Eco dyed silk results from today's experiment session with @bekindtextiles. The top piece was wrapped with pomegranate and mandarin skins. The bottom was wrapped with variety of leaves collected this morning. #silk#ecodyeing #plants #plantdyeing #leaves #handmade #pomegranate #mandarin #skins
ecodyeing - plants - leaves - handmade - skins - mandarin - silk - pomegranate - plantdyeing -
meghan_solo : so lovely
gayeabandon - stephjaney_ - lyndapoladesign - meghan_solo -
Eco dyed silk. A variety of eucalyptus leaves and onion skins were used. This was after an hour or so on the steamer, leaving it for longer would have produced a more prominent print. #ecodyeing #dye #fabricdesign #plants #plantdyeing #onionskin #eucalyptus #printing #silk #handmade
ecodyeing - plants - eucalyptus - handmade - fabricdesign - printing - onionskin - dye - silk - plantdyeing -
stylewilderness : @georgmcc
tigstogs : @ladydan
gayeabandon : Beautiful!
jewelandlotus : Very cool!
printcopy : love it!
funkbunny : did you wrap it round anything?
handmakersfactory : We wrapped them around a large dowel then removed it once it was tied with string @funkbunny
funkbunny : thanks! it looks really pretty
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Lock Shawl and Eco Printed Silk Scarf. #ecodyeing#eucalyptus#wool#silk#felt #heartfeltsilks#palmwashboard
ecodyeing - eucalyptus - palmwashboard - felt - wool - silk - heartfeltsilks -
almirakrechet - grammieknitterbug - kikifirth - jane_anne_cohen -
Playing in the studio with @bekindtextiles today trying out some Eco dyeing. #dye #nature #plants #ecodyeing #plantdyeing #studio
plants - ecodyeing - studio - nature - dye - plantdyeing -
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Sun light printing. So delicate process. Magic! #ecodyeing
ecodyeing -
kraffczykova -
Talleres con Irit en Uruguay #ecodyeing #slowdyeing #sustainabledye #sustainableart #hechoamano #handmade
ecodyeing - sustainabledye - sustainableart - hechoamano - handmade - slowdyeing -
suzanadouradovidro - mundolanar - vitoriadideus - kabanovasilk -
#naturaldye silk scarves 🌿 природа идет всем, главное выбрать нужный оттенок)
handdye - natureart - indigo - ecodye - naturalcolor - spring - ecoprint - madeinrussia - natureismagic - plantdye - madeinmoscow - shibori - textileart - livemaster - silk - buyfolk - color - ecodyeing - vsco - organic - artinflat - livefolk - madder - handmademif - naturaldye - scarf -
artinflat_ecoscarves : #naturalcolor #natureismagic #natureart #ecodye #ecoprint #ecodyeing #plantdye #madder #indigo #shibori #spring #silk #scarf #handdye #buyfolk #livemaster #livefolk #textileart #artinflat #color #vsco #madeinrussia #organic #madeinmoscow
artinflat_ecoscarves : #handmademif @mifbooks @seasons_project
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Freshly picked #marigolds from the garden this morning. I am making up a dye jar with these lovelies ♡ #naturaldye #naturaldyeing #ecodye #ecodyeing #organicdye #botanicaldye #botanicaldyeing #flowerdyeing #sustainability #ecoart
ecodyeing - ecodye - marigolds - ecoart - flowerdyeing - botanicaldye - sustainability - botanicaldyeing - naturaldye - naturaldyeing - organicdye -
helenkassila : didn't realise marigolds released colour! what are the ingrediants/the recipe for dyeing with flowers - or is that your secret Nina?
creativelifestyle : @helenkassila The marigolds make a lovely bright lemon colour (see yellow scarf l dyed on the far right of the photo). The flowers are edible too! I made my last batch by pulling the flowers apart and heating them up on the stove in water until almost boiling. Turned the heat down and let them simmer for about 10mins. Strained off and poured the water off into a jar. I wanted to dye a fine cotton material so it had to be prepared with an alum mordant solution to help the dye to stick to the fabric. If you have silk or wool (being animal protein) it may not need a mordant. I kept the scarf in the solution for about 24hrs and then hung it out to dry. You can continue to use the dye solution if there's still colour in it. If you want a lighter colour, just leave yr fabric in the dye for less time. Heating it up will speed up the process. It's all experimental! Give it a go Helen. It's do much fun and there's lots of info online to help guide you along. I still have my L plates on :)
creativelifestyle : I have run out of gas at home this morning so l actually boiled the kettle and poured the water into a jar with the flower petals. I will leave it to brew overnight :)
creativelifestyle : *correction to my first comment - l kept the batch on the stove for just under an hour, not 10 mins :p
helenkassila : thanks for making the effort to share these flower dyeing instructions with me Nina. Recently I had a white linen shirt drying on the line and now it has a few random yellow markings on it, which I think came from a yellow flowering tree near my washing line so I can see that yellow flowers can stain! Might have to go with it and brew a batch some time... tah hun x
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Red cabbage solar dyeing sure is pretty! I hear the colour washes out quickly and doesnt last but i had a cabbage, i had a jar....#naturaldye #ecodyeing #solardyeing
ecodyeing - solardyeing - naturaldye -
artworkerprojects : Such a lovely shade!
