Hello, I'm Nahha? #ethnicnames #thestruggleisreal @chenueher, I know ya feel me on this.
ethnicnames - thestruggleisreal -
chenueher : "Chanu" and "Nahha"... #CafeYumm tryna do us like this... #thestruggle is real
hasservision : Hahaha. That's why you should change your names to Nancy and Chuck!
nha520 : @hasservision you sound like my old boss, who said I needed a more "customer friendly name" and had me start signing letters out as Nancy! LOL!
hasservision : LOL!
arya_winterfell - vu_kevin - goodthanggs - amberverkler500 -
When you think you have seen all the odd name spellings another one pops up! #ethnicnames @dperconti
ethnicnames - dunato -
vjchenandez : Can't see the spelling
autumperconti : @vjchenandez they spelled it #dunato
vjchenandez : Lmbo duhnato jk
ameliaklacik - georgia_comer - dperconti - alena_kulch -
You are awesome @rorozco310β˜ΊπŸ˜‹Thank you for sending this to me!!! I didn't Know coke had Black people names!πŸ˜…πŸ˜… whoop Whoop!!! #coke #ethnicnames #Leeeekeesha #thankyourocio #feelinspecial #whoopwhoop #BlackPeopleProblems
ethnicnames - coke - feelinspecial - whoopwhoop - leeeekeesha - thankyourocio - blackpeopleproblems -
mrs_schurfeld : No problem :) I was in line checking out and thats the first thing I see !! It was pretty cool.. Can't wait to see you!!
erika_lovesyoubaby : Lol Keisha!!! Your too funny @keishalee303
keishalee303 : @rorozco310 whoa! that's crazy that they even have my name!!! now I want to look for it..buy it..then keep it as a souvenir!! hahaha...what store was it? Gurrll I'm counting down the days!!! whoop whoop! I can't wait for your big DAY
keishalee303 : @erika_lovesyoubaby ..you know it's true!! hahaha..#BlackPeopleProblems
charleto77 : Damn! How DID you find that? Hahah I can't even find #SuperWhitePplNames
christy_jesse - moonniiqquuee - evilynxo - krazyblushes -
Not even close. #ethnicnames
ethnicnames -
isha_karnik : Omg hahahhahaha tooooo funnny
suyog44 : Uh. I'm pretty sure you just stole someone else's coffee
whipouturnads : @suyog44 there might be an Andrew out there wondering what's written on his cup.
suyog44 : @whipouturnads he probably made the same insta post
whipouturnads - suyog44 - ktvle - theblueberrybagel -
Enjoying Grace Baptist Chai Tea with Julie Ann
ethnicnames -
emilybruton : #ethnicnames
emilybruton : @julsybaby
neohmee - kristiphillips4 - patrickesp - kristinaakoehler -
There's no B in Randa! Sigh 😁. Your not in Beirut anymore . #ethnicnames #starbucks #itsok @walaaberro
ethnicnames - itsok - starbucks -
walaaberro : Haha dont worry baby when u come here i will fix itt <3 tekramii beautifull Randa ❀️
randajaafar : @walaaberro 😊😊😊😊
mohamadjihad - jaychehab - funpiks - sabineyaacoub -
I just want to BELONG. #browngirlproblems #ethnicnames #toronto #ripleysaquarium
ethnicnames - toronto - ripleysaquarium - browngirlproblems -
euchlid : Can you find things with your name if you go to Pakistan? I can only find things with Astrid if I'm in the Netherlands. Also, being as it's a Swedish name, probably there too. Between myself and two sisters only one got a shot at souvenir mugs (Nicole, or Monique ?) lol
drive_by_fruiting : @euchlid -- I can't even find my name in Pakistan! It's a made-up name now. It has an added "a" to a somewhat uncommom name and was transliterated incorrectly. I used to be really upset about having such a messed up name when I was younger. But now it all just makes sense. It couldn't be any other way.
euchlid : I love your name, it's wonderful and makes a great nickname too!
drive_by_fruiting : Awww, thanks, @euchlid ! It has definitely shaped my identity.
mama_logic - mmax3975 - dr_partyovascular - droolyzaydee -
Que onda✌️ #soulandsalsa ya al aire! Tratando el caso de José Zamora, o mejor conocido como "Joe Zamora" para el mundo de los negocios! Tu crees que tener un nombre "étnico" es una barrera para conseguir trabajo? #soulandsalsa on-air people! Are u tuned-in?! Does having an "ethnic" name make it harder for you to get a job? Are people overlooking your resume because your name sounds "uncommon" do you sound perhaps too"black" or too "Latino" ...find out! We have the stories, the research, and the tips! Text us (812)566-8255 #griselita #grizzygriz @darinlander #javielchulo #ethnicnames πŸ“»
ethnicnames - griselita - javielchulo - soulandsalsa - grizzygriz -
guero_24 -
Give Your Daughters Difficult Names | #warsanshire #poetry #deep #ethnicnames #hardnames #lol #thoughts #wow #ok #thinking #names #saymyname #words #wordsmith
ethnicnames - wordsmith - ok - deep - thinking - wow - poetry - lol - hardnames - names - words - warsanshire - thoughts - saymyname -
ceeceefied : #loveit @tendoinit14
ohhmyitslulu : Yes yes yes! πŸ‘ thanks for the tag Ro!
