Flash back to 2010 when I first moved to London and had to take this beast of a train - over an hours commute to work eryday. #endoftheline #turkeyst #enfiled Thanks Uncle for housing me.. X
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Dufuq? #endoftheline
endoftheline -
latoyat : Which train is this?
leapinlizzzards : 4 train Woodlawn stop @latoyat
latoyat : You work in the Bronx?
leapinlizzzards : Yeah I sub teach but pickings are slim at the beginning of the yr so a long commute today @latoyat
latoyat : Gotcha. Btw are y'all going to nc for Andrews housewarming in October?
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Festival research is tricky at Thursday Night Truck Night at @wanderingcooks !!! Hard choices between @juanmoretacobus @viralatafoodtruck @halflever @charbabybbqtruck ... Let's try it all!!!! Watch this space to see what food trucks will be at The End of the Line Festival on November 8! #foodtrucks #wanderingcooks #endoftheline #gabba #littleloganrd #festival #brisbane
festival - foodtrucks - littleloganrd - brisbane - gabba - wanderingcooks - endoftheline -
theendofthelinefestival : To top it off there is also @ghettofreshcanteen and @stoneandwood to wash it down...
kevino_brien : Heard Status Quo are in the mix @theendofthelinefestival
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IOS8 is out.... But i guess this is the end of the line for my iphone4 😞 #ios8 #nomoreupdate #endoftheline #apple #mac #iphone #iphone4
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beyoutiful_xii : No , you just have to update your phone to that one , and then it'll show you the iOS 8 update
jhilaine_jc : That is already what i have and i tried scanning for an update and it says my software is up to date :-(
_hold_on_til_may : I think it sucks how iPhone 4 users can't get the update just because the phone is old.
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Foggen asså!
endoftheline -
robbocopper : #endoftheline
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They are waiting for you to visit them at the #walkingdead #endoftheline maze at #halloweenhorrornights this Friday. Tickets on sale now at photo by @shaniatwain7 for M.U.S.E. And OC News #titantv
universalhhn - walkingdead - horror - halloween - universalstudioshollywood - halloweenhorrornights - themepark - thrills - scary - travel - titantv - endoftheline - fun - chills - scare - amusementpark -
socalmuse : #universalhhn #horror #halloween #scare #universalstudioshollywood #scary #thrills #chills #fun #travel #themepark #amusementpark
lesformidables : @socalmuse charming 😊 just what I needed in the morning
rachkang : @mikeyykim
mikeyykim : @rachkang wait idc anymore I honestly don't think I can do this.
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#mendicino #ca #travel #endoftheline
ca - endoftheline - travel - mendicino - : nice!
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If you get this shit your done #endoftheline #itshappening #itsover #checkyoself #damn #daquan
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megforkey : @giustin0 kelvin
katiemillz : @_hollybarratt
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The End of the Line Festival is stoked to announce that Golden Sound is our second musician for the line up on November 8!! Peter Golikov (aka Peter G) is a keyboardist/producer hailing from Brisbane, Australia with a classic 1970’s feel good funk sound. come down and boogie to his swirling synths, driving rhythms and sizzling horns, and dive into the world of sonic goodness he creates!!! We're excited... #goldensound #brisbanemusic #brisbane #endoftheline #gabba #littleloganrd #festival
festival - littleloganrd - brisbane - brisbanemusic - goldensound - gabba - endoftheline -
tim.watson : Is that just you with a wig on @nicky_tee_ ?
elesiaiimura : Amazing!
_cameraobscura : no way - I went to primary school with peter!
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Just came across this in my feed!! ig has started their advertisements roll out in our feeds :( crock of shit this is #why #howtoruinig #advertsgalore #endoftheline #bullshit #nothappy #iusedtolikeigalotmore
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1982chris : Can you not just unfollow them?
liilcatherine : I had this earlier, it's shit! I can't believe you can't do anything without being advertised at!!
tomitch24 : @1982chris I'm not following them its just a sponsored ad if you click to say you don't want to see it they just replace it with an add about other shit :(
tomitch24 : @liilcatherine I know right, I would happily pay a few quid a year to get rid of them if it were an option, one of the main reasons I like ig so much cos you only see what you want πŸ‘Ž
1982chris : Oh shit. This could be be beginning of the end for me then. The constant advertising of groups and pages to like are what drove me away from Facebook
tomitch24 : @1982chris I know that's what I'm thinking, not saying I could ignore them but ig is my space, my little world, then they come along and obstruct the view with crappy adds about things that most probly won't even be relevant to us :/
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#fallinlove #thefcxingmongoose #endoftheline πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
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#Ryan #nephew #suspensionbridge #endoftheline #mountains #trees #whistler
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femsport_girl : This is in Whistler?
