ALS is a terrible disease and I want a cure, however I don't support the ALS association for and because their use of embreodic stem cells. As the American Life League put it "We speculate that there are more people participating an not donating than there are people participating and also donating. That said, our image merely serves to inform people about the Foundation's commitment to destroying human lives as a means to saving others' and not a recommendation to refrain from the #icebucketchallenge. Spreading awareness of a disease via social media is commendable. Funding foundations intent on destroying embryonic children is not." I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of hate from people that haven't actually read my caption. That being said if you wish to donate to cause supporting ALS, I recommend donating to Team Gleason, a charity that helps people with ALS that isn't focused on harvesting fetal stem cells. Once again for any utilitarianist reading this I know people with #ALS and I strongly believe it's a terrible disease. Aborting fetuses for stem cells is an abomination.
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therightchoice_ : Wow didn't know that
paynefullfeels : Yeah my youth group posted about this
theunspokensvoice : ALS is a terrible disease but that isn't a reason to harvest fetal stem cells. Thank you for speaking the truth!!
alex_bauer99 : @ashleytaylorbarnes
nikorb_ : The funny thing is, embryonic stem cell research is a big black hole for money. It has cured ZERO diseases. And they just keep throwing money at it.
prolifechristian : @nikorb_ on top of that adult stem cells (which I'm fine with) have made more progress. All the way around
claire34adams : @maggierowland13 did you knowww?
alexismarie_93 : @chasegapo sad.. :-/
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#Fight4Life make a difference in your community by sharing Gods word and educating those who do not know Jesus. #peopleofallagesmattee #gospel #stand4life #unite4Life #believe #endabortion #provida #silentsiege
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Exactly! #prolife #abortion #endmurder #life #death #baby babies #innocent #endabortion
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louisianafeminist : @prolifeliberal The fetus does not have the right to use my body. There is no precedent for overriding someone's right to autonomy in order to sustain the life of someone else.
prolifeliberal : Fetuses are people, pregnant people are people, all people are equal. @louisianafeminist
louisianafeminist : @prolifeliberal Again, doesn't matter if fetuses are people. No person can use my body for any purpose without my expressed and continuous consent. Can you provide an example where someone was forced to give up their autonomy to sustain someone else's life?
prolifeliberal : A person can live without body autonomy, one cannot have bodily autonomy without being alive. Therefore, the right to life supersedes the right to bodily autonomy. Fetuses are people, and pregnant people are people. All people are equal. Thus, a fetus’s right to life is equal to its mother’s right to life. Therefore, the fetus’s right to life supersedes the mother’s right to bodily autonomy. It's not hard to figure out. They're bodily anatomy can be used for stem cell research without their consent, but that's okay, right? @louisianafeminist
prolifeliberal : Their** I'm sorry. I have a paper due tomorrow. @louisianafeminist
prolifeliberal : It does matter. It matters a lot. This is life or death. @louisianafeminist
louisianafeminist : @prolifeliberal If autonomy can be overridden to sustain life for someone else then we would be forced to donate blood, tissue and organs to help save peoples loves. However that is not the case bc you cannot take someone else's autonomy. By forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy you are taking away her right to autonomy. This is not equality. The fetus and pregnant person cannot share the woman's body without her consent. If you do that you are putting the fetus before a sentient woman. Good luck on your paper! 😊
prolifeliberal : I place them equal. The difference between giving blood and pregnancy is that consent to sex is consent to pregnancy regardless if you were using contraception or not, you knew when you had sex, that even how small the chances of pregnancy were, it was still possible. While being forced to give blood (no matter how good it is) is not your responsibility. You did not make that person need a blood transfusion, you did not make them need a lung or heart transplant. Regardless of how small the risk (I was using a IUD when I got pregnant) there was still a risk and therefore gives them a right to life. But thank you for the encouragement, it's honestly really helpful!😊College is awesome.. *sarcasm* 😒 @louisianafeminist
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Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. #followJesus #prolife #believe #TheSonisLife #pray4america #pray4life #endabortion #servejesus #loveoneanother #grace #unashame #peace #mercy #healing
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Tell me again, why is murder considered a "choice", again? - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stopabortion #stand4life #probaby
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pandaprincess94 : It should NEVER be a choice.
