Ok, so I randomly made 3 toasties cause I had some sauce left from my pizza dinner to go along with my providextra!! Lets be happy🙏😄❤️🌿and I've just got 200 FOLLOWERS👊😄✨should I have any kind of challange?? Any ideas? #edchallange #edfamily #edwarrior #edrecovery #edsoldier #eattodefeat #anasoldier #anawarrior #anarecovery #anorexiarecovery #beatana #healingwithfood #justdoit #chooselife #nourishnotpunish #healingwithfood #loveyourself #vegan #destroywhatdestroysyou #veganrecovery #staystrong #gaininglifeback #iamgoodenough #stayfocused #staypositive #fighter #foodisfuel #foodismedicine #fightyourdemon #fuckana
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vegan_recovery.jpg : pasta? :)
eattodefeat : That's a great idea actually😌😳😁thank's😘 @vegan_recovery.jpg
vegan_recovery.jpg : no problem and have fun! 💕💕☺️
awkwardanne - healthmykey - sarashahaj - helenatimberg -
Breakfast I don't want to go to the doctor today #breakfastintake #breakfast #eggs #ham #recovering #edchallange #edrecovery #recovery #fearfood #foodfear #eatingdisorderrecovery 17.2 #perfectionicfooddiary
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paty_bee - margarida_gets_healthy - liz.darcy - healingmysoul -
Big Breakfast to start a new week ☆ Pancake with nuts and berries and Ahornsirup ♥ soo sweet but tasty And as snack for school: selfmade sugar nuts ★ Recovery-win #breakfast #breakfastintake #recovering #edrecovery #edfamily #edstruggling #recovery #fearfood #edchallange #sweetnuts #highhighhighkalories #recoverymeal #recoverybreakfast #fightforwhat 16.2 #perfectionicfooddiary
recovery - recovering - edchallange - highhighhighkalories - edstruggling - recoverymeal - recoverybreakfast - breakfastintake - fearfood - edfamily - fightforwhat - breakfast - edrecovery - perfectionicfooddiary - sweetnuts -
miss.michaelas - sbcahealth - margarida_gets_healthy - recovering_dreamm -
Breakfast is pumpkin🎃 egg white oats, topped with naner coins🍌 a dollop of Greek yogurt, and chia sprinkles✨ I ate lots of carbs last night which I know my body needed and didn't purge and I actually wasn't bloated this morning!! I think my body is finally adjusting to the higher amount of food and increased carbs👏yay! But today is going to be a big #edchallange because I pulled my hamstring yesterday so I can't run today😬 which is very scary and usually causes lots of bad body image thoughts and intensifies ED. But I'm ready for the challenge💪 my muscles need to heal and I need to learn that a rest day is okay. Trying to be strong, wish me luck🙈 #running4recovery #ed #eatingdisorder #edrecovery #recovery #edwarrior #edsoldier #bulimia #bulimiarecovery #beatmia #nomorebp #foodisfuel #carbsarefriends #healthy #balance #progress #change #hope #faith #love #support #breakfast #oats #pumpkin #foodisfuel #carbsarefriends
love - running4recovery - ed - bulimia - progress - eatingdisorder - foodisfuel - edrecovery - breakfast - change - faith - recovery - oats - healthy - support - bulimiarecovery - beatmia - nomorebp - edwarrior - edchallange - carbsarefriends - edsoldier - balance - hope - pumpkin - - happpyandhealthy - fear.then.freedom - anxious_authenticity -
ANYONE WHO LIVES IN #VIENNA || stop whatever you are doing 👉go try this ice cream immediately 😍🍦|| 100% vegan || all natural || tastier than anything 🙌😋😍. Recovery-win 👍 oh and they have the funniest flavours ever!! Like basil 🌱, matcha 🍵, earl grey ☕️👌😱 ~ {#vienna#icecream#challange#edchallange#recoverwin#vegan#veganicecream#ed#edrecovery#anarecovery#edfamily#edwarrior#rawtill4#rawvegan#tasty#recoverywin#edsolider}
edsolider - ed - edfamily - rawvegan - vegan - rawtill4 - tasty - recoverywin - anarecovery - edrecovery - recoverwin - veganicecream - icecream - edwarrior - edchallange - challange - vienna -
lillyyys_recovery : wooo?❤️❤️❤️😱😱😱
ballistic.bella : @lillyyys_recovery neustiftgasse 23 in der Nähe vom Museumsquartier😉
lillyyys_recovery : da muss ich hin haha❤️
ballistic.bella : @lillyyys_recovery es schmeckt sooo viel besser als Eis aus tierischer Milch! 😍
toniarecovery - eatalltherainbows - kelseykooks - evergreengoddess -
This stuff do. It makes arctic zero taste like water. I mean this tasted like Fudging #haagandaaz and it's only 280 for the WHOLE PINT. OK maybe it has 12 grams of fat but I means that's NOTHING !!! #halotop #vanillabean #edrecovery #edchallange #edstrong #edwarrior
haagandaaz - halotop - edwarrior - vanillabean - edchallange - edstrong - edrecovery -
thespiritof_aking - allietaylorstone - anna_livelovelift - pjortiz27 -
Breakfast this sunny morning was soy yogurt with cereals :)★ I'm going to meet up with a friend later, I just feel so alone now when I don't see my friends in school every day.. :/ Btw. Just got the worlds biggest craving for chocolate!
