About to check out my first fantasy football thing... With style! Yeah I do more than just lift heavy weights and eat 😊
style - blackandwhite - redlips - eighthseed - sofreshsoclean - powerlifter - ootd - girlswholift - fantasyfootball -
fit_margie : #eighthseed #fantasyfootball #girlswholift #powerlifter #sofreshsoclean #style #ootd #blackandwhite #redlips
monicahuu : #browsonpoint πŸ’
fit_margie : @monicahuu Aww thanks! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ’•
nomnomshin - corinamscott - bigbuddha_trey - fitness_titan -
Good Squat day feels. #JDSM #3DMJ #EighthSeed #beastmetals
3dmj - eighthseed - beastmetals - jdsm -
chris_elkins : Nice moves bruh
j0nathandiaz : @markrafael yeah it keeps me more focused on mental cues. @chris_elkins thanks brah
instaramm : Ayyyy
almagetyoulater : You're a good man. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
j0nathandiaz : @almagetyoulater I knew you'd like the song!
almagetyoulater : @j0nathandiaz on point with the beat too. I'm so proud πŸ˜ͺit was beautiful
nunez3dmj : Healthiest squat you have ever showcased
pootietango : Good dance moves!! That's a 10
jezeltbh - sclingling - tessiejmar - 123_kidd -
#3DMJ x #EighthSeed
3dmj - eighthseed - jdsm -
j0nathandiaz : #JDSM
friffstar : Hmm singlet mode? Meet coming soon?
pvn23 : πŸ‘Œ
j0nathandiaz : @friffstar nope just laundry day
friffstar : Shouldve just lifted naked 😩
geraldlebrilla : ^agreed
j0nathandiaz : @friffstar @geraldlebrilla that's tomorrow if we don't finish laundry πŸ˜‰
_swolly510_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ NAKED BUT WITH WRIST WRAPS, BELT, SLEEVES AND SHOES!! @friffstar @geraldlebrilla
jdoughdee - nearfujing - mdaverey - beastmetals -
Today was my first time using high bar as my main squat, so I was a little intimidated cumming in for today's workout. So everything was technically a PR :D hit 390 for 3 reps with an rpe of 7.5 to 8. Feeling good about this new set up. @pootietango @friffstar @workout2eat @cookiecali #viennamethod #powerlifting #strength #eighthseed #yiiis #goonsquad
viennamethod - strength - goonsquad - eighthseed - powerlifting - yiiis -
workout2eat : Back to the old stance too huh lol
thatduderaf : Dat squats of peace
geraldlebrilla : @workout2eat definitely made my ass grow bigger widening my stance lol
geraldlebrilla : @thatduderaf it's the shoes brah
geraldlebrilla : @love4jcj thanks!! : @thatduderaf hhahah
geraldlebrilla : @kshifty @jlynsuckaaa___
lawzurus_ : Go to the 24 on Rosedale
jamieabuyen - peterphampl - valy_8 - monkeymartin_ -
The loose ball comes to those who hustle. Our new "white" pullover is available on
eighthseed -
eighthseed : #eighthseed
antdosmil : Any more colors in the works? πŸ™
chrissantiago902 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
fit_margie - pootietango - jujubeezzz - _arielfox -
When your brothers put in work, it makes you wanna work too. #eighthseed
eighthseed -
playboy.com_ : Workkkkk
hiilanimama : Mmm mint mojito 😊 love phillz
justaneee - bawbz - angelicatango - chiefsweeet -
Took 260 x 3 paused for a ride today. Very good bench session with @simplykenneth :) #eighthseed #goonsquad #powerlifting #fuckbench #powerlifting #strength #roadto300 #viennamethod
powerlifting - viennamethod - strength - goonsquad - roadto300 - eighthseed - fuckbench -
jaypr305 : Dat bench going up nicely!
geraldlebrilla : @jaypr305 trying to be 300 like you brah! Only in a higher weight class :( lol
quio_tip : Good shit!
geraldlebrilla : @quio_tip thanks!
