Thought these were some interesting statistic to throw out there. So, its a human being if the mother wants it, but not if she doesn't? Doesn't that mean that a persons opinion is what is determining the worth of another human being? How is that not immoral? #Prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #endabortionnow #lifematters #lifeisbeautiful #lifestartsatconception #life #antiabortion #adoption #not #abortion #lovethemboth
life - prolife - protecttheunborn - endabortionnow - not - abortion - lifeisbeautiful - antiabortion - lifematters - adoption - endabortion - lifestartsatconception - lovethemboth -
nickaldo : It should be in the law as murder
cj_i_am : Agreed @nickaldo
iowaconservative : Iowa ftl :(
republican_pennsylvania : Pennsylvania is a pro life state. We're smart
epi.nephrine : I'm so sad my state is in the red but I'm not very surprised
hoosier_patriot : What the heck Indiana, only partial?
marguerite_rose_kelly : New York needs to get it together
grace.m.murphy : Oh Connecticut... Why are you so stupid?
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So sad but people need to know #prolife #prolifeforever #proudlyprolife #endabortion #stopabortion #abolishabortion #savethebabies #chooselife #life #chooselove #love #options #adoption #raising #parents #mom #dad #baby #child #roevwade #makeadifference #respect #kindness
dad - life - abolishabortion - love - savethebabies - child - makeadifference - baby - proudlyprolife - mom - respect - endabortion - roevwade - kindness - chooselove - raising - stopabortion - chooselife - prolife - prolifeforever - parents - adoption - options -
selfish_enough_not2b2nd : 😒
clevecota : I did a whole presentation on this in college two years ago! Everyone loved it! It brought tears to their eyes. But This is reality. And this is what is legal in the U.S . SMH : Wow. This just... This breaks my heart πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ ~Katie
prolifeforbabies : Great job for spreading the sad but true reality. God bless you! @clevecota
prolifeforbabies : It's so sad 😭 @selfish_enough_not2b2nd
chelseagilchrist11 : This makes me so sad 😞 @kimwriter1613
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If you're against illegal abortions, what makes legal ones okay? #prolife #prolifeforever #proudlyprolife #endabortion #stopabortion #abolishabortion #savethebabies #chooselife #life #chooselove #love #legaldoesnotmeanokay #options #adoption #raising #parents #mom #dad #baby #child #roevwade #makeadifference #respect #kindness
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iowaconservative : Thank you
iowaconservative : Oh and thanks again
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#respect #life #endabortion #prolife #every #life #counts #it's #not #a #choice #it's #a #right #to #live #God #gave #life #a #baby #is #a #human #at #conception #life #begins #abrotioniskilling
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#legacy#dream#prolife #endabortion
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Repost this!!!! #EndAbortion
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#StopAbortion Pc: @pro_christian_america #ProLife #EndAbortion #AbortionIsMurder #LifeIsUnalienable #SonsOfLife #AbolishAbortion #AbortionAbolitionist #Abolitionist #WeNeedAnAmendment #XXVIIIAmedment #Conservative #Christian #Teen #1776
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jackieuhling : @kaitlynpswift @skinner_moira
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#Repost @nationalrighttolife with @repostapp.
Powerful revelations from abortion clinic worker Wendy Simonds. Check out her story on the NRL News Today. #prolife #abortion #righttolife #roevwade #whywemarch #endabortion #antiabortion #abortionhurts #prolifeyouth #protecttheunborn #unborn #preborn #sialavida #plannedparenthood
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*grabs popcorn* #prolife #abortionismurder #endabortion #chooselife
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libertarian_sonny : @eco_libertarian Exactly. The libertarian Party is prochoice.
eco_libertarian : @libertarian_sonny is it?
libertarian_sonny : Yes.
eco_libertarian : "The party's position on abortion is that government should stay out of the matter and leave it to the individual, but recognizes that some libertarians' opinions on this issue are different. Ron Paul, one of the former leaders of the Libertarian Party, is strictly pro-life. Meanwhile Gary Johnson, the party's 2012presidential candidate, is pro-choice."
eco_libertarian : @libertarian_sonny ^
jackiefromallstate : @eco_libertarian "All pro choice libertarians need to go, we must cleanse the party" πŸ‘ˆ I hope you realize that 1) that's an authoritarian mindset, which goes completely against the principles of Libertarianism and 2) most Libertarians are pro-choice. Speaking of "cleansing" the party, we don't really need you far right loons calling yourself Libertarian because you think it's a fancy word for "Republican, but different". Move along, child.
eco_libertarian : @jackiefromallstate you make me sick, STAY AWAY BEHEMOTH!!! you people make me sick -_-
jackiefromallstate : @eco_libertarian Grow up, fam.