funkbunny : lovely color x
newmodellame : Beautiful
handmadebycarolyn : So pretty!
lauralovespugs : This colour I love! I'm off to my textile making course today. One year one outfit is on its way xxx
hey_mama_wolf : Usually it fades to grey, but a pretty one. Try a bath of ammonia as modifier, you'll get a greyish turqoise.
thisismoonlight : @hey_mama_wolf thanks Jule! I did put a little vinegar in there so we shall see 😮
thisismoonlight : @lauralovespugs wahoo! Have a great time!
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My bark-dyed cloth @atasdaqld #atasdaqld
ecodyeing - dyeing - textile - diy - shibori - atasdaqld - creative -
edwardandlilly : #ecodyeing #dyeing #shibori #diy #creative #textile
sidestreetvintage : 💛💛💛
bottletreedesign - littleconcretejungle - familyperrine - irispractice -
#sewing #labels into #handdyed #clothing on a #beautiful #sunnyday #sunny #embroidered #florals #indigodyeing #naturaldye #naturaldyes #botanicaldyes #botanicaldye #botanicaldyeing #bluegreen #clothes #ecoclothes #ecodye #ecodyeing #naturescolors #naturescolours #fabric #textile #festivalclothing #bohochild #bohochild
beautiful - ecodye - sewing - naturaldyes - naturescolors - labels - sunny - embroidered - botanicaldye - botanicaldyeing - ecoclothes - clothing - sunnyday - ecodyeing - festivalclothing - fabric - bohochild - naturescolours - indigodyeing - florals - textile - bluegreen - naturaldye - botanicaldyes - handdyed - clothes -
coyotehco : Purrrrrdy 😻
pagumi3 : It is nice embroidery❤︎
ethicallifestore : Thank you @coyotehco and @pagumi3 😊
twistnative - yae_mori - vintagecustoman - enishido -
Dyeing with berries looks like watercolor 🎨 Мои черничные ночи... Краски нынче дорогие стали, поэтому платки буду красить ягодами 😜
natureart - kinfolk - ecodye - naturalcolor - ecoprint - watercolor - plantdye - livemaster - silk - color - ecodyeing - natureismagic - organic - artinflat - livefolk - dyeing - process - workshop - naturaldye - berries - scarf - clothes -
artinflat_ecoscarves : #ecodyeing #dyeing #process #artinflat #workshop #livefolk #livemaster #scarf #berries #color #clothes #naturalcolor #natureismagic #naturaldye #natureart #watercolor #ecoprint #ecodye #silk #organic #plantdye #kinfolk
enigmary : Катерина, вот этот просто великолепен!
___________t____________ : 👍
setulik89 : Нямка!а как ты цвет продливать будешь?
artinflat_ecoscarves : @setulik89 ооо, там целая технология окраски ягодами! время и еще один секретный компонент) цвет будет стойким
setulik89 : Клева!
jomapega - daytripperphotos - makee_flowers - es_ryazanova -
@lucymothersdale modelling some experimental textile/fashion samples-nature vs. manmade 🌿 #ecodyeing #plastics #glue #smocking #stitch #embroidary #felting #trappings
ecodyeing - plastics - stitch - felting - smocking - embroidary - glue - trappings -
jaderebkirk : these are amazing!!
emilystatham1 : Aw thank you @jaderebkirk ☺️
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Merino Jersey Knit Eco Prints. #ecodyeing#eucalyptus#eco#leaves#wool #heartfeltsilks#FiberArtNow
ecodyeing - eucalyptus - fiberartnow - leaves - wool - eco - heartfeltsilks -
madfelter : Strong prints love it
melissabel2010 : got mine!
yvonneroedemabigpondcom : Lovely
underthecanopy : Love it!
