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#fbf I don't always take selfies, but when I do...it's because I've finally discovered this gem at the #ElReyTheater. #noshame #not5'3
elreytheater - not5 - noshame - fbf -
jwpraw : Shorty
vdpulcini : 😍
vdpulcini - penelopeyates - cheacky_monkey - moore_than_you_know -
#2015Tour πŸ™Œ #whosgoing #excision #protohype #minnesota #redfishentertainment #redfishent #elreytheater #albuquerque #dubstep #dub #electronic #concert #awesome #instagood #letsgo #letsdothis #dope #badass #seeyouthere
concert - whosgoing - dope - albuquerque - elreytheater - 2015tour - dubstep - seeyouthere - badass - redfishentertainment - electronic - excision - letsgo - letsdothis - dub - redfishent - minnesota - instagood - protohype - awesome -
peerlessgroup : :)
chelseahorse23 : @devyzzzbard13
devyzzzbard13 : @chelseahorse23 we're going!
astonbangherofficial : hell yee
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#polight #nucovenant #sebi #ramsesbarden #elreytheater #dec21 NEXT BITE OR LAST BREATH?
elreytheater - nucovenant - ramsesbarden - polight - dec21 - sebi -
esoteric.trap : Dope who did this
aarashidart : @esoteric.trap me lord.
esoteric.trap : Lord we need some art work we bout t turn things up
aarashidart : Bet @esoteric.trap
esoteric.trap : Word follow back to lord you know who this is lol
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Massive announcement tomorrow by Redfish & Crowdsurf for NYE. If you purchase a ticket for Parade of Lasers before 10 AM tomorrow you will receive an email with a discount code for the NYE show. Be on the look out! #NYE #Albuquerque #Downtown #RedfishEntertainment #Crowdsurf #ElReyTheater
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Last night with the fam @i_vonl after @msamberpriley sold out #ASeasonOfLove concert. She was #SANGIN πŸ™Œ #holidays #elreytheater #family #christmasmusic #falalalala #latergram
family - sangin - holidays - elreytheater - christmasmusic - falalalala - aseasonoflove - latergram -
mikejpress : @jandre_foto @i_vonl if yall dont look cute
jandre_foto : @mikejpress you're jealous you're not in the pic
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Sadly Tincup will not make his show this weekend in Albuquerque but in replacement Kayzo will fill in. Tickets are running low, don't be left out. Get them here at LA Underground or http://redfishevents.com #ParadeOfLasers #Albuquerque #ElReyTheater #Kayzo #FirepowerRecords
elreytheater - kayzo - paradeoflasers - albuquerque - firepowerrecords -
phiphibb : πŸ˜πŸ™
tyrin_julius : @phiphibb indeed! 😊 it's going to be a good show.
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Soo worth staying out all night instead of studying for finals and getting sleep for work tomorrow πŸ‘ #amberrileyconcert #aseasonoflove #elreytheater #christmasconcert
elreytheater - aseasonoflove - christmasconcert - amberrileyconcert -
bswaggernaut : Nice shot! Nice to meet u too
blackbeautyaddict : I'm jelly!!!
feedmecoffee : @bswaggernaut Thank you! It was nice meeting you too, good luck with everything!
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Amber Riley with Kierra Sheard #seasonoflove #elreytheater #elrey
elreytheater - elrey - seasonoflove -
usclover74 : Dang girl!!! Where was my invite!!
makalanipuou : @usclover74 was blessed to be gifted with a ticket myself! Would have loved you to come! You would have loved it!