lushomo : Yes basa!
chocolaatechip : As someone w/ 3 syllable strong name, I like this. My only concern with some of our Zambian tribal names is that I have come across a number of people who don't know what their names mean because they've been passed down in families from generation to generation and they hold no higher meaning save for the fact that they are a common family name (to use my own tribe/family, Musonda, Chanda, Chishimba, Mwape, etc) or a representation of circumstances during which the person was born eg; Misozi, Mavuto. My advice when it comes to our generation and naming children is be wise about it. Value your culture and tradition by all means and if there's a name from there you're willing to give your children, make sure you know what it means! I would sooner have a Hebrew name for my child than a generational name without meaning. There is so much power in a name. It is such a big part of your identity. Otherwise God wouldn't have gone around changing his prophet's names in the Bible after he'd had an encounter with them.
chocolaatechip : @christina_coco1
the_roro : @chocolaatechip Warsan wrote that, great insights from it!!
christina.f.coco : @chocolaatechip truth my sister. Look at Noah now I can see how much the meaning of his name has shaped his personality and he is not even 1 yet. There are some tribal names such as (Mapalo, Bupe) which do have a clear meaning and I would like to see more children with names with meanings. i have seen far too many mothers asked what the meaning of their childs name is and have had no idea! sometimes parents wonder why their children behave in a certain way...maybe we should look at the meaning of their name
krysbina : @hey_sujei :)
nairy_fstukh - ladypax - parallaxtheater - kayleighbarbara -
If Coke could use indian names and more ethnic names in this marketing gimmick that would be lovely. #coke #sharewith #names #indiannames #ethnicnames #whataboutus #sharewithafreen #theremustbesomeoutthere #imustfindthem #missioncoke
ethnicnames - whataboutus - indiannames - sharewithafreen - missioncoke - coke - imustfindthem - names - sharewith - theremustbesomeoutthere -
samana143 : #shareacokewithsamana too!!! lol
zaisha8210 - sonu5_ - sain_kassam - rubieeblue -
Racism is alive & kicking!! #employment #jobs #employers #employees #work #career #hiring #unemployment #ethnicnames #peopleofcolor #discrimination #illegal
ethnicnames - jobs - unemployment - career - discrimination - employees - work - employers - hiring - illegal - employment - peopleofcolor -
salonredhaute : This asshole needs to be fired. @comedianmzcash
one_cute_mommy : He really had the balls to actually post that! At least the smart ones hide it best they can.
danaluvlee : Wow
dabest33_215 : Smdh... Ridiculous! @comediennemsbubbl
dabest33_215 : @comedianmzcash
blackmarshabrady : SMH. WOW!
kingg_henryy - one_cute_mommy - dabest33_215 - julescohiresnyc -
#wow #notevenclose #haha #nameslaughter #ethnicnames
ethnicnames - nameslaughter - wow - haha - notevenclose -
bluesmann : lol
girly_gab : The best one ever! Haha
nadien - nikkipyt - jess_man - adp_esq -
Wow I have to give it to #cocacola they are on this multicultural wave Ravinder. Now im just waitinf for juan. Kwame or Tolu or shanika #sharecokewith #ethnicnames
ethnicnames - cocacola - sharecokewith -
fabsnetwork : Lol if I see Kojo or Kwadwo that's meπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
fabsnetwork - ceemilly - thatgrapejuice - tom___f -
#Learntoloveyourelf #ethnicnames #poetry #poems #writing #Noemi #Spanishnames #creativity #instawrite #instapoem #ethnic
ethnicnames - instapoem - instawrite - learntoloveyourelf - arthivemagazine - ethnic - spanishnames - poetry - writing - noemi - creativity - poems -
sotosaurus_rex : #Arthivemagazine
typicaltreatment - words_from_me_to_you - claudia_mazzolin -
Along came betty @bettyalexandria #asection #bennygolson #tenorsax #Clarinet #jazz #saxophone #amipopularenoughtocashtagmuname #ShaquimMuldrow #longnames #ethnicnames #alongcamebetty
ethnicnames - amipopularenoughtocashtagmuname - longnames - shaquimmuldrow - jazz - bennygolson - saxophone - alongcamebetty - clarinet - asection - tenorsax -
jamal_edwards_ - mekishco - karlstraub - edthsaxman97 -
Forgot to post this! A double starbucks fail this time around. Pat and Asha translated into the most American couple ever courtesy of the baristas - Matt & Ashley. #latergram #starbucks #fail #ethnicnames #youcantgetmoreamericanthanthis guess it's better than #Dora though
ethnicnames - dora - starbucks - youcantgetmoreamericanthanthis - fail - latergram -
mascubanana : Henceforth you shall be known as Ashley @ashaseebs
iwannasee_c : How do you Matt from Pat.....well I guess but damn.....
