#tbt #exbestfriend lol #senioryear
exbestfriend - tbt - senioryear -
world_peace93 : U telling me they went Mia on me 😒 lmao @_dellanira @monaaaa24
micky139 : That's just what they like to do lol @world_peace93 @monaaaa24 @_dellanira
world_peace93 : Yup tell me bout it lol @micky139 @_dellanira @monaaaa24
_dellanira : Well let's reunite!!! Lol @world_peace93 @monaaaa24 @micky139
world_peace93 : We should just tell me when I'm down @_dellanira @monaaaa24
monaaaa24 : Pshhh whateva βœ‹ I still love ya tho even if I go missing for a bit lol @world_peace93 @_dellanira @micky139
world_peace93 : The first step is acceptance congratulations for accepting it πŸ‘.. LMFAO πŸ˜‚
world_peace93 : @monaaaa24
nessaa.m - xvorio - itsjaaanell - yvette618 -
My only regret it that we didn't stay friends.. πŸ˜”πŸ’” #exbestfriend #exboyfriend #everything #gone #missyou #alwaysgotchu #return #bestfriend #brokenheart #likeforlike #followmee #followback #follow4follow πŸ˜”
gone - followback - missyou - alwaysgotchu - brokenheart - everything - followmee - exboyfriend - exbestfriend - follow4follow - return - bestfriend - likeforlike -
katelin_bowes - laurenwallace44 - romanapjmargh - esmsnt -
#Tbt the #ExBestFriend miss her though!
tbt - exbestfriend -
soright_carter : πŸ’―
j_rozayyyy : Miss you bro stay up ✊
soright_carter : Miss u to Bruh we gone link @j_rozayyyy
j_rozayyyy : Yeah we will, plus my uncle has properties in Florida and my cousin is gonna go to college there next year so I might move there with my uncle he said he might open a hookah on the beach 😈
soright_carter : It's way better here bro! This my first time leaving my city an don't wanna come back @j_rozayyyy I need somebody I use to kick it wit heavy here anyway lmao
soright_carter : @xotahlia
j_rozayyyy : I feel you, I still got that spray tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
xotahlia : Miss you more!
shawnda0123 - xotahlia - imperfect_iam_08 - inspirestbbetter -
Shelby > you any day πŸ’•πŸ˜˜ #baaaae #exbestfriend #rachets
baaaae - rachets - exbestfriend -
nayeliiiiiiiiiiii - alexandra_aldama - brizzy004 - jayna_bruhh -
Goodbye to broken promises, Time to face your carelessness. Don't bore me with apologies, Or come back crawling on your knees. πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ #Ugotnothinonme #demilovato #lyrics #warrior #snapback #mrsvs #restaurant #dramatic #demilovatosweatshirt #ddlovato #lovaticforever #lovatics #demiworldtour #backstabbed #exbestfriend #thisisforyou #lol #movingonwithlife #inspiration #rolemodel #iloveyoudemi #instasize #selfie
warrior - lyrics - selfie - lovaticforever - snapback - dramatic - demilovatosweatshirt - exbestfriend - lovatics - ugotnothinonme - inspiration - mrsvs - iloveyoudemi - rolemodel - restaurant - instasize - demiworldtour - lol - movingonwithlife - backstabbed - ddlovato - demilovato - thisisforyou -
kailahusk : What's wrong darling?
thatonedepressedchicc_ : Life. Lol. @kailahusk
kailahusk : Lol text me if you want to rant
kailahusk : Or just want to talk
jamprodriguez - xmeftfoodx - marian7_fuentes - j._.murr -
Two Years Ago from today 😭 Was my first day At Wyat , And I Met This Girl ,She Acted And Laughed At everything I Did ._. , At First I was Weirded Out But I Ended Up Liking It , I Became Soo Close To This Girl , I Never Wanted To See Her Cry Nothing , We became friends , Bestfriends , We Skipped , We smoked , We Did Alotaa Things πŸ˜ŒπŸ’– , Til Today I Regret Hurting her N Making Her Cry , I Just wish I Could Go Back N Tell Her How Much she Means To Me πŸ˜” but Its Been A Year Since We Last Talked , Shes Done With Me But Im Not Even Over It That Shes Not my Bestfriend Nomore , But The Best Thing Is That She's Happy N Shes Safe ... I Love Her & Miss Her πŸ˜” , But Thats Life Learn from Your Mistakes Learn to Move On ... #leslielopez #exbestfriend #missyou #moveon #...
