Analysis of WATG Rally by RSN: Antonio, thanks to leading so many legs of this race, has garnered enough bonus points to slide into 5th place in the championship over Ned. If things were to end right now, Crophopper would end the season with 666 points. El Chupacabra would finish the year with 655 points, and Crophopper would win the championship by 11 points. Now we all know that we're not even halfway through the rally just yet, so a lot can still happen, but as it sits, Dusty Crophopper is doing everything needed to secure his championship so far! El Chu is going to need to win this race at this point and Crophopper finish 8th or worse in order for the former to have any shot at this championship. Now interestingly if we look at the statistics of this year, every time Dusty's either started a race towards the back of the pack or suffered some mishap that's sent him down, he has ALWAYS been able to recover and finish in the top 10 100% of the time! Such consistency is showing through again here with his efforts. He has once again proven that even though he may start dead last, he STILL manages to get into the top 10 before the end of a race! Consistency has been the key for him this year, as that's allowed him to lead the championship and also gives him a very strong chance of being the 2014 Air Racing League champion! Surprisingly, the Spaniard Antonio has really dominated this race so far, at least for the first half. It seems that with only six legs to go, if he can lead another leg of this race he may clinch the 4 extra bonus points for leading the most legs of a race. Now he's not in the championship running this year, but he did have a win on another long and particularly trying race earlier this year on the 4th of July weekend, so he's a formidable racer in his own right.
championship - wingsaroundtheglobe - propwashjunction - mexico - bulldog - rpx - watg - india - ripslinger - wewantcars3 - ishani - rally - america - spain - arturo - canada - league - italy - usa - greatbritain - dustycrophopper - analysis - airracing - newyork - rochelle - antonio - vogliamocars3 - racing - leader - elchupacabra -
wewantcars3 : As for El Chu, he's not led a leg yet, which doesn't bode well for his championship run. I just don't feel he's putting enough pressure on Dusty to really make him sweat out there. While he hasn't dropped lower than fourth in this race, that's just not going to be good enough to win him the championship if he's really serious about it this year! He needs to start showing he's serious about this and start leading this race if he wants the championship this year! We've also seen strong showings from Ishani and Bulldog, who made massive gains the first few legs of this race! While Ishani has dropped back down a bit, Bulldog has really impressed me with his run from 14th all the way to 3rd! He's gained 11 positions so far, and could it be the British racer's year to win the WATGR? The Green Tornado Ripslinger is also doing well, having moved into the top five, but it's not really the run we're used to seeing from him in these types of races. Usually he's right up at the front, but he so far hasn't been able to pass his former teammate Ned, who's continued to maintain his lead over his former boss.
wewantcars3 : Arturo perhaps is proving somewhat of a disappointment for Team RPX. He's really picked up his game in the latter half of this season, but despite a very strong qualifying effort, he just isn't maintaining his pace well in this race, and has slid down from 3rd to 8th. Perhaps the biggest shocker though in this race in terms of disappointments has been French Canadian racer Rochelle. I don't think ANYONE expected the third place racer in the championship to be doing this poorly! She just doesn't have the speed of the rest of the field this race, and she has been reporting all kinds of issues from bad handling to sluggish controls to her engines just not getting the job done. Her championship hopes are going up in smoke so far, and what a frustrating run it's been for her to this point. She's getting more service during the down time than any other racer, but sometimes, these things just occur. Amazingly, we've had no one retire or crash in this race yet! That's somewhat surprising, as the long distances can definitely do a number on engines, planes, and parts, but the attrition rate has so far been zero in the race itself! I felt positive we'd see a few racers drop over out over the Pacific, but they've all come through! The longer the race, the higher the attrition rate typically, but so far, every racer has overcome it and persisted, and no one's dropped out yet!
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Artdrop No. 2 -- JOANN in Allen Park, MI. An artsy place for the crafters. #ElChupacabra #artdropday
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animudio : My hiding skills are not good at all...reason why I lose in hide and seek~ πŸ˜…
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This Mornings session #elchupacabra #fujin #letmetattooshitlikethis #nashvilletattoos #nashvilletattoo #paint #painting #windgod #watercolor #fun #franklintattoo #franklintn #franktown #kyosai
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Apatan Reunited #apatan #elchupacabra
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Ale Ale Ale! πŸ’ƒ#elchupacabra
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genwyn : Gala ka na naman!?
