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My 6 year-old is a better artist than I am!! #Artist #FutureArtist #CreativeChild #EmotionalChild #Kindergarten #Artwork #Childhood #MomLife #Motherhood
momlife - futureartist - artist - emotionalchild - kindergarten - motherhood - creativechild - artwork - childhood -
countingcaterpillars : Wow! Seriously great job!! My 6 year old often acts like drawing is manual labor so I am impressed!!
hellomynameismom : @countingcaterpillars my older boy will be 9 next week and he still draws tiny stick figures. I'm not comparing them in terms of skill, just find it so interesting how different they are. Ben is very emotional and creative minded. While Lucas is very logical and matter of fact and has isn't interested in anything creative at all. Unless it's building something scientific with Legos.
countingcaterpillars : That is exactly how my 6 year old is. All logic. He is okay with "crafty" things like painting a bird house but I think it is more practical to him. 😊
djkrillz : Fab!
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Toddler noun; Emotionally unstable pint-sized dictator with the uncaddy ability to know exactly how far to push towards utter insanity before reverting to a <3 lovable cuddle-monster <3 Life as a mom, wife and CEO. Sometimes you just got to take care of your priorities before you can sit down and get some work done. Reason #849 why I absolutely LOVE being able to work from home. My son needs me- I am there. My son has a meltdown- I am there. My son wants to play- I am there. The rest can wait. I CAN take a few hours off and spend that time with my son!!! LIFE. IS. GOOD! Off to cuddle with my lovable monster!!! :) #toddlertantrums #lifeasamom #lovablemonster #momhasgoals #toddlerhasgoals #bepatient #emotionalchild #warningtoddlertantrum #momneedstobreath Natacha Ranger- Fitness, Nutrition & Photography IG: Natacha_Ranger
toddlerhasgoals - momhasgoals - momneedstobreath - emotionalchild - 849 - toddlertantrums - lovablemonster - bepatient - warningtoddlertantrum - lifeasamom -
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#Alenasfamily#babygirl#mylittledoughter#emotionalchild#suchadifferentchild Мой эмоциональный ребенок🙀😿😸 Автор идеи @sergey_621227
mylittledoughter - alenasfamily - emotionalchild - babygirl - suchadifferentchild -
olka_pinka : @1nflammable я могу смотреть это видео вечно 😍😍😍 чудесный Алёныч
1nflammable : @olka_pinka, спасибо😘😘😘😘😘
annetshishkina : Какая потрясающая девчушка!!👍🏻😍
1nflammable : @annetshishkina, спасибо😊
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She was upset. She loved our van. But it has gone into a new home. Enjoy the van Kim! #emotionalchild
emotionalchild -
kimberleyiskrazey : Aww I feel bad but thank u:)
cyneta : Omg that is the cutest thing ever though❤️❤️
sarahclavier - jwishashan - cyneta - kimberleyiskrazey -
Toddler talk is cute. She was really upset that the beast in Sophia the first ate all of their apples. #EmotionalChild
emotionalchild -
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#antifeministlogic #sexism #feminazi #wtf #logic #emotionalchild #emotionalboy #whiteboys
antifeministlogic - feminazi - sexism - emotionalchild - wtf - whiteboys - emotionalboy - logic -
tigrahasselqvist - cris_2loud - chenchira4749 - feminismosv -
...after a car ride #meltdown when Ka figured that we weren't going to see the #gratefuldead at an outdoor venue, I am getting to #dance a #jig with my sweet and she's happy again. Lmfao. #letsdance, #emotionalchild #iwishthedeadwereheretoo 💖 photo cred: Kristina
jig - iwishthedeadwereheretoo - dance - gratefuldead - meltdown - emotionalchild - letsdance -
ashiz_ashiz : @noellejohnsun I was jussssst looking for your beautiful face
noellejohnsun : Dang :( come to brunch and visit us again tomorrow!?
ashiz_ashiz : Aww @noellejohnsun I unfortunately cant, have to get my exhaust looked at today, but I would really love if you could come for a hike with Kyla and I this week. Supposed to be so very spring-like!