_tyanna_nicole_ - juliakate - imzurishaddai - mommy49erfan -
Amber Riley with special guests, Jordin Sparks, Tori kelly, Faith Evans, Alex Newall, and Kierra Sheard. #elreytheater #elrey #seasonoflove
elreytheater - elrey - seasonoflove -
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Omg Sabine! The highlight of her night was not the music but seeing Scooter Braun, manager of Usher, Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly… LOL. Posting this for @sabine_west who pretty much jumped into his car with him #scooterbraun #elreytheater
elreytheater - scooterbraun -
suzyod : Lol of course
makalanipuou : @suzyod lol I know
evamunoz1 : He looked a little scared. @sabine_west @makalanipuou @suzyod
kimberlidenise : πŸ‘
westheidemarie : @sabine_west you scared him away!😱
sika_music : Nice!
eli_jedi : Just another homosapien...no bigs
tamahawk12 - evamunoz1 - the_garcia_team - mommy49erfan -
Took my lil Sis ... My Chocolate Drop @dee___jayy to Amber Riley "Christmas: A Season of Love" had soooo much fun. Truly in my peak state. @kierrasheard @therealfaithevans @kennygotsoul Jordan Sparks ToneX and other special guest All Smiles... Felt like I was in church #AmberRiley #tisTheSeason #MerryChristmas #almostChristmas #music #soulmusic #ChristmasMusic #elreytheater
amberriley - soulmusic - elreytheater - merrychristmas - music - christmasmusic - almostchristmas - tistheseason -
dee___jayy : Thank you again, P!!! My holiday heart is happy!!β˜ΊοΈπŸŽ„β€οΈ
mzparisyvonne : Your sooo welcome @dee___jayy ☺️
kennygotsoul : Ah man! Didn't know you were there
mzparisyvonne : Yesss honey I wouldn't have misses that... You killed it like always @kennygotsoul
his_smith - almighty_jets - airsmom - kapk7 -
elreytheater - humbled -
aestheticsoul : I know you happy lol
biggregedwards : Yea Man!!! @dariustmatthews
dariustmatthews : @kierrasheard Thanks for the love #humbled
_chrissy1998 : Love her
amberbee_ : Give me 30 days ?? @dariustmatthews
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Amber Riley Concert! πŸ™Œ #aseasonoflove #amberriley #jordinsparks #wemadeit #elreytheater
wemadeit - elreytheater - jordinsparks - aseasonoflove - amberriley -
dshawnmusic : This is it.
sea_la - jordanxxo - jg_22451 - redamusesme -
This Friday in downtown Albuquerque Redfish Entertainment has Kristina Sky at Effex Nightclub and Parade of Lasers at El Rey Theater. Tickets for the shows are available here at http://redfishevents.com #Friday #Night #Fun #ElReyTheater #EffexNightclub #Downtown #Albuquerque
elreytheater - downtown - night - fun - friday - albuquerque - effexnightclub -
5kin5minutes : Earn Fast Cash the Legal Way Text or Call 5864412757
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I wanted everybody else in the world to know it, I wanted everyone to know you're the girl for me.... @lordhuron #lordhuron @iamsoundrecords #elreytheater #timetorun #whiskey #whiskeytime #lawschool #music
elreytheater - whiskey - lordhuron - lawschool - timetorun - music - whiskeytime -
barreaddiction - whiskey.official - heartslikelions - nickdbelievers -
I'd give it all to love that girl... @iamsoundrecords @lordhuron #lordhuron #elreytheater #whiskey #whiskeytime #thefeels #truth #lawschool
elreytheater - whiskey - wtf - lordhuron - lawschool - truth - thefeels - whiskeytime -
fdphilosophy : @iamsoundrecords When the hell are the new songs going to get released?!? #wtf
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You made me swear I'd never forget, I made a vow I'd see you again. I will be back one day, and I'll find you there by the great big lake... @iamsoundrecords @lordhuron #lordhuron #whiskeytime #whiskey #elreytheater #lawschool
elreytheater - whiskey - whiskeytime - lordhuron - lawschool -
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Always a great performance! #lordhuron#elreytheater#LA#lonesomedreams#
elreytheater - lordhuron - lonesomedreams - la -
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Lord Huron was pretty damn good tonight.
elreytheater - elrey - lordhuron -
richgonehiking : #lordhuron #elreytheater #elrey
space.cake - alexxarc - troutdoors - mrs.bhat -
She lit a fire... @lordhuron #lordhuron #whiskey #whiskeytime #shelitafire #elreytheater
elreytheater - whiskey - whiskeytime - lordhuron - shelitafire -
twothirtyfive - heartslikelions - nickdbelievers - findsalvation -
Benji was fucking on point tonight!!! Encore included #the stranger and #settingsun @lordhuron #lordhuron #elreytheater #whiskey #whiskeytime
elreytheater - whiskey - lordhuron - whiskeytime - settingsun - the -
bartrendr : Nice!