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Beautiful #ecodyeing results from our member's day
ecodyeing -
tinsimink - jaijaioh - bravojulietdesigns - jocelynsimaginarium -
Beautiful hand-dyed scarf from our member's day showcase on the weekend #atasdaqld
dyeing - ecodyeing - textileart - textiles - eucalypt - atasdaqld -
atasdaqld : #eucalypt #dyeing #textiles #textileart #ecodyeing
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Yarn soaked in red cabbage (purple) at right ... dipped into hot tap water with a teaspoon of bicarb for 10 seconds (blue). @petalplum @peregrinationz Mwahahahaaaaaa... (that's my mad scientist laugh) #naturaldye #naturaldyeing #ecodye #ecodyeing #organic #organicdye
ecodyeing - ecodye - organic - naturaldye - elliebeckworkshop - naturaldyeing - organicdye -
peregrinationz : 🙊 so cool @creativelifestyle!!
creativelifestyle : #elliebeckworkshop
efratedi - artcat5 - lindyelf - youngingeroot -
Woah! Yarn that's been soaking in madder on the right then dipped into a jar of hot tap water with a teaspoon of bi-carb for about 10 seconds! @peregrinationz Thanks for the hot tip! I'm going to leave it in for a bit and see what happens .. l feel like l should be wearing my mad professor's coat while l'm doing this stuff, lol :) #naturaldyeing #dyeing #ecodyeing #alchemy #madprofessor #alchemist
ecodyeing - dyeing - alchemy - madprofessor - elliebeckworkshop - alchemist - naturaldyeing -
creativelifestyle : Bi-carb water is on the left ...
peregrinationz : Awesome @creativelifestyle! Totally alchemy, the biochemist in me (from another lifetime) is crowing a bit 😂 you could try it with other things too - I think by rights it should shift the cabbage towards blue rather than purple, but I could be wrong about that! ☺️
peregrinationz : 😄 feeling the excitement @petalplum xxx
creativelifestyle : Ooooo ok look out cabbage, you're next...
creativelifestyle : #elliebeckworkshop
lawofattractionspecialist - youngingeroot - lindyelf - kabanovasilk -
This kind of surreal looking thing is a locally grown pomegranate. Doesn't look anything like its showy city cousin, but in its defence, it is amazing that it grows in the Blue Mountains at all! And the husks dye as well. #Naturaldye #ecodyeing #handdyed #bluemountains #pomegranate #locallygrown
ecodyeing - locallygrown - handdyed - bluemountains - pomegranate - naturaldye -
alixkeller1 : @erinlovellv have u seen these. Nom nom nom. Hope u r ok xx
erinlovellv : Yes @alixkeller1 !!! Aren't they amazing. Thankyou honey. Rough week x
andeol_textiles : 💜💜💜💜💜
creativelifestyle - bluemountainsaustralia - anjukhusul1 - mt_irvine_produce -
Treasures from yesterday's dye pot #ecodyeing #atasdaqld
ecodyeing - dyeing - textiles - diy - atasdaqld -
atasdaqld : #dyeing #diy #textiles
tinsimink - myauntyanna -
Eucalyptus #dyeing #ecodyeing #atasdaqld
dyeing - ecodyeing - atasdaqld -
tinsimink - heikeherrling - myauntyanna - martynuku -
#ecodyeing res cabbage and red onion play. #wildcolors #vegan #eco #nowaste #craft #trend
ecodyeing - trend - wildcolors - craft - nowaste - eco - vegan -
emmiiccaa : Cool!!!! 👍👍
joanna_szachowska : @emmiiccaa 😄😍
emmiiccaa : How you do that? 😊
joanna_szachowska : @emmiiccaa try to experiment with veggie juices, unfortunatelly colors do not stay on textiles.
veggiecraze - sarahluvsjoy - urban_raven - kabanovasilk -
Eco dyeing with bark today at @atasdaqld members social day #atasdaqld
ecodyeing - dyeing - textile - atasdaqld -
flowersgobang : Cool!!
peregrinationz : Ooh, lots of dyeing happenings in Brisvegas today!! 😊
edwardandlilly : @peregrinationz I know, just realised there was more happening!! How great 👏
tinsimink : Wow is that a special type of bark? Or just eucalypt bark? @edwardandlilly
edwardandlilly : @tinsimink I'm not sure, one of the ladies brought it along, it's not eucalypt, much darker.
tinsimink : It has got me researching natural dyes now! @edwardandlilly
edwardandlilly : #ecodyeing #dyeing #textile
yolandaimpacto - jemthorsan_thorogami - flamingstitch - indigoandamber -
Real work. Rust. Collage. Marks. Unknown. Flow. Art is bless. #art #collage #rust #ecodyeing
collage - ecodyeing - art - rust -
madeleineevew - majormanicart - kabanovasilk -
Layering the #naturaldye on my ginger jeans bamboo twill. Peppermint tree, bottle brush, wattle and pomegranate so far. More dipping today! #gingerjeans #ecodyeing
ecodyeing - gingerjeans - naturaldye -
funkbunny : love!
