Right now,at this very moment,I cannot think of a better movie.Ever.Absolutely hilarious and heart-wrenching.Captivating exchanges all round and best speeches ever,at the weddings and the funeral.Let me get off my phone,enjoy this classic yet again.If the humour here goes way over your head, we aren't friends.We don't know each other and maybe it's best you weren't even born.For the benefit of society at large.I mean that.I've walked away from good lays for being airheads..... #LaughterTheBestMedicine #DryHumourAtItsBest #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
eternallygrateful - seeknoharm - doyourbest - justmyluck - laughterthebestmedicine - dryhumouratitsbest -
sne_gee : One of my favourites.
lubumba_g : It's hilarious!!
rhuu1122 - sne_gee - londizondi - lubumba_g -
Strength and faith #EternallyGrateful #FamilyFirst
eternallygrateful - familyfirst -
cdecar : 😍😍
anitadevicente : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
jorgewerd - evagarolera - hugogarciab - javilorente13 -
My day is done... Nw I can relax #KeepLifeSimple#EternallyGrateful
eternallygrateful - keeplifesimple -
cyndazz - souloband -
5 days. 8 meetings. Hillsong conference. Visions and plans for research and implementation of how to glitter-ify and color the world pretty. Miles of walking. Lots of coffee and pumpkin flavored stuff for her :) I do not take lightly the absolute gift she is on my life. She enables my crazy, and makes it ok to dream and see a new future. And makes it all pretty while at it! Co-conspirator. Glitter giver. Beautiful heart for justice. Seeker of truth. She holds me up. I am SO SO grateful for her. So grateful! We are a handful, haha! Our poor husbands get us for wives, haha! Maybe that's why they're taking their time?! 😳 #mybestfriendisaunicorn #shesthebest #coloreverything #glittereverything #wejourneytogether #laughandcry #goodandbad #legacybuilding #eternallygrateful #learning
coloreverything - eternallygrateful - wejourneytogether - mybestfriendisaunicorn - glittereverything - learning - shesthebest - goodandbad - laughandcry - legacybuilding -
chicadealeah : I have never not been accused of being a handful. Those 8 meetings were pretty much in two days though. 😳😳😳I just slept the entire flight
_lia_lia - reeshalatchman - thelindagene - brokenbread79 -
'Musa,do you ever cook?'There you have it, steaming pots!Of course,I'm not Nigel Slater,therefore,what I cook,I eat.Anyone else who tries to partake in my food,risks serious food poisoning,if they can get through the taste.Therefore,I'd caution against any visitors.No,I will not cook for you,ever.The charmer boys and boyfriends will do that for us,I'll handle the other stuff,often referred to as food of some sort too! #ThePerilsOfASingleMan #GotThisTooManyHandsSpoilTheBrothAnyway #MumWontBelieveMe #MySistersWontBelieveMe #NoExWillBelieveThis #SchoolMatesWillCrackUpLaughing #GoodWithMyBigHandsAnyway #FoodGloriousFood #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
eternallygrateful - mysisterswontbelieveme - foodgloriousfood - theperilsofasingleman - goodwithmybighandsanyway - gotthistoomanyhandsspoilthebrothanyway - schoolmateswillcrackuplaughing - justmyluck - mumwontbelieveme - noexwillbelievethis - doyourbest - seeknoharm -
musa_sishange : @thands_k mxm, you really think I'm black like you wena!
musa_sishange : @princess_mbali anytime....
musa_sishange : @missnicole_k not a bad idea
yabahle : Uhmmm
lenkosisoni : Uphekeni? Ak'bonakali kahle, I cant even begin to guess...
justzweli : Hahaha... Kanti bak'funani? Udlile nje πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
musa_sishange : @justzweli yazi ndoda! Ngisuthi nje futhi!
musa_sishange : @darkcoffeelatte uthanda kabi.Uzongihleka la!
