There's a heat wave in India that's killed over 1300 people.In SA,apart from the norms of poverty,disease and death,the people gave turned to parliament for comic relief.It's unclear yet,to them,who the butt of all these jokes actually is.Load-shedding plays tricks on the mind and like poverty,it's accepted as a reality of life.Globally,the knives are out for those that brought the soccer World Cup to Africa.It's almost scripted,predictable and expected.The Middle East will seize the headlines soon,some or other pestilence will erupt in some or other country in our beloved African continent or a coup will get our attention,for a brief moment.It's just so easy to throw your hands up in absolute despair.This is why I turn to poetry,look inward and hope.Somethings are beyond our sphere.So we just live best we can,in our circumstances.'Hope springs eternal in human breasts...',keep your head up and give this life thing your best shot.That's all you can do.No one,including yourself,could ever ask for more....Happy Friday! #BeSafeHaveFun #WeLovePoetry #WeLoveBooks #ReadDammitRead #ThinkDammitThink #YourGirlThinksTheWorldIsComingToAnEnd #YourGirlThinksTheHeatWaveIsPunishementForSin #YourGirlGigglesAndSingsWithTheMobInParliament #YourGirlThickEverywhereEspeciallyUpThere #WeWillDoHerAnywayItsFriday #AlwaysYoursNeverMine #ThePeopleShallShare #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
wewilldoheranywayitsfriday - readdammitread - yourgirlthickeverywhereespeciallyupthere - seeknoharm - welovebooks - doyourbest - alwaysyoursnevermine - welovepoetry - besafehavefun - thepeopleshallshare - yourgirlthinkstheworldiscomingtoanend - eternallygrateful - justmyluck - yourgirlgigglesandsingswiththemobinparliament - thinkdammitthink - yourgirlthinkstheheatwaveispunishementforsin -
jerryzulu : Like your thought process 🙌
funkylarla : @musa_sishange Musa, your cogitation is just too amazing!!! I might never comment/like but best believe I read... Word!
musa_sishange : @funkylarla wow,thank you very much. Most appreciated!
skirieh : 👌
thami2get - shibe_m - mandymaleebu - jessey_lola -
Shoutout to one of my really good FRIEND! Thanks for always giving me rides, taking me to practice driving and believing in me. Thanks for lending me your car to drive for my road test. Thanks for treating me and our other friends to food and even taking me to church. #eternallygrateful #best #friends #hesingle #surferboy #classmate #sillygoose #luckywelivehi
surferboy - friends - hesingle - eternallygrateful - luckywelivehi - classmate - sillygoose - best -
eagleofvictoryofjesuschrist - reechard_why - x3_hellotiffy - ibaraj -
me and my handsome daddy. i love you so much. #fatherofthebride #wedding #eternallygrateful #thankyou #brunette #adorable #cute #love #chinese #weddingspam #suitandtie #asian
cute - brunette - love - fatherofthebride - chinese - thankyou - suitandtie - eternallygrateful - asian - wedding - weddingspam - adorable -
kochr1s - theblacktux - pookym8 - a_random_peanut_appearde_and -
Happy birthday to me!! Am so grateful for my many blessings Lord, I have seen the world through different eyes as I age and come into my own, I use today to acknowledge you my heavenly father for all that you have done and will continue to do in my life Eshe Baba!!!! #dansakire #akebajeeledumare #drainmaker #princeofpeace #miracleworker #eletigbostorymi #eternallygrateful
drainmaker - eternallygrateful - akebajeeledumare - miracleworker - dansakire - eletigbostorymi - princeofpeace -
bustiberry : Hbd dear..