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We are getting close to the show! We want everybody there! Let's pack this place and have a good time! #endoftheline #knuckleheads #sanclemente #livemusic #hoursofmusic #hangoutatabar #saturdaynight #reallyawesomeband #lovespeople
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The train cometh. #levelcrossing #railstation #train #commutertrains #endoftheline
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Vancouver bound ferry ride #vancouver #endoftheline
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The End of the Line Festival is proud to announce Gabba legends the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre (@wacstagram ) as a big part of the festival on November 8! The Centre will bring together an eclectic mix of vintage and antique dealers and traders to create a collectors and pickers paradise called the Substation Antiques Collective! Based in the shadow of the old electrical substation in Jurgens St Park, the collective will centre around a version of the centres milk bar cafe. They will be featuring their famous 'Big Shoes' from the Sydney Olympics and their "Big Thongs" as well. #wac #antiques #festival #gabba #littleloganrd #endoftheline #visitbrisbane
littleloganrd - visitbrisbane - festival - gabba - wac - antiques - endoftheline -
jamboo123 : First like!
jamboo123 : #firstcomment
lachlannielsen : I like this!
casecavern : Pretty! : Cool
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#TomPetty #red #endoftheline
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gingervic : πŸ‘Œ
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Last stop! Last stop! #endoftheline for the 1 train #bronx 242! As up there as she goes
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Highlight of my weekend #phasesofthemoon @phasesofthemoonfestival #alexgray #endoftheline #art #love
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#endoftheline #portugal #algarve #Lucas #DC
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#cliche #railphoto #sorrynotsorry #BlueHeronPapermill #abandoned but #awesome #endoftheline #OregonCity #oddities #Oregon #rusty #architecture #danger #history #hardhatarea
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"You're my mission!!" "Then finish it. Cuz I'm with you 'til the end of the line." -Captain America: the Winter Soldier. . So, it's not a HP post, but I just finished watching Captain America for like the bajillionth time, and I actually tear up at this scene. Bucky and Steve's bond is so real πŸ˜₯ And besides, who doesn't love a little Marvel?? . Q: favorite Avenger? Mines Captain America or Black Widow. πŸ˜β€πŸ’™ #captainamerica #marvel #avengers #wintersoldier #steverodgers #buckybarnes #bestfriends #endoftheline #love
love - wintersoldier - steverodgers - buckybarnes - endoftheline - bestfriends - avengers - captainamerica - marvel -
batman.official : hey I'm actually writing a book and the free draft is actually available in my bio, i was wondering if you could like give me an opinion? the link is in my bio
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#iwannabeavagabond #endoftheline #thistraingoesnowhereiwanttogo #lirr
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Its that time once again. #piplelinelife #endoftheline #
endoftheline - piplelinelife -
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We are very proud to announce the Welcome to Country song at The End of the Line Festival will be performed by Maroochy Barambah. She is the Songwoman and Law-woman of the Turrbal People – the Traditional Owners of Brisbane and a direct descendant of Daki Yakka (Chief of the Old Brisbane tribe). She is the first Aborigine to perform on the Australian operatic stage and the first Australian to perform at the United Nations in New York. We feel very humbled to have her kick off the festival this year. #endoftheline #gabba #gabbavillage #littleloganrd #brisbane
littleloganrd - brisbane - gabbavillage - gabba - endoftheline -
theendofthelinefestival : Thanks for connecting us @kevino_brien !
kevino_brien : That's great news @theendofthelinefestival Maroochy has a spine tingling voice
tobyjenkins : Congrats guys! That's awesome!
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Red eye #koru #invercargill #airnewzealand #earlyflight #loner hamiltonbound
airnewzealand - airportrevamp - earlyflight - loner - invercargill - ghostly - koru - endoftheline -
ebryantnz : I think the only time I've had company in that lounge was when the worlds were on!
diannemanson : @ebryantnz quite sad really! #endoftheline #airportrevamp #ghostly
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Work by @jimvision and @martinronmurales ● London, UK
londonstreetart - martinron - streetartlondon - londongraffiti - endoftheline - jimvission - martinronmurales - tv_streetart -
locusapien : @mojavewasastateofmind brutal! πŸ‘ŠπŸ·
loveartpics : @_jzmn_
roadtoheritage : Oh my god...
roadtoheritage : @artconsigliere
d7606 : @roadtoheritage ☺
minuscolor : Awesome
photographyartl : πŸ˜³πŸ’›πŸ’›βœ¨
d7606 : #martinronmurales #martinron #jimvission #endoftheline #londonstreetart #londongraffiti #streetartlondon #tv_streetart
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Another #blissful blue day at the #endoftheline. #yourtofino #exploreBC #estuary #nature #stillgreen #wheresfall #nocomplaints #justgetherebeforeitsover
wheresfall - nocomplaints - estuary - nature - yourtofino - endoftheline - justgetherebeforeitsover - stillgreen - blissful - explorebc -
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Can't wait #Hollyoaks #Autumn #Endoftheline
autumn - hollyoaks - endoftheline -
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Less than one week away!!! Come on down people it gonna be a good time we promise! #rocknroll #endoftheline #hopemyfriendscome #livemusic
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em4ecfitness : #knucleheads #sanclemente #saturday #drummer #promote
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#circleoflife #endoftheline
circleoflife - endoftheline -
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#mural by @jimvision #jimvision @endofthelineldn #endoftheline. #rsa_graffiti. #tv_streetart. #dsb_graff.
dsb_graff - martinron - rsa_graffiti - jimvision - tv_streetart - martinronmurales - mural - endoftheline -
endofthelineldn : And @martinronmurales
kangraffpics : @endofthelineldn πŸ‘βœ¨βœŒοΈ#martinronmurales
kangraffpics : #martinron
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