Sorry, the birth canal does not magically turn a blob of cells into a functioning baby. - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionismurder #abortionsurvivor #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #antifeminist #stand4life #probaby
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ame_wil : awww he's so precious!!
villalobos.j : THIS ACCOUNT IS PERFECTION OMG @fightforlyfe
cheyenne_kuder : Awwww look at that little face 😍😍
personhoodusa : So nice!
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Really?? #plannedparenthood #cecilerichards #prochoicelogic #proabortion #proaborts #prolifeandproudofit
humanlife - abolishabortion - protecttheunborn - defundplannedparenthood - stopplannedparenthood - probaby - cecilerichards - crisispregnancycenter - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - prochoicelogic - praytoendabortion - endabortion - roevwade - proaborts - prolifeandproudofit - stopabortion - chooselife - prolife - plannedparenthood - stand4life - proabortion - standforlife - right2life - righttolife - antiabortion - abortion - roevswade -
jamiedegale : How ignorant...
courtybee_ : She's not ignorant she knows full well when life begins and that it begins at conception. She has an agenda to sell and cares more about making money in her position than women & their baby's lives
prolifechristian : @courtybee_ how else is Planned Parenthood going to stay all fat and happy? (our tax $)
bornagain_christine : #antiabortion #stopabortion #prolife #standforlife #stand4life #abortionkills #humanlife #roevwade #abort #abortion #chooselife #righttolife #endabortion #protecttheunborn #probaby #abortionismurder #crisispregnancycenter ##defundPlannedParenthood #praytoendabortion #stopplannedparenthood #right2life #roevswade #abolishabortion
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endabortion - prolife -
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With 57 million aborted children, we don't know who we have aborted. Just think of all the people who would have been doctors, scientists, etc. While sad, it's irrelevant who was aborted. I believe killing people is wrong. It's wrong regardless of who does it or who is killed. I know many people will disagree with me, but it's for that reason that I'm against abortion, physician-assisted suicide, the death penalty, and unnecessary wars, just to name a few. It's even wrong to harass or resort to violence against those who support or preform abortions. Killing people is wrong.
humanlife - antiobama - protecttheunborn - republicanparty - republicans - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - abortions - conservatives - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - republican - roevswade - stopabortion - chooselife - prolife - stand4life - standforlife - abortion - conservative - obamasucks - antiabortion - righttolife -
poji1265 : I agree if someone can say someone is dead when their heart STOPS beating you can have just about the same right to say someone is alive when their heart STARTS beating @prolifechristian @sunnysidebaby @yahuvehsrevealinglight @individualist_ @btfullmer @sam_i_am223
exsveritas : Underdeveloped fetuses aren't people yet because they haven't develop to that point. Which is why abortion is legal in many countries.
exsveritas : And by the way, why on earth are you against physician assisted suicide??????
nicklausinthehaus : Abortion does not kill a baby.
yahuvehsrevealinglight : @exsveritas ewe its you again. And your talking about murdering now on the case of suicide. And now your angry at a baby whose heart is already beating and not yet developed the rest of its body all the way. No matter how much you cry about it, abortion is still murder. Case closed.
otter_m : Think about the mother. Couldn't the mother be a future scientist and whatever you listed but was forever to drop out of school to take care of a baby that was unwanted? So if someone gets raped, they are screwed?
legofrenchceltic : @otter_m so you justify the killing of someone simply because they maybe viewed as unwanted or a burden? Everyone should have the right to experience what life is no matter if you feel that they are a burden or if they were conceived in rape.
otter_m : @legofrenchceltic if you put it that way then yeah
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#IAmNotAMistake #Tbt @isteponcracks_ @bwh1t3
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juan_thebaptist : #Jesus #Christ #God #Psalm139 #Bible #HolySpirit #Brothers #Columbus #Ohio #Westside #EndAbortion #SendRevival #Life #ProLife #SpeakLife
_chocola_tay : I love this!
upstatenyprolifeadvocates : These are great shirts! Is this a project?
dre_da_flame : YoooOOo! I go by DRE DA FLAME, im a Christian artist from San Diego. i make hype music that you can party too! lol I was also on BET 106npark!!! ALL GLORY TO JESUS THO. search my channel on YouTube; "Holybrostv"
juan_thebaptist : @AskSeekKnock_ Here's the page @upstatenyprolifeadvocates!
