#EmpireEmpire #eeiwale @eeiwale
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tessa.jpg : In Gainesville right?
xstandforitx : @tessa.jpg Orlando and jackons vile this week, then they'll be doing a full us tour soon.
xstandforitx : Jacksonville*
tessa.jpg : Oh sweet orlando too! thank you so much :-)
xstandforitx : @tessa.jpg Orlando on Friday with Early November at The Social!
tessa.jpg : Will their us tour include fl? Cause Idk if I'll get to see them Friday. :/
xstandforitx : @tessa.jpg I'm not 100% sure on the routing but I know it's a long tour, so highly likely.
ourowleyes : u look so soulful here @eeiwale I miss u @eeiwale :-)
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You wanted more @eeiwale hardcover graphic novels, and we listened! Get them at cylsrecords.com before they are gone again! #empireempire #cyls #cylsrecords #countyourluckystars
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_haydenwhitten : Anyway I could trade a paperback preorder and add the difference!? 😁
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Yo! Surprise house show tonight at Exponent Manor with #empireempire #warrenfranklin #secretstuff @ 8pm $5 for touring bands, come hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🇮🇹🐴
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imandrewparks : AHAHAH
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We are playing at 2:00 on the Kia Soul stage for the Nashville Vans Warped Tour! Come see us! <3 #empireempire #warpedtour #nashville
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normannormann : #tpomontour
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Thanks to all of you who made it out to Subterranean early on Saturday! We had a great time with @theearlynovember and #empireempire! The next show is August 30th at The Beat Kitchen! #mightyfox #chicago #music @beatkitchenbar @thehowlchicago @iomtband @red_cent_music
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Emotional music at its finest #empireempire #emo #music
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Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate @ Subterranean, Chicago IL #empireempireiwasalonelyestate #empireempire #eeiwale #subterranean #chicago #emo
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melloncxllie : damn you go to the best gigs
swans.jpg : @melloncxllie I'll slow down eventually :')
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New favourite shirt 😎 #empireempireiwasalonelyestate #empireempire #eeiwale #emo #bandshirt
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Rally the Troops! Poke Holes in Their Defenses! Line Our Coffers with Their Coffins! - Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate @ Subterranean, Chicago IL #empireempireiwasalonelyestate #empireempire #eeiwale #emo #subterranean #chicago
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omessylifex : so lovely <3
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How to Make Love Stay - Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate @ Subterranean, Chicago IL #empireempire #empireempireiwasalonelyestate #emo #eeiwale #subterranean #chicago
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This album forever. #empireempire #iwasalonelyestate #emo #twinkledaddies #bedtimejams
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brandi.xo : follow me?? 🌸🔪
max_d_tho : @brandi.xo no.
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#EmpireEmpire #Chicago #Subterranean #LiveMusic #RockfordConnection #WarrenFranklinAndTheFoundingFathers
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digitalsummer : cool
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Was lucky enough to see #empireempire tonight #empire #music #acoustic #live #lansing
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Another surprise after a long day at work! They included a fucking starburst...so rad. Someone invite me out for a crazy night of shenanigans so I'll have an excuse to wear this sweater. Maybe I'll give you the starburst idk most likely not but still.
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queenofcarrotflowers_ : #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscophile #empireempire #iwasalonelyestate
_anthonyluu_ : I'll trade you my yellow starburst for that red one, deal?
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<3 #empireempire#
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Here is a new set of lyrics called "Foxfire". Preorder the new LP, "You Will Eventually Be Forgotten" from @cylsrecords or @topshelfrecords now! Empireempire.com #empireempire #cylsrecords #topshelfrecords #lyrics
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lukeneverhome : Last line is tops.
quackvin : Oooooh yeah :D last line is tight
xstonehandsx : This hits home so fucking hard
doubledduarte : Foxfire, that's my favorite Internet browser!
anevilmuffin : More reasons to look forward to the new LP. That one hit right in the feels.
leggacycontinues : Shit's money.
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"Does the moon have a purpose?" she inquired of Prince Charming. Prince Charming pretended that she had asked a silly question. Perhaps she had. The elicited response: Albert Camus wrote that the only serious question is whether to kill yourself or not. Tom Robbins wrote that the only serious question is whether time has a beginning and an end. Camus clearly got up on the wrong side of the bed, and Robins must have forgotten to set the alarm. There is only one serious question. And that is: Who knows how to make love stay? Answer me that and I will tell you whether or not to kill yourself; Answer me that and I will ease your mind about the beginning and the end of time; Answer me that and I will reveal to you the purpose of the moon. ~ "Still Life With Woodpecker"
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traangphaam : What's one of the books you recommend?!
dearestdustin : Tell love that you just serial shoplifted from every 7-11 within a 10 mile radius of your house
violentbuddhist : Wake love up in the middle of the night. Tell it the world is on fire. Dash to the bedroom window and pee out of it. Casually return to bed and assure love that everything is going to be all right. Fall asleep. Love will be there in the morning. @dearestdustin
violentbuddhist : @traangphaam Sylvia Plath for one- tragic, depressing and bitter. Her poems and prose pieces reflects it and I own 'Ariel', but her writing is borderline nonsense for someone who won't spend the time to interpret and dissect it. Anaïs Nin is a very poetic French author known for her eroticas. I own 'Delta of Venus' and there are always excerpts of her work passing through my tumblr dash.
