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#cute #thosewerethedays #photopile #elenigovetas #girls #young
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young and bright eyed. #elenigovetas #young #girls #cute #thosewerethedays #photopile
cute - thosewerethedays - photopile - elenigovetas - girls - young -
sourcruncher : How adorable!
simom_tritone : I don't think there is anything cuter than you two as children. I miss you both so very very much.
ema.jpg : ohh youu. thanks! @sourcruncher. and @simonsays12 you have no idea how much i miss you, you should drive that free Mercedes of your over here this winter
simom_tritone : Oh I shall indeed! :D or just fly if I can afford it. - mr_cameleon - wisieeee - heraklit -
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