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Another brilliant Megan Fox quote! (I honestly never thought I would say that). - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionkills #abortionfacts #quotes #stand4life #stopabortion #antiabortion #antifeminist #stand4life
stopabortion - abortionsurvivor - prolife - antiabortion - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - stand4life - abortion - quotes - abortionkills - antifeminist - adoption - not - abortionfacts - endabortion -
donaldfghali88 : 'But a woman can never experience this power without a man.'
cheyenne_kuder : Is she prolife? Or she just says a bunch of awesome stuff?
fightforlyfe : @cheyenne_kuder Haha I personally think she's Pro Life, though there's no 100% proof of it.
cheyenne_kuder : Gotcha haha. Thank you for sharing!
johatach : @fightforlyfe what is it that makes you think she's pro life?
fightforlyfe : @johatach This and the last quote I posted indicate that she believes that the unborn baby is an actual baby and is alive. I'm not sure how many Pro Choice people believe that its a living human. Plus she comes from a Christian Conservative background, and I hate to stereotype, but a lot of Christian Conservatives are pro life.
johatach : Fair enough. :)
_kimberlymichelle93 - bobbyv231 - bound4lifebronx - hannahlaviolette -
Studies show that 90% of pre born babies with down syndrome are victims of abortion SIMPLY because the are different. #stop#killing#babies#stand#for#life#speak#up#children#down#syndrome#prolife#prochoice#catholic#christian#god#love#babies#endabortion#defundplannedparenthood#murder
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meganpz210 : Hey, you guys won the free Nike Gear Give-Away Raffel - Text me @ 1-512-589-8436 @david_13131 @mciraulo @pablovazquez_08 @jack_daniel86 @movinonquote4life @perez._.maria @v451 @riches_lifestyle @gogrichiani @kamilvato
benjamin_wilson : Amazing
kaoz69 : Or simply because their parents know that they would not be able to properly care for a special needs child
_briana_14 - scaryane - brenda_angel5 - evesauce_ -
The way to justify tyranny is by dehumanization. The Slovaks, the Jews, and the slaves among many others have been dehumanized at various points in history in an attempt, a pathetic yet surprisingly successful attempt, to justify oppression. Likewise the unborn are dehumanized today. An acronym you can use when classifying arguments against the Personhood of the unborn is SLED, created by Steve Wagner, a prominent pro-life bio-ethics speaker. SLED: *Size *Level of Development *Environment *Degree of Dependency. Arguments against the unborn's size, development, environment, or degree of dependency attempt to justify their killing by discrimination, despite the fact that those variables play no role in valuing any individual's unalienable right to life. That's how oppression works.
humanlife - christian - protecttheunborn - jewish - probaby - jesus - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - abortions - praytoendabortion - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - republican - roevswade - stopabortion - catholic - chooselife - prolife - christ - stand4life - standforlife - abortion - conservative - obamasucks - antiabortion - righttolife -
nobamalunches : Excellent post!!
g.marie.g : this is perfect :) thats all you need to see and you heart melts <3 God is amazing!!
bornagain_christine : Great post!! 👏👏👏
zacheriah_goh : Excellent and truthful haha
tesamenee : Just like people are dehumanized when they are told what they can and can't do with there bodies... #prochoice
skylikescats : It's pretty terrible that you would compare a procedure to what happened to the jews.... #abortionisnotmurder
liz_hud : Abortion kills a baby that already has a heartbeat. Is that not murder?
mdsjeffries : @liz_hud Nope. It's not murder. Never will be murder. Get over It.
7pinkpeeps - baunini - kustross - tim.smyth -
For real though. #endabortion #stopabortion #plannedparenthood #abortion
endabortion - stopabortion - abortion - plannedparenthood -
ingathewibblywobblywabbit : Killing a pregnant woman is not considered a double murder most of the time. And a toddler is not my body because it is not in my body. A fetus is in my body and is using my body's nutrients to survive. A fetus is my body. Dipshit.
kirsti_allie : 👆 dafuq???
a_eshelman6 : @kirsti_allie LOL right? I looked at her profile. She's like... 12. I'm sure someone will smack some sense into her by voting age 😉😂👍
miranda_stueb : @ingathewibblywobblywabbit yes thats awesome
ingathewibblywobblywabbit : @a_eshelman6 instead of making a legitimate counter argument you decide to act like my age somehow makes my point invalid. Thanks SO much for your concern about my age, but I'm 14. Good job, a 14 year old is more mature about debating than you are.