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@abort73 #lifeisrad #endabortion #abort73
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Thanks for the free shirt!!! #BeAWitness #IndifferenceIsDeadly #life #EndAbortion #Abort73 #LiveAndLetLive @abort73
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kimmiemayberry : Sweet!
jayjayhag - chelseazimmerman91 - 12hannahmarie - christineloganbill -
In fact, the majority of Pro Lifers (in America, at least) are in fact women. Women can oppose this evil just as men can oppose this evil. We're not all old white men (And even if we were, is being an older white fellow supposed to be bad or something....?) #Prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #endabortionnow #lifematters #lifeisbeautiful #lifestartsatconception #lovethemboth #antiabortion #adoption #not #abortion #stand4life
prolife - protecttheunborn - endabortionnow - not - abortion - lifeisbeautiful - stand4life - lifematters - adoption - endabortion - lovethemboth - lifestartsatconception - antiabortion -
fightforlyfe : @littletedybear_jr Naturally, you use rape victims as pawns. I see you ignore the fact that most victims choose life anyway, and that there's a direct correlation between forced abortions and rape/violence. Again, pain doesn't justify taking a life.
littletedybear_jr : I would rather been aborted then have my mother hate me
fightforlyfe : @littletedybear_jr That's your opinion, one that isn't even true in many circumstances as many women aborting DON'T hate their unborn child. Since when does YOUR personal opinion make it okay to not consider anyone else's very life?
littletedybear_jr : So if an 11 year old got pregnant by her brother (incest) u still say the mother should give birth even though it's VERY likely it will kill her and or stunt growth or just plain mess up the pelvic area just for one fetus that very may likely have terrible birth defects and have an over all very short life?
littletedybear_jr : Maybe that girl choses life but she should have a CHOICE
captain_spanglez : @littletedybear_jr That's a very big if
fightforlyfe : @littletedybear_jr " The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions…'"- John Locke. This is the basis for the most universally accepted form of rights- Natural Rights. This is one of the few things that all human beings are entitled to. You cannot take this away from any human being, born or unborn, regardless of situation. You're clearly not even listening to me as you're repeating the same situation (even though it represents less than 0.001% of all abortions) and not even accurately as the younger you give birth the healthier you and your child are more likely to be.
fightforlyfe : @littletedybear_jr And no, you have no choice to end someone else's life. Its clear you're not comprehending the implications of abortion. Abortion ends someone's life, and you're justifying it under the vague banner of "choice"?
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Powerful revelations from abortion clinic worker Wendy Simonds. Check out her story on the NRL News Today. #prolife #abortion #righttolife #roevwade #whywemarch #endabortion #antiabortion #abortionhurts #prolifeyouth #protecttheunborn #unborn #preborn #sialavida #plannedparenthood
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ron_estrada : When are we going to hear her story on CNN? But God bless her for speaking out.
political_opinions : πŸ’”
janetmurf : I don't see her story, only a quote from a book she wrote in 1996. Is there anything she wrote more recently?
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Including the unborn! #Stand4Life #EndAbortion
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beckynbill - robin_cullison - lauraannmiller77 - omowunmispeaks -
I am the Prolife Generation! #prolife #endabortion #red #republican #gop #conservative
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innocent.uke : @the1human #YeahYoureRight #ImPansexual
the1human : @innocent.uke you're the epitome of screwed up
innocent.uke : @the1human Uhm, why?
innocent.uke : @the1human I'm awesome, and I know thatπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’–
comrade182 : What is profile generation?
rufio_for_rubio : Agreed! #RufioForRubio
theawesomedudefishkitten : Yesh, prolife.
ggryphonite : Amen!