abrahamfarrendy : it should have never been invented in the first place. Who is the demonic a-hole who came up with the idea in the first place?
ruth_talbott : @fightforlyfe amen. Tbh I love your account. I was wondering what some of the embryological textbooks you use when debated, because I find those sources very helpful when debating pro-choicers. Thanks! 😊
politically_minded_teens : @abrahamfarrendy (Not trying to start an argument, seriously). It's likely that abortion has been around for a while, probably since before Christ.
sophalexis : It's not the choice of a fetus to control what a woman does with her body for the next 9 months. And it isn't exactly murder, as the fetus can't even survive without the mother. Maybe people should concentrate on issues that involve innocent humans with emotions, such as the people stuck in war zones.
iwillalwayslovejesus : @sophalexis I understand your viewpoint. In a debate a pro choice said "it isn't able to think I don't get why people say it wants to leave" however I feel this only reveals how cruel abortion really is. Imagine, the potential of a life, is dependent on one person. Empty your mind for a moment. Imagine a close relative of yours is considering aborting, imagine you were the potential of life in there. Wouldn't you hope someone speaks for you? A fetus may be dependent but that is a beautiful creation of God. Proverbs 6:16-17 "There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood" even if you do not believe in God or the Bible, imagine you were the potential life.
iwillalwayslovejesus : *live
fightforlyfe : @sophalexis her body? It is not her body. It is the unborn child's body. And no one has the right to kill an innocent. No one. Life trumps "bodily autonomy". It IS murder, though, if you look at it from a logical standpoint.
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You never know when your time is up #pleasestoptheviolence #endabortion
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curves_edges_imperfections : #pleasestoptheviolence #endabortion
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A common argument to attempt to justify giving Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the world, tax money is that they provide cancer screenings and similar services. It's wonderful that they do that, but that doesn't justify the fact they preform 330,000 of the 1.2 million abortions annually in the United States. My question to all people (specifically pro-lifers) that support Planned Parenthood for that reason is that if a history question. The notorious Mafia leader Al Capone's crimes included murder, armed robbery, fraud, etc. Capone however also opened a soup kitchen during the Great Depression, thus feeding and employing a lot of people. Does that justify the crimes Capone committed?
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ms_juani : Horrible
prolifechristian : @owen_reid_perkins Nope. I believe in civil discussions on issues relating to public policy.
owen_reid_perkins : You know people who use profanity is more likely to speak the truth. No wonder you don't like it.
dreboy_camahort : A women's body is not a democracy. They decide what to do with it.
prolifechristian : @owen_reid_perkins no correlation. Being civil and having a decent respect for other people doesn't mean that my view is wrong or I am factually mistaken.
prolifechristian : @dreboy_camahort Does a woman have the right to self mutilation or to take a substance during pregnancy that can cause birth defects?
prolifechristian : Or anyone for that matter
catherineg98 : @prolifechristian I agree with you!
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Safety, not death. How ironic that what should be a place of total serenity and comfort is actually one of the most dangerous places world wide. 😢 - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
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meganchambers_ : The womb can actually kill off an embryo/foetus itself, so even without abortion, the womb would never be the safest place...
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ And yet, its designed to sustain life. And considering you're more likely to die everywhere else, I'd say its safer. And a lot of miscarriages are due to health problems that can be fixed.
aryn_k : Mind your own uterus.
fightforlyfe : @aryn_k Mind your own life.
meganchambers_ : - Problems with a foetus can be detected and recognised by the womb and thus results in a miscarriage, if you read there are a lot of things that cause miscarriage that are out of the mother's control and are instead in natures and her own body's control.
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ Okay you honestly need to go get a job, first of all. Half of those problems can be solved if your body was working better, which can be helped with by eliminating preservatives.
meganchambers_ : I'm in college, actually. Why would you say I need to go get a job? Oh chromosome problems, placental problems, your age, womb structure, weakened cervix and PCOS can all be solved by eliminating preservatives :-)
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ Yeah, actually, a lot of those problems can be solved, with the exception of age (though that can be prevented. Don't have kids at an old age). Oh I get it. College = too smart for me.
