found my student ID cards starting from junior high in '98 as a 6th grader all the way to when I graduated high school in '05. thanks for getting my middle name wrong in '99, kjhs. yeesh. #ethnicnames #reallynotthathard #isthrowbacksaturdayathing #differenthairstyleeveryyear #stresseatingjunioryear
ethnicnames - stresseatingjunioryear - reallynotthathard - isthrowbacksaturdayathing - differenthairstyleeveryyear -
wishingfire : I totes saved mine too
ryanerara : So cuuuute!
sophia_christelle - kyoungks - bleeinternets - renonymity -
LOVE WITH LELIA by Izard Eternadi. Top 4 shows to see at #AtlanticFringe. Sounds like an interesting show by a cool guy. #LoveWithLeila #LeilaNation #Halifax #EastCoast #EastCoastPersian #Persian #Beard #Hijab #Headscarf #iran #EthnicNames #ethnicnamestruggles
ethnicnames - lovewithleila - iran - eastcoast - atlanticfringe - eastcoastpersian - persian - leilanation - hijab - halifax - ethnicnamestruggles - headscarf - beard -
carolynedgeworth : Someone loves that "r" key
leakirst : Love that Izard
kivacooks : Ermagerd! Izard! 😘
esthervallins : Ahahaha you've been Adele Dazeemed! #YouveMadeIt
jackedscholar : We're looking for guest bloggers, email for more info!
hollervee : Izard! I had no idea!
tomllchr - ispyemma - leakirst - ellerydawn -
When you can't understand someone's name and the third time you just accept what you heard! #vines #ethnicnames #ethnic #cantunderstand #comedy
ethnicnames - cantunderstand - comedy - vines - ethnic -
nj160690 : @indie_kang lol
indie_kang : Omd too funny!!
curvesformen : nice. good job. much yes. -kurt
indie_kang - vine.central.2015 - itsonlybatman - ranveerkang18 -
I know it's early but.... #TBT Scenario: At church on Halloween for trunk or treat...... Elderly Lady: Ummm baby don't take this the wrong way but is your name Ebola??? Me: O_O after picking my mouth up off the ground.....politely replied no ma'am it's Ebon-nay. #thestruggle #ethnicnames #icant #idontknowhownottobeebonee' #thestoryofmylife
ethnicnames - thestruggle - idontknowhownottobeebonee - tbt - icant - thestoryofmylife -
mrsbacote - americoalvarado - yohanceharrison - fleetwoodsc -
#Myface when Im on the phone with #people overseas who work for #chasebank #Icant #oprah #alma #kanyeface #forrealtho #imnottheone #peoplebelike #saymyname #destinyschild #getyourlife #forreal #really #itbelikedat #ibelike #ethnicnames #myfacerightnow #imdone #african #foh #byeboy #byegirl
people - imdone - forrealtho - ibelike - icant - byegirl - forreal - myface - destinyschild - itbelikedat - peoplebelike - ethnicnames - chasebank - getyourlife - alma - oprah - byeboy - myfacerightnow - african - really - foh - imnottheone - kanyeface - saymyname -
hannah.magazine : 🌟
therealalma : @fedmezie
therealalma : @shanaynay316
firenyc : Yep
therealalma : @firenyc them: "Inmah?" Me: (Oprah face)
firenyc : Lol
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"Ohhhh beautiful dog!!! Is it a shibu ina?" #ethnicnames #dogsgothroughittoo
ethnicnames - dogsgothroughittoo -
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If you don't take the time to learn how to pronounce someone's ethnic name, don't complain about their broken English. English is a hard language to learn as a secondary language and you should never make fun of someone for giving effort.
ethnicnames - intersectionality - womenofcolor - lgbtqa - tumblr - ethnicpeople - representation - politics - textpost - peopleofcolor - intersectionalfeminism - misogyny - socialjustice - brownfeminist - racism - ethnicity - intersectionalfeminist - brownfeminism -
ms.brownfeminist : #intersectionality #intersectionalfeminism #intersectionalfeminist #lgbtqa #racism #misogyny #brownfeminism #brownfeminist #politics #socialjustice #peopleofcolor #womenofcolor #tumblr #textpost #representation #ethnicnames #ethnicpeople #ethnicity
klingensmithle : I have a question about cultural appropriation that by looking at your account I think you can answer. I know this is a stupid question but is it appropriate to wear clothing or styles from another culture when you're in a place were the culture is used or you're in their place of worship or something like that- is that like a sign of respect or is that not appropriate? I've never been sure and I've really been wondering//
ms.brownfeminist : @emiklingensmith well I live in Artesia in California right in the middle of little India, but I wouldn't wear the bindis or their traditional clothes because I am simply not apart of that culture, it doesn't matter if it's around me. Now cultural appreciation, which I am all for, would be me learning about the culture and customs and dive into the history of the culture still staying in my lane and not wearing their clothes because again I am not apart of that culture. Now as far as being in a place of worship, unless the religion/culture requires that you wear a certain attire to even be in their religious space that would just be respecting the culture/religions rules but it's never to the extent of wearing bindis or headdresses (which are the most commonly appropriated pieces of clothing) it's usually more to the extent of covering up more, not wearing certain shoes, not wearing certain clothes. Does this make sense? If some parts still aren't clear i'd be happy to explain it in a clearer way ☺️
klingensmithle : Okay, I understand a lot better now, thank you so much!!!