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Lord Huron! Holy shit the amazingness!!! #lordhuron #elreytheater #thebest #davidlynchfoundation #timetorun @lordhuron #lawschool #lawschoolproblems #feels #whiskeytime #whiskey
timetorun - lawschoolproblems - thebest - whiskeytime - elreytheater - davidlynchfoundation - feels - lordhuron - lawschool - whiskey -
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Catching the Lord Huron show with Janette at the El Rey.
elrey - elreytheater - lordhuron -
richgonehiking : #lordhuron #elrey #elreytheater
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LIKE the picture for a chance to win some free tickets!! I'm about to give out a pair!! @AdrianMarcel x @1Omarion x @BoyDirrt Dec.27th At The #ElReyTheater #Albuquerque #NewMexico #FatFishRecords #MoneyIsKing #POWER106ABQ #letsgo!!
elreytheater - moneyisking - power106abq - letsgo - fatfishrecords - newmexico - albuquerque -
_kaitlyn_jenae_llg : Me!!
jaber_711 - _svetasokolova_ - poriya_arman - tatiellengarcia -
Everyone is a little crazy inside. We're all fans of something. We pour our time, emotion, and hard earned money for what we love. We all turn to music for solace, motivation, or for the sheer pleasure. I would never imagine that my love for music would go this far. To hear your favorite bands play live may possibly be measured as pure bliss. I want to take this time to thank everyone that has been along with me for the ride in 2014. I shared many laughs, drinks, and good memories with you guys. I lost some friends (girlfriends too) but gained some quality ones along the road as well. With every show, every festival, and every line que, it's a beautiful reminder of why I still aim to work in the music industry. Thank you, thank you, thank you... Silvia @thewiltern for always being a perfect host and taking care of my friends and I at every show in your venue. @rayyleww for feeding me new music when I have absolutely no time to do it myself. @dianedarling & @deadwt for providing company, laughs, jokes, and keeping the line in check "naww bitch". @madehaste for keeping me grounded and pushing me a little bit harder every year to be a better photographer. Mike and everyone at @b3science for your continued support and giving me the countless opportunities to do this thing that I love. @christinaperri for giving me one of the best birthday shows and "Happy Birthday" hand tattoo. @asheliot for helping me get my foot in the door to this journey. @bguells for doing a little interview about me at her school, pretty fucking rad. @yelyahwilliams for being the "trailblazer" that you are (both tour version and music award version πŸ˜‚). @shutupsilver @regansusername @reedab00k for being the best YAAASS girls at the shows. My beautiful roommate/partner in crime @mischiep for simply being there when I needed her ❀️. My dudes @alexcz46 and @bdavison13 for keeping my hair looking right (cause let's face it, I'd end up shaving my head if it was up to me. Mom and Dad for believing in me and supporting at times when I thought I couldn't. You're all friends of mine and I'm so happy to have met all of you!
goldenvoice - theroxy - sonymusic - glasshousepomona - akchinpavilion - elreytheater - livenation - vip - photopass - kroq - echoplex - universalmusicgroup - fondatheater - atlanticrecords - ticketfly - nocamerasallowed - thewiltern - axs - troubadour - fyffest - interscoperecords - clubnokia - harvestrecords - amoebamusic - theecho - foxtheaterpomona - warnermusicgroup - capitolrecords -
topthreefreerides : Lovely!
merlinmoonguitarusa : very cool @merlinmoonmusic @russmclovin
familycasting_16 : Cool!
collcallahan : Love!
