At the backstage coco getting ready #thenakedtruth bench @corichofficial @cocomartinofficial2014 @corichlovies #erichgonzales #cocomartin #corich #corichfans #teamerich #teamcorich #erich #coco
teamcorich - erich - erichgonzales - cocomartin - thenakedtruth - teamerich - coco - corichfans - corich -
jimvinz - kokosamson - callmebambz - xessy07 -
Coco Martin #thenakedtruth so hot bebe @yourcocomartin @cocomartinofficial2014 @biboy_j_arboleda @idonnahcv @dreamscapeph @corichofficial @corichlovies #erichgonzales #cocomartin #corich #corichfans #teamerich #teamcorich #erich #coco
teamcorich - erich - erichgonzales - cocomartin - thenakedtruth - teamerich - coco - corichfans - corich -
jimvinz - helloimmikks_ - sammyracle - ricamelaangela -
Coco Martin #thenakedtruth @corichofficial @cocomartinofficial2014 @corichlovies #erichgonzales #corich #cocomartin #corichfans #teamerich #teamcorich #erich #coco
teamcorich - erich - erichgonzales - cocomartin - thenakedtruth - teamerich - coco - corichfans - corich -
stephaanyaa - renanpacson - liezel_dao3879 - iravengers -
Before the day end just want to greet a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Queen of Hearts and @superchonggo wife at work ,wishing you all the best in life,stay pretty and humble...chonggos angel loves you much♥♥♥ enjoy ur birthday and vacay
birthdaygirl - septemberbabies - queenofhearts - erichgonzales -
edw_hongkong : #ErichGonzales #birthdaygirl#septemberbabies#QueenofHearts
thamier_fcmv28 - darleneobayan - dhaylynne35 - eryljohnpatrick -
Kamusta naman ang "wife at work" at "you know I love you"? πŸ˜‚ Jusko Enrich. Jusko. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
enrich - enchongdee - erichgonzales -
leahmiralles : Thank you @enrich4life for the pic ❀ #enrich #enchongdee #erichgonzales
iyaproperty : yan ang wlng ka push push hahahaha
enrich4life : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
nicolenerveza : Nakita ko nga yan sa fb, save photo agad. Kilig. Haha!
teenealcid : ❀️❀️❀️
loeduk : grabeeeee kiligggg!! 😍
jengarciabarte : enrich overload   ξ€’ ξ€’
dianaross_e - lyssaalnnie - jengarciabarte - janekrn -
Happy Birthday Queen of Hearts :) @erichgg @kingqueenofhearts #ErichGonzales
erichgonzales -
kingqueenofhearts - janeth_limpot - reghh - pearlchance -
#flipagram Happy Birthday to our princess erich @erichgg we love u somuch from #corich #corichfans ♥♥♥♥♥ made with @flipagram β™« Music: Just The Way You Are Bruno Mars-[Mp3 Music Search Free] @corichofficial @cocomartinofficial2014 @corichlovies @yourcocomartin @biboy_j_arboleda @idonnahcv @kadskuwait @lovely_erich @forevererichg @TheEricholics @kingqueenofhearts @WeLoveErichG @erichers @erichgonzales_fan @EnRich_Army @KathNielCaption #erichgonzales #cocomartin #teamerich #teamcorich #erich #coco #enrich #teamenrich #princesserich #danrich #kathniel
teamcorich - corich - erichgonzales - enrich - flipagram - kathniel - cocomartin - danrich - erich - teamerich - coco - princesserich - corichfans - teamenrich -
hotmama93111 - joyeeisme - pmadv19 - justmemeh -
Happy happy birthday @erichgg The only artist in Philippine Showbiz that I am addicted with. Hihi! Thank you for inspiring us with your life, works and attitude. Today as you celebrate your 24th birthday, I just wish you good health, happiness and more blessing/projects to come. We're just here to support you all the way no matter what. Love love love! #happybirthdayerichgonzales #fanmode #foreverandeverbeafan #erichgonzales πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’‹
fanmode - foreverandeverbeafan - erichgonzales - happybirthdayerichgonzales -
corichislove : Thanks @jimvinz happy birthday bebe
stanny_bruno - heyitsmefrancis - bam_kel - labbyuleen -
From; Ms Darla Sauler lagi ako tinatanong kong sinu pinakamagandang artista ang nakita mo? Sinu mabait? Lagi isa siya sa naiisip ko napaka totoong tao. Mula pa nong SCQ. love kona siya, kaya ang saya lang na parte narin siya bg #kristv family ngayon Happy Birthday dai @erichgg enjoy your bakasyon see u soon.. Wow ang sweet nman n miss darla thank u @darlasauler for the love of our princess erich @corichlovies @corichofficial @idonnahcv #erichgonzales #cocomartin #corich #corichfans #teamerich #teamcorich #erich #coco #enrich #teamenrich #princesserich #danrich
teamcorich - corich - kristv - enrich - erichgonzales - cocomartin - danrich - erich - teamerich - coco - princesserich - corichfans - teamenrich -
innavie - queen_panget - gafira - dhaylynne35 -