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The unborn are human beings, and this is a scientific fact. Not a religious opinion, not a guess or gut feeling, but a scientific fact. They're just as human as you or I, we're just more developed. But in value? We're all the same, the unborn included. Some say I should feel remorse for this, or that I'm stupid for believing in this, but I believe ALL human beings are entitled to their natural rights, including (but not limited to) their right to life, the unborn included. No one human being is more important than the other, therefore nobody should have the right to terminate and innocent life. Support life πŸ’ž #Qotd; What's your opinion on feminism? #Prolife #prolifegen #protecttheunborn #endabortion #endabortionnow #lifematters #lifeisbeautiful #lifestartsatconception #adoption #not #abortion #antiabortion #stand4life #lovethemboth #abortionkills
protecttheunborn - endabortionnow - prolifegen - stand4life - abortionkills - lifematters - lifeisbeautiful - lifestartsatconception - qotd - prolife - not - abortion - adoption - antiabortion - endabortion - lovethemboth -
fightforlyfe : @beautifully_flawed_rose Actually, Pregnancy Crisis Centers and other private charities are available to provide finical assistance to moms. Besides, isn't it belittling to say money justifies abortion? Most people who claim to be unable to afford child can in fact do so, they'd just have to stop partying and going out every night.
beautifully_flawed_rose : @fightforlyfe money justifies it to me. Who is going to fund my pregnancy?
fightforlyfe : @beautifully_flawed_rose Statiscally, you are. But if you truly are the literal 1% or less (assuming you live in Western society) that can't afford a child, CPC's and other private charities. I've already addressed this issue?
fightforlyfe : I don't understand; why do you assume I only have the mental capacity to care for only one branch of humanity? I care about all human beings. And the unborn are not mere cells as your pathos seems to unfairly dictate. It's an irrefutable scientific fact that the unborn are in fact human beings, therefore your contention is unscientific. If you really think about it you'll find that there are only 4 major differences between the born and unborn; Environment, size, level of development, and (not including newborns/etc, as they're still very dependent on their mothers) physical dependency. And if these differences are really enough for you to say; "yes, there's a difference (in value and humanity)!" I then will have some questions; Will I become more human when my brain finishes developing? Am I more human than a dialysis patient? Or a young child? After all, that would strongly imply that gaining full humanity is a gradual process and not an instant event. Moving on, here are some specific quotes debunking your stance entirely; "The development of a human being begins at conception...the two cells unite to give rise to a new organism." { Langman, Jan. Medical Embryology. 3rd Edition. }
fightforlyfe : I don't; you just have a ridiculous notion that granting everyone natural rights means I care more about some than others. : But what if the mother would die during the birth process? Which is common reason for abortion. What then?
fightforlyfe : Common? Life saving abortions account for less than 1% of abortions. More late term abortions happen than life saving ones. You have an odd definition of common, especially for someone who's trying to belittle me for addressing late term abortions. Anyway, its incorrect to assume that we need an abortion to save the mothers life. They're more than two options. : That doesn't answer my question though. If giving birth would put the mother's life in danger, who should we save? The unborn fetus who will grow up without a mom and isn't even remotely alive yet. Or the mother who has contributed to society, and has people who really love her who'd be devastated if she died?
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Where does your state stand on unborn victims of violence? #prolife #unborn #righttolife #whywemarch #endabortion #protecttheunborn #prolifegeneration #abortion #respectlife #tcot #coleg #antiabortion #fetus #preborn #humanrights #lifematters
preborn - fetus - tcot - lifematters - humanrights - endabortion - prolife - prolifegeneration - righttolife - protecttheunborn - abortion - antiabortion - unborn - respectlife - whywemarch - coleg -
mollykuhl1219 : @katechristian31
katechristian31 : @mollykuhl1219 wow that surprises me
lady_trice : Full coverage in AR!
sweet._.caroline : Yay ohio!
prolifeforbabies : Partial in CA πŸ˜”
samicornetta : conflicting πŸ˜“
actuallyreagan : Yay for Kansas
theoppheads : Disappointed with Iowa....