a_eshelman6 : @ingathewibblywobblywabbit I don't need to make a counter argument, everyone is entitled to an opinion. It's my profile, I posted my opinion. I don't need to argue with someone I don't know or don't care about. If your looking for some petty argument on IG, which clearly you are, your on the wrong profile.
ingathewibblywobblywabbit : @a_eshelman6 sure everyone's entitled to an opinion, but your opinion is also open to opposition. If you don't want to argue, great. But don't demean someone else's argument because of the assumption that I'm younger than you. It just makes you look bad. Bye ✌️
a_eshelman6 : @ingathewibblywobblywabbit ... It's not an assumption. You are younger than me, much younger. When I was 14, I thought abortion was fine too. But then I grew up and I learned and as you grow up, your eyes are opened to a lot more. I lost my first son to stillbirth. Things will happen in your life that make you change your option on subjects. But seriously, I'm not the one the looks bad. By you continuing to comment on my post about nothing really, is making you look silly, not me. You don't know me, we will never meet or care about each other, yet you continue to comment and argue what? Your age? That's just silly.
ashleepetrilli - darianmarchele - itsheather21 - lolenita89 -
Such a great quote. Sorry Pro Choicers, but women aren't extremely fragile and weak beings. We're made to have a family, and sorry if that offends you, but its a biological fact. Women are strong enough to go through with pregnancy, and women deserve better than abortion. Love this quote, by the way👌 - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionkills #abortionfacts #antifeminist #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - probaby - stand4life - abortion - not - abortionkills - antifeminist - adoption - endabortion - abortionfacts - antiabortion -
no.turn.unstoned : It is a good quote, but choosing adoption isn't for everyone. Just like choosing parenthood isn't good for everyone. Abortion is always a valid option, no matter what variables there are.
fightforlyfe : @no.turn.unstoned "Choosing adoption isn't for anyone"- If you're uncomfortable with being seperates from your child (why you would get an abortion is beyond me if this is the case), then foster care. If you can't handle that, then parenthood. Abortion is never an option because you'll always leave someone out the equation- the child. They get no say, no opinion, no thought to them. Its all about the mom. Not even the father has a choice. Abortion is never a valid reason, because TWO humans lie down in front of the abortionist, and only one is there by choice.
yesiyez : @inesjonas wow! Didn't know this about him👌
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This is jus an outward expression of an inward conviction I pray The Lord will open your eyes the same it's not my opinion it's Truth.... #endabortion #prolife #projesus #nosuchthingasprochoice #1killerofafricanamericans #Lordhelp #art #Life
nosuchthingasprochoice - prolife - projesus - life - lordhelp - 1killerofafricanamericans - endabortion - art -
juan_thebaptist - luckiieyy_ - bashiamarion - e_manuel22 -
Yes some of is have been there no that does not make it right to kill an innocent child. #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
slipknotknowsbest : I think the simple prochoice tag got my point across just fine.
prolifefeminist : @slipknotknowsbest this page has nothing to do with being ProChoice so tagging it just gets trolls on my page. I also think there is something hateful about tagging photos with tags you know they don't agree with. How would you like it if I went around tagging all the ProChoice pictures with #ProLife?
slipknotknowsbest : Hey, if you wanted to, then what does it matter what I think? It could possibly open up an interesting discussion, and I wouldnt mind that. Its your opinion.
prolifefeminist : @slipknotknowsbest i wouldn't though because I find it horrible. If you would like to state your opinion then go right ahead. Or even if you wanted to just put ProChoice that's fine but don't put tags on things that will just get trolls all over my page.
natattack_77 : You removed my comment because you can't stand the fact that you're dead wrong. Way to prove your love for precious life by deleting other peoples perspectives. By the way, Mrs. Self-Righteous, the tag I searched was "Abortion is Murder" because I thought that by 2014, people would've been finished taking all this nonsense. Guess what Obama did? He saved my reproductive rights from trolls like you! So keep spouting false propaganda and scare tactics. It isn't getting anywhere. 😘👌 <@aleahcrump Thank you, my dear. I love you too.>
prolifefeminist : @natattack_77 what do I care what your President did? :P do you honestly think I care? The US is a total hell hole. Also I did reply I will not stand disgusting words on my pictures though :)
natattack_77 : You're a coward hiding behind some bullshit Instagram account because you're afraid of people like me challenging your ignorant and abusive beliefs. Who are you? Where are your pictures of you living your life? Check out mine. Look at my life, my family, my friends, my pets, my home cooked meals, etc. I have nothing to hide. And you have everything to hide. You're a gimmick. A facade. A fake. And an antifeminist. You may care very little but at least I have the warmth of truth to dwell in, while you suffocate in a hole full of lies. ✌️
prolifefeminist : @natattack_77 hahaha whatever helps you sleep at night sweetie ;) you have my pity :)
mrsbjohnson87 - sabinaablue - trvmpette - yuriyiri -
#prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife #prolifeatheist
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - prolifeatheist - promen - feminism -
prolifechristian : 😂😂😂👏xD
elishevayocheved : If "pro-choicers" want abortion, they should pay for it themselves. No discounts, not free, none of that. They should take responsibility for their actions, and stand up to the consequences, not end the life of an unborn human because they can't, or are too selfish to think about anyone other than themselves.