Happy birthday gorgeous!@erichgg.... I love your friendship with mah girl! Enjoy your special day!...We all love you! MwahhπŸ’‹β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ#juliabarretto #erichgonzales #quenlia @erichgg @juliabarretto
juliabarretto - quenlia - erichgonzales -
janeth_limpot - jannmarwinliwag - cyreal_dyan21 - castleemarcoo -
Happy birthday ateh erich!! Thanks for being a good friend of juju and Kuya enchong!! Your one of my favorite actors!! Your so beautiful inside and out!! May God bless you !! And Have an AWESOME birthday!! Stay happy! #enrich #enchongdee #juliabarretto #erichgonzales #julchong @superchonggo @erichgg @juliabarretto β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹πŸ’–
juliabarretto - enchongdee - erichgonzales - julchong - enrich -
jeannetanggg_2785 - jonesmojica_14 - saranghae623 - cyreal_dyan21 -
Happy birthday to my forever idol and enchong's WIFE at work! I wish you all the best. Thank you for inspiring us. I will support you always. All of your fans love you. :) cant wait for your upcoming projects. Hope to see you soon, #Idol . Keep safe! Stay pretty and positive. God bless you! :) #erichgonzales #24
24 - idol - erichgonzales -
jimvinz - nicolenerveza - bryanespiritu - kittkatthh -
Happy birthday @erichgg! πŸŽ‰ We thank you for always being there for Juls & for being such a kind, sweet & loving friend to her! We hope that you both will work soon together in a project! Have the best one yet, God bless! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’— | #juliabarretto #erichgonzales
juliabarretto - erichgonzales -
justquenlia : DM ❀️
_bea2121 : pls po follow up love u po
queen_panget - isanganda0122 - anngell_xo - nathaliespunk -
#erichgonzales retweeted my tweet ! Omg! #iloveErichGonzales
iloveerichgonzales - erichgonzales -
janeth_limpot - liezel_dao3879 -
Happy Birthday to @vanessamatsunaga and @erichgg! #InsideShowbizLoves #VanessaMatsunaga #ErichGonzales
insideshowbizloves - vanessamatsunaga - erichgonzales -
s.i.m.p.l.y_me : Happy Birthday Pretty Ladies @erichgg & @vanessamatsunaga
cathskiie - jha912 - yssaiangelique - obcezx -
Happy birthday @erichgg! I wish you all the very best! Enjoy your special day! Love you so...
happybirthdayerichgonzales - erichgonzales -
janeth_limpot : #ErichGonzales #HappyBirthdayErichGonzales
thamier_fcmv28 - eimaron - pmadv19 - itsmemajoy1694 -
Happy birthday @erichgg ❀ I love you so much, and you know that πŸ˜‚ I'll always be here to support you. Through thick and thin. In sickness and in health.. Haha! Pero seryoso, queen, love na love talaga kita. πŸ˜‚ And I want everyone to know that you are an amazing person. 😊 And that you deserve everything you have right now. ❀ Godbless you, my queen. I love you. Again and again 😊❀ Happy Birthday.
happybirthday - happybirthdayerich - erichgonzales -
leahmiralles : #erichgonzales #happybirthday #happybirthdayerich
iyaproperty : BOTH OF YOU ARE PRETTY    
leahmiralles : @iyaproperty Naks! Haha
iyaproperty : hahHHbhahahah minsn lng yan
thamier_fcmv28 - ronyvldrrma - jp_christiansen - pmadv19 -
#danrich !! Happy birthday too @vanessamatsunaga #erichgonzales #happybirthdayerichgonzales #happybirthdayvanessamatsunaga
danrich - happybirthdayvanessamatsunaga - happybirthdayerichgonzales - erichgonzales -
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In honor of the release of the iPhone 6 and #HappyBirthdayErichG... Presenting the Erich G custom keypad. Watch out for the ErichG app coming to an App Store near you. 😊 #ErichGonzales #ErichforPrimetime
happybirthdayerichg - erichforprimetime - erichgonzales -
iam_roseann : how to custom keypad po
pa_cel : 117 days later! πŸ˜‚ Is this approved by Mr Cook and @erichgg? πŸ˜€
yvoneferose_16 - aldelanoche - jp_christiansen - itsmeclangy -
Happi Bday sa Queen of hearts ni chong @superchonggo d mo p bnabati c @erichgg :(( I love you to da moon and back erich !!!!😊 God bless you always..... i miss you on tv
enrich - iloveyoualways - happy24thbirthdayerich - erichgonzales -
medsadiova : you are my forever idol 😍 #erichgonzales #happy24thbirthdayerich #iloveyoualways #enrich @erichgg @superchonggo
janeth_limpot - skyflakes1212 - liezel_dao3879 - heyitsmefrancis -
Happy Birthday to our Dear Ate @erichgg More blessings and happiness to come πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š at wag kakalimutan always smile ☺☺☺ #erichgonzales
happybirthdayerichgonzales - erichgonzales -
ourloveforerichg : #happybirthdayerichgonzales
marybell.cepe - gafira - jp_christiansen - pmadv19 -
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Happy happy 24th to @erichgg!! The only kapamilya I like..God bless you.