nihinlola.agoro : Happy Birthday iya fife. My adorable designer
mmamacitaa : Happy Birthday Vicky
vb_clothing : Thank you ladies God bless you @tetamuto @bustiberry @nihinlola.agoro @mmamacitaa
tomysin : Happy birthday dear🎁
ladidilima : Happy Birthday dear, wishing God's continuous grace and mercy always 🎂🎊🎉🎁💃🏾👗💄👠👜
grownnsexxie : Happy birthday blackie! Many happy returns. God will make make you bigger! *cheers* 🎈💃🎁🎉
suliat007 : @vb_clothing happy birthday
damilolajohnson - ninjagul__ - _sweetjoy_ - bustiberry -
a photo of me and my beautiful mum on my wedding day. thank you so much for everything. i love you. @ningwright #bride #motherofthebride #groom #wedding #kwa #chinese #love #cute #adorable #brunette #thankyou #eternallygrateful
kwa - cute - brunette - love - chinese - thankyou - groom - eternallygrateful - wedding - adorable - motherofthebride - bride -
ningwright : Love you too happy for you and Luke...have a wonderful time on your honeymoon..😚
larobe_bridal - soolange_patriicia - amissingmouse - sugarmancandy -
#ILoveMyFriends #OldFriendsNewFriends #ISawMoreFriends #LunchWithMiMekki #WeddingShowerWithZellyAndAnnalise #GreatTimes #EternallyGrateful #ExceedinglyBlessed #FaithfullyHumble #StallworthEverAfter2015 #GeorgiaSouthernConnects #GSU #TheRealGSUAlumnus #GeorgiaSouthernUniversity
ilovemyfriends - stallwortheverafter2015 - gsu - faithfullyhumble - exceedinglyblessed - isawmorefriends - therealgsualumnus - greattimes - eternallygrateful - georgiasouthernconnects - lunchwithmimekki - weddingshowerwithzellyandannalise - georgiasouthernuniversity - oldfriendsnewfriends -
janaylesley - djcollie - justla_la - megz_242 -
I have manifested some pretty amazing things in my lifetime... But this one takes the cake! I've always secretly feared starting a family... I've never really had a big family near me to count on for help. When news broke I was pregnant with twins this beautiful aunt of mine said she would leave NY and stay with me as long as I needed her. 🙌🏼 The unimaginable happened and we all had empty arms 💔💔 but she told me she would stay and wait for my rainbow baby 🌈... Such a blessing to have a sweet soul help you care for your babies. Oh and bless her soul for having to put up with my moody ass pregnant self for 9 months 😓😂 #EternallyGrateful #NanaLucy #ZoeyGee #Countingmyblessings
eternallygrateful - nanalucy - countingmyblessings - zoeygee -
pilarv1022 : Angel right there!!! God bless your beautiful family !!
jennebee : @pilarv1022 that's right lovey! Major angel sent from above... Same to you 😘
pilarv1022 : 😘😘😘😘😘
stylistricardosantiago : Titi Lucy👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽
katrinamcmillan : 👼🏼🙏🏻💫❤️ xx
madds_e_n - summer_oasis21 - jessx0_ - soozijimz -
I can't believe it's been one month since I went on the MOTL! This trip changed my life and ever since I've been home I shared my stories from the trip over and over again. I've met people that changed my life and have learned so much that changed my life. Thank you for all the memories. #eternallygrateful 🔯💙⚪️
eternallygrateful -
deengold - amanda.edith - mess_em - johnbelusik -
Sharing the Isalove with my Love!!! This couldn't make me any happier!!! #eternallygrateful #ISAUDC #TeamAngels #catchthevision
catchthevision - eternallygrateful - teamangels - isaudc -
ninnie622 : 👏🏻I loooooooove YOU‼️
jennatene - gino215 - vukovi66 - therealterryshane -
Блин я не знаю как и кому мне выразить благодарность от которой распирает.. Я не знаю чем я заслужила таких друзей как вы, но я это буду ценить всю жизнь, которую пройду с вами до конца!!! @di6a ❤️ @sashamilasha @masha_koreneva @froanrus #люблю! #eternallygrateful #thankyou 🙏🏼 #Repost @di6a with @repostapp. ・・・ Попытка сделать полноценный клип со всеми видео и фотографиями вызывает у меня неконтролируемый поток слёз, поэтому чтобы не мучать никого лэйтграмами я обойдусь 15секундной рябью в глазах. Итак, я хочу признаться в чувствах Алексашке @sashamilasha. Саша! Мы с тобой сейчас за одним столом и спасибо за то, что такая настоящая и человечная, учусь у тебя доброте (СТЫДНО!). Машуля @masha_koreneva , мне до сих немного страшно, когда ты смотришь на меня (рефлексы, чё уж там), но ты стала для меня частью "моего" Таганрога и я выучу динозавров для Вани (хэштэг, все дела) @froanrus я надеюсь, твой бампер всегда будет цел и мы также будем танцевать под хиты нашей молодости)) малышка Нэнси @achekanova огромное тебе спасибо за то, что у меня теперь есть еще одна моя младшая сестра ❤️ очень рада видеть твоё взросление, не сомневаюсь в твоём самом классном будущем. Любимая @vika.orlikova !!!!! Я повторюсь, что люблю тебя всеми известными и неизвестными формами любви, вижу в тебе отражение себя и ценю каждую секунду с тобой. Тебе можно всё и ты самая красивая 😊😏 If whatever happens remember, I did, I do and I will love u. Все клятвы в силе, спасибо тебе, за то, что ты - моя часть, моя сила, мой маяк, моя подруга, моя любовь. Всегда ваша #невеста, #красноперка и #полосатая.
