Went to a Pro-Life banquet tonight at the University of St Thomas! It was about Guiding Star and and THE Abby Johnson was a speaker! I also got to meet her after the program! Such a great evening! :) #prolife #prolifegen #savethebabyhumans #catholic #christian #abbyjohnson #UST #universityofstthomas #banquet #guidingstar #prochoice #end #abortion #abolish #abortion #endabortion #abortion #is #murder
prochoice - murder - christian - prolifegen - is - endabortion - end - abbyjohnson - banquet - catholic - universityofstthomas - savethebabyhumans - prolife - abortion - guidingstar - abolish - ust -
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Some pro-lifers unfortunately support Planned Parenthood. Their reason is because "Oh they provide breast cancer screenings, sex 'education,' STI testing, etc." The fact of the matter is Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in history and has made billions of dollars by aborting millions of the unborn worldwide. In order to stop abortion we must stop the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and their access to our tax money. My question to everyone that supports Planned Parenthood and says they're pro-life: Notorious mobster Al Capone ran a soup kitchen, does that justify all the murders (and everything else) he has committed?
sukhmani_6 : I agree that abortion is done in a cruel manner, but that doesn't change anything. If I got pregnant at a time where I don't think I am ready to raise a child, I definitely will consider abortion. I refuse to bring an unwanted child into this world. And please do not start with adoption because currently there are 140,000 children waiting to be adopted. I much rather wait for those children to find a home before I bring another child into this world. @obama_bin_trippin
obama_bin_trippin : I get your logic, but under the same principal couldn't we just kill all the children in the adoption centers? I wouldn't really consider this actually. Illegalizing abortion would lower the amount of pregnancies because people would know they can't take an easy way out anymore. @sukhmani_6
obama_bin_trippin : And the child is brought into the world the moment he or she is concieved. Aborting them would be forcing them back out of this world @sukhmani_6
sukhmani_6 : That is a very valid point, and I understand your logic. But from the beginning all I have been trying to explain is if someone wants an abortion for whatever reasons, they deserve that right. I believe it is wrong if you have the capabilities to raise a child and you still choose to have an abortion, but it is also not my choice whether someone chooses abortion or not. I will let someone act on their own free, rather than me dictating their life, letting them know what I believe is morally right and wrong @obama_bin_trippin
sukhmani_6 : Free will*
obama_bin_trippin : Well, it isn't dictating someone's life to keep them from murdering, it isn't dictating to keep them from stealing, assault, or raping. So why is abortion different. The way you define dictating is simply by what you decipher as right or wrong. It is widely known that murder is wrong, therefore it is not dictating to punish a murderer. Since abortion isn't, people can not only percieve it as unpunishable, but also attempting to stop it as being punishable. This is simply a fault that humanity sits on and it will go one way or the other. And for all our sakes' I hope it falls the way of pro-life @sukhmani_6
sukhmani_6 : I really enjoyed hearing your views on this. And to some extent I agree with you. And I hope you were able to hear out some of my logic as well. @obama_bin_trippin
obama_bin_trippin : I enjoyed hearing your views too, good night @sukhmani_6
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Guilty as charged, I confess. 😱 So....I have no idea what to name my anti-feminist account, any ideas? - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionkills #abortionfacts #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
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alicia_amberson : Omfg
scar_is_spencer : Yet the animal on your plate is dead.
fightforlyfe : @scar_is_spencer *Yawn yet animals aren't related to child murder. But nice try.
brookelynne313 : How in the world can people say killing livestock is the same as killing humans? Sickos.
