Mammas dzīve un dzīve vispār ir kā klavieru taustiņi..ir melnie un ir baltie taustiņi! Vakardiena mammai bija skumīga, šodiena priecīga! Un tas, taču ir normāli! 👍🤗 Sveicam svētkos! 🇱🇻 #mamma30dienas #adrianapiedzivojumi #day6 #latvijai97 #ecoemi
day6 - ecoemi - adrianapiedzivojumi - mamma30dienas - latvijai97 -
ilze_danconoka - smilga.marta - modestiano - zratniece -
Sadarbībā ar @majrazotaji pie mums darbību uzsācis dāvanu un pozitīvo emociju veikals-tirdziņš. Šeit Tu varēsi iegādāties rokām darinātas dāvanas no Latvijas mazajiem ražotājiem, amatniekiem un mājražotājiem. 🎁 #GlamCollection, #HappyUlula, #Ecoemi, #SkaistumaMajas un vēl daudzi citi rosīsies tirdziņā ik dienu no 10:00 līdz 21:00 līdz pat 31.decembrim. Tirdziņu meklē 1.stāvā netālu no ieejas Milāna. #razotslatvija #madeinlatvia #RigaPlaza #majrazotaji #manufaktura
majrazotaji - ecoemi - skaistumamajas - manufaktura - madeinlatvia - glamcollection - happyulula - rigaplaza - razotslatvija -
collection_glam : 🎁🇱🇻🍾❄️❤️
jrudule - anna.cirule - samanta_millere - nacca_6 -
Poja lemmikasend. #homealonewithkids #Elias #ecoemi
homealonewithkids - ecoemi - elias -
egle.jakin - yulia_fashionstep - sigritoispuu - merxx88 -
Tellisime prooviks läti disaini. Oleme väga rahul. #ecoemi #happyclients #Elias #latviandesign
happyclients - ecoemi - elias - latviandesign -
marjanafix : 😍👌
anitatretjak - egle.jakin - aliceaav - kkikuolen -
If you've received one of our products in a beauty box or use it as part of your skincare routine, hashtag #showusyourstock to share! // #beautybox #beautyhaul #greenbeauty #bbloggers #naturalskincare #thatzit #terrasil #femmesil #ecoemi #repost #flashbackfriday #noparabens #madeintheusa #aidance #aidanceskincare
madeintheusa - aidanceskincare - ecoemi - noparabens - beautyhaul - flashbackfriday - repost - thatzit - aidance - beautybox - bbloggers - terrasil - naturalskincare - greenbeauty - showusyourstock - femmesil -
anastasiabbox : 🍃
kumariluxury - bambuearth - sarahpouliot84 - suzireviews -
My very first mud mask! Got this in an #ecoemi box a while back...we shall see! #beauty #mudmask #whitethai
whitethai - ecoemi - mudmask - beauty -
savage_canary - philih.not21 -
Čau, vasara! #bititmanmatos #ecoemi #madeinLatvia
bititmanmatos - ecoemi - madeinlatvia -
initaz : Tāda smaidulīte! Čau! :)
ilzejank : Tīīīk smuka mammas sapucēta 😘
initaz - benitodream - mr_vanags - titaniumk -
Gave myself a mini strawberry "facial", and took a bath with Lush's Holly Go Lightly bubble bar 💆🎄🛀
bathtime - strawberryfacemask - artesianskincare - leafseedberry - lushcosmetics - bodybrana - lush - strawberrytoner - strawberry - leafseedandberry - bubblebath - bubblebar - hollygolightlybubblebar - hollygolightly - ecoemi -