moveon - leslielopez - missyou - exbestfriend -
gucci.jayy : Okey ? @dalilaaajudith
dalilaaajudith : πŸ‘Œ
dream_king32 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ @gucci.jayy
jorgeyjuana : @queenles___ .......@gucci.jayy i miss her to alooot </3
gucci.jayy : πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” i wanna go back to the olddays .... @jorgeyjuana
jorgeyjuana : me tooo @gucci.jayy
gucci.jayy : :( But everyones Happy Rn .. So we gone have to let it be @jorgeyjuana
ohseanadaquever : Tf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ why does that bitch care ? Like what's a lesbian supposed to sound like ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @dalilaaajudith if she is a lesbo so what ? What you got some against lesbians or what .
colin_theunicorn - jeenn._ - arnasi97 - kaylasulton -
Probably one of my favorite pictures of me in a dress. ^-^ #photoshoot #memories #exbestfriend
memories - photoshoot - exbestfriend -
karisakillthelights - born_a_fierce_girl - fawn_spots - belva_chris8_15_14 -
life - fuckit - lost - missing - hard - weak - bs - feelings - dumb - exbestfriend - exbf - tough - friends -
secret_account56 : True
secret_account56 - mak_n_colton - tagapp -
I hate this picture because of how i look but i love it because we were so happy.♥ I will never understand why we stopped talking but then again things happen for a reason, i do miss you a lot. You were my best friend and i told you everything. The day you told me you were moving i cried like a baby remember? Lol. I am so proud of you like you have no clue. If you ever need me im just a phone call away. Come visit me soon.β™‘ #exbestfriend #missher #comeback #loveyou #like4like
comeback - missher - like4like - exbestfriend - loveyou -
celeste_miranda96 : Awhll girl thank you...I miss you too. I hope you doing good. πŸ˜€
axhlynx - celeste_miranda96 - rafaelcguima - mosqidou -
Even Tho We No Longer Talk To Each Other What's So Ever, There Isn't A Day You Don't Cross My Mind , You Was My Bestfriend , & Everyone Knew It , Till They Day They Ask Me What Happend You , & Till This Day The Argument Was Stupid , & The Reason Why We Stopped Being Friends Was Stupid , & I Know We Will Never Ever Be Friends Again , Kinda Hurts That'll It Will Be Forever , We've Been Through A lot Good & Bad , Today I Seen Your Mom & Grandma & It Just Broke My Heart , I Miss All Of You Guys Truth Be Told You Guys Were My Second Family & Yesterday Was Your 21st Birthday But I Didn't Even Dare To Text Your Phone Because I Know It Wouldn't Have Been A Good Outcome . With All This Being Said I Truly Miss This Girl ... πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” 😒 #ThrowBackk #ExBestfriend
throwbackk - exbestfriend -
yadixo__ - ar5b_og - thegeteaway - y3nn3r -
currently hating life rn.😭
saying - sad - poem - depressed - quote - loner - exbestfriend - bestfeiend - bye - perfectsayings -
lonelyl.over : #bestfeiend #exbestfriend #bye #loner #sad #depressed #quote #saying #poem #perfectsayings
secret_account56 : True 😭
itsbardey - dearpoet_ - chestnut.frances2015 - wannabe_poetry -
grimsby - hairdo - outside - college - exbestfriend - photogenic -
jellymonsters : that terri hunt?xx
gem_lou_wright2be : Yeah why !!
