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Barcelona - Catalunya. You dont need too much explanations when you have the elegance!...;)!... #barcelona #catalunya #catalonia #españa #spain #kids #children #elegance #style #catalunyaisnotspain #future #eltestigo
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lisebuckeridge : Classy
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Euroairport in between the triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland. Remember sometimes all that people in the shadows that make your flight possible!... #airport #euroairport #mulhouse #basel #freiburg #travel #airplane #plane #workers #job #work #vidadeaeropuerto #eltestigo
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focusedonresidual : If I told you you could start making money by using Instagram would you believe me? Not illegally. But legally. Not stealing but actually networking with people? If that's not you cool. Just thought id ask
rutinazine : Pa donde vas dog habla claro
jose_zerna : Que es un mecanico de aviones
mk_kimber : Estas in Europa otra vez?
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Rest in Peace James Foley!...just a black square to remind us the murder of this USA journalist in the hands of ISIS fighters. Like James Foley, many journalists around the world have been targeted, kidnapped and killed by extremist groups, some for money, some for power, some in the name of a god that, if exists, have to be ashamed for the blood baths commited on its name. Like James Foley's family, many families are now suffering from the incertitude of their relatives' destiny or from the pain of seen them killed just because of their work, their beliefs or their nationality. But over all there is the pain, pain that James Foley probably suffered himself, of the hundreds, thousands and millions of people pushed to abandone their houses, to forget their faith and their roots and to bury their beloved ones just because some fanatic extremists can not tolerate a different idea of what god, law, religion, society, freedom or human relations could be. In the name of god fanatics like ISIS perpetrate the most terrible acts, like the murder of James Foley or the many victims of their subhuman mentality in Irak and Syria. In the name of god, if exists, I wish these soul less bastards the eternal suffering they deserve, hope one day they could face that god they mentioned and that very same god make them burn forever. If there is a god somewhere maybe there could be some harder justice for their rotten souls but before that I hope they pay on earth what on earth have been done. #rip #jamesfoley #isis #war #pain #peace #extremists #fanatics #freedomofspeach #religion #tolerance #respect #family #future #eltestigo
eltestigo - freedomofspeach - family - tolerance - peace - rip - religion - extremists - future - respect - isis - fanatics - pain - war - jamesfoley -
lisebuckeridge : Respect and understanding for your pain. Your images will always wield greater power and claim to justice than any acts of brutality.
milpriorityphoto : Please support #toasttojames original post on my page.
sadia_ala : ISIS Leader 'Al-Baghdadi' is a Jewish Mossad Agent. French reports Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,so-called "Caliph", the head of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ) is, according to sources reputed to originate from Edward Snowden, an actor named Elliot Shimon, a Mossad trained operative.
marco_hellfirephoto : It takes some serious nerve to come to a post about mourning to spew junk, honestly! Rest in peace James.
yuralinares : Paz... por favor!. Q se acabe tanta violencia, tanta maldad, tantas ansias de poder.
digitalfeather : and what about all the people USA kills in the name of their own version of justice? I bet they have killed dozens of journalists in other countries.
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Lets start this week going back to the #booktakealook posts that have been abandoned for so long. Today is time for "VIOLENTOLOGÍA: Un manual del conflicto colombiano" by Stephen Ferry. Edited in 2012 by ICONO in english and spanish versions. This interesting and strong book is more than "just" a photography book about the colombian conflict. It is a recent history compendium about one of the oldest and bloodiest socio-political confrontations in the modern world. I would like to underline that together with Stephen Ferry's powerful pictures there are some images done by well known or completely unknown colombian photographers, this action rescues some part of collective memory at the time that gives credit to some photographers and their important work. Texts are also of great value to have a wider understanding of a conflict that have many sides violently facing each other for land disputes, drug trafficking, political power, ethnic discrimination and, most of the time, the mix of all that together. Like that we can have more information and images about the origin of old and actual guerrilla movements like FARC or ELN as well as the first right wing Paramilitary groups and their leaders such as LOS TANGUEROS created by Castaño brothers that later became the base of Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC). We can find more about politicians like Álvaro Uribe or Juan Manuel Santos and their relation in attacking or supporting some sides or their role in the actual conditions of the country and its population. Highly recommended book for a combined understanding of colombian actual conditions both through pictures and letters. #violentology #violentologia #stephenferry #conflict #conflicto #Colombia #narcotrafico #drugs #paramilitarismo #paramilitias #autodefensas #guerrilla #farc #eln #guerra #comunismo #derecha #photojournalism #booktakealook #photobook #eltestigo
conflicto - photojournalism - farc - drugs - comunismo - paramilitias - colombia - guerra - stephenferry - eln - autodefensas - guerrilla - eltestigo - violentologia - derecha - narcotrafico - paramilitarismo - violentology - photobook - conflict - booktakealook -
8megapickles : This is great!
ganglionh : Where can I buy this book?