ms.brownfeminist : @emiklingensmith you're welcome πŸ˜‰
notoriousg_a_b : @iamkimster
westtvpac - youth_debates - abbey_the_awkward - dessertzombi -
This is a first, finally got something with my name on it, and it only took 20+ years! #coke #ethnicnames #thatsmyname
ethnicnames - coke - thatsmyname -
miss_laryss : Amazing! I've never seen anything with my name either.
kamna_g : What?! Next time I see the coke station, I'm getting you one!
rachana.seth : Whhaaat? Can't believe that!!
bhavanagupta - jamesdotyu - rgupta_ - miss_laryss -
You always knew it was yours when they paused #asiannames #ethnicnames
ethnicnames - asiannames -
stephv__la : It literally got to the point where I knew the reason they hesitated was because they got to my name at the bottom of the list so I just blurted out my name before they got a chance to pronounce it wrong. I always got the name I hated for me "Stefania" or "Stefana"... Like can you read?
that_1_jw_guy : At least your first name is easiest. For some reason teachers couldn't get my five letter first name down... Smh and yet they can say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
k_spence93 : None of you people know the pain like I do. Posers.
iwillbelieveinme : Tell us brother @k_spence93 preach!
k_spence93 : Sniff* wipes tear off eye* Well, There's a reason I don't spell my name out on my username. Teachers would look at my name and ask "were your parents drug addicts?" Its painful. @stephv__la Your name is so easy!!!
iwillbelieveinme : Take your time brother @k_spence93 we're all with you here. Thank you for coming up to the podium and speaking
stephv__la : Dude I'm so sorry 😒 teachers were lame. I know it's easy. You'd think they'd mislook the A.... BUT THEY DIDNT. only once, once in my 13 years of school life did I hear my name pronounced correctly. In kindergarten no one could pronounce it so I just went the American way "Stephanie". People wonder why I don't go by Stephania. Stupid kindergarteners πŸ˜’
stephv__la : QUANISHA! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @chin_up_kiddo
hannah_joelle1 - stephv__la - _zach_cox - thorntonstephen -
FINALLY!! Finally. I feel vindicated. No more key chains by the name of Sally..... #ethnicnames #cocacola #theydidnthaveyourname
ethnicnames - theydidnthaveyourname - cocacola -
jazabellcat : Nice!
maesa : omg!! how @yomphana that is cute
journey2balancelife : How?? I want mminez😩😭
yomphana : Online at coca cola, they can customize the bottles.
jazabellcat - onehellavaguy - maesa - ashleigh_bush -
Me: R-u-z-a-n-n-a............... πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œβ˜•οΈ Starbucks: ok Pozanu 😫 too damn early for this Starbucks... Toooo daaamn eeeearly πŸ™ˆ #Starbucks #ImmigrantIssues #EthnicNames #iNeedCaffeine #Why? #Whyyyy??? #5amGrind #GetItRight 😀
ethnicnames - getitright - immigrantissues - whyyyy - ineedcaffeine - starbucks - why - 5amgrind -
r.u.z.a.n : πŸ˜‚
r.u.z.a.n : Love our name😝
ruzigirl : Haha me too! β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜˜
mar_k__ : Hey there Pozanu πŸ‘‹πŸΌ lmao!
nriboni : Wake up!!!!!!
