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I'm so grateful I have gotten to meet you, you have such a sweet spirit. Thank you for being awesome. I know it's only been like two days since we have gotten to meet. Lol! β€πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ #Experienceweek #makingnewfriends #womenofGod #mynameispelledinhername @corriiinnnnaaaaa
makingnewfriends - mynameispelledinhername - experienceweek - womenofgod -
corriiinnnnaaaaa : I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for your kind heart and love you dearly already. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
argeliasunsin : Beautiful Young Girls!!!Love β€πŸ’› ❀
makalinkondo - willeli.e - daniellepastortouchet - danney_nae -
The alter call was powerful tonight! I love when God moves-especially when it's young people responding! There is nothing in this world that compares to serving Jesus. Nothing! #CLCGang #CLCFamily #ExperienceWeek #ExpCLC #XPCLC
xpclc - clcgang - clcfamily - experienceweek - expclc -
clc_lft : Love you Mama!!!! 😁☺️
hillaryholland8 - lionofjoshua - sammiebeloved - followerschase -
This cutie comes to Experience week in two more days!!!!!! I'm super excited! I can't wait, I pray that you receive everything that Jesus wants to speak to your heart. Love you! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œβ€πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜± @g_rod3 #sister #family #Experienceweek #daughterofJesus #followersofJesus #BibleCollege
followersofjesus - daughterofjesus - sister - family - biblecollege - experienceweek -
waddell_leseandra : Omgsh!!!!!!!!!!!!
priscillabruns : God bless
waddell_leseandra - natalierose1122 - _darth_mader_ - zoiebeebah -
Just finished our #experienceweek at #findhornfoundation. One of the best things that we got to experience was their principle of "Love in action", putting #love and attention into #everything we do!! This love is reflected not only in their beautiful gardens but also in the people and spaces. We are humming with new ideas and inspirations!Thank you!
heart - sharing - love - findhorn - nature - liveincommunity - experienceweek - water - naturaleza - community - naturephotography - naturelovers - flowers - spirit - spirituality - scotland - everything - green - nofilter - findhornfoundation -
wrongwayadventures : #naturephotography #naturelovers #spirit #spirituality #nature #naturaleza #flowers #water #green #community #liveincommunity #findhorn #scotland #nofilter #sharing #heart
deankellyjr : Nice!
rubaba_and_friends : Always wanted to do that!
wrongwayadventures : You should! The courses seem really expensive but they offer bursaries and it's possible to do WWOOFing although they don't advertise it as an option. Also check out the nearby New Bold House...
deankellyjr - zbaranowskiphotography - fundacionazara - venusnublosa -
The correct answers for our Poppin' Activity Nos. 1 & 3 are: 1. TUB 3. 61 To those who got it right, you won One (1) Small Tub of White Chocolate Parmesan! Wait for our personal message to know how you may redeem your prize. Congratulations and have a poppin' day! :) #ExperienceWeek #PoppinRevelation #PoppinActivity #TubofHappiness #ChefTonysPopcorn
cheftonyspopcorn - tubofhappiness - poppinrevelation - experienceweek - poppinactivity -
mini_meow_meow : @cheftonysphils have you sent dms to the winners? I am one of those who got the correct answer but haven't received any message yet. Thank you!
camperasquin - topeuy - chix_mrs_g -
It's #ExperienceWeek, so head to our LA Home 'Entourage Guesthouse' to experience bliss. #LA #vacationrental #OasisCollections #LiveGlobalStayLocal
homerental - losangeles - homedecor - traveltheworld - decor - experienceweek - liveglobalstaylocal - designer - design - home - larent - homedesign - oasiscollections - vacationtime - la - travelinspiration - interiordesign - vacation - trip - vacation2016 - interiorinspiration - interior - larental - vacationrental -
oasiscollections : #losangeles #larent #larental #home #homedecor #homedesign #homerental #vacation #vacation2016 #vacationtime #trip #traveltheworld #travelinspiration #interiordesign #interior #interiorinspiration #decor #design #designer
tallcoldmm : πŸ‘©
jandrasbento - jessicaingber - jacobgstetson - pattys85 -
Poppin' Activity No. 3: It's "Take a Wild Guess Day" today! Can you guess how many popped corn kernels can you see from this photo? Comment your wild guesses below and if you got it right, we will give you an exciting treat from Chef Tony's! We will reveal the correct answer tomorrow so stay tuned. :) #WildGuessDay #ExperienceWeek #PoppinActivity #Popcorn #TubofHappiness #ChefTonysPopcorn
cheftonyspopcorn - wildguessday - popcorn - tubofhappiness - experienceweek - poppinactivity -
martinjosephdl : 43
yeyecam : 56
mini_meow_meow : 48
