OMG I'm finally doing an edit contest! YAY 💛 RULES: 1: Must be a Fairy Tail edit 2: Can only enter 3 times 3: Hashtag #editforlushee and tag me in the picture to enter 4: Contest ends September 5th 5: Have fun! - REWARDS: 1st: 💛 Shoutout for 3 days w/ your edit as the picture Follow Spam of 30 likes Edit of your choice from me ^~^ • 2nd: 💛 Recognition on photo with the rest of the winners Follow Spam of 30 likes • 3rd: 💛 Recognition on photo with the rest of the winners Spam of 30 likes • 4th and 5th: 💛 Recognition on photo with the rest of the winners
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_fairytail.nerd_ : Can I enter?
ft.lucyheartfilia : Anyone can! 😘 @_fairytail.nerd_
dragneel_natsu___ : XD it ends on my birthday
ft.lucyheartfilia : OMG yay!! Happy early b-day 😘💕 @dragneel_natsu___
the.fairy.luce : Omg then your birthday is 1 day after mine! @dragneel_natsu___
dragneel_natsu___ : XD thanks.
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Next edit coming soon :3 #turnitup #editingcontest
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zzhentaoo : SHITT 😍
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🎀Time for editing game !🎀 👑 To join follow the host below @tvd_pll_edits @bethany_mota_xo_ @thosepllobsessions @pllismylifestyle @Hefty_hanna_ 🅰Fill in the form and get it in before 31st🅰 🌸Use the hashtag #heftypllstyleeditsxo
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amy_ty_heartland : Haleb and ezria
viggovampyr : Spoby and Ezria
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come on! 😘 #arianagrande#arianator#love#music#dancing#singing#beautiful#pretty#problem#pastel#cute#ari#littlered#staystrong | #editingcontest#bethanymota#justinbieber#selenagomez#5sos#1direction
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arianagswag : like back?💗 and answer the qotd💗
bethanysunicornn_ : Follow 4 follow?♡ Like some pics?
bwoca : ok @bethanysunicornn_
melitoosass : Entering i guess
forever_young_t : F4f❤️
ariana_beautyy : How many can we submit?
ariana.breaks.free : I'm entering
bwoca : 1 @ariana_beautyy
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『Contest Update!』 So good news I have enough drawings to choose winners but ill give 2 more weeks for people to submit any more entries. The limit is 3 per a contest (like submit 3 in my drawing contest and 3 in editing) the tag for the drawing contest is #abbysdrawingscontest1 you should find the post with the rules and prizes too • But for editing contest I need more entries to choose any winners so of course ill give more time so submit any edit you'd like too once again the limit is 3 and the tag is #abbyseditingcontest1 also the prizes and rules are on one of my posts in the tag • That was just a quick update ^-^ night!
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insane_little_abby : TEXTURE CREDIT TAGGED
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justerzascarlet : Thanks for Joining! 😊
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justerzascarlet : Thanks for Joining! 😊
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I'll be holding an Editing Contest!~ These are the: ◇Prizes: ●WINNER! •Follow back from me and on my other Account (@louinella_orquia) •Shoutout •Spam Likes both here and on my other account •Free Edit from me (Your Choice) ●2ND PLACE! •Follow back from me •Shoutout for 1 month •Spam Likes •Free Edit from me (Your Choice) ●3RD PLACE! •Shoutout for 3 weeks •Spam Likes •Free Edit from me (Your Choice) ●4TH PLACE! •Shoutout for 1 week •Spam Likes •Free Edit from me (Your Choice) ●5TH PLACE! •Spam Likes •Free Edit from me (Your Choice) ◇Rules: • Maximum of 5 entries • Don't steal other's Edits • Any Anime Character of your choice • The Edit should have a quote/saying. • Put your watermark If you're going to post it, Don't forget to write the Hashtag (#JustErzaScarletEC). ⇨Tags: #EditingContest #JustErzaScarletEC #ErzaScarlet #FairyTail #Anime⇦
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fabulous.laki : Can the quote/saying just be a song?
justerzascarlet : Sure @fabulous.laki😊
fabulous.laki : Yey ty~
justerzascarlet : NP 😊 @fabulous.laki
the_otaku_race : Are there any rules :)
justerzascarlet : There are Rules! Read the description 😁 @the_otaku_race
the_otaku_race : Oh there they are I didn't see them XD
the_otaku_race : Oh can the quote be my own?
