Shannons first day of big school.. #emotionalshit
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I have my days #emotionalshit
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Getting attached to TV shows is not a good idea, cried like a big kid watching the end of True Blood #imsodone #bigeyes #canthandlemuchmore #emotionalshit #cried #TrueBlood #sadlifeofan18yearold #imashamed
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Well. I left Oakland, the bay area yesterday and went straight to the Sequoias so no service. Anyway. I can't believe that my journey in the bay is over . I've met so many amazing people and have had some of the best memories someone could ask for, the bay and all of you hold such a special place in my heart. I couldn't of asked for better people in my life you guys have no idea . I will always love the bay but it is time for me to.move on. The next chapter in my life starts with a cross country toad trip and a new home in NY. I couldn't of asked for a better way to end my journey in the bay than having drinks with all you lovely people, you know who you, are and seeing brand new . you all will be dearly missed and I can't wait to see where our lives take us. This isn't a good bye this Is I'll see you later. Please don't be a stranger I would love to hear and keep in touch with every single one of you. Here's to new beginnings πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #moving #oakland #bayarea #sanfrancisco #brandnew #friends #newadventures #emotionalshit #illmissyouall #roadtrip #foxtheater
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rachelllescobar : Thanks for lookin out @gracethedaisy love you to!!! @vivaelleon miss you too @lafemmedaily thank you!!!!@starshorty510
ohhhwillyyy : Congrats! I hope it's everything and more then you imagine and hope for! Life is definitely about taking leaps and exiting your comfort zone! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
rachelllescobar : Thank you!!! I'm excited and nervous! Ahaha @ohhhwillyyy
thereal_asshole : Stay safe guys, and will see you soon..
_amyruiz_ : See you soon ❀️
rachelllescobar : Thanks and See you guys soon! @thereal_asshole @_amyruiz_
fedgeisdamaged : Good luck
rachelllescobar : Thank you!!! @fedgeisdamaged
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Cursed insomnia, if only I could hear that voice I know it could soothe my aching mind. - It's funny how anyone talking to you or touching you in any way can all feel the same but once you hear a certain voice your mind starts racing and you get butterflies, they give the slightest touch and your heart races, your spine tingles, you get this chill across your skin, when they kiss you you feel weightless, they hold you and there's absolutely nothing in the world that could possibly be better. All that other girly romance stuff. But you live so far from them.. It sucks so fucking bad.. --- #Insomnia #Emotion #EmotionalShit #Emotional #Romance #Romanticism #Romantic #HopelessRomantic #Space #MilkyWay #Galaxy #Eh
emotion - romantic - space - hopelessromantic - emotionalshit - insomnia - romanticism - romance - milkyway - emotional - galaxy - eh - : πŸ‘
angedpix : @surrealist_nightmare sometimes the person we love has to be somewhere else. But we can still have them in our hearts and know we are blessed . If they are in a good place we can be happy for them . That is love πŸ’•
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#NowIWantIceCream #CookieDoughIceCream #PleaseAndThankYou #PleasePleasePlease #EvenThoughIFeelLikePuking #PeriodIssues #PeriodProblems #MenstrualCycle #EmotionalShit #PeriodsGetMeFeelingSomeTypeOfWay #SucksAss #YouHaveNoIdea
pleasepleaseplease - cookiedoughicecream - nowiwanticecream - emotionalshit - pleaseandthankyou - vaglife - sucksass - periodproblems - eventhoughifeellikepuking - youhavenoidea - periodissues - periodsgetmefeelingsometypeofway - hollah - menstrualcycle -
arojas95 : #VagLife #Hollah
__nina_xox : Ifeel you girl @arojas95
aimscourtney : πŸ˜‚ @sarahhwells_ @omgitsgenevieve @chloedimariaxxx
terriannetrivett : @diana__amy πŸ˜‚
vivianaa._ : @nildadiaz_
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Repost from @mama__comer #5thsquad missing it's #squadleader @portiz4391 #wardogkingrespects #threethouwows #threethouvows @comedog #reunion @devjr23 #clarky #atcomers #byebyeparty #imnottallerthanhim #deception #loveyoududes #Kobe #kobeshit #emotionalshit #doggawwwn
atcomers - winetip - emotionalshit - loveyoududes - 5thsquad - youshouldknowmebetterthanthat - threethouvows - kobeshit - squadleader - reunion - kobe - imnottallerthanhim - deception - blacknmild - wardogkingrespects - byebyeparty - threethouwows - clarky - doggawwwn -
nellyc19 : Umm why is there a cig in ur hand?
dantint : Uhmmmm @nellyc19 #blacknmild #youshouldknowmebetterthanthat
dantint : #winetip
portiz4391 : @nellyc19 he was holding it for me! @dantint I was wondering about that height difference there. Wore your fucking heels.
nellyc19 : Better be a black n mild lmao πŸ˜‰
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How lucky am I to have something so hard to say goodbye too? You're my favorite person Deeej, & I miss you so much already, but I promise these four months are gonna fly by. #emotionalshit , I'll see you soon bb, keep your chin up.
