A year ago on this very day I was accepted into an experience of a lifetime. I thought I'd just be carrying out my dream of working for the Mouse but it turned out to be something way beyond that. This program changed my life in all the best ways possible: I experienced true happiness and met a group of people I love so very dearly and wish to never let go of. The future ahead of me is bright and I'm so excited for what is to come! #dcpfall2014 #dcpalumni #eternallygrateful #happy
dcpfall2014 - eternallygrateful - dcpalumni - happy -
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Made with @instaquoteapp. #instaquote #truewords #eternallygrateful #friendship
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bee__miller : @sadafkhorakchi een vase toe πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
xvikflintx : Love you ❀️ xxx
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These people love fun,despite the grey,wet and chilly weather now at Constitutional Hill.Fun and selfies,that's their thing.You can hardly get a word in once the photo shoot starts!Its cameras and selfie-sticks everywhere.Enjoyed The Weekend Social,albeit briefly and @sarahlanga's week long birthday celebration.Yes,your cake was yummy Sarah.(Yep,I said it!).Time to head home,@mpho_popps has a show later at the Lyric Theatre,now that should be an uproarious laugh!I hope it's a good weekend all round,all smiles.....Happy Saturday! #GoodTimesAllSmiles #FunAndGoodLaughter #FunWillBeHadWithOrWithoutYou #YourGirlsJustWishesMate #YourGirlIsStuckUnderABridgeWithABiker #YourGirlIsStillOnThoseSkinLighteningCreamsMate #ThePeopleShallShare #ExpropriationWithoutCompensation #OnlyFoolsPayPremuimInACrowdedMarket #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
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star_rabotapi : Such flamez
phililemiya : mamfu.
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Those who have the ability to be grateful are the ones who have the ability to achieve greatness... πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ˜ƒβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜Š #EternallyGrateful #GreatMorningInsta
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velismallz : GM
sn_mann2 : Morning love 😘
thelifeofmrsmann : Morning sis 😘😘😘 @sn_mann2 love you hunnie β€οΈπŸ‘―
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My boyfriend knows me too well and understands my misery when I run out of tea. What a present! #eternallygrateful
eternallygrateful -
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Another midnight with you, and I'm so glad to be by your side. πŸ’ #MiAmor #EternallyGrateful
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toniocor99 : 😊I wouldn't want to be anyplace else 😘
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AMEN! <3 #Jesus #LOVE #BLESSED #eternallygrateful
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_.god.loves.you._ : Amen . May god bless you and those who you love
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Founders 54• Club names went up on the wall today!! Thank you again to all of our wonderful supporters! #beerforlife #beer4life #macleodale #eternallygrateful
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mr2020 : πŸ‘
818diablo : @victors014 I see your name
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Received a get well card from the Wellness center that I go to to keep me limber. Also received a get well card from my coworker's in laws along with a Dunkin Donuts gift card. #mashallah #eternallygrateful #Ishedatearmadeofapplegatorade
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House 22,Pretoria.DJ China,4 hour set!If you know me,you know that I'm in paradise right now.Keep yours up yonder,this is it,here and now.Blood on the floor,the great unwashed,the masses,moving in one voice,total unison.Kindred spirits.I've been listening to a lot of crap lately,the perils of being friends with celebrity DJ's and chasing clueless young girls.This is my cleansing ceremony,@china_deepinsid saving my life.'If music be the food of life,play on....' Keep your award ceremonies,clap all you want there..... #WeLoveMusic #WeLoveHouseMusic #WeLoveDeepHouseMusic #PlayOn #DeepInside #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
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bhutstunz : πŸ‘Œ
fikilembalula : Hayi uya khumsha damn @musa_sishange
jostamasterj : Mine soul needeth thee cleansing soon| what better way of cleansing the contaminants that come with the perils of night crawlers than @china_deepinsid | thumping beats
_bonga : WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? 😠😠😠
musa_sishange : @_bonga spur of the moment,I just hit the highway! Sorry mate.
musa_sishange : @fikilembalula ha ha ha thank you Chief! Sometimes one struggles fully express the feeling at that moment.
thollarmlambo : Oh I miss House22 😩😫😩😒 I envy you
moozie_moo : Nxa - hit me up if anything good happened tonight, stop being greedy.