ohhheytheree : #lush #hollygolightlybubblebar #hollygolightly #lushcosmetics #bathtime #bubblebath #bubblebar #leafseedberry #leafseedandberry #artesianskincare #strawberry #strawberrytoner #strawberryfacemask #bodybrana #ecoemi
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Et styks sommerbarn på hest! Dagen er gået med dejligt legegruppebesøg i haven, festlig indkøbstur i Rema og isspisning. Vi elsker sommer!☀ #superHolger #spildtekunlidtchampagnebrus #økounge #hjemmeunge #ecoemi #greencotton #sommerbarn
økounge - greencotton - sommerbarn - spildtekunlidtchampagnebrus - ecoemi - hjemmeunge - superholger -
trondhjems : Ser sku dejligt ud 😎
dummeditte : Det er det sgu også, @trondhjems!😄👍☀
nik0line - knajerbud - fashionmom_dk - holgers_mormor -
EcoEmi May 2015 @ecoemiboxes This was my last box of EcoEmi it’s very sad to see one of my favorite boxes close :( #ecoemi #may2015 #sad #favoritebox #loveit #ecofriendly
ecoemi - favoritebox - loveit - may2015 - ecofriendly - sad -
diana.petrova -
Yay! Another Eco Emi box! Unfortunately this is my last...i thought last month's was, but this one must be, as I got an email last month they are no longer making boxes...so I will be doing my last Eco Emi unboxing video this weekend!! For those interested in my other unboxings, check out my YouTube channel YouTube.com/wineandbeauty! #ecoemi #unboxing #youtube #natural #organic
unboxing - natural - ecoemi - organic - youtube -
cece_steele : Ha. Never mind!
dxgirly - nativegorilla - melissa_whittaker - anselmo_seghetto -
So sad. #ecoemi had decided to end their subscription service. They are a wonderful company that found greener, ethical, and more organic products to send monthly. Farewell💜
ecoemi -
luna_solara - devinlynnxo - cynthiaabeaumont -
We're branching out into beauty boxes as seen here in a post from @the_beauty_closet_blog. Thanks for sharing! // #showusyourstock #beautybox #blissmo #blissmobox #ecoemi #crueltyfree #natural #ointment #productjunkie #terrasil #aidance #aidanceskincare
natural - aidanceskincare - beautybox - ecoemi - terrasil - crueltyfree - productjunkie - blissmo - blissmobox - showusyourstock - aidance - ointment -
candymaakastoten : ❤
purepawpaw : 👍👍👍
sarahpouliot84 - jessica.ahimsa - szprovidence - jordyboatshoes -
Current favorite #nailpolish combo #1143h20 #BlackDahliaLacquer makes me think of #cinderella but Misty calls them #FrozenNails :) got these both from #EcoEmi although they are no longer in business :( I need to find a comparable subscription box! #TrulyNails #nails #NailArtStory #glitter
1143h20 - blackdahlialacquer - nailpolish - frozennails - cinderella - ecoemi - glitter - nails - nailartstory - trulynails -
rokitshopit : So pretty Julia 😍💙😊
trulyajulia : Think you my friend ♡ @rokitshopit
dazzledry : Very beautiful. Great pic...
