The "eucalypt hunter" transformed #ecodyeing #handmade
ecodyeing - handmade -
Fresh from the dyepot #ecodyeing #plantdyeing #silk 💕creative #Sundays
ecodyeing - sundays - silk - plantdyeing -
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Eco print on silk. #ecodyeing#print#silk#eucalyptus#iron. #heartfeltsilks
ecodyeing - eucalyptus - iron - print - silk - heartfeltsilks -
ionaloyola : Amazing!
elena_knitsandbits : So gorgeous
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Natural dyeing 💘 #onion #cochinilla #obradorxisqueta #pallarssobira #peramea #tintsnaturals #natural #eco #dyes #Sustentable #cebolla #ceba #catalunya #tallerdetintsnaturals #handmade #diy #fetama #jocreo #masiesdellaras #cochineal #naturaldyes #naturaldyeing #tiedye #Tintes #tintesnaturales #ecodyeing #dye
jocreo - ecodyeing - pallarssobira - naturaldyes - eco - cochineal - catalunya - obradorxisqueta - fetama - cebolla - sustentable - peramea - tiedye - dye - tintsnaturals - naturaldyeing - tallerdetintsnaturals - tintes - masiesdellaras - natural - onion - handmade - tintesnaturales - diy - ceba - dyes - cochinilla -
littlepicot : So nice!
jennadeezio : Lovely!
alliknit : Thank you @littlepicot and @jennadeezio ❤️❤️
lauramoraghi : Maqissim!!
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#fotoutmaningmars2015 #innanför #ecodyeing #naturaldyeing #solardye #fennel #fänkål innanför glaset på den här burken ligger fänkål tillsammans med tyg och garn sedan i somras.
ecodyeing - fennel - fotoutmaningmars2015 - solardye - naturaldyeing - fänkål - innanför -
annaeg1974 : Spännande att öppna😜
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#ecoprint #ecodying #ecodyeing
ecodyeing - ecodying - ecoprint -
mjtals -
Onion skins and random flowers by Zoe #ecoprint #ecodyeing #handdyedsilk
ecodyeing - handdyedsilk - ecoprint -
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First go with crepe myrtle #ecodyeing #ecoprint #Heathermaid #handdyedsilk
ecodyeing - handdyedsilk - ecoprint - heathermaid -
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Yes! Found a eucalyptus cinerea two streets away. And right nearby fishbone ferns. Both very good #ecodyeing plants. #inspiredbyute
ecodyeing - inspiredbyute -
sewanista : I'm familiar with eucalypts as I dyed with them when I was doing textiles at uni, but I haven't tried fishbone fern. Is it the same process? And what kinds of colours do you get?
ute_ig : Looking forward to collecting local plants for dyeing here!
thisismoonlight : @sewanista I think you can do a slow boil or solar dyeing to get greens. I've seen some bundling too. I've yet to read up on it fully though....
sewanista : @thisismoonlight thanks 😊. I love the colours you are getting, I might start doing some myself again. I've got some great books about natural dyes, including a vintage one on eucalyptus dyeing, I just haven't started experimenting myself yet.
thisismoonlight : Might have to hit you up for the names of your books @sewanista
sewanista : @thisismoonlight as well as India Flint's first book, I have a small booklet called Natural Wool Dyes and Recipes, by Ann Milner, 1971. Some of her mordants are a bit scary! The eucalyptus one is a photocopied handout from uni, and is tucked away neatly in one of my files, but I haven't sorted my library since moving so it could take a while to find. You're welcome to pop in some time, my studio is in Malaga.
thisismoonlight : I'd love to see the wool one some time 😄 @sewanista
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Yippy!!! Off to the sewing machine!!!! How do I choose?!? #ringsling #babywearing #ecodyeing #ecofriendlymama
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sarahaustinfitness : Love it!!!!
kidbizness : Sweet!