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Caracas-Venezuela. Normalmente no posteo #latergramd pero me había kedado ésta en la lista de espera antes de despedirme de Caracas por un rato y no kería dejarla por fuera. Me gusta esta imagen de una familia caminando junta, la posibilidad de una Venezuela caminando mano con mano, aunke difícil, me parece posible. Creo ke eso comienza con la familia caminando junta con respeto y educación dentro de ese hogar ke hoy está separado y destruido y cuya reconstrucción es nuestra única puerta de salida. One that remained on the waiting line from my last day in CCS and I really appreciate. One family at the same step, the present and the future hand on hand, different generations walking together. I think this is what we are missing, separation at home is our main problem, family rupture is our deepest fracture. Only bringing back the family, the respect and the education inside the house we can bring our country. Dedicated to mr @ronhaviv_vii and @viiphoto for the inspiration all these years and this beautiful coincidence. #caracas #venezuela #family #familia #paseo #together #vii #viiphoto #children #kids #childhood #future #futuro #niñez #infancia #everydaylatinamerica #eltestigo
everydaylatinamerica - family - vii - familia - infancia - viiphoto - children - paseo - kids - caracas - latergramd - together - future - niñez - futuro - eltestigo - venezuela - childhood -
eltestigo44 : Ahhh!...y la fotico la hice yo con mucho cariño pa' todXs ustedes!... @eltestigo44 :) :) :)!...disculpen los errores #latergram
ronhaviv_vii : So important to see the faces of real life in Latin america...
davillasana : @eltestigo44 💜💙 buena foto!
maria_siempre_agradecida : Me lleno de congojo tu gran deseo...quiero ver a mi Venezuela alegre. Cuanta gente linda tenemos caracha....
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Caracas-Venezuela. One that remain on the waiting line the last day and I really appreciate. One family at the same step, the present and the future hand on hand, different generations walking together. I think this is what we are missing, separation at home is our main problem, family rupture is our deepest fracture. Only bringing back the family, the respect and the education inside the house we can bring our country. Dedicated to mr @ronhaviv_vii and @viiphoto for the inspiration all these years and this beautiful coincidence. #caracas #venezuela #family #familia #paseo #together #vii #viiphoto #children #kids #childhood #future #futuro #niñez #infancia #everydaylatinamerica #eltestigo
everydaylatinamerica - family - vii - familia - infancia - viiphoto - children - caracas - kids - paseo - eltestigo - together - future - niñez - futuro - venezuela - childhood -
afkourani_photography : Agree..great photo though
mainadiaz : ☀✨🙏
andrewfta : Dude... Your work hit me hard as fuck at #foundry2014. I really admire and respect you.
eltestigo44 : @afkourani_photography @mainadiaz thank you very much for your comments and @andrewfta really glad you liked my work man, thanks a lot for your words!...:)!...
andrewfta : No worries man. Look forward to seeing you in the future.
lachuros : Óscar tu trabajo es muy motivador e inspirador ...
eltestigo44 : Gracias @lachuros por tus palabras!...me alegra ke te motive!...supongo ke esa es la idea!...:)!...