monkeymartin_ : Das it
geraldlebrilla : @monkeymartin Yes bby ; (
sir_narquillo : @geraldlebrilla tfw when you can only get 205x3 paused and I am way heavier lol
bo_lafradez : All I see isπŸ†
theyuckster - w00000k1ee - w.lawson - jaybclassy -
West side!! Jk Not throwing up gang signs or anything, but reppin that hat. Had a great deadlift session Sunday night with friends. Hit some rep PRs. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ #geraldshat #eighthseed @pootietango #thathat #gottacropmeone #norcal #ydoilookmad #sonofilter πŸ˜‚#24hrfitness
ydoilookmad - eighthseed - sonofilter - 24hrfitness - thathat - geraldshat - norcal - gottacropmeone -
dcalialva : #sweg
eddduhhh : Man you looking good haha
celinagomezzz : Heeey I have the same shirt!!! πŸ˜†πŸ‘Œ
_joanna23 - avril.g - purplmonstr - ___malajara -
"The weak or the strong..who got it going on? You dead wrong!" @eighthseed fall/winter wear dropping soon. #eighthseed
eighthseed -
nailsalwaysdid : Ooo that's a clean jacket
raymondbelleza : Clean save me a mejum bro
papertigerrr - dakine240 - sowhatmovesyou - rachelvisperas -
Hardly home but always reppin' Shoutout to my man @raucepowers for hitting me we these fresh ass customs! #eighthseed #jordans #Jordan1s #CaliGotKicks #PeepMySneaks #ActuallyWearMyKicks #The_Perfect_Pair #TrustedKicks #Kicks #ShoePorn #Uptown2k #WalkLikeUs #KicksOnFire #TodaysKicks #NiceKicks #KicksOfTheDay #Rare_Footage #LaceHerUp #WhatTheKicks #SoleNation #SoleSupremacy #ACErvan316 #Kicks0l0gy #BarBeeDotCom #BayAreaGotSole #ComplexKicks #JordansDaily #Sneakers #Sneakernews
nicekicks - jordans - complexkicks - todayskicks - acervan316 - barbeedotcom - caligotkicks - jordansdaily - whatthekicks - actuallywearmykicks - the_perfect_pair - sneakernews - kicks - rare_footage - jordan1s - shoeporn - kicksonfire - eighthseed - peepmysneaks - walklikeus - kicksoftheday - uptown2k - kicks0l0gy - bayareagotsole - laceherup - solesupremacy - trustedkicks - sneakers - solenation -
raucepowers : Dope flick man!!!
golfinguru11 : dope
rbthvs : Nice.
noblesse_la : Very impressed!
pootietango : Wettttt
extramadness - mike22_ross - _shelovescam - iamrolemodel -
The "Draft Day" jerseys were one of my fav releases. Next drop: 9/1, @michellekimmeui for #eighthseed
eighthseed -
been.rell : I need to order one of those hats : @been.rell out of those, but next drop: new buckets, 5 panels and snaps next release
hoody1030 : Hey what's up @michellekimmeui
jawstenmountain : I needa get laced before I move to Hawaii mang!
cookiecali - dakine240 - katrinacielo - bicomango34 -
Pumped out 92 lbs for 5 sets of 5! For reference, 90x5 was my max about 2 weeks ago. I'm stoked! @pootietango @friffstar @workout2eat #viennamethod #fuckbench #eighthseed
viennamethod - fuckbench - eighthseed -
gvxin : Beeth mode
ayecaps.tfti : Thank you
joseaalvarez3152 : Nice form
mrbencedotcom : Dat back bridge, great form.
jaxremitio : @kailabwhite
eliasjulio8766 : Oh yeah. U can do it.
r00_ee : @rubili15
oh_khino : For some reason I expected a troll response instead of just "thank you" lol
beezeefitbun - danny.nguyen - cj_infantino - isaac_helms -
Gaaaawl. Did not complete today's top set goal :( I did 290 pounds 2 sets of 6 that were feeling really good beforehand. So, jumped five pounds from last week's failure and decided to do 330. Bad move because I got stapled on my second rep :/ Time to put my ego in check and go back to 320 for my top sets until I feel strong enough to do this again. I'll be back for you! No happy kpop music. @pootietango @friffstar @workout2eat @cookiecali #stapled #powerlifting #frontsquat #lovehaterelationship #yudodis #socalchampionships #148raw #goonsquad #eighthseed
148raw - goonsquad - powerlifting - socalchampionships - frontsquat - stapled - lovehaterelationship - yudodis - eighthseed -
geraldlebrilla : @tomamoos @lynniebobinnie @simplykenneth @dizniggaminmin @jerryhurtado
workout2eat : Keep it up tho!
