It's sad that remembering one good time about an old friend also triggers memories of all the bad.. But it's almost worse that all those bad memories had to happen in the first place. #shouldntmissyou #exbestfriend
shouldntmissyou - exbestfriend -
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Si alguien sabe a quien me refiero diganle que la extraΓ±o aunque me cambio y ya no volio hacer lo mismo desde que entramos a secu! #ExBestFriend #OneDirection #JustinBieber #OurMoment #Someday
justinbieber - someday - onedirection - exbestfriend - ourmoment -
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#truth #lies #fuckyou #somuchforthat #whatever #dontcareanymore #exbestfriend #goodbye
somuchforthat - dontcareanymore - goodbye - fuckyou - whatever - lies - exbestfriend - truth -
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what happened to being best friends forever :'( Today is my ex best friends birthday the last time I saw her was four years ago and it still hurts I wish things could've turned out different so that I could call her and tell her how my life is now and stay on the phone for hours talking about random stuff but they didn't so life goes on but that doesn't mean I'll forget all the fun times we had and I'll never forget her #sad #exbestfriend
exbestfriend - sad -
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#ExBestfriend && #firstlove 😍 .
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I barely remember her anyways. I don't know what to say really because I don't fucking care anymore for anyone expect for a few people❀️ β€’ β€’ #admin#adminedit#adminpost#dear#thingy#exbestfriend#bestfriends#idk#idgaf#bai
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#tbt #bori #exbestfriend #memories #deloserroresseaprende #cojedato #DTB <3
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Dear Ex-Bestfriend, Jennifer, you were honestly my first best friend.. I looked up to you and hoped that you would never leave me, but you were at least 3 years older then me.. So of course our friendship wouldn't last. I do hope one day we can meet after all these years. You were my role model. Good bye, Jennifer..~ Sincerely, Crystal β€’ β€’ #JeanKirstein#JeanKirschtein#Jean#Kirstein#Kirschtein#ErenJaeger#ErenYaeger#Eren#Jaeger#Yaeger#Aot#Attackontitan#Snk#Shingekinokyojin#Anime#Horseface#WHATISITEREN#Exbestfriend
yaeger - erenyaeger - jeankirschtein - snk - attackontitan - jeankirstein - kirschtein - erenjaeger - whatisiteren - shingekinokyojin - jaeger - horseface - kirstein - aot - anime - jean - eren - exbestfriend -
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#throwback #tb #missher #exbestfriend @justcatherinejordan
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justcatherinejordan : πŸ˜‚
chloe_baker19 : This photo is amazingπŸ˜‚
chloe_baker19 : @justcatherinejordan
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➑Dear ex-best friend, I'm fed up with your bull shit. Glad I'm switching schools so I don't have to deal with you any more. πŸ”Ή { #ew #exbestfriend #dearexbestfriend #nope #davecantdeal #nobullshit #babydave #davestrider #homestuck }
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#Mojitos #ExBestFriend #kindaSummer #GirlTalk #Kbye @karakosmerl
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michelebentzel : 😍
drinkcrafthouse : Cheers!
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#tbt 😁 #MyFavoriteBlonde #iHateBlondeGuys #HeSucks #ExBestFriend #AlwaysDrinksInHand #Eminem #FavoritePictures #MissYa #NotReallyThough @ken_kubik
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k_dog256 : @jaime_amanda don't lie you love blondes
jaime_amanda : Hahaha only you! 😏 @k_dog256
ken_kubik : Woah woah excuse me, only who?!