lachuros : @eltestigo44 si, es la idea!!! Saludos desde Quito
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Con un groso! #ElTestigo #JoséDaniel #Radio #Locución
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Caracas-Venezuela. One last picture from Caracas by the moment. After an intense 10 weeks trip and just before flying to Europe I gave a visit to Mari and her family. Mari is an inhabitant of "Tower of David" (squatted skyscraper in the background) and is part of this relocation process that is drastically affecting their lives for worse and better. Today Mari went to buy some ingredients for the street food she sells everyday in front of "La Torre de David". She, together with her husband and her daughter spent at least 3 hours waiting in the line to buy products and when I left she was not yet at the door. Daily struggle for this hard working people I had the luck to meet. Bye bye Caracas love and hate your surrealism. #caracas #venezuela #latorrededavid #family #familia #elbarrio #towerofdavid #squatt #stigma #struggle #lines #shortage #work #waitingforsomething #magnumef #magnumef2014 #magnumfoundation #eltestigo
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emilianar : Y la gente sigue pensando que vamos bien 😔
awoyaakor : U are amazing. I would like to learn from you if you would teach me.
katstacksnet : Tienes un dm
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Caracas-Venezuela. The reflections of some inhabitants of "La Torre de David" are seeing passing by a puddle caused by rain water. After being an abondoned skycraper "Tower of David" have been home for some 1200 families for more than 7 years. Residents now are facing, some with more joy than others, a relocation process to take them out of Caracas to some of the new housing projects government have put in place recently. #caracas #venezuela #towerofdavid #torrededavid #home #housing #projects #elbarrio #reflection #familia #family #ourwar #ourpain #ourpeace #okupa #magnumef #magnumef2014 #magnumfoundation #eltestigo
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pattytato : Te recomiendo el documental de @iwanbaan sobre la Torre David, buenísimo! Tu foto una maravilla como siempre ;)
emilianar : Que buena!
parisiennemexicaine : 🙌
eltestigo44 : Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, thanks a lot!... @pattytato @emilianar @parisiennemexicaine and mr. @mattblack_blackmatt !...abrazos a todXs!...
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Caracas-Venezuela. Some inhabitants of the famous "Tower of David" skyscraper in Caracas downtown paint and decorate some part of the tower even if eviction is inminent. Seen at the beggining as a nest of crime and delinquents for the last seven years or so the tower have been squatted by thousands of families that made a home there, and gave an example to society of self empowerment and organization. These families are now, some happier than others, facing a relocation to some of the new housing projects government have built in Caracas' suburbs. As they said, this is our home until we don't have a new one". #caracas #venezuela #home #housing #squatt #latorrededavid #towerofdavid #diy #okupa #viviendadigna #work #misionvivienda #stigma #ourwar #ourpain #ourpeace #magnumEF #magnumfoundation #magnumef2014 #eltestigo
squatt - ourpain - eltestigo - viviendadigna - okupa - magnumef2014 - stigma - home - magnumfoundation - caracas - magnumef - misionvivienda - ourpeace - housing - work - latorrededavid - diy - towerofdavid - venezuela - ourwar -
majitofry : Wow
lisebuckeridge : Amazing image and story
gervasio_tichafa : whats happening ?
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edgareliasrc : Your English commentary is impressive. Thanks for such amazing photo-journalism @eltestigo44 . You have to make it to Medellin. You have where to crash here!
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cerezaplayera : I Will now ;) ty sweetie!
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Caracas-Venezuela. @eltestigo44 back again in the land of fun and sadness. The land of "do what ever you want, when ever you want, the way you want it"...maybe one day it will work. By the moment does not seem to give results but at least we have fun!...is like an eternal "Let's celebrate that we don't give a f*ck"!... De regreso en la Caracas del "haz lo que quieras, cuando quieras, como quieras!". A lo mejor algún día funciona aunque de momento no parece dar muchos resultados. #caracas #venezuela #motorcycle #wheelie #willy #wheely #moto #caballito #snapshot #calle #barrio #daily #culture #neighborhood #slum #favela #livinglikethat #eltestigo #everydaylatinamerica
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Caracas-Venezuela. Here I am, back again in the land of fun and sadness. The land of "do what ever you want, when ever you want, the way you want it"...maybe one day it will work. By the moment does not seem to give results but at least we have fun!...is like an eternal "Let's celebrate that we don't give a f*ck"!... #caracas #venezuela #motorcycle #wheelie #willy #wheely #moto #caballito #snapshot #calle #barrio #daily #culture #neighborhood #slum #favela #livinglikethat #magnumef #magnumfoundation #eltestigo