meserdis - msprezz - tseeeeeeego - siyamnikathi -
Constant reminder. #negativespace #t4g #eternallygrateful
t4g - negativespace - eternallygrateful -
kaputerbaugh : @saj_mahal_ sharpie or legit?! Lol πŸ˜‰
mikchicken13 - - austersen - gennamoorie -
It's fall, y'all! So happy to help my new employer with their chalkboard sign. Check out Tetra Fitness, it is where I will be spending my mornings. Get after what you want, once you do, you might be surprised at the opportunities that arise and the ones you create. #love #create #tetrafitness #theroadtoutopiashow #eternallygrateful #move #createthelifeyoulove #chalkboarddesigns #fontfun #itsfallyall
love - chalkboarddesigns - itsfallyall - create - move - eternallygrateful - createthelifeyoulove - tetrafitness - theroadtoutopiashow - fontfun -
slocountyinfo - yogapriss - abigailrogerz - benjocz -
If you with me then I PROMISE you'll live the same way... Late nights with a view of the Capital πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ (London).. God blessed me & gave me that hard work ethic with beautiful rewards. #EternallyGrateful #YGK πŸ”Ί
eternallygrateful - ygk -
yungkazonline : @flawlessflowzganjaman regular hangout brother πŸ‘Š
daylizmiyake : Baby you're in London?
jrw381 : View looks so nice!
_gekketurkk_0546 : #Loveit LOVE this!!! ξŒͺ
vardan_sargsyan : muy agradable
its_meela_thoo : Niceβ˜…
scream.bri : Nice photoreally beautiful,I love it so much!
x_chelseajaine : Im not far πŸ˜ƒ
beekayy__ - _teeyah1 - lastqueenpapi - mariamm_x -
I know today's news comes straight from the court,on a matter that has gripped the imagination of many among us.This poem has no direct connection with that,besides the simple point that that lot of unexplained 'mishaps' have happened throughout the years.Perpetrated by both individuals and the state.Maybe tis true that 'no news, is good news'.Why can't days be 'normal', with no frenzy of activity, no pain, no human suffering and no news?I wish the news of the butchering of miners in Marikana had never reached me.So what's news? Have a lovely Tuesday! #ReadMorePoetry #ReadDammitRead #ReadThinkDo #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
eternallygrateful - readdammitread - readthinkdo - seeknoharm - readmorepoetry - justmyluck - doyourbest -
naledimathabathe : @iam_tino
iam_tino : ✊ our grandfather @mandiisa @rekgsxo...thanks cousin @naledimathabathe
naluthando : @gmsibi
dwaynes_life65 : From a view point of a white man the world is rapidly changing. My kids are growing up in a totally different world. A world full of hate They are growing up in a me world it is all about me and what I want And all I can see it is growing worse may God have mercy on all our souls
musa_sishange : @dwaynes_life65 on the other hand, there is more wealth then there ever way,knowledge and medicine,however large sections of the population remain out of the main stream,poor,sick and hungry. Can we change? Get rid of hate? We can only hope.
musa_sishange : was*
dwaynes_life65 : From my perspective the gap just keeps growing And not just here where I live but all over the world I will keep hoping change
katlehoserobe : Another one of ur grandaddys gems @rekgsxo @gmsibi
sne_gee - thenomfundo - siwebbee - lubumba_g -
So stankin' true. #tooblessedtobestressed #resilience #stayhumble #eternallygrateful #selfhealing #treatyoself
treatyoself - stayhumble - tooblessedtobestressed - eternallygrateful - resilience - selfhealing -
erinssssb - kittychaey - krisdele - somethingsimple -
Housewives of Santa Barbara. We made Lasagna, stuffed peppers, enchiladas and large stuffed noodle thingy's. Ok, let's be honest...I cut some veggies and drank wine, but we have meals for two months! #girlfriendsrock #eternallygrateful #eatupjeffrey
eternallygrateful - eatupjeffrey - girlfriendsrock -
amackirdy : #sisterwives
meganjarrett201 : @amackirdy Bre. Total sister wives. Laughing...
ruthannbacon : Genius idea!!! I want to cut veggies & drink wine & have meals for two months!! πŸ·πŸŽπŸ†πŸ πŸ…πŸŒ½πŸπŸ“
laurentmcewen : So proud of you megoonie!!!! @meganjarrett201
mmsmith12 : @meganjarrett201 please send a pic of you in an apron. Please.
grandmasuze : Brilliant and fun idea!
mandolynhume : ohmygosh!! this makes me happy on so many levels! I want to be a sister wife! 😘
darcymc : Look at you - cooking and friends - rock star!!!!!! Still haven't done either since the move to Portland:)
aliquivey - lisa_bacon - melissa22newman - mamacbear84 -
Even when my flesh fails me, my source of joy never does. πŸ™Œ #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful -
tri_fli : Thank u for this!!
elizabethyu_ : Such a good quote!