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You gave me the greatest job I will ever have! #mysweetboy #happybirthday @lavma17 #blessedtobeyourmom #14 #eternallygrateful #iloveyou
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bionic_ang : Happy Birthday Mase! @lavma17
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Someone I know drew this for me. He said he was intrigued by my expression and asked what I was thinking. I told him I had just woken up and was praying to say thank you...thank you to God for waking me up this morning. I know it is all because of His grace. I woke up and air filled my lungs. Surely, that is enough. We worry so much about tomorrow when it is not promised. Enjoy every single moment. ❀️ #prayer#blessed#thankful#enjoyeverymoment#livetothefullest#findbeauty#Godisgood#prayerchangesthings#perception#thinking#reflection#meditate#followme#beauty#selfie#sograteful#blessings#prettygirlspray#eternallygrateful#iwokeupthismorning#cantcomplain#realizehowblessedyouare#grace#youbetterrecognize#praywithoutceasing#thankyou#iwokeuppraying#iwokeuplikethis#cultivatethehabitofbeinggrateful
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One year ago today we got a call that changed our lives forever! #perfectmatch #eternallygrateful #wyattrhodes #awyattaday #worththewait
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marcaflac : Thank you for my wonderful Grandson
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I love showing love, thank you everyone that shows it in return. Happy Friday! #eternallygrateful #blessed #onelove #Toronto
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TBT with my older brother. I love him. I am blessed by and thru him. Proud. #blessed #eternallygrateful #unejemploaseguir
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Being a mommy to these boys is the greatest blessing n feeling in the world! I couldnt imagine my life without them. Only God knows why he gave me all boys!πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¦πŸ‘Ά But, i am grateful beyond words to know that i will always be loved regardless of the mistakes i have made n have yet to make in my life!πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’› #allboys #creatingmen #EricAnthonyJr #JosiasJayvon #JeremiahAlexander #myheartnsoul #eternallygrateful
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roseannvillegasolivas : Love my chapo,chapito,chapis!! Yup god gave u boys so they can take care of u.
juana_olivas22 : Yip that exactly y! They love u too @roseannvillegasolivas
medstudentbby : @juana_olivas22 heyvwhats # hmu asap 5757065671
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Dabs and dunkin' #mydunkin #whatsinyourcup #dabs #highsociety #ffourtwenty #deadhead #eternallygrateful #gratefuldead πŸ’«βœŒοΈ
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_blazingqueen : I work for Dunkin!☺️ best combo everπŸ‘Œ
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πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ’πŸ‘‘πŸ’… #EternallyGrateful
eternallygrateful -
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My dad sent me a text this morning,1:47am,as I was driving home from Taboo.6 words,heart warming.It happens,once a month or so.The text,from dad I mean,not the Taboo bit,that's a far more common occurrence.I've written about him before,I really look up to my old man.Pre-teens,I was terrified of the guy,which was common in those times,in rural KZN.Teenage years were a bit of a turf war,but only because he had taught and encouraged me to read,think and argue the point so well.Stuff I realised much later.Generally,a cool guy really.Affable,approachable and a great orator.Whereas he jokes and laughs a lot,get him on a grim occasion,like a funeral.He moves the very essence of your being.The ebb and flow of his voice and choice of words,stirs emotion.For a long time,he was the go-to-guy at funerals.Gravitas.Bought books and made us watch many great movies for fun.When he wanted to make a political/social point,without saying a word,he made us watch Cry Freedom.I remember him asking what I wanted to be,I glibly responded,having thought of it before.True to form,he came back with Wits application forms,a firm hand of encouragement.I was delighted he believed it was all possible,whatever the challenges.Thus making me believe too.That's my dad,way back then,despite the hidings and many run-ins,what an awesome guy.Now,how do I tell him all of this?See,we recently started hugging.One doesn't want to get too mushy now.I'll have to ask my little sister to read this out to him.....Happy Thursday! #FamilyFirstAlways #FamilyFunAndLaughter #LoveYourFolksWhateverTheirFaults #LoveYourFolksTheyTriedTheirBest #MySiblingsHaveStoriesForDaysToo #LoveYours #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
loveyours - familyfirstalways - loveyourfolkstheytriedtheirbest - loveyourfolkswhatevertheirfaults - eternallygrateful - seeknoharm - familyfunandlaughter - justmyluck - mysiblingshavestoriesfordaystoo - doyourbest -
missnicole_k : I swear i learn a new word each day i read your posts @musa_sishange
isiphoesihle : πŸ‘ΌπŸ™
mhlexy : hawu Musa used to be a yello bone yemadoda
goldy_sithole : You are cute my darling Musa!
nomfundo_langa : What are the 6 words?
sandile_msibi : ubani lomlungu enime naye....ingabe ubass?
musa_sishange : @sandile_msibi yeyi! Those were dark times,for real...