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chef_boi_r_dj : thanks emils. im so happy to have u in my life. thoughts of u will make the time pass
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And I'm gonna continue being stubborn (against the advice of another). F dis #EmotionalShit *goes back to playin 2k*
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Alexithymia (n.): The inability to experience or verbally describe emotions. - It's something I suffer from. It greatly hinders me from having worthwhile relationships, both friendship and romance. It really sucks not being able to communicate how I truly feel. And whenever I try to I choke up and worry that I'll say something sincere but it'll make the other person uncomfortable and I'll lose them as a friend or significant other. So I always seem so insincere. I just wish I had better communication skills... --- #Alexithymia #EmotionalShit #Love #Friendship #Awkwardness #Awkward #NoCommunicationSkills #Emotion #Emotions #Feels
emotion - love - awkward - alexithymia - awkwardness - nocommunicationskills - emotionalshit - emotions - feels - friendship -
mint_sherpa : I can feel you there 😐
surrealist_nightmare : @mint_sherpa It's such an unfortunate nuisance..
hermitcrabbb : I want to be around for ever moment of your expression. You help me express myself and I will help you express yourself. Look how far we have come. Together we are strong and nothing can stop us
surrealist_nightmare : @hermitcrabbb I'm so lucky to have someone like you by my side. I don't think I could make it much further without you
mint_sherpa : @surrealist_nightmare @hermitcrabbb you guys are totally adorable.
surrealist_nightmare : @mint_sherpa Thank you
oinkay : it's just three words and they mean everything in the world <3
angedpix : @surrealist_nightmare communicate with your heart. Love is shown by actions more than words x
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So I thought if you say we'll be friends forever, you actually meant it.πŸ˜”πŸ˜• #emotionalshit
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the_connorstevenson : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_mxggan : on the real you're a babe
skypickles11 : ^
ashtag101 : Lol your lips make a heart @2_sexie_noah_pocklington
fly_fo_dayzz : Swerve kegs he has a gf(; @deeva_kegs
maddiehunter_5 : Fierce face
fion_fino : πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
lowkeeyqasimm : Follow back??πŸ˜„
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#hegetsme #drizzy #takecare #emotionalshit #doingitwrong
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my dickens lot, goodbye pat 😒 #charlesdickens #staffselfie #cyapat #emotionalshit
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5 years being best friends with this cheeky fucker and not 1 arguement! 😘 true besto πŸ‘­ #bestfriend #jogging #friendship #whitagram #emotionalshit
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emilyholloway01 : πŸ˜ͺ cute as mun
bethan1998 : Totes emosh πŸ˜₯ @emilyholloway01
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Some things are just supposed to be misunderstood. #life #emotionalshit #itiswhatitis #blackandwhite #artsyshit
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#emotionalshit #myniggas #love #besties #throwback #instapic
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38 days and it feels like eternity. #misshim #emotionalshit #quote
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Some things once you've loved them, become yours forever and if you try to let them go, they only circle back and return to you. They become part of who you are or they destroy you. #TrueStory #Love #Loyalty #RelationshipProblems #RelationshipTips #RelationshipAdvice #Relationships #brokenheart #memories #InMyFeelings #EmotionalShit #IllBeOk #StayStrong #SmileThroughTheBullshit #RelationshipProblems #Relationships #ThisTooShallPass #DontJudgeMe #GettingMyMindRight #IDeserveBetter #brokenheart ο»Ώ
illbeok - love - truestory - emotionalshit - staystrong - ideservebetter - brokenheart - loyalty - relationshipadvice - smilethroughthebullshit - thistooshallpass - relationships - relationshipproblems - memories - gettingmymindright - dontjudgeme - inmyfeelings - relationshiptips -
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Dropped somthing new today! It's called "Nobody To Blane" (prod. By WayzWhizz Production) some emotional shit, just venting about my emotional state regarding some chick. Check it out @ #rap #hiphop #realhiphop #venting #emotionalshit #fuckbitches #fuckwitme #bigbmusic #sharethat #supportlocalartists
emotionalshit - realhiphop - fuckwitme - hiphop - venting - rap - sharethat - fuckbitches - supportlocalartists - bigbmusic -
biggbruce92 : Blame*
otprecords : Check out whats new on our page!