80sn90sbash : notallwomen? cause feminists use the argument of 'yes all women'
_trippykittenxx_ : .. cuz of that stupid cunt
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Choose life!!!!! #nofilter #pray #endabortion
pray - endabortion - nofilter -
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A sobering visual whenever I walk to class or meals of the tiny lives lost to abortion just in Kosciusko County since 1982. Each cross represents 4 babies, and I wasn't able to get all of the crosses in the picture. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to volunteer with Heartline Pregnancy Center to advocate for the little ones that cannot speak for themselves. #chooselife #endabortion
endabortion - chooselife -
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Just a reminder :) #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
joshaunathanael : Can I please repost this?
prolifefeminist : @joshaunathanael of course :)
joshaunathanael : Thank you:) Btw normally I disagree with feminists. But I agree with you. Weird question maybe, but are you a "weird" feminist or are the mainstream feminists taking feminism out of context?
joshaunathanael : ?
jaims_southern_belle - sierrafr - hamertime32 - anti__feminist -
This is from my dear friend @prolifeliberal :) ProLifers are for your personal choices as long as it does not harm another human being. Abortion hurts another human being and is taking away all human rights and choices from another human being therefore I do not support that choice, #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
prolifefeminist : @sheezus____ exactly therefore I won't answer :)
sheezus____ : @prolifefeminist You are extremely rude, i simply asked a question. I'll take your cuntyness as a YES 😂 #godisdead #openyoureyes #educateyourself
prolifefeminist : @sheezus____ lol believe what you will sweetheart it just shows how ignorant you are 😉
sheezus____ : i say the same to you :)
prolifefeminist : @sheezus____ you're the one assuming. When you assume sweetheart ;)
prolifefeminist : @annathenazgulslayer insulting others because you cannot come up with a real debate does not make you look smarter at all :) I am ProChoice as long a no one is being harmed :)
annathenazgulslayer : 'Pro-choice as long as you don't have an abortion' ? On what level does that make sense?! You clearly do not have the intellectual or emotional capacity to be preaching on such a sensitive topic as abortion. This page isn't feminist in the slightest, as feminism stands for human rights and respect whereas this page preaches hate and judgement. There is no love in your actions.
jaims_southern_belle : @annathenazgulslayer "feminism stands for human rights"....that's exactly what she's doing. She just doesn't discriminate on which humans-which real feminism wouldn't either. There is no love in killing someone. You can hate all you want but in the end, killing humans you deem less worthy of life, or even condoning it, is the real fault.
jaims_southern_belle - sierrafr - kinseylynn_ - chel_sea_skye__ -
All human life is worth the same from conception up until natural death💕 #prowomen #probaby #prolife #promen #prolifefeminist #feminism #feminist #womensrights #mensrights #equalrights #civilrights #humanrights #endabortion #abortionismurder #abortionisnothealthcare #killingisnothealing #notyourbodynotyourchoice #beautifullife #lifeisbeautiful #savealife
mensrights - equalrights - savealife - prowomen - prolifefeminist - probaby - killingisnothealing - abortionisnothealthcare - lifeisbeautiful - humanrights - abortionismurder - civilrights - notyourbodynotyourchoice - endabortion - prolife - feminist - womensrights - beautifullife - promen - feminism -
ommio_tafkar : Your a prolife feminist you must shit diamond pee sprite and vomit gold like unicorns do
prolifefeminist : @ommio_tafkar if you are done trolling I suggest you look up the word "feminism" :)
ommio_tafkar : No no it was a joke I never knew some could be prolife because that's y'all's main topics to fight for
ommio_tafkar : And I know the meaning but it's gotten quite ugly for y'all
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The underline issue of the abortion debate is philosophical. What is more important life or bodily integrity? There isn't a right or wrong answer to any question regarding what we should value. Life and autonomy are both important and nothing is to say they can't mutually exist, however the question is what should be valued as more important whenever the two conflict? I personally believe that the unborn's right to life is equal to the mother's right to life but when in conflict between the mother's right to autonomy and the unborn's right to life, the unborn's right to life should take precedence. Like I said when considering questions regarding values (life, autonomy, justice, etc.) there are no wrong answers and I'm interested in seeing any and all opposing viewpoints. #prochoice #prolife Photo credit to @prolifeliberal
prochoice - prolife -
prolifechristian : @seanak64 can you please elaborate more or send a link on the example of organ donation relating to autonomy? I understand the argument but I'm interested in that point.
seanak64 : @prolifechristian let's say you die in a car crash, but your organs are still viable. Your organs can't be used unless you have consent to do so. It doesn't matter how many lives you saved. Even after death you have bodily autonomy.