brian.iac - manglalala - lisagilbertson - heathercastillo -
#myview #mykingdom Photo Credit: #myJohny #dontbejelly #ilivewhereyouvacation #igettoseethiseveryday #eternallygrateful #soblessed
ilivewhereyouvacation - igettoseethiseveryday - soblessed - myjohny - mykingdom - eternallygrateful - dontbejelly - myview -
nikoiwill - bobbyshots - nichylobb - sarayinghenriques -
Bored, attempting smoke tricks #AirBender #smokerings #smokemagnets #willyoumarryme I'll always be #eternallygrateful
willyoumarryme - smoketricks - smokemagnets - airbender - vape - eternallygrateful - smokerings - mod -
thelong_hairedguy : #vape #mod #smoketricks
thetraingang : Check out my tricks! (:
shoethongs - rspeeze - thatkidmav - brieefer -
Another bit of sweet inspiration to start the week off right. I know y'all have had moments like this. I know I have myself ...everyday πŸ™ #eternallygrateful #blessed #smileeveryday
eternallygrateful - smileeveryday - blessed -
mr.mrs._gonzo : πŸ‘³ hab a Gud day
sweetcreationz : Yes πŸ™πŸ˜Š stay blessed @mzshielz!
jme58 - jeannelyn - jeansahagun - yanny_xo -
Sometimes, I wonder why I was the lucky one to be this chocolate hunks mom 🍫🐢 ❀️••• #eternallygrateful #colterboy
eternallygrateful - colterboy -
mrsstephjoseph : YOU HAVE A DOG @brichavez_ ???? I love u even more now
brichavez_ : I do I do have a beautiful chocolate face @mrsstephjoseph! And I ❀️ you so much, it's almost awkward 😘
trkrause3 - jedadiahsmom - mindyburt - cindybeveridge -
i am nothing with GOD. #eternallygrateful #blessedhands #inspiration
eternallygrateful - blessedhands - inspiration -
say_zereaux - bigg__benn - rica_trigs - ms_mommy_6 -
It's not everyday that you get to be baptized..... It's also not everyday that you get to be baptized by your dad....... And it's certainly not everyday that you get to be baptized in the same river that jesus was baptized. β€οΈπŸŒ…β›ͺ️ #eternallygrateful #holyland2014 #jordanriver
eternallygrateful - jordanriver - holyland2014 -
stephvilladavis : So incredible Brandi.
mmpenido : #jesusbumps
jenangel1995 - _krammark_ - kelseyboller - chrisprah -
So some of you believe you have have angels perched on your shoulders?Ok.No one should fault you on your beliefs,no matter how baseless.Good for you.I don't think my shoulders are wide enough.I just have good friends and great moments from time to time.Couldn't ask for more.All smiles.Hope you are smiling too,no matter how attractive or unattractive the angel/demon perched on your shoulder is.Not all angels are as pretty as this one,we should appreciate them anyway,shouldn't we?Have a great week ahead.... #ThinkHardWorkSmart #KeepSmilingStayFriendly #GoodFriendsGreatTimes #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
eternallygrateful - goodfriendsgreattimes - seeknoharm - justmyluck - thinkhardworksmart - keepsmilingstayfriendly - doyourbest -
manqobacntshingila : I wait for the phone call @musa_sishange
blkstar12 : Gorgeous pic
musa_sishange : @blkstar12 thank you!
darkcoffeelatte : Beautiful
londizondi : πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
boonakee - lindasentso - missvuyii - gugzsibiya -
Looking outside my balcony and seeing the Durban Harbourβš“οΈahhhhhhh a sight I am blessed with all the time. I am so grateful for this life. I love it. I absolutely love it. I want to kiss itπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ Good Morning MondayπŸ“πŸ‹ Kebab sticks and fruit. Let's stack em upπŸ’ͺπŸ’›β€οΈπŸŽ‰ #HealthyWealthy #RawTill4 #NoMeatMondays #AlwaysGrateful #EternallyGrateful
eternallygrateful - rawtill4 - nomeatmondays - alwaysgrateful - healthywealthy -
mamthombeni.duma : I will try #nomeatmonday today. For me . Siz will ask for meat on the side I know it. I have 4 gem squash pumpkins that I thought I'd try on Zoe. Butternut is best so she eats that as dessert lol
its_nolo : @mamthombeni.duma these Zulu men though. Haha. uXo always asks for meat. Always. I have tried to convert him. Haha. πŸ˜‚ I absolutely love butternut. Market didn't have them. Haha.
