : Exquisite! I wanna be you for a day!
jannik_r15 : Wow
jannik_r15 : #Repost
worldclassinsta : Great scotts man thats a colorful turkey
roland.62 : @eyecool beautiful page ๐Ÿ˜โ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
sneylon333 - redete - holy_moly_guacamoly - versatile_gentleman -
A tiny teacup mushroom growing wild in the rain forest
eyecoolmayanseries -
eyecool : #eyecoolMayanSeries
eyecool : ๐Ÿ‘Š @gmystudio
kuwaitsmile : Very nice
eyecool : ๎€ @kuwaitsmile
_feifei_ : Fascinatingggg~! Follow me and I'll follow u!
armiegrl : @__jjason__
batlimepayne - teslatic - pepsone1983 -
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