Will someone please explain how going through hard times makes abortion okay? Yes, I get that women go through hard times and I agree, they need help! But abortion is not the answer. Never was, and never will be. ๐Ÿ™Š - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionkills #abortionfacts #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
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fightforlyfe : @louisianafeminist LOL stop using straw mans. I'm NOT referring to you commenting back. I AM referring to you constantly LEAVING comments in the first place, not responding back ever, on both my pages and other pages.
louisianafeminist : I do respond.
fightforlyfe : @louisianafeminist For the first 5-10 comments, typically, and that's it.
louisianafeminist : Yes and I already told you why.
fightforlyfe : @louisianafeminist You said it was because it wasn't possible, but that's not logical since I'm always seeing you on both my page and others. That "reason" doesn't work on anyone.
louisianafeminist : It is logical bc I respond when I am able to. I have a job, so I don't always have access to my phone. The nature of my work can be flexible, so sometimes I have to leave a conversation and cannot pick it up bc it's no longer in my notifications. Sometimes I decide to not respond bc I have to go to sleep or would rather spend time with my family. So, no, it is not possible to respond to every comment, every time.
fightforlyfe : @louisianafeminist Is there a reason you can't respond at a later time? I have a job as well (though, due to school my hours have been cut), and I can still find time to comment. If you're not even gonna try, don't start things.
louisianafeminist : I do try to respond as often as I can. Like I said, sometimes the tags are no longer in my notifications bc it will only go back so far and if I get spammed or something I won't see it. If some time passes and I haven't responded you can tag me again and I will more than likely be able to pick it back up.
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Females if ur going to have Sex know there's a chance of getting pregnant. If u don't want that then use contraceptives. Don't use abortion as one. #prolife #endabortion #letlifelive
endabortion - letlifelive - prolife -
brookelynne313 - rvega331 - myluvones - jess_ceb814 -
Gianna Jessen, one of my favorite pro-life activists. She survived an abortion and the doctors told the adoptive parents that she will only be able to preform the most basic tasks. Now while she still suffers from minor effects from the botched abortion she is capable of walking marathons.
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totally_christian_girls : @rake_crew_farlin
cryoheat : ๐Ÿ‘
bethshananne : God bless you Gianna!...( l know He does)
mprender227 : Wow. How powerful. God bless all her days.
christianrepublican : I watched her videos so powerful!
prolifechristian : @christianrepublican agreed
rake_crew_farlin : Wow I feel so enlightened
mabee1943 : ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
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I find it funny that the most common reason for abortion is "I don't want to be pregnant" and yet Pro Choicers are always shoving the rare possibility of rape/fetal defects/Life threatening pregnancies(which aren't even abortions)/incest. Because not wanting someone makes you equal to men. Logic. Honestly, wouldn't backing out and running away make you less equal to men?๐Ÿ˜’ - - #Prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - probaby - stand4life - abortion - not - abortionkills - adoption - endabortion - abortionfacts - antiabortion -
fightforlyfe : No it doesn't. I have no problem with the term "pro-fetus". I am pro-fetus. I am Pro-Child. Its what I believe in. I'm sorry but if abortion has such a negative appeal to it then maybe, just maybe, it really is a bad thing. Do you not see the red flags when you advocate for abortion to stay/become legal and yet you need to keep the term " abortion" out of your name? What do you mean by "babies"? They are babies. Check out the definition of fetus. Feโ€ขtus; " the unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn baby human more than eight weeks after conception." Or what about the definition of pregnant? Preโ€ขgant; "( of a female animal or woman) having a child or young developing in the uterus."
fightforlyfe : *continued. Or look at what science says. " Human development begins after the union of male and female gametes or germ cells during a process known as fertilization (conception). Fertilization is a sequence of events that begins with the contact of a sperm (spermatozoon) with a secondary oocyte (ovum) and ends with the fusion of their pronuclei (the haploid nuclei of the sperm and ovum) and the mingling of their chromosomes to form a new cell. This fertilized ovum, known as a zygote, is a large diploid cell that is the beginning, or primordium, of a human being." Keith L. Moore โ€œEssentials of Human Embryologyโ€ (Toronto: B.C. Decker Inc) โ€œZygote. This cell, formed by the union of an ovum and a sperm (Gr. zyg tos, yoked together), represents the beginning of a human being. The common expression 'fertilized ovum' refers to the zygote." Keith L. Moore and Persaud, T.V.N. โ€œBefore We Are Born: Essentials of Embryology and Birth Defectsโ€ (4th edition. Philadelphia). That's a quote from a well respected embryology book. Anyways, I know you're for choice. But the thing is, adoption/other options aren't in danger. Everyone is for them. So, really, that doesn't make much of a difference. "It is her body because the organism growing inside of her will effect practically every part of her body"- Let's say a two year old swallowed some posion and dies. The posion affected every part of his body. Does that mean the posion was apart of Hus body? Nope. . also, it will positively affect the woman. So, even my analogy is pretty irrelevant to what a fetus/etc actually does to a woman. 1) That's so rare and fatuous I could count the number of recent cases on my fingers. 2) If she can get pregnant, her body is biologically ready for a baby. Why would she die?