tracieeaquino : Its 51 I think πŸ˜ƒ
monaverdida - mstrizcastillo - mhelbernz - kwen_elezabeth23.111 -
Poppin' Activity No. 2: At Our Company of Happiness, we always aim to give all our customers the best snacking experience ever. With that, we would want to know what memorable experiences do you remember when you're eating Chef Tony's Popcorn? Comment your stories below and let's see how interesting they are. We will choose interesting stories to win an exciting treat from us! #ChefTonysPopcornExperience #PoppinActivity #ExperienceWeek #TubofHappiness #ChefTonysPopcorn
cheftonyspopcornexperience - cheftonyspopcorn - tubofhappiness - experienceweek - poppinactivity -
kwen_elezabeth23.111 : When everytime i eat @cheftonysphils popcorn all i remembered is my childhood memories, there's just the simplest things , less stressed and happiness to the fullest. Nothing can be compared with the happiness childhood memories brought to me (us), just like the cheftony's popcorn bring in every piece of it, mouth-watering, delicious and the healthy , popping kind of snacks. #tubofhappiness #cheftonyspopcorn
angelineco : I remember my first to eat @cheftonysphils Popcorn when I'm watching a movie, TV series or on vacation.I tried to eat the Caramel Popcorn.Wow!The Popcorn melts in my mouth.After eating this popcorn, I never go back to my regular cinema popcorn.I tried to eat Red Velvet Popcorn.It only available on Christmas.When I tasted the Red Velvet Popcorn, I always think that I'm eating Red Velvet dessert.Whenever I go out, I make sure that I buy a tub of Chef Tony's popcorn to bring home.#cheftonypopcornexperience #poppinactivity #experienceweek #tubofhappineess #cheftonyspopcorn
inaileditbycloud9nez : My first time to eat chef Tony's was when my hubby applied for a Citibank credit card. I super dooper enjoy eating the whole tub. That's one reason why I went back to the mall and applied for my own credit card. Hahhaha!
mini_meow_meow : I remember buying around 20 tubs of Caramel Popcorn for Christmas gift giving. We ended up eating around 5 tubs during movie nights. Had to buy again to replace those that we've eaten. πŸ˜€
topeuy - mhelbernz - zeamars - monaverdida -
Poppin' Activity No. 1: Today, we celebrate the Scrabble Day! If you have this set of tiles, what word can you create to have a score of 5? You may or may not use all the letter tiles given. Comment your answers below and let's see who will guess it right. If you know Chef Tony's that well, you know what we're looking for. We will reveal the answer on Saturday and fans with the correct answer will win an exciting treat from us so watch out for it. Go! :) #PopAWord #ExperienceWeek #ScrabbleDay #Scrabble #PoppinGuess #TubofHappiness #ChefTonysPopcorn
scrabbleday - poppinguess - scrabble - popaword - cheftonyspopcorn - experienceweek - tubofhappiness -
angelineco : Tub
kwen_elezabeth23.111 : TUB #popaword #experienceweek #scrabbleday #Poppinguess #tubofhappiness #cheftonyspopcorn
inaileditbycloud9nez : Tub
lhady_lorena : Tub
mstrizcastillo - mykura - joennykhyle - nticentral -
This is Experience Week. Wherever you are go celebrate! ... #experienceweek #kcdaily #explore #reppinkc #streetmagazine #downtown #kansascity #downtownkc #missouri #igkansascity #urban #commute #streetcar #kcstreetphotos #kcstreetcar #architecture #citylife #lifeincolor #mobilemag #vsco #capture_kc #igmasters #missouri_photos #ig_captures #experience #urbanplayground #ilovethiscity
downtownkc - urban - ilovethiscity - igkansascity - urbanplayground - experienceweek - capture_kc - downtown - mobilemag - commute - kcdaily - vsco - kcstreetcar - kansascity - streetcar - ig_captures - explore - streetmagazine - experience - reppinkc - igmasters - architecture - missouri - missouri_photos - lifeincolor - kcstreetphotos - citylife - - dnlcornejo - cristydolls - aljotambourine -
It's National Experience Week and we want to hear from you! Tell us about a great experience you've had made possible through ECOT! Or share an experience you are looking forward to! #ECOT #ECOTRocks #experienceweek
ecot - ecotrocks - experienceweek -
brittanys_bravery : I'm looking forward to Graduating from Ecot πŸ’š despite hardships faced through public school and my health I am able to graduate earlier than expected. I'm grateful Ecot is so flexible. Ecot teachers has been so supportive over my organization @cosmetologyforacure and have mentored me to succeed. The teachers care about how I am doing even outside of school - they are compassionate about what thy do. I've also met some amazing online friends through Ecot who I feel like I've know forever :)
ecotschool : @country_cutiepie17 Thanks for sharing! We're so glad to hear that you can graduate soon! That must be a great feeling! You should be so proud. We will have to check out @cosmetologyforacure too!