eltestigo - neighborhood - moto - wheelie - culture - caballito - slum - barrio - willy - wheely - magnumfoundation - caracas - magnumef - livinglikethat - daily - calle - snapshot - favela - venezuela - motorcycle -
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drferrod : triste realidad bro.. ese es el pais q tenemos! q construimos... q dejamos destruir y q heredamos destruido! ojala algun dia logremos hacerlo funcionar como muchos queremos! abrazo.. pendiente de unas birras
elviraeloisa : perfecto
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Antigua-Guatemala. A group of kids play together sliding on water and soup at the outskirts of Antigua Hills in Guatemala. Bye bye Antigua!. Have been a beautiful experience to meet you, thanks for all the great moments you shared with us at #foundry2014, hope to see you soon again!... #antigua #guatemala #foundry2014 #fpw2014 #postfoundryblues #kids #games #hope #fun #hill #mountain #imouttahere #eltestigo
foundry2014 - kids - mountain - postfoundryblues - fpw2014 - imouttahere - guatemala - games - hill - antigua - fun - eltestigo - hope -
vjcyhdu : 淘宝兼职。有意加1294950661了解。诚信诚信诚信。
quotesthatmightsaveourlife : Follow me for life quotes
98_mariabueno : Nice:)
hanjjjzz : 小葵花课堂开课了 暑假闲的慌 口袋空荡荡 怎么办 戳我戳我戳我
geraldyn97bazaramericomexicano : Alegrias sin hipocresias,real es genial
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Antigua-Guatemala. Magical moments at Foundry Photojournalism Workshop projection night. Last night for us as workshop in this amazing trip in Guatemala. Amazing and great work from students all around the world as well as great time with instructors, friends and family!. Hasta pronto Antigua!... #antigua #guatemala #foundry2014 #fpw2014 #photojournalism #family #friends #photographers #eltestigo
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yaritzybetancourt62 : :)
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Antigua-Guatemala. A group of young students pose for a portrait to celebrate the end of scholar year. Un grupo de jóvenes estudiantes posa para un retrato para celebrar el final del año escolar. Esta es la nueva generación destina a reencaminar el destino de Guatemala y llevar a este país a la pacificación y el fin de la violencia y la exclusión. Is @eltestigo44 from Caracas-Venezuela posting my first picture from beautiful Antigua in Guatemala. #antigua #guatemala #juventud #estudiantes #educación #paz #futuro #esperanza #cambio #everydaylatinamerica #eltestigo
juventud - educación - everydaylatinamerica - esperanza - paz - eltestigo - guatemala - cambio - estudiantes - antigua - futuro -
davillasana : 👏👏
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Antigua-Guatemala. A group of school kids pose for a portrait to celebrate the end of scholar year. Hopefully this new generation of Guatemalan young boys and girls will built a country of more equality and justice with better access to education and health. A place where some excluded communities finally play a more extensive role in the decisions over their own lives. #antigua #guatemala #youth #kids #school #education #peace #future #hope #justice #equality #eltestigo
school - kids - equality - justice - eltestigo - peace - youth - guatemala - future - antigua - education - hope -
yenfer_abdiel : Que bella foto halo
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lisebuckeridge : Beautiful, beautiful
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abtellez : Aun q aun existe discriminación y separación en el país, según he leído artículos esta recobrando fuerza este fenomeno
avatares_for_ever : Oh bonito si me seguiis os sigooo esta prometidoooo
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Havent posted a selfie in quite a time #selfie #l4l #f4f
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#MilkorAcevedo #ElTestigo @oteditores @lector metálico @horaverde929 @Lib_alejandria #LiteraturaVenezolana
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Antigua-Guatemala. A couple of drunk men lay together outside of an itinerant amusement park in La Ciudad Antigua where cultural, economic and social gap is very evident between the diverse indigenous population, the local middle and high class and the big amount of tourist and foreigners. #antigua #guatemala #alcohol #drink #drunk #guatemalans #indigenous #somepeople #poverty #pobreza #fractures #eltestigo
pobreza - fractures - somepeople - guatemalans - drunk - drink - indigenous - guatemala - poverty - antigua - eltestigo - alcohol -
eltestigo44 : @ayyla_vnhs obrigado!...;)!...
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Y de repente me encuentro haciendo de fotógrafo en un evento en #NYC, #GRACIAS @pabloreds @ritadelvallem x la escuela! For ever #ElTestigo Jaa!
