Cause it's obviously a clump of cells and not humanπŸ˜‘... Question of the day: What is your opinion on abortions in the case of rape? #prolife #prolifeforever #proudlyprolife #endabortion #stopabortion #abolishabortion #savethebabies #chooselife #life #chooselove #love #options #adoption #raising #parents #mom #dad #baby #child #roevwade #makeadifference #respect #kindness
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simplycla : Pro life means pro life... No matter what. Circumstances should not change your beliefs, your beliefs should change your circumstance. ❀️✌🏻️
lexiswenby : U r still killing an innocent human even if u r raped. They didnt do anything!
prolife_85_letlifewin : If you can't kill the rapist who is guilty, then you shouldn't be able to kill the baby who is innocent.
joeschmid4 : Human life is human life- the baby is innocent and doesn't deserve to die
brib00b : Kill it
brib00b : @literallylyss
speak4unborn : Genesis 50:20- you intended to harm me but God intended it for good. Even if you didn't plan for a baby God did and one shouldn't mess with that!!
hannah9251998 : Adoption is always an option
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The original inaccurately read "pro-life of every fetus" "pro the power to make the choice of what happens to your own body" and then ended saying that the difference between them is if you care more about the fetus or the pregnant person . #prolife #fixingprochoicepropaganda #prochoicefail #prochoicelies #edit #abortion #equality #egalitarian #world #humanrights #chooselife #endabortion #letthemlive
letthemlive - chooselife - prolife - world - fixingprochoicepropaganda - edit - prochoicefail - abortion - prochoicelies - egalitarian - humanrights - endabortion - equality -
fem.inist : yeah but if the fetus is going to die, or be born with a crippling illness, or the mother is at risk, or the mother cannot look after her child abortion is sometimes the only choice. If you're so against abortion, don't have one. : @normalsanillusion I'm a vegetarian. Also Animal rights isn't about abortion so that is a logical fallacy . : @fem.inist I'm not against medical interventions to save anybody's life . And yeah sure that be a good saying is abortion was like choosing which ice cream flavor you want or don't want but the issue we have with abortion is that it takes a living humans life : *if
fem.inist : literally nothing you're saying is changing my mind, sorry. : @fem.inist well I'm not trying to do that I was just responding to your comment . Sorry if you thought it was with that intention
normalsanillusion : It's a quote from George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm". I'm not literally talking about animals. It's a reference to a political satire novel (along with 1984) that has a scary resemblance to American society today - or what it's fast approaching - with political stances like this being accepted as the norm and made law. : @normalsanillusion yeah sorry I was tired when I read your comment I read it differently the first time lol I thought you were trying to say something else . My bad
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#prolife #endabortion
endabortion - prolife - - matt_ray15 - phillyfan13579 - emilylabarthe -
THE way to end abortion as a method of birth control is through love. We have tried for 42 years to use legislation. Although it reduced the number of abortions, it has not succeed completely. If Anthony Kennedy would become a little more Christian that would certainly help (he was the swing vote in the Supreme Court case Planned Parenthood v. Casey). Legislation alone can not stop abortion. It can only be stopped by changing public opinion in a loving way.
humanlife - stopabortion - antiobama - christian - protecttheunborn - prolifegen - personhood - antiabortion - abortionkills - abort - abortions - conservatives - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - republican - prolifegeneration - catholic - chooselife - prolife - standforlife - abortion - conservative - stand4life - republicans - liberallogic - whywemarch -
prolifechristian : #antiabortion #stopabortion #prolife #standforlife #abortionkills #stand4life #humanlife #abort #abortions #chooselife #abortion #endabortion #protecttheunborn #republican #republicans #Catholic #Christian #conservative #conservatives #impeachobama #nobama #antiobama #liberallogic #personhood #prolifegen #prolifegeneration #whywemarch
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Silence is treason.... “Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression, And the house of Jacob their sins. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭58‬:‭1‬ NKJV) #Bound4Life #EndAbortion #ProLife #ProJesus
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Having Fun with this bustle site . The debunking continues #prolife #abortion #debunk #prochoicefail #prochoicelies #prochoicepropaganda #prochoicedebunked #egalitarian #equality #world #humanrights #chooselife #endabortion #letthemlive
abortion - letthemlive - chooselife - prolife - egalitarian - prochoicefail - prochoicepropaganda - prochoicelies - debunk - world - endabortion - equality - humanrights - prochoicedebunked -
equallifepro : @innocent.uke better luck next time :)
innocent.uke : @equallifepro good luck on changing into a decent human being
equallifepro : @innocent.uke come argue on my page--- I openly invite you -- if you do not want to - don't respond--- but I must let you know , that those who loose a debate , often turn to slander , as you are now : @equallifepro you did awesome !! Thanks and I doubt then accepting your invite
kathyclubb : @innocent.uke I am a woman and most pro-lifers are women. But I don't agree that gender is an important part of telling the truth. You accept support from pro-choice men, don't you? By your own standards, they should stay out of the debate.