jellymonsters : worked with her at cold water xx
gem_lou_wright2be : She's a great lass...miss herβ™‘
#ExBestFriend :(
exbestfriend -
almizz_ - lulii_vega -
Just a friendly reminder. πŸ˜˜βœŒπŸ‘Œ #fuckyah #fuckfriends #nothingassbitches #loner #Scarface #exbestfriend
scarface - exbestfriend - fuckfriends - fuckyah - nothingassbitches - loner -
_grind_hard_55 - sarasosassy - jaliisquilla - cheer_dance_love22 -
If you don't like me, Someone else will. If you're not missing me, Someone else is. If you don't love me, Someone else does. That face u make when ur best friend calls someone else their best friend, like woah, I thought we were sisters from another mister... 😒😣 #bestfriend#exbestfriend#sistersfromanothermister#what#not#anymore
what - bestfriend - exbestfriend - anymore - not - sistersfromanothermister -
mizz_lil_shorty : Ur my only bff gurl @mini_mexican18
sparkley_paw - abby_moritz282 - elizaj92 - heythere_frand -
I lied when I said I didn't need you I cried when you left And I still think about you everyday..... #exbestfriend #neverwillbethesame #imissyou #imsorry
imissyou - exbestfriend - neverwillbethesame - imsorry -
marouanemounir - daniel_sabach - michal.port.5 - ashleeedmisten -
Honestly missing the best friend I've ever had so much right nowπŸœπŸŽΊπŸΌπŸ’› #exbestfriend #misshim #alone #tb #laughing #smiles #actuallyhappy #trulyhappy #blurry #needhim #teens #hesamazing #comeback #bestfriendever #old #regrets #needatimemachine #throwback #bestiveeverhad #loneliness
bestfriendever - smiles - old - alone - exbestfriend - throwback - comeback - trulyhappy - hesamazing - actuallyhappy - loneliness - needatimemachine - regrets - misshim - laughing - teens - tb - needhim - blurry - bestiveeverhad -
ninathib - chapman19 - pyla_love22 - loichermans -
thts true i lost my #exbestfriend u know who u are,you believed in friends tht u burly knew or talked to then ir best friend and like we use to call each other #twins but nah u believed them u know i will never talk about u a why would i you the best thing i had ever had we knew each other since 3 grade i lost u in 7 grade for lies #missucomeback #please
missucomeback - please - twins - exbestfriend -
ely_girl87 - cuitte_medina - fuckdatbitchcx - herreraj7917 -
#transformationtuesday I miss my long hair and the sweater SOMEONE stole from me #weallknowwho #exbestfriend
transformationtuesday - weallknowwho - exbestfriend -
lduffs2 : I stole your sweater. I'm holding it ransom in till you give all my sweaters back
awrachell : You mean your emo scene sweatshirt from freshman year πŸ˜‚
lduffs2 : Yep. That one
awrachell : It's so in though! I can't stop wearing it! @lduffs2
lduffs2 : I know right
lduffs2 : It's super in rn
maxcournoyer : U stole my sweatshirt so quit bitchn
awrachell : I'll fight u @maxcournoyer
joshuapaula956 - rd_futbol9 - e_sinss3 - kendall_bodenrader -
Not gonna lie, I miss having a bestfriend. Buuuuuuut, it is what it is. #exbestfriend #beentheresincekindergarten #felloff #yuuuuh
beentheresincekindergarten - felloff - exbestfriend - yuuuuh -
lviolnyg : πŸ˜ͺ miss having a person down for anything at anytime
tare_ah.tare_ah : Is that jenny?
_lcmx : @tare_ah.tare_ah who's jenny? Lol
tare_ah.tare_ah : Lol. She look like one of my cousins friend lol
_lcmx : @tare_ah.tare_ah lol oh wrong girl then
jteng_ : What happened? @_lcmx
ohhitsangelina : I miss her to
israel_619 : Kik?
s.julee - sarthestar - zamari_king - ouchieejackieex -
I didn't want to let you go, I didn't want our friendship to end, I didn't want you to find a new best friend, because I knew in my heart would be too hurt to mend. But I did it, I let you go. I let go of all your lies and broken promises, I'm finally learning how to say goodbye #goodbye #movingon #exbestfriend #tryingtomoveon #2yearslater #timetoletgo #lettinggo #dontknowwhatthink #sayinggoodbye
tryingtomoveon - timetoletgo - 2yearslater - movingon - lettinggo - exbestfriend - goodbye - dontknowwhatthink - sayinggoodbye -
natashakl1990griffin - plurkittyxo_ - michcousins -
Ti voglio bene ❀ #oreproduttive #whit #my #exbestfriend #tivibi #nonfareilbulgaro #haha #inglese #interroga #helpme #cia #cia
cia - nonfareilbulgaro - oreproduttive - helpme - haha - interroga - tivibi - exbestfriend - whit - my - inglese -
like_nick : Si anche io haha♥
francoilenia00 : Ma che capelli hai @like_nick ??