erichgonzales -
jen_bermejo726 : #erichgonzales
guitarkiz - enie_531 - jengarciabarte - lhing014 -
Happy birthday Erich ♥ enjoy your day :) stay pretty inside and out... miss you your laughs sa Kristv hihi... i know you're happy right now.. God bless you and happy birthday again ♥ @erichgg #erichgonzales #happybirthdayerichgonzales
happybirthdayerichgonzales - erichgonzales -
hotmama93111 - itsrizasulatre - heyitsmefrancis - msmightymau -
Happy Happy Birthday, Erich! We wish you all the best that life has to offer. We're excited for your new projects and we're here to support you in every way. We believe in you and you makes us proud. May God continue to bless you. Be happy always! #HappyBirthdayErichG #ErichGonzales
happybirthdayerichg - erichgonzales -
glaizamutia : :)
mary1027love : #HappyBirthdayErichG we always their to support upu
mary1027love : @erichgg we love you:)
bulalakaw01 : Happy birthday to the beautiful Erich
jerichinuntalan : Parehas po tayo Birthday, Happy Birthday po:)
theericholics : Happy Birthday @jerichinuntalan! God bless you.
heyzeanica : Needing followers on ig :(
corichislove : Happy birthday bebe @erichgg
jamarielletanzo - emilysiason - chellesoliven - sandy386 -
Wishing u the Happiest day on ur b-day @erichgg ! 😍 I wish nothing but only the BEST for YOU! You've been this far since the first time I saw u on TV during ur #SCQ days.. I remember that time I've been cheering up for u since u we're bringing our hometown name as Davao's pride, but following ur journey after u won until this day.. I can say Di ako nagkamali to idolized U! Stay that way.. Simple young lady who never make ingay para mapansin.. Very elegant and grounded.. Witty and bubbly.. Na di nakakairita. Stay this way Erich.. Continue to make happy the people around u and the people (Us) who inspired by you.. Keep soaring high... And we are only here to love & support u in everything u will do.. Happy 24th Birthday Nene! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— (stay inlove) πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜„ #erich #erichgg #erichgonzales #HappyBirthdayErichG #HappyBirthdayErich
happybirthdayerichg - erich - erichgonzales - erichgg - scq - happybirthdayerich -
erichgg : Thank you 😊😊😊
iloveerichg : Aww! @erichgg First like and first comment! Ganda ng timing ng post ko ! Thank u so much! πŸ˜„ Thank u din.. 😍😍😍 God bless u more, have fun there and stay safe.. 😘😘😘
imchaligan : Happy birthday @erichgg may you enjoy your birthday :) may God bless you a hundredfold... see you sa tv na lang kasi malayo ako eh...hehe happy birthday, i love you and stay pretty inside and out :* ♥
jamarielletanzo - gleissey - gieanntoribio - rencee79 -
To day is ur special day princess #HappyBirthdayErich @erichgg @corichislove #corich #corichfans #cocomartin #erichgonzales #teamerich #teamcorich #erich #coco #enrich #teamenrich #princesserich #danrich
teamcorich - corich - erichgonzales - enrich - happybirthdayerich - cocomartin - danrich - erich - teamerich - coco - princesserich - corichfans - teamenrich -
corichislove : Thank u @charishrain #HappyBirthdayErich @erichgg
dvynnchy - jp_christiansen - rhome18 - cutiemarie76 -
lets tweet for our princess hashtag #HappyBirthdayErich @erichgg @starmagicphils @erichers @erichgonzales_fan @EnRich_Army @WeLoveErichG @corichofficial @erichginternational @idonnahcv @dreamscapeph @biboy_j_arboleda #erichgonzales #cocomartin #corich #corichfans #teamerich #teamcorich #erich #coco #enrich #teamenrich #princesserich #danrich
teamcorich - corich - erichgonzales - enrich - happybirthdayerich - cocomartin - danrich - erich - teamerich - coco - princesserich - corichfans - teamenrich -
skyflakes1212 : Yes we join hands to make her birthday be known to all πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
corichislove : Thanks for supporting to our princess erich @skyflakes1212
charishrain : Happy birthday dai @erichgg I love u
corichislove : Happy much thank u princess @erichgg
mary1027love : #HappyBirthdayErichG ...@erichgg
_nar21 - marievelasquez - jp_christiansen - dvynnchy -