kathyclubb : @innocent.uke My last point is very important. If you continue to say that abortion is always good for women, then you are completely disregarding the torment and grief of the thousands of women who suffer from post-abortion syndrome. Abortion is NOT good for women, but even if it was, it ALWAYS takes a life and destroys a completely natural process: sex leads to pregnancy leads to new life. : @kathyclubb very good points πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
kathyclubb : Thank you. And thanks for hosting the discussion. God bless. 😳
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#pregnancy #not a #problem #prolife #noexceptions #savethe1 #prochoice #abortion #endabortion #wearethegeneration
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#think #closedadoption #endabortion #abortionhurts #abortion #prolife #proudprolifer #goodquestion #brainfood
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#prolife #proudprolifer #endabortion #wecanendabortion #adoption #abortion #adoptionnotabortion #abortionhurts #closedadoption #openadoption #stopgoingthroughsystem
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Everyone meet my light skinned Momma, Debby Efurd! Along with my actual Momma, Debby has been instrumental in bringing life to me and inspiring me to pursue greater heights in Christ and greater depths of healing. Because Debby so boldly and unapologetically shared her journey towards healing I was able to find healing for myself after abortion. Our life stories are meant to inspire, transform, and challenge those around us, not to be burdens of shame, guilt and condemnation. That's why I go and tell it y'all because Debby went and told it first! Get your copy and then go tell it!!! #abortion #advocate #baby #child #prolife #prolifeyouth #prolifeactivist #postabortive #prolifegeneration #endabortion #mom #dad #family #humanrights #humanlife #socialrights #standard4life #allthingsdallas #dallastexas
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Looking at that post was just πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I honestly can't take some people seriously sometimes . #prolife #abortion #prochoicefail #pregnancy #prochoicelies #prochoicepropaganda #humor #sassy #definition #facts #adoption #parenthood #chooselife #equality #egalitarian #endabortion #letthemlive
prochoicelies - parenthood - prochoicepropaganda - letthemlive - endabortion - equality - facts - humor - sassy - definition - chooselife - prolife - egalitarian - abortion - adoption - prochoicefail - pregnancy -
isabelb33 : @jmacbal Other's medical decisions are not yours to make. : @isabelb33 choosing to kill another human is not a medial decision : @jmacbal you rocked this debate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
isabelb33 : "Whatcha Say" Wha- wha- what did she say? Mmmm, whatcha say, Mmmm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did Mmmm, whatcha say, Jason Derulo Mmmm, that it's all for the best? Of course it is [Verse 1] I was so wrong for so long Only tryin' to please myself (myself) Girl, I was caught up in her lust When I don't really want no one else So, no, I know I should've treated you better But me and you were meant to last forever So let me in (let me in) give me another chance (another chance) To really be your man [Hook:] 'Cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out I just didn't know what to do But when I become a star We'll be living so large I'll do anything for you So tell me, girl [Chorus:] Mmmm, whatcha say, Mmmm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did Mmmm, whatcha say (whatcha say) Mmmm, that it's all for the best? Of course it is Mmmm, whatcha say, Mmmm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did Mmmm, whatcha say (whatcha say) Wha- wha- wha- wha- what did she say? [Verse 2] How could I live with myself Knowing that I let our love go (love go) And, ooh, when I do with one chance I just gotta let you know I know what I did wasn't clever But me and you we're meant to be together So let me in (let me in) give me another chance (another chance) To really be your man [Hook] [Chorus] [Bridge:] Girl, tell me whatcha said (said)? I don't want you to leave me Though you caught me cheatin' Tell me, tell me whatcha said (said)? I really need you in my life 'Cause things ain't right, girl Tell me, tell me whatcha said (said)? I don't want you to leave me Though you caught me cheatin' Tell me, tell me whatcha said (said)? I really need you in my life 'Cause things ain't right [Hook:] 'Cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out I just didn't know what to do But when I become a star We'll be living so large I'll do anything for you So, baby, whatcha say! [Chorus]