fightforlyfe : *continued 3) That IS Prolife when you value the life of BOTH the mother and the baby. You see, abortion causes a huge number of dangerous side effects. For example, post abortive women are 6 times more likely to commit suicide. Because its so Pro Life to raise a child's chances of commuting suicide. Your own example crumbles under its own weight. : Before I begin I want to say thank you because clearly you are very intelligent and have done your research and I really appreciate and respect that๐Ÿ’. Firstly, in the United States, you need citizenshipship to be afforded rights? Please bare in mind that zygotes have no finger prints, no heart, no eyes, no brain and no fully functioning organs. They are literally a bunch of underdeveloped cells. And by young births I'm talking about 9-12 year old girls in Eastern countries that are raped / forced in to marriage. Last year 289 000 women died during birth or pregnancy due to complications. Further more, for every child birth, 20 women suffer from disease and infection. "If she can get pregnant, she is biologically ready to have a baby" many girls who are biologically ready to give birth die due blood loss. ? Just because someone is biologically able to get pregnant does not mean they are ready for child birth.
fightforlyfe : Thank you โค while that is true, according to the Declaration of the rights of the child, 1957 { } children do have the right to life. "The child shall enjoy special protections, and shall be given special opportunities and fallacities, by law or other means, to enable him to develop physically, mentally, morally, mentally, and socially in a healthy and normal manner"- Now while some say the status of a fetus/embryo/zygote is debatable, it's pretty clear to anyone who really looks into it that a fetus/etc is a child. And I would like you to keep in mind that the majority of abortions happen in the late embryo or early fetus stages, when most if not all of the attributes are present. I see that however that is still a rare case. Might I ask how many women gave birth during that time frame, what was the cause of death, what was the age frame, where were these cases located, and where are you getting those numbers from? Um no, I'm sorry but that's not true. Yes women do die from birth, but it is usually due to complications, not age. If a woman can conceive she is physically ready for a baby. Um it actually least, their body is. : I got my information from some work sheet I was given as homework a few months ago (I'll ask my teacher her source when I see her next x) and if she has complications for reasons not including her environment, for example if she bled severely , surely if her body was ready for birth that wouldn't happen?
fightforlyfe : Well okay then. ๐Ÿ˜ anyways, that's typically due to something going wrong at birth or due to poor medical help during birth. Not that her body can't physically.
grown_fetus : YES
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#democrats #nobama #nohillary #prolife #endabortion #christian #red #republican #gop #conservative
prolife - nohillary - conservative - democrats - endabortion - christian - nobama - republican - gop - red -
james_miles4 : I'm following them @thomasmichel4
ellie_of_nor : this account is such a joke
35_lindsey_24 : ^^ just like you
bradenhuffman : @eleanordidit and they vote democrat, sooooo they are democrats.
eleanordidit : Are you saying that if I like pie, I am pie, and all people who like pie also are the same as me?
josh.lawhead : Forget all the haters this account is amazing, you're doing a great job, just ignore the liberals and you'll push through
conservative_arkansas : Thanks!! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘ @josh.lawhead
katvoshere : Killing children is not bravery, it's cowardice! Obama and the Liberals are cowards!
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Unborn babies deserve to live just like everybody else!#chooselife #endabortion #prayforus
endabortion - prayforus - chooselife -
chinchilla__maria__ : Yes babies are so cute๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ต the should live a full life
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"Abortion is not just a sin against life it's a sin against hope." -Fr. Frank Pavone. Credit to @personhoodusa
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therightchoice_ : Well said
solfiee : So true!
mabee1943 : ๐Ÿ™
allimama7 : AMEN!! Borrowing!!
macstoller : Your posts are all amazing. Your approach works. Keep it up! Best pro -life instagram feed by far=)
vexing_otaku : You have every right to your religion but no right to shove it down our throats or make it law for all because there is the separation of church and state. Your bible is not mine and I will not let any idiotic imaginary god to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body
prolifechristian : @vexing_otaku In my bio I said "I refuse to debate abortion from a religious perspective." I'm not trying to force my Catholic beliefs on anyone whatsoever, which is why I only make secular arguments.
awalden_11 : True
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This was my status on Facebook two years ago and honestly it is one of my favourite things ever written. #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
antifeminist_things_ : @stones_of_destiny actually its not. Please get that through your incredibly thick skill. Science and art are not the same in any way. They're opposites. The example you used made no logical sense at all.
stones_of_destiny : @antifeminist_things_ can you do one comment without insulting me? Science and art are incredibly similar. This is part of that. People write about science or draw about science. Science is most defiantly an art. They are far from opposites. The example I made was perfectly logical, unlike this poem. You can't write a poem, especially about something scientific, and complete ignore logic and reasoning.
antifeminist_things_ : @stones_of_destiny I've actually commented a couple times without it. And they aren't similar. Science is not an art. When you go to a school of art, there are NOT science classes as arts. The example you made had no logical comparisson to this poem. And actually, welcome to America, where you can write whatever you want.