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It's here - all my plans for the day are instantly put aside so I can read this and be inspired #ecodyeing #indiaflint #Heathermaid #handdyedsilk
ecodyeing - handdyedsilk - indiaflint - heathermaid -
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All dyes 100 percent local and I think I might just cut into these today #solardyeing #ecodyeing #fibreshed #fibershed #1year1outfit #selfishsewingweek
ecodyeing - fibershed - selfishsewingweek - fibreshed - solardyeing - 1year1outfit -
lauralovespugs : Such beautiful work :) xx
imaginegnats : Gorgeous!!
handmadebycarolyn : Such gorgeous colours 😍
thisismoonlight : Thanks guys, I'm a bit nervous about cutting them up @that5thpunchofbuildingbuilding @lauralovespugs @imaginegnats @handmadebycarolyn
hey_mama_wolf : No need to be nervous. I'm sure it will come out just fine! I made a bag from reused plantdyed fabrics last year from small pieces. I'll send you a picture of it.
thisismoonlight : Sounds good @hey_mama_wolf. All cut out now!
toncia68 : How much I love these colours!!
ute_ig : Yes! I'm excited to see! Those colors are so beautiful and would look beautiful all together!
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#ecoprint #wool #object #ecodyeing
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i love eco-printing! i have great time both in the nature, searching for plants and in my studio experimenting with them on fabric . i use raw turkish silk and other natural materials. unbundling the prints is my favourite time of the day... #ecoprint #ecoprinting #naturaldye #naturaldying #silk #fiber #fiberart #textile #textileart #design #textiledesign #nature #plants #bundle #eco #ecofriendly #turkey #turkishsilk #sew #sewing #ecodye #ecodyeing #naturaldye
sew - ecodye - fiber - textileart - nature - eco - ecodyeing - sewing - ecoprint - ecofriendly - naturaldying - design - bundle - silk - turkey - textiledesign - ecoprinting - textile - plants - turkishsilk - naturaldye - fiberart -
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Silk cotton scarf being bundled up with ginger from my garden #ginger #silk #cotton #slowtextiles #ecodyeing #naturaldyeing #nature #taniabishopartisan #etsyrevolution #etsy #flowers
ecodyeing - silk - slowtextiles - nature - etsyrevolution - flowers - ginger - taniabishopartisan - etsy - naturaldyeing - cotton -
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I made a thing 👛✈️ Hand dyed from raspberries with 100% organic cherry juice on cotton. #ecodyeing #shiboristyle #diy
ecodyeing - shiboristyle - diy -
cwoonn : Wow you are wonderful
_r10n : Do you know if this type of dyeing stands up to washing?
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The bundled silk and cotton scarf in the dye bath. I added some chopped up ginger stems. The scarf pattern will be a surprise when it is unravelled. #slowtextiles #shibori #naturaldyeing #nature #taniabishopartisan #ecodyeing #etsy #flowers
ecodyeing - flowers - slowtextiles - nature - shibori - taniabishopartisan - etsy - naturaldyeing -
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sun wool eucalypts and and the knitted object #ecodyeing #ecodying
ecodyeing - realthing - ecodying - handmade - textiles - makersgonnamake -
geckostrands : #textiles
geckostrands : #makersgonnamake #handmade #realthing
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Today I'm experimenting by using leaves from my ornamental ginger plant in my slow cooker. #slowtextiles #ecodyeing #nature #naturaldyeing #ginger #taniabishopartisan #etsy #silk #cotton
ecodyeing - silk - slowtextiles - nature - ginger - taniabishopartisan - etsy - naturaldyeing - cotton -
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While solar dyeing the other day I boiled up some avocado pits with linen, silk and alpaca. No mordant. #ecodyeing
ecodyeing -
marillawalker : Ooh, I will have to collect the avocados! Is it colour fast without mordant?