_k_r_i_s_t_i_n_e_w : ... this debate isn't about saving "babies." It's about people freaking out about women having sex. It's about controlling women. What happens in MY body is not anybody's business but my own. I have a right to decide when I want children. To assert that birth control and planned parenthood are meccas of evil is ludicrous and, quite frankly, does a disservice to the women seeking education and medical help they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford or access. If you actually look at stats PP helps prevent pregnancy far more often than it results in clinical abortions ... unless of course your argument includes birth control as abortion and then really your just lending support to the whole, "we hate thinking about women being in control of their sex life," argument'
ceciborboa : @_k_r_i_s_t_i_n_e_w @feminismtbh I've been on both sides, when I was younger I had 2 abortions and now that I'm in my 30s I have 4 beautiful children but I can honestly tell you that while the side effects from pregnancy are temporary... the side effects of abortion last an entire lifetime. Once someone chooses to terminate a child's life inside of them, they are never ever the same. More people need to be aware of that.
prolifechristian : @ceciborboa I'm sorry you went through that
ceciborboa : I know that God has forgiven me but more women need to be educated on what an abortion really does to you and the baby!
bethshananne : Totally agree with @ceciborboa Women considering abortions need to listen to those who've had this experience!
sweetiepie7899 : @ceciborboa thank you for sharing your story! I'm so sorry you had to feel such pain. God is so loving and he is amazing to forgive. Keep sharing because you are the voice that can be heard to women who are going through what you went through too.
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My mom always said she wanted 3 children.. She could've had them. #prolife #probaby #endabortion #stopabortion #antiabortion #adoption #murder #abortionismurder #abortionhurts #adoptionnotabortion
stopabortion - murder - prolife - probaby - adoptionnotabortion - abortionismurder - abortionhurts - adoption - antiabortion - endabortion -
betheirvoicetx : I'm sorry @loviinaaliyah
loviinaaliyah : It's okay, I was bummed to find out I would've loved an older brother/sister. My mother is one of the many women who regret it btw. She always cried for another after my brother... @betheirvoicetx
betheirvoicetx : Well I'm here for you and If your siblings could see your mom (and I believe they can) they would forgive her :) @loviinaaliyah
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This inspires me so much 👣 |#abortion #prolife #prochoice #antiabortion #stopabortion #endabortion #chooselife #children #childrensrights #feminism #humanrights #feminist #theyarehumantoo #babies #are #good|
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If you don't agree that human life starts at conception, you're denying scientific fact. And until someone, anyone, finds a scientist who states otherwise, you will continue to be proven wrong. I can't tell you how many times I asked for a simple name of a scientist who says differently. I've never been given anything, and I've been making this request since I started this account. So, good luck. ✌ - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - probaby - stand4life - abortion - not - abortionkills - adoption - endabortion - abortionfacts -
dominicvalenti44 : But it is still a theory which is an HYPOTHESIS with supportive information to back it up but it does not have enough information to be considered a scientific law for it is still an educated GUESS @seanak64
dominicvalenti44 : Also I'm not always on Instagram either, but when I'm debating with an unintelligent person who can't tell the difference between a scientific law and a theory the yes I do check it more often than I usually do @seanak64
seanak64 : @dominicvalenti44 a theory and a hypothesis are completely different things. Again, the earth going around the sun is a theory. You have to have mountains of evidence for something to be a theory.
dominicvalenti44 : Dude it's in science books either they are incorrect or you haven't gone to school in a while. A theory is an hypothesis with supportive evidence to back it up which that supportive evidence is found by conducting a scientific experiment based of that hypothesis. A theory once again is an hypothesis. Yes the earth going around the sun is a theory, because we still aren't 100% sure if it is true. Some scientist thought to himself "huh maybe the reason the earth has a day and night at opposite sides of it is because it rotates around the sun" so they made this their HYPOTHESIS which they then conducted experiments to see if this hypothesis could be in fact true. So once they collected their data, they told themselves "I believe that my experiment can indeed infer that the earth rotates around the sun" that my friend is when this person's HYPOTHESIS becomes a THEORY for they have supportive evidence that their hypothesis could be true @seanak64 how is that for ya? Feel dumb at all yet?
