#RaiseAwareness #EpilepsyAwareness #Epilepsy #EpilepsyAdvocate #EpilepsyProblems #EpilepsyLife #PurpleRibbon #EpilepsyWarrior #Family #Love #Support #Caregiver #Fighter #NeverGiveUp πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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I had to go to the ER...I re-injured my bulging disk in my nerve that was barely touching a nerve in my spine. Now it's touching it even more and if I move a certain way it pinches it. I also sprained my spine and am losing cartilage in between 3 of my vertebrae. All thanks to my 30+ seizures last week causing to pass out and fall sometimes landing on my back and helping my husband around the house. #epilepsyawareness #seizureinjuries #seizuressuck #IWantANewBody #NeedACure #SoMuchPain #BackInjury SpreadAwareness #EpilepsyNeedsMoreFunding #SurgeryMayBeNeededLaterOn #NeedPrayers
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Hello peeps and fuzzy friends! This is a baby picture of me, back when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I'm actually reduced in my medicine almost two weeks ago, so instead of getting two pills a day, I'm now down to one! I haven't gotten any attacks from reducing the pills! I'm so glad! - Maisy 🐾 😽
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hrafnin_reddevil : Good for you!
flyload : @macro_worlds
kot_arap : πŸ‘β€οΈ
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SUPER Excited to be able to do this fundraiser with a couple of my friends whose kiddos have epilepsy. We are selling these CUSTOM Scentsy Warmers and will be donating the proceeds to the Epilepsy Foundation. πŸ’œ This is open to anyone if you'd like to order one email me or comment. Shipping options are available. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ 🌟 #scentsy #scentsyconsultant #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #customorder #hope #orderyourstoday #emailme #epilepsyfoundation
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iammartincooper : Your photo is definitely official ;)
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Sad. Just very sad and pathetic. US data from 2011 #epilepsyproblems #epilepsy #epilepticseizure #epileptic #epilepsysucks #epilepsylife #epilepsyfamily #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #seizuressuck #seizures #seizure #purpleawarenessribbon #purple #parkinsons #alzheimers #autism
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delynda54 : @awaywithepilepsy πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ’œ
lindsaylivewire : That just sucks. πŸ’œ
kats_kisses : Smh...
brittshirley18 : #patheticmuch
redheadedkatie63 : 😭
francss83 : @awaywithepilepsy I agree, and sadly I am not by any means surprised, @ all... Try looking up any type of cancer, and mind you I have loved ones w/ the Alzhei
carlyy_b_ : 😒
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#YouDontWalkAlone even if it feels that way some days To the U2 song #aSortOfHomecoming 30 years ago this month I finished a marathon. In September I began another. #epilepsyAwareness #TheUnforgettableFire
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#aboyandhisdog #labsofinsta #worldoflabs #whitelab #epilepsyawareness #haydenandbear
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I've been out of medicne 2 days thankfully someone got all these to me so atleast I have medicne for the next 11 days I gotta wait till the 19th to see my doctor again it's so frustrating I don't know why I need to wait so long at least gives me time to make sure chemo is the only option i still need to worry about food and water please if you can help me make it until my food stamps come it would be greatly appreciated you can donate directly to my PayPal so I receive it instantly and can go get food today the paypal email is every penny is appreciated And don't forget to share my page thank you full cancer story here #colorado #florissant #Denver #dabscurecancer #floridastoners #epilepsyawareness #eastcoastdabbing #floridanugs #miami #miamitokes #breastcancerawareness #voteyeson2 #onlysmoketyefinest #kusharmy #cannabisdaily #dailycannabis #w420 #blackleafsociety #dopemeds #weedstagram420 #hightimes #highsociety #iamleafhead #stonersdaily #cannabiscommunity #ricksimpsonoil #phoenixtears #mugeninnovations #CBD #MMJ
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atomic_chronic : Super!
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Last day of volunteering! Won't be the end for us! #EpilepsyAwareness #WW #MuchLove
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kduongxo : #AiraPutHerTattooOnTheWrongWay
airaguerrero_ : πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
mgonzalez.jpg : LOL, that picture is so life like
kduongxo : @mgonzalez.jpg haha I know, so cute!