thisismoonlight : Apparently reasonably good @marillawalker also I froze my pips as I used them to keep them "fresh" . It seemed to work. @ute_ig
thisismoonlight : Ps you could do a simple iron after mordant with rusty nails, I just couldn't find any :) @marillawalker
delphinestagram : Beautiful nude colour !
jude36 : Lovely colour!
hey_mama_wolf : Lovely color! I'm with you collecting avocado pits. They need to be dried in a very well ventilated and sunny spot or they willl mold quickly. @ute_ig
ute_ig : @hey_mama_wolf Let's see how many we will get! ;-)
zauberflink : I've never heard about it till now - such a pretty colour!
toncia68 - mixandstitch - delphinestagram - redhedhels -
The Huon near geckostrands
eco - ecodyeing -
geckostrands : #eco #ecodyeing
Asked by the talented @brienne_moody #whatsonmyneedles: I have been playing with beautiful naturally dyed yarn by @hey_mama_wolf I really love the subtle color changes and the depth of the color which was achieved with #madder and #yarrow. What's on your needles Jule @hey_mama_wolf and Jana @janavalach? #ecowool #ecodyeing #naturaldyes #heymamawolf
ecodyeing - madder - ecowool - whatsonmyneedles - naturaldyes - yarrow - iknit - knitting - knittersofinstagram - heymamawolf -
ute_ig : @rachelstitchedtogether So wonderful right? I love discovering this new craft!
ute_ig : @wanderlustandwildhearts Yes! ;-) I think I'll be making a hat from it.
ute_ig : #knitting #knittersofinstagram #iknit
ute_ig : @thisismoonlight And btw the bowl you can see is one I made 21 years ago 😊 (It shocked me a bit to see the date underneath! 😁) One of the few things I still have.
thisismoonlight : It's very beautiful Ute!
moonstitches : WOW, great yarn, really does look yummy *schmatz*. And a second WOW, have you been in a toddlers' pottery class back then?!
ute_ig : @moonstitches ;-) I have read somewhere that the new adulthood starts with 30, so I was definitely not a grown up then.
tinkyarn : Wow!
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Last place taken, welcome. Let's get ready for some more natural dye exploration. I will incorporate ideas of dyeing for the city dweller. #naturaldyeing #ecodyeing #dyeing #handdyeing
ecodyeing - dyeing - handdyeing - naturaldyeing -
andeol_textiles : Rosehip?! 💓
littlepeaces : I just bought a book on natural dyeing. I'm hoping I can put it to good use and that I can find or grow some good items for natural dyeing where I live.
nomadicstore : 👌
dyehaus_workshops : @littlepeaces ,it is surprising how much you will have in the kitchen you can dye with to tie you over until your plants have grown ;)
dyehaus_workshops : @andeol_textiles rosehip it is, and there plenty on the bushes for you to experiment with! Looking forward seeing you all and sharing my techniques. Until then 💛💛☀️🌈
original_depiction - insidejo.b - annafeller - charlotte_leedham -
#1year1outfit meeting with @frau_gold and @hey_mama_wolf The yarn/dyeing will be no problem, we will have to investigate some more for fabric. #heymamawolf #naturaldyes #ecowool
ecodyeing - ecowool - heymamawolf - 1year1outfit - naturaldyes -
schneidernmeistern : 😊
ute_ig : @schneidernmeistern Genau! 😊
ute_ig : #ecodyeing
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At the experiments again - linen and silk with eucalyptus bark, sunflowers and bottlebrush. #solardyeing #ecodyeing #1year1outfit
ecodyeing - solardyeing - 1year1outfit -
thisismoonlight : @the_stitcher_and_gatherer I'll keep that I mind, I cannot think of any local source but you never know!
funkbunny : i understand that linen is hard to dye as it is not a protein fiber, but the silk should go well!
thisismoonlight : Yeah, I'm playing with mordants for the linen! @funkbunny I'm hanging out for some wool next week!
ute_ig : I think I have finally found some German made linen! 💪 So this is in my near future!
thisismoonlight : @ute_ig ooh, linen, so many options!!
margariteandrosa : That looks very interesting @thisismoonlight!! Also would you mind to pass my message to Kath? My little girl is a bit off and we have to stay at home today. We had all planned to go an visit her. I PM this morning but I'm not sure if she had a chance to check the message
margariteandrosa : Thank you so much. Such a shame. It was my birthday present.
thisismoonlight : @margariteandrosa I'm sure she will be happy to reschedule. happy birthday! I hope you get lots of snuggle time at least.