iwannasee_c : πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž #doublefail
ashaseebs : Lol sadly, it will be easier to say and spell if I did change, although 4 letters shouldn't be that hard! haha @mascubanana
ashaseebs : Lol I'm just thankful no one has mistaken mine for Dora again, Ashley is better I think @iwannaseec
draybe : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kazoods - sdubz87 - serury707 - steveooch -
Theres hope for me yet! #oddnames #ethnicnames
ethnicnames - oddnames -
stormypatrice : Wow, me too! Lol
misskeya807 - blackmetal_catface - 187memphis901 - butskosan -
I. Am. Laughing. So. Hard!!!!! #StopDoingThisToYourKids #BlackPeopleNames #EthnicNames #ThisCantBeReal #TellMeThisIsAJoke #NooneWillPronounceHerNameCorrectly #TeachersNightmare #SubstituteFears πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #SheWontHaveAJob #ResumeThrownInTheTrashOnSite #WelcomeToMcDonaldsMayIHelpYou #OkMaybeThatWasRude
okmaybethatwasrude - badnames - thatmoviehelpedmelife - istayedrollingmyeyesinschool - blackpeoplenames - substitutefears - itsswahili - tellmethisisajoke - zeronika - shewonthaveajob - thiscantbereal - mymommacouldhaveatleastspelleditphonetically - likeakilahandthebee - thatshowihelpthedrankers - howyoupronouncethat - ethnicnames - resumethrowninthetrashonsite - ithasmeaning - soundsliketequilawithana - welcometomcdonaldsmayihelpyou - noonewillpronouncehernamecorrectly - teachersnightmare - hashtagqueen - stopdoingthistoyourkids - nobodysaysitcorrectly - doesthathelp -
akilahisshe : @msaquyla calling roll on the first day is awful lol
theemrsfg : I CAN'T with you today! Aquila lmbo
msaquyla : @akilahisshe Lol. I would always just say my name for them. When I knew they were in the "W"s or just ended the "T"s & started looking at the paper weird, I would just yell out "It's Aquyla & I'm here". LOL
msaquyla : @jalebeno Exactly!!!
jalebeno : "It's Aquyla & I'm here". πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That was me too, they couldn't pronounce Brystal, so they would settle with Crystal or Brittany, like really?! The B threw you off that much? Smh!!! Parental units just βœ‹ the foolery!
msaquyla : @jalebeno πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kikagurl : @msaquyla girl my name is TAKIKIA Ta-ki-kia correctly spelled I took the "I" out so people can stop pronouncing it Kia Lol!
shawnzkee : My name Is Altivise. Just imagine how many times I have to spell it in one day. smh
kikagurl - imshawntel - iam_karlos - missboosha_nasja7 -
This one's unique. I guess phonetically it's kinda correct. #ethnicnames #starbucks
ethnicnames - starbucks -
odama_lifestyle - markamoto - codythetank -
Muguiel? Migwel? Migwiel? #EthnicNames #CloseEnough #HabloEspañol
ethnicnames - closeenough - habloespaΓ±ol -
manica5 : @migueluxe or maybe it's migniel?! Lol!
_erikagb : @migueluxe ...but you got coffee...that's what matters! :)
jrgrico : Eso no te pasa en south bay. Hasta te ponen el acento lol!
