Don't mess with me and my black nail varnish. ◼️♠️♣️⚫️ #emotionalchild #meow
meow - emotionalchild -
trainwrecking_ : Dope!
karlbrady1 : @trainwrecking_ cool
gavindarcy - jordanfarry - adzyburfo - juliemartin8 -
When I was little I used to cry when I got rained on... #emotionalchild... These days I'm thankful for rainy days because they are so rare out here in #LA. But honestly I really wish I hadn't decided to go grocery shopping right when the sky decided it wanted to pour... #realworldproblems... Gimme a book and a cup o joe and this would be ok!
emotionalchild - realworldproblems - la -
guatalamaican : ☔️🌻
los_in_lv : @tersaloser : same thing here in Vegas!!! Walked out of the grocery store in shorts and a shirt to rain!!
amy_allon : I LOVE rainy days...when I'm at home!
tersaloser : @los_in_lv I knew it was coming, but seriously it was sunny when I went in the store, it reminded me of Florida rain! @amy_allon I will take it any day IF I'm at home! Lol
pebles428 - amy_allon - wyattriot - daylethegirl -
#mood #emotionalchild #legpains #childhood #chubs #chubbykid
mood - chubs - chubbykid - emotionalchild - childhood - legpains -
hara_zi : ❤️
matt_in_the_moon : Lol 😂
chavs456 : Lmao sounds like me
skeletonleaves - afrofist - jcooperisfly - nicolemaxali -
Why is Hayley just sitting in the middle of the zoo parking lot?#childhood #emotionalchild @hayleymaepearson14
emotionalchild - childhood -
andieanderson13 : This is great
abby.good - dancer10009 - brittanyriceee - halliewiesman -
My poor baby has had her first heartbreak tonight. She got so emotional about not being able to see her friend and I had to break it to my baby that a lot of friends will eventually move away as she gets older. Wah! 😭😭😭 @yesoj_ #tearjerker #reallife #heartbreak #lifelesson #parenting #parentingisrough #emotionalchild
parenting - heartbreak - lifelesson - reallife - emotionalchild - tearjerker - parentingisrough -
lboooogie : Awwwww
simplyxnoye : @nancynguyenerr Awww poor baby ❤️
simeonschleigh : Poor lil baby!
whiteej25 : 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😭💔💔💔💔💔💔
kneegropuhleez : Child do not fear the loss. Fear that you may never feel it again.
bobbyness : Omgggg such a sweet girl 😭😭 @nancynguyenerr @yesoj_
angelinetienvu : Aww 😢
kay_wannasa : 😞😞😭heartbreaking.
chhavy_voth - javyforce - debbiedo0 - snb_yanlamr -
#ShanaX6 #BlackNWhite #SixDifferentEmotions #EmotionalChild #Pssshhh #NoOneKnowsInsideThou #Boredom #RainingOutside #crazybeautiful
nooneknowsinsidethou - crazybeautiful - sixdifferentemotions - emotionalchild - pssshhh - boredom - rainingoutside - shanax6 - blacknwhite -
birdy_ls_brownboy : Did miss you always sweet to all ®
crazybeautifulshana : @gs_city922 pssshhh com of IG for a day n half u lie like lol 😄😄🙈🙈🙈 Thanks thou 😗
birdy_ls_brownboy : That means I did miss in @crazybeautifulshana
telebah : A no black not white dat a greeb
crazybeautifulshana : @telebah tf my pic green to u
telebah : Yeah its green
crazybeautifulshana : @telebah tell u u colour blind enuh Lol probably a u phone thou
grantdillard23 : Tbh: u bad asf nd u seem chill nd cool asf nd shud hml😬
rushan_absolut - jessi_dunwife - gavdonn - thedrunkensquid -
y u p #cantdeal #emotionalchild #youfeel? #sadtymzzzzz
cantdeal - youfeel - sadtymzzzzz - emotionalchild -
grainnescully : Feelings for Olaf??