stones_of_destiny : @antifeminist_things_ Merely a couple out of a dozen. They are similar. Science is it's own type of art. Learning about the universe around you and discovering all these new things? You may not be able to put it on a canvas but it is art in it's own form. It's because this poem doesn't have any logic at all. For starters, not everyone on the Internet lives in America. For two, yes, that's true. You can write what you please. But the goal as an artist is to write or make something that people can relate to or that catches their eye. You can't have the viewer relate to something if it makes no sense to anyone but yourself.
antifeminist_things_ : @stones_of_destiny its not art. It's science. That's like saying history is art. And this definitley catches eyes. People can relate to and are moved by this. Just because youre not doesn't make it so.
stones_of_destiny : @antifeminist_things_ it's not physical art but people call science 'the art of discovery' or 'the art of ___" History, in it's own way, is art too. It's a very hippie way of thinking, I know, but I think pretty much anything can be classified as an art. Almost. Not everything, but art doesn't just mean a drawing. People may relate to it but things like this put false information into people's heads; a 9 year old could read this and actually think a fetus thinks in such a way. To me, you need to have logic in art. You can't rub your eraser on a piece of paper and ask for it to be put in museums; it has to make SENSE.
antifeminist_things_ : @stones_of_destiny but still, not art. And no, it does not always have to make sense. Go to an art music. Most have reason, but no logic.
stones_of_destiny : Art in it's own form, yes. Maybe not physical art, but art doesn't have to be physical. Music for example. I'm just saying art SHOULD make sense. I enjoy articles I can relate to and make me think, not something that denies the laws of the world.
prolifechristian - deliandzeek - _lay_l.a - desireestumpf -
"...That is at the core of reproductive justice. Not reducing the number of abortions. Safe โ€“ yes. Legalโ€“ absolutely. Rare โ€“ not the point." Abortion activist Aimee Thorne-Thomsen
prolifechristian : So it's far from rare by their own statistics.
heavymetaltricycle : Planned Parenthood saves a lot of lives. I'm very thankful for Planned Parenthood. And they dont kill babies no babe you're thinking of fetuses. There is a difference.
justin.chi : Stupid theists, why should a child be forced to live a terrible life with a shitty parent because some fat republican says abortion is immoral.
preachersam : Planned parenthood has killed more than 9x people as the Nazi did in the Holocaust. Everyone denounces the holocaust, including me and you, but why do we have to debate on life?! Life is life! There shouldn't have to be pages like this, or even debates or arguments! Human should and need to unanimously stand together and respect everyone, regardless of their origin, and embrace life as a gift! Life is beautiful, and let's not destroy it!
preachersam : God bless you and may He keep you! He loves us very much as we must spread that love around the world.
prolifechristian : @preachersam thank you. God bless you and your family. Goodnight
preachersam : And @prolifechristian I like ur page!!
preachersam : I said something wrong. Abortion kills 9x as many not just planned parethood. My apologies. And thank u @prolifechristian God bless. Goodnight. I gots first day of high school tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™
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truth_sets_u_free : #life #fertilization #fetus #baby #babies #dontkillthen
truth_sets_u_free : #innocent #children #science #truth #logic
truth_sets_u_free : @prolifeliberal i bet ull really like this article!
truth_sets_u_free : #murder
truth_sets_u_free : #dontkillthem #endabortion
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#endabortion #prolife #christian #unthinkable #red #republican #conservative #catholic #gop
catholic - prolife - conservative - endabortion - christian - republican - unthinkable - gop - red -
autumn_ydg : Amen
ryanpaul_just : Amen
ryanpaul_just : Is it OK if I repost it?
antifeminist_things_ : The fact that its still thinkable makes me lose faith in the world.
cvntinues : Well that'll certainly never happen.
dominic_2001_ : Amen.
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โค๏ธthis quote! #truth #prolife #chooselife #abortion #standforlife #stand4life #endabortion
endabortion - chooselife - prolife - truth - stand4life - standforlife - abortion -
hislittlefoxgirl : Why do they need forgiveness and peace
inallahitrust__ - stacyglowery - lauraannmiller77 -
Exactly. I dislike abortion be it legal or illegal because at the end of the day the unborn's life is lost and the mother is often hurt.
humanlife - antiobama - protecttheunborn - republicanparty - republicans - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - abortions - conservatives - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - republican - roevswade - stopabortion - chooselife - prolife - stand4life - standforlife - abortion - conservative - righttolife - antiabortion -
prolifechristian : #antiabortion #stopabortion #prolife #standforlife #abortionkills #stand4life #humanlife #roevswade #abort #abortions #chooselife #abortion #righttolife #endabortion #protecttheunborn #abortionismurder #republican #republicans #republicanparty #conservative #conservatives #impeachobama #nobama #antiobama
prolifechristian : Credit to @online4life
prolifechristian : @thereasonkids.sayfuck what lie are you accusing me of?
prolifechristian : @thereasonkids.sayfuck that is an opinion. Saying it is or isn't is NOT a lie. An opinion is not a lie if you are calling me a liar tell me a lie that I have told
prolifechristian : Thank you for resorting to the ad hominem fallacy.
skyecreeps : Unthinkable ? Just like christians want separation of church and state to disappear. Guess what ? Not everyone believes in god.
mirrored_visions : @skyecreeps my thoughts exactly.
therealxanderkazanowski - conservative_in_america - liz.ugh - mdavis18_ -
End abortion. My dad fought for this country to give every person a chance,and some people take that chance away from an innocent child. Every person deserves the chance to live. Were not here the decide who lives and who doesn't, we're only human. Every child aborted was a murder. Every doctor who did the procedure is a murderer. #endabortion #marchforlife
endabortion - marchforlife - : **to decide
your.perfect.disaster : #preach!!