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Why would you want to kill a baby? If you don't want him or her give it up for adoption, that's the best thing for the child if you don't want to take care of it. #prolife#defendlife#lifeisprecious#prayforlife#stopabortion#endabortion#hopeforlife#letthemlive#praytoendabortion#whywemarch#iamtheprolifegeneration#protecttheunborn
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They are already punished enough by having a father with this outlook on life. #obama #disgrace #prolife #endabortion
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onemeanbitchhxo : Oh look you have something in common. @deathrowart
nramey_xo : This persons argument is irrelevant. A baby doesn't just make its self. & after only six weeks, the fetus has a brain. If a heart stops, that's when a person is considered dead, right? Well when a heart starts, life starts! & by having an abortion you are stopping a heart, which means you killed a baby. Period, point blank.
onemeanbitchhxo : I just blocked him I hate trying to argue with people lacking a brain. But you are so right @nramey_xo
nramey_xo : I'll never agree with abortion being legal, it's so wrong. If someone hits/hurts a pregnant woman, they get severely punished. But yet having an abortion & killing a baby is allowed? What is wrong with our world!
onemeanbitchhxo : So many things, the people living in it are selfish and twisted girl @nramey_xo
ourfamily0301 : @nramey_xo & @onemeanbitchhxo that's exactly right. Its a shame
serena.1989 : Can I just say even though my mother had me she is not prolife she just wanted a baby. Prochoice is for everyone prolife is an exclusive bitch. @deathrowart there is always one person on these rubbish posts that are my heroes, you are them.
onemeanbitchhxo : I don't know who you're calling a bitch, lol. He can't see that probably because he's blocked, just like you're about to be with your little attitude. @serena._.17
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Amen! Picture made by - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
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conservative_newjersey : @deathrowart I think prohibition for more abortion procedures would reduce the amount of abortions. I think we should repeal Roe v Wade to see what happens when the states do so. Unlike with guns, there isn't a huge black market on abortion with many illegal clinics.
deathrowart : @conservative_newjersey There is at-home abortions.
fightforlyfe : @deathrowart If there isn't even one scientist who says you must be aware to be considered alive, then you yourself cannot say that, assuming you don't have a Ph.D in Embryology or Biology. Actually, there is no debate, science clearly states that life starts at conception. "Almost all higher animals start their lives from a single cell, the fertilized ovum (zygote)... The time of fertilization represents the starting point in the life history, or ontogeny, of the individual." Bruce M. Carlson “Patten's Foundations of Embryology” (6th edition New York). I could give you a plethora of examples. The science is clear; its a human from conception. Quick question; what science disporves God? Funny, all of those people have blocked me.
conservative_newjersey : @deathrowart what is the frequency of these at home abortions? Also, science can't exactly disprove the existence of a God. What caused the Big Bang? How crazy would Jesus have to be to be willing to love those who want to kill him and be nailed toa cross willfully? Where is the body of Jesus if it didn't rise into Heaven? Why did multiple people who previously didn't believe in him being holy suddenly start saying Jesus appeared to them unscarred? How could Jesus survive the crucifixion? I believe Christianity better explains such occurrences
fightforlyfe : @deathrowart At best, only 2% of illegal abortions are home abortions. At best.
not_your_body : Now I know @deathrowart is a page troll she is all over mine too. @fightforlyfe @conservative_newjersey
tacotime.with.tony : It's so funny how you call us closed minded
fightforlyfe : @tacotime.with.tony You should be talking.
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Just got home from #the300 and 4US but I already miss my girls ❤️ this ideas such a fun and amazing weekend and I wish I could go back 😍 #4us #thebeat #the300 #endabortion #lovethesegirls
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moreliagil : AMANDA
morgadancer : Love love love love love you so much bby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
emilymschneider : Love you 💝
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photo creds to @prolifeliberal
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truth_sets_u_free : #endmurder #endabortion #abortion #murder #life #death #prolife #conservative
d_huff26 : Amen!
brandon_born3 : #truehipocracy
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Photo creds to @conservative_newjersey #abortion #endmurder #murder #baby #babies #innocent #endabortion #life
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truth_sets_u_free : @mdsjeffries even so, abortion closes off life. end of story.