noellejohnsun : I would absolutely love that :) lets keep in touch💚
joyzee82 - mixsanne - snydicakes - noellejohnsun -
Literally this has been my morning! 😭😭 #poorlyboy #mardychild #smilingoneminutesobbingthenext #emotionalchild #passmethewine
passmethewine - smilingoneminutesobbingthenext - emotionalchild - poorlyboy - mardychild -
gabriella_desideri : Bless him xx
fifismithy : Oh dear! 😐 xx
stefanny233 : Oh no. Is it his poorly arm? How is it today? xxx
melanie_85_x : @stefanny233 yeah it's his arm. He's fine now but he's been terrible all day. Then just as he's going to bed he's perked up and wanting to play hide and seek. Think the antibiotics are kicking in now x
bethy_creeper_renshaw - helen.ann.davies - mainemaderunner -
Saddest Movie Ending Ever. Glad I can hold it together finally. #emotionalchild #shehastoleaveherfamily #sosad
shehastoleaveherfamily - emotionalchild - sosad -
danielle_1851 - nfosnes - sydney_lassiter - kereed21 -
My sweet Savou! He is such a challenge because he wears his heart on his sleeves and isn't afraid to let you know how he feels. As much as that can be a good thing, it can also be difficult because I need to increase in patience in order to read his 'love language' and respond accordingly. And then these moments occur and make every single care worth the struggle and the challenges that come with being a mother to this sweet boy falls away until the next emotional breakdown. I love you Savou! #mysweetSAVOU #emotionalchild #2009baby #myfearlesschild #preparingforhisfuture #futurepriesthoodholder #lds #ShareGoodness #HappyMonday
happymonday - mysweetsavou - futurepriesthoodholder - emotionalchild - lds - myfearlesschild - 2009baby - sharegoodness - preparingforhisfuture -
brittany683 : That's so cute
bestofhome : 😀 @moderntimber
piknchews - rachelwattsonfitness - ashton.marcus.burns - janefeletoa -
#emotionalchild #emogirlsoninstagram #sadgirlsclub #downnout
emogirlsoninstagram - sadgirlsclub - emotionalchild - downnout -
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The dog on TV Amsly cried her eyes out! #Amsly #drama #lovehersomuch #mommyswholeworld #mommysgirl #emotionalchild
drama - lovehersomuch - amsly - emotionalchild - mommyswholeworld - mommysgirl -
scentedmemory : Great pic!@alassley
scentedmemory - peytonhoge - -
#couldntstophercrying #lovesherbigcus #emotionalchild
lovesherbigcus - emotionalchild - couldntstophercrying -
aimee.mcgill -
Теперь Эльдар показывает эмоции "по заказу": серьезность 😠 и удивление 😳 на фото 😄 #emotional #emotions #child #emotionalchild
emotional - emotionalchild - emotions - child -
galaslozka : Растёт гениальный актёр!!!
di_di_dijana : Верю 👏👏👏👏👏
jasfin_ : Уже такой большой
iuliia.snizhko : @jasfin_ мне тоже так кажется :)
va__art - alisa_rashkovskaya - aazarnova - smirnyy_official -
Even the way she sits says "I'm a brat and I know it." #bellahoney #emotionalchild #anxietyqueen --------------------------------------- #repostmydane #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanesunleashed #danesofinstagram #greatdanephotography #instadane #greatdanemoments #united_danes #meandmygreatdane #gentlegiantoftheday #FuraVida #thegentlegiant #worldofdanes #gr8dane #greatdanenation #giantbreedlovers #greatdaneco
gr8dane - greatdanemoments - repostmydane - bellahoney - greatdaneco - danesofinstagram - greatdanenation - greatdanesunleashed - gentlegiantoftheday - greatdanephotography - thegentlegiant - anxietyqueen - worldofdanes - instadane - emotionalchild - greatdanesofinstagram - united_danes - meandmygreatdane - furavida - giantbreedlovers -
the_anxietydiary : This is inspirational to me ❤️
fernthedane - duke_and_deuce - - kenandmaggiedoodane -
Painted the American Flag version of my Wonderboy logo. PS: If yr reading this and yr from my SEEK class, do you have any idea where you guys are? I came to class 15mins late and the entire room was empty and I’m kinda freaking out. #black #white #blackandwhite #blacknwhite #blackenedwhite #photography #photo #photooftheday #wonderboy #thewonderboy #emotionalchild #wonderlust #paint #painting #art #america #unitedstatesofamerica #theunitedstatesofamerica #american #americanflag #starspangledbanner #banner #flag #nationalanthem #usa #usofa