violentbuddhist : #tomrobbins #stilllifewithwoodpecker #barnesandnoble #book #vsco #canon #love #howtomakelovestay #ladispute #empireempire
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Band bowling challenge before the show. I got axed because I am an old man and didn't want to throw out my back. Order of finish: 1) Warren Franklin* 2) Ben of @annabelohio 3) Bullet Bill of @theearlynovember 4) Nick :( *Won using bumpers #empireempire
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facey_gray : "Welcome to Madball's 20 Lanes"
droopy_81 : U guys suck :p
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Love watching @theearlynovember kill it night after night. This tour rules, preorder went so well. We are on @nprmusic. Life is good right now :) #empireempire
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johnrauda : Yo dude when are you gonna be In NC?
skramdon : Wish I could've come out tonight :<
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paulmauerx : jelous. hope it was awesome. @kristin.lee.b
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The @eeiwale "You Will Eventually Be Forgotten" Pre-Orders are now up! Get yours before they are gone! We have an exclusive color and shirt. So does @topshelfrecords. Grab the graphic novel illustrated by @bensears too! And after doing all that, stream a new song at @NPRMusic featuring Bob Nanna from @braidofficial on guest vocals. BEST DAY cylsrecords.com #cyls #cylsrecords #empireempire #eeiwale #YWEBF #braid #NPR #NPRMusic
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_haydenwhitten : Pre order done! Too bad im at stupid work and couldn't snag a hardcover of ribbon 😪
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IT'S FINALLY TIME! Pre-order our new record now from @cylsrecords and @topshelfrecords. Both have exclusive shirts/colors! Get the amazing novel illustrated by @bensears. AND THEN STREAM A NEW SONG ON @NPRMusic, the coolest of all sites with the coolest of cool guest vocals from Bob Nana of @braidcentral. Life rules empireempire.com #empireempire #cyls #cylsrecords #topshelf #topshelfrecords #npr #braid #muisc #NPRMusic #YWEBF
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jbseeley : Yay! Black sold out fast!!
yessylove : Omg want so bad, I need money!😩
matthewdurand_ : Last time I checked black 180 gram was still available on topshelf, or you can get one of the bundles if they are still available. @forshamie
matthewdurand_ : Nvm
fuktchatt : Finally!
geek_maggot_bingo : Just ordered it!
jbseeley : Oh God, the new song on NPR is amazing <3
actuallytrash : I'm abroad save one for me pls
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MAIL DAY. #countyourluckystars #empireempireiwasalonelyestate #empireempire #youwillsoonbeforgotten #empire!
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kristin.lee.b : I am waiting for them to go on stage right now!
paulmauerx : @kristin.lee.b lucky. they haven't been out west in a while. I'm bummed.
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Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - When The Sea Became A Giant | Baby Blue | 150 #vinyl #vinylcollective #vc #vinylparty #empireempire #cylsrecords #countyourluckystars #emo #indie #rock #poppunk #punk #punkrock #music #records #nowspinning #obsessed #love
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I love this album, last night was surreal, everything's weird and I'm 17 now so I'm going to pretend to be an adult and stop talking about feelings because you get into trouble with them regardless. #empireempire #iwasalonelyestate #music #album #emo #sad #birthday #band #albumcover
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liveatthebridge : 😘😘😘
juliathechink : this album is life
the.earthpushedback : @juliathechink I completely agree, they're great
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@cylsrecords #empireempire @yourunmarathons We love Keith.
empireempire -
matthewdurand_ : @rdstailey why can't I be friends with you guys? Best band
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One of them nights where I listen to #twinkly #emo and #turnt up. #bedtimejams #snowing #empireempire #iwasalonelyestate #foxing
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stevendelucry : You're Killin it in the sad boy department
patrickbrigance : What app did you use to edit this
max_d_tho : @patrickbrigance I used picframe to get it in line, then squaready to center it
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Keith playing a track from the new album
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cfusc : #empireempire #cyls
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Empire! Empire! (I Am No Longer Afraid To Die) ?
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cfusc : #empireempire #cyls
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Sad but true
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arcticsleds : And so are nerds
ggrin : Ты лох епта
iamnerdpunk : #cyls
iamnerdpunk : #Empireempire
iamnerdpunk : Emo are loosers
sasha_drook : Я тут в одном докладе читал про эмерей на концерте Токио хотел
pollyhatespeople : (((((
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Guess what?! We are the Record of the Week at Pirates Press! Take a sneak peak at what our records look like! Pre-orders will be up soon, pick which color you want and hopefully you are fast enough to get it when they go up Here is the pressing info: 250 Black- 180 Gram 375 Bone 375 Silver 500 Splatter: Milky Clear Base with Baby Blue + Hot Pink + Easter Yellow 500 Color in Color- Ultra Clear Base with Cyan Blue The Count Your Lucky Stars Records exclusive is Bone and the Topshelf Records exclusive is Silver ♥♥♥ #cylsrecords #topshelfrecords #empireempire
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ewokk6 : @greyhate
erks_ : So excited. Have all your records and splits.
matthewdurand_ : "Soon" As in today?
adambaillargeon : gotta catch em all
holdfastandbrave : @callmechainsaw
xmorax : omg when are pre orders tho
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Such nice guys
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ohaisofia : #EmpireEmpire
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#Regram NOW for your chance to #WIN a pair of tickets to @TheEarlyNovember with #ICanMakeAMess, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), and @MightyFoxmusic at @SubTchicago! @riserecords @cylsrecords #empireempire #mightyfox #theearlynovember #acoustic #ticketgiveaway #kickstandproductions
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