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#tvdround1 #stefan #rippah #salvatore #vampire #stelena #defan #steroline #tvd #editingcontest #lovetvd
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queen.katpetrova : This is amazing!😍
paulsextley : Love this😻
bleadingdiariess : Tysm @paulsextley @queen.katpetrova
xkingklaus : F4F? Like my recent tysm
bleadingdiariess : Sure! Cwd! And plz like my recent too @xkingklaus
xkingklaus : Done
alwayslove2love : Recent4recent?
tvdapll : It's amazing! 💕 😙 ❤
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GUYS I GOT 200 FOLLOWERS 🎊🎉🎉🎊🎈🎊🎈🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎊🎊🎈🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉 FOR YOUR "reward" I will be hosting a editing contest!!! All the info is on the pic, but I'll put it here too in case you can't read it or something. You can submit only your original edits for up to two days starting now, the winner will be announced 8-22-14, to enter tag a fandom account you are following into the comments, dm me your edit (MUST HAVE YOUR IG USERNAME SOMEWHERE ON THE PHOTO OR IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED). Your edit can be from any fandom but it must be from a fandom. The 1st place winner gets a shoutout and like spam, 2nd place gets a shoutout, and 3rd gets a like spam! Thanks so much for getting me to 200 guys ☺️👌🎊🎉🎉🎊🎉🎊🎊🎉🎊🎊 Thank you @destielscherrypie for being the 200th follower!!!
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fxndom__rp : OOP! I didnt see the other comment, it didnt pop up right away.
fans_come_in_boy_too : It's fine 😂👌 @fxndom__rp
unofficially_blackjack : @unofficially_piper
unofficially_blackjack : @katiewisegirl
punk_goes_ruby : @bookwcrm_
katiewisegirl : @emmigodthedemigod
katiewisegirl : @crazy.ares
kayemoore99 : @supernaturfan
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#n8turedits #editingcontest #nature #rose #beautyofnature
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+ I feel like joining another editing contest for PLL . Comment! {#Editingcontest#FollowMe ! #F4F ! #L4L #S4S #spam !}
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pretty_rosewood_liars13 : F4f 😍🎈😱😃😘😎😀👌😊🎉👍😜❤️😆💋😋✨😂
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Hello chingus! Can i ask a favor?^^ Please vote me @exoxoluc for an editing contest in Tao's district. Kamsa~♥♥♥ 1like=1vote #EXO #Tao #EditingContest
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exo_n_exotics : Ex 9 likes ?
sehunsplanet : @exo_n_exotics sure^^ the remaining likes here >> @crazy_bomi
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EDITING CONTEST ROUND 4: RAINBOW Edit a Rainbow theme on your districts. Your edits must contain different colors. Rules: *Participants must be following me. *Likes are counted as votes. *Can ask your followers to vote for you. *Can tag me when promoting. Prizes: *s/o (3days-2hrs) *5 photo requests *50 spam likes (DM me your edits when done. Deadline: Aug 22, 2014) #kpopshoutout #kpop #editingcontest
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~ Hello! ~The Contest Ends On Sept.2! ~Must Follow @butera.baes and @rainbowcarrotz ~2 Winners Declared, 1 Video Edit Winner and 1 Photo Edit Winner ~Must Hashtag #editmybutera ~You Get a Big Spam, a New Follower, In Bio For 4 Days, Shoutout Every Week, and Gets a Dm For What We Use To Edit Pics ~Ariana Grande Edit or Any Celeb. ~You Can Post As Much As You Want! ~ Good Luck!! #editmybutera #arianagrande #ari #ariana #grande #contest #editingcontest #goodluck #frankiegrande #arianagrande #arianagrande
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awianasangels : Hey, it's fandom selfie day, so don't forget to change your profile pic to a selfie!
butera.baes : can I do a half of me selfie I don't want to show my face until I feel confident 😬 @awianasangels
awianasangels : As Long as you show you're face its okay. Show the world your beauty
butera.baes : okay xD
butera.baes : This is a shared account so I'll probably just do a picture instead it .won't show my face Tho.
