HAIR PEGS. The Cut, The Color, The Hair Shape. These are photo pegs that clients usually show before they make a big transformation. First, we do hair consultation where we analyze the client's hair preferences, her lifestyle, her hair texture, existing hair color and even her present health! Then we make choices and preferences. After which we design the final look. At Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell, we are not only hair specialists but we are commonly referred to as hair designers! #studiofixbyalexcarbonell #alexcarbonell #hairdesigner #hairhighness #cutandcolor #hairpegs #hairdrsigners #tonigonzaga #alexgonzaga #ruffagutierrez #biancagonzales #jolinamagdangal #erichgonzales #cot
studiofixbyalexcarbonell - jolinamagdangal - hairhighness - erichgonzales - alexcarbonell - cutandcolor - ruffagutierrez - alexgonzaga - biancagonzales - hairdrsigners - hairpegs - tonigonzaga - hairdesigner - cot - : Toni and Alex ❀
kerwinregis : Forever young and beautiful Jolina
its_nikki12 : Alex and toni
glaize_03 : Baby face Jolina Magdangal
tintinjoyftw - kimanne8 - vincent_vinsoysy - kerwinregis -
Hanggang kailan maghihintay at magpapalimos ng pagmamahal si Janine? Maibabalik pa kaya nya ang nawalang respeto sa sarili? Bravo, Erich Gonzales! Napaka-galing mo. Ramdam namin ang sakit na pinagdaraan ni Janine. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Patuloy po nating sundan ang #TwoWives gabi-gabi sa Primetime Bida! #ErichGonzales #TwoWivesPH #TeamJanine #TeamErich
twowives - twowivesph - teamerich - teamjanine - erichgonzales -
forevererichg : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
v_marj_o : I am not much of an erich fan and even before sa SCQ dko gusto n xa nanalo. But now, because of this show. My perception changed. She really is a very good actress! Very versatile, pretty, and awesomely talented.. Keep up the good work erich. /btw, whatever janine (the character) is feeling right now, she deserves it. Karma! Hahaha! #affectedmuch #twowives
ericholicbarbs : Good job @erichgg. πŸ‘
ericholicbarbs : @theericholics Pa followback naman po ate, walang laman IG ko. Bago kasi account ko. 😁 @erichgg
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LatePost From ABANTE Online #DanRich #DanielMatsunaga #ErichGonzales To continue read it here πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ #TwoWives #KrisTv #KrisTvLoveteam #AbsCbn #AbsCbnPr #StarMagicPhils #Bagay #Kilig #JanJie #Janine #Kenjie #FMReyes #DirekFM @iamdarwincg @charlescameros @chillkulit @kimnicolas_ @janenriquez @kat_juban @kristvofficial_ig @danrich_official @danrichofficial @dmatsunagafans @weloveerichg @2wivesabscbn @forevererichg @theericholics @erichginternational @erichgg @dandanmatsunaga #DanRichFTW
kristvloveteam - fmreyes - erichgonzales - danrich - bagay - twowives - abscbn - starmagicphils - kilig - kenjie - kristv - danrichftw - abscbnpr - janjie - direkfm - janine - danielmatsunaga -
gemgelgr : Super like MORE DanRICh in #twowives pleaaaseee!
miraculousfaith - jimvinz - unique.ah - rosakhozy -
Perfection πŸ’– #ErichGonzales #Beauty #Filipina #LivingBarbieDoll
filipina - livingbarbiedoll - beauty - erichgonzales -
bessthiss21 : Follow me i follow u back sweety β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’ž
erichgg - skyflakes1212 - daisyjoybasquez - _rj21_ -
Isn't she lovely? 😍😍😍 #Janine #ErichGonzales #TwoWives #StarMagic @erichgg
twowives - janine - starmagic - erichgonzales -
pipersantos : Ganda.
gafira : Gorgeous @erichgg
joniva01 - dj_jeru22 - jobenabon - akkinyln -
Repost from @belongtobelle Perks of going to work early. Eeeeeppppppp!!! #EnriqueGil :"> #ErichGonzales and others. #QuenRich #QuenRichSpotted #QuenRich2014Photo #StarMagicPhils #Erichgg #Enriquegil17 #ThrowBack #NAIA
erichgonzales - quenrich - erichgg - enriquegil - quenrichspotted - enriquegil17 - throwback - quenrich2014photo - starmagicphils - naia -
quenrichdreamers - garciarosela - vievie.329 - bam_kel -
#FlashbackMonday #ThrowbackMonday Mega/Megaman Magazine September 2014 cover issue #MakingMegaInSouthAfrica #MakingMegaWithErich #MakingMegaWithJulia #MakingMegaWithKathryn #MakingMegaWithMaja #MatteoForMegaMan #ErichGonzales #JuliaBarretto #KathrynBernardo #KathNiel #MajaSalvador #MatteoGuidicelli #MegaMagazine #MegaManMagazine @erichgg @juliabarretto @bernardokath @iammajasalvador @mateoguidicelli @mega_magazine @megaman_magazine β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
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Happy Monday Everyone! Erich pa more?! ❀️ Watch #TwoWives tonight after #Forevermore! #ErichGonzales #TeamJanine
twowives - teamjanine - forevermore - erichgonzales -
gafira : The beautiful Janine hhehehe sorry my beautiful idol @erichgg !!!!