jmacbal : thanks! She ran out of valid points so she's resorting to copying song lyrics? : @jmacbal OMG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
isabelb33 : @jmacbal do u,,.,, not get the joke,,,,,. have u not seen one meme in ur whole lifetime?? : @isabelb33 oh trust me at this point you are the joke . Thank you for the good laugh πŸ˜‚
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Repost from @republican_patriot Lol it's so true! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #likeforlike #likeforlife #like4like #followforfollow #follow4follow #followGod #Catholic #Obama #ifionlyhadabrain #everylifecounts #endabortion #prolife #protectbabies #prolifeforlife #progun #protecttheunborn #proGod #personsapersonnomatterhowsmall #abortioniswrongnomatterwhat #abortionismurder #antibullying #antifeminism #samesexmarriageisnottheway #gaymariageisnottheway #Godislove #Godishope #keepGodinAmerica #lol #conservative #christianity
progun - godishope - protecttheunborn - gaymariageisnottheway - likeforlife - prolifeforlife - abortionismurder - protectbabies - followgod - follow4follow - endabortion - antibullying - christianity - ifionlyhadabrain - personsapersonnomatterhowsmall - catholic - like4like - prolife - keepgodinamerica - followforfollow - antifeminism - godislove - lol - conservative - progod - likeforlike - everylifecounts - obama - abortioniswrongnomatterwhat - samesexmarriageisnottheway -
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Fantastic design! #loveletslive @abort73 #endabortion #letthemlive #memorialday #freetshirtfriday #beawitness
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#respect #life #inthe #womb #prolife #endabortion #life #child #human #right #live
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Pro-choicers like to pride themselves in saying that abortion is much safer than giving birth . It is in the sense that most abortions happen during the first trimester when the procedure is non-surgical and hardly puts any burden on the body. But when you compare it to late-term, around the time women actually can give birth , the numbers are about same . #prolife #abortion #latetermabortion #usa #facts #healthrisk #deathrate #right2life #equality #egalitarian #chooselife #endabortion #letthemlive
chooselife - prolife - usa - egalitarian - deathrate - abortion - letthemlive - endabortion - latetermabortion - equality - healthrisk - facts - right2life - : @thedarkestjester
provoicesupport : Later abortions are obviously more dangerous. Third trimester abortions are labor and deliveries and are as risky as "normal" deliveries if not more so due to whatever complications are bringing the woman to undergo an early delivery in the first place. It's no easy medical scenario at all. Similarly, earlier miscarriages are almost no risk to the mother, the later they are the more dangerous. Basically anything later in a pregnancy is going to bring more danger, anyone who doesn't recognize that is kidding themselves! : @provoicesupport exactly πŸ‘πŸ‘
zbra._.rm : If somebody keeps a baby for that long then just decides to get an abortion, they are an idiot. If you find out you're pregnant don't just wait 7-9 months to finally get an abortion. Simple.
landshark32 - queenof.the.arctic - wings.and.horns - constitutionalist_tx -
e·qual·i·ty Ι™ΛˆkwälΙ™dΔ“/ noun the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. All human beings should be equal, and that includes the unborn πŸ’ž #Qotd; What's your opinion on the NSA? #Prolife #prolifegen #protecttheunborn #endabortion #endabortionnow #lovethemboth #antiabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionkills
qotd - prolife - protecttheunborn - endabortionnow - prolifegen - abortion - not - abortionkills - adoption - antiabortion - endabortion - lovethemboth -
the_conservative_protestant : I don't like the NSA. It's a gross overstep of government power. #AbolishTheNSA
grace.m.murphy : I cover my cameras because of the NSA.
