26 gauge kanthal, 6 wraps, .6 ohms. Nothing crazy special but works how I want it to #mod #ipv2 #dualcoil #vape #vulcan #burnbabyburn I'll always be #eternallygrateful
burnbabyburn - eternallygrateful - vulcan - ipv2 - vape - mod - dualcoil -
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Out of all the words that come to mind....GRACED takes preeminence #nofilters #family #tearsoJOY #eternallyGRATEFUL
tearsojoy - nofilters - family - eternallygrateful -
overseerhammond - ftbailey - perfectexcel - mr_fennell_2_you -
I have some amazing people in my life who only continue to make me smile 😹 #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful -
moreacheale - tayman927 - madelinelh - dwack23 -
Daddy and me #soBLESSED #SUPERDAD #MENTOR #nofilters #hisPRINCESS #eternallyGRATEFUL
eternallygrateful - nofilters - mentor - superdad - soblessed - hisprincess -
missalex_21 - worshipper91 - perfectexcel - tyehorne -
My sweet everything has a stuffy nose. #jwkid #ourwonderboy #sweethome #gratefultoJehovah #eternallygrateful #myson #smiles He wanted pickles for breakfast , my #goofyboy #happyfriday gonna be a #cleaningday for me. Anyone has plans for tonight? #antiblackfriday plans please lol
smiles - antiblackfriday - sweethome - jwkid - ourwonderboy - gratefultojehovah - eternallygrateful - happyfriday - myson - cleaningday - goofyboy -
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So this #song just came on and wow.. I still absolutely #love it! I was hardcore #obsessed with it for a while. I haven't mentioned much about those for whom I'm #thankful this #thanksgiving (and there are many), but I'm truly thankful for the person who introduced me the music of #boa, #kpop and #jpop in general as well as many other artists from many different genres. The music alone is enough to make me grateful, but the other changes which came from knowing him as well make me #eternallygrateful. I watched this version of the video because it had both possible endings. It's kind of cool to see the #translations as well. #boakwon #κΆŒλ³΄μ•„ #クォン·γƒœγ‚’ #보아_κ·ΈλŸ°λ„ˆ btw, I miss #tunewiki #revivetunewiki
kpop - love - obsessed - song - translations - revivetunewiki - thankful - 보아_κ·ΈλŸ°λ„ˆ - クォン - tunewiki - thanksgiving - eternallygrateful - κΆŒλ³΄μ•„ - boa - jpop - boakwon -
tucker.laurene - _pequenacah_ - wucheukying - boa_fanpage -
Oh the vanity of it all!I have no idea how my youngest siblings,Annelie and Wandile convinced me to take a selfie,way back then.I don't,generally,do silly stuff,like blow a vuvuzela or that World Cup dance you guys did in 2010.No matter how trendy,I avoid such,let alone narcissistic guff like selfies (unless it's with a beautiful young lass.No rules.Those even smoke in my bedroom!). With that,I actually miss my little sister,Annelie.I spend too much time with her peers and not with her,in recent times.I should call her.Wandile can wait,it's ok.Happy Friday and have a fun-filled weekend folks! #FamilyFirstAlways #LoveAndStuffLikeThat #BigBrotherDuties #FamilyLaughterAllSmilesBigFun #BeSafeHaveFun #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
loveandstufflikethat - besafehavefun - eternallygrateful - familyfirstalways - seeknoharm - familylaughterallsmilesbigfun - bigbrotherduties - justmyluck - doyourbest -
wellytee1 : The pose @musa_sishange on another level
sinezungu : Oh my gosh! Is that @lindasishange twin 😳😳😳
musa_sishange : @sinezungu no, that's the little ones! Linda is far older and looks so too,his twin,Nomusa,isn't in this pic.
musa_sishange : @shasha911 @wellytee1 it's clear I had no idea what I was doing!
wandile_sishange : You are noted...πŸ‘πŸšΆ
ms_dippy : ❀️
shaka_zululight : Neck pose and a pout nyana lol. Let us be happy that things of 2010 are behind us now lol.