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Day 14 & we are home!!! After 2 brain surgeries, 14 long days in the hospital,and teaching herself how to walk again. Ella's is stronger and more beautiful than ever. Ella may still require a 3rd less invasive laser surgery in a few months. But after these past days I know there is nothing this little warrior can't handle. Thank you again for all the love! πŸ’œπŸ‘‘πŸ’œ#epilepsy #epilepsysucks #epilepsyawareness #surgery #seizures #warrior #myhero
seizures - warrior - myhero - epilepsysucks - surgery - epilepsy - epilepsyawareness -
paulmichaelsaldana : Wow!! Beautiful!! She's one strong and big hearted girl.
jena_john18 : Yay πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ so beautify & strong!!
steff_tx : So good to see her smiling! πŸ˜ƒ
lina_b8709 : One amazing blessing you have there @ana___maria my πŸ’œ is happy hearing all this great news!
rockstarsupreme1 : She is a warrior she has a heart of a Marine
4nattack : So glad y'all are home. That's one tough gal ya got there πŸ’œ
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Fight the fight until the end πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ #epilepsyproblems #epilepsy #epilepsyfacts #epileptic #epilepsysucks #epilepsylife #epilepsyfamily #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #seizuressuck #seizureawareness #seizures #seizuresareNOTfun #seizuredisorder #seizure #purpleawarenessribbon #purplewarrior #purpleforepilepsy #purpleribbon #PurpleFriday #purple #purpleisthenewpink #purpleawareness #awaywithepilepsy
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aliiibugg : @amberinafayye
lindaw2003 : Love!
presley_nassise : Love this!
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At home thanks to a #seizure yesterday. #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness stay strong warriors πŸ’ͺ
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savcyp : @nova_3_new hope you feel better. I'm epileptic too, and it sucks. Stay strong beautiful β™‘
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Two #Epilepsy warrior bears being sent out from our support group #epilepsyawareness #kids #seizures
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One of the hardest parts about epilepsy is the toll it takes on the entire family. With Jill inconsolable and crying/whining almost constantly, the rest of the clan is stressed and irritable. This boy has spent the better part of the morning sobbing alongside his sister, and the Bigs locked themselves in my room to play away from the crying. Now that Jill has FINALLY given in to the nap she so desperately fought and needed, he can relax. It's the first time I've seen him smile all day. The day after a seizure is hard, but I'm thankful we get one at all.
epilepsyawareness -
sandramgarcia73 : Hugs
siobhanprovolt : Praying for you all
eklecticmom : @jeannettg You're in my prayers. May you find peace and joy in knowing that you're not alone, our Lord is always by our side! ☺️
mrsschwartz20 : Cannot imagine!!
clementsclan : Praying @jeannettg God has you in his hands. You are very loved πŸ™
vickiniki33 : Big big rewards in heaven for you!!! Until then know that Jesus loves you and has given you all this because there is no one better for the job...the very very very big job. And those sweet babies that have to deal with all that comes with epilepsy will be better for it, kind, compassionate, loving, gentle, encouraging, helpful, and learning how to keep praying when it seems hopeless. My boys learned to do the same and I can not tell you enough how blessed I am from my 2 teenagers. They are not the "typical teens". They are the best. Praying for you.
itsjessicajohnson : Just getting caught up on IG. I'm glad she's home. Praying.
kate.bischoff : I have so much respect for you.
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Hey everyone check out @jawsglass he is auctioning off this pendant to donate all the money to help me buy food and water today you can bid on his picture for the pendant or you can donate directly to my Paypal the paypal email is every penny is beyond appreciated and will be used for food water and any leftover will be used tomorrow to buy medicne you can read my full cancer story here #colorado #florissant #Denver #dabscurecancer #floridastoners #epilepsyawareness #eastcoastdabbing #floridanugs #miami #miamitokes #breastcancerawareness #voteyeson2 #onlysmoketyefinest #kusharmy #cannabisdaily #dailycannabis #w420 #blackleafsociety #dopemeds #weedstagram420 #hightimes #highsociety #iamleafhead #stonersdaily #cannabiscommunity #ricksimpsonoil #phoenixtears #mugeninnovations #CBD #MMJ
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danny3056096609 : @dabs_cure_cancer
atomic_chronic : Beautiful!
jawsglass : Just sent you some funds bro! Hope it helps.
danny3056096609 : @jawsglass thanks so so so much brother !!! Means a lot ! It most defiantly does!