superteen17 - boyle_fast_72 - aminton05 - tan_and_glitter -
It's #ExperienceWeek. Why not experience a z-teca #burrito? #Toronto #Guelph #restaurant #food #mexican #experience #fresh
toronto - burrito - guelph - restaurant - food - experienceweek - experience - fresh - mexican -
harjassran_ - sezginistan - arazhemati - anespressoaday -
It’s #NationalExperienceWeek! Celebrate by planning a trip that you’ll never forget at the tropical destination you've always dreamed of! #travel #goplaces #experienceweek #passportready #beachlife #traveltolive #adventures #allinclusive
nationalexperienceweek - traveltolive - passportready - travel - adventures - experienceweek - allinclusive - beachlife - goplaces -
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The heat is on 'cause it's… SUMMER TIME! Believe it or not, it's also Experience Week this week. With that, we will have a series of activities here in our Facebook Fan Page starting this Wednesday! Watch out for our announcements. :) #SummerTime #Summer2016 #PoppinSummer #ExperienceWeek #PoppinActivity #TubofHappiness #ChefTonysPopcorn
cheftonyspopcorn - summertime - summer2016 - tubofhappiness - poppinsummer - experienceweek - poppinactivity -
rowenapulma : I miss your popcorn I wish I can buy it here in Australia 😞
eobeybe - fashjpxdc - mstrizcastillo - heraldclarence -
Challenge yourself this #ExperienceWeek and sign up to #DofEChallenge πŸ’Ž
dofechallenge - experienceweek -
tayganmc - autumnswift1 - hungry_monster - jasminoreilly -
Textures, feelings and hidden meanings #experienceweek
experienceweek -
lovisagronlund - bere_jh - andisah - francis__matthews -
πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‡»πŸ‡³πŸ’ž #experienceweek #sweatpantssquad #vietnam
vietnam - experienceweek - sweatpantssquad -
angelinxmaria : 😘😘😘
fab_suslin - mirjxmm - niicolexbieber - sofiaapat -
Loyola FC against Belize! We won 7-5 in a close matchup. Even though half of the other team left in the second half it was a nice win! The entire trip was a memorable experience and I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys! Thanks to @alexdmanz for giving us a great week! #loyola #experienceweek #humanitariantrip
loyola - humanitariantrip - experienceweek -
gingerdunlop : I put my body on the line for this game
johnmeragias : Lol! @gingerdunlop
johnmeragias : What happened? @gingerdunlop
gingerdunlop : Back in mtl, unfortunately without any Popeyes @johnmeragias
gianluca_df - anthonygriff15 - cristiana_sarantis - santiagok24 -
A snippet of @simoneginanneschi class at @ragedancelab EXPERIENCE WEEK part.2 πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #ragedancelab #drakehotlinebling #ragefamily #workshop #drake #experienceweek
ragedancelab - workshop - drake - drakehotlinebling - experienceweek - ragefamily -
_marcomunno_ - wearewarez - jaaadeup - simoneginanneschi -
A snippet of @simoneginanneschi class at @RAGE EXPERIENCE WEEK. Thank everybody for coming! πŸ’šπŸ’§ #ragefamily #ragedancelab #drake #experienceweek #workshop #hiphop #dance #class #studio
ragedancelab - dance - experienceweek - class - hiphop - workshop - studio - drake - ragefamily -
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A snippet of @simoneginanneschi class at @ragedancelab EXPERIENCE WEEK. Dancing with @alessiolithium & @peppepopj πŸ’ͺ🏽 #ragefamily #experienceweek #workshop #drake #ragedancelab #drakehotlinebling
ragedancelab - workshop - drake - drakehotlinebling - experienceweek - ragefamily -
peppepopj : πŸ‘¨πŸ»πŸ‘±πŸ»πŸ‘¦πŸ» eccoci!!!! #iMieiAmiciSpaccano
matipapii : So sick ! πŸ’―
_marcomunno_ - vincyla - jackieeemacdaddy - peppepopj -
They may be crazy but they are also power packed, Anointed, World shakers snd Kingdom builders! Class Lesson: James 4:1-10 Pride draws you near to the world, but humility draws you near to God. God gives Grace to the humble and lifts them up! If you want your life to have significance then position yourself at the feet of Jesus!!! #ThebookofJAMES #interntakeover #experienceweek
interntakeover - thebookofjames - experienceweek -
hhannahh_17 - janessa.romero - spencerming - oohhmyjosh -
• RAGE EXPERIENCE WEEK • A snippet of Alessio Anello @alessiolithium class! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’š #ragefamily #experienceweek