chicconkosi : Hahahahahhahaha
alexis_mokhine - prof_ndlovu - justzweli - ms_matoli -
Thank you god and mother for this wonderful food i had today missing the lasagna we finished it to soonπŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i'm grateful for everyone i know and for those who hurted me in the past because i'm stronger nobody knows what i went through but most importantly thankful for being blessed because i have a family and many don't and for always having something to eat and for having a roof god is goodπŸ™πŸ˜˜#eternallygrateful goodnight amazing people😘😘
eternallygrateful -
nanaaissuglyy : kik me sister 😘
___lovelybri - queen.abi - tobar_99 - ok.corina -
I'm especially grateful for Kai 🐢 not only does he get really excited when I come home- but he also knows when I'm upset & cheers me up πŸ’• #kaithecutie #morkie #love #eternallygrateful
morkie - kaithecutie - love - eternallygrateful -
kjaaane : Thats so cute!! 😊 πŸ’“
kymssss : Kai😍
maesharlene : So cute!
kevinalcalde : I love you @kaithecutie πŸ™
mnoiqeu - allanababes - oneleggedbeggar - jamie_carpio -
Shout out to the homie for life ❀️ #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful -
gmrsoul : pc: @yeoung_jae
simplylanie22 : This is sooo cute! You guys make an adorable couple 😍
toekneelyn - cr._.stelle - cella_bella01 - terezaries -
It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations. -#KhalilGibran | Wouldn't be me without you @pwypov β€οΈπŸ’«#eternallygrateful #loveofmylife #backbone #chiropraclove
loveofmylife - chiropraclove - grateful - instalove - backbone - kisses - sweetdream - girlfriend - goodnight - woman - delicious - follow - khalilgibran - love - vsco - foodcoma - instafollow - fsho - thanksgiving - vscophile - smooch - instagood - eternallygrateful - yum - stuffed - vscocam - instamood -
jacobkyn : πŸ‘Œ
evdv__ : @katreeeeena @chadwm @jacobkyn @_chris_a_ @hasaniansalim β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ™Šβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ thanks guyz!!!!!!
danyellparalee : I love it!
johnsukari : @fouadfahd @dannysax
zazanie : Beautifuls grils omg you are SO cute πŸ™ˆβœ¨πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ’•
losmario : Best looking couple!
noyemik : Obsessed. You two look so happy together 😍
natalie_wentworth : ❀️❀️❀️ love you two!
lifeberenji - 5centimeters_per_second - ssuuzzyyy - daftbird -
Just found out #IHAVEADONOR !!!!! long way to #transplant yet, but someone on the other side of the world is about to give me the gift of life.... #eternallygrateful #luckiestgirlonplanet
eternallygrateful - luckiestgirlonplanet - ihaveadonor - transplant -
hayleybateupsbodyblitz : Great news @kate_carlyle xxxx
kath76___ : That is fantastic news!!!
gordongooch : Kate!!! So thrilled to hear this news xxx
tnarain : A very special gift for a very special lady. I'm so happy for u. πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ
ccalikhan : Best News Ever!!
euphoria2003 : So happy for you! This is exactly the reason why I carry a donor card. Best of luck. πŸ’œ
brad_beer : So great Kate!
mamoochie : I cannot like this enough! Sending you strength and love and giant hugs across the ocean to your amazing donor xoxox
missaus95 - racheljunge - fidescook - alexwheelers -
Happy thanksgiving from Turkey!! 😊 so many God-given blessings to be thankful for this year #istanbul #happythanksgiving #hookah #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful - hookah - happythanksgiving - istanbul -
xcthionia : Turkey pun intended
chreekim : tell kenny i said hello
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SORRY BUT FORREAL THO. #calumsbooty #calumfromthehood #bae #eternallygrateful #bootyhadmelike
eternallygrateful - bae - calumsbooty - bootyhadmelike - calumfromthehood -
ryan_kenton : Nice photo!
officially_princess_azula - 5sos_are_the_baes - cal.ash.luke.mikey_ - one_direction_and_5sos_fanpage -
After God, she is my everything. Her kisses make me feel like the most loved person in the world. #eternallyGrateful #cousinAlexateaburger #iatePolloyArroz #spanglishhere Happy Thanksgiving!