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We're 10% there! ***Please check out the link in my bio*** We need all the support we can get. It's benefitting a local Las Vegas charity @timetravelersfoundation to support epilepsy awareness! Please repost and share with as many people at possible so we can make the goal!
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megan.mejia : #epilepsy #pawnstars #lasvegas #charity #childhoodepilepsy #epilepsyawareness #stopseizures #endepilepsy
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One of my friends is trying to raise awareness for epilepsy to help her little sister who has it! If you would like to simply donate or order a tshirt (pictured here) they are $15 and there is a $5 shipping fee. They can be ordered here: & all money goes to the Epilepsy foundation in GA! Help her reach her goal of 75 shirts sold! πŸ’œπŸ’œ #epilepsyawareness #ohsewcute
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mochs1997 : @bby_ky lets get one 😘
makwoodard : Wow that's the first time I've ever seen something about epilepsy @lyssalou_13
bby_ky : Omg yes!!! @mochs1997
madelineglennh : Thank you all so much for the support! I have 30 days to reach my goal of 75 shirts! I'm hoping I can exceed my goal in shirts or donations!
kbl_ : @awood_4 I want one!
awood_4 : @kbl_ finally! Let's get one :)
marlyfitzgerald : @trendonlutze we're getting one.
hollisbarton : @brianalawrence7
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Today I checked and we are still at 10 shirts! Thank you all who purchased. We have 20 DAYS left in the fundraiser for @timetravelersfoundation and we need to reach our goal of 100! #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #lupus #cysticfibrosis #fibro #chronicillness #cancer #als #challenge #crohns #ulcerativecolitis #cure #purplewarrior #purpleforepilepsy #purpleribbon #PurpleFriday #purple #lavender #1d #zaynmalik #liampayne #niallhoran #harrystyles #louistomlinson #onedirection
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craftysissy : Sorry--I'm late to the party so I'm not sure how to help. Can you share how/where to help you get from 10 tshirts to 100? I would like to help & share! xoxo
awaywithepilepsy : @craftysissy thanks for wanting to help! And just sharing the link in my profile would help immensely! That way people can see we're selling and hopefully purchase or donate!
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My little Epilepsy warrior is a hiking and climbing champ!
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hubba7 : #trail #hikertrash #hike #epilepsyawareness #epileptic #epilepsy #dontbeafraidtolike #showsupport
hubba7 : #myhero #inspiration #love #instagood #installed
love6660 : @mzavip !!!!!
hubba7 : #befearless #brave #conquer #neverstopexploring #ospreykid #osprey #getoutdoors #hikingadventures #vscocam #hashtag
hubba7 : #neverlooseamoment #seizuredisorder #seizure #liveyourdreams #livethelifeyoulove
hubba7 : #franconiaridgetraverse
hubba7 : #warrior
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Goodafternoon everyone this is what I have left to eat there isn't much of anything and I still don't have any water to drink please everyone I need some help today with food and water this isn't a joke this is real I have cancer and the doctors what me to do chemo and if I start chemo I must eat a lot to keep the weight up that's inpossable if I have no food please donate and share my page anything helps you can donate directly to my paypal so I can get food today the paypal email is Honestly anything helps even just a share you can read full cancer story here #colorado #florissant #Denver #dabscurecancer #floridastoners #epilepsyawareness #eastcoastdabbing #floridanugs #miami #miamitokes #breastcancerawareness #voteyeson2 #onlysmoketyefinest #kusharmy #cannabisdaily #dailycannabis #w420 #blackleafsociety #dopemeds #weedstagram420 #hightimes #highsociety #iamleafhead #stonersdaily #cannabiscommunity #ricksimpsonoil #phoenixtears #mugeninnovations #CBD #MMJ
mugeninnovations - highsociety - miamitokes - colorado - cbd - florissant - eastcoastdabbing - phoenixtears - ricksimpsonoil - onlysmoketyefinest - cannabisdaily - mmj - dabscurecancer - kusharmy - floridanugs - voteyeson2 - iamleafhead - dopemeds - miami - floridastoners - hightimes - breastcancerawareness - denver - epilepsyawareness - stonersdaily - cannabiscommunity - w420 - weedstagram420 - dailycannabis - blackleafsociety -
themightyroofer : Man, I don't have cancer so it's easy for me to say this but.. I don't think chemo is a good option. You know that's all the doctors are taught. Your raw diet isn't helping?