nansishange : I bet he wrote it in Capital letters. I have no idea why he does that.
senzompanza - yumzsithole - sthabi_g - gugzsibiya -
Couldn't walk past a book-sale yesterday in Melrose.Classics going for R32 each,looked like a real bargain to me.Before they hit my bookshelf,I must attempt to get through a few first.Better than some women I know,in bed,next to me.The difficulty with buying books is not knowing which books I have read and which I actually have already on the bookshelf.What, of value,goes for R32 these days?I can't think of much.Can you even get a beer for R32 in a club?I wouldn't know.Pity these were the only ones I could pick,the rest were cookery books and all that type of stuff.I won't forget buying books with a lovely young lass in tow on a glorious Saturday morning and all she wanted was a Kim Kardashian book.The perils of liking them young!She's all grown up now,so I guess I should excuse her.I won't forget though,I was disgusted that day.Bought any new books lately?I hope you're having fun reading them.....Happy Thursday. #WeLoveBooks #WeLovePoetry #WeLoveLiterature #ReadDammitRead #ThinkDammitThink #ReadingIsFunAndWeLoveFun #NeverWalkPastABookSale #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
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sphii : Im ashamed to say the last book I bought was the book by LIRA in 2013... I haven't realy read anything ever since...πŸ™ˆ
motlatsi99 : Unisa secondhand bookstores...bought "I Write What I like" for my niece.@R9
musa_sishange : @sphii you have no shame....
musa_sishange : @motlatsi99 now there's a novel idea!
tsheggo : Was the durex box behind the books also part of the bargain?πŸ˜‚
zamadoma : I should come and pick up a few big bro....Yes? No? maybe?
musa_sishange : @zamadoma of course! I still owe you that poetry book too....
musa_sishange : @tsheggo that's all you know nje!
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Soon! #eternallygrateful #benefitconcert #rhoystar
eternallygrateful - rhoystar - benefitconcert -
shavenpoodle : When is this soon? Do you have shows ib april and may?
milkteaandcoffee - shavenpoodle - marleye9 - almaconcepcion.idr -
Thankful for the opportunity to live, study, and grow in Costa Rica because of the awesome Meredith College Study Abroad programs! I made friendships that will last a lifetime, gained a second family, got to see more beauty than I ever have before, got to leave a legacy that will linger for years to come, got to adventure like never before, and learn so many things that have shaped my field of study, my future goals and plans, and most importantly, my heart. #eternallygrateful #worldwidewednesday #meredithabroad #meredithcollege #foundersweek #MCGoingStrong #CostaRica #takemeback
takemeback - worldwidewednesday - costarica - eternallygrateful - meredithabroad - foundersweek - meredithcollege - mcgoingstrong -
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Watching my neff{{Mc mount Z!!}} for a couple hours today!! He's one down Vato loco!! I love him this guy!! And I might post a vine or 2 I made with him...I'm loving it!! He brings the Freak out of me. #la #ny #worldwide #graff #streetart #letters #familia #Eternallygrateful #peace
worldwide - eternallygrateful - letters - streetart - la - peace - graff - ny - familia -
hollydlt : Aaron gave me the history of Zeke the Freak the other day, something about Norms after midnight, haha!
zekethejesusfreak : @hollydlt yeah norms brings out the abnormal!!! Haa! I always say he gave me that name!!!
all4mysun - anneliseryan - plitv - cp_3_98 -
So like it's finally live after a protracted delay and it basically features all the things that keep me busy when I'm not at a normal 9 - 5 ...... Do visit the site somblief and share your thoughts if you have any Thanks for their contributions especially @charlie_barman for his contributions and also Thekza for hooking it up Thanks to all my buddies who came to my many events and I took endless pics of you - they were for a good cause I told you in 2009, 2010,2011, 2012 now bonnnnna you are there front page stuff #eternallygrateful #Thejourney #sidehussle #SatoriEvents #Website #WorkThings
website - eternallygrateful - sidehussle - satorievents - workthings - thejourney -
charlie_barman : We are tomorrow!!!
ole_firm - charlie_barman - mokena89 - eq_design -
#wcw #wce is of course my beautiful babe @sophia__smyrnios ❀️❀️ I love you soo much baby, you're my whole heart, my twin flame, my person. #eternallygrateful #mylove #shesgorgeous #loveher #grateful #blessed #humbled #honored
loveher - humbled - wcw - blessed - mylove - eternallygrateful - wce - grateful - honored - shesgorgeous -
xocloh : There you pair of hotties! πŸ™
yogi_b_tattoo : @xocloh yeah brotha!! Lol!! We want to plan a trip out to your neck of the woods soon brotha!