jlynsuckaaa___ : Why are you using my belt
annarosaless : That booty tho
kshifty : Cant even tag me
tomamoos : Strong as hell! Work was put on tho. Don't even trip mang @geraldlebrilla we all gotta get a session in together lol
simplykenneth - desl0ve1 - pvn23 - shmayz1231 -
#Waybackwednesday post. Here was two weeks out from #oldskooliron meet. 385 for a paused beltless squat PR rocking the #kiloclub shirt. Hope to see if I can pause 405 in a couple weeks if my coach allows me to. Lol. Day by day, I'm getting more excited for the #socalchampionships. Please powerlifting gods, can I not get stapled on my second attempt?! XD Let's goooooo. #powerlifting #squat #pause #beltless #148raw #eighthseed #teamvienna #strength
pause - squat - eighthseed - 148raw - waybackwednesday - oldskooliron - kiloclub - beltless - teamvienna - strength - powerlifting - socalchampionships -
airamanda : NIOCEEEπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
crispinoza : Gaht damn that's 30lbs higher than my current pr. Making me feel like a bitch lol. Good shit! @geraldlebrilla
geraldlebrilla : @airamanda thank you! I can't wait to see how strong you're going to be the day of the meet! I'm super excited
geraldlebrilla : @crispinoza keep striving, bro! That's what it is all about. This was a while back doe, so I'll see if I can do more soon lol
risepanda : So close to the wall mane lol
dcalialva : No sign up. K. Thx.
geraldlebrilla : @risepanda I kissed it for good luck lol
geraldlebrilla : @dcalialva let me get my next pay check ahaha
isaac__arellano - kevinyang91 - _macsauce_ - vinzorelli -
My boy @ceyx67 knows how to drop quality frenchies. Hit em up for inquiries @apexfrenchies #Apex #Eighthseed
apex - eighthseed -
samilaurena : SO CUUUUUUUUUTE
justaneee : 😍😍
1sweet69ss : I want the one in the middle : The one on the right and middle, I'm sure you'll like auntie! They're dope @1sweet69ss : @samilaurena perfect for the upcoming baby lol : @justaneee ky and Landon would like one
smoothmacdaddygary : @carolinehoang 😭
carolinehoang : @smoothmacdaddygary especially the one on the right 😭
marcel.white - louie_frenchie_from_norway - sweetleilani74 - yukaaikawa -
Bottom 1st and 2nd attempt and top his 639 squat! So honored to be coached by this awesome person! @pootietango I have all your lifts so I will show you off if you don't mind πŸ˜†
coach - bodybypootie - eithseed - bossofbosses - eighthseed - powerlifter -
fit_margie : #powerlifter #coach #bodybypootie #eithseed #bossofbosses
tdrew81 : πŸ»πŸ‘ NICE!