jaime_amanda : Hehehehe 😁 love you Kenneth! @ken_kubik - shmmack - _jessrobbinsxo - mellz623 -
DM your confessions! #dmconfessions #tweenconfess #teenconfess #ballet #balletrecital #dancerecital #dance #crush #kiss #exbestfriend #f4f #follow4follow #spam4spam
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thatscoolright2 : Niccee @itsdaven
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Old habits die hard... I couldn't let this day go by without wishing you a very Happy Birthday! We may have had our differences, but I'll always care. Hope your day is the best ever."#exbestfriend#bestfriend#toonaughty#troublesome#sweet#funny#givesgreatadvicebutdoesnttake#iloveher#triedbreakingupwither#77000times#itjustdoesntwork#imtired#iwontwritealongspeech#notime#u'vebeenabadgirl#veryverybadgirl#butoldhabitsdiehardforreal# @mitchelll4
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toomeenie : Try and be disappointing me na @blaqbynature
blaqbynature : Or nawπŸ˜’
toomeenie : She will soon bite your throat @blaqbynature @mitchelll4
charliechampagne1 : Lol
toomeenie : @charliechampagne1 😠😀
alyssa_toria : Lovely pic kfb
mitchelll4 : @toomeenie I love u soo much thanks
chillanthony : nice pics pls follow pls
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It sucks,... when everytime i remember that i need to pretend that im okay :'''/ #desperate #ExBestfriend
exbestfriend - desperate -
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So apparently my phone set this picture for album art . Smdh πŸ˜’ #oldfriends #exbestfriend #bestfriendturnedstranger #rcnocrop
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amazingjessi_cuh : My phone did the same thing, it put a picture of me and my exbff, weird!
aliciastjones13 : @amazingjessi_cuh right !? its like outta all pics this one -,-
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Hey guys, My bestfriend well ex-bestfriend hates me and I can't help but think he boyfriend has something to do with it. I feel crap right now. I sent her a message last night saying I couldn't wait for her to come home from her holiday and she's my bestfriend and I miss her. And then she sent me a message saying I don't feel comfortable around you anymore I don't want you to be my bestfriend. And then her boyfriend found out and had a go at me. She made her decision that she's chosen her boyfriend over me. And he's shown her every message from me and said stuff to her about me so now she hates me a lot and I haven't even done anything. He kept on saying he doesn't even know if I'm human or a creature I'm an idiot that I made her unhappy. And apparently she says that I don't make her unhappy but then her boyfriend says I do. I hat both of them so much. Her boyfriend is controlling and she can't see that he's too overprotective. Another boy fancied her and he beat him up. I don't know what to do I want to message her saying that he's too controlling and overprotective. He's got what he wanted which was to drive me away. If he sees a threat to there relationship he'll do something and hell breaks lose. I don't know what to do he's told me to leave her alone and don't try to be friends with her again. She told me I hope you step on Lego. They were both really mean to me and I need advice please anyone help me.
bestfriend - exbestfriend - lost - angry - upset - annoyed - sad -
shy_girl_shy : #sad #upset #angry #annoyed #lost #bestfriend #exbestfriend
the.outsider : Hey im not sure if got it but I sent you a direct message (:
shy_girl_shy : Okay I'll have a look @the.outsider
simply_rachet : From what you said she's still friends with you but at the same time still on her boyfriends side she doesn't have a mind of her own to let some guy disrespect you like tht I would talk to her tell her how you feel(in private) and something else you could do is have a peaceful convo with her bf and ask him what's his problem. Your friend needs to learn how to be her own person with that bf of hers. How you gonna beat someone up becuz ur girl looks good that's a compliment it's not like she was about to ask the other guy out anyways GOODLUCK WISH U THE BEST!
shy_girl_shy : Thank you really useful advice just wish she wouldn't tell her bf everything I tell her and everything I tell him he tells her so I might just not talk to her for ages and let it all calm down @simply_rachet
lauriis__ : LMFAO @chenoa18
chenoa18 : What kind of dumbshit you tag me in lmfao @lauriis__
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At night when you had no one else to call, sick to ur stumic on the phone. U where calling me ur doctor...<\3 #ghosttown #WFF #scene #emo #girl #guy #bestfriend #exbestfriend #fuckedup #imsorry ..