yogi_saurus : Daww ❀️❀️❀️
xocloh : That's what I'm talkin bout! Yeah!
sophia__smyrnios : I love you more than you know and I can ever explain. 😍😘😍😘
adampimentel209 : Wish you guys nothing but the best my friend! Always! Much love :)
talldarkandhandstand : Nawww ☺️☺️☺️
xmeebeex - lamarmcfarlane - lhyouie - alixsadventuresinwonderland -
My prayers have been answered thanks to the THOUGHTFUL @reggiechills @thegreenpetshop !!! They saw how Scooter was SUFFERING from joint pains with no relief other than laying on the ice & snow, so they sent him this #coolpetpad ! I have no words to express HOW GRATEFUL we are for this!! It seems to help him TREMENDOUSLY. Thank you also for the Cleansing flush for Comets paw, pet wipes, poop bags πŸ’© and the #bamboobowls because you knew they were terrified of steel bowls, and paper plates was not a forever solution. You guys are God sent & truly amazing. #GoGreenOrGoHome Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❀️❀️❀️ love, #cometandscooter
gogreenorgohome - cometandscooter - coolpetpad - bamboobowls -
wesleyandbeau : Ohhhh I have no other advice. Just hope he feels better, it makes us very sad to see our friends in pain 😘😘😘
comet_and_scooter : @wesleyandbeau I appreciate it 😊
krista_and_bo : Awwww what a sweet idea. Love Scooter. I really hope he starts feeling better soon! 😘😘😘
comet_and_scooter : Thanks, love πŸ’‹ @krista_and_bo
goldenboyben : Feel better Scooter
tedybsullivan : Tedy is only 1 but had some hip Dysplasia from being malnourished before being rescued. I am so happy to hear about these!!!! He will love them !!!
comet_and_scooter : @tedybsullivan It works wonders!! Hip dysplasia and othe joint problems is very common amongst goldens. I think Tedy will thank you for it. Use the code cometandscooter to get 15% off! Hope he feels better, and He is very lucky to have you!
comet_and_scooter : TY 😘 @goldenboyben
tina.vu02 - deluxegamer100 - lillthelabmom - golden.emmie -
Just want to take a moment to #thank every one of you that ever -- sang along at a show -- or rocked a #shrub hat -- or threw a #blunt on stage -- or played our music for your friends, etc. #wemakemusicforyou #eternallygrateful #shrublove #comeandgetit
eternallygrateful - wemakemusicforyou - thank - comeandgetit - shrublove - blunt - shrub -
jtruhlar : Shrub πŸ’š
highanddivine : Good shot!
mnw1986 : #Shrublove
peacelove_ciana : #shrublove
m_henriksen : You guys are awesome
__darling_nikki__ : #shrublove 😍
marzee_medina : πŸ’š #shrublove
m_erica_ : πŸ’™
downbythedor_sea - mstefka10 - cihuatlazteka - rylan_tisch -
Who said, 'its tough at the top and crowded at the bottom',to me?I cannot recall.This how I re-read this gem.Is it just reward,for all your toil,to reach the summit and be surrounded by 'icy rocks,and loudly blow Contending tempests on his naked head'? I really don't know. I can't escape the thought that I might be mis-interpreting the authors view,possibly influenced by my current state of mind.It is difficult to find people at the top, of whatever industry,who haven't done terrible things to other people in order to get there,besides the loneliness at the top.We celebrate success,as we should,however we should always know that there's a price to pay for it.Some chose not pay the price,we say they lack ambition and drive but sometimes they are just better human beings,that need no lofty heights,content with taking shelter from the mountain and the elements rather than stepping on heads below to reach its peak.Maybe I just know a lot of successful people who've done terrible things and I should just dismiss them as the exception to the norm.Somehow,I doubt that...Happy Wednesday.....see you at the comedy at Taboo tonight...... #WeLovePoetry #ThinkDammitThink #WeLoveBooks #ReadDammitRead #YourGirlHasOnlyReadTheBibleAndSchoolBooksMan #YourGirlStillBuysMagazinesForThePicturesMate #YourGirlIsThickEverywhereEspeciallyUpThereDude #ThatsExactlyWhySheComplimentsYou #ThePeopleShallShare #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
yourgirlstillbuysmagazinesforthepicturesmate - readdammitread - yourgirlhasonlyreadthebibleandschoolbooksman - yourgirlisthickeverywhereespeciallyuptheredude - welovepoetry - thepeopleshallshare - eternallygrateful - thatsexactlywhyshecomplimentsyou - seeknoharm - justmyluck - thinkdammitthink - welovebooks - doyourbest -
luandatm : Lovely thing about poetry is that it doesn't have to be limited to one intepretation. We've had these thought provoking conversations i remember them all so well cc @xolinzama_
xolinzama_ : We have had too many!! @luandatm my favorite convos with Musa 😊
king_khuzwayo1 - enhleimbali - gugzsibiya - dongadilika -
#TBT Deja que tu sonrisa cambie el mundo, pero no de dejes que el mundo cambie tu sonrisa. 😁 #eternallygrateful #GoodMorning πŸ™Œ
eternallygrateful - tbt - goodmorning -
manuelmariatorres : Subí tu selfie a mi primitiva galería, con unos versos que te dedico. Smuackss!