fit_margie : #eighthseed
_br1an - nitabeats - mark2100elite - gixxer_butterfly -
I can't remember the weight numbers...πŸ˜’All I know it's alot!!!πŸ™ˆ @pootietango
coach - bodybypootie - eithseed - bossofbosses - eighthseed - powerlifter -
fit_margie : #powerlifter #coach #bodybypootie #eithseed #bossofbosses
fit_margie : #eighthseed
pootietango - _br1an - mark2100elite - nitabeats -
1st attempt 600lbs!!! 3rd 666.... soon it will be 3 white lights but in my book it counts! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ @pootietango
coach - bodybypootie - eithseed - bossofbosses - eighthseed - deadlift - powerlifter -
fit_margie : #powerlifter #coach #bodybypootie #eithseed #bossofbosses #deadlift
pootietango : Thanks Margie!! Naw super hitched it
fit_margie : @pootietango you still pulled it! Live, learn and kill it for next time! πŸ˜†πŸ˜ˆ
fit_margie : #eighthseed
joshua_huang_ - corinamscott - powerliftingbeauty - beefit1991 -
Shout out to my best friend @dakine240 for shipping the #eighthseed hat that i wanted 😁!! you da best πŸ˜˜πŸ’™! thank u so much greatly appreciate it,πŸ˜‹! #bff #eighthseedathletics #newhat #lovemybestfriend #shoulderpump #selfie #swolfie #bestie #brother
eighthseedathletics - shoulderpump - bff - eighthseed - newhat - brother - swolfie - lovemybestfriend - bestie - selfie -
lilydeeeee : #delt #yummy πŸ˜› πŸ’ͺ
captnnocturne : Omg your shoulders are hot 😍😍
veeness87 : Thanks love 😘😘😘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ@captnnocturne can i just have your body @lilydeeeee 😍😍😘
fit_margie - j_him1988 - juworkhard - maixpie -
Mediocre never been good enough. Fall/Winter will be a killer season ❄️ #eighthseed
eighthseed -
t_rr_n : Yeee
vargasnerrad : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ : @recess_ winter layers, the no flex zone πŸ‘Š : @sweat_magayanes @vargasnerrad @t_rr_n β˜”οΈ
vinnnymagz : I need one : When they drop in a few weeks ima throw one your way, what size bro @vinnnymagz
vinnnymagz : Appreciate you my G size large please.
stefyuuup : Keep pushin bra
jetro84 - sharlenemarine - ayee_itzallan - stephmamiii -
Bear Witness! Been awhile since I've posted an actual squat video, so might as well throw in some sick ass tunes. Big thank you to @abeswastaken for slapping the shit out of me, getting me hyped and not letting me be a lil bitch. Finally joined the 400 club with this 405 for a single. Last time I attempted this I ate it pretty hard. Also thank you to @danimals415 for your chocolate balls, they gave me energy for this attempt. #EighthSeed #TeamEighthSeed #Fitness #Fit #FitFam #Fitspo #IGFitness #IG_Fitness_Freaks #Motivation #Inspiration #Powerlifting #Power #Bodybuilding #Bodybuilder #Physique #Muscle #Strength #Gym #GymLife #GymRat #GymFlow #Health #Healthy #Exercise #Workout #TeamNoDaysOff #TeamSoFit #NoExcuses #Training #lifestyle
motivation - fitfam - power - gymflow - teamnodaysoff - gym - bodybuilding - lifestyle - fitspo - ig_fitness_freaks - training - strength - gymlife - fit - noexcuses - powerlifting - eighthseed - physique - igfitness - healthy - bodybuilder - muscle - health - teameighthseed - fitness - inspiration - gymrat - workout - exercise - teamsofit -
danimals415 : @abeswastaken P.S. Slap my back with chalk like that after I train forearms...just cuz neeeggguuuhhh
gains_gear : Love your page #fitfam , we are looking for a few people like you to join our team on our upcoming merch line..if you are interested check our bio! @gainsdepot
chungo_503 : Just 1.... wth... ???
mindovermuscle_ : I'm 50 away from you bro!
stark_x : @mindovermusle_ You got it bro, no doubt in my mind.
scottferris92 : Nice!!!!
dar_licious : Wow! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
mrgeecue : Awesome
fitwearhouse - mrgeecue - ironheartfitness -
love how my packages from @eighthseed get sent to me under my government given name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
eighthseed - teameighthseed -
sareesmile : Lol
itsmeashd : Where's my package uncle?
justaneee : lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
erin671 : πŸ˜‚ : Lmao
pootietango : ☺️☺️ you're welcome lmao
jn_design : PP for short, good stuff
sweat_magayanes : #teameighthseed #eighthseed
dons_kennels - _solidness_ - cjveoner - jordandugyawi -
It's an honor to be UNDERRATED ..It takes skill to be overlooked, because some of the most scariest monsters are found in the basement.. @eighthseed @shanetango .. Aye, I think I might need a XXL now πŸ˜‚ #NoBullShit #teameighthseed #eighthseed #underdogs #FeelingSomeTypeOfWay
feelingsometypeofway - thecalmbeforethestorm - teameighthseed - wcw - abouttoturnituptennotches - eighthseed - nobullshit - underdogs -
shanetango : πŸ™Œ beast mode
stark_x : I like that.