khoww08 : Lmfao! That's hilarious
lizette22 : For the record I spelled it correctly on my order paper... Starbucks fail... But they do a good job with our crazy orders so we still love them! πŸ’š
angelbaby_86 - mdlynva - cynthiam7 - manica5 -
Had a new sbux employee today. This is apparently what 'Asha' sounds like? #yougotsomeexploringtodo #starbucks #fail #dora #didistealsomeoneslatte #ethnicnames
ethnicnames - dora - starbucks - fail - didistealsomeoneslatte - yougotsomeexploringtodo -
mjdevreeze : Sluts! @ashaseebs
ashaseebs : Lol @la3arenk0 oops. Dora shouldn't have ordered a triple shot latte too and should have picked up her drink the times her name was called! πŸ˜‰ jk
ashaseebs : @michael_dev I know! ;) I can't wait to see your handsome self!! So soon
anthonymichael13 - colleen_siuz - ceegirl - janiechas -
I've been rebaptized! I thought the barista knew who I was based on her enthusiasm and not even asking for my name, then I got this... πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ #mynameisnektaria #nektaria #mynameisnotsarah #starbucks #starbucksnamefail #mybaristadoesntknowmyname #ethnicnames
ethnicnames - nektaria - mynameisnotsarah - starbucks - starbucksnamefail - mynameisnektaria - mybaristadoesntknowmyname -
jetta_the_dog_ - nikopard88 - akylina22 - nikoleva -
Rahim Rashaad Hython. Mom and Dad must love Arabic names..lol #ethnicnames #Rahim #Hython
ethnicnames - hippiekid - rahim - art - hippie - universe - hython - doingme - artistic - acoustic - earth - earthchild - galaxy -
mrheemibo : #hippie #hippiekid #earth #earthchild #universe #galaxy #artistic #art #acoustic #doingme #Rahim
pawdog116 - been_joshed - lacerated.soul - j_o.j_o -
This morning, they fucking nailed it. #starbucks #nailedit #spelling #ethnicnames #humpday
nailedit - ethnicnames - spelling - starbucks - humpday -
kelseycgavin - thomasdrinkwater - shredwise - coley8318 -
That diversity #Kittipong #WestMontgomery #wrestling #EthnicNames
ethnicnames - kittipong - wrestling - westmontgomery -
georgekons1 - marco_aureliano08 - brendanspellman - michaellicciardello -
Are #ethnicnames #ghettonames hindering our baby's chances in life? Some names sound good rolling off the tongue but are #tonguetwisting reads.....#thinkbeforeyouname what's the hoodest name you heard?
ethnicnames - thinkbeforeyouname - ghettonames - tonguetwisting - airwrecka - whenkeepingitreals - erica -
allpraisezay : @onlywilg lmao u already know
dadazmama : Fuck that. .. if Kim n kanye can name their child north then a keisha will survive
allpraisezay : @dadazmama lol but baby north finances are forever solidified. This issue only applied to us common folk
mssjoseph : @zayguevara I heard a mother call to her child by the name of (get ready for this one) mucous. She couldn't just call the child Marcus. She had to put some stank in it.
allpraisezay : @mssjoseph lmao!!!!! I bet u made that wtf face when u heard that lmao
mssjoseph : Wtf and foh - I mean that's just cruel to name your child that @zayguevara I hope it's a house nick name and not his official
dadazmama : Well thank GOD MY parents named me Cindy
lovediamonique : Airwrecka lmfao
missyashee - allwise_asiatic - _flacka_linda -
it's a great note , but not nearly as funny to come back to without @domicorn99 and @absolutelytoni_ . #ethnicnames #sista #nappyhairdontcare #employablenames
ethnicnames - employablenames - sista - nappyhairdontcare -
http.buscemi : The fuck is Shameka?
spaceagecountrygirll : 😜
mamakab : the house keeper
spaceagecountrygirll - nonni261 - angelasadlis -
Thats an interesting way to spell my name #butispeltitout #itslikesiren #starbucks #fail #ethnicnames
fail - ethnicnames - itslikesiren - starbucks - butispeltitout -
anj_p : K
aleecewrites : I always got it right 😊
zubinss : Do you remember "Kiran?"
sapanparmar - nikitapee - aleecewrites -
Can you guess which one I am? #ethnicnames #lol #weekendaway
ethnicnames - weekendaway - lol -
tshidi_m : You look like a Kgantse
ethnicnames - sirismyhomegirl -
shivampunjya : Just taught Siri how to say my name. So proud of her!! #ethnicnames #sirismyhomegirl
nessagee91 - thepaiguy - debbs_87 - instasachi -
You would iPhone... #autocorrect #ethnicnames #jerusha
ethnicnames - jerusha - autocorrect -
dan0nfire : Hahaha!
jerushayc - fooddood08 - king_maha -
#coke#cokehabit#shareacokewith#whereismyname#ethnicnames#rob#jason#gAry#fullfatcoke#fullfat#beverage#glug#instadrink #instafun #instapic #dentist#rottingteeth
jason - coke - instapic - dentist - gary - glug - shareacokewith - fullfat - ethnicnames - rottingteeth - fullfatcoke - beverage - whereismyname - instafun - cokehabit - rob - instadrink -
mark_shoutout - kiloalexander - ppapam -
That's an interesting way to spell my name.. And i repeated myself like 5 times Haha #ethnicnames #coffee #flatwhite #caffeine
ethnicnames - flatwhite - coffee - caffeine -
_rudi_00 - mrs.j.ozumba - chrisbrowni3 - sketchnkustom -
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