marieberthe86 : Pang beauty queen Sana ang face kaya LNG kulang sa height! But still I like @erichgg
pipersantos : @marieberthe86 tama!! Pang beauty queen ang ganda...
marieberthe86 : @pipersantos tama! If only @erichgg height is 5'8 and up, pwede na pambato ng miss universe or ms world.
pipersantos : @marieberthe86 tama! Yan ang naiisip ko tlaga ganda nya tlaga..un beauty nya pwd pang beauty queen. .sablat lng sa height. .pero ♥♥♥ kp pa din sya..
asherberry25 - redvi_05 - tak1207 - sahdeniy1025 -
@janenriquez Interview with @dandanmatsunaga #DanielMatsunaga aware sa #DanRich Fans To Continue Watch it here ! πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ #DanRichFTW #DanRichInterview #AbsCbn #AbscbnPr @abscbnpr @2wivesabscbn @erichgg #KrisTvLoveteam #ErichGonzales
kristvloveteam - erichgonzales - danrichftw - danrichinterview - abscbnpr - danrich - abscbn - danielmatsunaga -
danrichftw : Thank you guys ! ❀️❀️❀️
danrichftw : Thank you po @janenriquez ❀️
jennyuiene - hopeful429 - ubanandanika - allanashley_ -
Happy Monday! Erich Gonzales looked fresh and blooming as always on #ASAP20 yesterday. 😍 If you missed her 10th anniversary prod you can watch it on the official ASAP website at Photos CTO #ErichGonzales #TeamErich
teamerich - erichgonzales - asap20 -
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#GoodMorning 😊 @enriquegil17 @erichgg @dandanmatsunaga Good Morning Everyone ! #Monday #QuenRich #DanRich #ErichGonzales #EnriqueGil #DanielMatsunaga #Erichgg #Enriquegil17 #Dandanmatsunaga
monday - erichgonzales - erichgg - dandanmatsunaga - enriquegil - danrich - enriquegil17 - quenrich - danielmatsunaga - goodmorning -
maegonzales712 : 😍😍 thank you po @quenrichdreamers my request granted 😘😘
quenrichdreamers : Thank you too ❀ @maegonzales712 . thank you everyone ! ❀❀❀ God Bless !
pmadv19 : @maegonzales712 hahaha kanindot sa Ge request nimo oy😍 ! Parehas pajud sila ug gisoot 😘 coincidence napud ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
maegonzales712 : Gani hahaha ! @pmadv19
chunhei2317 : Sad bakit dko alam to ?? @pmadv19 @maegonzales712 BTW ang Cute nilang tatlo LOVE TRIANGLE NAYAN #PUSH πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈβ€οΈπŸ˜
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Repost from @beingkrisaquino #inaperfectworld #DanRich #bagaysila #kristv ❀️❀️❀️ @erichgg @dandanmatsunaga #DanRichFTW #DanielMatsunaga #ErichGonzales
inaperfectworld - bagaysila - danrich - erichgonzales - danrichftw - kristv - danielmatsunaga -
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Erich IG post; pretty and gorgeous #Asap20 #ASAPCOUNTDOWN make up artist @rbchanco @erichgg @forevererichg #corich #corichfans #erichgonzales #cocomartin #coco #erich #enrich #princesserich #janine
corich - erich - asap20 - enrich - erichgonzales - cocomartin - princesserich - coco - asapcountdown - corichfans - janine -
skyflakes1212 : A beautiful face to be always in everyone's mind Erich G. Your humble beginning makes you who you are sweet , humble & caring πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈCongrats for your 10th year in the entertainment world ....
forevererichg - miraculousfaith - danrichftw - gafira -
Keep on Shining! We love you! @erichgg #happyanniversary #10years #milestone #erich #erichgonzales #scq #proudfans
erich - erichgonzales - happyanniversary - 10years - milestone - scq - proudfans -
sheenarosebensi : #10yrs #erichgonzales @erichgg maraming nagmamahal sayo girl...we love u super :*
gafira : Proud fans of @erichgg ...another 10 year more my idol...we are here always to support you and more blessing to come...we love you !!!!
misszoecataleya : 10 years & each year you just keep getting better & better! Keep on dreaming big! We are so happy for you & proud of you! @erichgg
iamlillbeth : Congratulations Erich!