elisabethcisse_ - erinlally04 - __hojana_ - gemmafoody14 -
When ur friend gets like ULTRA touched when u steal his kellogs bowl to eat out of. GROW UP BRU!!! LAUGHING FOR DAYZZZZ #SORRYDOWG #USUCKBRO #EMOTIONALCHILD
emotionalchild - usuckbro - sorrydowg -
The final part of the surprise revealed. #emotionalchild. 😘
emotionalchild -
gbeasley15 : ❤️💜❤️ #emotionalgem
gbeasley15 - briola_12 - kellycapespt - traceyyell -
Christmas Day, watching #frozen. Little cousin forgets what happens at the start of the film. #emotionalchild #anna #christmasday #family #poorbaby
poorbaby - anna - family - frozen - emotionalchild - christmasday -
librarysrestored8 : Check your inbox I DM'ed you! ⭐
holly_molloy -
One of my old letters to Santa. Sad yet funny. #emotionalchild #whattheheck
whattheheck - emotionalchild -
hiiamerica_ : Awwww :( hahaha. It is sad...and funny. I can't decide which it is more of.
o.tru - hiiamerica_ -
Going through old screenshots. Came across this and realised how much I miss my sister 😩 @chloenordstrom #sissybissy #crying #likeialwaysdo #emotionalchild #missyoucokes
sissybissy - missyoucokes - emotionalchild - crying - likeialwaysdo -
kimbo_jones1986 - chloenordstrom - j__edwards - jessarruda28 -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uh digustin lil Bitch enjoy your birthday in LA atleast that country cud put up with your emotional lil behaviour lmao enjoy it and Doh ever complain in your life again 👌✌️ @yasmine.whatt #sister#sisterfrombitchland#boutsisterland#happybirthday#lilbitch#emotionalchild#enjoyuLaBirthday#nocakeforyourass#eatshit#aintbohtthatloveydoveystuff#siblingwar#sucksaltbitchlmao#bye
happybirthday - sister - eatshit - enjoyulabirthday - aintbohtthatloveydoveystuff - sucksaltbitchlmao - emotionalchild - siblingwar - boutsisterland - nocakeforyourass - sisterfrombitchland - bye - lilbitch -
yasmine.what : Whyy u so ? Puttin stupid pics of me 😭😭😂😒 that four one tho 😂😂
ree_annn : Happy Birthday Yassyboo 😘 @yasmine.whatt
yasmine.what : lol thanks @ree_annn 😭😁😚
sideek_from_superpharm : Happy birthday pinks 😋👑🙆 @yasmine.whatt
adegale_ : Happy Birthday @yasmine.whatt
yasmine.what : Thanks @adegale_ and idiot @sideek_from_superpharm 😂😭
rmaharaj_497 : That's very nice
twelvyy.slut - emzi_ramdial_2015 - simmy_baby_girl -
He's so moody. #cancerchild #ariesmom #mcm #littledude #emotionalchild #moodchange #seasons #littlemancrush
mcm - littledude - emotionalchild - seasons - littlemancrush - moodchange - cancerchild - ariesmom -
du.ud.de - spitondeni - kapitalkclub - j_pereyra217 -
Ten years ago today, I was having a bad hair day. Apparently this was a really big deal for me. #emotionalchild
emotionalchild -
_kenzi_18 : When do you ever have a good hair day😏💖😘
heatherelizabeth97 - maggie.mcneil - woahxmaggie - han__jaylynn -
Tbt to a few years after when he took another picture of me (and my brother) crying with another dead Canary #tbt #EmotionalChild
emotionalchild - tbt -
annafrancesx : Hahaha that's so cruel that you had to pose for a photo. Can't remember if this is the one I attended the funeral of or if it was another one
sofypie : I think you came to the funeral of tweeter the 2nd 🐥 haha @annafrancesx
annafrancesx : I can't stop laughing at your sad little face
conniejade_ - sophiesalloway - stokeybird - emzles -
For some reason, while @wizardlion24 and @k_p_t_ were singing happy birthday, Kain was so sad but cheered up when it was time to help blow out the candles... #emotionalchild
emotionalchild -
suze_sk : Awe he's adorable! @ipunchkittens
christinearroyo : He is so cute! Hope u had a nice b day... I wish you a big "go fuck yourself" and happy birthday !