regansusername : YAAAAS. miss you! can't wait for more concerts this coming year with the fam ❀️
mischiep : Yeeeeeessssss! I fucking love you. Reading this made me want to conquer the world, so there's that. πŸ™ŒπŸ’€πŸ‘―πŸ’ŽπŸ₯πŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊπŸ»
dianedarling : Aqueducts malfunctioning...
altaskymusic : Music Makes the World Go Round, Right?
michaelcaseau - dianedarling - thewiltern - ___natalie.monique -
Tincup ❀️ #elreytheater #tincup
elreytheater - tincup -
rosaleebg : @alecstash @ferracoyum
coolrafa - v_v_n - little_red_ridding_hood - leila2341 -
Tgif #allah-las #elreytheater #goodtimes @lovermadly
elreytheater - allah - goodtimes -
ethicca : Man almost everyone I know went to this show
uly_89 : @ethicca it was good show.
guiltyplea : You said you were gonna hit me up yesterday foo ...
uly_89 : @guiltyplea this was too hipster for you. Lol
guiltyplea : Hahaa fukit @uly_89
lineal.vulcan : Damn i shoulda gone
uly_89 : @lineal.vulcan should have, it was good.
lineal.vulcan : I know i found out about it last minute
diana_bouchaaya - gem2esme - lineal.vulcan - tangiemangee -
Great night at #ElReyTheater seeing the @allahlas!!! Great set @grooveson_
elreytheater -
kristypedersen1 - alanmilk1 - russ9siadatian - beauty_kat04 -
#tbt to the #MajesticAsFak #Tour with Kill The Noise. From hearing classic KTN tracks to be trolled with Never Gonna Give You Up vs. Turn Down For What. This was one insane show. #KTN #KillTheNoise #BlackMagic #Albuquerque #ElReyTheater #amazing #production #OWSLA
killthenoise - blackmagic - albuquerque - tbt - elreytheater - tour - production - owsla - amazing - ktn - majesticasfak -
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#TheAtaris #ElReyTheater #LosAngeles #SanDimasHighSchoolFootballRules #NostalgicPunk πŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸŒ πŸŽΈπŸŽΆπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
elreytheater - nostalgicpunk - theataris - losangeles - sandimashighschoolfootballrules -
soul_rebel99 : Saw them in temec a couple years back.
davey_dave27 : San Dimas high school rules!! @delirium_trigger85 HS chap days brah
grossicb1 - samuel_ashley - davey_dave27 - jillianp -
Who's excited to see @soundremedy this Friday at El Rey in LA?!
elreytheater - la - ravenaked - festivalfashion - noosa - edm -
rave_naked : #ravenaked #edm #noosa #elreytheater #festivalfashion #LA
k8tlinrn : πŸ’ƒ
daisymarie24 : Sick track
rave_naked - sparklfashion - pndmth - jawimo -
Thank you @lesliescofield for gifting me and @imreddy tix tonight for #erichutchinson #tristanprettyman #nickhoward 😻 Their music was magical with our dancing moves. ☺️😽 #concerts #music #elreytheater #losangeles #happy
losangeles - tristanprettyman - elreytheater - erichutchinson - music - nickhoward - concerts - happy -
johnnysheengas - _brooke_805 - babedabs - uglyrich -
TICKET GIVEAWAY!!!! We have several pairs of free tickets to giveaway to see Sound Remedy with Tincup and Kicks N' Licks at El Rey Theater on 12/12! Tag 4 friends in the comments below and we'll choose several people to win a pair of tix on Friday morning! Must be 18+ ___________________________________________
erinblondiepants : Thank you so much
highimdyl : I won babe :DDD @djgrimetime
dropthebeatz : @highimdyl @bangkok_dngerous @erinblondiepants you're welcome! You're names have been added to the guest list + 1!
dropthebeatz : Your*
kevs_14 : @dropthebeatz what time it ends
kevs_14 : Do you know
jonnymin : Jonathan Min @jonnymin
jonnymin : Thank you
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