butera.baes : @awianasangels
bethanymotaadorable : Doing it
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Love hazel and augustus, their story is just so real and so impossible at the same time. But I have a really important message. Okay, I've noticed this a lot and it's making some people I know kind of annoyed or upset or whatever, so I just want to warn you: Lots of people have read the Divergent books, the HP books, the John Green Books, and whatever. They are amazing books. Because we love them so much, we call ourselves fangirls or hardcore fangirls and stuff. That's great. But when someone says: "I loved the Divergent books, but I thought the movie was better this time.strange." Sometimes we attack them like "No the book is better, the book is always better. No, that's stupid." And we say "The book is always better" like it's a fact. BUT IT ISN'T. It's my opinion, and it's loads of your opinions too. But that doesn't change it. It's still JUST AN OPINION and it's not right or wrong. When someone who has read the book says that they think the book is better, they are not wrong because their is no such thing as a wrong opinion. It's just their take on it. You can't say the book is always better because you haven't read every book and watched every movie on the planet. Sorry to rant at everyone it just sucks when someone says that your opinion is outright wrong and completely worthless because they don't realise they're doing it. It's just stupid and it's not true and you shouldn't make someone feel that way because if your OPINION, because that's all it is. Sorry about that, I've just heard it so often and I needed to let people know that it's not being a fangirl, it's just being mean. And yes, as you can tell, I'm kind of tired. Sorry won't be on until next Tuesday because I'm on holiday. Sorry, I suck at being active. #ansolo #anselelgort #augustuswaters #augustuswatersdeath #editingcontest #fandomedit #tfios #tfioscaps #tfiosscene #tfiosscenes #tfiostrailer #TFLers #thg #thefaultinourstars #thefaultinourstarsmovie #thefaultinourstarsscenes #tfiosquote #bookquote #nicequote #thefaultinourstars #thefaultinourstarsmovie #baczeditcontest
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the5maze_tributes : Like my last post?? 😘💕
never.enough.books : #baczeditcontest1
my_fandoms_are_for_real : F4f?💕
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Okay guys, this is exciting, right? This contest is going to be off the hook! You definitely don't want to miss out on this one! Read below for details! 👇 - C O N T E S T T I M E ! 🎉 - T H E M E : I've teamed up with a sweet company called @bybhclothing because the guy's a good buddy of mine! So the theme is "Be Yourself, Be Happy" to go with their theme. 🐝 - R U L E S : • must include a bible verse, Christian quote, or Christian song lyrics 🎵 • if you're on private you must DM me your edit(s) 📩 • can enter up to 3 times 🍡 • tag your entry to #bybhcontest & for extra points tag to #wallingtwin2isthebest [just kidding, but seriously again] 👌 • can be a previously made edit of yours 🎨 • tag 2 people below who might be interested in participating ✌️ • must follow @bybhclothing 👕 • and, y'know, it would be kinda cool if you were following me 💁 - D E A D L I N E : Entries must be in by Sunday, August 24th and the winners will [hopefully] be announced on the 25th. 📆 - P R I Z E S : Guys, this is the absolute best part! The first place winner of the #bybhcontest will receive an iPhone case from @bybhclothing! [Like the one pictured above!] I will also pick 2 other winners who will receive shoutouts, follows, and spams of likes! 🎁 [So, when you enter you have to know that if you win you have to be willing to give up your address in a personal DM to @bybhclothing!] - H A V E F U N A N D B E Y O U R S E L F B E H A P P Y 😊
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wallingtwin2 : #Contest #JesusSwagger #BeYourself #BeYourselfBeHappy #BeYourselfBeHappyClothing #BYBH #BYBHClothing #JesusChrist #EditingContest #iPhoneCase #CoolBeans
lordoverworld1931 : @helen_marie.mc @child._.ofgod
bybhclothing : This contest looks awesome!