ragefamily - experienceweek -
rolly101 - itsmary_sma - wearewarez - kikigra -
my fav place 🌎 #home #workshop #experienceweek #gravity @ragedancelab ❀️
home - workshop - gravity - experienceweek -
selenelupo - zeres_ - samantaforte_ - onayron -
• GRAVITY • Good Morning β˜€οΈπŸ˜Š #ragefamily #experienceweek #thecode #ragedancelab
thecode - ragefamily - experienceweek - ragedancelab -
brunellacarnevale - serenaprovvido - camysantoro - ginobleikigai -
❖ We can go 'till there's no life, no life can escape it ❖ #ragefamily #ragedancelab #experienceweek #workshop #thecode #gravity
ragedancelab - workshop - thecode - gravity - experienceweek - ragefamily -
rolly101 : È fantastica 😍
pijay1 : @rolly101 grazie mille! 😊
rizzoooos - _megjoness - catewabi - rodrig_dibakoro_rebelz -
• RAGE EXPERIENCE WEEK • A snippet of Peppe Pjay Panzieri class! πŸ’šπŸ™ŒπŸ½ @pijay1 #ragefamily #experienceweek #thecode #gravity #workshop #hiphop #fusion #art #love #passion
thecode - art - gravity - experienceweek - hiphop - workshop - passion - love - fusion - ragefamily -
mybetterbasics : Congratulations! πŸ‘ πŸ‘
pijay1 - azu_with_a_pen - helen_mdy - image.k -
Domenica 31 Gennaio non vedo l'ora di condividere con voi questa giornata! πŸ’šπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ˜Š @alessiolithium @simoneginanneschi @peppepopj #experienceweek #ragefamily
ragefamily - experienceweek -
simoneginanneschi : Grande Peppe Anche io !
alessiolithium : Yeees :)
peppepopj : πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£
andrea___nappi - alessiolithium - simoneginanneschi - _salvatoresica -
βœ– RAGE EXPERIENCE WEEK βœ– Domenica 31 Gennaio, quarto appuntamento con l'experience week targato RAGE DANCElab, una giornata di studio e condivisione davvero unica che lascerà il segno dentro ognuno di voi! Per maggiori info: 3913637457 #ragefamily #experienceweek
ragefamily - experienceweek -
davidejd - wearewarez - gguercia - raffaelepen -
I Love this choreo! !!! Thanks you my love for this amazing class @anthonydonadioreal ... #dance #dajetutta #experienceweek #me #asap
dance - dajetutta - me - experienceweek - asap -
seidimattina_20 : @ilycrist
sandrallilo : Yes girl!!!! Woooow
manuelrice : @ilycrist siete bravissimiiπŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ”πŸ”
girl_ice_eyes : πŸ’£πŸ’£ @ilycrist
federica_cantando - rebecca_nacar - lorenzoaddeo - grazia.clt__ -
My last class of the year at βœ–EXPERIENCE WEEKβœ– With my goegeous friends #ragedancelab #29dec #experienceweek #Caserta #passion #alright #kendricklamar #tbt #iggadolla #picoftheday #instapic #tagsforlike #like4like #hiphop
ragedancelab - iggadolla - instapic - caserta - tbt - experienceweek - kendricklamar - hiphop - passion - tagsforlike - alright - like4like - 29dec - picoftheday -
__milan.petrovic__ - mario_petrakovits - moxnasty - sammihendrickson -
Non si poteva concludere meglio questo 2015 alla @ragedancelab abbiamo salutato l'anno nel migliore dei modi facendo quello che più ci piace, quello che ci fa star bene e ci dà stimoli a non mollare mai. Dalle 10 di questa mattina abbiamo condiviso tante emozioni, ci siamo divertiti come matti e la sensazione più bella è stata arrivare stremati ma soddisfatti per non aver mai mollato, tornando a casa con un bagaglio stracolmo di ispirazioni. Ringraziamo tutti i presenti a questo terzo appuntamento con l'EXPERIENCE WEEK, ci date la forza per non fermarci mai e lo stimolo necessario a darvi sempre di più. Il ringraziamento più grande va a tutti gli insegnanti, colleghi e amici che ad ogni appuntamento ci regalano una miriade di emozioni e tanta professionalità. Siamo felici di aver chiuso l'anno così, e non vediamo l'ora di iniziare questo 2016 più carichi che mai! πŸ’šπŸ’§ #ragefamily #experienceweek @jesusg87 @pako_capuano @peter_valentin @anthonydonadioreal @shadysalem
ragefamily - experienceweek -
miriam.disiena - vincyla - kevin_l.a - pulsyna -
✦THE LAST CLASSES OF THE YEAR✦ Tomorrow at @ragedancelab || COME & DANCE! πŸ’šπŸ’§ #ragefamily #experienceweek
ragefamily - experienceweek -
wearewarez - honeycbtb - davidejd - vincyla -
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