boulderraw - clementinanna - estherpunter - thobekagoba -
In the Month of O.R Tambo! #Salute #EternallyGrateful #MyANC #LiberationMovement
eternallygrateful - myanc - liberationmovement - salute -
saudiqueen_21 - 124glo - bonjo_911 - mzwandile_masina -
Every Sunday thousands walk this street to enter a building full of encouragement and hope. @briancharleshouston @bobbiehouston thank you for making the decision years ago to commit, lead and love #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful -
josiexxxo : πŸ’–
paulalasmar : Dear , I will go to NY tomorrow . We'll meet ?
ericalansman : Beautiful!!
mariafernandacortez : Sos hermosa ale πŸ’œπŸ˜™
joycecreating - ebestx - neh.k - raisaclopez -
I adore this. #Perfect #CouldntHaveSaidItBetter #Rain #Rainbow #DarknessIntoLight #Stars #EternallyGrateful #Beautiful #InstaBeauty
perfect - rainbow - darknessintolight - instabeauty - rain - eternallygrateful - couldnthavesaiditbetter - stars - beautiful -
sybilmgcredo - anapau_portilla - lay_ssc - namastemamarose -
N E E D S U P P O R T | I am really stoked that I can offer one more position for my 1:1 coaching program to finish of 2014. If you have goals that you can't seem to meet or you have answers to questions that you don't understand. Yes you read that right. Sometimes we have the answers but we don't understand the question. If this gets you thinking then perhaps I am ya lady. Email me at to book a free 30min meet the coach session. I would love to help you through 2014 and get you the best start possible for your 2015. #connect #healthcoach #holistichealth #livelaughlove #livethedream #lifechanger #dreambig #thinkfeellive #thankful #thrive #thoughtsarerunningwild #love #gratitude #BOOM #nutrition #nuture #acceptance #amazing #blessed #bestversion #beamirror #enjoy #eternallygrateful
enjoy - nutrition - thoughtsarerunningwild - love - nuture - blessed - lifechanger - thankful - connect - holistichealth - beamirror - acceptance - gratitude - eternallygrateful - amazing - healthcoach - livethedream - boom - livelaughlove - dreambig - bestversion - thrive - thinkfeellive -
vivarisellc : Love it!
mickiecockran - old_new_and_blue - readysetglowwellness - robbie_conway -
Same citi, same friends if ya looking for me ... #TheyDidThatToday #EternallyGrateful #TheLovesReal #AintNoWeakLinksOverHere #TatianaLeftRightBeforeThisPic πŸ‘†βš“οΈπŸ†πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ˜˜
theydidthattoday - aintnoweaklinksoverhere - thelovesreal - tatianaleftrightbeforethispic - eternallygrateful -
kingsyd : πŸ™Œ
lovelymillz27 : 😘😘 hope you enjoy your birthday weekend!!
tjjoyy : Aahhhhhhhhh 😒 lol
juicyjenae : 😘
mind_body_soul1 : Hope you enjoyed love
mizsocaholic : 😘😘😘
seductive_b : 😍😍😍
key_2da_city : 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
surfypapi_ - dee_bond2 - only_one_city - joey3723 -
You've seen my flaws, my scars, and my short comings; and yet you've stood with a loving heart and open arms. You inspire and challenge me. And you've truly touched my heart in many ways. Thank you for speaking life into me and allowing me to share my journey. I love you mama Colleen ! You'll always have a BIG place in my heart..πŸ’žβ€οΈ #honored #eternallygrateful #myothermom #blessed #victoryworldchurch #leader #influencer #pastor #morebeautifulthanme #justloveher @cwrouse
honored - justloveher - influencer - morebeautifulthanme - blessed - pastor - eternallygrateful - myothermom - victoryworldchurch - leader -
awakenrunner : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
justin._.hall - winn.robin - yulia_the_great - markmunroemusic -
eternallygrateful - ysbh - lifehasntbeenthesamesince - thankyouwv - wordscantexplain - teamwv -
starfyah : See I've always been a girl who is full of LIFE, but this is where I learned what it truly means to LIVE.... #thankyouwv #lifehasntbeenthesamesince #eternallygrateful #wordscantexplain #teamwv #ysbh
simplifiedchic : @starfyah Where should I be? Lol
starfyah : @simplifiedchic Living Life!!! ;)