_kiss_to_the_bitches_ - fuck_everything9 - - margeline96 -
Or if she chooses to be a housewife. Because "female empowerment" now includes only certain jobs. I'm sorry ladies but its not cute to not know how to cook, clean, or do everyday household chores. ๐Ÿ˜‘ Its actually pretty sad. Its also pretty sad that some people feel like they need to end their child's life in order to be equal to men. Thanks Feminism! ๐Ÿ‘ - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionkills #abortionfacts #antifeminst #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - antifeminst - prolife - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - probaby - stand4life - abortion - not - abortionkills - adoption - endabortion - abortionfacts - antiabortion -
hislittlefoxgirl : @sarahgoog you have no point. You believe your "job" is harder.
hislittlefoxgirl : @day_blondie I didn't start a debate with you. No one told you you couldn't stand up for what you believe in.
sarahgoog : Your ignorance is astounding @hislittlefoxgirl Graciously bowing out now โœ‹๐Ÿ‘
matt_the_man25 : So much yes
fightforlyfe : @hislittlefoxgirl I sent you a screenshot earlier. Its your anti choice post concerning teen pregnancies. While I don't encourage them, if you're pregnant, I'd obviously tell them to not get an abortion, while you obviously would tell them the opposite, and that's what I'm referring to.
hislittlefoxgirl : @fightforlyfe no I would tell them o their three options. I am not pro abortion like you believe I am.
catholic_teen_posts : This is good stuff right har ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘ by far the worst hate I get are from feminist ๐Ÿ˜’ the worst names I've been called have been from gay marriage and abortion supporting feminist. They have done so much damage to this country and society and they make all us ladies look bad ๐Ÿ˜” 4 college guys invented a nail polish that could detect the presence of a date rape drug and the feminists attacked them for selling it (apparently they aren't allowed to profit) and whose gonna give it to the poor women because you know if they're too poor to buy a $4 bottle of nail polish, they would totally be at a bar buying expensive drinks ๐Ÿ˜’ I want to get married young, have lots of fat, Catholic babies and spoil my man ๐Ÿ˜Š I have 6 bros, I've seen how hard it is or them to find good, respectful girls because of the poison feminism ideology is.
oliczog : @young_tea_party
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#prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
jasm4collection : Abortions all around
katgraham27 : What does this mean? That girls can avoid pregnancy? That's like telling someone they can avoid being raped. Oops you got raped now you have to KEEP THE CHILD YOU MURDERER. People are going to have sex and they'll use contraception but sometimes even that fails. #yourbodyyourchoice
prolifefeminist : @katgraham27 only 1% or rape victims who fall pregnant kill their child so I ask that you not use them as pawns in your killing game. Yes girls can easily avoid becoming pregnant. This picture means that ProChoicers cannot be angry when unborn human beings gain the right to life a right they ProChoicers have always had. Yes it fails and them falling pregnant is theirs and their partners fault. If they didn't want the child they should not have made the child.
ebbal_odd : #prochoice because I have the right to control by body and even with protection that doesn't mean I can't get prevent, or that I can take care of the child.
prolifefeminist : @ebbal_odd #prolife because the child's body is not your body. If you don't want a child don't make one.
deliandzeek - chris_wedemboyes - andriagilligan - queennikkiambroserp -
Planned Parenthood...gotta love their reasoning!
humanlife - abolishabortion - protecttheunborn - crisispregnancy - stopplannedparenthood - probaby - crisispregnancycenter - cpc - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - abortions - praytoendabortion - endabortion - roevwade - roevswade - stopabortion - defundplannedparenthood - chooselife - prolife - stand4life - standforlife - abortion - righttolife - antiabortion - right2life -
ilikecheeseweenies : Abortion keeps the balance. Life needs balance
bornagain_christine : @ilikecheeseweenies Well, that's a new one! We will murder innocent babies in their mother's womb to keep "balance" in life? Wha???? smh
ilikecheeseweenies : Yes. It creates balance because it creates option. She has the option to abort if she needs to. Without it, it creates imbalance because there's no option. If she aborts, there is a reason. You are absolutely no one to dictate someone else's choices just because you don't agree with them. If abortion is made illegal, mothers will find other ways to do it which could potentially be dangerous to the mother and fetus.
biblewoman32 : Murder is murder...taking the life of someone just you feel like it or don't want children is sad because it still just murder of an unborn child. Abortion is not kind. Abortion is cruel.
biblewoman32 : Abortion is not the only thing a person.could do of they didn't want a child. They could give the baby up for adoption to a loving family.
biblewoman32 : Two wrongs never equal a right. Rape id
biblewoman32 : Rape is wrong but so is murder
biblewoman32 : Killing innocent little babies is still wrong. The babies don't get a choice on how they are produced.