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Lives are lives! This is a repost. #endabortion #VIVA #veryimportantveryadored #lovesaysno
endabortion - viva - veryimportantveryadored - lovesaysno -
Before I give you my take on the common Pro Choice argument "if the fetus was born gay, would you still protect its rights/still be against abortion?" I feel its only fair to first give you my take on gay marriage. I personally am not for the legalization of gay marriage. Simply because, I don't believe the government should be involved in marriages at all. You should only need to consent of a private institution to get married, not a license. Morally, I oppose gay marriage as I'm a Christian. However, I 100% condemn bullying against queer people as I condemn all bullying. I also don't believe being gay is a conscious choice, but I also don't believe its genetic. With that out of the way, this argument is completely ridiculous. Let's assume for a moment that ALL pro lifers are Christians, and that all Christians are against gay marriage. Why would you assume this, in our minds, justifies killing? Taking a life is taking a life, plain and simple, no ifs or buts about it. And even with that out of the way, they're plenty of gay Pro Lifers out there along with Pro Lifers who don't oppose gay marriage at all. That's my take on this ridiculous excuse for an "argument". #Qotd; What's your opinion on the Pro Choice argument "if the fetus is gay would you still be opposed to killing them?" #Prolife #protecttheunborn #endabortion #endabortionnow #lifematters #lifeisbeautiful #life #probaby #antiabortion #stand4life #antiabortion #adoption #not #abortion #abortionismurder #lovethemboth
life - protecttheunborn - endabortionnow - probaby - stand4life - lifematters - lifeisbeautiful - qotd - prolife - abortionismurder - not - abortion - adoption - antiabortion - endabortion - lovethemboth -
dxddypayne : Agree so much
sluttyasexual : Okay so...what if a woman was going to die if she gave birth to a child she wishes to abort?
woahitschriselle : "I also don't believe that being gay is a conscious choice, but I also don't believe it's genetic" YES. YES YES YES. SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT!!!!
salty.soil : What the fuck is this bullshit propaganda failure?
fightforlyfe : @salty.soil Uh, this post was created in response to the common Pro Choice "argument", 'if the fetus is gay will you still protect their rights?'. So, no propaganda here, merely an answer to it.
fightforlyfe : @voldemole @i.choose.choice I'm sorry, how is subtracting government completely from the equation difficult to comprehend? I don't believe the government should be involved in marriage at all. Thus, there's no reason to legalize nor ban it because you can't regulate something you're not apart of.
fightforlyfe : @sluttyasexual I think its a bit illogical and medically inaccurate to assume that an abortion is the only way to save women in those dire situations. There are more than two outcomes.
salty.soil : Actually I'm going to apologize for this one. I read the image and not the post below. I am truly sorry for that one.
plainswolf - thechristianteenager - stef_ofhfs - catholic.lady_ -
Interesting point! When aborting a child you are aborting a potential, doctor, best friend, senator, even a gay friend! Who are you to decide if someone gets to live their life or not? Who are you to decide if someone's live is even worth living? Every unborn child is worthy of life! #ProLife#ProChoice#EndAbortion
endabortion - prochoice - prolife -
rice_kristies : This post is everything
shayleighgrimm : Exactly! But don't say this too loud, the pro-choicers heads would explode. Too much truth.
zee_hga : No abortion, no gay rights.
cburnside_ : yes oh my gosh this is a great way to think about it
turkeyzdad : @missfemenism
ccarabajal12 : You're shitting me right? I wish I could donate money for research on how to cure how stupid you are
warmothally : This is seriously my favorite thing right now.
thekathleenestrella : Life is not our choice. It is God's most precious gift. The world would be a very dismal place without our guy and lesbian brothers, sisters, daughters and sons. Why do people have such a hard time valuing all life? As if they were so perfect. Everyone is a work in progress. If you think there is only hope for you, then your are hopeless.
shayleighgrimm - vanniebug37 - jen_koning11 - itsmariasgrams -
I can't be the only one who believes its ridiculous to have an entire day obsessing over our planet and yet not even give an entire stage of humanity human rights? Happy Earth Day everyone { Its also National Jelly Bean Day, I think 😳 } #Prolife #prolifegen #protecttheunborn #endabortion #endabortionnow #lifematters #lifeisbeautiful #lifestartsatconception #antiabortion #adoption #not #abortion #lovethemboth
prolife - protecttheunborn - endabortionnow - not - prolifegen - abortion - lifeisbeautiful - antiabortion - lifematters - adoption - endabortion - lifestartsatconception - lovethemboth -
katiedapanda : Whatever but I did not say I did consider your evidence or not, I simply said she clearly did and spoke on behalf of her. And infact, I did. I checked out your link and your comments, fabulous.
fightforlyfe : @yogsturtles Clearly we're referring to two different pictures then, because there's animated ones on both your links.
yogsturtles : Okay lemme check them
yogsturtles : Look at em
yogsturtles : *dm
yogsturtles : Check dm pls
yogsturtles : For me? :3
yogsturtles : Hey you should check dm!