eternallygrateful - невеста - люблю - thankyou - красноперка - полосатая - repost -
ilovemymommm : 😌
valjones13 - sashamilasha - elizaveta_blagoveshenskaya - achekanova -
We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don't believe in miracles? 🌏🌞🌔✨:) #nofilter #thesky #alhamdulillah #thankslord #for #mothernature #perfectdesign #potd #eternallygrateful
potd - for - thankslord - mothernature - alhamdulillah - eternallygrateful - thesky - perfectdesign - nofilter -
hannealtunisik - corum_18 - tyxcg - __fabienne_b -
shoutouts to these beautyful ladies plus max for making this year worth it idk where id be without all of u #eternallygrateful ❤️💕🌈☺️ #jkyourallwhores
eternallygrateful - jkyourallwhores -
elliott_tang : THANKS FOR THE TAG
elliott_tang : AND THE INVITE
elise_bergmann : APRIL FOOLS WE HATE YOU
alex.bassinger : Wb me
aidenhealy9 : "I would"
elise_bergmann : thanks for ensuring max would see the picture @steezyy_fox ! you must not have noticed he was tagged so dont worry im sure he saw it!! thanks again!
steezyy_fox : @elise_bergmann no problem! Happy to help!
jorts5ever : Where's my s/o fam
jakegreco4 - jackson_wotton - kalekeemy - irenethejellybean -
Our mothers have been friends for 40-odd years,our friendship was,in all honestly,imposed on us.Styx was just there,couldn't escape the guy,so we just continued with the friendship for almost 40-odd years now too (embellishment!).We started school together in what was then called Sub-A,I failed,he passed.At some point he got expelled from school (very naughty fellow,I have many tales in that regard).Naturally,later,upon discovering women,I got expelled too (wrongfully so,I did no such thing with that girl.False accusation!).We were once caught swimming in a deadly dam,which was out-of-bounds.Khathini,the chap who was on look-out duty,on the hill,failed us!When 'the community' decided we were to be beaten up and proceeded to take our pants off,they discovered we hadn't healed from an earlier beating.Someone,in utter shock,pleaded mercy.Our butts were paraded before the 'presiding officers',who acknowledged our festering sores and thus we escaped another serious thrashing.I have a number of such mates and tons of such tales,our childhood stories border on the ridiculous.We had so much fun!Do you have childhood stories or was your mom such a sharp dresser too?Scotch never dies.....Happy Thursday! #NoLoveLikeAMothersLove #NoSmileLikeAMothersSmile #FriendsThenFriendsNow #HappyChildhoodTales #AsWildAsThomasSawyer #AsCrazyAsHuckleberryFinn #YourGirlStillCantWearScotchLikeThat #ThePeopleShallShare #AlwaysYoursNeverMine #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
alwaysyoursnevermine - nolovelikeamotherslove - aswildasthomassawyer - friendsthenfriendsnow - ascrazyashuckleberryfinn - nosmilelikeamotherssmile - thepeopleshallshare - eternallygrateful - yourgirlstillcantwearscotchlikethat - seeknoharm - doyourbest - justmyluck - happychildhoodtales -
sinezungu : Wa wuyihlongandlebe @musa_sishange 😂😂😂😂
luvlithando : 😂😂😂!
blaqjones : Lol "scotch never dies" @musa_sishange
king_khuzwayo1 : I would be the first to buy all your memoirs that you would write 10 copies each just to have backup incase the young ones start stealing them while I sleep. @musa_sishange
doh_lilly : Omagangane @styxm @musa_sishange
styxm : Innocent me @doh_lilly. Ungaz kahle futh wena
mbonisiwezizwe : I still want my 2 years I was expelled for
musa_sishange : @mbonisiwezizwe eish,what's done is done man,we've all tried to let go.You know how it is....