kbernadette : Waaaaah After my exams week I swear to God, mag el chupacabra na tayo! Hahaha! 😁
caitlinrecana : Hahaha lets plan a get together with ms tweet @genwyn
caitlinrecana : #foodstagram #food #restaurants #manila
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Last night πŸ»πŸ΄πŸ’ƒ #ElChupacabra
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Definitely not Janelling on a weeknight but still double the fun. We will miss you big time, J! @smiley_cast @tessadragon #friends #malasimbogang #cristinalocsin haha you've been hashtagged! #Elchupacabra
malasimbogang - cristinalocsin - friends - elchupacabra -
smiley_cast : I like this one @buddhabanana ! :)
buddhabanana : Me too! I didnt tag Janelle here haha @smiley_cast
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Starting this term break RIGHT! With some #AfternoonDelightπŸ˜‹ #ElChupacabra
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joshuacue - patlouieeetorres - andrewlogy - ringodchan -
At the end of 3rd leg Shanghai-Buenos Aires, all racers were tired! But Antonio is still incredibly leading, the Spanish racer takes other 2 points and pass Ned in Championship, taking 5th place! Great fly of El Chu and Bulldog, in 2nd and 3rd place, Ripslinger in TOP 5, Ishani falls in 7th place but above all... Dusty Crophopper entered in TOP 10, gaining other 2 positions! Other problems for Rochelle, she isn't lucky. These are the standings after 3rd leg: 1st Antonio 2nd El Chu 3rd Bulldog 4th Ned 5th Ripslinger 6th Zed 7th Ishani 8th Arturo 9th Dominik 10th Dusty Crophopper 11th Tsubasa 12th Cayetano 13th Joey Dundee 14th Sun Wing 15th Miguel 16th Yellow Bird 17th Little King 18th Van Der Bird 19th Rochelle Tomorrow it will be a rest day, so racers will return racing Wednesday, for going to Mexico! #VogliamoCars3 #WeWantCars3 #WingsAroundTheGlobe #WATG #Rally #Racing #Championship #Shanghai #China #BuenosAires #Argentina #Antonio #Leader #Spain #Ned #NewZealand #ElChupacabra #Bulldog #GreatBritain #Ripslinger #America #NewYork #Ishani #India #DustyCrophopper #USA #Minnesota #PropwashJunction #Rochelle #Canada
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kawaii.car : GO DUSTY!
jojolantern : :)
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Cena con amigos. #friends #elchupacabra #dinner #vsco #vscocam
dinner - vscocam - dontjudge - vsco - friends - elchupacabra -
aidshot : #dontjudge
mikayrodriguez : waaah kakagaling ko lang jan
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@nikomc987 #budapest #elchupacabra #loco #crazy #danubio #friends #malemale
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Here's to the bibo kid who craves for mexican food in the middle of the night! #midnightmadness #soloista #fatkid #hungerstrike #hungergame #elchupacambra #quesadilla #makatiavenue
makatiavenue - elchupacabra - elchupacambra - hungergame - soloista - midnightmadness - quesadilla - hungerstrike - fatkid -
uhtheenuh_xxv : #elchupacabra
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Mexican street tacos! #ElChupacabra #Mexican #Tacos
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knowellie : Chupa...cabra
mele.oppa : hORNY^
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buena comida , buena seΓ±ora #ElChupacabra πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🍻
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juliacastro9 : Omg i miss el chupacabra 😩 oh and i guess i miss you guys too @giooomedina and @yhelraza .....πŸ˜‚
giooomedina : Let's eat here when you go back!:))
juliacastro9 : Haha im so down!!!
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#ElChupacabra #mexicanfood
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mariellecatolos : Uyyyy i want!
cskaycelle -
a very loud night at #elchupacabra
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There's always a first time. #elchupacabra #foodtrip #vsco #vscocam
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yesitsmafia : I can't believe you
aidshot : @yesitsmafia 😒
annecuarteros : Aids, i think i have your apron πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
aidshot : @annecuarteros uhm.. whose apron am i using? 😁
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My favorite drink ever. Could drink this all day everyday. #horchata #elchupacabra
horchata - elchupacabra -
julesintentions : @xandrarocha saw the pilot of the 2nd season, and we missed u big time!
senorpolloph : Jajaja
ericaparedes : Wah I need some in my life
hairgelmarock : Cool!
pssimon22 : @xandrarocha good morning!!!!