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#kentegalore #kentecorset #afrikenbynana #first #UK #kentequeen #kenterules #kente #kenteinspiration #rich #prestigious #traditionalcloth #wealth #kenteloom #colours #variations #ethnicnames
kentegalore - kente - kentequeen - prestigious - afrikenbynana - kenteinspiration - kenteloom - ethnicnames - colours - wealth - kenterules - variations - kentecorset - uk - rich - traditionalcloth - first -
deecaseygh - esi_styish_iseverywhere - uthbangura - laidaj_macall -
I told #Facebook it was Kaw-sir and it still didn't listen, but nonetheless I appreciate the attempt for clarity. #ethnicnames
ethnicnames - facebook -
sjaffer11 : And you're a boy....
theaddiedoyle : HAHA
jzmichel : Thank you Mr. Mohammed! πŸ™ˆ
valentinapark : "Wait, Mohammed is a girl?!" -maxi
jeanine_311 : I heard Kam's brother is hot!
kausartheperson : @jeanineditomasso @jzmichel mr. Kam Mohammed is hot stuff but makes all the mistakes.
jeanhorcasi - auraelion - kabyl_tursyn - _shakiran_ -
Literally had this nightmare where the announcer pronounced my name wrong (again) tomorrow during my #graduation after being so used to having people mispronouncing my name my entire life πŸ˜“ #comic #ComicStrip #prismacolor #sketchbook #AAU #AcademyOfArt #Spring2015 #EthnicNames #GetMyNameRight #itsWeinye
ethnicnames - sketchbook - comicstrip - prismacolor - academyofart - graduation - aau - getmynameright - comic - itsweinye - spring2015 -
urlittledecoy3 : is it pronounce way-knee?
urlittledecoy3 : Pronounced*
weinyechen : @urlittledecoy3 bingo πŸ‘πŸΌβœ¨
urlittledecoy3 : I feel like I just won the lottery πŸ‘Œ Lol but in all seriousness, awesome name.
eyansoh : Gotta blame the science guy for that πŸ˜€
_l_u_m_a_ : Hahahahaha same story with my last name
1004usa - tmarsa - morkeste_avle - ardxnx -
Because using "ethnic" names like Quavarious, alizaé, Nay Nay, and Beyoncé makes studying slightly more interesting. #lawschoolfinals #studyallday #ethnicnames #horriblehandwritting
lawschoolfinals - studyallday - ethnicnames - horriblehandwritting -
amsnell : You should have been a Doctor with that penmanship πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bowti3_or_di3 : Enjoy that DE though.
iigesquire : Ugh, I just had a flashback!! @amsnell @bowti3_or_di3 @simidee
francinebacchus - melissahprato - rattlersteve - _pleasantt -
This barista is probably thinking: *I'll just call out "skim latte extra hot", easier than that name* because I used my actual name today, not a simplified version of it. I was just in this kinda mood like "no I'm not Naz, Nat, or Lance (yes I've been called Lance...). My name is Nisren, deal with it"πŸ’. So tell me, what is the wackiest name you've had written on your coffee cup? Mine has got to be "Misery". #marxinescafe
marxinescafe -
onceuponakitchen : @sadiemadlyn lol that's just pathetic πŸ˜‚
onceuponakitchen : @heba.shawkat because Heba is SO complicated, it's 2 syllables damn it! πŸ˜‚
piecebypeacedoula : That's very sweet, thank you πŸ’ž
noraagha_ : I just spell my name out to them now (they still get it wrong though) but I always get noro, nori or Laura
sadiemadlyn : @onceuponakitchen People I've known for *years* still call me Sophie. But it's all good- I still love most of them. Again, my name Sadie.
onceuponakitchen : @noraagha_ Nori hahaha that's amazing πŸ˜‚
onceuponakitchen : @sadiemadlyn wow, you keep on correcting them Sadie! It's never too late. I went through all of high school and a bit of primary school with people saying my name wrong (Niz-ren, it should be pronounced Nis-reen) I was too shy to say anything but now I'll correct anyone anywhere who pronounces it wrong lol.
mundane_matters : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ normally people can't call my name either. Especially when they try to be a smart ass, they all me darling. So annoying
cornbreadcoffee - vegeziz - coffeeiti - briirosy -
I always thought these things only existed in memes. #ethnicnames
ethnicnames -
mullenpat : They got the R and the A, so that's halfway there.
mullenpat - volksy - x0melanied - _keltie_ -
When you have such an ethnic first name that people can never spell it right... #wtf #lol #cantmakethisup #zoup #hashtag #ethnicnames #whereareyoufrom #macasmywitness #grrr #seriously
ethnicnames - grrr - wtf - macasmywitness - lol - seriously - zoup - hashtag - whereareyoufrom - cantmakethisup -
oilmybeard - growinguplittle - petersinki - kmfl07 -
And last on the insane photo posting tonight... The closest I've ever come to meeting someone with my same name!! Neera/ Niira power!! #worlddownssyndromeday #portland #oregon #ethnicnames #celebrate #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings
ethnicnames - worlddownssyndromeday - celebrate - girlswithtattoos - portland - girlswithpiercings - oregon -
kyleripsgreene - rachelchopka - bodypaint_by_numbers - trulysanctuary -
My last name is so long KRCL thinks it's hyphenated. #lmao #ethnicnames #krcl #german #surnames #slc #slclife #hahaha
ethnicnames - lmao - krcl - german - slclife - surnames - hahaha - slc -
iamemilyking : You're last name is the coolest. It's what The Bride of Frankenstein would be called if it was filmed in this century.