trulyajulia : Thank you ♡ @dazzledry
mayymccman - richelle504 - minfargerikeverden -
EcoEmi - April 2015 @ecoemiboxes - Fragance by Aromaflage $65.00 * Cuticle Rejuvenator by Keeki Pure and Simple $9.99 * * Soft Baked Biscotti “Midnight” by Marlo’s Bake Shop $1.50 * - Introductory Collection Kit by Eslor $45.00 kit * Arnicare Gel by Boiron $11.99 * - Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum by Palmetto Derma $48.00 - Triple Skin Care Kit By AnnMarie Gianni $10.00 for kit Bonus Item: Yoga Mat Spray * Items are Full Size * Rating: 10/10 For More Information About EcoEmi: http://ecoemi.com/ #ecoemi #ecoemibox #fullsize #deluxesize #samples #samplebox #monthlybox #april2015 #aprilbox #ecofriendly #natural #organic #nongmo #glutenfree #vegan #vegetarian #loveit #aromaflage #keeki #pureandsimple #marlo's #bakeshop #eslor #boiron #palmettoderma #annmarie #gianni #yogamatspray
april2015 - loveit - pureandsimple - ecoemi - ecofriendly - vegan - aprilbox - deluxesize - monthlybox - yogamatspray - gianni - organic - aromaflage - samplebox - ecoemibox - boiron - eslor - bakeshop - natural - annmarie - glutenfree - nongmo - fullsize - marlo - samples - keeki - vegetarian - palmettoderma -
_thenaturaldoctor_ : 😢 so sad about them closing
ndiyoga : 😀
sochoix - palmettoderma - mustyem - simplenutritioussolutions -
Another great #EcoEmi #SubscriptionBox the packaging is always so pretty too :) #makeup #organicbeauty
organicbeauty - makeup - ecoemi - subscriptionbox - palmettoderma -
palmettoderma : Enjoy! 💚
trulyajulia : I am loving the collagen booster! Had to try that asap ♡ @palmettoderma #PalmettoDerma
_thenaturaldoctor_ : Super bummed they've stopped
trulyajulia : I know! Me too! I've been a happy customer for years now. They were my favorite box! @_thenaturaldoctor_
_thenaturaldoctor_ : My favorite box out of all of mine too 😩 @trulyajulia do you know if we are getting one for May or this was the last one?
trulyajulia : I believe the May boxes are going to be the last ones. I read somewhere at some point they would be shipped the second week in may. @_thenaturaldoctor_
palmettoderma - ethicalbox - wetshaveclub -
#EcoEmi April 2015
ecoemi - ecochic - greenliving - organicbeauty - organic - natural - sulfatefree - veganbeauty - nontoxic - naturalskincare - holistic - parabenfree - naturalliving - allgreeneverything - naturallife - chemicalfree - crueltyfree - organicskincare - greenbeautybloggers - gogreen - green - mineraloilfree - naturalmakeup -
_thenaturaldoctor_ : #organicbeauty #gogreen #green #greenliving #allgreeneverything #organic #natural #ecochic #organicskincare #naturalskincare #veganbeauty #crueltyfree #naturalmakeup #greenbeautybloggers #parabenfree #sulfatefree #mineraloilfree #nontoxic #chemicalfree #holistic #naturalliving #naturallife
brian.shalone : I need some men's facial wash green tea do you have some or is it just for woman @_thenaturaldoctor_
_thenaturaldoctor_ : There are brands of natural facial care for men also. One is Bull Dog you can get at whole foods. There are a few other online companies as well. Let me know if you were looking for something specific. @workout_yemann
brian.shalone : I have like dark spot under my eyes like small bumps that look like black heads is that what y'all call it cuz I exercise a lot . I want them away I feel ugly a lot cuz of my skin I dont know what to ask. @_thenaturaldoctor_
palmettoderma : Enjoy! 💚
solcalcafe : ✨
brian.shalone - bath_body_spa - jerseyvegan - downtoearthalchemy -
Yay! My latest video is up!! My April Eco Emi Unboxing is up on my channel! www.youtube.com/c/wineandbeauty @ecoemiboxes #ecoemi #ecofriendly #natural #parabenfree #pthalatefree #unboxing #youtube #naturalbeauty
natural - pthalatefree - ecoemi - youtube - ecofriendly - naturalbeauty - unboxing - parabenfree -
anelehmaria - mimi2123 - palmettoderma - boxedlove -
Eco Emi Unboxing!!! Editing now! Will be up at on YouTube.com/c/wineandbeauty soon!! #wineandbeauty #youtube #ecoemi #unboxing #beauty #vegan #natural #ecofriendly
natural - beauty - ecoemi - youtube - ecofriendly - vegan - unboxing - wineandbeauty -
oilessentialsfamily : 😄
zoellalovesfashion : 🎀🎀🎀fAsHiOn AcCoUnT🎀🎀🎀fAsHiOn AcCoUnT🎀🎀🎀fAsHiOn AcCoUnT🎀🎀🎀
palmettoderma : Enjoy! 