prolifeliberal : I blocked her and am not planning to unblock her, if you want to use what I say here, I don't care, but I can't direct comment to her because she was so rude. Abortion is murder simply because it takes a human life. Even if they can't feel pain,
mdsjeffries : @truth_sets_u_free there is a marked difference between "alive" and "a life. "
truth_sets_u_free : @prolifeliberal ok
truth_sets_u_free : @mdsjeffries im sur if u were tht baby u wouldnt wana be killed. Ud wana live
mdsjeffries : @truth_sets_u_free No. Actually I wouldn't give a shit. I'd be a baby with no concept of either.
prolifeliberal : Even if there's no brain waves/activity detected. It's still a life and still has every right to be born. Two homo sapiens created that life, what else could it be? It has every right to be born and is a child because it's a human.
truth_sets_u_free : @prolifeliberal amen
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#DrSeuss knows what's up. #prolife #chooselife #abolishabortion #abortion #endabortion #realgenocide #humanrights #humanjustice #socialjustice #creative #graphicdesign #typography #meme
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arianagriffin : Yeah except you know, Dr. Seuss and his wife were publicly and vocally pro-choice. Oh, and sued a pro-life group for using that as their slogan in the 60's
nikorb_ : Which just goes to show the hypocrisy of the pro choice movement. 👍
arianagriffin : Considering a fetus is not a person, the quote is not applicable and thusly not hypocritical. ✌️@nikorb_
nikorb_ : A speck of dust cannot sustain life either. And we all know the theme of the story. I'm not going to even argue tho.
meganchambers_ : Yeah the author of your quote doesn't even agree with you
nikorb_ : The funny thing is that the author of the quote doesn't agree with his own quote. Lol
nikorb_ : And BTW, the attempt to sue was a failure. Look it up.
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Human life starts at conception. That isn't religious dogma or popular Pro Life propaganda, its a scientific fact. - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionkills #abortionfacts #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
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fightforlyfe : @just_lanis Interestingly, the raw relative risk (more precisely, the rate ratio) is not shown in the paper, although enough data are shown to calculate it (1.44, or a 44% increased breast cancer risk). As a round figure, the real, adjusted breast cancer risk increase attributable to abortion for this study population would seem to be around 100%! (Indeed, an earlier study on part of this population29 reported an almost 200% risk increase with abortion among childless women.) Yet somehow, Melbye et al. end up with an adjusted relative risk estimate of exactly 0.0%! Just because this study comes from a credible source does not make it credible!
fightforlyfe : @just_lanis Look at REAL studies! 11 Medical organizations admit to the correlation. Furthermore, a study done by the National Cancer Institute (yup, them), in November 1994 at Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington showed a clear link between having an abortion and the subsequent development of breast cancer. This NCI research proved that if the abortion was performed before age 18, the risk was increased by 150 %. If the woman was over 30 and had a family history of mother, sister, grandmother, or aunt with breast cancer the risk went up by 270%. (Source: November 1994 National Cancer Institute report of a study performed at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington and since this is the source you're constantly copy/pasting to change my mind, I find it very ironic. @meganchambers_
fightforlyfe : @just_lanis @meganchambers_ *continued Other studies include but are not limited to: Howard University study, December 1993 and the New Hampshire House. I’d also like to point out how odd it is that Lithuania, where its common for women to recieve 5 abortions by the time they reach 25, are experiancing a major breast cancer explosion ( I can provide additional sources for any claim here. They’re also half a dozen Medical Organization that know abortion causes breast cancer, just seldom say it. Take the American Medical Association. A spokesman for the AMA told World Net Daily that its group "doesn't have a policy at all" on whether its doctors should inform women about the abortion-breast cancer research. [John Dougherty, "Can doctors be sued over abortion? Those who don't inform patients of breast cancer link could be targets," World Net Daily ( March 27, 2002. ( The American Medical Association along with many others simply needs to open its mind to the fact that it might be wrong and the evidence will be clear- abortion causes breast cancer. And how can this be proven? Well, lets look at the only logical way to prove the claim- studies. There was one performed in 1980; Harris BM, et al. Risk of cancer of the breast after legal abortion during first trimester: a Swedish register study. )Br Medical J 299, no. 6713 1989:1430-2.) we now have a LIBERAL National Party member (Freya Ostapovitch) saying that, and I quote, ““the more induced abortions a woman had, the greater her risk of breast cancer.” (Sources:
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ " Around 32,000 pregnancies occur annually due to rape, 50% opt for abortion. Take away abortion and you take away the option for a woman to limit and control her suffering." Actually, 75% of rape victims choose life, your source uses outdated data.