art - blackandwhite - photo - photography - wonderboy - theunitedstatesofamerica - usofa - flag - america - americanflag - unitedstatesofamerica - thewonderboy - usa - wonderlust - banner - emotionalchild - american - paint - starspangledbanner - nationalanthem - black - blackenedwhite - white - blacknwhite - painting - photooftheday -
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Lost his balloon 🎈| #beautifulinnocence #emotiondaily #streetphotography #streetphotographers #everybodystreet #intears #streetscene #hikaricreative #innocenceofachild #beautifulboy #streetbwcolor #littleboy #littleboyblue
streetbwcolor - intears - innocenceofachild - emotiondaily - streetphotographers - everybodystreet - emotionalchild - hikaricreative - streetphotography - childsface - beautifulinnocence - streetscene - merdak - beautifulboy - littleboyblue - littleboy -
strangers_opus : @__sil____ Thank you 🙏
strangers_opus : @banjocamera Thank you Masaaki 🙏
strangers_opus : @atomicswe Thank you Dejan 🙏🙏🙏
strangers_opus : #merdak #childsface #emotionalchild
ymiami - takenword - keithbg - paktole -
A few months ago #hi was the #favourite word. Now it's #no. So interesting to see #textbook #childdevelopment come to life. I can confirm the #emotionalchild is definitely not just a psychological concept. #theterribletwoshavebegun #stilladorable
no - favourite - emotionalchild - textbook - hi - childdevelopment - theterribletwoshavebegun - stilladorable -
sarahvictoriarentsch : He's adorable! x
stratsmarsh : What a happy looking chap! X
timmypzazz - thegoodamerican - sharellqemariette -
i admit, i'm not the strongest of characters. i may look all tough but deep down i'm actually like jello. woe is me #emotionalchild
emotionalchild -
br3ndayap - charis.pang - g.a.b.r.y.e.l.t - glore.glori_ -
Well now I know why someone was so cranky today. #crybaby #sleepygirl #fellasleepatthetable #emotionalchild #shewascryingallday
sleepygirl - crybaby - emotionalchild - fellasleepatthetable - shewascryingallday -
naileybendick : Hahahaha little ball of energy finally stopped for a sleep.
youniquelyerin1125 - naileybendick - sidnerae -
Happy Birthday, Dad!! I love you. #bestmanintheworld #emotionalchild
bestmanintheworld - emotionalchild -
jacquelinecereceres : Cuuuute 👯
my000hmy : You're the cutest ever!!! 🎈
natashastecyk - ekgold - izzy_coffman - jaimenan -
Sometimes you just have to look yourself in the mirror... And then lose your shit 😂 #EmotionalChild #MeMostDays
memostdays - emotionalchild -
brooklyn_jensen : Omfg I just laughed out loud
life_with_libertee : She cracks me up @brooklyn_jensen
ahhheyitstaylor - mossyoakgurl23 - kayleenicole97 - _big_daddy_em_ -
Lion king 👑 #guessthescene #emotionalchild #mykid #chiquito #lionking #disney
guessthescene - chiquito - lionking - emotionalchild - disney - mykid -
carlosperegrinolive : Cuando muere mufasa :(
gladisaight - itskirstengrace - carlosperegrinolive - luisjesusm -
Once again the best concert I've ever been to. I cried for at least the first hour. #emotionalchild #mumfordandsons #gentlemenoftheroad
mumfordandsons - gentlemenoftheroad - emotionalchild -
mensfashionposts - christianbphotos - _laura.felice_ - madebytatum -
I checked this out at the library today as I am lost at how to deal with these emotional ups and downs of my sweet girl. Any other good reads to help calm my nerves are appreciated... #ryliejayne #prepreteen #emotionalchild
ryliejayne - emotionalchild - prepreteen -
jacquebblackie : The book called the care of keeping you was a great help to patty!
kristinhsmith : My girls emotions got the better of me a few months ago- and she's only 4! I've seen great improvement using essential oils though. Same for our oldest for anxiety.
jbakerbonner : Tell me about it!!
jennrow : Good luck my friend! 🍀🍀That is a good book! Good for husbands to read too!
makharthealth - jennyofamerica - thornes_of_amber - joyfulcarolina -
It's still my day this whole week 😂#excusetheflash #bday #june26 #belated #birthdaygirl #😘 #june26 #cancer #moonchild #emotionalchild #ilovehard #latepost thank you to everyone who didn't forget and wished me a happy bday! I had a great day.If u call yourself my friend and didn't reach out and wish me a happy new year then 👌👍u have one more chance under this👇😛😘
moonchild - cancer - bday - latepost - emotionalchild - june26 - excusetheflash - 😘 - birthdaygirl - belated - ilovehard -
ransomrazina : Lol Me 2! Happy Belated Bday!