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Looks like love...actually she's thinking "if he moves he's dead!" #elchupacabra
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masha_makarova3 - music_lover_aurelie - morgan.of.mordor - nebel_rammfan_catnil -
#coco #lilchewbaca #elchupacabra @ry_boog_805 @tiffanym08 πŸ‘€πŸΆ
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stefaniemarie_bertao - d4n_d4n - xxxricanpapixxx - servyb -
Hello September! #buonviaje #elchupacabra #SurfersTurf #parilla # bffbundles #prunelambanog
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night cap #elchupacabra
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erwinpo -
Their Fish Tacos don't look appetizing but it's so good! #ilovefishtacos #mexicanfood #crave #elchupacabra #fishtacos
fishtacos - crave - mexicanfood - ilovefishtacos - gustonggusto - elchupacabra -
lawrencevv : @kristoffnavalcruz oo nga!! Haha #gustonggusto @lenibits
kristoffnavalcruz : Walang luwain kain lahat
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Mexican night πŸ»πŸ’ƒ
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_katycola : #Mexican #resto #dinner #night #ElChupacabra #Makati #Philippines #vsco #vscocam
_katycola : very backpacker area vibe β˜†
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Great start for first leg Dubai-Delhi! There is a surprise! Antonio is in the lead now, taking 2 extra points, El Chu loses 2 positions! Great start for Ishani(from 11th to 5th), Bulldog(from 14th to 10th) and Dusty(from 19th to 14th)! Rochelle had so many problems, and she's last now! Jan Kowalski had an massive crash before the start, so he retired... These are the standing after first leg: 1st Antonio(+2 championship points for leading after a leg) 2nd Ned 3rd El Chu 4th Zed 5th Ishani 6th Arturo 7th Dominik 8th Tsubasa 9th Ripslinger 10th Bulldog 11th Yellow Bird 12th Cayetano 13th Sun Wing 14th Dusty Crophopper 15th Miguel 16th Joey Dundee 17th Little King 18th Van der Bird 19th Rochelle #VogliamoCars3 #WeWantCars3 #WingsAroundTheGlobe #WATG #Rally #Championship #First #Leg #Dubai #AbuDhabi #Delhi #India #Antonio #Leader #Spain #Espana #ElChu #ElChupacabra #Mexico #Ishani #Ripslinger #USA #NewYork #Bulldog #GreatBritain #DustyCrophopper #America #PropwashJunction #Rochelle #Canada
championship - abudhabi - propwashjunction - mexico - bulldog - wingsaroundtheglobe - delhi - india - first - ripslinger - wewantcars3 - ishani - rally - america - spain - canada - dubai - usa - elchu - leg - greatbritain - dustycrophopper - watg - antonio - newyork - rochelle - vogliamocars3 - espana - leader - elchupacabra -
jojolantern : :) @wewantcars3
kawaii.car : Aw, look at dusty!
saroon_xp - ava_pnf_planes_td_tmnt - terry.beckwith - hannah_e_7 -
Lunch kanina with @oxiieehallig and @vinniebrave :) Thanks friend! :* #ElChupacabra #quesadillas #tacos
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vinniebrave - deca28 - ftwapparel_ph - oxiieehallig -
The Seductive Stare of Blake Baggett @blakebaggett4 #moto #motocross #elchupacabra #privateeyes #theyrewatchingyou #predator #hungryeyes
theyrewatchingyou - motocross - hungryeyes - elchupacabra - privateeyes - predator - moto -
wieciu777 : I invite you to my profile
cooperabbott120 - honda_speed - crushedmx -
Got my dream car!!!!! #FJ #ElChupacabra
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El Chupacabra with friends. A very odd combination sa barkada. Haha! #friends #elchupacabra #finc #dinner #mexican #vscocam
dinner - mexican - finc - vscocam - friends - elchupacabra -
kimchiyeh : I miss!
jbmreyes : @kimchiyeh First time ko dito! Sarap! We waited an hour toget a table though. Haha!
kimchiyeh : Daming tao siguro kasi it's a Saturday. Pero yeah, the food's great. :D
jbmreyes : @kimchiyeh Really great. The wait was worth it. πŸ‘
kimchiyeh : Yeap yeap!
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At #elchupacabra with @ltiangco ... #rustic #sidewalk....#mygosh
rustic - tacos - lovelove - sidewalk - elchupacabra - mygosh -
ltiangco : #dahilgustomo #youcandoit #streettaco #sanawalangipis
bingstergram : @myheartandhome ... You are sooooo gonna love it here #tacos are #lovelove
cattdijamco - juniejavelosa - ttilagan - pattyecruz -
El tacos madness @ #elchupacabra #mexicanFood
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katkowtah_ : @mzavip !!!!!
rashid11220 : @mzavip !!!!!
serv3rap : #food #foodporn #yum #instafood #TagsForLikes #yummy #amazing #instagood #photooftheday #sweet #dinner #lunch #breakfast #fresh #tasty #food #delish #delicious #eating #foodpic #foodpics #eat #hungry #foodgasm #hot #foods
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Early morning session #elchupacabra #mexicali #lateupload @pearl_mananquil @nico_loresca @ksjoma @iamianne0717 @ka_gigil
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pearl_mananquil - thejols - iamianne0717 - ksjoma -
45lb amberjack #elchupacabra #seaofcortez #kickedherbsass #beautifuldayinthebaja
kickedherbsass - beautifuldayinthebaja - seaofcortez - elchupacabra -
ty_oliver : Yeah Herbie!!
spencert77 : Herb's the word! First time Ive ever seen him, sans cowboy hat! Nice fish!
carynsassymamaross : Wow!! Awesome!
monamayi62 - suzanneraesfg - carynsassymamaross - lindsiniebur -
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