hockey_chad - codetiger0319 - betheirvoicetx - snaphappy_christine -
Behold three of the four remaining late term abortion "doctors" in America. After George Tiller (second to left) was gunned down in 2009 four "doctors" remain that openly perform late abortions in the third trimester of the pregnancy (7th-9th month). A pro-choice film #AfterTiller is a documentary of their daily lives in the industry. The film will be on #PBS this Labor Day thanks to your tax money. If you wish to see what an abortion is like at 5 months (not even 7-9) the link is in my bio. Note: I strongly condemn violence in the abortion debate.
aftertiller - pbs -
markquast : @louisianafeminist It really doesn't matter the reason. They are murdering a baby. End of story.
louisianafeminist : @markquast Still didn't answer the question.
markquast : @louisianafeminist It doesn't matter the reason they come up with. It's not right and never will be. Go to bed.
louisianafeminist : @markquast I'm not asking you to agree with their reasons. I'm asking you what you think their reasons are. It's 2:00 pm, so no. I'm not going to bed.
prolifechristian : I hate debates that beat around the bush with the politician's answer so I'll answer. Obviously it's impossible to speak for every woman's intentions but the main reasons that I can think of are desperation due to an inadequate support system, coercion, whatever or fetal abnormalities due to our society's mindset of utilitarianism. @louisianafeminist
louisianafeminist : @prolifechristian Late term abortions are almost always due to a health risk to the mother or bc the baby has some abnormality that would make it incompatible with life outside of the womb, usually putting the child in grotesque amounts of pain before it does.
louisianafeminist : Dies*
chrisandluluu : Where do you get your "almost always" statistics @louisianafeminist ? You can't just make things up. And don't quote any BS planned unparenthood "studies" those are all sales pitches.
haileym97 - betheirvoicetx - justina_o - adam_nowacki -
At 6 weeks old; โ€ขThe embryo's brain spilts into 5 different sections, and soon if not now brain activity starts. โ€ข The heart is beating โ€ข Eyes and ears are present โ€ขLimbs start forming and most major organs are present and developing. โ€ข Tissue that is forming into the babies spine and bones is present Just some fun Embryology facts for you. Source; - - #Prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #stopabortion #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #embryology #probaby #stand4life
stopabortion - prolife - protecttheunborn - probaby - stand4life - abortion - abortionismurder - adoption - not - abortionfacts - embryology - endabortion -
fightforlyfe : @atheist_feminist_teen also, why are you tagging someone who doesn't exist....?
spreadingpositivityhappiness : She must have deleted her comments๐Ÿ‘Œ and this isn't trolling, @patrick4632, you may want to look up the definition. I was talking to her.
spreadingpositivityhappiness : (The girl I tagged)
fightforlyfe : @atheist_feminist_teen Probably
spreadingpositivityhappiness : ?
fightforlyfe : @atheist_feminist_teen she probably deleted her comments, is what I mean to say.
spreadingpositivityhappiness : Yeah, she blocked me as well because I questioned her discrimination of people who are not straight and her seriously closed mind.
themanuelfamily : Amen!!!
prochoicers_be_like - abbyniersbach - valhm9409 - owl_623 -
No matter how hard you try to "abort the stigma" We will ALWAYS protest abortion. And if not us, then someone will protest abortion. The Pro Life movement will never be silenced. But nice try. - - #Prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #stopabortion #probaby
stopabortion - abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - antiabortion - probaby - stand4life - abortion - abortionismurder - abortionkills - adoption - not - abortionfacts - endabortion -
dysfunctional_sphincter : Prolifers are bullies.
fightforlyfe : @dysfunctional_sphincter On multiple occasions, Pro Choicers have called me stupid, idiotic, insipid, dumb, bitchy, worthless, and have also told me to stick my head under a bus, that I should've been aborted, and that I should go kill myself. Remind me again who's the real bully here.
dysfunctional_sphincter : What did you first say to them?
fightforlyfe : @dysfunctional_sphincter Usually, just that a fetus is a human and or that abortion causes health problems. But way to go, making excuses for people who tell others to kill themselves ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
dysfunctional_sphincter : Excuses? Where? I don't see any? I only asked what you said because I was curious. Sheesh.
fightforlyfe : @dysfunctional_sphincter " What did you first say to them?" Is that not an excuse?
dysfunctional_sphincter : No, it was a question. You don't have to be so defensive you know....
fightforlyfe : @dysfunctional_sphincter and you don't have to make excuses for people who tell others to kill themselves, okay sweetheart?
brbecker24 - _binstagram - prolifeliberal - cultureshifting -
Almost every argument for legal abortion begins with "what if..." It completely ignores the fact that the unborn are human. If the unborn weren't human I would have renounced the #prolife movement a long time ago, however because they are human from a biological perspective, I will always fight for their right to life from conception to natural death.
prolife -
person.png : I never said that human fetuses weren't human? I'm saying that they're not yet people, babies, human beings, children, etc. Is a seed a tree? @projectmdg14
projectmdg14 : If an endangered species of plant has only one seed, do you destroy that seed because it is not a full plant? @person.png
person.png : That's a horrible analogy. Humans aren't endangered, the planet is actually overpopulated. @projectmdg14
projectmdg14 : @person.png that's a lie haha studies show we aren't even at half capacity.