francoth3artist : Happy Belated Birthday!! #TurnUp
h0llyw00d_dmc : Happy belated birthday sissy 😘😘😘😘
ohsoospiffy : Happy belated! 😊🎉
tiffmcfierce - vigi_ - kingchuckaduck -
Oh because the tape sticks together before he gets it on his toes....#funtimes #proudmoments #emotionalchild #overlytired
overlytired - proudmoments - funtimes - emotionalchild -
shelby_1004 : I was talking to Jesus the whole way home 😂😂 @melanee_hayes
future.mrs.blanchard : This is funny as shit... Give mommy hell my cutie pie👏☝️
shelby_1004 : Wait until next time I see mason @devin_victoria09
future.mrs.blanchard : 😳 o no😜
hannahcannon_ - melanee_hayes_ - caitlynjrome - future.mrs.blanchard -
So my something new today was trying not to cry and be totally emotional when I picked my sister up from the airport today... Epic fail. I cried like a baby. I can't help but be completely emotional lol #emotionalchild #icriedlikeababy #sisters #missedhersomuch #myjunebeautychallenge #day2 #somethingnew #beauty #feelsgoodtohugyoursister #june #miami #photoaday #travels
travels - missedhersomuch - beauty - miami - day2 - emotionalchild - june - icriedlikeababy - photoaday - feelsgoodtohugyoursister - sisters - somethingnew - myjunebeautychallenge -
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Registration opens tomorrow for our brand new online workshop, "The Emotional Child"! This 4-week workshop led by Gina Cooperman is all about creating honest and emotive portraits of your youngest subjects! For details, click on the link in profile.
childportraiture - emotiveportrait - childphotographer - emotionalchild - childrensportraits - childphotography - photoworkshop - thephotographerwithin -
thephotographerwithin : #thephotographerwithin #childphotography #childportraiture #childphotographer #childrensportraits #emotionalchild #emotiveportrait #photoworkshop
petuniaandivy : Childhood at its finest 😊
corinarey - staceylynn79 - mccluregina - cohensusan -
It's that time of the year again mom. Can't stop thinking about the fact that this will be the 17th mother's day without you. Wish that I can see you only if its just for a day. But then I believe God has better plans. I may not think about you all the time but you're always in my heart. Life is surely unfair and unpredictable. Happy Mother's mom. Have fun with our loved ones up there. #UntilWeMeetAgain #ItsBeen17Years #EmotionalChild #MissHer #LoveYouWoman
itsbeen17years - missher - emotionalchild - loveyouwoman - untilwemeetagain -
svmn21 : 😭😭😭😭
noxxy9483 - salomewright - _ebonyjean - melissagrahama -
It's kind of funny what 12 years and a pair of eyebrows can do for your face 😂😁🙈 #tt #transformationtuesday #proudownerofeyebrows #emotionalchild #forevergrumpy #dontmesswithme #sorryicrackmyselfup
transformationtuesday - proudownerofeyebrows - dontmesswithme - forevergrumpy - tt - emotionalchild - sorryicrackmyselfup -
banandrea81 : We need to make this happen ASAP!!!💃
madolen_mae : When we come up next we can have a beautiful wedding for you two and I will be the flower girl and the ring bearer!! And Katie can be the preacher!!! Or your cat could be the preacher!!! It will be beautiful!! 👰 @banandrea81
banandrea81 : I think Lord gaga will make an excellent preacher, and you will make a most bodacious flower girl!!! 😸 👍
theworldwars : Bae
kelsiekaren75 - madlashes5 - katherine.elizabeth416 - k.tiizzle -
Great job on hair @queenfry. This is after I told her not to smile so much #emotionalchild
emotionalchild -
queenfry : My attempt at cornrows- I will perfect the look one day. #emotionalcomesfromhermomma
jlake2626 : Beautiful girl. ❤️
thevanstaverns : 😃
bayjay07 - marie_reese08 - iam_marcygarza - ames1976 -
"But don't forget the songs that made you cry..." #mozphotochallenge #day15 #rubberring When I was 12, the Sophie B. Hawkins song, 'As I Lay Me Down', made me cry my face off every time I heard it... Every.Single.Time. #emotionalchild
day15 - rubberring - emotionalchild - mozphotochallenge -
derekbraddy : @stillill1983 damn, sophie just brought back a flood of memories
tigerstyle78 : #damniwishiwasyourlover hahaha 😄
passionsjustlikemine - jessicalynn56 - steamy_nicks -
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