fightinged - edsoldier - healthylife - ed - edfamily - frukost - eatingdisorder - ätstörning - breakfast - healthyeating - anorexic - recoverywarrior - beated - uns - recovery - eatingdisorderrecovery - edfighter - edrecovery - healthymeal - edfam - anorexianervosarecovery - edwarrior - edchallange - anorexianervosa - recoveringanorexia - recoverysoldier - healthyishappy -
developing_ed : #edfighter #edfamily #edwarrior #ed #edfam #eatingdisorder #edrecovery #edchallange #edsoldier #eatingdisorderrecovery #fightinged #frukost #breakfast #beated #anorexianervosarecovery #anorexianervosa #anorexic #recoverysoldier #recoveringanorexia #recoverywarrior #recovery #healthyishappy #healthyeating #healthylife #healthymeal #ätstörning #uns
recoveryforsarah : When you crave it, you must have it, that's my motto 😁
winningmybattle : Sounds great 👆👆 @recoveryforsarah
winningmybattle : Ät choklad, kunde jag äta sådär mycket godis idag/igår utan att dö, så lovar jag dig att du kan äta choklad också ☺️💕 : I need to stop looking at everyone's breakfast pictures because I'm now craving all the cereals I don't have in my cupboard 😉😊
developing_ed : Haha, I'm totally the same as you! ;) @tinkerbellee21
lifewithnoana - happylife24_recovery - fab.sarah -
We didn't go out for dinner, my family just came and have drinks 🍸 So this is dinner for me: kiwi (my favorite fruit) 😋, a whole applepie #larabar 🍏💪 and frozen coconut ice cream with some rasberries! 🍒 this idea I took it from beautiful @danis_journey 👌 have more ice cream while sirving... Yeah it was yummy, vegan things are actually really good 🍃 #ed #edsoldier #edrecovery #fearfood #edchallange #kiwi #coconut #raspberries #applepie #dinner #eattogrow #bingerecovery #anorexiarecovery #recovery #ednos #staystrong #strongisthenewskinny
kiwi - strongisthenewskinny - coconut - larabar - applepie - staystrong - ed - eattogrow - raspberries - anorexiarecovery - fearfood - edrecovery - recovery - ednos - dinner - bingerecovery - edchallange - edsoldier -
gabyyybeatsed : Hope you had a great day gorgeous 😘😘😘
t0_wonderland_ - unstoppab1e_ - cas_recovers - heidi.eats -
Me and my friend have like a "tradition" to go to an education fair every year, just go eat tons of free candy! The fair was today so we went there. I didn't eat a single pice of candy. I took some pices ↑ to my parents though... ~ Before we went to the fair I told my friend about my ED so she wouldn't wonder why I didn't take any candy a.s.o. but it really felt like she didn't understand. She seemed really uncomfortable and embarrest when I told her so I don't know how this will end... Should I talk more to her about my ED? Or should I just leave it?
candy - edfighter - wanttobeskinny - ana - bulimic - ed - edfamily - fat - anorexi - beatana - eatingdisorder - ätstörning - anorexic - anorexia - beated - bulimi - uns - fatpig - fightinged - eattolive - fightingana - fearfood - edfam - edwarrior - edchallange - mustbeskinny - edsoldier -
developing_ed : #ed #edfam #edfighter #edfamily #edwarrior #eatingdisorder #edchallange #eattolive #edsoldier #mustbeskinny #anorexi #anorexic #anorexia #ana #beatana #bulimi #beated #bulimic #fearfood #fightingana #fatpig #fightinged #fat #wanttobeskinny #ätstörning #uns #candy
emma_hitchings : I would just leave it. She needs to think about it, and if she really cares, she'll talk to you about it in her own time. I wouldn't keep talking about it because you don't want to seem like you want people to know, and you want them to feel bad for you! Does that make sense ?? :p
valde_livet : Tycker du ska prata mer mes henne, försöka förklara oså!