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ Into account the broad range of studies and their limitations, the steering group concluded that, on the best evidence available:" This statement is scientifically inadequat. You need multiple studies from multiple places to say this.. "• The rates of mental health problems for women with an unwanted pregnancy were the same whether they had an abortion or gave birth."- Untrue. In 2008 a study at the university of Olsa, Norway, studies 768 women between the ages of 15-27. The study proved a large increase in depression. (Source: The Journal of Pregnancy released an Agutus study that studied 374 women -5 times more than a pro abortion study that had recently come out at the time- and, again, proved a correlation. Dr Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green Stage University, also proved a correlation. ( May I continue? No? Next " fact".
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ An unwanted pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of mental health problems." Post natal depression only covers 15% of pregnancies. Your source forgets that. •" The most reliable predictor of post-abortion mental health problems was having a history of mental health problems before the abortion."- And who is making the "most reliable" call, here? • "The factors associated with increased rates of mental health problems for women in the general population following birth and following abortion were similar."- Funny, your source gives me no data to back that up. • "There were some additional factors associated with an increased risk of mental health problems specifically related to abortion, such as pressure from a partner to have an abortion and negative attitudes towards abortions in general and towards a woman’s personal experience of the abortion" Way to ignore the part about it being "additional" your own source states its not common, and furthermore it gives no studies to prove it claims.
meganchambers_ : - none biased sources that back up my claims. - also, if you think (even though there isn't) a link between something and mental health issues should contribute to making it illegal maybe you should look into post natal depression, I personally have watched and am watching people close to me suffer from motherhood, and I have watched them post-abortive - what has happened to them after childbirth and during motherhood is much worse than what happened post abortion. Also, it is extremely rare but read up about postnatal psychosis, too - - just some facts and figures about unsafe abortion.
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ LOL! I literally debunked all of those website already. Rebuttal what's already been said. Don't play the copy/paste game, it gets you no where. I have, and postnatal depression only affects 15% of the population! Unsafe abortions? All abortions are unsafe! I thought you were a college kid, yet you can't prove anything. Sad.
prolifechristian - ilove_my_man - tongue_of_gospel - camigonzz -
The funny thing is, not only will Pro Choicers not deny this, but embrace it, and scream it from the top of their lungs as if it was a good idea to value one human above another. This is the exact same mindset that was used to justify slavery! If you truly believe that a child is worth less than his or her mother, you've got a major problem in the cornerstones of your beliefs. - - #prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortionismurder #abortionsurvivor #abortionkills #antiabortion #stopabortion #stand4life #probaby
stopabortion - abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - probaby - stand4life - abortionismurder - abortionkills - adoption - not - endabortion - antiabortion -
vicki_pu : This is a really good point
amatue13 : OMG I remember making this picture!! Someone cropped the watermark off.
innerstargirls : Thats super rude. (not towards you but to the one who took the watermark off) when I worked on the background and downloaded the fonts by scratch. :/
fightforlyfe : @clearcollapse @innerstargirls I'm sorry I didn't know about the watermark :( that IS very rude to remove watermarks.
innerstargirls : Its totally not your fault. im sorry for dumping it on you. But it took a few hours to make the wallpaper and set it up and someone is rude and scratched over it
radcowdiseasee : I am #ProChoice for life.
fightforlyfe : @radcowdiseasee That makes no sense. You can't advocate for the choice of death but be "for life".
sassy2468 - bigburtdoe27 - betheirvoicetx - it_was_eve -
Ultrasound is a life saving technology for helping mothers choose life for their babies. Dr. Joseph Randall also has a great testimony and I highly recommend everyone looks up his story. I wish everyone a great weekend.
angelus_6_12_6 : @arianagriffin It is quite evident that your in favor of a woman being allowed to have her baby murdered. How very sad for you!