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This is my best friend we are inseparable I will truly miss her. #bestfriends #loveher #emotionalshit @gfasano1014
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100% Accurate. In the end it's the person itself that impresses. Not the body that he is in. #emotionalshit #what #sincewhenamithatgirly #abs #personality #isthatweird #words #allyouneedisswag #jk
what - emotionalshit - sincewhenamithatgirly - allyouneedisswag - isthatweird - abs - words - jk - personality -
ntash_eiroa : Yessss!!!
janiautumn : You so girly, guurl :D but that is so true.
laarasophie : πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š@ntash_eiroa @janiautumn
laarasophie : I KNOW, RIGHT AND IT'S NOT EVEN MY PICTURE DAMN @tylergolkyzc
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Looking back through my older poetry I'm amazed at how absolutely unstable my emotions were haha. --- #poetry #love #hate #depression #anger #happiness #emotionalshit
love - depression - emotionalshit - anger - hate - poetry - happiness -
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Made much effort to do that, got treated with little respect. #emotionalshit you said. How will you feel if it was you in my shoes who's been trying so hard to do good in this situation we're trapped in? No one's perfect. I'm learning and trying. Tired of this shit.
emotionalshit -
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Sunday evening feels! #emotionalshit #feels
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What do you do, when you know something's bad for you, but you just can't let it go? I was naive, your love was like candy Artificially sweet, I was decieved by the wrapping, Got caught in your web and I learned how to bleed I was prey in your bed and devoured completely And it hurts my soul, cause I can't let go all these walls are cavin inΒ  I can't stop my sufferinΒ  I hate to show that I've lost control cause I,Β I keep goin right back to the one thing that I need to walk away from #TrueStory #Love #Loyalty #RelationshipProblems #RelationshipTips #RelationshipAdvice #Relationships #brokenheart #memories #InMyFeelings #EmotionalShit #IllBeOk #StayStrong #SmileThroughTheBullshit #RelationshipProblems #Relationships #ThisTooShallPass #DontJudgeMe #GettingMyMindRight #IDeserveBetter #brokenheart ο»Ώ
illbeok - love - truestory - emotionalshit - staystrong - ideservebetter - brokenheart - loyalty - relationshipadvice - smilethroughthebullshit - thistooshallpass - relationships - relationshipproblems - memories - gettingmymindright - dontjudgeme - inmyfeelings - relationshiptips -
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And I know that you'd best be on your way But I'm wishing I could make you stay Stay with me forever You're leaving, I'm waiting Forgive me, I'm always missing you Before the goodbye Kind of hard for me to let you know Seldom let my feelings show How much I'll be missing you All the little things that make me weak Your eyes and the way you speak Without you baby, I'm not me #FUCKMYLIFE #sucks #IHATEYOU #TrueStory #Word #Love #Loyalty #RelationshipProblems #RelationshipTips #RelationshipAdvice #Relationships #brokenheart #memories #InMyFeelings #EmotionalShit #IllBeOk #StayStrong #SmileThroughTheBullshit #RelationshipProblems #Relationships #ThisTooShallPass #DontJudgeMe #GettingMyMindRight #IDeserveBetter #brokenheart ο»Ώ
illbeok - love - truestory - emotionalshit - staystrong - ideservebetter - brokenheart - loyalty - gettingmymindright - fuckmylife - relationshipadvice - smilethroughthebullshit - thistooshallpass - relationships - relationshipproblems - word - memories - sucks - ihateyou - dontjudgeme - inmyfeelings - relationshiptips -
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The emotional posts sometimes get a bit annoying #emotionalshit
whatnightmare - emotionalshit -
benwb45 : @jacob_lightfoot13_7
jacob_lightfoot13_7 : Daym roight @benwb45
benwb45 : U. Said daym tonight but didn't like it πŸ‘Ž @jacob_lightfoot13_7
jacob_lightfoot13_7 : Say that again big man LOOOOL
_jackcollingwood : Where's my tag ? πŸ‘Ž @benwb45 #letdown
benwb45 : @_jackcollingwood #whatNightmare sorry
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Drew this during March AEM course thingy 8') haha #drawings #art #derp #emotionalshit #blood #girl #doodle #swag
swag - art - emotionalshit - doodle - derp - blood - girl - drawings -
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First time seeing her in 11 days #emotionalshit#prouduncle
prouduncle - emotionalshit -
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Basically I love you all. #emotionalshit
emotionalshit -
_alexcarden : Bahaha that's your contact photo in my phone πŸ˜‚ @bamaallio : πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ love you and miss you
bamaallio : Well good thing u saved it #sarcasm
_alexcarden : 😘 miss u too!
_alexcarden : Bahahaha @bamaallio
sarahhaarberg : XD love you
jaylen_moore_mon : Hi-5
_alexcarden : Hi-5! @jaylen_moore_mon
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i feel great to pour out my heart content 😊 and feel best when i know how it became #emotionalshit
emotionalshit -
noviachandra : pmsshit
s4ndid : @happisis @noviachandra pakai **** plz... Ane Cho lo Co cabo
carissafortunata : Cikkkk add linee ku carissasaputra or carissafortunata donkkk
mmarsita : Hahahahah si via comment nya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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