misseschurros - balancedhealthyme - myrecoveringlife -
Breakfast once again was blueberry/vanilla overnight oats topped with low-calorie jam! :)☆ Ahhh I'm so nervous fir what we'll have for lunch in school today! It doesn't stan on the meny, only "what the kitschen will preapare" which usually means pizza, hamburger or something like that!! What shall I do then?! :O
fightinged - ana - eatless - bulimic - ed - bulimia - edfamily - fat - healthylifestyle - anorexi - beatana - eatingdisorder - ätstörning - breakfast - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - uns - edfighter - eattolive - äs - fearfood - edfam - edwarrior - edchallange - mustbeskinny - edsoldier -
developing_ed : Yeah, I can't bring my own food so I'll probably have to take a smaller portion then.. :/♥ @xverenabossema
developing_ed : Thank you hun!♥ @recovery_ed_fight
developing_ed : Tack, jag ska försöka!♥ @_tryytorecover
ellarecovers : @just_thin there's NO reason why she should purge, most people have days where they eat a lot more then they usually do and it's fine, she's allowed to eat as much as she wants without purging because it's what her body needs and she shouldn't feel bad for it because it's normal. If all the other children at school are eating the same and they don't gain weight then neither will she.
laura_strecker : Yes, I absolutely think so too. I'm sorry. 😳💓 @ellarecovers @_tryytorecover
developing_ed : ♥♥ @ellarecovers
moaclarasofia : Åh vad gott det ser ut! 😍❤️ recept?❤️😘
developing_ed : Det var det! Blanda 1 dl havregryn, 1 dl blåbärsyoghurt, vatten, vaniljpulver och låt stå i kylskåpet över natten! :)♥ @moaclarasofia
moaclarasofia - melanynobrega - redefiningbeth -
First of all I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to all of you who commented on my last post! Cant manage this without you, really love you guys!♥ So, here is my breakfast! Blueberry and vanilla overnight oats (150), so yummi! :)★
edfighter - beatana - healthylife - ed - bulimia - edfamily - healthylifestyle - anorexi - eatingdisorder - ätstörning - breakfast - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - fitnotskinny - bulimi - binge - fightinged - strongnotskinny - healthymeal - eattolive - fightingana - health - edwarrior - edchallange - edfam - edsoldier -
developing_ed : Thank you!♥ @thediaryofecee
developing_ed : Tack så mycket! :)♥ @lovlios_struggle
developing_ed : Jag ska försöka, men det känns som om jag jag inte "får" äta, en röst som säger att jag är för tjock... Tack så jättemycket, fina du!♥♥ (haha, är "som sagt" lätt hänt :'D) @getlostana
h34rtands0ul : This made me really happy :') you go girl!! 💕
developing_ed : ♥♥ @h34rtands0ul
getlostana : Jaa jag förstår dig precis, hade den rösten förut också. Som tur är så börjar den förvinna helt nu 😍 Livet är så mycket mer värt än att leva med ätstörningen! Men jag vet att du kommer vinna över rösten till slut, även om vägen dit är krånglig. Kram 💕💕
developing_ed : Vad skönt, du är så himla bra!♥ ja verkligen, men idag går det verkligen inte bra. Tack!♥♥ @getlostana
wanderinginthedark : Aww I love u too girl !! @developing_ed
isys_recovery - recreatingbeyza - handballrecovery - redefiningbeth -
Dinner was tacos made of; ~ 100 g miced meat ~ 1/2 tomato ~ cucumber ~ 1 tbs corn ~ 1 tortilla OMG the meat was just soo oily and fatty, really disgusting! :'( I told one of my friends about my ED today, and she became really happy that I trusted her to know abd she said that she'll always be there if I need someone!♥ But I'm not feeling very well now, serioulsly, I can feel the fat growing on my body!
fightinged - ana - bulimic - ed - bulimia - edfamily - fat - anorexi - beatana - healthylifestyle - ätstörning - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - fitnotskinny - bulimi - edfighter - eattolive - dinner - mustbeskinny - edwarrior - edchallange - edfam - edsoldier -
developing_ed : #ed #edfam #edfighter #edfamily #edwarrior #edchallange #eattolive #edsoldier #mustbeskinny #anorexic #anorexia #anorexi #ana #fightinged #fat #fitnotskinny #dinner #beatana #bulimi #bulimia #bulimic #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #ätstörning
committed_to_recovery : Bra jobbat ! Bra att du litade på henne och vågade berätta, starkt ! Fast det där är lite för lite tjejen, jag fattar att det är svårt men du måste äta mer 😔😘❤
developing_ed : Tack! :)♥ försöker, men inte lätt när man är så tjock... @committed_to_recovery
unstoppab1e_ - isys_recovery -
Breakfast this sunny morning was one rya-bun with ham and paprika (110) :)★
fightinged - ana - ed - edfamily - frukost - healthylifestyle - anorexi - beatana - eatingdisorder - breakfast - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - fitnotskinny - bulimi - edfighter - strongnotskinny - healthymeal - eattolive - fightingana - health - edwarrior - edchallange - edfam - edsoldier -
developing_ed : #ed #edfam #edfighter #edfamily #edwarrior #eatingdisorder #edchallange #eattolive #edsoldier #anorexi #anorexic #anorexia #ana #breakfast #beatana #bulimi #fightinged #fightingana #frukost #fitnotskinny #strongnotskinny #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #health #healthymeal
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It's Saturday, everyone is eating cakes and candy, so why shouldn't I?!★ #fuckana
fightinged - beatana - screwyouana - bulimic - edchallange - anawontwin - anorexi - fearfood - ätstörning - eatingdisorder - fuckcalories - anorexia - fitnotskinny - bulimi - fuckana - ed - edfighter - strongnotskinny - eattolive - fightingana - health - edwarrior - edfamily - ana - edfam - edsoldier -
balanced_bumblebee : ❤No reason! Enjoy!