seanak64 : @dominicvalenti44 you seem to be confused with what I'm saying. Yes, a theory is a hypothesis that is supported by evidence. But the amount of evidence required for a hypothesis to become a theory isn't a small as you make it out to be. Theories are right next to facts, and a hypothesis is miles behind
dominicvalenti44 : @seanak64 you should read your first sentence of your last comment. Also yes you are correct by the fact that a theory is close to being a scientific law, but the fact is is that a theory is and will always be a guess unless proven to be true or false in that case, then it would be a scientific law or it would still remain as a theory. The reason that these theories are theories is because they don't add up right. Now the gravitational pull and the earth revolving around the sun should be considered scientific laws but there is something wrong with their theories I guess. In short, say for instance the Big Bang theory, people don't know how this occurred yes we know the end results but we don't know the cause for the evidence that scientist give is in fact shit until further notice
seanak64 : @dominicvalenti44 except we use theories as if they are fact in a lot of disciplines of science because they do work.
dominicvalenti44 : You know what let's just forget about this. Im sorry we had to get in an argument over science in an anti-abortion page. Listen we have our differences, but let's just forget about this. We were fighting over something not that serious to worry about right now. And let's just call this off ok? No one won or lost it's just going to be a stand still. Agreeable? @seanak64
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Murder should never be legal. #EndAbortion
endabortion -
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Science-it's awesome! Stolen from @albanyrose_official #prolife #abortion #humanrights #equality #prochoice #endabortion #science
prochoice - equality - humanrights - endabortion - science - prolife - abortion -
bnalzy : Thank you! Not rocket science.
prolifechristian - _trippykittenxx_ - milsimmarshal - thirstyboi -
#endabortion #prayforbabies #onlineforlife link:
endabortion - prayforbabies - onlineforlife -
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#ProChoice #prochoiceisprolife #womensrights #reproductiverights #abortion #keepabortionlegal #keepabortionsafe #keepyourrosariesoffmyovaries #abortionishealthcare #AbortionIsNOTmurder #abortionrights #mybodymychoice #feminism #me #istandforchoice #im4choice #imforchoice #abortionismurder #endabortion
prochoice - reproductiverights - keepabortionsafe - womensrights - keepabortionlegal - prochoiceisprolife - endabortion - abortionismurder - me - mybodymychoice - abortion - imforchoice - abortionisnotmurder - im4choice - keepyourrosariesoffmyovaries - istandforchoice - abortionrights - abortionishealthcare - feminism -
sonsoftyranny : Y is it when a man doesnt want to take care of a kid hes a deadbeat but wen a woman doesnt shes just a prochoice diva expressing her sexuality??.. but if the man doesnt want it and wants to go sleep around sum more then wat is he??.. oh ya a pig because it takes one to know one and prochoice women are the supreme hypocrite
gina15bt - losing.my_mind - fem.inist.grrl - gurhls -
I do believe that we need to forgive women who've had abortions and leave this whole abortion thing behind us. Women deserve BETTER than abortion.❤ - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - probaby - stand4life - abortion - not - abortionkills - adoption - endabortion - abortionfacts - antiabortion -
conservative_prolife : So same with murderers?
sweetiepie7899 : Everyone deserves forgiveness if they truly want it! There is no hate but only love!
gracenotes18 : Seriously, abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.
rolandofloresjr : @conservative_prolife yes
political_belugas : XD women deserve better? ok blacks deserve BETTER than freedom by your logic
fightforlyfe : @political_belugas Blacks were lynched, mistreated, paid almost nothing, couldn't own land or vote, and had to use different facilities. And that's after slavery was outlawed. Meanwhile a woman can't get an abortion. THEY'RE SO SIMILAR IT JUST BLOWS MY MIND!
sfhs_tfl - columbiamagazine - maciinspires - guatemalanqueen12 -
The fetal heart starts beating at approximately three and a half weeks gestation. Look two humans can't biologically create something that isn't a human that eventually becomes a human at some arbitrary point. It doesn't work that way. A living sperm can't fertilize a living ovum to create something that isn't human that eventually becomes human. Dozens of times on my page I've heard some of my commentators say that it isn't dead or alive, don't ask me to explain because I don't even get that. As Mrs. Albany Rose pointed out "zombie fetus" is the only thing she can come up with to remotely comprehend the argument that it isn't dead or alive. I personally believe that making the case that the unborn are alive is the easy part. What most pro-lifers forget to do is follow up with the significance of that argument, that is that the unborn deserve equal rights.