person.png : I hope you realize that the planet's resources are dramatically being drained due to the amount of people on earth. When I say that the earth is overpopulated, I don't mean that there are people stacked on top of each other in every country. @projectmdg14
prolifechristian : @person.png which specific resources are you referring to?
person.png : I'm referring to land, food, and water. We've seen each of those things rise in demand and drop in availability in certain countries.
prolifechristian : @person.png the problem isn't that we don't have enough, it's the oppressive governments and waist of our resources
prochoicers_be_like - catherine_porter98 - bamitsbrooke - gjerry248 -
Pray to end abortion. To this day over 50 million babies have been aborted, and 22% of all US pregnancies end in abortion. Help stop the blood shed of the innocent by praying relentlessly that the murdering our most precious shall end. #prolife #endabortion
endabortion - prolife -
ajp125 : How you doing bud?
_devin_scott_ : Pretty good, how bout yourself @ajp125
ajp125 : Can't complain! Hope schools going good for ya!
_devin_scott_ : Its going great, I like it pretty good here.
ajp125 : Awesome! Glad to hear that.
wallflower.spirit : I disagree, it's a woman's right right to choose wether or not to keep her baby :) and taking that right away would cause a great deal of disaster
_devin_scott_ : Absutely I agree, no child should grow up unloved, if a women does not want her baby then she should put them up for adoption. However ones own wants should never justify the murder of another. @wallflower.spirit
v.illalobosj - marthabyss - chapstick66 - taylorrartibeyy -
i nead monay so im goin to go kil some1 becuz kiling ppl is ok wen u dont hve monay. #prochoicersbelike
prochoicer - abortionismurder - prolife - prochoicersbelike - endabortion - abortion -
prochoicers_be_like : #abortion #endabortion #prolife #prochoicer #abortionismurder
hislittlefoxgirl : Wow.
prochoicers_be_like : @hislittlefoxgirl i no rite? how dare these ppl try to save ppl's lyfe!
hislittlefoxgirl : No I meant your atrocious typing. Are you prolife_and_proud back under a different name
prochoicers_be_like : @hislittlefoxgirl no.
marry_no_gays - wafflesrule21 - _shawn_bianchi_ - asdfghjkl_its_maria -
#hitler #abortion #prolife #prodeath #prochoice #endabortion #genocide #liberal #conservative #liberty #america
prochoice - prolife - abortion - prodeath - liberty - conservative - genocide - endabortion - liberal - america - hitler -
conservative_prolife : @eerie_cat well if leVeyans starting acting like these so called Christians would you be ashamed?
eerie_cat : Of course, if I saw laVeyan satanist acting like assholes to Christians telling them to kill themself I'd think what they were doing is wrong
conservative_prolife : Well I'm not ashamed of my beliefs Bcuz some idiot thinks it's right to make people feel bad about themselves. I'd be ashamed of the person however. The religion would have nothing to do with a member's acts (unless the religion specifically told to insult, kill people, ect). Now, you thought the whole idea of Christianity is crazy and that is your opinion and that's a better reason to leave the religion. But back on the topic, not all Christians are like this just like how not all feminists demonize men and not all Muslims want to bomb buildings. It all depends on the person.
eerie_cat : That's not why I left though I left because I stopped believing in it. I know not all of them are crazy just most the ones that talk to me lol, but I do not support a religion that I'm constantly told I'm going to hell for every reason under the sun
random.awesome.stuff : Hitler sucks
conservative_prolife : @eerie_cat alright and you have every right to do that.
eerie_cat : Just as you have the right to believe what you believe, btw I appreciate you talking to me like a normal person rather than the usually "GOD GOD JESUS BIBLE UR GOING 2 HELL!!1" shit I usually get
stavlevv : @conservative_prolife abortion is not genocide. Living, sentient, viable beings were slaughtered. Families were ripped apart. That is not abortion
christianrepublican - drjustinian - logamotive_tucker - americas_militia -
She makes an excellent point. Anyone's personal perception of someone will not and does not change their actual value. They can't be a baby when you want it and a "clump of cells" when you don't. Simple. โค - - #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #stopabortion #probaby
stopabortion - abortionsurvivor - antiabortion - probaby - stand4life - abortion - abortionismurder - abortionkills - adoption - not - abortionfacts - endabortion -
katvoshere : Does she have an Instagram account
fightforlyfe : @katvoshere Not sure but I don't think so
katvoshere : Aww :(
ppolarbears : @deeniedarling interesting
prolifeliberal : I want to see Gianna Jensen speak so badly, she's so inspirational & makes such amazing points. โค๏ธ
prolifeliberal : Jessen**
fightforlyfe : @prolifeliberal Same ๐Ÿ˜˜
amanda_altinbasak - vd_rattery - valhm9409 - busbeejoe -
There's enough people in the world who have gone through with pregnancy to know that it is possible no matter what the circumstances are. A negative perspective is more than half the battle. #littlefuture #dontstopthebeat #prolife #moviequote #jacksparrow #johnnydepp #piratesofthecaribbean #chooselife #endabortion
chooselife - prolife - piratesofthecaribbean - jacksparrow - littlefuture - endabortion - moviequote - johnnydepp - dontstopthebeat -
calithor3 - andrea_redlips - k_morin27 - b_higueros -
This is what the pro-life message is all aboutโ€“love. Showing love and compassion is what our movement is all about and ultimately is what will end abortion in the United States. (As a side note I love all the new pro-life pictures that have been created in the few weeks).