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Continuation from the source that "debunks" pro-life arguments . I mean cmon now . This blogger couldn't even check for granmar mistakes . How could anyone really try and use this as a source #prolife #abortion #facts #prochoicefail #prochoicelies #prochoicepropaganda #prochoicedebunked #debunk #argument #righttolife #maternaldeath #stats #cdc #chooselife #endabortion #letthemlive
cdc - prochoicepropaganda - argument - prochoicelies - endabortion - facts - righttolife - prochoicedebunked - stats - letthemlive - chooselife - prolife - abortion - debunk - prochoicefail - maternaldeath - : @thedarkestjester in general abortion related death aren't as many because most women abort early in their pregnancy but if we were to consider late term in comparison to birth then yeah abortion is really dangerous because it's much more invasive than just swallowing a pill but I'll definitely look into it more and get some stats as well
acrasialfabrefaction : This person is so uninformed
hurricae_karina : I just wanted to know - are you for all abortion being banned or just late term? : @hurricae_karina I'm against all abortions. What I'm not against is medical interventions necessary to save a women's life
hurricae_karina : 😊😊😊
hurricae_karina : Sorry, what medical interventions? I'm sorry I don't know that terminology : @hurricae_karina it's okay. Basically any action a physician must take to prevent death . Sometimes it is impossible to save both the pregnant person and the fetus so a doctor has to decide which of the two has a higher chance of survival . Most of the time it's the women so they will do anything to save her even if it means compromising the life of the fetus . But that doesn't mean that they forget about the fetus . If there is even the slightest chance that the fetus can survive as we'll then they will also try and give the fetus medical attention . Sometimes , less likely, it's the opposite way around . Sometimes the women has a lesser chance at survival while the fetus can be saved if removed from the uterus on time . Of course they will still try and save the women but they will also be making sure the fetus gets medical attention .
hurricae_karina : I understand. Thank you! 😊
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Abortion is the number one way of murder in America. I know not to believe what everyone puts on the internet but this is the correct answer of how many people have been killed by abortions since it started in 1973. #endabortion
endabortion -
rev.adam.loyd -
You've got this! #prolife #prowoman #oh4life #pregnancy #chooselife #endabortion #voiceforthevoiceless #unbornchild #yourenotalone
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dannyjwilliiams702 : Abortion is MURDER!
dannyjwilliiams702 - _logan_____ - benbuening - pregnanthealth -
DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY ❌❌ #dontvoteforhillary #Obama #likeforlike #like4like #followforfollow #follow4follow #followGod #proGod #prolife #prolifegen #prolifeforlife #personsapersonnomatterhowsmall #protecttheunborn #proawesomeness #progun #christianity #conservative #Catholic #cross #childnotachoice #chooselife #everylifecounts #endabortion #samesexmarriageisnottheway
protecttheunborn - prolifegen - prolifeforlife - dontvoteforhillary - everylifecounts - samesexmarriageisnottheway - follow4follow - endabortion - conservative - like4like - personsapersonnomatterhowsmall - catholic - chooselife - prolife - followforfollow - progun - cross - followgod - christianity - childnotachoice - progod - likeforlike - obama - proawesomeness -
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Amen! Abortion is a cruel way of getting away with murder! #prolife #amen #endabortion
endabortion - prolife - amen -
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All life matters, born or unborn. And you have no right to take that life away, regardless of your personal opinion or circumstance. Support life πŸ’ž #Qotd; Did you watch Rand Paul's NSA filibuster the other night? #Prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #endabortionnow #lovethemboth #antiabortion #adoption #not #abortion #stand4life #abortionkills
qotd - prolife - antiabortion - protecttheunborn - endabortionnow - abortion - not - abortionkills - adoption - stand4life - endabortion - lovethemboth -
fightforlyfe : @noah_heritage Yes, yes I do. And I feel confident in saying that because its medically ignorant to state that the only solution to a life threatening pregnancy is abortion when they're so many other options that usually work even better than abortion, for both child and mother.
noah_heritage : @fightforlyfe that's a brutal mindset.
fightforlyfe : @noah_heritage Telling women who desperately want their child, who is typically 2nd or 3rd trimester, that they're safer options to solve their problem is brutal?