prolifechristian : @pumafanatikk so what is your solution to that problem?
carlston_mckenzie : So if you get raped you should have that baby and have to remember that day for the rest of ur life
seanak64 : So did my life saving heart surgery.
pumafanatikk : Abortion, what ever agenda 21 has planned
dana_dubya : @grantf0009 wasn't trying to reach a consensus just wanted to broadcast the other side of the coin for the people that see this photo & don't necessarily agree with it. I appreciate the gesture @prolifechristian & thanks for the assertion & words of advice @ambertheresa
jihadpan_official : I am pro-life, but abortion mostly takes place before the heart is beating. Don't mislead people.
prolifechristian : Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and NOW themselves say that most abortions are at 7 weeks gestation. The fetal heart begins at roughly 3 1/2 weeks. I'm not misleading anybody.
prolifechristian : @jihadpan_official
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#endabortion #gop #republican #conservative #liberal #democrat #prolife #prochoice
prochoice - prolife - democrat - conservative - endabortion - liberal - republican - gop -
bryanosborn54 : 👍
calaann - caramel_half - rjy2000 - the_real_reaganrob -
🙏 #republican #conservative #christian #prolife #progun #progod #abortion #feminism #feminist #pray #endabortion #abortion ---------------------------- CCC Partners 💥 👑@conservativesworldwide👑 🐘@a_little_to_the_right🐘 🔫@against_atheist_america2🔫 ⛪️@christianrepublican⛪️
prolife - feminist - pray - progun - abortion - conservative - progod - endabortion - christian - republican - feminism -
sith_sentinel : Thanks to the universe
paydayplaya : @sith_sentinel you believe in oxygen but you can't see it. Correct?
paydayplaya : @conservative_texas I also must agree with @sith_sentinel as far as people getting killed. There's the crusaders for examole.
sith_sentinel : There's evidence that oxygen exits @paydayplaya
paydayplaya : Example.*
sith_sentinel : @paydayplaya true
paydayplaya : What exactly do you believe in @sith_sentinel ? Because I personally would ra
paydayplaya : Rather believe in God then nothing crashed into nothing and created the universe. Both are equally believe able in my opinion. I completely respect your own views, I'm just wondering.
tommy_papadopoulos - _zipper_ - lexiiii25 - respect_for_vets -
End the war on women and the massacre of innocent children 👣 I'm not a feminist. I'm not even a women's rights activist. I'm a human rights activists, rights for women, men, and children. Modern feminism has gotten so out of control: justification for the murder of infants, yelling at men for opening doors for women, saying that using words like "policeman" rather than "police officer" is sexist. Ridiculous. |#abortion #antiabortion #letsstopit #prolife #prochoice #endabortion #stopabortion|
stopabortion - prochoice - prolife - letsstopit - antiabortion - endabortion - abortion - : @avery.carp I meant I'm not a modern feminist. I am a feminist in the truest definition: I am for women's rights. But modern feminists have contorted that word to almost constitute a discrimination against anyone who isn't a woman. Not ALL feminists, of course, are MODERN feminists, but I just choose to avoid the word feminist altogether.
avery.carp : i guess you have a point. the true meaning of feminism had slipped away. now some people think it means hating men, which is absurd. something for women's rights and people manage to make it about men. *sigh* : @avery.carp that is so true
colin2b : Did you just pull these out of your ass?