albanyrose_official : Haha
anna_delight98 - keymoguz - lucyokeowo - sonic_z28 -
Sent in by @jenn_hmh! I love these pictures so much! #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
jenn_hmh : 😊 😊 😊 😊
fandom_edits_by_clara : Why the Arabic character profile?
ame_wil : @fandom_edits_by_clara it's the Arabic symbol for Christian. It's for the Christian persecutions in Iraq.
fandom_edits_by_clara : Wait. You are saying "zomg Christians are oppressed!!!" @ame_wil
ame_wil : @fandom_edits_by_clara im sorry I don't quite understand what you mean.
fandom_edits_by_clara : Thank you @ame_wil I'm just a bit upset with @prolifefeminist right now. Sorry
ame_wil : @fandom_edits_by_clara I really didn't understand what you said but its alright you're welcome!
prolifefeminist : @fandom_edits_by_clara why would you be upset? My picture is that character to show my support for the Catholics being slaughtered and thrown out of their homes in Iraq.
sonic_z28 - oopsididitagain00 - lucyokeowo - yuriyiri -
Took a walk the other night and made a stop here to pray. #prolife #endabortion
endabortion - prolife -
fandom_edits_by_clara : Ewww
mckaylahlopez : what's your problem? @fandom_edits_by_clara
fandom_edits_by_clara : It is highly invasive to pray for lost "souls" without asking permission from the people first. You need to check yourself. Many people don't regret their abortions. It is rude to pray for them.
ktpoole08 : @fandom_edits_by_clara, But the aborted babies regret their abortions that ended their lives. I don't think they would mind someone praying for them, and healing and guidance for their mothers.
fandom_edits_by_clara : The FETUSES (not babies!) cannot form thoughts. They were alive, but they had no lives. They weren't sentinent. MANY MANY people don't regret their abortions
ktpoole08 : Fetus in Latin means "unborn baby, or offspring" so we're saying the same thing-- it's just a difference in semantics. "There were alive but have no lives?" I'm not sure how this is a logical thought--how can something be alive but have no life unless someone else reduces and diminishes that life to a state of nothing? That's what abortion does-reduces the human life in the womb to a state of nothingness to avoid the woman's responsibility and accountability for the life she helped make. If many, many women do not regret their abortions then I'll pray more ardently for them. You cannot control or dictate who I pray for just in the same way I cannot control your opinion on abortion.
jspoolstra : Pax Christi. As @ktpoole08 said, the term “fetus” is a term we use to distinguish a stage in the life of a human person (zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, child, adolescent, etc.) As you have stated in your own comment they are alive; whether they have cognitive thought or reality of their existence does not negate their existence. The direct and willful termination of that life is what I pray will end. I also pray for more help for mothers, fathers, and families who are in emergencies and are struggling with life. I am and will continue to do my part in helping mothers who are considering abortion and need assistance. I pray for a better and more beautiful understanding of love, marriage, and family. I will pray for the doctors, nurses, and all those who run abortion clinics for their conversion. You are correct, there are many women who do not regret their abortion(s), but at the same time there are many women who do regret their abortion(s). I will still continue to pray for everyone (whether they ask for it or not) for we all need God's grace. God Bless!
amelia_arth - barefootserendipity - chelseanunley - theycallmewild -
Couldn't have said it any better myself. Though I'm honestly surprised that anyone in Hollywood would identify as Pro Life. - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antifeminist #antiabortion
abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - not - abortion - abortionismurder - abortionkills - antifeminist - adoption - endabortion - abortionfacts - antiabortion -
aliszah_atheist : I haven't even begun to 'freak out' lol. I'm going to poke around the internet and try to find the words "I'm pro-life" coming out of her mouth. Doubt I'l find anything though.