developing_ed : Thanks! :)♥ @hugmedear @eat_2_compete_
yohannastarfighter : Åhhh bra jobbat raring!! 💕💕💕
developing_ed : Tack fina du! :)♥ @yohannastarfighter
mals_recovery : So proud! Great job girl💕
developing_ed : Thank you! :)♥ @mallorysrecovery
matildaramberg : Så himla bra! ❤️
developing_ed : Tack! :)♡ @matildaramberg
sophiaamarleen - mals_recovery - kiarakryptonite - fiorifleur -
Just look at this bread that I made!★ It contains sun dried tomatoes, black olives, basil, mozarella and feta cheese, parma ham and fresh basil! I swear, it's the moast delicious bread ever, and I had TWO pices for lunch! :)♥
edfighter - beatana - screwyouana - ed - edfamily - lunch - tortano - fearfood - eatingdisorder - fuckcalories - anorexic - anorexia - fitnotskinny - bulimi - fightinged - strongnotskinny - eattolive - fightingana - edfam - edwarrior - edchallange - edsoldier - anawho -
developing_ed : #ed #edfam #edfighter #edfamily #edwarrior #eatingdisorder #edchallange #eattolive #edsoldier #strongnotskinny #screwyouana #anorexic #anorexia #anawho #lunch #fearfood #fitnotskinny #fightingana #fightinged #fuckcalories #beatana #bulimi #tortano
balanced_bumblebee : 💗👏👏I wish I could make bread that good!
developing_ed : Awe, thank you! :)♥ @eat_2_compete_
like_a_fairy_on_acid : Omg recipe please? That looks like heaven @developing_ed
thediaryofecee : And it looks like a cake 💕👌😶
developing_ed : Haha, yes! ;)♥ @thediaryofecee
sophiaamarleen - freeing_dagmar -
My super delicious #dinner ★ ~ about 300 g cauliflower rice ~ chili con carne sause OMG, today I got FOUR appointmets to BUP for an investigation of my ED. And I'm going to miss soo much school, because it stands that it's from 8.30 am to about 1.00 pm all four days!! Seriously, what will they do with me? And I'll meet a physiotherapist (sjukgymnast) one of the days, and what is she going to do? Does anyone know? And should I be COMPLETE hones about my food and eating habbits?! Can someone PLEASE tell me?♥
fightinged - ana - bulimic - ed - bulimia - edfamily - healthylifestyle - anorexi - beatana - eatingdisorder - ätstörning - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - fitnotskinny - bulimi - fit - edfighter - healthymeal - eattolive - dinner - health - edwarrior - edchallange - edfam - edsoldier - anawho - bup -
developing_ed : Åhh vad skönt!! :) @inneedofrecoverymotivation
developing_ed : Du har rätt, tack, jag ska försöka!♥ @sweetie_die
seeyousoon1 : Where can i get cauliflower rice?
developing_ed : You just mix and boil it for 10 minutes! :) @seeyousoon1
developing_ed : Ja, det är nog det bästa, jag är ju där för att få hjälp, ellerhur? ;) Vad fick du göra för tester/svara på för frågor? Tack, det första är ons 5/3 sen är det tor och fre också och ons veckan efter! :)♥ @_tryytorecover
developing_ed : Aha, tack så jättemycket! :)♥ @_tryytorecover
lovlios_struggle : Hoppas det går bra! Du är sjukt stark verkligen! Gick igenom just den fasen du är i nu för bara några månader sedan. Finns här om du vill ha stöd kära du ♥
developing_ed : Åh, tack så jättemycket! Du gjorde mig glad nu! :)♥ @lovlios_struggle
sophiaamarleen - millysrecovery - isys_recovery -
Dinner was my home made bolognese with ww pasta and zero calorie blackcurrant drink! Could seriously win Master Chef with this sause! :)♥ Aaaaand desert is coming!!!