obiwanbockobi : @sambocky
freespiritcalifornia : I believe they did lol @colin2b
lexiebeckermann : lol citation needed : ~attention~ if you are skeptical of the information in this post, please see (one of) my most recent posts for all the citations. These articles also contain information and risks associated with abortion that aren't on this post. Thanks! @lexiebeckermann @freespiritcalifornia @colin2b
cristinaaizpurua - ashleyyemerald - godblesseddaughter1 - eddie_richardson55 -
The people of America is taking the fight against the slaughter of millions and for that i'm really happy! stay awesome America! ___________________________________ Made by me :) ___________________________________ #EndAbortion #motherTeresa
endabortion - motherteresa -
conservative_alabama : If the text on the pic is too small, make sure i know, i only use My ipad
conservative_web - bamabroxton - doublesmith24 - ajlagassa -
Bound4Life Bronx is interceding with Jesus on behalf of our sins crying out for mercy on our land, to end innocent bloodshed, and release revival, freedom, healing and hope to the brokenhearted from abortion, affliction, oppression and all pain one has ever endured. Join on Sept.27@7AM to besiege a wall into the heaven realm to heal our land through God's forgiving mercies hallelujah Jesus bring joy to our soul amen #silentsiege #intercessorsarise #sendrevival #endabortion #endheartbreak #seekjustice #prolife #healing #freedom #hope #forgiveness #mercy #endinnocentbloodshed #pray4Life #stand4Love #bound4life #Bronx
bound4life - healing - endabortion - seekjustice - stand4love - mercy - prolife - freedom - silentsiege - sendrevival - endinnocentbloodshed - intercessorsarise - bronx - endheartbreak - forgiveness - hope - pray4life -
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Basically. Because human beings > comfort I know, shocking. - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
abortionsurvivor - prolife - protecttheunborn - abortionismurder - probaby - stand4life - abortion - not - abortionkills - adoption - endabortion - abortionfacts - antiabortion -
erin_earl333 : @yg.kayla there were laws in certain states that if there was rape abortion was available to them
erin_earl333 : @three_indigo_eyes adoption ok take out the b and r in abortion and put in the d and p
erin_earl333 : @c.str what?
c.str : @erin_earl333 Pregnancy is more than just a temporary inconvenience. It requires prenatal care which can be extremely expensive and that isn't even including the massive cost of actually birthing a baby. Along with the emotional toll it would take on the woman in question, it could also ruin many of her relationships.@
erin_earl333 : @c.str yes it can what about all the women/girls who have gone through it and have been able to do it. One of my family members had her child and she came from a big family maybe she lost friends and she boyfriend broke up with her
c.str : @erin_earl333 that's wonderful for her, seriously, she is extremely strong. But many women can't afford to raise and have a baby and I know that I certainly could not have a child at my age or anytime soon and still have a good life for me or the baby. I am pro-choice which means I am pro -abortion, pro-birth, pro-adoption, and pro-whatever else you want to do with YOUR body. I am not going to force anyone to have a baby or an abortion. I believe it is the choice of the person(s) involved.
erin_earl333 : @c.str my last moment is its not her body it that individual in side her. Good night have a nice day
c.str : @erin_earl333 you too
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#40DaysforLife Kick-off earlier today at St. Lawrence Parish in #Tampa. To see more photos, visit and click on the “Photos” button. #Catholic #prolife #respectlife #endabortion #AllHumanLifeIsSacred
catholic - allhumanlifeissacred - prolife - 40daysforlife - endabortion - respectlife - tampa -
mariatheresa78 : @god_remains_dead @atheist_thinking_power @atheists_cup_of_tea ... Sad sad sad !
atheist_thinking_power : @diostpete 1) Is god all powerful? 2) is god all knowing? 3) Do you believe the will of God, divine will, or God's plan? Answer accordingly.
god_remains_dead : @mariatheresa78 Good thing it's just prayer, we all know that won't do anything :)
jrbowlsby : We ask the millions dying in Africa from HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, starvation and sectarian violence what they think of "gods divine plan" #stopthemadness @atheist_thinking_power
reasonable_logical_atheist : There are people who die of hunger and lack of drinking water everyday. There are kids being sold to be sex slaves, there are kids in 3rd world countries working in mines, who often also die in those mines making a dollar a day. There are people in Africa being put in jail for life for being homosexual, due to Christian influence in their justice system. Why don't you pray to end all that?
marshall_lian : ^
mariatheresa78 : Exactly @god_remains_dead - that's one of the reasons why it's so sad! Seriously.. I don't know weather to laugh or cry?!