aliszah_atheist : And your aware you're using a pro-choicer quote for your pro-life propaganda? LOL
fightforlyfe : @aliszah_atheist Yes actually. You're the 60th or so person to bring it to my attention.
fightforlyfe : @aliszah_atheist People tend to not make direct statements like that. If you can honestly read this and think its not Pro Life, I'm disappointed in your perceiving skills.
aliszah_atheist : This was her response to "Is pregnancy hot or not?" That has nothing to do with abortion. The words "I'm pro-life" never escaped her lips. 'No sign of intelligent life here' 👽
fightforlyfe : @aliszah_atheist It might not, but she's saying here this is a life inside of her, an important person who will change history. Wanna bet someone like that would be Pro Choice? And for the last time, people don't generally say "I'm Prolife" in an interview. Answers are typically not direct.
aliszah_atheist : Why don't you ask her yourself instead of assuming? My point, if she's not pro-life she might get upset because people are using her words in a negative way. I'm not saying she's either, I simply don't know, therefore it would be unwise to make an assumption.
fightforlyfe : @aliszah_atheist I totally will. You know, because were just best buds. I don't get why you care so much. If she wasn't Pro Life, she would've come out by now claiming that she isn't.
iremnurshn - emma_jo22 - everlast234267 - hartspickofthelitter -
Everybody deserves the positive right to life regardless of the circumstances surrounding how she was conceived. Without the guarantee of the inalienable right to life, no other rights are guaranteed. In a similar way the mentality that constituted the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was that of taking away the right of life away from the unborn, and keeping it for ourselves. In reality if that right is taken from anybody in the human family, it is taken away from everybody. #righttolife
humanlife - christian - protecttheunborn - jewish - probaby - prolife - jesus - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - abortions - praytoendabortion - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - republican - roevswade - stopabortion - catholic - chooselife - righttolife - christ - stand4life - standforlife - abortion - conservative - obamasucks - antiabortion -
prolifechristian : #antiabortion #stopabortion #prolife #standforlife #abortionkills #stand4life #humanlife #roevswade #abort #abortions #chooselife #abortion #righttolife #endabortion #protecttheunborn #abortionismurder #probaby #praytoendabortion #Catholic #Jewish #Christian #Jesus #Christ #conservative #republican #nobama #obamasucks #impeachobama
grown_fetus : True!
red_fox_121 : ITS SO FLIPPIN' CUTE!
_____skiptomylou_____ : @macaelawolfe
yahuvehsrevealinglight : @sovereign_yah927
eschaller21 : Amen.
grown_fetus : 🙌
4_your_soul : 👏👏👏👏👍
_usa_freedom_ - lcp314 - rachelrowe_2002 - msillegal -
I can't get over how much I love these pictures!🐢 #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
prolifefeminist : @devin_carvalho no you haven't you have just insulted and brought up irrelevant points. Only comment your answer. How would you feel of some random country did to you what the US is doing over seas?
devin_carvalho : Ok ill dumb my answer down for you maybe thats why you are failing to see my answer us government bad and do bad things me no like politicians or goverment they do bad things. That better
prolifefeminist : @devin_carvalho haha that's not an answer. Also the soldiers are the ones pulling the trigger so they are just as much to blame. So if people over seas attacked you you would think the soldiers are justified?
devin_carvalho : Yes they are following orders the ones giving orders are the unjustified ones
prolifefeminist : @devin_carvalho and who is following them? Man has free will they don't have to kill all those people they choose to. So you would be fine with a bunch of what did you call them oh yes "towel heads" killing innocent Americans because after all it's not their fault that they were told to.
devin_carvalho : Sure the man giving orders is the real doon coon
prolifefeminist : @devin_carvalho so they are justified in killing the innocent because they were ordered to do it? Also please stop being racist. You can have a logical debate without being a racist yank.
devin_carvalho : Ok ill accept you anti racist plee I can understand that
mother_of_the_moon - keymoguz - bhyatt33 - imageryoftheoccult -
And the pandas because hey who doesn't love pandas🐼 #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
fandom_edits_by_clara : save the sentinent human beings
fandom_edits_by_clara : Not the fetuses
equitation_inspiration : Funny how pro-life propaganda would choose to use an animal in this ad that is so brutally hunted and slaughtered by humans....they've almost gone extinct because of the harm we've done to them...same with the turtle...