tamitagle : β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
jxoxpxaxt : Congratulations @erichgg πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
pipersantos : ♥♥♥♥ erich
dvynnchy - cmayalo - aeshacheen - janeth_limpot -
Thank you so much @erichgg! Happy 10th Anniversary po ulit! God bless! #erichgonzales #julqueninfinity15
julqueninfinity15 - erichgonzales -
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beautiful Erich Gonzales on @asapofficial @erichgg #ErichGonzales #asapcountdown happy 10th Anniversary β™‘β™‘
asapcountdown - erichgonzales -
janeth_limpot : inaabangan ko ang mga pics ni princess @erichgg sa asap... :(
meryllamoste_27 : #Erich Gonzales
dianaross_e - skyflakes1212 - vievie.329 - meryllamoste_27 -
This young little girl from Davao with BIG DREAMS, UNIQUE TALENT, ENORMOUS COURAGE and PURE HEART! We love you and we will always have your back...don't you forget that! We are so proud of you! ❀️#ErichGonzales #SCQ
scq - erichgonzales -
skyflakes1212 : Always & Forever Erich ❀️❀️❀️
maryamsabejon : GOD give u ur dreams come true, visaya deay ka noh
erichgg : THANK YOU ❀️
danrichftw : Happy 10th anniversary @erichgg !! From your DanRich Lovers ❀❀❀️
kimnicolas_ - bebxbase - l_biteng - tupasvherge -
Erich goes casual in a @detailsph sweatshirt with epaulets on the set of Two Wives. #ootd #celebrity #style #erichgonzales #sundaybest #sweatshirts #casualchic
casualchic - style - sundaybest - ootd - erichgonzales - sweatshirts - celebrity -
lynanna0607 : How to order?
lynanna0607 : How to see ur stocks?
detailsph : kindly pm us at our fb page, also detailsph for online orders @lynanna0607
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10 years ago this shining star was discovered. 10 years later she had grown to be the brightest star out there. Happy Anniversary @erichgg! You have grown up to become a beautiful lady inside and out. We are so proud of everything you have accomplished. We are always here to support you. Stay humble and don't forget God in everything you do. Many more blessings and happiness to come. You have inspired me to become a better person and because of that I also want to thank you. We love you so much!#erichgonzales #erichat10 #julqueninfinity15
julqueninfinity15 - erichat10 - erichgonzales -
skyflakes1212 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘to Erich Love & Care for here now & till the end of time Erich int'l CoRich
erichgg : THANK YOU ❀️
joniva01 - vievie.329 - cezsantiago - jimvinz -
Happy 10th Year Anniversary to our one and only, Erich Gonzales! We're very proud of everything you have achieved. And we're excited to see what the coming years will bring for you. We'll always be here to support you and we love you! God bless you more! #ErichGonzales
asap20 - erichgonzales -
theericholics : Catch Erich on #ASAP20 today for her anniversary prod with Aaron and Jason. πŸ‘πŸ‘
emerald5888 : πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒβ€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ™
erichgg : THANK YOU ❀️
pa_cel : Happy 10th, @erichgg! Loved your prod. You were beautiful as ever. Praying for more blessing for you. Just so you know, I heard that your fans were at the ASAP studio pero late sila pinapasok so di nila inabot yung prod mo. But they were there to celebrate with you. 😊
misseveeuy : Pambihira nman halos 3pm na nga yung prod # nya hindi pa pinapasok fans nya? Pero di bale na nag thank you sya sa lahat ng patuloy na sumusuporta sa kanya. Sabi nya kung wala kyo wala rin daw sya ngayon.
erichgg : I'm very sorry for what happened earlier. I didn't know. @pa_cel kindly extend my apologies.
blue_aquarius0216 : @theericholics Sana mag-perform kayo uli sa @asapofficial on February 1 kasama na si @thedmsevilla because he will celebrating his Birthday during SCQ 2 Teen Grand Questor's Night (on January 29, 2005 to be exact)!