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I'm so NOT against feminine rights, but if you didn't have a right to life, do you really think feminism would matter? {#abortion #antiabortion #stopabortion #endabortion #prolife #prochoice}
stopabortion - prochoice - prolife - endabortion - abortion - antiabortion -
lexijellykat : The right to life comes after the right to bodily integrity. Which is why even as a worker at United Blood Services I cannot force someone with a rare blood type to donate even if they can save 10+ lives. : @lexijellykat that doesn't make very much sense, though, and your analogy doesn't apply, because you're not actively killing a person. And it doesn't make sense because nobody would be ABLE to have the right to bodily integrity without the right to life. : @lexijellykat therefore the right to life is the most basic right a person can have, because without it, what other rights are applicable?
lexijellykat : It does,make sense in our society. Someone else's right to their body is above anyone else's right to life. You cannot force someone to donate any part of their body even if they were the one to put you into that situation. It is clearly spelled out in our laws amendment 14 means bodily enslavement for the use of another is illegal. Mcfall V Shimp supreme court cases touches on the widely controversial subject. I cannot touch nor use someone else's body without PERMISSION. Denying the fetus my body does not actively kill them remove it from my body it can have its own then. Your right to bodily integrity even extends to death. So sorry your statement is false.
ndi123 : 1) the fetus is FULLY dependent on the mother so removing him/her from the mother would in fact kill it, 2) a fetus is NOT part of the mother's body, therefore her bodily autonomy ends where the fetus's body begins, 3) a vast majority of abortion cases are not because of rape/incest or the mother's immediate health, so that means the fetuses were created by a woman and a man who both consented to sex, which inevitably is consenting to the possibility of becoming pregnant with a baby
ndi123 : Lol basic biology, people! : @ndi123 The fetus is not part of the woman's body? You sure mate? Basic biology? Removing a fetus is not the same as a murder of a born child, even newborn. Newborns have person hood and they have its rights to life and their body because they are a viable human being.
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whyweneedpersonhood - stopabortion - prolife - prochoice - endabortion - abortion - antiabortion - : #abortion #prolife #prochoice #antiabortion #stopabortion #endabortion
christian_realist : Awesome!! I love it
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🌸👣💕 {#abortion #prolife #prochoice #antiabortion #stopabortion #endabortion #chooselife}
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A message to those who believe in late term abortions; THIS is a picture of what you're killing. That IS a baby and has been for months now. There's no way you can rationally deny that. But you will anyways 😒 - - #ProLife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionsurvivor #abortionismurder #abortionfacts #abortionkills #antiabortion #stand4life #probaby
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saved_sinn3r_ : The problem is abortion isnt rational. The people who believe in it are thinking irrationally
raemjs : My daughter was born at 24 weeks and is now a happy healthy 4 year old.makes me so sad to see these things knowing that 24 weeks is viable!
nes323 : Keep up the good prolife fight.
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Make the world a better place👍 #republican #conservative #christian #prolife #progun #progod #abortion #abortioniswrong #america #uk #unitedkingdom #london #endabortion #plannedparenthood #personhood --------------------------- CCC Partners 💥 🐘@a_little_to_the_right🐘 🔫@against_atheist_america2🔫 💒@christianrepublican💒 👑@conservativesworldwide👑 ----------------------------
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skylikescats : "25 week year old baby"
conservative_texas : Yes. @skylikescats
skylikescats : That doesn't make any sense @conservative_texas
conservative_texas : I'm sorry why? @skylikescats
skylikescats : How is it a 25 week year old baby lol does that mean it is a year and 25 weeks or like wat @conservative_texas
conservative_texas : I should of said months but o well you get the message hopefully @skylikescats
feministandfabulous : There's an awesome article in my bio about mid term elections if you'll read it! 😊
goatsforyou : 25 week year old
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Every pro-choicer I'm talking to tonight: "IF WE KILL IT NOW IT WILL NEVER HAVE TO SUFFER! SOLUTIONS! You just don't care about the baby once it's born. You just care about it before it's born. Why would you want it to live if it's just going to be sad? Just kill it now and never give it a chance. That's a good idea." I'm just really annoyed right now. I like debating and everything, but everyone is just making me upset and angry because it's the same damn argument over and over and over. Every pro-choicer has the same 3 statements and I have the same responses. They rephrase those same 3 statements. I rephrase my responses. Seriously. I'm just tired of it. Here's my opinion: Abortion=stopping the life of a fetus from continuing. Human+human=human, therefore Fetus=human Stopping the life of a human from continuing=murder Abortion=murder Murder=wrong Abortion=wrong NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. I might continue my debates that I started tonight tomorrow. I'm tired. Goodnight. {#abortion #antiabortion #stopabortion #endabortion #prolife #prochoice}
stopabortion - prochoice - prolife - endabortion - abortion - antiabortion -
sunkissedcalilove : So true! @misss_nicole_
shelbylynn1994 : @itsmychoice_ but women can still have an abortion when the pregnant is viable also. If it's "my body my choice" why can't I choose not to wear a seat belt? Or do cocaine? Those things only effect my body after all. Those only effect my body but they're illegal. But I can have an abortion if I want because I simply have a uterus. : @shelbylynn1994 exactly why pro-choice logic confuses me. I respect the opinion although I disagree very strongly, but I certainly don't understand it.