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And the whales while we are at it <3 🐋 #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
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#prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
prolifefeminist : @saralussierr as a woman who has friends conceived through rape and a friend who has a child conceived through rape I will say you are very ignorant. It's not your place to say someone's life is worth living.
saralussierr : as someone who's mother was raped and aborted I have my right to state my feelings.
prolifefeminist : @saralussierr woman who have children conceived through rape prove that the reminder myth is just that. A horrible myth to justify killing the innocent.
saralussierr : if you are 16 would you really have your life ruined by someone raping you and then having to deal with a kid after? Teens are simply not cut out to take care of a kid, if they are lids themselves. My mom said having an abortion saved her.
prolifefeminist : @saralussierr wow way to speak for teens. Children don't ruin lives the mothers make the choice to ruin their own lives. Her abortion didn't save her. Her abortion did nothing but kill her unborn child. She was the one who made her life something and she could have done so with her child. Teens can be amazing mothers and again I know a teen mom who was raped and still had her beautiful daughter. The daughter that she works her butt off for so again you do not have the right to decide if someone's life is worth living.
will_bentley_ : @saralussierr you can put a child up for adoption at least he lives
laurenpick98 : And this is what we call a rape sympathizer @aleahcrump
prolifefeminist : @laurenpick98 haha me? A rape sympathiser? Because I don't what a child to die?
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#prolife #life #love #endabortion #abortionismurder
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natattack_77 : What does this diagram mean?
aili_burlando : @natattack_77 Its a pro-life poster/image. The first picture has a baby in the womb and the second has a baby in its mothers arms. It means that a baby is a baby even in the womb.
natattack_77 : I see that you're a Christian teenager. Have you ever been in the scary position of becoming pregnant and knowing little of your options other than "Abortion Is Murder"?
aili_burlando : Killing is never the best option. Life is my choice and always will be.
aili_burlando : @natattack_77
natattack_77 : Care to lend a scripture stating specifically that abortion is murder? I'm intrigued by your logic.
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#liberallogic #prolife #endabortion #abstinence #adoption #gop #southern #sexeducation #stopabortions #catholic #christian #conservative #red #republican #nobama #prowomen
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everybody_loves_kitkats : I love your account. This is so true
conservative_arkansas : Thank you! God Bless! 🇺🇸🐘 @everybody_loves_kitkats
politically_minded_teens : This is completely untrue. Take (one of, if not the most liberal parenting sites) for example supports all of these options, as do I, and a good portion of liberals.
political_leader : This isn't exactly true...
liberalluis : Not entirely true. Pro choice means you have the right to choose whatever the hell you want. Abortion, adoption, keeping kid, ect.
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#liberallogic #hypocrites #democrats #endabortion #prolife #progod #conservative #southern #catholic #christian #arkansas #gop #red #republican #prowomen #palin #faithful #birthcontrol #abstinence #adoption #stopabortions #sexeducation
christian - prowomen - birthcontrol - southern - democrats - palin - endabortion - sexeducation - republican - catholic - prolife - faithful - abstinence - conservative - progod - adoption - hypocrites - arkansas - stopabortions - liberallogic - gop - red -
genericusername801 : @a_little_to_the_right My point is that's not an indicator of how much sex she has. Many birth control pills have to be taken everyday for them to work. So she could be having sex as littles a once a month or not at all. The post says "single woman claiming to have so much sex she goes broke buying birth control" THAT'S VERY MISLEADING. Especially since you cons have no idea how birth control works. Rush Limbaugh called her a slut and a prostitute and it was big news. You'd think after that people would know what's wrong with that.
genericusername801 : If you think that taxpayer money shouldn't cover birth control that's fine. If the birth control isn't being used for another purpose than I agree. She should just use condoms if that's the case.
a_little_to_the_right : @genericusername801 but SHE claimed that! Not us. You don't even know what kind of contraceptive methods she's using anyways. She could be using the pill, plan B, injections, patches, male and or female condoms, etc. It very could well be if you use multiple contraceptives it gets to be very expensive. And yes, I have no idea how birth control works. I'm only a woman myself who's certified in Washington state for child development and psychology, which when you study covers everything you need to know about pregnancy and contraception of all kinds.
genericusername801 : Im not disputing she's going broke from buying birth control. I dont know what method she's using. Im saying people calling her a slut and saying "she's having so much sex she's going broke." are misinformed because they don't know how much sex she's having(none of their business anyway) @a_little_to_the_right
kuhlburgers : @where_did_i_put_that
michaelk_1215 : Oooh kill 'em!