pupasgirl - enterprisemartina - froodieshoodies - flyvegan -
#blackdahlia Texas ice flower from my #ecoemi box..so pretty and vegan!
blackdahlia - ecoemi -
hemuliorvokki - nahnita - meshllebug - mariacgbc -
April 2015 #EcoEmi! Love it. Can't wait to eat the #biscotti. :) #subscriptionbox #natural #beauty
natural - ecoemi - biscotti - beauty - subscriptionbox -
phonecaseamonth : wow very nice :)
palmettoderma : Enjoy! 💚
palmettoderma - mwahlips - violetbox - herfashionbox -
Bittersweet moment right here! my last eco emi box of my subscription has arrived. 3 years of being a subscriber I have finally called it quits with it, nothing against the subscription, Im just cutting back on sub boxes. I do highly reccomend them tho if u are looking to try new eco friendly items. #ecoemi #ecoemiboxes #ecoemibox @ecoemiboxes #mixedfx #lovechelle #iloveit #mysubscriptions #lastone #newbeginnings
ecoemibox - ecoemiboxes - mysubscriptions - mixedfx - lastone - ecoemi - lovechelle - iloveit - newbeginnings -
miss_gelly : I did notice they are resend ing stuff. Like I hrecieved that face.mask powder last spring. And same goes for the makeup remover.in my box
mixedfx : @miss_gelly - yea I think thats why they considered it more of a 'bonus' item .. may just be trying to use up their inventory extras lol. Would have been nice to have gotten something different but I enjoyed the mask so it wasn't too bad. :)
queenreyna04 - soyilse_ - arianaa.carbajal - gammafounder1 -
My first ecoemi box arrived! #ecoemi #natural #organic #beautybox #monthlygifts
monthlygifts - natural - beautybox - ecoemi - organic -
j1379 : Oohhh what's in it!?!
iverbick : 3 types of skin care kits, yoga Matt cleaner, delicious biscotti, cuticle cream and muscle relaxer cream. All natural! @j1379
j1379 : Wow! That sounds awesome!
ketrinleka - _____inna - leanne_wei - j1379 -
#ecoemi for this month is pretty exciting! #aromaflage #keeki #marlosbakeshop #eslor #boiron #palmettoderma #annmariegianni
boiron - eslor - ecoemi - annmariegianni - aromaflage - marlosbakeshop - keeki - palmettoderma -
palmettoderma : Hope you enjoy 💚
cynthiaabeaumont - usalovelist - marlosbakeshop - aromaflage -
Latest video is up!! My Eco Emi box unboxing for the March Box is up!! www.youtube.com/c/wineandbeauty Link is in my profile! #ecoemi #wineandbeauty #unboxing #subscriptionbox #naturalbeauty #organic #fun #youtube #subscribe
organic - ecoemi - youtube - subscriptionbox - subscribe - naturalbeauty - unboxing - wineandbeauty - fun -
wetshaveclub - bettylebonbon - rhondazzel - subaholic -
Woohoo! My YouTube channel finally has a custom URL! so now it is easier to get to my channel!! Please go check out my channel and subscribe if you are interested in hauls, plus size outfits, plus size beauty, body positivity, natural makeup and products, gardening, canning, crafts and all sorts of other things!! www.youtube.com/c/wineandbeauty #youtube #plussize #plussizeclothes #plussizeyoutuber #plussizeclothinghaul #plussizebeauty #naturalmakeup #effyourbeautystandards #loveyourbody #lovetheskinimin #iamsizesexy #ecoemi #torridhauls
plussize - effyourbeautystandards - torridhauls - plussizeyoutuber - ecoemi - plussizeclothes - youtube - lovetheskinimin - iamsizesexy - plussizebeauty - plussizeclothinghaul - loveyourbody - naturalmakeup -
aidanceskincare : Hi Keri-Ann. Would you be willing to give us your e-mail address? Looking to get in touch!