simplifiedchic : Well here I come! @starfyah
ladyv_79 - natzsprats - papa_infrared - mrs_rogers_fs -
There is no one in this world that I would want to survive a hurricane with, other than you πŸ’— #eternallygrateful #unbelievablyblessed #thankyoudada #myguardianangel
eternallygrateful - thankyoudada - myguardianangel - unbelievablyblessed -
sanilmagan - ramancheema83 - lostintheclouds29 - jbrookesy_12 -
He's very grateful right now and is sending lots of kisses to those that really prayed for him πŸ˜πŸ™β€οΈπŸΎ #thankyou #thankyou and especially to Lucy who drove us to the hospital in no time and has also cared for valentine since day one. #bestauntie #eternallygrateful #verylucky he can't wait to visit our Yorkshire family next week @mrs_jordan2412 thankyou for all your prayers and support πŸ˜πŸ™β€οΈπŸΎ he can't wait to smother you in kisses xxx @emmsiex2205
thankyou - verylucky - bestauntie - eternallygrateful -
mrs_jordan2412 : We love u bally dog cxx
emmybits : He had a prayer from me, I'm glad he's ok ☺️ xx
lucyworkman1 : So cute babe love you and love my little prince vally πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸΎπŸΆ xxxxxxxxxx
chloeneeds : Thankyou @emmybits means a lot xxx
kljones2 : Hope all ok lovely xxx
kljones2 : Aw Chloe just seen what's been happening hope your ok x & little valentine thinking of you guys xxxx sending cuddles xxx
misstmini : Glad to hear he's getting better @chloeneeds 😍😘❀️
kljones2 - hloisr - rjhorne82 - misstmini -
@smith_jesse tattooed my leg. I was fortunate to be chosen as one of his clients. The result is amazing. I am grateful to own this tattoo. This photo is six months healed. #thanksforeverything #loosescrewtattoo #glitchgallery #richmondvirginia #tattoopilgrimage #meccaoftattooing #tattooartists #legsleeve #eternallygrateful #mushrooms #raccoon #turtleshellarmor #enlightened #luminous #healedtattoo #bestillustrativetattooever
turtleshellarmor - tattoopilgrimage - richmondvirginia - mushrooms - glitchgallery - bestillustrativetattooever - luminous - enlightened - tattooartists - legsleeve - healedtattoo - thanksforeverything - eternallygrateful - raccoon - meccaoftattooing - loosescrewtattoo -
marshall_sinclair : Thanks @franklanatra for the eye color suggestion
loosescrewtattoo : @jessesmithtattoos : Brilliant
franklanatra : @marshall_sinclair anytime bud!!
williefresh18 : @marshall_sinclair looks sick bro. Can't wait to get down there to see ya.
smith_jesse : @marshall_sinclair .... Wrong guy
marshall_sinclair : @smith_jesse my bad bro.
marshall_sinclair : @jessesmithtattoos
tony_b_tattoo - mrbrettfn - jesseholt - ding_dang88 -
Jesus loved me even when I couldn't love myself....♥♥♥ #EternallyGrateful #SundaySunday #Blessed #Loved β˜…
eternallygrateful - sundaysunday - blessed - loved -
michaelkoech - lewisky_kiarie - miss__billie - thee_shotcaller -
' He woke me up this morning' #God #morningbymorning #newmercies #isee #eternallygrateful πŸ™πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜Ž
newmercies - god - morningbymorning - isee - eternallygrateful -
i_am_marviebee - usingil - teezaye - kadillacgrillz -
ALWAYS AND FOREVER: Immensely, surely, indescribably, wholly, irrevocably, steadfastly and eternally grateful for @hillsong church. This church has changed the life I have lived, the life I live, the life I will live, and the lives I will live long after I have transitioned on. No words can describe my love and appreciation for my pastors @briancharleshouston @bobbiehouston @carllentz @lauralentz and for @hillsongnyc Seriously. #withyouheartandsoul #eternallygrateful #myJesusmypursuit #myjourneymydestination #forthisIwasborn #planted #beforethefoundations #speakJesus #ibelieve
myjourneymydestination - beforethefoundations - ibelieve - eternallygrateful - planted - withyouheartandsoul - forthisiwasborn - myjesusmypursuit - speakjesus -
noteasybingreen - bobbihoagnyc2la - mwizaness - tiffanycathleen -
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