_smileforjesus : this is exciting!
fitfamily_faith : @undeservedgrace__ @daily_dependence
foryour_glory : @jadyn_borshie @shelbyborstmayer
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THE DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 2ND. If you want to enter, read the other post for details #ninjago132scontest #editcontest#editingcontest#contest#edit#editing#editor
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cole.likes.cake : Yay!!! I can't wait to enter!!
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#summerouatechero Rogue from X-Men is similar to Ruby in many ways. They both are very powerful, but choose to use that power for good. Unfortunately, they can't control their power, so they cause great destruction, even death. (hence the 'no control' quote) For example, Ruby turns into a wolf, and Rogue can't physically touch someone or she'll suck the life force out of them. They believe they are monsters because of this and don't deserve to have these powers. But then other times, they do trust in their power, which results in good services to humanity. At the end of it all, though, Ruby and Rogue are important to the world, whether they want to realize it or not. #rubyouat #roguexmem #redridinghood #rogue #ouat #onceuponatime #xmen #superhero #ineedahero #myedit #givecredit #editingcontest #ouatedit #marveledit
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Here is my edit for @anariesdesigns contest #n8turedits. It took forever to do :/ #editcomp #editcontest #editingapps #editingcontest #disneyeditcontest #jelsa #sleepingbeauty #aurora
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queenelsa459 : Cool
disneyeditsig : Thanks! @queenelsa459
frozenfromthestart : Your account is awesome
disneyeditsig : Thank you that means alot to me! @frozenfromthestart even though my feed is messy :/
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Is it finally coming? #noangels #editingcontest
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I'm sorry, I know I this is not tumblr, so just ignore it😌❤️ - @h4mberger hope you like this edit I made for you!❤️ #h4mburgerto70k #editingcontest
h4mburgerto70k - editingcontest - amberto70kedit -
awkopinapples : @h4mberger hope you like this edit I made you❤️ #amberto70kedit #editingcontest @shruti.g @cr4zy_thats_me @iris_rosealeea
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@lloydgasm #editingcontest #myentry #arianagrande #arigrande #arianators #ariana #grande #chevron
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hipster_ava_forever : F4f?💕
the_name_is_ariana_ : Follow for follow
lloydgasm : You're only supposed to enter once I post the tasks...
arianagrandepicc : Oh. Ok. Thx @lloydgasm
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These are the rules for the editing contest! Direct message me your edit(s) You can submit more than one. Winners will be chosen on Friday, August 22, 2014. 1st place: A shoutout, an edit of choice, and a follow back 2nd place: An edit of choice and a follow back 3rd place: A follow back and a spam of likes and comments 4th place: A follow back and a spam of likes and commemts 5th place: A follow back and a spam of likes and commemts. Thanks, Dauntless 💥
divergentbook - divergentmovie - editingcontest - ron - theboywhocheateddeath - hazel - tobias - augustus - thefaultinourstarsmovie - tfios - follow - harrypottar - theboywholived - tris - peeta - catchingfire - harrypotter - thefaultinourstarsbook - commentbelowifyouareinterested - hermione - thehungergames - mockingjay - thefaultinourstars - excited - katniss - divergent -
books_movies_and_fandoms_oh_my : ##editingcontest #commentbelowifyouareinterested #excited #harrypotter #harrypottar #theboywholived #theboywhocheateddeath #hermione #ron #thehungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay #katniss #peeta #divergent #divergentbook #divergentmovie #tris #tobias #thefaultinourstars #TFIOS #thefaultinourstarsbook #thefaultinourstarsmovie #hazel #augustus #follow
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Comment 🙋 if you are interested in participating in the editing contest!!!!! 😊 ~dauntless 💥
divergentbook - divergentmovie - editingcontest - ron - theboywhocheateddeath - hazel - tobias - augustus - thefaultinourstarsmovie - tfios - follow - harrypottar - theboywholived - tris - peeta - catchingfire - harrypotter - thefaultinourstarsbook - commentbelowifyouareinterested - hermione - thehungergames - mockingjay - thefaultinourstars - excited - katniss - divergent -
books_movies_and_fandoms_oh_my : #editingcontest #commentbelowifyouareinterested #excited #harrypotter #harrypottar #theboywholived #theboywhocheateddeath #hermione #ron #thehungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay #katniss #peeta #divergent #divergentbook #divergentmovie #tris #tobias #thefaultinourstars #TFIOS #thefaultinourstarsbook #thefaultinourstarsmovie #hazel #augustus #follow
sydney_mcgibben : I am
hp_lover_11 : F4f?