senzompanza - i_am_144 - queen_deka - s_mabaso -
A new student shared this with me after my last class of the day: "I've taken a handful of yoga classes over the last year and wasn't sold. But you sold me! Tonight, I fell in love with yoga." ...and my work for today is done. Goodnight! #newyogi #eternallygrateful #lovemyjob #fuckyes #yogaeverydamnday #findyourpassion #liveyourdream #changelives #actlocally #thinkglobal #instagratitude #success #yogapower #LAyoga #honest #openheart #slowandsteady #snail #wildnature
actlocally - snail - layoga - instagratitude - yogaeverydamnday - changelives - findyourpassion - openheart - wildnature - thinkglobal - liveyourdream - newyogi - success - yogapower - slowandsteady - honest - eternallygrateful - lovemyjob - fuckyes -
mtutak : Aw.. You sold me too @lightinsideyoga!! 💗🙏🏻
lightinsideyoga : Ahhhh @mtutak ! Ninja focus and yogi heart! Thanks for saying that! 💗 You
daxden88 - hustleteam2015 - samanta_mickute - -
Eternally Grateful #cloakanddagger #tat2robb #LillyFlower #ForMyNiece #EternallyGrateful #NewInk
lillyflower - eternallygrateful - cloakanddagger - tat2robb - formyniece - newink -
chav91 : Is that yours? @cbe7o
cbe7o : Yea got it today @chav91
chav91 : It looks good super jealous haha
cbe7o : Thanks dude!👍 @chav91
a.colgate : 👌🏼
anthonyagarcia94 : sick bro!!
cbe7o : Thanks guys!✌ @a.colgate @anthonyagarcia94
diegolowride18 - xmxndxx - sincrlynicole - selmaldi_ -
#ImBlessedWithFriendsWhoAreBeautifulBothInsideAndOut #JustGotInAndIveAlreadySeenThreeOfThem #LookingForwardToSeeingMore #ILoveMyFriends #StallworthEverAfter2015 #RogerAndShandice2015 #ILoveIt #GreatBeingBackInAtl #EternallyGrateful #ExceedinglyBlessed #FaithfullyHumble
ilovemyfriends - imblessedwithfriendswhoarebeautifulbothinsideandout - exceedinglyblessed - iloveit - lookingforwardtoseeingmore - eternallygrateful - faithfullyhumble - justgotinandivealreadyseenthreeofthem - greatbeingbackinatl - stallwortheverafter2015 - rogerandshandice2015 -
jeff_oo_matic : 😞😞😓😓😕😕 swear I just saw u in Nassau a few hours ago ........ u dnt play @k_britt_knee dang
k_britt_knee : Lol yes @jeff_oo_matic I left after work. ✈️😊😇☺️
christyambrown : Ahhhhhhh
tamikar85 : Passport stamps on FLLLEEEKKKK😁
k_britt_knee : I'm trying to get like you @tamikar85! ☺️
tamikar85 : You have successfully passed me grasshopper! LOL
simply_azell : Sooo excited to see you!!
k_britt_knee : Zeeelllyyyy!!!! I knoooowwww!!!! Can't wait to see you @simply_azell!
seedsbyshandice - mrbahamas_242 - charabella - kerlangeko -
Feeling the love all around me. Thank u universe!! 😍😚 #loa #blessed #amazingfriends #support #love #eternallygrateful #universallaw
eternallygrateful - loa - love - universallaw - support - blessed - amazingfriends -
eugenegessman - tarafradila27 - whorunsthispage - claire_ceej_cj -
Just finished this piece #eternallygrateful #lily #lilytattoos #flowertattoos #blackandgreytattoos #ink #spektra #spektraedge #stencilstuff #script #lettering #tat2robb #cloakanddagger
lettering - lilytattoos - script - spektraedge - blackandgreytattoos - flowertattoos - eternallygrateful - cloakanddagger - stencilstuff - ink - tat2robb - spektra - lily -
xist_tattoo : Nice
jordanbrilltattoos : Excellent!
coulditbecartel : 😍😍
_ashley_hernandez : 😍😍😍
cbe7o : Exactly what i wanted man👌Thanx again!!👍
jillmarieee___ : @recinos_7
tat2robb : @xist_tattoo @jordanbrilltattoos good lookin... @cbe7o glad u like it g....