zillahkatz : @iamemilyking I effing love you. And PS - the first day I took the school bus ever (in kindergarten), someone asked my last name. Result - being called Bride of Frankenstein. True story.
iamemilyking : Kids are cruel. I was Emily Polack (maiden name: Bullock).
allisonscurci : Bahhh! Love it! I got the bride of Frankenstein thing too. It's a great original name-not many Breidensteins around.
zillahkatz : @allisonscurci Cuz - If you ask any German, it's not even common in Germany! Weirdly, there are a bunch up in Ogden UT!??
notorious_s.i.m_ - holeenchilada - lkareno - stoned_ape916 -
Pit stop on the "Richy and Elsy" road trip. Honestly that's a worse attempt to spell Bridget and Elsie than Starbucks #ethnicnames @lc_whit
ethnicnames -
kennethfarnsworth : #thankscarlos
sweetcarolinau - katie_mullin24 - lc_whit - christysimmers -
Story of my life....only 6 letters, is it really that hard to spell my name?! #lifeofanimmigrant #ethnicnames #nametagfail
ethnicnames - nametagfail - lifeofanimmigrant -
frank_and_karen : #chinesepeople
rainbobobo : lmao
privakumar - pockiestix - tinselandteacups - rainbobobo -
Story of my life with a name like #Weinye. Everyone gets it wrong. Even back home in #Malaysia 😫😭 #comic #comicstrip #prismacolor #ThatsNotHowYouSayIt #GetMyNameRight #CreativeParents #EthnicNames #Names #itsWeinye
ethnicnames - weinye - comicstrip - prismacolor - creativeparents - getmynameright - names - thatsnothowyousayit - malaysia - comic - itsweinye -
coacoanutt : Everyone, it's pronounced Weenie, gosh! Get it right people! ;)
lalaposie : This is my struggle. Lol
aaronsmarter : Y'know something weird? I have this struggle, and my name is normal af. "Arron" "Erin" "Eric" once I even got ""Airion" which... How??? Plus I now have to deal with that Key and Peele joke all day now...😷
_igneousmind : So how do you pronounce it
weinyechen : @kaye_jaye_cee @blakeamation @wingsandcole its way-knee
spooglaba : Huh, that's kinda odd, my name is Wayne yet nobody, AND I MEAN NOBODY can spell of pronounce my last name right, not even the schools online system!
forgetthegarnish : Try having the name Trujillo. I always get called Mr. True Jello. Mr jello. Or worst Mr yellow haha
weinyechen : @forgetthegarnish oh man lol
1004usa - tegancreative - tiffaniexoxo__ - dannyhoukart -
Knowledge... #Freakonomics #economic #perspective #crime #educationgap #ethnicnames #theTrap #staywoke Thanks for the recommendation @omavi_quadir
selfimprovement - bookaddict - educated - read - bookjunkie - educationgap - whyassimilate - bookworm - freakonomics - economic - books - perspective - teacher - ethnicnames - information - sapiosexual - staywoke - learner - crime - thetrap - intelligence - think -
originalpeople : @perfect_at_imperfections it's interesting indeed...
idobeauty : @t_wade1
stricklycutz : Great book!!!
stricklycutz : Great Book!!!!
queen_cilla : Where can I get this book
originalpeople : @stricklycutz true indeed!
originalpeople : @queen_cilla your local library, amazon or a thrift store on a lucky dayπŸ˜€
sofleili : @davidbannerlikespictures
talile2204 - soup_library - heryantoolinn - _3eyesaiah_ -
#superstruggle #ethnicnames
ethnicnames - superstruggle -
ariellexnicolle : Yes πŸ™Œ
drinkablefeast : You're kidding me right? #bitchplease #haveyouseenmylastname - mamalocaluv87 - omg_chukx - macenchez -
some one, pierce my septum. #septum #piercing #ethnicnames #puppiesrule #electricwizard #igottwowordsforya #suckit #mendonttakeselfies
ethnicnames - electricwizard - suckit - piercing - puppiesrule - igottwowordsforya - septum - mendonttakeselfies -
caitlincosmarchy : Looks amazing. :)
shinetorust : @caitlincosmarchy yeah, yellow and white really flow together.