100happydaysofmadkat - deanwillstand - meninistbabe - mary.kayla -
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈIt is impossible to claim that I do not love America. I love #America; however, our nation is not perfect. Approximately 57 million abortions have been preformed in America alone since it was legalized in January of 1973 by the infamous Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions. We are a nation built off of the radical idea that we are all entitled to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." As #prolife people, we can not stop until that is a reality for all people. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
humanlife - stopabortion - republican - antiobama - christian - protecttheunborn - prolifegen - personhood - antiabortion - abortionkills - abort - abortions - conservatives - endabortion - impeachobama - nobama - america - prolifegeneration - catholic - chooselife - prolife - standforlife - abortion - conservative - stand4life - republicans - liberallogic - whywemarch -
thebugman_1986 : Do you have a twitter account?
prolifechristian : @thebugman_1986 I'm sorry I do not
thebugman_1986 : Ok I was just checking. There are a lot of like minded people on there. I love your posts
ahlixx14 : Hi! Sorry for bothering, but I just have a question: what if a woman was raped? Like if she consented to sex it would be different but since she didn't, is it still wrong to get an abortion in your opinion?
prolifechristian : @ahlixx14 Rape is horrible, evil, and disgusting. It is many times worse than murder. I do not believe we punish the rapist enough, if he is punished at all. Unfortunately people often blame the victim rather than supporting her. We can all agree women who have gone through such a horrible experience need a lot of attention and love. People conceived in rape are not worth less in my eyes than anyone conceived out of love. Why should our response to violence be more violence?
random.girl.101 : Abortion shaming is wrong. It's not an easy decision to make and it's not an easy thing to live with. Also, why should you get to make a choice for someone else's life?
ahlixx14 : I agree with your opinion on rape. But women who keep the baby are more likely to reject their child bc every time they look they remember the emotional trauma caused by the rapist. Also, the rapist can win visitation rights whether the woman keeps the child or not, which can make the rapist see the woman often, and therefore making the trauma of the rape last longer. And if the woman did not consent, then she was not prepared for pregnancy and did not plan ahead, and might not be able to take care of said child, not to mention the physical and mental difficulties of being pregnant and giving birth.
soccerunitedworld : Stop. the fetus is living also, and just because its living off you dosent give u the option to kill it. @random.girl.101
havaii_rainbow - soccerunitedworld - meninistbabe - equallifepro -
When Ashely asks about her mother I tell her... She was a piano player and she died in birth...I don't wanna tell my little sister her mother believed her life was only worth 950 dollars... My father has full custody of me, my 11 year old sister Ashely and my 10 year old adopted sister haley.. Abortion should be stopped.. Unless you have been raped or you may die is the only time it's okay... But woman can do horrid things like this..they can do what my mother did to my father... Or They can kill the child without even telling the father, they can kill a child just because... My mother was a whore and I hope she over doses..I hope she dies.. And burns in hell... #abortion #prolife #stopabortion #endabortion #antifeminst
stopabortion - prolife - antifeminst - abortion - endabortion -
maria_kais14 : That is so sad! 😒 My teacher had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and she prayed that she would have the baby's body. She did and she told us how the fingers and nails and toes were already grown and how big the baby was😑 I hate abortion, its just so sick!!
the_grim_star_ : Sadness...
emilyn1cole : So you're against killing a fetus but you hope your mother dies
_why_internet_why_ : Yeah because she was a bitch.. She abused my father both mentally and physically... Cheated on him.. Used my sisters life as a game piece.... Stole money from my grandmother she isn't worth life she has she's not worth anything.. @emilyn1cole now she's trying to sue my father for his own mother wealth...
the_grim_star_ : Did you not read what his mother put them through?! It seems like You believe a woman that used her child's life to get money for her own sick reasons... And cheated On her husband, was cruel to her living son saying he was a privilege bastard deserves a life more then an innocent child... Your sick lady.. @emilyn1cole
the_grim_star_ : Look at this you got bitches that side with what the mother did!!! OMG @deadkidsdreams
deadkidsdreams : ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ @emilyn1cole U NEED TO CHILL What if this happened you you ? Seek death.
karathehippie : @emilyn1cole I hear you. Fighting fire with fire is illogical.