strongnotskinny - ana - ed - edfamily - anawontwin - healthylifestyle - anorexi - fuckcalories - eatingdisorder - ätstörning - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - fit - fuckana - edfighter - eattolive - health - edwarrior - edchallange - edfam - edsoldier -
developing_ed : #ed #edfam #edfighter #edfamily #edwarrior #eatingdisorder #edchallange #eattolive #edsoldier #anorexic #anorexia #anorexi #ana #anawontwin #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #health #fuckana #fuckcalories #fit #strongnotskinny #ätstörning
huvuhcuo : ❤️❤️❤️
developing_ed : Tack! :)♥ @_tryytorecover
developing_ed : ♥♥ :) @pathetic_recovery
rise_from_hate - isys_recovery - fiorifleur -
How do I look? Feel kind of good with my body today, :)
veryberryfeature -
maggie_tae10 : Super skinny!!!
camille_chv : You look perfect! Like... both skinny and toned, and like... yeah, just perfect!
developing_ed : Thank you so much, hun!♥ @rachels_ed_recovery
developing_ed : #veryberryfeature
healthyhappyemilie : you look great! wow! your body fat must be at an extremely low percentage
staystrong4199 : Look great! But be carefull please
lisamueller1996 : You are beautiful :)) I like your flat belly 👍
tonedgirlshoutouts : OMG you have my dream figure <3 you're gorgeous too! :O would you like a shoutout? Xx
differentisntalwaysbeautiful - sienashines - breakingbitvh -
Dinner after workout was one chicken breast, potato- and broccoli mach and paprika. Mum wanted me to take butter on the mach but I didn't want to so she got really mad and finally I took some. Was it a bad idéa? Feel go guilty now...
strongnotskinny - ana - eatless - bulimic - ed - edfamily - mustbeskinny - healthylifestyle - anorexi - beatana - eatingdisorder - ätstörning - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - beated - bulimi - afterworkout - healthy - edfighter - healthymeal - eattolive - dinner - health - edwarrior - edchallange - edfam - edsoldier -
developing_ed : #ed #edfam #edfighter #edfamily #edwarrior #eatless #eatingdisorder #edchallange #eattolive #edsoldier #mustbeskinny #anorexi #anorexic #anorexia #ana #afterworkout #dinner #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthy #health #healthymeal #strongnotskinny #beatana #bulimi #bulimic #beated #ätstörning
tyedye.cyanide : No you shouldn't feel bad it's fine
cheerstobeinghappy : Jätte bra gjort! Man måste få i sig lite fett för att kroppen ska ta upp de fettlösliga vitaminerna! Om man inte får i sig fett så tas bara 10% av vitaminerna upp istället för kanske 70%! Lite smör gör ingen skillnad på dig😉😘💕
developing_ed : ♥ @bulimicrecovery
unstoppab1e_ - wishing_2b - redefiningbeth -
Breakfast was one homemade scones with ham!! :O Soo big #fearfood but I did it and don't feel too guilty!★ But can someone please tell me how any calories one may have, 300-400?!?! Ana is now saying that I ate way too much!
fightinged - ana - screwyouana - bulimic - ed - beatana - edfamily - fat - healthylifestyle - scones - fearfood - eatingdisorder - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - fitnotskinny - bulimi - edfighter - strongnotskinny - health - edwarrior - edchallange - edfam - edsoldier - anawho -
developing_ed : #ed #edfam #edfighter #edfamily #edwarrior #eatingdisorder #edchallange #edsoldier #fightinged #fat #fitnotskinny #beatana #bulimic #bulimi #anorexic #anorexia #anawho #ana #scones #screwyouana #strongnotskinny #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #health
valde_livet : Strunta i kalorierna! Om det var gott och om det var det som DU ville ha, så är det det enda som ska räknas.
recoveryjournal : 150
thediaryofecee : Säger som @ed_struggle ! Räkna och tänka på calorierna stressar dig bara. Ät det DU vill i den mängd DU vill. Det är din kropp och din hälsa!