wineandbeauty : @aidanceskincare yes! It is wineandbeauty2015 @ gmail.com
sparklingchar - theawsomegroup3 - aidanceskincare - jenn051881 -
EcoEmi March 2015 @ecoemiboxes Theme: Spring is in the Air -Assorted Nail Polish by Black Dahlia Price: $6.75(for featured size) -Auto Dish Detergent by ROCKin Green Price: $12.95 16 oz. -*Multi Tasker Concealer by Mineral Hygienics Price: $18.00 -*Assorted Eye Shadow by Haughty Cosmetics Price: $13.00 -Assorted Body Wash by Plum Hill Price: $16.00 12 oz. -*Assorted Clay Mask by 7th Heaven Naturals Price: $2.99 -*Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Candy Bar Price: $1.59 -Tea Bags by The Veda Company Price: $25.00 / 20 count ******************************************* *Indicates Full Size Products I really, really LOVE this box Rating: 100/10 For More Information About EcoEmi: http://ecoemi.com/join-today/ #ecoemi #ecoemiboxes #samples #samplebox #monthlybox #loveit #natural #organics #springisintheair #blackdahlia #rockingreen #myneralhygienics #haughtycosmetics #plumhill #7thheavennaturals #thevedacompany #candybar #march2015
loveit - thevedacompany - ecoemi - 7thheavennaturals - blackdahlia - organics - rockingreen - samplebox - ecoemiboxes - natural - springisintheair - plumhill - candybar - myneralhygienics - march2015 - samples - monthlybox - haughtycosmetics -
sochoix - caseultra -
The last #EcoEmi Beauty Box is reviewed on the blog today. @ecoemiboxes still has a regular eco-conscious #subscriptionbox though. Click the link in my profile for details.
ecoemi - subscriptionbox -
blessedmommytomaddox : Beautiful
harmonyboxcanada : Would love for you to check out my Canadian yoga and wellness subscription box! I'm just starting out :)
cdnboxaddict : @harmonyboxcanada will do :)
miss_gelly : Interesting that everyone gets somewhat different stuff. None of this was in my March box
cdnboxaddict : @miss_gelly this is the only variation I've seen for the March Eco Emj Beauty Box. Did you have the regular Eco Emi box?
miss_gelly : Oh I didn't realize there were others
cdnboxaddict : @miss_gelly They used to have a regular box and a beauty box but March was the last month for the beauty box so now it's just one.
keeksta89 - hayleysavanna - ladyds2 - beautyandvoyage -
I ❤️💚💜💙💛💎💎💎💎 the new nail polish I got in my March Eco Emi box!!! Hand crafted, vegan, 5-free polish from Black Dahlia! #5-free #nailpolish #vegan #sparkle #blackdahlia #ecoemi #shine
shine - blackdahlia - 5 - sparkle - nailpolish - ecoemi - vegan -
modellauncher : Gorgeous!
miss_gelly : Lucky. I got a plain blue
miss_gelly - ellie.idle - melissa_whittaker - berlin_vegan -
This month in my #EcoEmi I was sent this product. Now, there's no quiz to fill out for this subscription, so of course they wouldn't know what color I am. This isn't the first time they sent me something like this. I've gotten light colors in other boxes by error, but this company never even asked about skin color or hair type. And I'm not upset. It's a subscription box. You get what you get. But I suppose they figured that all (or most) of their customers would match this face product. Frankly, it's rather disappointing. Not just because I can't use it, but because this assumption was made. Natural beauty brands and boxes, women of color are here too. We would love to support you and your services, so please don't ignore us. ❤️ Rant over So since there's nothing I can do with this, I shall do a quick lil giveaway. I'm sure some of my followers might like it 😃If you'd like to get this just LIKE this pic and COMMENT below. I'll pick a winner and pop it in the mail for you next week.