dana_fud : Aw that face. Gino makes the same one.
cramirez0306 - evbestgrandma - dana_fud - notguiltyyourhonor -
Who remembers Billy Gilman?!? "One Voice" was a millennial masterpiece and he was never to be heard from again? Vividly remember fist pumping to this at 12 while weeping. #pubertywasunkind #emotionalchild
emotionalchild - pubertywasunkind -
samantharivera - kksellis - caibur7 - jamhollister -
So worried lol #flika #emotionalchild #justamovie #shessosad
shessosad - flika - emotionalchild - justamovie -
ivettemariela - ayyo_veronica1 - _.halie.m._ - sammyleu -
He was crying because we painted his face. 😂😂 #Oops #EmotionalChild😕😂 #MaybeImAMeanOlderSister😂 #LittleBrother 😂💕👌🙊
maybeimameanoldersister - littlebrother - emotionalchild - oops -
javier.100_ : That guys voice in background 😂
5ever_fabulous : That's my dad 😂👌 @el.mero_mero
javier.100_ : Oh lol cx
sofi.slm - saidasoriano_ - darwinkcmo - jacobreynoza -
#tbt and another one 😂 #Emotionalchild
emotionalchild - tbt -
deasharae : Lol aye don't do me 😂 @kj_ghd
vonne_amazing : Aww little Deesh!
deasharae : Hahahahaha @love_always_von
deasharae - cmeans2426 - naturalbeautee89 -
If anyone is wondering how my day is going this pretty much sums it up. #terribletwos #almostthreebutthatisworse #ryder #badday #emotionalchild #overit
almostthreebutthatisworse - badday - terribletwos - overit - emotionalchild - ryder -
curlieqt : Typical. LOL
hopefloats1 : I'm losing it over here Vicki. I "can't wait." Until three because that's another "fun" package all rolled into one. @curlieqt
nbuchowski - the_oliverse - oohlalabeauty91 -
My first poems were to my dad. So filled with emotions, should've gave them to him #EmotionalChild #FromMyHeart #HowMyDeepestCutsFelt
frommyheart - howmydeepestcutsfelt - emotionalchild -
hannahkabbob : Your hand writing is the same
teenhifitnessdoll : 👍
genevieveramonavaldez - susycortez08 - speaksoutloud76 - trvlr3hotmailcom -
Managing emotions by taking a picture with her castle to remember it by so she is ok with breaking it apart #emotionalchild #whateverittakes
whateverittakes - emotionalchild - keller2014 -
shelyaq : #keller2014
ceciliacorteo129 - lazafar24 - dmuse22 - rachelmgm -
Princess perfume. Let's hope this works. #emotionalchild #diva #youngliving
youngliving - emotionalchild - diva -
jkjuleez - heelsandoils -
Last supper with the adopted sister it's been pretty emotional!! Poor Grace crying her eyes out #emotionalchild
emotionalchild -
lbol88 - michakay89 - bethanhardiman - natash140 -
I should start taking my own advice back when i was in grade 10 #emotionalchild #grade10days #flashbackfriday
grade10days - emotionalchild - flashbackfriday -
nizzziee.inc - eliicabral - criswalkz -
I'm sorry u tried to effect me, what was your name again? Lol #neverheardofyou #emotionalchild #toosmartocare #toohightostoop #backtobliss #ignorethebullshit #bitcheslovedrama #Imnobitch #intelligentgirl #AlbertEinstein
backtobliss - toohightostoop - emotionalchild - intelligentgirl - ignorethebullshit - bitcheslovedrama - alberteinstein - imnobitch - neverheardofyou - toosmartocare -
sac_k1ng_916 : #Rp
christylecupcake420 : @2014_mrzsanchez I thought so. Lol
nefetariishername : 🙌
fresca_eka - wild_soul29 - holliwood624 - insta__quotes1 -
Dont Hate Appreciate! #fuckthesebitches #iamme #emoforlife #emotionalchild #keepsecrets
emotionalchild - iamme - emoforlife - fuckthesebitches - keepsecrets -
chapparrita1995 -
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