itsmychoice_ : @shelbylynn1994 Yeah, I know. Those abortions rarely happen and only happen for medical reasons. You can choose to not wear a seatbelt or to use drugs, but if you get caught you get a ticket and/or get arrested for illegal drug use. And yes, you can get an abortion on demand before 12 weeks in the US. What's so bad about it? - J
prolifechristian : Get used to it. It originally was fun but now it's like watching cheesy reality show reruns at 3 in the morning.
shelbylynn1994 : if it's a decent argument I have some respect for it, but most aren't and I have a hard time having respect for something that tries to justify killing. : @shelbylynn1994 lel read my comment above on what murder is
everything_star_wars1 : Very nice way of explaing it! It's true! It's not rocket science
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I just wanted to say that I genuinely respect pro-choicers that make intelligent and comprehensive arguments. You guys are really smart and probably very nice people. I may have a very strong, opposite opinion, but outside of our arguments and differences, I respect you so much as a person and if I come off as harsh, I'm sorry. To all the annoying, rude, and just plain unintelligent pro-choicers: I am very, very pro-life, and it offends ME that you give such a bad name to pro-choicers. The pro-choice community has an opinion they are trying to spread and I respect that. So I advise all you annoying, bitchy little pro-choicers to just shut the hell up and get a brain. {#prolife #abortion #prochoice #chooselife #personhood #endabortion #stopabortion #antiabortion}
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paigeyspice : What's your opinion and what do you have to say for the 640,000 children who spent the year of 2012 in foster care? 23,000 of those lives "aged out" of care that very same year without ever finding permanent families. Research has repetitively shown that those who age out of foster care are more than likely walking towards a future of homelessness, unemployment, and incarceration. Where's your posts demanding their chance at life? Is there a common outcry to save THEIR precious lives? More importantly, what efforts are you making to lower abortion rates other than posting and/or picketing? You say you #chooseLIFE but from what I can tell you only choose birth.
stavlevv : About the whole rude pro choicers, in my experience the rudeness came as a result of a rude pro lifer. I know it's not always like that, and there are enough pro choicers that are assholes, but it's not always unprovoked.
violetharmon__ : @paigeyspice it couldn't of been said any better. Hell yeah girl.
supportinglife : @paigeyspice okay let's make it better. Maybe you'd prefer it if we took all the kids out the back and shot them? That's what your argument sounds like
35_lindsey_24 : @paigeyspice it shouldn't matter what a person is born into that defines who they are I wasn't born into a good my family my birth parents are horrible but I'm adopted by a great family what I was born in doesn't define who I am how I came out of it does
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September Silent Siege is coming!!! September 27,2014 at 7am Women's Abortion Center 2070 Eastchester Road Bronx NY. God calls us to build a wall of intercession to end abortion and pray for healing in our city and nation. #silentsiege #intercede #revival #chooselife #prolife #endabortion #seekjustice #pray4life #bound4life #bronx
chooselife - prolife - revival - intercede - silentsiege - bound4life - bronx - endabortion - seekjustice - pray4life -
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