noah_heritage : @fightforlyfe when abortion is safer for the mother it is, especially if this wasn't the only issue
fightforlyfe : @noah_heritage In the case of ectopic pregnancies Autotransfusions are safer than an abortion (not by a lathe margin though). In the case of the baby being in the occiput anterior position a c-section is far, far safer than an abortion. These are two examples given off the top of my head. Obviously your statement is incorrect, especially since ectopic pregnancies account for a significant percentage of life threatening pregnancies. Name an example where the abortion is the safest route for both the mother and child. Might I also remind you that this child is planned, viable and wanted?
fightforlyfe : *large margin @noah_heritage
noah_heritage : @fightforlyfe what if it's an rape through incest? Do you still support forcing the mother to give birth?
fightforlyfe : @noah_heritage Of course. In my opinion, rape being a valid reason for an abortion is a bit of a step down from a life threatening pregnancy in terms of logic. And here's why; 1) Circumstances don't affect any biological facts or statuses. Say we have two women who are both, say, 9 weeks pregnant. One was raped and the other had consensual sex. Is there any biological difference between the two unborn fetuses? Other than DNA, they're effectively the same in every way. So, if I opposed abortion in the case of consensual sex, why would I make an exception for effectively the same exact child to be slaughtered? According to science, both are human beings. And by this stage (which falls into the average abortion timeframe), all vital organs are there, the heart is beating, limbs are present, and the brain is active to a degree. Two human beings walk into the abortion clinic, and only one is there by choice. Ending the second human's life is always immoral, regardless of circumstance of conception. 2) Given the fact that abortion has been time and time again linked to severe depression and suicide, and that more likely than not the mother has already suffered much mentally, an abortion is an extremely illogical decision as statistically it won't help the mother. And 3) A lot of forced abortions involve rape. And I think we all agree that forced abortions are bad.
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Life is a gift wroth protecting. #prolifeyouth#prolife#prolifegen#EndAbortion#StopAbortion
prolifeyouth - prolifegen - stopabortion - prolife - endabortion -
prolife4peace : Is she prolife?
elquesosolo : Hopefully now she is! I recall back when I was in college she was a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. This was 13-14 years ago now.
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Be a voice for the voiceless. Stand up for life! #prolife #stopabortion #chooselife #protecttheunborn #unborn #prolifegen #theyfeelpain #whywemarch #antiabortion #lifeisprecious #marchforlife #unborn #endabortion #everylifeisagift #edmundburke #lifeisbeautiful #abortion #savethebabies
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I could care less what you do to your own body as long as the only body being affected is your own πŸ’πŸ»abortion involves two bodies and the one that is being killed isn't the one deciding #prolife #abortion #prochoicelogic #fixingprochoicepropaganda #prochoicefail #prochoicelies #prochoicepropaganda #notyourbodynotyourchoice #chooselife #endabortion #letthemlive
letthemlive - chooselife - prolife - fixingprochoicepropaganda - prochoicefail - prochoicepropaganda - prochoicelies - prochoicelogic - endabortion - abortion - notyourbodynotyourchoice -
corinaleecreason : Amen.
lentil_ : Yes! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
zbra._.rm : Because that one is an unborn fetus almost incapable to feel, much less actually agree to something. If the fetus had feelings and was also not in another humans body then abortion would be bad. Abortion is a cheaper way to have to not care for a baby. Adoption should be the first choice you look at, but if you financially can't give birth, just get an abortion. #prochoiceforlife
buried.but.breathing : But you can choose whether you want a fetus to feed off of your body, and for some it's also the choice of their health or some human cells that don't really live yet. They aren't sential, they got no brain activity, no pain, no feelings. A pregnant person has all those, yet you seem to care more about the unsential one. : @zbra._.rm if you were to choose adoptions then the adopting family would be the ones paying for all prenatal costs including the birth especially if you can't on your own because after all they are the ones who want the baby . Not being able to feel or agree on something doesn't make killing you more correct . People have been born never being able to feel because of conditions such as congenital analgesia . Children especially infants can't agree on things . Their deaths aren't somehow more permissible because of those circumstances . The fetus is in another human body not by choice but because of Biology . This is their natural state . : @buried.but.breathing some human cells that don't really live yet ? And i am not against medical intervention to save anyone's life so. And sential? Do you mean non sentient? Because I don't think you would call a neonate born with congenital analgesia some human cells that don't really love yet . Having lack of EEG is a temporary circumstance in the fetus as brain cells continue to form . And I actually do care about the pregnancy women . I care about both
jessica.junebug - queenof.the.arctic - prolife.posts - jayy_farrell -
I had made a post on this kind of flawed argument before but I'll just put it out there again . Not donating organs doesn't infringe on anyone's right to life . #prolife #prochoicefail #prochoicepropaganda #prochoicelogic #prochoicelies #debunked #chooselife #endabortion #letthemlive