_why_internet_why_ - kejames13 - youngblood.winchester.hunters - lunershadow -
Life is beautiful! #prolife #oh4life #ohio #standforlife #chooselife #endabortion #prolifegen #prolifeyouth
prolifeyouth - chooselife - prolife - prolifegen - standforlife - oh4life - endabortion - ohio -
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Babies and #Abort73 tees go great together! Thanks to @mnandln625 for sharing this pic of her #freeshirt. #beawitness #wearashirt #endabortion #NotAllisGolden
beawitness - freeshirt - endabortion - notallisgolden - abort73 - wearashirt -
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Exactly!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’˜
jesussaves - straightpride - turntojesus - idonthateanyone - abortionismurder - abortionkills - endanortionnow - goddontmakemistakes - youneedjesus - endabortion - homosexualityisasin - transdontexist - america - deliveranceinthelord - lordjesuschrist - sapiosexual - nohomo - jesuschrist - bible - onemanonewoman - aromantic - scriptureisclear - jesuslover - demisexual - onenationthathatesgod - biblicalmarriage - americarepent - cispride - traditionalmarriage - homosexualityiswrong -
pensivepositive : Note: most of the following tags do not reflect my beliefs πŸ’— #endabortion #endanortionnow #abortionkills #jesuslover #idonthateanyone #biblicalmarriage #onemanonewoman #nohomo #goddontmakemistakes #scriptureisclear #deliveranceinthelord #homosexualityisasin #homosexualityiswrong #demisexual #aromantic #traditionalmarriage #transdontexist #jesuschrist #turntojesus #americarepent #jesussaves #abortionismurder #onenationthathatesgod #youneedjesus #america #lordjesuschrist #cispride #straightpride #bible #sapiosexual
noonharvest : Hell yeah
its_hecate_bitch : Lol but these are the same people shouting that outlawing firearms won't stop criminals from purchasing them so πŸ˜’πŸ”«
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Louisiana State Rep. Lenar Whitney has filed a bill to protect unborn babies from sex-selective abortions. Unborn baby girls are disproportionately the targets of prenatal discrimination. The bill is crafted using model legislation from National Right to Life. πŸ’ŸπŸšΊ #prolife #righttolife #abortion #prowoman #humanrights #stand4life #alllivesmatter #prolifegeneration #endabortion #preauxlife #stopabortion #whywemarch #womendeservebetter
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swainsrus : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good news!
tackscollector : #godblesslouisiana
texascopywriter : I hope it passes!
miss.anja : @caseydillalynn
madam_impossible : Proud of my state! Please pass!
katechristian31 : @lesliemduffield so random but I think the two of you resemble each other! Not totally but when I first saw the pic I thought it was you :)
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Happy Earth Day! Picture from @studentsforlife #ProLife#ProLifeYouth#EndAbortion
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hopelessdreamerrs : @tomthetyrant Forgive me but I don't believe you. Actually, don't. I don't need you to. But arguing this way is pointless- I'm not going to change my mind and neither are you. So, thanks for teaching me that all kinds of people exist. And, btw, if you have such a problem with people calling you what you've named yourself yourself, then maybe you should change your username?
tomthetyrant : @hopelessdreamerrs you will be in my prayers that is best right now and my username was a nickname given to me by my friends as joke
hopelessdreamerrs : @tomthetyrant you kept it as your username nonetheless.
tomthetyrant : @hopelessdreamerrs whatever I'll pray for ya
hopelessdreamerrs : @tomthetyrant thanks for your unexpected kindness right there
tomthetyrant : @hopelessdreamerrs lol u need them
hopelessdreamerrs : @tomthetyrant I'm just going to say thanks again because I honestly don't have the time for this
tomthetyrant : @hopelessdreamerrs lol see ya
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Happy #earthday #prolife #endabortion #treehuggers #red #republican #gop #conservative
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Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains. #prolife #oh4life #babies #sleepingbaby #chooselife #abortion #endabortion #standforlife #ohio
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That's right 7.... This is how feminist have made the youth of America feel towards children... I hope you die you unholy murdering whore!!!! #prolife #pregnant #baby #savethebabies #stopabortion #endabortion #fightforlife #babies #protectthechildren #antifeminst #feminiazi #stopfeminism
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lukejoiner99 : @imdisgustingandfat Like I just said- if you don't want a baby, don't have sex. I don't see how somebody could have an abortion and still consider themself a human being.
lukejoiner99 : H@hA @_eleite_
imdisgustingandfat : Have you ever been raped? @_eleite_ Probably not because if you had been, you'd have fucking respect for those that have been.
imdisgustingandfat : @lukejoiner99 If you don't want an abortion, don't get one!