Happy Birthday Erich Gonzales #HappyBirthdayErichGonzales @erichgg im happy on your blessings & achievements that you accomplish already & im really proud of you that you have your own resto. & most of all I admire you a lot because you are a God fearing person & down to earth. anyway im so proud of you as a fan since 2010 until now,happy birthday again Erich & may God Bless You always ♥♥
happybirthdayerichg - erichgonzales - happybirthdayerichgonzales -
tamitagle : #HappyBirthdayErichG #ErichGonzales ♥♥
erichgg : Thank you 😊
heyitsfher - chellesoliven - ann626ortiz - rencee79 -
Happy 24th Birthday to Enchong's "Wife at Work", Ms. Erich Gonzales! May you have more Birthdays and Projects to come. Stay happy and healthy. Enjoy your day. God Bless Princess Erich. =) @erichgg From: @ChongDees_Republic
enrich - enchongdee - erichgonzales -
chongdees_republic : #ErichGonzales #EnchongDee #EnRich @superchonggo
zhelalmojuela : Happy birthday.
janeth_limpot - iamjoemacarulay - khryzsathegenerous - ninobarretto -
Happy birthday @erichgg!! #HappyBirthdayEG #HappyBirthdayErich #HappyBirthdayErichGonzales #ErichforPrimeTime #ErichGonzales
erichforprimetime - happybirthdayerichgonzales - happybirthdayerich - happybirthdayeg - erichgonzales -
hotmama93111 - catannewong - hotmamaerns - anne_angelclown -
It's now officially September 20th in the Philippines so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERICH G! Time to celebrate yesterday's accomplishments and tomorrow's opportunities. A time to be grateful for good fortune and a time to look with anticipation toward hopes and dreams come true. Let your birthday be a celebration and a reminder of all that you are and all that you wish to achieve. Let's make it all happen. We'll be right there with you every step of the way. Love you to the moon and beyond. Always... #ErichGonzales #HappyBirthdayErichG
happybirthdayerichg - erichgonzales -
erichgg : Thank you 😊
mngonzales : God Bless You Always Erich! @erichgg
gretchordaniel : Happy Birthday Erich
gretchordaniel : @erichgg God Bless you...Loveyou always
bulalakaw01 : Happy birthday pretty Erich
jbakiks - cuteishna - gieanntoribio - shopgirlintou -
Happy Birthday Erich! We have opted not to post anything fancy like we usually do. Not because you do not deserve it but because this picture above is probably the best reminder of what your incredible talent can and have achieved. It best captured a success truly deserved; a proud moment for you and for us. This was THAT MOMENT when you couldn't believe you did it, when you got too overwhelmed and you were lost for just cried. The vulnerability you've shown there made us love you even more that we have sworn to fight for you, no matter what. This moment means so much to us because it is a reminder of your many potentials and the greater heights you can still reach. And this we say because WE BELIEVE IN YOU, in your talent and in your determination, like we always did. We believe this was just the beginning of the many possibilities that are out there for you to fulfill. Do remember that feeling, of that journey that seemed impossible at the start and how it wasn't that easy, and yet there you are, triumphant! You are an extraordinary person Erich. We will always have your back and don't you dare forget that. We love you. #ErichGonzales
erichgonzales -
francyamore143 : Hapi bday
l_biteng : Happy Birthday @erichgg
erichgg : Love you guys too. Thank you 😊❀️❀️❀️
miradorvictoria : Happy birthday Erich !!!
bulalakaw01 : Happy birthday Lovely Erich
princessmika_nd27 : Happy birthday to the real Barbie I thought I saw when I was 12.. Happy birthday @erichgg ..
emmanujade : Grabe po kayo @weloveerichg touch msyado aq.....VERY HAPPY lng kc dming ngmamahal idol @ERICHGG ntin.ty
noraisamangegin : .hppy idol..
senoritito - dyosasen - gleissey - salilingsha -
Remember Rosario? Na wala Yong isang sapatos? Ahahah #erichgonzales
erichgonzales -
ourloveforerichg : @liezel_dao3879 thank u sa flood
raipalentinos - enrichbabiesofficial - inthezone429 - lesliestone143 -
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