ute_ig : I love this!!!! Those will be the best gingers ever!
thisismoonlight : @suestoney so curious about your bracken!
thisismoonlight : @giddyupgirlmt @funkbunny @ute_ig here's hoping I get my sewjo back soon to make em!
paprikapatterns : Whoah these will be epic!
thisismoonlight : @paprikapatterns here's hoping!
suestoney : @thisismoonlight Bracken experiment is interesting. Purple! Will put up when I get a better internet connection.
thisismoonlight : @suestoney that's unexpected! And exciting!
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I love my new humungous dye pot! #ecodyeing #eucalyptus
ecodyeing - eucalyptus -
laoise_caitlin - jessierosestojanovska - tilymccarthy - cooking4kat -
Large fern leaves used for eco dyeing - leave a lovely green colour #art #botanical #creative #dyeing #ecodyeing #felt #ferns #handmade #natural #rustic
ecodyeing - rustic - art - felt - handmade - creative - dyeing - ferns - natural - botanical -
f_boccanegra : Nice!!
s.f.1361 - diana_ulanova - annabelle_valadez - kabanovasilk -
Unwrapping the eco dyeing - ferns 😄 #ferns #ecodyeing #dyeing #felt #handmade #art #botanical #creative #leaves
ecodyeing - art - leaves - felt - handmade - creative - dyeing - ferns - botanical -
mary21_ill_make_you_rich - alicecoulson - lenita.pepa - treandelmazgallery -
Experiments with eco dyeing prefelt - rose leaves and red onion boiled in vinegar solution! #ecodyeing #felt #dyeing #botanical #creative #leaves #handmade #art #natural #rustic
ecodyeing - rustic - art - leaves - felt - handmade - creative - dyeing - natural - botanical -
studiomistry - alicecoulson - robbie78red - kabanovasilk -
Blog post on having trouble making decisions on the dye front! Here's my choices, where would you start? #1year1outfit #ecodyeing #solardyeing #naturaldyeing #fibreshed #fibershed
ecodyeing - fibershed - fibreshed - solardyeing - naturaldyeing - 1year1outfit -
thisismoonlight : @daisycreatesinsussex or print this picture on fabric :) I like your thinking!
susanreesosborne : Just left my not terribly helpful comment on the blog. I'm barracking for the bottlebrush.
xmyfx : I would choose whatever you have the most of that produces the color you like best ☺️👍
thisismoonlight : @susanreesosborne thanks Suse! Will see how much I can scrounge! Have you ever used wattle? It's the last one on my list to test out.
thisismoonlight : @xmyfx thanks Myf, I think I'm getting there today after testing a few more samples!
margariteandrosa : Such a good question! A nice way to put the eternal dilemma for the dyer, what to use and how. But I am not sure if I could point at one plant, as I think you will need to try them all: plants could give different results depending on the stage of growth they are. So if we are now in Autumn, well, they might yield a different tone. Also, the fibre you are now using is different, so they might dye differently. I also found that in larger amounts the colours are different, usually lighter of course. And finally, well you can also resource at drying the flowers, or freezing them, which, will again, change the equation. 😐 Not much help really...
susanreesosborne : I've not tried wattle but I'll be interested to see your experiment because come July, my outer suburban bushy hippy suburb absolutely explodes with yellow wattle. We even have a wattle festival!
thisismoonlight : @margariteandrosa thanks Raquel, this totally confirms my thinking, so I'm glad for your thoughts. I have started trialing the dyes on small scraps and already it is helping me make sense of it all. :-)
toncia68 - kathborup - bloglessanna - kabanovasilk -
Spent foliage from an eco-dyed bundle. #ecodyeing #ecoprint #naturaldye #TAFTA
ecodyeing - tafta - ecoprint - naturaldye -
ninja.chickens : Very COOL!
dyehaus_workshops : Thank you @ninja.chickens , the leaves are too nice to discard.
seaneenkelly - jkcalladine - adele_rae - mt_irvine_produce -
Humongous eco-print sandwich comprising layers of wool blanket, paper, fabric and of course foliage. All this is wrapped around an iron pin and boiled with more leaves. Magic.Workshop at TAFTA #ecoprint #ecodyeing #naturaldye #TAFTA
ecodyeing - tafta - ecoprint - naturaldye -
jkcalladine - adele_rae - mt_irvine_produce - kabanovasilk -
#ecodyeing ...
ecodyeing -
kotashley - livestrong007 - kimchiikimchii - zozykn -
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