danny3056096609 : @themightyroofer trust me my brother chemo is the last thing I want to do but when you have no money for cannabis oil or no money for food or no water and your cancer numbers doubled it's either do chemo and live threw it or just die now from not treating it have barely kept a raw diet have hardly had any oil since I been here it's pretty much chemo or die since no organizations no growers no one has helped me cure my cancer besides Instagram fowlllers and Facebook friends and it sucks but a few bucks a week isn't working like people think I'm playing but I'm really not I've contacted united way live strong and tons of other resources and none have helped so far I'm starting to think all the ornizations that help people are all fake scams to take peoples money cause I'm 20 dieing with cancer and am hungry and have had zero help so who actualy gets the help cause EVERYTIME I call there are multiple people wlrking for these organizations getting paid but not helping people that need it
danny3056096609 : And I don't really have time to wait for my plants to make medicne the tumors are now tricking down my side into my pelvis and if I wait anylonger it might spread to a major organ and then il be a termal cancer paitent and might not recover so I don't wanna wait anymore
themightyroofer : Yeah I'm sorry dude. I sent you a little cash. Good luck to you. Things will get better eventually. Don't lose your spirit.
jawsglass : Just started an auction for you bud. Hope it helps
danny3056096609 : @themightyroofer it's all good my brother thank you so so much I am keeping my mind assured that there will@be better days !!! I won't man il keep a smile no matter what's going on day to day
danny3056096609 : @jawsglass thank you honestly anything helps really means a lot !! (:
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212 days later, 7 months. I happily drove myself home !!! I won this round Epilepsy !! #epilepsy #kickingass #epilepsyawareness #acceptance #nicehair ?
epilepsyawareness - acceptance - epilepsy - nicehair - kickingass -
kirstenpage : You're amazing
jenaesara : Thanks KP 😘 πŸ’• @kirstenpage
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#opening #wholesaleaccounts #helpingyourbisinessgrow #contactUs #medicalmarijuana #marijuana
legalinall50states - contactus - cancer - opening - hempoil - epilepsy - marijuana - hempvap - hemp - diabetes - stress - anxiety - cbd - medicalmarijuana - wholesaleaccounts - epilepsyawareness - cbdoil - helpingyourbisinessgrow - cannabidiol - hempforvictory -
cbdoilconnection : #cbd#cbdoil#cannabidiol#legalinall50states#epilepsy#diabetes#hemp#hempoil#cancer#anxiety#stress#epilepsyawareness#hempvap#hempforvictory #medicalmarijuana #marijuana
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So proud of this little man!!! Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by how strong he is! #oneyear #seizurefree #strongenoughtowinthisbattle #epilepsysucks #strongboy #epilepsyawareness
strongboy - oneyear - strongenoughtowinthisbattle - seizurefree - epilepsysucks - epilepsyawareness -
vlovewellvaz : This is the best post Alisha!! I'm was so happy to see this!! Yay!! He's one strong little man!!
alo84 : @vlovewellvaz thank you Vanessa!! He really is!! He seriously amazes me. We are so blessed!
alyssaraygoza : Yayyyy this makes me so happy! ❀️
alo84 : @alyssaraygoza thanks Alyssa! Us too!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ylo35 : This is the best! :)
alo84 : @ylo35 thanks yo! He was so happy that he hung his sign up in his room lol
alo84 : @theepilepsynetwork
ylo35 - krissoryt - dezywezy - ibarra_bm -
The fun hair returned!!! I have had to learn to love such captures, one second beaming and gabbing about the toothbrush he fixed with daddy, the next gone to a world he nor I understand. It makes for anxious, defiant mornings at times, but this reminds me that his little mind is struggling with this still too. #childhoodepilepsy #epilepsyawareness
childhoodepilepsy - epilepsyawareness -
immamamallama3 : Praying for healing.