recinos_7 : @jillmarieee___ looks dope!!
angelsgrlluv2717 - kittykat__5150 - bryyeatsdinos - inkeddoll_3 -
Some days are bananas!!! #loveletters #eternallygrateful
loveletters - eternallygrateful -
ajalia1 : Truth
dukesnduchesses - calivntr - ajalia1 - rube_beast -
Don't just ask. Seek. And you shall find. #bibleverseoftheday #GodIsGoodAllTheTime #eternallyGrateful #TeamJesus #BookOfIsaiah #lifewithpurpose #JoyGladHappy #walkwithfaith #ChristIsMySaviour
bibleverseoftheday - lifewithpurpose - joygladhappy - godisgoodallthetime - walkwithfaith - eternallygrateful - bookofisaiah - christismysaviour - teamjesus -
bchkid - wonkyglasses - babedolozon - angel_rizze21 -
#FlawsAndAll #BeautifullyBlessed #EternallyGrateful 👑🎀👸🏽💁🏽💋💗
eternallygrateful - beautifullyblessed - flawsandall -
meli415 : 😘
lindaguanaquita - lala_67 - jonnychee - 1kaira -
I have three,lovely sisters that I adore to bits (and sometimes fear!).Headstrong,collectively they have the capacity to drive any man insane.Just keep your head low,avoid any squabbles and be there when they need you(Which could be directly after they expressly told you they don't need you and never will, ever!).You learn these lessons very quickly and also learn not to introduce any of your 'girlfriends' to them. If you do,dumping that girlfriend just got very,very hard.Unless,of course,they instruct me to dump that useless person.Then there is an active campaign to rid ourselves of that problem!See?It's best not to get them involved at all. Spent a bit of precious time with them a few weeks back,it was really lovely.They didn't ask me about any girlfriend and I avoid any boyfriend talk too.Just bring my nieces and nephews along and we are all happy!Do you have sisters?Do you love them to bits too?Bet they also drive you insane,just adore them and be thankful you are their loving brother and not their hapless boyfriend,poor chaps.Happy Wednesday! #FamilyLoveFirst #FamilyFirstAlways #FamilyFunAndLaughter #FamilyGrowthBabiesEverywhere #FunWillBeHadWithOrWithoutYou #YourGirlWouldntSurviveThisTest #YourGirlWouldntMakeTheCut #AlwaysYoursNeverMine #ThePeopleShallShare #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
alwaysyoursnevermine - familylovefirst - familyfirstalways - familygrowthbabieseverywhere - thepeopleshallshare - eternallygrateful - funwillbehadwithorwithoutyou - familyfunandlaughter - justmyluck - yourgirlwouldntmakethecut - yourgirlwouldntsurvivethistest - doyourbest - seeknoharm -
sam_nxumalo : Sweet man @musa_sishange #AnnelieMyBuddy
enhleimbali : Girlfriend? yini yona leyo?
mbonisiwezizwe : Love my sisters to bits too
zilungilet - - ms_hlonithage - da_smu -
For me, you've become my life. #emmalilyhuski #combover #eternallygrateful
emmalilyhuski - combover - eternallygrateful -
jasskiii : You're all so sweet! Thank you! @xspringlove come over anytime you little traveller!!! Everything you got her she grew out of already! Nmk that's how fast she's growing! 😘😘
xspringlove : @jasskiii well.. That just means Aunti Bahar needs to come with a fresh batch of cuteness!!!
jasskiii : Stop it just bring your fine face over!! @xspringlove
yama_125 : سلام chrin ast nami koda 💚
jasskiii : @yama_125 tashakoor Yamajaan
fati_abassi : Love, love, love!! 😘😘😘
coldfunction : So beautiful!