books_movies_and_fandoms_oh_my : yeah @hp_lover_11
style123thatsme : 🙋
weirdo.gif : 🙋
marceladardon : I am
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❌Not interested, ignore don't unfollow❌ Heyy! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Sooo, I love contests and stuff so, I'm gonna hold another one but this time it's an editing contest☺️👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Hosts: @e_c_l_i_p_s & @anariesdesign •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Rules: •Must be following us😳 •The edit has to be linked to nature💚 •Hashtag: #n8turedits & tag people who might be interested •Starts today ends on Aug20th •Winner gets a shoutout-follow back-spam💚 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Goodluck😘 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ❌Not interested, ignore don't unfollow❌ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #editingapps #editingcontest #n8turedits #nature #edits #art #artsy
editingcontest - art - nature - n8turedits - edits - artsy - editingapps -
anariesdesigns : Tomorrow❤️ @disneyeditsig
smiling_chesire_cat : Hmmm...... I think I might.....
smiling_chesire_cat : For the second host it says user not found......
anariesdesigns : Try searching the user again @e_c_l_i_p_s
anariesdesigns : @smiling_chesire_cat
smiling_chesire_cat : Oh! 😂😂 Never mind!
smiling_chesire_cat : The second user is you! You just forgot the s! 😂😂
anariesdesigns : Oh, hahaha yes😂 I posted another comment under the caption
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Hey everyone I'm doing a editing contest! I have 5 instagrams 😂 so this will be hard but ya! I will be posting sign up sheet at saw 10 followers?
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editing.contest_ : *say
editing.contest_ : #editing
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royals.tutorials : Help us get to 300? 💕
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frozen_snowflake136 : Kay I'll join
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Cam Newton (The Blender) edit! 20 likes?
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It's up to y'all. #jafeditingcontest #editingcontest #disneyedits #disneyedit #dreamworks #dreamworksedit #editing #edits #edit
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jelsa_and_friends : Lol, ok ok. @disney_edits_and.a.fanfic @the.fabulous.elsa
__elsa_of_arendelle_ : Finish ur old ones!
jelsa_and_friends : Tomorrow tho...I'm busy watching OUAT
uzzi_editz : Fab
_____bella_______ : OMG @jelsa_and_friends did u know frozen is coming to ouat in season 4
_____bella_______ : And yes!
jelsa_and_friends : Ya @_____bella_______
_____bella_______ : I'm so excited!
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So since N-Gen is gonna release an album it needs a cover right? So I am hosting a contest. Whoever is chosen will have their design as the album cover. Here are the requirements so read carefully! 1. The album title is Bad so it must be shown on the cover 2. N-Gen's name must be on the album cover 3. EKJentertainment must be small in a corner 4. (Optional) you can put all members names on it but it is optional 5. DO NOT use pictures of kpop idols on the cover To enter fill out this form and Hashtag it to #ngenaccontest You can DM me this form and your entry As soon as you fill out the form you may start working on your cover and send it to me when you are done The cut off date for accepting entries will be August 27th #contest #editingcontest #kpopcontest #koreancontest #editing #albumcover #creatingcontest
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I know I said I would post it tomorrow but idk I had a change of mind.. In your edit, you must include a Chasing Life quote that has warmed up your heart. Remember to be creative! Due date: August 20 Hashtag: #cancersucks_cl GOOD LUCK! If you have any questions feel free to ask! #chasinglife#editingcontest#italiaricci
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chasingpll : I was gonna redo it oh well
chasing_her_life : @chasingpll its ok! Your edit was fine!
chasingpll : Yeah, it was fine😏
prettychasingfosters : @chasing_her_life idk any quotes!!!
chasing_her_life : @prettychasingfosters you can check out some CL quotes online :)
prettychasingfosters : @chasing_her_life where at?
_chasinglifers_ : Can you just put a random pic as a background or should it be from the scene
chasing_her_life : @_chasinglifers_ it could be any picture!
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