immamamallama3 - futuremrsfrook - lizzydoug - mhuntsanders -
I've put this quote on my Instagram before, but I found this image of it and it hits a little closer to home. I grew up with epilepsy, but didn't know it until I was diagnosed at 15. I had hundreds of seizures in a day, everyday, growing up causing me to remember barely anything from my childhood, I can't even remember most of my family. I was misdiagnosed with the wrong type of epilepsy, therefore put on the wrong medication. This was a medication that was recalled years before I used it, but my doctor didn't seem to care. For two years I was put through severe depression to the point my family was afraid of me and I had no idea until I got a new doctor and was put on the right meds. There is so much people don't realize about epilepsy, things I didn't even realize until recently. For example, epilepsy has a higher annual rate of death than breast cancer. There's so much that we can't do unless we grow out of it, but if you're like me and can't, even with it controlled on meds it still feels like it holds you back from everything. I'm proud to say I'm a fighter and do everything I can to prove science wrong. Don't underestimate it, anyone can get epilepsy at any time! #purpleribbon #epilepsyawareness #epileptic #inspire #dedication #motivation #strive #dreambig #legionofboom #fitness #fitfam #fitlife #fit #health #helpthecause #findacure
motivation - inspire - legionofboom - findacure - dedication - fitfam - strive - helpthecause - fit - purpleribbon - epileptic - epilepsyawareness - fitlife - health - fitness - dreambig -
ruby_can_be_fit : Love your fighting spirit!
dream_bigfitness : @ruby_can_be_fit thank you!
tashiepointo : Loving your gallery πŸ‘
ruby_can_be_fit - beauty_withjudi_x33 - herbafreesoul - amilersfitness -
October 24th. Candlelight Concert for Epilepsy Awareness. Emily Kinney joins Dan Reed and Chris Barron to perform in-the-round for a night to spread epilepsy awareness. Tix and info at
pennington - njmusic - walkingdead - thespindoctors - epilepsy - spindoctors - chrisbarron - seizuredisorder - danreed - ewing - princeton - amcwalkingdead - epilepsyawareness - emilykinney - thewalkingdead - sudep -
itsericmiller : #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #seizuredisorder #emilykinney #chrisbarron #spindoctors #thespindoctors #danreed #pennington #njmusic #princeton #ewing #sudep #thewalkingdead #walkingdead #amcwalkingdead
twdhouse123 : follow @twdkingdom_ if you are a die hard walking dead fan
itsericmiller : @twdhouse123 Done! Would you mind sharing this?
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Goodnight everyone I'm really kinda sad out of everything I just do not want to loose my hair yes to everyone it's just hair but to me this has been my whole life I'm the only one left with hair it's gonna be sad to loose it cause of cancer I always wanted to donate it to locks of love for cancer paitents if I ever did cut it but now it's like what do I do do I donate it or do I keep it for myself or do I try and get the penguin cold caps and keep my hair I'm in such a crappy situation they can take my nut they can give me chemo but do they really have to ruin my hair ? Please guys I really need your support and help with this one the penguin caps are about 300$ to rent them if anyone would like to help my full cancer story is here full cancer story here #colorado #florissant #Denver #dabscurecancer #floridastoners #epilepsyawareness #eastcoastdabbing #floridanugs #miami #miamitokes #breastcancerawareness #voteyeson2 #onlysmoketyefinest #kusharmy #cannabisdaily #dailycannabis #w420 #blackleafsociety #dopemeds #weedstagram420 #hightimes #highsociety #iamleafhead #stonersdaily #cannabiscommunity #ricksimpsonoil #phoenixtears #mugeninnovations #CBD #MMJ
mugeninnovations - highsociety - miamitokes - colorado - cbd - florissant - eastcoastdabbing - phoenixtears - ricksimpsonoil - onlysmoketyefinest - cannabisdaily - mmj - dabscurecancer - kusharmy - floridanugs - voteyeson2 - iamleafhead - dopemeds - miami - floridastoners - hightimes - breastcancerawareness - denver - epilepsyawareness - stonersdaily - cannabiscommunity - w420 - weedstagram420 - dailycannabis - blackleafsociety -
danny3056096609 : @dabbbbbbin thank you so much
danny3056096609 : @bongrape awesome brother I'm free tomorrow (:
danny3056096609 : @dabbbbbbin she might have cancer again I'm not sure what's up honestly but she's kinda in my same situation she's one of the few that has actualy talked to me so I don't blame her as for the rest saying they will donate a thousand if they see my papers and a few others yeah it sucks when people get your hopes up and then ruin them I even had someone promise me a ton of money and then made up stories about why icant get it it just sucks honestly cause I'm in such a crazy situation and I don't get much help and the help I do is from the same few special people they know who they are .. And then you see all this b.s and people raise thousands and thousands I've barley raised enough for anything I know people see that huge number like 4 thousand but that was spent this whole time on medicne and food I have nothing now I just pray to get disability so I no longer need to ask
dabbbbbbin : I hope so then also !! I know it's a bitch to get out here because of all the fakes :( lifes a bitch for most everyone know you are not alone bruhtha
sidm808 : @farmerfred73
dickscottons_tj : yew!