idris__jan : Nami khuda nazaneen
reda_mony - mina_p_8181 - sarazargar05 - priyankashilewant -
💙 Andrew James 💚 #always #myworld #mylittlelove #feb192010 #blessed #eternallygrateful to call you #myson
eternallygrateful - feb192010 - mylittlelove - myson - always - blessed - myworld -
jackie_c07 - jooo_bb - cdmg - beezyb87 -
An old picture, but it gives a glimpse of my heart I had (and have) for this woman right here! @cwrouse , I can't ever adequately express my gratitude for all that you do & all that you mean to me. But, I love you with my whole heart. 💙 Thank you for coming through, even in your 'busy' or inconvenient moments. Being able to call you as one of my 'moms' is truly one of my greatest treasures, honors, & joys. 🎁💝🌺🍃 #spiritualmama #immeasurablyblessed #eternallygrateful #privilegedkid
privilegedkid - eternallygrateful - spiritualmama - immeasurablyblessed -
auburn_noblitt77 - urikimtrell - gawdzla - saml._ -
Trying out some old builds, still milkin it #ipv4 #mutationV2 #cloudchaser #vapersunite #ImAHashTagFag I'll always be #eternallygrateful
cloudchaser - imahashtagfag - vapersunite - eternallygrateful - mutationv2 - ipv4 -
vapesocietysupply : 💧 💨
caluskawteam - themorbidstoner - neri.alberto.lopez.ana.x - vapers_room -
🎤🎼🎶 Happy 40th Birthday to one of the best vocalists & lyricists of all time #laurynhill #hbd 💚 This woman brings my #soul back into #focus & I am #eternallygrateful for her #presence & #influence
eternallygrateful - laurynhill - presence - hbd - influence - soul - focus -
ash_built_fordtough - kaiastrawberry - nicijoyce - kahemerich -
My view from the #Wellington airport right now... I cannot believe this dream trip is over. And I ❤️ Gollum. #eternallygrateful #TAHDownUnder
eternallygrateful - tahdownunder - wellington -
smileygidget : Safe travels!! ✈️
nikki_noodles83 : I used to call my nephew Gollum. Have a safe trip home x
gumby.little - zombieintherain - - disney_daze_85 -
It's my bdayyyyyyy!!!!! Thank you Jesus! I know you surely live! I am nothing without you, Thank you for life, love and mercies that are new everyday! #eternallygrateful #birthdaybehaviour #27istheno #nochillatall #itsmyday
eternallygrateful - 27istheno - nochillatall - itsmyday - birthdaybehaviour -
adetounp : HBD blood mate..May God bless ur new age
niyioo : Hbd...llnp
oliviashosco : Thanks darling sisters @teefah_fabs and @adetounp I love you gurls scatter💋💋💋💋
oliviashosco : Thanks @niyioo
toyosi_hartpour : Happy birthday! Instafriend from a distant!!! Love the pics!
pholushor : HBD, dear. Wishing you many more yrs of great purposes and successes IJN.
shadybluezz : Happy birthday shosco!!!!! WLLnP 💋❤️😘
oliviashosco : Tnks hun @pholushor and @shadybluezz
segunfaj - shadybluezz - o3_ozone - tiwalopeoludipe -
#Family #MyBigBrother #FinallyCaughtUpWithHim #JustAsImLeaving #LoveHim #LoveMyFamily #EternallyGrateful #ExceedinglyBlessed #FaithfullyHumble
lovemyfamily - family - exceedinglyblessed - justasimleaving - eternallygrateful - mybigbrother - lovehim - finallycaughtupwithhim - faithfullyhumble -
moda_watches : صوره حلوه
officialladii_bella - yamie_bulu - rady8919 - charabella -
#giggles with my #daughter my #life may have had some #serious #upsanddowns but one thing for sure is I'm #eternallygrateful for my #beautiful #daughters
beautiful - giggles - life - daughter - upsanddowns - eternallygrateful - serious - daughters -
jackdoor1 - mr.motivation_keepitreal - nicijoyce - nataliejane0803 -
Heal, harmonize, and love eternally. #HeavenSent #healing #UNCONDITONAL #8 #infinite #familytime #love #light #hope #eternallygrateful #blessed #violet #rainbow #vibrations #soulpower
rainbow - love - unconditonal - light - violet - blessed - soulpower - eternallygrateful - vibrations - healing - heavensent - infinite - familytime - hope - 8 -
mylittlecrystals - i_m_light - iweargymshoes - rasguyproductions -
Cape Town's crying skies. I will be back, darling city. #iloveithere #capetown #cityofmyheart #Africamylove #itsspecialhere #myjourneymydestination #adventuringon #eternallygrateful #ihavethebestfriends
myjourneymydestination - capetown - adventuringon - africamylove - cityofmyheart - ihavethebestfriends - eternallygrateful - itsspecialhere - iloveithere -
chandler_hilburn - bobbihoagnyc2la - pyramidjake - yocherryness -
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