marjourietth - elchoqohsc - yiinii94 - anthony_frezh -
For fucksakes,of course size matters!I swear these Chinese have shrunk everything.This use to be a perfect fit,now my big toe (uqukulu!) is huddled upfront like a Metro rail passanger.(I would know,I took trains for years!) Bought them anyway yesterday,all I wanted was a shoe that fits.Clearly I'm confined to Timberland and Barker shoes now.No,I won't wear your Nigerian boyfriend type shoes and those ugly sandals.I might be desperate,however I have standards.Of course size matters,you can't dig the Kimberly Hole with a shovel now,can you?You have to have the right equipment.Many shovels?Perhaps.Anyway,that's my rant for the day.I don't suppose you relate mate,with your lovely size 8 carvellas from Spitz.Sometimes,I wish I was a little man but then again there's enough of those light-skinned fellows around,aren't there?Funny,your man can't 'walk a mile in my shoes',can he now?He'll always come short.(Is that a pun?Ok,I don't know where I'm going with this!) I have to accept my fate and wear ugly shoes.Happy Wednesday.... #ThePerilsOfABigFoot #ProperWestAfricanProblems #SizeMattersInAShoeShop #NotYourMansProblems #IfTheShoesFitsWearIt #YourGirlLovesBigSizesMate #YourGirlIsMeetingNigerianInvestorsInSandtonRightNow #YourGirlDidNotSprainHerselfAtGymDude #SeekNoHarm #DoYourBest #JustMyLuck #EternallyGrateful
yourgirlismeetingnigerianinvestorsinsandtonrightnow - theperilsofabigfoot - iftheshoesfitswearit - eternallygrateful - sizemattersinashoeshop - seeknoharm - justmyluck - yourgirllovesbigsizesmate - notyourmansproblems - properwestafricanproblems - doyourbest - yourgirldidnotsprainherselfatgymdude -
mbali_flower : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
me_chae_la : Lmao
mich_mich_m : @cynthmaromo #dead
qulee : hehehehehehehe...epic lol
musa_sishange : @abosh_babe look.You can't be serious!?
abosh_babe : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I'm a size 3!
musa_sishange : @abosh_babe that was me,in '92.
abosh_babe : I call them a disabilityπŸ˜‚
noni_dbnyt - lveeeee - titambire_mzaza - peyshens -
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. #father #mylord #myson #eternallygrateful #blessed #godsson thank you lord for my prince greatest miracle ever please bless me with more just as healthy and beautiful as my romeo
godsson - eternallygrateful - myson - father - blessed - mylord -
fiftyshades0fn0rms - bahnehssah_ - wwm007 - julianandezz -
Feb 24th... It's been one year being home from the mission ❀️ not a day has passed that I am not 100% grateful for the time I spent in Washington and not a day has passed that i don't miss it terribly. I will forever be in awe of Gods power and the miracles I witnessed. It was the most beautiful, heart wrenching, difficult, fulfilling, humbling 18 months of my life. My love for God and man was increased incredibly. I was changed forever. The testimony and knowledge of eternity that I gained is a precious jewel burned into my heart. I'm so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for my Father in Heaven and their love and patience for an imperfect daughter trying to do Their will. ❀️ The book is blue, The Church is true, and Washington is green😍 #lds #rm #waspo #godisgood #eternallygrateful
lds - rm - waspo - godisgood - eternallygrateful -
djfitquest : Oh my gosh!! I can't believe it's been a year!! :)
jessaminniee : We miss you so much!! Xoxo
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Everyday with him is the best day ever. I can't repay this kindness God has shown me but I will live my whole life trying. I promise. #eternallygrateful #thankfulmama #bestpersoniknow #myson #ari #lovehimmorethanilovemyself #love #always #Godisgood
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