naturalskincare - organic - allgreeneverything - ecoemi - ecochic - greenliving - organicskincare - organicbeauty - greenbeautybloggers - green - natural - gogreen - crueltyfree - veganbeauty - naturalmakeup -
_thenaturaldoctor_ : #veganbeauty #crueltyfree #organicbeauty #gogreen #green #greenliving #allgreeneverything #organic #natural #ecochic #organicskincare #naturalskincare #naturalmakeup #greenbeautybloggers
cece_steele : I am sorry that happened. Really annoying.
organicgreenfairy : Id love to try it!
sparkles.spitup - saashades - pumawithekinks -
Happy Spring! #flowers #JerseyShoreCosmetics #jerseyshoresun #vegancuts #ipsy #edivv #birchbox #ecoemi #veganbeautyreview #naturalmakeup
birchbox - veganbeautyreview - ipsy - ecoemi - vegancuts - jerseyshorecosmetics - edivv - flowers - jerseyshoresun - naturalmakeup -
florumstreetstyle : Terrific
dawnmariesway - cali031331 - lartdubourdon -
#MonthlyBox #EcoEmi #EcoEmiBoxes
ecoemi - ecoemiboxes - monthlybox -
sistoshimmy : I love my Eco emi!
xojamie5xo - jessicasara329 - jordanalexwebb - ashdeboe -
#EcoEmi March 2015 1. Nail polish in Sparklefest~ Black Dahlia 2. Auto Dish Detergent ~ ROCKin Green 3. Multi Tasker Concealer in Light ~ Mineral Hygenics 4. Truffle Therapy Serum ~ Skin & Co 5. Winter Vanilla Body Wash ~ Plum Hill 6. Moroccan Clay Mask ~ 7th Heaven Naturals 7. Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bar ~ Equal Exchange 8. Restore Tea Blend ~ Tea Veda Company #blackdahlia #rockingreen #mineralhygenics #skinandco #plumhill #7thheaven #equalexchange #teaveda
allgreeneverything - natural - mineralhygenics - 7thheaven - greenbeautybloggers - equalexchange - plumhill - ecoemi - greenliving - crueltyfree - blackdahlia - organicbeauty - gogreen - rockingreen - organic - green - teaveda - veganbeauty - skinandco -
_thenaturaldoctor_ : Awesome!!! I feel like you're my only follower that actually takes my advice 😂😂😂😩 @ldymdub08
_thenaturaldoctor_ : Do u still use the first aid beauty products? I keep them on hand but I prefer a different cleanser now. @ldymdub08
_thenaturaldoctor_ : #veganbeauty #crueltyfree #organicbeauty #gogreen #green #greenliving #allgreeneverything #organic #natural
_thenaturaldoctor_ : #greenbeautybloggers
wineandbeauty : I opened mine yesterday! (Video to come...) I am excited. Just tried the nail polish and I ❤️💎❤️💎 it!! I do want to try and figure out the mineral concealer...i saw you are giving yours away...i do have a light skin tone so hopefully I like it...and hopefully you can find someone who can benefit from it! Sorry you were disappointed with the product, but it is understandable...
_thenaturaldoctor_ : Yea overall I like the month. And Eco Emi is still my favorite subscription box. Hopefully I can pass it along. @wineandbeauty
mariel.will : Lol. Well you give good advice. I haven't used the first aid in about a year. It started making my skin feel funny. I do keep the moisutizer on hand for stubborn eczema flare ups though. I'm trying to find a good natural cleanser that actually cleans lol
_thenaturaldoctor_ : Thanks dear! Yes. Once my eczema became balanced, my skin was less dry and so I ended up needing a deeper clean. I use the Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel now. It cleans very well, removed makeup, and it's natural and preservative free. Also got at sephora. @ldymdub08
boxedlove - trashionfashionshow - livewild_befree -
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