danimals415 : @shanetango #AboutToTurnItUpTenNotches boss!
danimals415 : @stark_x #TheCalmBeforeTheStorm ...Can I possibly be your #WCW ?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - javi0213 - chandaleighh - barronbm4 -
from the Sco to the O we got you covered!! type in WEFUCKWITHYOU in the coupon section and get 30% off your entire order until the end of summer. #eighthseedathletics #eighthseed #SanFrancisco #Oakland #49ers #Giants #As #Raiders #Athletics #9ers #GoldBlooded #BlackHole #BlackandSilver #Oaktown #Frisco #41510 #415 #510 #SanFrancisco49ers #OaklandRaiders #SanFranciscoGiants #OaklandAthletics
giants - eighthseedathletics - goldblooded - sanfrancisco49ers - 41510 - blackandsilver - as - blackhole - oaklandraiders - frisco - oakland - sanfranciscogiants - raiders - sanfrancisco - eighthseed - oaktown - 415 - 49ers - oaklandathletics - 510 - athletics - 9ers -
zae_hella_massive : @sweat_magayanes is this your brand cuzz? Do u have a website?
sweat_magayanes : @zae_hella_massive naw but they my peoples and I'm one of their athletes. is they site
goldbloodedpodcast : Go Niners!
libitspraise - manila_doe - ceee_jaydee - a1.mkflyy -
shared the platform with this beauty yesterday at her first meet 😍πŸ’ͺ she killed it and looked good lifting 😏 #132weightclass #girlswhopowerlift #eighthseed #champs #powerlifting #ladylifters #cutie #arizonians
ladylifters - champs - girlswhopowerlift - eighthseed - 132weightclass - arizonians - cutie - powerlifting -
heartsashley : Awe that's too sweet!! So glad you were at my first meet... helping to represent strong girls !!! ;) ;)
codylawyerfit : You girls should come to Albuquerque to do the meet there Sept 6th!! @veeness87 and @heartsashley πŸ’ͺ
heartsashley : Oh man, sounds fun!! I think I need more time to address some weaknesses tho!! But can't wait to do another ;) @codylawyerfit
vickunite - jarondaquina - manishabbooi - kimpahimulin -
eighthseed - : Catch me at FAME throwin a duffle full of thangz. #eighthseed
mimstaas : πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ : Not my fault @mimstaas πŸ‘Ž
christine_dial - sbadaf - bicomango34 - jawstenmountain -
Max push day !! #teamtheonlinecoach #theonlinecoach #teameighthseed #eighthseed #myhouse #powerhousegym #beastmode #iifym
beastmode - powerhousegym - theonlinecoach - teamtheonlinecoach - eighthseed - iifym - teameighthseed - myhouse -
dabarrantes - strong_new_skinny - mannyguerra320 -
Almost time to lift :)) 2nd meet , 132 weight class , my stomach is full of hawaiian bread with cookie butter and oreos lol excited !! #powerlifting #showlowarizona #eighthseed #eighthseedathletics #letsgetit #prsallday
eighthseedathletics - prsallday - letsgetit - eighthseed - showlowarizona - powerlifting -
friffstar : Good luck. Fuck the weight up
sairamejia : Good luck girl!! You got this!
maiohmy : Good luck girl! Kill itttt!!
superspr1nkles : Good luck!!
bolantej : Best pre workout fuel! Now...LIFT THAT SHIT!
fit_margie : Kill it!!!