leila.hodzic : Si ma io dietro sono la più bella😊😘 @lupacchiotta308 @like_nick
lupacchiotta308 : Si amore:')@leila.hodzic
like_nick : I miei capelli spaccano @francoilenia19
like_nick : @francoilenia00
laura00mason : ahah segato i tuoi capelli @like_nick
like_nick : Haha
auroraferdy - bovoceleste - gabriella__gonzalez - gioia_derossi -
exbestfriend -
dill2346 : I am @cause.samantha
cause.samantha : @dill2346 you turdπŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
dill2346 : Yeh hahaπŸ˜‚
cause.samantha - manuel_22334 - __kxv__ - veronnnica_17 -
Haha! So true! Fake friends are stupid and I don't like them, who does? That's right no one!πŸ’©πŸ‘Ή #exbestfriend #fake #nomore #loser
nomore - exbestfriend - loser - fake -
lauryn.perkins - nicolle_baquet - kellyhulk5 - mirandamclees42 -
#nuffsaid #exbestfriend #user
nuffsaid - exbestfriend - user -
caligigi916 - photography_bynathanp - _jstyleszdaprincess - neverhasstateunbroken -
#nuffsaid #twofaced #exbestfriend#user
exbestfriend - nuffsaid - user - twofaced -
the_league_master_ben_stiller : true
caligigi916 : @adamant_ben_stiller very true
the_league_master_ben_stiller : shit wrong movie
caligigi916 - photography_bynathanp - hm_artistrybymaria -
Ça date tellement! #manque #exbestfriend #... πŸ’πŸ’
manque - exbestfriend -
paulagnt_ : Moooh, a moi aussi .. #love ♥♥
marie_eglem : πŸ’•
dartevellej - mattsummerdu59440 - emilie.cuisset - _deleted_userrr -
I wanna be done with these things haha 😝😝 #exbestfriend #ahh #longago #likeforlike #likenow
likenow - ahh - likeforlike - exbestfriend - longago -
fluffygordo - gilbert_rod21 - cds_saggaf - 210mexican -
I guess I still need answersπŸ’” #hurting #exbestfriend #texts #text
texts - hurting - exbestfriend - text -
dontblamemejane1 - sanjuana32 - jody_boo18 - yarmie_baby -
WAS supposed to go see 2pm in concert next month in Dallas... was even making plans and getting all excited about it but @norall06 has to be a little bitch who's scared of a little Ebola... 😑😣😑😣 #BitchesandHoes #Exbestfriend #Youllpayforthis #2PM #2PMinDallas
2pmindallas - bitchesandhoes - 2pm - exbestfriend - youllpayforthis -
sierrathespookster : As long as you dont make contact with their fluids it's all good
sone_rojas : @sierrathespookster exactly what I told her
janicelynguyen14 : They're going to be in Dallas?!?! What!?!?!
sone_rojas : @janicelynguyen14 yep November 18th... tickets went on sale yesterday
janicelynguyen14 : Nooooo 😭😭😭 there goes my chance of seeing the beautiful Taec..
sone_rojas : @janicelynguyen14 I know!! He was one of the main reasons I wanted to see them 😳😳😳
janicelynguyen14 : 😫
janicelynguyen14 - sierrathespookster - xo3oxox -
Dear ex best friend. Sorry I wasted three years on you when you were what I fucked breathed for and you didn't even care for my efforts. #exbestfriend#heartbreak#caretoomuch#fuckedover#friendship#depressed#depression#anger#anxiety#ocd#ana#anorexia#eatingdisorder#suicidal
fuckedover - anxiety - suicidal - ana - depressed - ocd - eatingdisorder - heartbreak - exbestfriend - caretoomuch - anger - friendship - depression - anorexia -
chiara_isabelle_ - unicorn_vampire - iwantfucking45kg - http.regret -
; It Anit Like Having A Bestfriend That Been There Through It All Bruuh ' But He Not My Bestfriend Nomo. LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 2daee w.this thing @finnesticated_kidd #NUNMAJOR #EXBESTFRIEND #FreeExBaae #FreeMyCousins
nunmajor - freemycousins - freeexbaae - exbestfriend -
thiis.niyaah - sbrown1223 - _cakefordays__ - heloves.dee -
È vero cavolo! Sono sempre le persone per cui ti sacrificheresti che ti uccidono. Sono loro che ti vogliono vedere morto #thisislife #fightforlive #exbestfriend #love #tagsforlikes
thisislife - fightforlive - love - exbestfriend - tagsforlikes -
foto.foto_foto - _auri14__ - doloreinuncuore -
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