angelus_6_12_6 : Here is a past owner (Carol Everett) of two abortion mills and director of four tell you about the reactions of women who've had Abortions: TWO REACTIONS: ACCEPTANCE OR DENIAL..... Her words..."After the abortion, the girls are brought to the recovery room where there are two reactions. The first is: "I've killed my Baby." It amazed me that it was the first time they called it a "baby" and the first time they called it "murder." That is probably the healthiest reaction. That woman is probably going to have the ability to walk out of there and deal with it, and perhaps be healed and move on. ........................... The Second Reaction is: "I'm hungary. You have kept me here for four hours and you told me I'd only he here for two. Let me out of here". She is running from her abortion. She is not dealing with it; she's choosing to deny it.
prolifefeminist : @arianagriffin actually no the only be who gave biased research was you and when you were proven wrong you ignored everyone. Again if a woman is going to make an informed "choice" she should have to see her child. It is ignorant to say she shouldn't just because you personally think it won't change her mind.
godspianoplayer78 : @arianagriffin if you stand for women's choices, then isn't it a woman's right to see what she's doing? I think that if we make it unnecessary, women will be forced not to see the ultrasound because there are people who will guilt-trip and hate on her if she chooses to see her baby. And perhaps the baby that is aborted is a female...what about HER womanly rights?
arianagriffin : It is a violation of HIPPA to deny a woman the option to see her ultrasound if she wishes very few cases of ultrasounds being denied have occurred. Those cases are wrong and the person responsible should be terminated from their job because of that violation. Babies aren't aborted. Insentient, non-viable, non-autonomous fetuses that have no EEG are aborted. Fetuses do not have rights. @godspianoplayer78
fightforlyfe : @arianagriffin EEG? How is that relevant? Electroencephalograph is a medical test the electoral activity of ones brain. The use of EEG waves are either to determine certain conditions such as epilepsy or used to measure the brain activity of a person in a coma. While they're mostly used for those reasons, they're sometimes used to determine brain death, which results in death. However, in order to be brain dead you must receive irreversible brain damage. The unborn brains are not only untouched but working fine and display brain activity at a early stage. Explain to me why EEG waves are relevant.
fightforlyfe : @arianagriffin You have one study. Already, according to the scientific method anyways, you cannot use this to make a claim. I've provided six studies but you reject them because "they're pro life" (not). You keep screaming about how your one source is amazing even after I've debunked it. There's major holes within it and you must have multiple studies with multiple sources in order to come to a scientifically accurate conclusion.
angelus_6_12_6 : Former Abortionist, David Brewer, MD., says, "My heart got callous against the fact that I was a murderer, but that baby lying in a cold bowl educated me to what abortion really was."
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I'm sorry, but the whole "men can always back out of pregnancy" propaganda is a lie. Men are required by law to either help or entirely fund a child that they're sometimes not allowed to see. ( Double standards strike again. • Quick question; What's your opinion on the Israel Palestinian conflict? • #prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - probaby - stand4life - abortion - not - adoption - endabortion - antiabortion -
fightforlyfe : @loviinaaliyah no they can't. They can sign over custody (a lot of the times its forced), but without the mothers help, they cannot stop forced child support.
mamadumbo : @fightforlyfe is right. I am studying law and there is no situation, apart from the consent of the mother or remarriage that results in a significant increase in wealth, that a judge will not enforce child support on the father, whether he wanted the child or not. That said, yes there is a huge double standard here! The mother can murder her child if she doesn't want the baby in her womb, but the man, as is the case in Weldon v. Remee Lee and the use of Misoprostol (an abortion drug) without the consent of Ms Lee, where he was sentenced to 7 yrs in prison for administering the drug and killing the wanted baby, does not possess the same rights over the unborn child. Why is this the case? Because according to the law, the preborn is not a baby unless the mother says it is a baby and not a blob of tissue! Where is the justice in that! Since when does one get to decide when a person is a person and when it's not! Our justice system only protects the rights of the preborn when it is deemed a life by the mother! Really, really a double standard! Regardless of who says what, the smallest members of our society are being murdered by the thousands daily, and simply because the mother has deemed them unwanted! What an atrocity and perversion of justice!
alexis_says_hi_94 : I think child support should be forced. But I also think mothers should be forced to give their children life...
walker_eleni : Agreed and I side with Israel 100%.