humanlife - antiobama - protecttheunborn - republicanparty - republicans - abortionismurder - abortionkills - abort - abortions - conservatives - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - republican - roevswade - stopabortion - chooselife - prolife - stand4life - standforlife - abortion - conservative - righttolife - antiabortion -
prolifeliberal : I love this quote.
sburtman01 : โค๏ธ
filip_lol : I love this
xxthewickedendxx : This is sweet an all and I'm happy you support and feel this way but I think if someone has an abortion they are a murderer and they can't be trusted. They should be put to death.
prolifechristian : @xxthewickedendxx I'm sorry I have to disagree. Post abortive women should not and will not be punished, let alone be killed.
theyouthof1776 : ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
xxthewickedendxx : But they are killing innocents they are harming those who deserve no harm if we are to put down a man for killing another man then why not put down a women for killing her own child? I just can't the world must be weeded of the evil to let the good grow!
kiki5576 : @xxthewickedendxx I hate abortion too and I used to think like that, but a lot of those women didn't know the facts , were depressed and confused or was pressured into it. Many are very sad and sorry for what they have done. And there are women who don't regret it, and I pray for those people, but you need to forgive the sorrowful if you want them to help save another's child, teaching others from their experience. The prolife women who had an abortion before they knew better can help convert other women who are close to making the mistake of abortion.
khillpresson - carolineboji - justina_o - prolife_atheist -
Hello everyone, I recently partnered up with an amazing pro life company called Save the Storks, and I'd love to tell you about it! Storks is a very unique ministry that offers a Christlike in an amazing way. 82% of women who have an abortion say it was because they felt as though there was no other choice. What we do at Storks is build these "Stork buses" which are big vans with luxurious interiors where woman can get free ultrasounds, learn about the baby, and learn about all the options they have. This movement is structured on love, everything we are doing is out of love. 2/5 of women who come into the bus and receive the ultrasound, leave keeping the baby. So this is where I need YOU, we need 350 sponsors to build one Stork bus, and we are not stopping any time soon. Our dream is to continue watching this ministry grow. So if you're thinking "Yeah Alex, that sounds great I really want to help save some lives." Check out the link in my bio to donate! I'm open to answer any questions about the company you may have. Please keep this company in prayer. I am praying for you all, have a blessed day!
abolishabortion - prolife - loveyoulovepeople - endabortion - personhood - lifelivedbeautifully -
alexandriawoodhouse : #prolife #personhood #endabortion #abolishabortion #loveyoulovepeople #lifelivedbeautifully
alexandriawoodhouse : 3/5***
victoriaburl - recillinlasola - punkinbug93 - hollyhayes_ -
"It happens every month" Abortion happens every day! Honestly though, stop using a malfunction of the body to justify murder. - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - probaby - stand4life - abortion - not - abortionkills - adoption - endabortion - abortionfacts - antiabortion -
prolifefeminist : I hate people who say this. It's truly disgusting and disrespectful to any mother who has lost her child due miscarriage...
jasongabriel333 : They also don't mention the fact that if a women is on the pill then they have abortions all the time. Because the pill is a abortafient
weare_louis : @jasongabriel333 no the pill is not an abortafient. The "pill" tricks the females body by fluctuating the menstrual cycle and making the uterine lining shed at different times other than naturally time. Please take an introductory embryology class before publicly showing your lack of information.
recovery_and_love : Okay, so, if I could share my opinion, that would be great. I do not think that abortion is okay. It's not. It's murder. However, women are going to get them whether they're legal or not. Back alley abortions happen all the time. And those can lead to rape, murder, infection, and sickness. Personally, I could never get an abortion, because I would love the baby so much already. If I really didn't want the baby, I'd get a grip, birth them, and give them up for adoption. Just because I'm not ready to be a mother doesn't mean someone else should pay the price and die for it. Honestly, I think that abortion should be legal, just because women everywhere are being raped and are getting infections from the unsanitary procedure. Although I think it's wrong, it would save a lot of women. I also think that birth control should be legal. You can't take away birth control and abortion. It's better to avoid conception rather than kill a baby. Condoms and birth control are seriously the way to go.
stones_of_destiny : Still not murder.
fightforlyfe : @recovery_and_love No offense, but that opinion is lacking in factual evidence. The "back alley" argument 1) Justifys immorality and the possible harm of another, assuming its a factual argument, which its not. And 2) You said it saves women. 3,000,000+ unborn women have died thanks to abortion, an estimated 300K die from breast cancer induced from abortions, Post Abortive women are six times more likely to commit suicide, a study done recently in Denmark found that Post Abortive women were 80% more likely to die within the next year compared to women who had given birth, and they're have been countless cover ups of botched abortions ending in deaths. Anyways, onto the lack of factual evidence within the back alley argument.
fightforlyfe : @recovery_and_love *continued A study performed by Nancy Howell Lee (who was a pro choice researcher) found that 89% of abortions were performed by a doctor, 5% were performed by a nurse or someone with some type of medical degree, and only 2% were self-induced or done by an non-medical personals (source: Along with the woman listed above, Mary Caldoren, Planned Parenthood director during the 1960s, estimated a mere 260 or so women had died from illegal abortions in 1957. These numbers were based off national data. So in reality not only were few illegal abortions performed with a coat hanger but the number of illegal abortions in the US were low.