criplip : I think both parties fail to uphold the constitution
where_did_i_put_that : Yup @kuhlburgers
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#womb #tomb #lifematters #real #humanrights #endabortion #prolife #abstinence #adoption #southern #catholic #christian #teen #arkansas #red #republican #gop #conservative #nobama
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d_huff26 : Amen!
dengemann15 : I agree 100%!
thekaseyjackson : You might really like my pro-life suspense novel! The link is in my profile. I would love to hear what you think! Thank you for your support! :)
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Abortion is murder. That's a human being inside there. God already knew them, already had a plan for their life. #ProLIFE #EndAbortion #SaveTheBabyHumans
endabortion - savethebabyhumans - prolife -
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Mother Teresa was right, however I want to add to her quote. So often when we think of the victims of abortion we think of the mother and her child. Unfortunately we so often forget about the others. The father and other siblings usually are negatively impacted after an abortion. An abortion doesn't just kill the unborn child, it hurts all who are involved.
humanlife - christian - protecttheunborn - jewish - probaby - jesus - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - abortions - praytoendabortion - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - republican - roevswade - stopabortion - catholic - chooselife - prolife - christ - stand4life - standforlife - abortion - conservative - obamasucks - antiabortion - righttolife -
prolifechristian : #antiabortion #stopabortion #prolife #standforlife #abortionkills #stand4life #humanlife #roevswade #abort #abortions #chooselife #abortion #righttolife #endabortion #protecttheunborn #abortionismurder #probaby #praytoendabortion #Catholic #Jewish #Christian #Jesus #Christ #conservative #republican #nobama #obamasucks #impeachobama
therightchoice_ : Very true!!
waby95 : My heart is aching right now! How have we fallen so far away.
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My response to the "well the world is overpopulated and miserable anyways, so abortion is better" argument. - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #endabortionnow #stopabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionismurder #abortionsurvivor #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antifeminist #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - protecttheunborn - endabortionnow - probaby - endabortion - abortionkills - not - stopabortion - prolife - abortionismurder - abortion - antifeminist - adoption - stand4life - abortionfacts - antiabortion -
fightforlyfe : @morgan._.viola Do you ever get into arguments that you loose simply because the other person is just that ignorant to what you're saying? That's what's happening now. I said SOMEONE needs to take care of the baby, just like how SOMEONE needs to sustain a fetus. READ! Technically a fetus could rely on any member of female gender that was of age. But ya, I guess since a man could take care of the baby, you're right. Because having someone take care of the baby and the fetus just totally sets them apart. I really don't think you have an understanding of how bad of an argument that is. Ugh, and I shoved you the definition of pregnancy, which means to carry a baby. I also showed you that "particular" does not mean always. Your argument is terrible.
fightforlyfe : @morgan._.viola Obviously we need to go through definitions again. " @morgan._.viola First off, get a better understanding of the term "particularly". It does not mean always. Em•br•yo; "an unborn or unhatched offspring in development". What exactly is an offspring? Off•spring; " A persons child or children". I'm pretty sure an embryo is a child it is so by definition (its also synonyms with "unborn human baby"). Fe•tus; " The unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn baby human more than eight weeks after conception. Pregnant; "having a CHILD or developing YOUNG in her uterous"
morgan._.viola : "Baby- a very young child, esp. one recently or newly born. Fetus- the unborn offspring of a mammal." Look at that, a baby has to be born. Wow a fetus is something not born. Wow I thought pregnant people carried things that weren't born yet. Hm.
fightforlyfe : @morgan._.viola Lol, you cut out the phrase "in particular"- how sad. Look at the definition as a whole please. And according to Webster, a baby is an " extremely young child". Lol. Hun, you need to think about this with an open mind. You're honestly embarrassing yourself.
morgan._.viola : Yes, because that leads to another noun. You might have something synonymous in a definition but a synonym cannot represent the entirety of something. You can't just look at the part of the definition of something you like and ignore the rest, especially when that part refers to something synonymous. Like you could say he sprinted, jogged, bolted to the store. Those are all synonymous, but very different. Then I guess our definitions clash if we have two different ones.
fightforlyfe : @morgan._.viola A noun is a person place or thing. Why are you mad that its a noun? << the real definitions of the term "baby". Lol, you're ignoring the part that states " in particular "- which does not mean always. And you're telling me to stop ignoring parts of the definition? What? Ugh, you're really going to ignore multiple definitions in favor of yours because of synonyms? Oh and because you ignore parts of your own definition.
morgan._.viola : Because a synonym is something similar. It states a noun to something similar in the definition, a synonym. Not. Exact. Ug we're done with this pic.
fightforlyfe : @morgan._.viola except they're not synonyms. That's the actual definition. Its just that you can't let go of your personal philosophy for two seconds to consider dozens of definitions.