meganchambers_ : - A woman automatically with no exception has parental responsibility over the child, a father does not. He (usually) has it if the mother and father are married, and/or if they have been listed on the birth certificate - meaning the responsibilities of being parent automatically fall onto the woman ie mother of the child but not onto the father
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ And yet these obligations are the obligations to be with your child. And assuming you're the birth father, you must pay child support. << I'm sorry but those obligations not only exclude child support, but the father does have the obligations started once the child is born.
meganchambers_ : Coming from a person who's father has only ever paid child support and has never been a part of their life before I can tell you now why the choice is the mothers. My mother has bathed me clothed me and quite literally brought me up by herself, my fathers contribution was nothing and at any point he thought he could wriggle out of paying it he did. The obligation to pay a bit of money and the obligation to shelter, bathe, clothe and everything in between a child is much more significant.
fightforlyfe : @meganchambers_ Your personal BS story > Actual evidence. I'm sorry but its almost impossible to "wriggle" out of child support, even full child support.
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Yeah PeePee (Planned Parenthood) wants their blood money anyway. Baby-killing sadistic assholes... Repost from @prolifefeminist #conservative #prolife #stopabortion #notYourBodyNotYourChoice
stopabortion - prolife - conservative - abortionkills - abortionisnothealthcare - endabortion - humanrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - savelife -
abrahamfarrendy : #abortionIsNotHealthcare #abortionkills #humanrights #endabortion #savelife
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#prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
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cecizaros : Ok whatever you two. This is pointless
prolifefeminist : @cecizaros again were does it say that in the definition? Also the child is not the mothers body so it's not her choice if the child lives or dies.
cecizaros : @prolifefeminist k bai
sonic_z28 : @prolifefeminist guess we're too much of a disgrace for her 😁
cecizaros : @sonic_z28 indeed so
prolifefeminist : @cecizaros in regards to that foolish picture you tagged me in. I'm not sure I know any ProLifers who force women to make children. So it's totally and utterly foolish to tag me in it. Again I am waiting for you to tell me where in the definition of feminist it says I have to advocate for the slaughter of thousands?
anniedunn05 : #prolifeforLife save all the unborn babies! I advocate for all women, born and unborn. it makes perfect sense!
charleshuggins94 : Love it!
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#prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
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#prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
prolifechristian : @jovenesporlavida I will follow you you don't need to tell me 10 times
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And the worst part is that ProChoicers would rather listen to propaganda than what abortionists say in the topic. #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife #abortionist #formerabortionist
formerabortionist - mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - abortionist - lifeisbeautiful - abortionismurder - abortionisnothealthcare - killingisnothealing - humanrights - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
abrahamfarrendy : Yeah... even some abortionists left the job after coming back to their senses
lib_ertarian : Lol
kelbell805 - hirakazuko - lovemykids121878 - bhyatt33 -
#prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
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bitchcraftz : Idk it kinda looks like a peanut with eyes
meri_little_christmas : @bitchcraftz you looked like that once! Everyone did.
momof1dfangirl : @bitchcraftz Yep...a peanut with eyes...arms...legs...internal organs....
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#prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
prolifefeminist : @mdsjeffries lol no honey, the child's brain does in fact work. Again without a working brain the heart cannot beating. You need to look into human development and stop reading :P A newborn child's brain isn't as advanced as an adults what's your point?
mdsjeffries : @prolifefeminist I have looked into human development. I'm a nurse. I'm the one not getting my fax off abort
mdsjeffries : *facts. I hate Siri.
prolifefeminist : @mdsjeffries I have a hard time believing you are nurse seeing as you don't even know when the human brain starts to work :P also all of my facts are on sites used to track your pregnancy. is a ProChoice website.
mdsjeffries : Lol. No it's not. It's an anti abortion site you noodle. @prolifefeminist
prolifefeminist : @mdsjeffries still biased and I apologise I thought you were talking about another site. Anyway the facts I give are from track your pregnancy websites. That are totally unbiased.
mdsjeffries : @prolifefeminist Sure.
prolifefeminist : @mdsjeffries hahaha have a nice day/night :P
prolifechristian - sierrafr - lovemykids121878 - anniedunn05 -
#didyouknow #prowomen #prolife #probaby #endabortion
endabortion - probaby - didyouknow - prolife - prowomen -
murray.rothbard : making abortion illegal doesn't help the problem it worsens it
freedom_puppies : Do explain. @murray.rothbard
charleshuggins94 : Beautiful!