letthemlive - chooselife - prolife - prochoicepropaganda - debunked - prochoicelies - prochoicelogic - prochoicefail - endabortion -
kawaiidictator : You are biologically LIVING. You're lung works. Your heart works. You are as living as a plant LOL. You are so ignorant. : @kawaiidictator civil right yup the 14 was ratified . Thanks for proving the point of why saying abortion is legal and was granted by the Supreme Court is null since it also can be subject to change . After the civil war the 14 amendment was ratified . The civil rights movement helped push for the freedom of the African American as well as women who also had limited rights . Laws are created by men . Men aren't perfect . This is what laws can change : @kawaiidictator a plant is completely alive lol . There is nothing dead about a plant . As proven so many times, even if ventilators are mimicking what you would be doing if alive , you aren't . Please get that through your head and I'm not ignorant lol resorting to personal insults says more about you though
kawaiidictator : Abortion isn't protected by law tho. It is protected by the 4th amendment. SCOTUS never changed? : @kawaiidictator the 4th amendment ? The 4th protects you form unreasonable searches/seizures . And the Supreme Court is made up of individuals who do change and they decide they want to end their term or pass away they are replaced by new members
kawaiidictator : You really just do not understand anything. It isn't mimicking life. A person meets the biological requirements of life, just not the legal ones, when dead. You do not know what you're talking about. I'm rolling my eyes so hard. Even if you ignore that. 'Alive' cannot be a basis for constitutional rights when it applies to plants and bacteria. : *when they decide : @kawaiidictator I do actually. If you want to deny facts that's on you . I provided facts already and sourced them so you can see for yourself why someone who is brain dead is no longer alive. And part of being alive is being able to adapt to changes in your environment which isn't possible anymore .
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#Regrann from @get_it_right_america - This is Walter Joshua Fretz. He was miscarried at the age of 19 weeks. Abortions can be performed up until 24 weeks of pregnancy. Is this still some clump of cells? You pro choicers need to realize who you are killing. If you don't believe me or the picture please feel free to research him yourself. #endabortion #iamthegenerationthatwillendabortion #conservative #abortionismurder #abortion #prolife #prochoice Partner- @right_wing_conservative_ian #prolife #baby #life #conception #babies #pregnancy #God
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olivia_faith_fant : "Fetuses are just clumps of cells." This makes me sad @abbymc14
abbymc14 : Ya. Me too @olivia_faith_fant
c.leanne.k : It is very sad how people can convince themselves that the slaughter of innocent babies is okay πŸ’”
elivingss : It's funny how god is hash tagged, wouldn't he be the one responsible for the miscarriage?
elivingss : God created the devil @until_jesus_returns
until_jesus_returns : @elvingss Sounds like you don't like God?
tombnelson : @fem.inist
fem.inist : @tombnelson thanks for tagging me in this, but I'm not pro-abortion. I'm pro-choice
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Thanks, advocates! What a day! #prolife #oh4life #prolifegen #Downsyndrome #pregnancy #Ohiobabies #OhioStatehouse #CBus #chooselife #endabortion #unbornchild #voiceforthevoiceless
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So this is from a link that a pro-choicer provided which supposedly debunks arguments that pro-lifers hold . Some arguments I've never even used but I am going to be addressing the "debunking" and showing the flaws in their argument . I won't do them all today so stay tuned . If you want to read this for yourself here is the link >< #prolife #prochoicefail #prolifelogic #prochoicepropaganda #abortion #debate #debunked #chooselife #endabortion #letthemlive
chooselife - prolife - abortion - prochoicepropaganda - letthemlive - debunked - prochoicefail - endabortion - prolifelogic - debate - : @elyssatruman I know that but it's not hard to just googled Sears prochoice 10 argument and get the link. It's a no brainier . I always do that when someone provided me with links in comments . I take keywords and find the source that way : *google search
elyssatruman : I know I just wasn't sure why you pasted the whole link : @elyssatruman because I said I would post the link they provided? This is the exact same way they put it so
elyssatruman : It's trivial so never mind
feministfailure : oh my goodness, someone linked me that one time and I couldn't even take them seriously
feministfailure : it's so incorrect : @feministfailure the fact that it's from bustle is already a fail lol
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#equality #love #rights #humanrights #loveislove #prolife #stopabortion #abortionkills #endabortion #chooselife #humanlife #youthdefence #prochoice #abortion #truelove #standupforlife #marref #marref2015
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Equal rights for all! Including the unborn! LIKE if you agree unborn babies deserve to live just as much as anyone #prolife#prolifeyouth#stopabortion#endabortion
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megankillpatrick : ^ 4) also, it does often happen among conjoined twins. Conjoined twins often share body structures, organs, or even brains, so this does occur. Usually one twin has a better chance of survival after surgery as well, which is its so hard to separate them and have both live. Again, please research before saying things.