forevererichg - kimnicolas_ - embct16 - tupasvherge -
Happy Sunday to everyone,rise and shine & trust the haircare brand that gives you damage protection,that's Pantene guys @pantenephilippines #Pantene #MikeeCojuangco #MikeeCojuangcoJaworski #ErichGonzales #BeaAlonzo #IzaCalzado β™‘β™‘
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#BTS: DANIEL’S DREAM LEADING LADIES @janenriquez Watch Now The #FullVideo πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ Ang cute mo talaga dan 😊😊 πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ #KiligKiligPagMayTime 😁😁😍😍 @dandanmatsunaga @erichgg #DanRich #DanRichFTW #ErichGonzales #DanielMatsunaga #DanRichInterview
danrich - bts - erichgonzales - danrichftw - danrichinterview - danielmatsunaga - kiligkiligpagmaytime - fullvideo -
danrichftw : Thank you po @charlescameros ❀️
danrichftw : Thank you po @weloveerichg ❀️.Thanks all ! ❀️
quenrichdreamers - dalenprincessmae - hsooooota - tupasvherge -
Rehersal four our princess for her 10th anniversary in Industry @erichgg @forevererichg #corich #corichfans #erichgonzales #cocomartin #coco #erich #enrich
erich - corich - erichgonzales - coco - enrich - corichfans - cocomartin -
charishrain - colmzlowe - liezel_dao3879 - alexisbenson -
Sumabog na c janine, at tuloyan nkayang mkipag hiwalay n #victor ky #janine #TwoWives #Yvonne @2wivesabscbn @erichgg @mrandmrsfrancisco @kapamilyathankyou #corich #corichfans #erichgonzales #cocomartin #coco #erich
corich - erich - erichgonzales - cocomartin - coco - yvonne - twowives - janine - corichfans - victor -
chacha0828 : Go go janine grabe ang galing2 mo
forevererichg - lesliestone143 - skyflakes1212 - beverlymanayan -
#DanRich!! #DanielMatsunaga and #ErichGonzales!! @erichgg @dandanmatsunaga πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’‘ ©agentyellow88
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danrichftw - cecilledoroon - xhykeiachazia - agentyellow88 -
hiπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ladys Kath xx Erich xx Maja xx Julia b.❀❀❀#Repost @_kathnielloversss ・・・ The caption tho😍❀️ #kathja #kathlia #kathniel #kathrynbernardo #majasalvador #juliabaretto #erichgonzales
kathja - erichgonzales - kathniel - kathlia - kathrynbernardo - juliabaretto - majasalvador - repost -
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Credits to owner... #ErichGonzales #KathrynBernardo #MajaSalvador #JuliaBaretto Ang gaganda nilang apat NKKLK ang mga kagandahan <3
juliabaretto - majasalvador - kathrynbernardo - erichgonzales -
hxrizzz_ - monicks_29 - xiaowenliew - iamarlymiejava -
For Team Janine! Oh, & don't we just love Carla/Melai too! β€οΈπŸ˜€ #GDFR @erichgg @mrandmrsfrancisco #teamjanine #teamerich #erich #erichgonzales #melai #twowives #twowivesph #wagkangbitter
twowivesph - erich - erichgonzales - gdfr - melai - teamjanine - teamerich - twowives - wagkangbitter -
gafira : Go go more pa Janine....mag luto p ako ng more kare2 pra isabuy mo sa ilusyadang lusyang n evon
pipersantos : Go go janine. .wag kang patatalo dian sa amoy talipapa na yvonne. .iwan mo na yan worthless na victor! !!
jxoxpxaxt : U go girl !! Team Janine @erichgg can do it all ... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
forevererichg - joniva01 - jolina2929 - ily_ecg -
just found out that this lady replied me, she's very nice. thank you :) @erichgg
suddenlyitsmagic - mariomaurer - erichgonzales -
tirzaani_ : Cie cieeee haha
ntannur : Emm ah
iamhasna : @tirzaani_ @ntannur 😊
iamhasna : #erichgonzales #mariomaurer #suddenlyitsmagic
miraculousfaith - kemalamegahayati - sashalmeira - bam_kel -
😱😍 #kathrynbernardo #juliabaretto #majasalvador #erichgonzales
juliabaretto - erichgonzales - kathrynbernardo - majasalvador -
temmywhite : Nd where is Julia monte
dadanielleeve : Ganda nila lahat <3
kaebermundo - xxprincessuuhxx - onlytricia - janeth_limpot -
The Friendship they had built through the making of #MakingMegainSouthAfrica is just pricelessπŸ‘‘β€οΈ #kathniel #kathrynbernardo #juliabaretto #erichgonzales #majasalvador #kathlia -OwnerπŸ‘‘
juliabaretto - makingmegainsouthafrica - erichgonzales - majasalvador - kathniel - kathrynbernardo - kathlia -
agenticecream - galonadonna - diazlhynne - briguez_el_gel -
Not even Forced❀️ Friendships like theseπŸ’—πŸ‘Œ #kathniel #danielpadilla #kathrynbernardo #majasalvador #erichgonzales #juliabaretto -OwnerπŸ‘‘
juliabaretto - erichgonzales - danielpadilla - kathniel - kathrynbernardo - majasalvador -
_kathnielloversss - aileenr75 - jamaemwah - imtinecaperida -
Julia xx Erich xx Kath πŸ’Ž #kathniel #danielpadilla #kathrynbernardo #juliabaretto #erichgonzales
juliabaretto - erichgonzales - kathniel - kathrynbernardo - danielpadilla -
wanderlusteam - jonnahrose - aysamayshane - diazlhynne -
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