beatin_ana - jennjebi - helenrecovery -
Dinner was a salmon- and leek pie mad by me (450) with some veggies! :)♥ I got a book from my sister about thoughts and feelings about food when you have an ED so am going to read it later! Have you read a good book about EDs? :)
ana - ed - edfamily - healthylifestyle - beatana - eatingdisorder - healthyeating - anorexic - anorexia - fitnotskinny - bulimi - fit - mia - edfighter - healthymeal - eattolive - fightingana - fearfood - health - edwarrior - edchallange - edfam - edsoldier - anawho -
developing_ed : :)♥ @eat_2_compete_
developing_ed : Mattillåtet! :)♥ @_tryytorecover
developing_ed : Haha det är den boken! :'D♥ @emmyfightsana
balanceishealth : Åh, den är verkligen jättebra! Massa bra tips som tex att lära sig tugga bra och så! 👌💕
thediaryofecee : Går runt och letar efter sådana bra böcker, haha 🙈
developing_ed : Ja, jag måste börja läsa den! :)♥ @emmyfightsana
developing_ed : Ja, jag också ;) @thediaryofecee
developing_ed : Alltid värt ett försök, har hört att den ska vara bra så! :)♥ @_tryytorecover
unstoppab1e_ - beatanorexiatomaintain - ohmyaimee - confidencethroughpositivity -
#Lunch was a 15 cm sub with turkey, ham, sallad and a little bit of sweet-onion dressing!★
fightinged - beatana - healthylife - edchallange - bulimia - lunch - anorexi - eatingdisorder - healthyeating - anorexic - fitnotskinny - healthylifestyle - ed - edfighter - healthymeal - eattolive - fightingana - edfam - edwarrior - edfamily - edsoldier -
developing_ed : #ed #edfam #edfighter #edfamily #eatingdisorder #edwarrior #edchallange #eattolive #edsoldier #anorexic #anorexi #beatana #bulimia #fightinged #fitnotskinny #fightingana #healthylifestyle #healthylife #healthymeal #healthyeating
freeing_elle : Så bra jobbat👍💕
developing_ed : Tack! :)♥ @anas_enemy
helenrecovery - jennjebi - ohmyaimee - isys_recovery -
So, this is what me and my lovely friend will be snacking on, together with a lot of chocolate and candy, while whatching The Hobbit! :)♥ Allready had 1 1/3 vanilla heart and some candy today, but it's an ED- free day today, right?! ;) GUYS!!! I'm thinking of telling my friend about my ED tonight, should I do it?!
edfighter - beatana - screwyouana - ed - bulimia - edfamily - healthylifestyle - fearfood - eatingdisorder - healthyeating - anorexia - fitnotskinny - benandjerrys - healthylife - fuckana - fightinged - strongnotskinny - fearfoodfriday - eattolive - edfam - edwarrior - edchallange - edsoldier - anawho -
thediaryofecee : You should talk to her about it, can be good for both of you! 💕
developing_ed : Hemmakväll, finns på 7 eleven också! :) @alicesrecovery
lonnea96 : Var den god?☺
developing_ed : Ja! :) inte så söt, ganska syrlig som grekisk yoghurt (ganska obvious) men supergod! :)♡ @lonnea96
developing_ed : Ja, tycker jag du ska! :) tack så mycket♥ @_tryytorecover
mirnaa.b : Vart köpte du den ifrån?😱
developing_ed : Hemmakväll, finns på 7 eleven också! :) @myfightwithanaa
mirnaa.b : Tack den ska jag pröva fan ! @developing_ed
jennjebi - isys_recovery -
#Lunch in school was 1 dl potato soup, some lettuce and 1/2 of the CARROT CAKE!!! omg it was soo delicious, but so buttery and greasy so I couldn't eat it.. :/
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Afternoon snack was 100 g mango, one strawberry, one cinnamon crispbread and zero calorie pinapple juice! :)♥ OMG my friend want to eat B&J with me tomorrow, sholud I do it?! :O
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leonorbroberg : Jaaaaaa såklart du skaa!!😊😊 du klara det
hannasrecovery : Finns ingen vettig anledning till att tack nej toll bj!
