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It's really hard to go camping when the weather is this nice and it smells outside like you already are. It's gorgeous out!! #beachbound #expectanIGoverloadfromme
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courtneypdx : @jaziholm I wish you could!! Danny's down picking up his new truck today. So happy to have a truck again but we will definitely miss that non existent gas bill. Haha. We don't waste any time. Trailer got dropped back off two days ago and we are READY. Its bitchin out today. Neighbors are burning so there's a nice camp scent outside that makes me feel like I'm already there. Haha. We will have to camp when you're here for sure!!!
jaziholmquist : I was gonna ask when you got the trailer back! That would be fun...I'm seriously counting down the days!
jaziholmquist : Have fun! :)
courtneypdx : @jaziholm Yes that would be fun!! Especially because it'll be so nice that time of year! :) They had to reroof the entire roof and inside where the tree went through. It looks like nothing ever happened. Yay! Can't wait til you guys get here. Counting the days myself! K can't stop talking about it either. Hahaha.
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