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Rotterdam - #dipdye #ecodyeing #textielfabrique #naturaldye #natuurlijkverven #blackandblue
ecodyeing - textielfabrique - blackandblue - naturaldye - natuurlijkverven - dipdye -
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Rotterdam #textielfabrique #ecodyeing #ecodye #blue #shibori #dipdye #indigo #indigodye
ecodyeing - blue - indigo - ecodye - textielfabrique - indigodye - dipdye - shibori -
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Amazing naturally dyed fabrics during our Eco-Dyeing workshop last weekend!
ecodyeing - naturaldyes - handmade - ecofriendly - madeincolorado - trendy - northerncolorado - jukeboxquilts -
jukeboxquilts : #naturaldyes #ecodyeing #jukeboxquilts #ecofriendly #madeincolorado #handmade #trendy #northerncolorado
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Leaves, berries, twig and bark made for some beautiful colors at our Eco-Dyeing workshop last weekend.
ecodyeing - workshop - jukeboxquilts - sewingclasses - handmade - fortcollinscolorado - northerncolorado -
jukeboxquilts : #ecodyeing #workshop #handmade #fortcollinscolorado #northerncolorado #jukeboxquilts #sewingclasses
sininho_bela -
#InstaSize #handdyed #handmade #solardye #solardyeing #ecodye #ecodyeing #handdyeing #ecology #yellow #tinture #wool #experience #2weeks #color #perfect #nature #naturaldye #flower
ecodye - ecology - nature - color - yellow - flower - perfect - 2weeks - ecodyeing - handdyeing - solardye - solardyeing - handmade - experience - instasize - tinture - naturaldye - handdyed - wool -
combedthunder - sara.araujo1 - diamondquiltmakers - karaannemcmullen -
A box with a interesting future #textiles #eco
eco - ecodyeing - textiles - monamuseum -
geckostrands : #ecodyeing
geckostrands : #monamuseum
staugustine_photography - velotaxirus - greenartnetwork - chick.jamie2014 -
DyeHaus dye-kitchen table set for 21 March 'Natural Dyeing' workshop using local and kitchen plant material. One lucky last person can join us on an exciting day, foraging, cooking, dipping, and dyeing, printing and bundling, all in the serene surroundings of the Blue Mountains (Friends travelling together ok for 2 spots). Lunch and fabrics provided. Sit back, take a deep breath, unwind and be creative in the company ollf friends. A DyeHaus workshop is a unique experience! Find out for yourself but don't wait. #naturaldye #ecoprint #ecodyeing
ecodyeing - ecoprint - naturaldye -
plumdrops : Would definitely be interested @dyehaus, how do I sign up? My email is
dyehaus : @plumdrops go onto my website under bookings, would love to see you!
plumdrops : Replied to your email lastnight @dyehaus :)
rivvahseven - epicureanharvest - charlotte_leedham - a_leafe -
Blueberries mixed with 1/4 strawberries on cotton💜 #shibori #ecodyeing #naturaldyeing #purpledye
ecodyeing - naturaldyeing - purpledye - shibori -
shawshawbell : I need to learn how to do this
fashionelby : Try beets and blueberries on silk 👌
aaandi : @shawshawbell super easy! Just look up eco dying on freepeople.
brittanyryan09 : Make me one 😉
adelaidejaane : You're hooked! Looks cool though
hannapark_xo - tamsassy - sarahkmatthews - brittanyryan09 -
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