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Translation: I'm proCHOICE, meaning women can do whatever the Hell they want with their bodies and I'll do what I want with mine. Prochoicers support motherhood and adoption and abortion and pregnancy and ANYTHING A WOMAN DECIDES TO DO WITH HERSELF. Jesus Christ. Even if YOU wouldn't abort, you can still support those who do, dumb-dumb. #prochoice #prolife #abortionrights #abortionkills #abortion #abortionismurder #endabortion #stopabortion #noabortion #slutshaming #victimblaming #feminism #feminist #feminazi #savethebabies
stopabortion - prochoice - prolife - feminist - feminazi - noabortion - abortion - abortionismurder - abortionkills - victimblaming - savethebabies - endabortion - slutshaming - abortionrights - feminism -
teens_with_hearts : I personally would not abort, but I am forever PROCHOICE
queen__spooky : @teens_with_hearts I would under certain circumstances and I have no problem admitting it. My already living family comes first.
deathrowart : I could never abort. Cause im a dude.
kathleen.wright : So true, oh my goodness. I've met so many pro-lifers who couldn't understand why anyone else would do something they wouldn't. Personally, I don't know if I would abort if I got pregnant tomorrow--but the key is protecting the rights of people who would. smh at some people.
youth4choice : I used to think I could never abort, but now I know I could under certain circumstances.
manama_mum : I don't think saying you could never do it yourself, necessarily must translate to, 'those who do abort are sluts.' I personally don't think I could ever have an abortion myself- but that is a reflection of knowing myself, not knowing other women. I certainly don't think women who choose abortions are sluts, or that they or abortions, are 'bad' or 'wrong'. I think an abortion is an act that is morally neutral, and only becomes good or bad, at a personally level, and by the measure of what a woman decides is personally good or bad for herself. I do not think it's likely that I will ever decide an abortion jis 'good' for me, personally. I might. It is possible. But unlikely, based on what I know of myself. But that measure of 'good and 'bad' ONLY applies to me. It NEVER extends as a judgement of other women. It is for them to know themselves, and to decide for themselves. This post mis-characterizes me, and other women who feel like me. I do not judge other women for choosing abortion.
miss_pensive : This is the way I think as well. I think women should feel free to have a choice. Just because my choice isn't abortion doesn't mean I can't support that choice being an option. Couldn't agree with you more
kaylacamac : I say this, translation: although I would not abort because of my own opinion, I believe you should have the right to choose for yourself
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Great point. #endabortion
endabortion -
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So true. Abortion needs to end!! #JesusChrist #Jesus #Christ #God #TheLord #HolySpirit #grace #hope #love #truelove #loveofmylife #trust #thebible #teens #motherhood #endabortion #abortion #babies #prolife #pray #prayer #faith #christians #catholics #ibelieve
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sneezing22turtle : Preach!!!! I cant beleive people can kill other people and its ok because theyre just not 9months old yet. Theu are alive to, they feel pain.
teensofthelord : @sneezing22turtle I know. It's terrible!
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Monday Charity Spotlight: Dozens of people pack the streets with K of C pro-life signs during a pro-life march organized by Santo Domingo de Guzmán Council 14383 in Yauco, Puerto Rico. The march was held under the theme "Seamos la Voz de los que No Tienen Voz” (“Let's Be the Voice of Those Who Have No Voice”). | Docenas de personas atestan las calles con letreros pro vida de C de C durante una marcha pro vida organizado por el Consejo Santo Domingo de Guzmán 14383, de Yauco. La marcha tenía como lema "Seamos la Voz de los que No Tienen Voz". #kofc #KnightsofColumbus #knightsinaction #prolife #provida #prolifeyouth #endabortion
prolifeyouth - knightsofcolumbus - kofc - prolife - endabortion - knightsinaction - provida -
razsotel : Amazing. Pray for the unborn
columbiamagazine : Couldn't have said it better @razsotel!
razsotel : @columbiamagazine are you on Facebook?
popss_sotela : Awesome support for life...
columbiamagazine : @razsotel. The main page shares most of our content.
columbiamagazine : Thanks @popss_sotela!
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Your not only ending a persons chance at life your ruining a chance for the child's opportunity of becoming Something important to the world. #endabortion.
endabortion -
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