healthy___c : 👏👏🍃💕😍
misseschurros : Of course you should! It's Saint Valentine's Day! ❤
bodymassissues : Zero calorie pinapplejuice VAR FINNS DEN? ^^
thediaryofecee : Go for it! One time won't do any damage💕 @developing_ed
correnborren : Ja det borde du!!👌 @developing_ed
developing_ed : #veryberryfeature
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No school taday, yay! :D★ That also means that I'm home alone and can eat whatever I want to! (Even througt I'll have to study a lot..) So, #breakfast was 1/2 a portion of raspberry/ vanilla oatmeal (103) topped with low-calorie jam (10)! :)♥
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eatworksleep : Not much 😶 you used just oats and add some water/milk or just a sort of "oats preparation" (like pack) idk if you get why i mean 😓😳
developing_ed : Kokade paulúns hallon och blåbärsgröt med vaniljpulver och blandade sen i tinade hallon! :)♥ @_tryytorecover
developing_ed : I had an "oat mix" with berry flavour and added more raspberries and vanilla and cooked it with water :) @fixingmysoul
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I've got taged a few times to do this so here we go! :) ★Cucumber ★Salad leaves ★Chicken ★Low-calorie jam ★Light soda ★Paprika ★Spinach ★Ham ★Non fat yogurt ★U/s almond milk Anyone agree with me? Kind of boring stuffs, haha ;)
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iwillnotlosethisbattle : LIGHT SODA ♡ Chiken, ham and sometimes also non fat yogurt :)
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At my better shape, june 2013. Reasons to recover: 1-Not being cold 24/7. 2-Be able to exercise again. 3- Enjoy food againg, with no regrets, with no guilt. 4-No more extremes: starvation or compulsive over eating. 5- Be social again. 6-Laugh (now, nothing is funny for me) 7-Recuperate my relationship with my mom. 8- Recuperate my relationship with God! 🙏 9-For food not to be what ocupate my mind 24/7 10-Stay in school. 11- To be able to have children one day. 12- To have a boyfriend (how can I have a bf if I don't love and accept myself first? ) 13- Recuperate my humor, not being grumpy all the time. 14-Be myself back again, but better, a new healthy, loving, caring Odessa. 15-ENJOY LIFE AGAING 💕
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healthyliving_happy : Hope it's me soon
mylovelyrecovery : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 good for you! Those are wonderful reasons!! Especially 15! 🙏❤️❤️❤️
sweet_healthy_recovery : It will be, but in a healthy way 😉 @healthyliving_happy
nathalienavas : I think i'm amsick, i ate too much today. Is a compulsive overeating and tomorrow i will have to eat almost nothing
sweet_healthy_recovery : No girl, dont get into that circle! @nathalienavas 🙈
gabyyybeatsed : You're beautiful!! Love you and am so proud ❤️
dontneedana : You're absolutely gorgeous hun! 💕
sweet_healthy_recovery : Thanks! 😊 you are back! 👏 @dontneedana
isys_recovery - livsjourney -
OMG I ATE TWO OF THESE LEMON TARTELETTES!!♥♥ Me and my friend spend the whole afternoon baking these cuties and then her family came over to taste them abd it was really fun! :) I ate one then and one more when they left hone again, even through the last one was a binge.. :/ But still, I even ate a loot of the batter, it was just soo amazing! :) Ate these at 6.30 pm and then dinner at 8.00 pm, which was a pita bread with grilled chicken. I'm really, really full now, feel guilty as hell, but hey, why should I?! It's normal to have it, right? And it's saturday as well which means candy day!! So Ana can just fuck off!! :)★ (sry for my language)
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ana_recovery_child : That's awesome! 👊💕
developing_ed : Thank you! :)♥ @ana_recovery_child
smo.othies : Fan va duktig du är!!! Inga skam känslor, det va gott eller hur? Jamen dåså, då va det ju värt det! Och du hade kul när ni gjorde de så no guilty feelings needed fina du, va stolt över dej själv :*💕
developing_ed : Det var såå gott, ja!! Tack bästa du, jag ska försöka! :)♥ @beautiful__skeleton
developing_ed : Tack fina, de var riktigt goda!! :)♥ @_tryytorecover
recovery_lady : 😍
developing_ed : :)♥ @_edtryrec0verylady
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Good morning! ⛅️sunny day todoay!! This was me in the dance comoetition and the other in the musical, back in 2011-2012...So let me contunue with my stroty, part 4: so.... I put down a lot of weight in 6 months, but didn't felt it because it was little by little with the small decisions, I also started "clean eating" in may and thats we from may to june I lost 3kg...and everyone got to notice... My dad came here and my brother also, they arrange me an ed specialist appointment... She analyzed, not only physically buy emotionally, I told her my strory... She told me I was in danger of dead because of my low heart rate 💞 and that I had to quick my internships and be in TOTAL rest!! I was sooo mad and sad because I loved ti go to the restaurant and I was almost over!! And she told me I had to enter treatment in a center!! But it was like SO SO SO SO expensive! You have noo idea! 💵💵💵 they gave me a scholarship but even with that I couldn't afford it!! And I will had to stay there like 3-4 month with out communication with my parents, which my mom didn't like!! My blood test went well, so ee ask the Dr. If we could do it ambulatory but she say that i could not manage it!! 😠 So we looked for other options and decided I will do it by myself, with a nutritionist an therapy... I went with another Dr and he told me my hart rate was better, but still I could not exercise or anything... But I was no li get in rest! 😉 👇 continue
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my_hidden_diary : You look beautiful
sweet_healthy_recovery : Oh thanks honey! @my_hidden_diary that means a lot to me! 😊
fannysjourney : Such a heartfelt story 💜. I had binges for a while too, but thanks to a meal plan and my mom being on top of it, it faded away. 🌸 You are gorgeous btw!