jmacbal : @megankillpatrick wow! Awesome point! : 1. Well i mean seriously 1 out of every 200,000 born are conjoined twins. And the majority of them are still born. A majority of the rest that are born alive dont make it past day one. So in actuality only less then 25% of conjoined twins survive. So thats why i said come up with a realistic situation. 2. They technically are the same body just 2 different people inside one body. 3. I didnt say you couldn't say my points are invalid i just said you couldn't do it respectfully. 4. Lol your arguments make me laugh. Because tbh pro-lifers cant come up with arguments that arent based off of religion or opinions
megankillpatrick : 1) It is realistic, do you not know what that word means? There are plenty of documented cases of conjoined twins where one relies on the organs of another. It may not be common, but it is realistic. 2) You just admitted that they are two different people. They may share a body or certain parts of a body but they are individual people and if one can live with out the other, do they have the right to do that at the expense of killing their sibling? I find it funny that you never answered that original question. We wouldn't allow them to do that, and that is the point. 3) My argument has NOTHING to do with religion. I did not mention religion once. It is completely medical and scientific. and your argument makes me laugh because you can't come up with a reasonable argument to dispute the core of my argument so you're being rude instead.
megankillpatrick : @jmacbal thanks so much!! I hate that people think pro-lifers rely purely on emotion. We are scientific, analytical, and rational and have the truth on our side!
jmacbal : @megankillpatrick I completely agree
girdy_birdy : You say that prolife people can't come up with real arguments for our side but during this whole argument I haven't heard you make a single point of your own. All u do is reject others points and say that they are unrealistic. : @girdy_birdy because they are arguing pro-life ive just been arguing the point of this picture πŸ˜‰
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#truth by #frfrankpavone #prolife #babiesareablessing #family #jesusitrustinyou #istandwiththecatholicchurch #catholicism #catholicconvert #blessedtobecatholic #babies #fetus #development #love #religion #jmj #pray #endabortion #chooselife #abstinence #priest #amen
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yousif_fraudet : @catholicconvert wow you really took your time with that idiot and responded to every post of his!!! You sir are one true catholic!! As to where I would have just cussed his a$$ out and blocked him!! I could never debate with an atheist Lol. Cause I would just get too mad to even try to comprehend my words. Lol. May god have mercy on his soul.
yousif_fraudet : @alasdaircboswell why follow this page then??
catholicconvert : @yousif_fraudet that's very kind of you to say! It's not easy sometimes. lol. Yes, may God have Mercy!!!!!
catholicconvert : @yousif_fraudet he doesn't follow my page. He came across the post and replied. Lol
catholicconvert : @yousif_fraudet @frankiekeepnitreal @catholicboss201 @catholiccrusader too funny. He blocked me and I never even commented on his page..... He came to mine and acted disrespectful......Not the other way around. Smh! Go figure. Lol
yousif_fraudet : Pay him no attention
frankiekeepnitreal : Yeah, that kid was rude. He didn't know how to handle it when I was nice to him. I just wanna say, I appreciate what you are doing, bcuz everyday it's a blessing for me. Thank you
catholicconvert : @frankiekeepnitreal Ikr! Thank you so much! πŸ™πŸ»
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#adoption #adoptionislove #endabortion #prolife
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