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#Dear #exbestfriend #bitch #rude #mean #depressed #fat #ugly #alone #foreveralone #sad #scared #screwup
exbestfriend - foreveralone - dear - rude - depressed - scared - fat - sad - ugly - bitch - alone - screwup - mean -
music_is_what_made_me : Who would this be?
slendy4dah_win : You know who, her name starts with a D... @music_is_what_made_me
music_is_what_made_me : Oh haha XD fuck her
slendy4dah_win : I know @music_is_what_made_me
music_is_what_made_me : Haha XD sorry you had to go through her bullshit :/ she still calls me a "hater" for not being her friend anymore. Btw I DM'ed you
slendy4dah_win : Kk @music_is_what_made_me
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i haate you - but i can still miss you being my bestfriend, right..?πŸ˜’ #ihateyou #really #butimissyourguts #youidiot #exbestfriend #whattheactualfuck #miss #the #good #old #times #bestfriends
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crazy_amazing_vids : Cool @JohnTuckerMagic
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This goes out to an #ex "#bestfriend." I never thought, out of anyone, that she would be the one to act how she did. I know I don't have it in me to forgive her for her actions and words. Ever. I am in such a #beautiful place in my life now and I am #thankful she is not in it! #thinkbeforeyouspeak #exbestfriend #suckit #mileycyrus
beautiful - bestfriend - suckit - mileycyrus - thankful - exbestfriend - thinkbeforeyouspeak - ex -
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IM DOING THIS!! Lol. I'll do all of them if I get 11+ likes! #dearme #me #fun #depressed #sad #upset #happy #self #friend #ex #bestfriend #crush #exbestfriend #mom #dad #sibling #pastself #futureself #hater #hate
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jacksnotcrazy : You got 1
slendy4dah_win : Lol
jacksnotcrazy : You got 3...
jacksnotcrazy : 4...
slendy4dah_win : All 6 are done any more?
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I feel so fucking mad right now. Ok so my friend Sydney said she would never talk to Valeria again and how she's crazy and everything but then Sydney posted a instagram post Valeria commented on it then they start talking like bestfriends after Sydney said she hated Valeria. Next Valeria posted like this thing emoji rate or whatever and then Valeria gives Sydney her rates Sydney replies "πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•" like ok then I'm so tired of people lying to me. #betrayed #tired #bestfriend #exbestfriend #wow #imdone #pissedoff
betrayed - bestfriend - exbestfriend - pissedoff - tired - imdone - wow -
olixias : People are cunts im sry
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| new youtube video soon on my collab channel, this wednesday! ah(: go follow it and subscribe so your updated! πŸ’‹ @the.fab.fourr
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michellexespinosahx : #exbestfriend
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You'll find a new one maybe. { #grunge #grungeblog #grungeaccount #grungegirl #confessions #confessionblog #confessionaccount #likesforlikes #likes4likes #likesreturned #likesforlike #likesback #likesforfollow #likes4like #likes4follow #sfs #s4s #spamforspam #spam4spam #friendship #bestfriend #exbestfriend #newfriend #friend #friends }
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yatterz : Bae
whvtevxrr : please go check @fvckgabie last photo and do as it says for a spam and shoutout 🍁
thatonechicknooneknows : I left one
baseball4lifes : @lilhowie2323
lilhowie2323 : 😒😒 @baseball4lifes
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This is how I feel seeing @kalligkidd poppin up in my activity. We done son.!!!! Lol #ExBestfriend 😑😑
exbestfriend -
kalligkidd : Save the lies
__itsjusttoot : Lmboooo no you save em.!!!! Cause I text you twice to visit && you were ghost.!!! @kalligkidd
kalligkidd : Lol no tf you didnt you are a liar !!
__itsjusttoot : Nigga.!!!! I should screen shot it.!!!! Lol @kalligkidd
kalligkidd : Please do and send it to me
__itsjusttoot : You lucky it's gone but I'll be back in August any excuses im burning our contract.! @kalligkidd
kalligkidd : Same here negro
__itsjusttoot : Lol whatever.!!!! @kalligkidd
This is so true... #exbestfriend #amnotreallysad
exbestfriend - amnotreallysad -
aleanbh_x : @xdeimantex
xdeimantex :
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vldesigns1 : awesome :P
josecollazo12 : Thanks :p how come lol? @vldesigns1
bonnovanderputten : nice one, @josecollazo12!
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