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pabloreds : Jajajajaj #TheSinNYC
silviotinello : At #SinCity Jaa! @pabloreds
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Guatemala City Airport!...finally here in Guatemala to teach an introductory workshop about documentary photography and photojournalism hand on hand with Foundry Photo Workshops!...a week of amazing photography, great friends and wonderful experiences begins noooow!... #guatemala #guatemalacity #ciudaddeguatemala #guate #fpw2014 #teacher #airport #foundry #workshop #vidadeaeropuerto #forthdimension #eltestigo
fpw2014 - guate - ciudaddeguatemala - vidadeaeropuerto - foundry - airport - guatemalacity - forthdimension - guatemala - workshop - eltestigo - teacher -
djamilagrossman : Wish i was thereeeeee!!!! Have a wonderful time!!
valeriatomb : Have a great time profesor!!! :)
speranzza : Nice👌
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alanoliveira636 : @catcatdoor viado
andrewfta : Awesome meeting and hanging out with you dude. Hasta luego!
zodrhi : <-----------
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Se vienen grandes cosas junto a mi brother #ElTestigo & #NinnoDj
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Caracas-Venezuela. Lunatiko is a DJ, musician and culture activist at his shanty town in El Valle where he manage a music studio gave by the government to a group of self organized young members of the community. There they play and record music from bands of the sector as well as from musicians from different areas of the city. At the same time they have a radio and organized exhibitions, parties and workshop for kids and youngsters. He openly talks to the youth around to take down the weapons and left the life of violence and crime and earn the respect by improving and sharing their skills more than earning fear with a gun. #caracas #venezuela #ourwar #ourpain #ourpeace #hope #music #radio #favela #elbarrio #slum #shantytown #violence #violencia #crime #youth #future #magnumef #magnumfoundation #eltestigo
ourpain - eltestigo - elbarrio - radio - slum - shantytown - violencia - magnumfoundation - caracas - magnumef - ourpeace - ourwar - violence - crime - youth - future - music - favela - venezuela - hope -
giseecee : Beautiful 💖
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margareth_charlott : Venezuela
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Caracas-Venezuela. Friends and relatives of victims of violence and accidents in Caracas gather together at Forensic Police Morgue waiting to recieve the body of the family member. At least 15 bodies were admitted between friday night and sunday morning. Extra-official numbers place in more than 2000 homicides the first six months of the year in Caracas alone. #caracas #venezuela #ourwar #ourpain #violence #peace #hope #homicides #violencia #future #family #victims #magnumef #magnumfoundation #eltestigo
ourpain - homicides - peace - victims - caracas - family - ourwar - violence - future - magnumef - magnumfoundation - eltestigo - venezuela - hope - violencia -
ignaciorainao : Siganme y les psi
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#boda felicidades Alicia y Kevin!
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Caracas - Venezuela. Andres Eloy, 20 years old, plays his trumpet at his home in a barrio in Caracas' west side. Andres is part of El Sistema, a cost free music program. He have been in orphan houses since he was 6 years old after the death of his dad and a heavy depression and drug addiction of his mother, which he didnt see for more than 10 years. He says music saved him from being an street kid and get trapped in the wave of crime and violence that plagues the life of a bug part of Venezuelan youth. He is now a professional trumpet player and teacher at El Sistema school. #caracas #venezuela #ourwar #ourpain #ourpeace #music #trumpet #youth #crime #peace #elsistema #magnumef #magnumfoundation #eltestigo
ourpain - eltestigo - magnumfoundation - caracas - magnumef - ourpeace - trumpet - ourwar - peace - crime - elsistema - music - youth - venezuela -
cotarosa : Te felicito por el trabajo fotográfico y las crónicas que haces!!!
eltestigo44 : Muchas gracias @catarosa ...me alegra mucho que te resulten interesantes!...saludos!....
lisebuckeridge : Cheers for him!
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Caracas - Venezuela. Our temples of consumerism are not always empty and our souls are not always full...but in the meantime lets fill'em with clothes and shoes and phones and all that that can't fill a soul. #caracas #venezuela #mall #consumerism #buybuybuy #sellsellsell #soul #body #money #poverty #wealth #richness #magnumef #magnumfoundation #eltestigo
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ralphgambino : Pretty!
rec5_ : Pero que poeta el mio..!
obi_one_ramos : Idolo !
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