danny3056096609 : @dabbbbbbin I am verry thankfull for my supporters I honestly don't knwp what is do without everyone (:
danny3056096609 : @dickscottons_tj (:
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#epilepsy compared to #aids Didn't think there was such a large difference but boy oh boy is there! ***please check out the link in my bio to help out with our fundraiser*** Good morning good afternoon and good night! So happy with the progress on our fundraiser! Thank you! #epilepsyproblems #epilepsysucks #epileptic #epilepsylife #epilepsyfamily #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #seizuressuck #seizureawareness #seizures #seizuredisorder #seizure #purpleawarenessribbon #purplewarrior #purpleforepilepsy #PurpleFriday #purple #purpleisthenewpink #purpleawareness
purpleawarenessribbon - epilepsysucks - epilepsy - seizure - purplewarrior - aids - seizuredisorder - seizureawareness - seizures - purpleawareness - purpleforepilepsy - epilepsywarrior - epileptic - epilepsyawareness - purple - epilepsylife - purpleisthenewpink - epilepsyfamily - seizuressuck - epilepsyproblems - purplefriday -
thatflowerchick : Gonna steal this doll....hope you don't mind. @awaywithepilepsy
awaywithepilepsy : @thatflowerchick go right ahead haha I don't mind 😊
itssierraok : @lynnikiki wow 😱😑
itssierraok : This is just with the US, correct?
awaywithepilepsy : @itssierraok I believe so.
awaywithepilepsy : @itssierraok actually, it says epilepsy has 65 million cases, from what I know there are 65 million world wide. So this may be world wide o.O
penosejo : Seems crazy we are still dying from these kind of problems. All the meds and machines. It's sad.
ettenajolia : Oh my <3
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I can't wait to get this sweatshirt.πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ ordering tomorrow. #RaisingAwareness #EpilepsyAwareness #Epilepsy
epilepsy - raisingawareness - epilepsyawareness -
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This is how she woke up from her nap, sweetest girl πŸ’œ #love #hope #strength #beauty #epilepsyawareness #happiness
strength - love - happiness - beauty - hope - epilepsyawareness -
nood_mk : @mzavip !!!!!
krisqui23 : Such a beautiful happy girl
rawritsgabby92 : So beautiful. Love that little girl!
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Had it for over a year and it's still one of my faves #downsyndromeawareness #epilepsyawareness #teamTrenton #tattoo #wtattoostudio #jwhitt
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nathana998 : πŸ‘
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Just a little #inspirationoftheday for ya 😊 ***please look at the link in my bio*** #epilepsyproblems #epilepsy #epilepsyfacts #epileptic #epilepsysucks #epilepsylife #epilepsyfamily #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #seizuressuck #seizureawareness #seizureattacks #seizures #seizuresareNOTfun #seizuredisorder #seizure #chronicillness #childhoodepilepsy #purpleawarenessribbon #purplewarrior #purpleforepilepsy #PurpleFriday #purple #purpleisthenewpink #awaywithepilepsy
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presley_nassise : Seizure awareness, just cuz I don't have epilepsy, doesn't mean I'm not a strong purple seizure gal
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