eternallygrateful - iatepolloyarroz - spanglishhere - cousinalexateaburger -
adventure52715 : Sooo cute!!!luv itπŸ˜€
kikigarbage - baez_alma - rosibee_me - darlarubio -
#mylove and how we spend our #thanksgiving . Just like any other day. No need to get dolled up. #allnatural is #justfine even with a #messybun #cropleggings a #croptop and #hardbottom #slippers I'm gorgeous to him. Both of is are #eternallygrateful to have each other. The two of us can #takeontheworldtogether. I couldn't be #blessed with a better #bestfriend #boyfriend and #lover and I can't wait to see what #ourfuture holds for each other. I'm predicting #thebest πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ #iloveyou Johl Nathaniel Brodrick-Kohlieber you are the best man in my life.
croptop - blessed - takeontheworldtogether - ourfuture - messybun - boyfriend - bestfriend - thebest - iloveyou - thanksgiving - cropleggings - mylove - eternallygrateful - justfine - lover - allnatural - hardbottom - slippers -
creating_lilo : this is amazing, can you please check out my pictures tell me what you think :)
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! #eternallygrateful πŸ’–
eternallygrateful -
alolovespete - 4italia - cookiiemonsterlovesyou - seasung -
I am so blessed and thankful for so many things. Family, friends, material things, opportunities, but mostly for this girl right here. ❀️ #eternallygrateful #happyThanksgiving #2014 #blessed #stayhumble
eternallygrateful - stayhumble - blessed - happythanksgiving - 2014 -
villa.cero - mmoniquesantos - kylexy2 - littlecupofjo -
I l o v e y o u. πŸ’• #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful -
gypsycho.xx - liraz.arusi - dania_asif_ - perfecttionbaby -
This is Sam. We met last year in Uganda where he took me in and discipled me for 2 weeks. A year later he came to spend 2 weeks encouraging brothers and sisters in various churches from a truly humbling, convicting, powerful and hilarious perspective. His years of experience serving the Lord faithfully with meager resources and developing an invincible joy have blessed our spirits. I am thankful that I was able to have him as my travel companion for the last few weeks of work visiting my team, exploring California, learning and laughing together. #eternallygrateful #PastorSamKisembo #neolifeventures
eternallygrateful - neolifeventures - pastorsamkisembo -
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{thankful for #7} my cute little name tag. Shout out to the homie @lizziej0412
eternallygrateful - 7 -
_zackary_ : ((this is number 8))
seannamichelle : @_zackary_ MY BAd
_zackary_ : I'm here for you
seannamichelle : @_zackary_ #eternallygrateful
seannamichelle : @_zackary_ miss youπŸ’žπŸ’ž
_zackary_ : miss you too!!
annika_lynn6 - 21_all_day - alaskalove2 - chlosarge7 -
You're welcome. #thanksgiving2014 #eternallygrateful #teamongjoco
eternallygrateful - thanksgiving2014 - teamongjoco -
joshiejoshjosher : Is fubu drinking.......
libradley - necieefbaby - nanciiiee - sylviaannn -
My glue. #dreamweaver ❀️ #eternallygrateful #Nick
eternallygrateful - dreamweaver - nick -
coolpeopl2 : Awesome @VinesBeLike
wuncarlosjr : Like it.