shinetorust : @librarys8restored8 thats not me in this post. you will be disappointed
abelhwatgarcia - dopebibleofdoom - viviannnee - hooknup365 -
Just a day in the life. #ethnicnames
ethnicnames -
naiemreza : I read "porn hub"
rinichak : GO SOUTH INDIA!!
ilike2mudit : ......eeyyy parrrnuuhhhbb.......
matthewsimari - bromar90 - lisapizza8 - padorabarbie -
Wtf! I even spelt it out for you! #fail #ethnicnames #ESL #youhadonejob
fail - ethnicnames - esl - youhadonejob -
alvarojt24 : I know your pain. Lol
jas_on23 : How would you like this to be pronounced? Like 'goose' or like 'go-zay'?
josuevalo : It was actually off Cambie in Van @dj_crazec and the barista pronounced it as "goze" even he was thrown off haha @jas_on23
12egina86 - chandra_widman - soccerderas - aaronbcollard -
When you think you have seen all the odd name spellings another one pops up! #ethnicnames @dperconti
ethnicnames - dunato -
vjchenandez : Can't see the spelling
autumperconti : @vjchenandez they spelled it #dunato
vjchenandez : Lmbo duhnato jk
ameliaklacik - georgia_comer - dperconti - alena_kulch -
You are awesome @rorozco310β˜ΊπŸ˜‹Thank you for sending this to me!!! I didn't Know coke had Black people names!πŸ˜…πŸ˜… whoop Whoop!!! #coke #ethnicnames #Leeeekeesha #thankyourocio #feelinspecial #whoopwhoop #BlackPeopleProblems
ethnicnames - coke - feelinspecial - whoopwhoop - leeeekeesha - thankyourocio - blackpeopleproblems -
roschurfeld : No problem :) I was in line checking out and thats the first thing I see !! It was pretty cool.. Can't wait to see you!!
erika_lovesyoubaby : Lol Keisha!!! Your too funny @keishalee303
keishalee303 : @rorozco310 whoa! that's crazy that they even have my name!!! now I want to look for it..then keep it as a souvenir!! hahaha...what store was it? Gurrll I'm counting down the days!!! whoop whoop! I can't wait for your big DAY
keishalee303 : @erika_lovesyoubaby know it's true!! hahaha..#BlackPeopleProblems
charleto77 : Damn! How DID you find that? Hahah I can't even find #SuperWhitePplNames
christy_jesse - mzz.masullo - evilynxo - krazyblushes -
Enjoying Grace Baptist Chai Tea with Julie Ann
ethnicnames -
emilybruton : #ethnicnames
emilybruton : @julsybaby
neohmee - kristiphillips4 - patrickesp - kristinaakoehler -
I just want to BELONG. #browngirlproblems #ethnicnames #toronto #ripleysaquarium
ethnicnames - toronto - ripleysaquarium - browngirlproblems -
euchlid : Can you find things with your name if you go to Pakistan? I can only find things with Astrid if I'm in the Netherlands. Also, being as it's a Swedish name, probably there too. Between myself and two sisters only one got a shot at souvenir mugs (Nicole, or Monique ?) lol
drive_by_fruiting : @euchlid -- I can't even find my name in Pakistan! It's a made-up name now. It has an added "a" to a somewhat uncommom name and was transliterated incorrectly. I used to be really upset about having such a messed up name when I was younger. But now it all just makes sense. It couldn't be any other way.
euchlid : I love your name, it's wonderful and makes a great nickname too!
drive_by_fruiting : Awww, thanks, @euchlid ! It has definitely shaped my identity.
mama_logic - max_sjb - dr_partyovascular - droolyzaydee -
Que onda✌️ #soulandsalsa ya al aire! Tratando el caso de José Zamora, o mejor conocido como "Joe Zamora" para el mundo de los negocios! Tu crees que tener un nombre "étnico" es una barrera para conseguir trabajo? #soulandsalsa on-air people! Are u tuned-in?! Does having an "ethnic" name make it harder for you to get a job? Are people overlooking your resume because your name sounds "uncommon" do you sound perhaps too"black" or too "Latino" ...find out! We have the stories, the research, and the tips! Text us (812)566-8255 #griselita #grizzygriz @darinlander #javielchulo #ethnicnames πŸ“»
ethnicnames - griselita - javielchulo - soulandsalsa - grizzygriz -
guero_24 -
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