_devin_scott_ : Prolife is not about making abortion illegal its about making it unthinkable.
natasha_given - kentuckyfriedkate - ghs_life - amazing_haley_grace -
"A person is a person, no matter how small" - Dr. Seuss. #prolife #blessings #endabortion #godsgift
endabortion - blessings - prolife - godsgift -
dabbindaddy : yeee!
anallely_s_d - jackyarevalo_ - personhoodusa - dainydc -
My face whenever I come into contact with a vegan Pro Choicer. Because animals matter more than children. - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stopabortion #stand4life #probaby
stopabortion - abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - antiabortion - probaby - stand4life - abortion - abortionismurder - abortionkills - adoption - not - abortionfacts - endabortion -
fightforlyfe : @sweeetdeedee TROLL!!!
dysfunctional_sphincter : Why? Because you say so?
erickson1026 : I'm not advocating for it at all.... But your sense of logic would lead to that type of a conclusion.
erickson1026 : @thereasonkids.sayfuck
fightforlyfe : @thereasonkids.sayfuck No good reason? So, reasons such as population control and food I'm guessing aren't "good reasons", but " not wanting to be pregnant ", the top reason for an abortion, is?
fightforlyfe : @thereasonkids.sayfuck nope. The New York Times disagrees with you. You forget, earth is an open system, meaning we will never truly run out of food, water, and other basic materials. Humans only occupy a very small percentage of the sustainable land earth has to offer. We're not overpopulated. At all. I'm sorry, what was that about plant-based diets? eating meat I'd needed for a healthy diet. The only reason some vegans appear healiter is due to the fact that our meat is processed. I'm talking about real meat. Not what the majority of people eat. Look it up. And what's that about a cage? Strawmans, I never said anything about animals in cages. There's a difference between eating animals and abusing them, stop blurring the lines. "Fetuses can't think or feel"- Wrong! Embryos have brain activity. And people with CIP can't feel, your point? Animals are dumb; people are not.
fightforlyfe : *is needed
fightforlyfe : @thereasonkids.sayfuck such a logical way to take apart and prove it as untrue.
prolifesociety - jentonio_vuktilaj - givemeahan - rachelsummergresham -
Tonight at the Involvement Fair! We had so many people interested in our cause! We definitely spoke for life tonight! #prolife #prolove #antiabortion #endabortion #speakforlifeatu #abolishabortion @mal_pless @jaclyn_latham
speakforlifeatu - endabortion - abolishabortion - prolife - antiabortion - prolove -
jaclyn_latham : @caitlinxnicole @chandra_michelle
caitlinxnicole - ohlookitsmel - courtneydhaisty - betheirvoicetx -
Credit to @personhoodusa This is why we need Personhood legislation. The unborn deserve the equal right to life that everyone else enjoys. Let's keep the conversation status quo however. Right now 56 million abortions have been preformed in the United States, abortion here is legal through ALL 9 months of pregnancy, and we remain indifferent to this crisis. Don't be quiet and lukewarm, rather let's raise hell and change public policy regarding abortion.
prolifechristian : @skyecreeps I'm glad you don't have any sadness after your abortion
skyecreeps : @prolifechristian - thank you ! I know quite a few women who are in the same boat ! Pro life would get a better message across if the majority were not so hateful and demeaning.
prolifechristian : Yes I agree this afternoon I put a link in my bio addressing just that @skyecreeps
skyecreeps : I'm not going to watch a video discussing a random comment on the internet. Women do not go out seeking abortions for fun. If this was/is to happen, they are mentally lacking and need more help than photos pushed in their face of aborted fetuses (or babies...which ever you prefer to call).
but.idc : ABORTIONS!!! ARE!!!! NOT!!!! DONE!!!!! BECAUSE!!!! PEOPLE!!! ARE!!!! LIKE!!!! "lol I don't want this baby anymore"!!!!!!!! I hope you know that abortions are done within 6 weeks of conception. That means they don't have nerves, they usually don't have limbs, or hair, or a heartbeat. They are just a ball of sperm and egg sitting in water.
prolifechristian : @but.idc Incorrect. Abortions are not always done within 6 weeks GA FLP. The United States actually is one of the seven countries that allows late abortions in the third trimester along with China and North Korea.
prolifechristian : @thereasonkids.sayfuck I'm sorry I respectfully disagree
dave_dgp : @but.idc by the first month the baby has a heart beat.
delaniejones06 - carolineboji - dpr57 - prolifeuntilidie1984 -
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