sweet_healthy_recovery : Ohh thats soo great!!! And did yoy count your free binge days?? Because I count them, but dont know if that do more bad than good 😕 and thank you!!! You too sweetie!!! Ly! @leonica_fights
fannysjourney : @sweet_healthy_recovery I didn't count them, because it almost made it like a game to me hihi, and recovery isn't a game I guess 💜. YOU are too sweet! 👍🌸
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Back in 2009 New Years Eve🎉My story part 3: So 2013 began, i was 52 kg (114.6 lb) I wast comfortable with myself, I wasn't fat, because I never was.. I was just a curvy latin girl! 💃 but I have nevet accepted my body, always wanted to be naturally skinny with no effort... So I decided to change that year, I started cooking school, in a great university too see if it was re career I really wanted! 👍 I kept my habits of exercise and drinking water and all that... I started to eat healthier and since I@had constipation problems to eat vegetables and fruits... Which I used to hate 🍓🍉🍇🍍🍆🍅 omg!! I now how could I??? They are so yummy!! So I restricted for several things ofcourse like bread, rice, carbs in general... Cause I had the time, gym was a daily basis thing... 2-3 hours a day 5-6 days a week and on sundays I would walk or run!! 🏃💨 I became obsessed with it, to the point that I didn't socialize with familly or friends because I had to go to the gym!! I was reducing my food intake and then... The results came: I lost 1 1/2kg in the first month, for me, a person that battle a year with out losing anything this was awesome and I got inspired and keep going... The binges were still there, but less often... So, I continued like that month trough month puting down 1-2 kg and reducing food intake and doings like 1 1/2- 2 of cardio and then lifting and abs.... The summer came and it got worse, because I had to do internships in a hotel restaurant and worked from 8am to 4 pm came home and went to the gym from 5-7:30 or more, eating so pure I was just tired with no energy, but keep going... People started noticing and worrying and asking my parents if I was sick... Everybody told me I put down so many weight, except for my friends... So my mom weighted me and I was at 42 kg (92.5 lb) For me it was si shocking... My dream weight was 45, I had never be under 48kg before that... So I was happy and could bot believe it!! Pants started to be to big and that was amazing!! For me it was all so fast... I just wanted to loose some weight but it got out of my hands.... To be continue... 😊
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gabyyybeatsed : You're so inspiring and beautiful! Keep fighting❤️❤️❤️❤️
sweet_healthy_recovery : Thanks girl... You too! @gabybeatsed 💕
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‼️ok guys this have been a terrible day! I am so ashamed if myself, I just BINGED 🙈 I can not get out of this circule: restrict...restrict...restrict...perfect control and them BAM a stupid over eating when I stuf myself with anything, specially sweets 🍬 until my stomach hurts! 😔 I stated very positive the year, after 60 day clean, and then it happened, so I started February 💘 which is very scary because of valentines and I have like 5 birthdays, so that involves me baking and parties.... And today I dont now, it JUST HAPPENED... I ate a delicious breakfast... And was going to challange myself with some poptarts tonight, since a friend cancelled her party... And suddenly BIN came... Its just so terrible... I dont now what my ed is anymore, its like a mix between ana, binge eating, obsessive exercise and orthorexia (healthy eating)....I need some ADVISE, i want to HEAR FROM YOU guys!! So please give me your rexomendations, or point of view!! I will really appreciate it!! LOVE YOU AND PLEASE STAY STRONG!!!! 😘
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sweet_healthy_recovery : Thanks @bree_recovery yes, its soo hard!!! Well, lets start tomorrow back again! 💕🙏 ly too
gabyyybeatsed : Oh Hun I'm sorry😣 I went through the EXACT thing my first time around in recovery. I would restrict and then go crazy with uncontrollable binges😭 the trick to stoping is no more restricting! Start challenge yourself to more foods and be sure to eat at least 1500 cals a day and since you're trying to gain a min of 2000! Binging is just your body lashing out. It's hungry and has been deprived so your mind takes over!! I noticed as I stopped restricting I gained more control over my binge eating. Just stay strong, gorgeous! Fight ed off!!!❤️❤️❤️
sienashines : Trust me I no it's hard keep going💕
sweet_healthy_recovery : Oh Gaby, this means the word to me, you are totaly right! Ok, I will try to focus on that, its soo hard, but I have to try it, I just dont what to loose control thats all! Love you soo so much, thanks for the suport! 💕🙏 @gabybeatsed
sweet_healthy_recovery : Yes, it is! 😫 @recoverforsummer
recovered_foodie : Yep! Tomorrow is a brand new day to beat ana's bony little asss ♥
college_healthnut : Wait this is delish
sweet_healthy_recovery : Yes, it was candy cane! @college_healthnut
heealthhyteen_14 - ichangeforthis -
Afternoon snack was a slice of bread with ham, because my mum forced me. I ate a lot of our school lunch today and it was soo oily!!! And I really dobt like that I couldn't weight the bread! How many calories might it have been? It's a white bread.
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huskerjahns : Stop counting
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