_why_internet_why_ : Oh wow I didn't see that this.. 😐 surprising
_cheston_ : @imdisgustingandfat We're talking about fetuses here, not toddlers. Stop fucking bringing up children to insult me and tell me I'm wrong when you're off subject. Yes, killing a LIVING THING is murder.
_eleite_ : @imdisgustingandfat how do I have no respect for those that have been raped because I'm pro life? and seriously I don't see why rape victims need so much respect, they're just normal people that have gone through a traumatic experience, and a lot of people have gone through traumatic experiences
theblueberryhill : Nice!
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It's been 42 long years. My mother was in middle school when the infamous Roe vs. Wade case was decided. She still remembers that my extremely pro-life grandmother responded to the decision by buying several boxes full of pro-life pamphlets that they disseminated all over town. That was their part in fighting Roe v. Wade. Being #prolife doesn't just mean that you stand against abortion, it means that you stand up to it. My part (obviously) is my Instagram account. Through this account I have met so many people who did their part in standing up to abortion: from choosing life instead of having an abortion, leaving Planned Parenthood, volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers, posting about it on social media, you name it. Let's all not only stand AGAINST but stand UP to Roe vs. Wade.
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stephanirizzimelendez : @grayzer86 Every abortion ends a is murder. Less than 1% are performed to "save the woman's life"...& it shouldn't be a Choice. Your callous attitude toward ending the life of a precious child is so sad & disturbing.
grayzer86 : Those are hardly comparable issues. @oklahomaconservative I never sad my morals have high ground here. I said that I should not have to live according to YOUR morals. I do not support any of the things you mentioned, and also they are illegal anyway. My stance is that until it is born the fetus is physically a dependant part of the woman's body. If the parent knows full well they can in no way care for the child, and it will have a terrible life, what should they do? What if the fetus is created due to a rape? I'm curious to know your stance on this? I'm not here trying to force you to change your mind, I am simply stating the other side of this issue. If you know the foster system as well as I do, you know the life many of these children live, neglect, abuse, molestation, even death. Is this a better option? Not every child that is born and given up, to even kept will live a happy life either.
jorgeeduardo_27 : @itschristian_15
mr._humphrey : @grayzer86 If a baby is born, it is still dependent on the mother. If a mother chose to have a baby at home and leave it in the crib until it starved to death, the baby would have no alternative. Total dependence. Is it the mother's right to do this?
mr._humphrey : @grayzer86 Saying, "Well, the mother could give the baby away," still REQUIRES some of her effort be given to a dependent organism. It requires that she take her body and give its energy to another. If you think a mother is criminally negligent for neglecting her baby, then you agree that it's okay to mandate that another person give their energy to a dependent, you just disagree about how much of that energy.
eschaller21 : @grayzer86 πŸ™4⃣β†ͺοΈπŸ’Ÿ
oklahomaconservative : If you actually think a human fetus is a part of its mother's body, then you are simply uneducated. According to several sources, there are seven characteristics of living things, and they are used frequently to determine whether or not something is alive. The human embryo meets all seven of them, and is therefore independently alive. My morals have no high ground over yours, but my scientific FACTS do. @grayzer86
benny_the_sprout : I'm an 11 week old fetus. I'm on a mission to show the world what I look like!
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I got a question for you guys ( please someone answer ) should I get a co-partner like someone to help me with the account? Can't wait to here your feedback. #prolife #prochoice #abortion #endabortion #savetheunborn
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soccerunitedworld : I suggest it, but make sure the person is trust worthy, it helps a lot
freemanagogo : @mikeplunk
prolife4children : For sure @soccerunitedworld
_why_internet_why_ : Posted my reason I'm against abortion the main reason anyway
gabbymarie43 : My mother was unable to have kids and spent years taking fertility drugs to get pregnant, miraculously, after thousands of prayers she has 3 kids. So many women are like her but never get to have kids, I wish women who have unwanted kids would put them up for adoption rather than kill them
prolife4children : Exactly! There are so many people that would take those kids instead of murdering them. @gabbymarie43
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