tree2477 - jessmccarty - greenlionstudios - katiejoyallen -
#Eternallygrateful #happythanksgiving #2014 #happythatihavethem #Fammalfavon #santiagomalfavon #mateomalfavon
eternallygrateful - santiagomalfavon - happythanksgiving - 2014 - happythatihavethem - mateomalfavon - fammalfavon -
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I'm thankful for the one true friend I have. Kim has been there for me through this #beautifulmess I've been going through. She has treated me better than family! I will forever be grateful to her & her family for all they've done for me. Kim is not only a great friend and sister but she is an amazing business partner. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross so we could become the best of friends. #bestie #sister #businesspartner #greatfriend #eternallygrateful #KLKEventsandDesigns
klkeventsanddesigns - eternallygrateful - sister - businesspartner - greatfriend - bestie - beautifulmess -
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! #turkey #thankful #fatkidstatus #newpiercing #cartaligepiercing #cutecouple #familytime #cherishit #loveoneanother #foodcoma #happiness #eagleswin #happygirl #mccoymyboy #shady #fastmofo #love #mylifeisawesome #greatcompany #ilovefood #noshame #goodassnight #eternallygrateful #myboyfriendsahottie #lovehim #foreverandalways
foodcoma - eagleswin - love - foreverandalways - greatcompany - happygirl - fastmofo - thankful - noshame - cherishit - cutecouple - goodassnight - lovehim - ilovefood - happiness - turkey - fatkidstatus - shady - newpiercing - eternallygrateful - cartaligepiercing - familytime - mylifeisawesome - loveoneanother - myboyfriendsahottie - mccoymyboy -
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Thankful to the One who sacrificed His life, took up the cross and paid for our sins. How unconditional is Your love for us, God, that You would send Your Son to die for us. :') #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful -
rebexxa01 : thanks for posting this! love the scripture and needed to be reminded of it!
lisah_k : Missed ya @rebexxa01 !!! Year is ending soon!! Jiayou at work!!
rebexxa01 : lol but i dont want the year to end! @lisah_k
lisah_k : Hahahaha why? Cos nxt yr you one year OLDER...? 😏
lisah_k : @rebexxa01
j_fen - danehao - weikiat93 - vanessayeoyt -
Sister and I #eternallygrateful #shesannoying #butweloveeachother πŸ‘―πŸ’•
eternallygrateful - butweloveeachother - shesannoying -
elitati05 : So gay 😘
heidy_flores2 : Your girls look so pretty!
jenniandmiguel - _vc10 - rassy24 - jocelynwagnerxx -
Dear God, I am seriously so thankful for have been by my side thru everything, took care of me, & looked out for me....These past 4 years haven't been easy, but you made me realize i didnt have to make it so kept me up, i could have destroyed my life, but something always told me i was going to regret it, & that it was a road to a dead end, when i could keep going, continue my journey & reach my destination. I knew it was a sign from you. You sent guardian angels to be by my side so nothing bad could ever happen to me, so i could do whats right for me & my son, & make sure he wouldn't have to walk this earth alone....I may have some struggles now, & a few setbacks, but i know one day SOON, it wont compare to the success, & happiness i will FINALLY have when the time is right :) #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful -
tashaa090909 - obeymiiibreezy - allie10126 - aval_21 -
eternallygrateful - earileronturkeyday - veganssuck - judgementday -
plaintalker : Run, ya dumbass turkey.
mudhead33 : πŸ˜‚Hah! Great photo. Love the smirk on her face.
hipster_devil - annaliviamc - gasmaskdude - katiatiles -
#EternallyGrateful.. LIFE, KIDS, MOM, POPS, SISTER, BROTHER, GRAMS, AND GIRLFRIEND.. Live each day as if it was Thanksgiving day.. #GoodTimesAndBadTimes.. #ThankYouLord
eternallygrateful - thankyoulord - goodtimesandbadtimes -
talkingtina2 - shrek_fam5 - eros47 - _hairbyjanelly -
Thanksgiving dinner and then present from the rents #eternallygrateful #family #blessed #cutejacket #love
eternallygrateful - love - blessed - family - cutejacket -
chasing_my_dreamsb : Cute boo 😊
taylrbakdptatos - miriammelissa_ - baconandmegs23 - chanel5_alexia -
#RealQueensLinkUp #HappyThanksgiving #Gobblegobble #tgithursdays #Love #Frendimly #Holidays #Thankful  #Eternallygrateful #Foreverthankful #InstaGood #InstaHoliday #JustGotUpFromMyFoodComa @ashyrice @1loyal_love
love - tgithursdays - justgotupfrommyfoodcoma - eternallygrateful - realqueenslinkup - instaholiday - holidays - thankful - foreverthankful - happythanksgiving - gobblegobble - instagood - frendimly -
cognac_black305 : :-) @sweetandpsycho
lifestyle__barbie - j_dogie - newnew5000 - sobeyond_ri -
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