123_kidd : Good luck!
beast_tina : Good luck I am soooo excited I hope mom gets good videos!
heartsashley - 5trong5ide - cruzmatthew1 - barreda01 -
Yesss!!! Im depleted hungry reallly really thirsty πŸ˜“! Omw to show low, AZ where the meet is!.yay gonna make weight this time πŸ˜‰! cant wait to refuel and carb up all day πŸ˜„πŸ˜œ!! shout out to @pootietango for helping me with a last minute program and with this cut i followed through everything he said and boom!! just where im suppose to be😊 told me not to stress or worry bout the weight or it wont come off so i didnt .. and lost 4 pounds in a day whew πŸ˜“.. 1 Day out finally so excited 😁! #powerlifting #hungry #1dayout #reppineighthseed #eighthseedathletics #eighthseed #132 #hungry #thirsty get ready for a lot of food pics throughtout the day πŸ˜ƒlol
eighthseedathletics - thirsty - powerlifting - eighthseed - hungry - reppineighthseed - 132 - 1dayout -
geraldlebrilla - fit_margie - beast_tina - chan_na_man -
My package finally came in. Shoutout to the homie for the plug.
eighthseed - : Preciate you fam πŸ™
peeeezy_f : #eighthseed
hellotiare - sidneyalexisss - miramama_ - beetxhc_ -
Gotta start using a belt and work on getting my weight up. #eighthseed #pootieblood
eighthseed - pootieblood - outletpickups -
alop3z_03 : That's my max weight right there. Can't get over that shit.
edwardborges : Justine was in the back checking out your glutinous maximus
edwardborges : Glutious*
shanetango : @edwardborges hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
justaneee : @edwardborges he has them cakes lol!
shanetango : @josh_650 yeah these are my favorite pair. They survived many battles with the washing machine #outletpickups
shanetango : @alop3z_03 haha where do you go now? I don't see you anymore
alop3z_03 : 24 in Livermore or the inshape off 11th or the big inshape lol. I gotta hit the sauna after my workout
mama_nikki3 - shellmybell_87 - btango - jciaude -
You have no idea how excited I am to go dead lift πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ #EighthSeed #girlswhopowerlift #Fitness #Fit #FitFam #Fitspo #IGFitness #IG_Fitness_Freaks #Motivation #Inspiration #Powerlifting #Power #Bodybuilding #Bodybuilder #Physique #Muscle #Strength #Gym #GymLife #GymRat #GymFlow #Health #Healthy #Exercise #Workout #TeamNoDaysOff #TeamSoFit #NoExcuses #Training #lifestyle
motivation - fitfam - power - girlswhopowerlift - gymflow - teamnodaysoff - gym - bodybuilding - lifestyle - fitspo - ig_fitness_freaks - training - strength - gymlife - fit - noexcuses - powerlifting - eighthseed - physique - igfitness - healthy - bodybuilder - muscle - health - fitness - inspiration - gymrat - workout - exercise - teamsofit -
bayboy80 : How bout sum abs n cardio like reals abs n
dooniaah : Nah... Lifting heavy IS my cardio lol and I do abs as I squat and tighten my core haha @bayboy80
bayboy80 : Oh . lol
fitthreads : Nice Pic!
teddyflowypr - thenags - yukismommy10 - the_milkman_felix -
Last training session! #4Daysout til my second meet.. pretty excited to get back on the platform and just have fun! 😊 still droppin weight to make the 132 weight class ! thanks to @pootietango for workin with me through these last few weeks wouldnt have pushed through all my last lifting sessions if it wasnt for him motivating me that i got this shit 😝πŸ’ͺ! 270 for a double its a little sloppy but i pushed through. Staying focused, motivated, driven and most important havin fun😜😁!! #stilllearning #stillprogressing #eighthseed #eighthseedathletics #powerlifting #squats #lovetolift #270 #pr #leetttssggooo #girlswhosquat #girlswhopowerlift #excited @beast_tina @dakine240
eighthseedathletics - pr - squats - girlswhopowerlift - stilllearning - eighthseed - 270 - lovetolift - 4daysout - stillprogressing - girlswhosquat - powerlifting - excited - leetttssggooo -
sabrinag52 : Good luck! I know your gna kill it!
veeness87 : Thanks love 😘πŸ’ͺ@sabrinag52
geraldlebrilla : So damn strong!!
beast_tina : Omg that looks like lot! Kill it girl so excited
fit_margie : Whoohoo! Go there and kill it!!! Super tall beast!!!
thatsmrbigshot : Kickass!
pootietango : That's what I'm fucken talking about!!!
criseldabrah : Fuuuuckkk
moniquem06 - dakine240 - kimpahimulin - pompey_315 -
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