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#whatif #probaby #prowomen #prolife #endabortion
endabortion - whatif - probaby - prolife - prowomen -
murray.rothbard : Then people in China wouldn't be slaves manufacturing iPhones
prolifeliberal : Abortion is wrong because it kills a human, not because of how many talented people were almost aborted.
prolifechristian - that_feminist_muslim - momandbabyharmony - lexis_yvette -
#notokay #endabortion #prowomen #prolife #probaby
notokay - endabortion - probaby - prolife - prowomen -
brookelynne313 : 😔
hanners_bananersss - that_feminist_muslim - gjerry248 - forever_prolife -
The history of America is filled with select trials that make national news for weeks, months, and often years. Trials such as Hauptmann, O. J. Simpson, Chamberlain, Anthony, and Zimmerman, are just a few of the trials that cause tension, protests, and outrage to erupt. One trial however I strongly felt did NOT receive the outcry it should have, the trial of third trimester abortionist Kermit Gosnell. He was an abortionist who had an abortion career for 40 years. His clinic was dubbed the "House of Horrors," using rusted and unsterilized instruments, untrained staff, and he stored the aborted children in jars, the freezer, and even cat food containers. #Gosnell was accused by his staff of killing hundreds of babies who survived abortions outside the womb. Thankfully the abortionist was found guilty of first degree murder for killing 3 children who survived botched abortions and third degree murder for overdosing 1 woman. The #abortionist was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
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karagrace28 : The media was too busy watching that crazy lady who stabbed her bf a bunch of times. Smh. Just stupid. America you are blind because you want to be!!
zguns96 : The only thing he needs is death
prolifechristian : @zguns96 sorry I disagree. O
zguns96 : I respect your opinion and maybe I am wrong, but to hear about these sort of acts against unborn children and women infuriates me and leads me to contradict my Christian ways. But after 40 years of doing these horrible acts it's hard to believe that you don't agree especially because he's a third trimester abortionist. But like I said I understand we are two different people and your opinion is just as important as mine.
carbonstar1022 : @prolifechristian left of the proven conspiracy by our government to kill mlk and at the trial was his widow, lawyers, and no media.
carbonstar1022 : Left out*
godspianoplayer78 : @zguns96 I totally respect your opinion but I think that as Christians we are called to pray for one another and pray for others' eyes to be opened. If you're looking for a way to stop this silent holocaust, prayer is your best bet. I know it can feel minimal but really it's the first step.
tawnycide : Aw, sweet baby <3
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#tomboftheunborn #guadalupe #endabortion #prolife #abortionismurder #contraceptioniswrong #savebabies 🙏🙏☺️☺️❤️❤️ photo cred: @abbyj2016
guadalupe - prolife - savebabies - abortionismurder - endabortion - contraceptioniswrong - tomboftheunborn -
abbyj2016 : This is such a beautiful picture of you!!<3
mariafaustina1 : Thanks dearie @abbyj2016 ☺️☺️
emily_rose218 - racschi - mray1806 - kara_alexis14 -
#antiabortion #prolife #endabortion #christian #conservative #red #republican #gop
prolife - conservative - endabortion - antiabortion - christian - republican - gop - red -
fiestyfeminist : @katiemotionless conservative and anti abortion. Oh dear
katiemotionless : oh dear, CONSERVATIVES ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!! @fiestyfeminist am I right?!
floyd_115 : @2k4u2h Truth is, you shouldn't be having sex at that age. If you want a child you should wait until you settle down amd really think hard about it.
2k4u2h : What you decide to do with your body is your business, nobody else should dictate what you do but you. @floyd_115
floyd_115 : @2k4u2h Think about it. Why would you want to do that at that age. I mean seriously the least you could do is to be sensible and wait until your mentally prepared to have a child.
2k4u2h : Umm have you ever been a teenager? If you have been then you would obviously know that people want to have sex. So umm........ @floyd_115
floyd_115 : @2k4u2h Of Course. It's human nature but when your young you tend to screw up sometimes lol.
lgbt_boi : Because you sometimes can't afford to screw up
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