4 stores!!! Total out of pocket price $16.85!!!! Bd coming in next pics #coupons #extremecoupons #newtocoupon #newbiecouponer
newtocoupon - newbiecouponer - coupons - extremecoupons -
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One of the deals I've been doing this week. Haul pic on Saturday! @ikillu4coupons posted this last week in case u missed it. #couponing101 #extremecoupons #neverpayfullprice #usethedatabaseforcoupon
usethedatabaseforcoupon - couponing101 - neverpayfullprice - extremecoupons -
couponqueenva : Yes... I sold out of those :(
krazycouponcircle : @neverpayretail i want to get the sponges i wonder if those are boho
oo_qpns : Gonna go do this today. Hopefully some in stock. Thanks for posting
pretty_qponer804 : Is there a limit of one ecb per card
neverpayretail : @oo_qpns NP...@pretty_qponer804 1
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Check out my big for HUGGIES. Cvs and Wags!! See previous post!!! #iso #uft #ufb #coupontrade #couponcommunity #couponingcommunity #extremecoupons
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binkascouponing : Big. Not big. Ugh. Sry
binkascouponing : Bid! Damn phone
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Buy 4 = $15.80 Use $3/$15 (digital coupon) Use 4 $2/1 coupon Pay $4.80 plus tax #SundaySale #DollarGeneral
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miss_qlc : Thank you so much I will be ready cause this Saturday they have 5/30
liishha_coupons : @miss_qlc lol yesss you & me both I can't wait lol
ilovecouponing_atl : Okay...thanks!
lomasblanca : @perezdaisy94 @momrafis
mrs.vg : I can't find the 3/15 on digital. Only the 5/30
liishha_coupons : @mrs.vg doesn't start until Sunday love so it won't be available until than :)
mrs.vg : Oooooh!!!!! DUH! Thank you! Lol
liishha_coupons : @mrs.vg lol np love
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Free at a Triple ShopRite , or .49 at a regular ShopRite 👌 (price after digital coupon & .75/1 coupon) which can only be used on one item . #SundaySale
sundaysale -
onlythestrongsurvive_1030 : What
onlythestrongsurvive_1030 : Paper did u get the .75/1 out from,?
liishha_coupons : @npcouponking ooh okay I never seen it that price lol but maybe that's because I only go there when I check online and see the price first lol but I agree with you their prices are definitely a lot higher on most products smh
liishha_coupons : @bankz215 aww man I guess they fixed the glitch already 😩
bankz215 : Yeah, it sucks, but I got the durex deal tho
liishha_coupons : @onlythestrongsurvive_1030 it was in red plum a few weeks back , I think there's a $1 off on coupons.com not sure if it's still there or not though
onlythestrongsurvive_1030 : Ok mama ty I will do my homework :-)
liishha_coupons : @onlythestrongsurvive_1030 lol np my love (:
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Some of everything.. Shame on me for letting it get like this.. Organizing this stockpile aka Maddi's Store #coupons #extremecoupons #stockpile
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Been working so much that I've neglected the stockpile.. So since I can't sleep I'm up organizing #stockpile #coupons #extremecoupons
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boujiechic : I found a new love sis and it's called COUPONING. ....lol @i_am_tanna
precious_only_child : I really need to start this
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