Thank you to all of my new followers and to everyone for your support! I wanted to do an "About Me" because I realized I haven't shared much about myself lately and I just celebrated my 2 year Anniversary since going Paleo! I started with the GAPS diet Sept. 2012 to heal from IBS, Colitis, Candida, Lyme Disease and EBV. I was very thin and malnourished. I had battled chronic health issues for over a decade and was ready to just throw in the towel! I was tired of going from doctor to doctor and especially tired of being sick and tired!!! For those of you who I haven't introduced myself to, my name is Meg. I live in scenic Northern California and I'm 36 years old. This photo was taken for July 4th by my good friend @natashagildea who I was lucky enough to meet here on Instagram last spring. We ran into each other last summer in Old Navy lol and kept in touch via text and finally started hanging out and being big Paleo loving nerds together. I have met so many wonderful women on Instagram- it's incredible! I don't know how I would have gotten through my darkest hours without all of the encouragement to push through and just keep going! My mission has always been to support and encourage others in a loving way to just keep going as others have for me. Today I am SO much healthier and my sick days are much fewer and further between and less intense. I still have some adrenal fatigue but after all I've experienced over the years I would say that using real food as medicine has been the greatest tool! Many blessings to you all on your own healing journey xoxo Meg
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natashagildea : @paleopiggy hahaha!! Yes!!! Lol
letsbeatthewheat : ❤️
sea_bond : You are NOT 36!!
loveorganic : Awesome post!
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larimhd : @mslarimore @nancylarimore
rubiesandradishes : So awesome! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us! 💜
traceymotz : I love to read success stories of self discipline & healing with food! Keep it up! You are blessed to live where you are.
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#maxhygge #roskilde #Ebv #musen #love #JensensBøfhus #Lækkermad ❤️❤️
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Baby chameleon.
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sixzilla : #chameleon #herpetology #ebv #vivarium #baby #lizard #reptile
mikesmenagerie : Awesome :)
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#100happydays #day29 Banned books display at #ebv. Read a banned book!
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cereal_killer88 : dope pic! come check my IG out
marier05 : Dir steht eh alles😍😊 @invisiblefailures
tears_of_fallen_angel : Wow:o*o*
invisiblefailures : Ach quatsch :o aber danke :) @marier05 Danke :) @tears_of_fallen_angel
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This is exactly to a T. Everyone says eat your vegetables, exercise, and get enough sleep. It's not all that easy. I could sleep a whole lifetime and STILL be tired. When I get a simple cold I either run the risk of either the cold lasting a couple of weeks or end up with something worse like pneumonia. I get a small UTI which is so "easily" cured with antibiotics right? Yes, but also the planning of my other medications, and meals, because I'm allergic to almost every antibiotic out there and the ones I use have such horrible restrictions. My feet and ankles swell and I drink a gallon of water a day. I wake up so sick to my stomach I can't function some days or a migrane that debilitates me to the point all I can do is lay there. Or Xing off the calendar how many days it's been since you have been to the doctor. The heart palpitations. Having to tell loved ones no because you are too sick or tired to function. Having people tell you that you're lying or making excuses. It's just the tip of the iceberg. At the end of the day I don't even explain myself, because I am either "whining" or I don't want to burden the people around me. I work like everyone else, go to school and socialize like everyone else. Everytime I someone asks how are you today? I always lie and say I'm fine. Because telling the truth would only bring the mood down. I always smiling and am grateful for even having my life! Just remember the next time you wake up in the morning be thankful you are breathing and moving!
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#tbt last day of crafting for vbs in Mexico!! This team was amazing all week long. I learned so much from all of them and together we were a blessing to our brothers and sisters. My excitement levels are already rising thinking about next year!!! 😁😁 #mexico #familia #vive #ama #sirve #EBV
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alli_lindy : Hope you're doing good and enjoying your school year!!!!
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Today we had our #RainbowLab so much fun and being able to see the faces of my kids when they made the colors!!! #Priceless #EBV #EBVFamily #SoMuchFun
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alexandrastagg : tas trabajando en EBV??
lindz_gonzalez : Si @alexandrastagg estoy trabajando en EBV 😊
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Proverbios 22:6 NVI Instruye al niño en el camino correcto, y aun en su vejez no lo abandonará.
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#ebv #iglesia #vacaciones#bautista
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Saliendo en los camiones de los bomberos de Miranda
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Escuela biblica de vacaciones 2014
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bissel was machen - irgendwie grade auf nen sw trip rauschen im bild fetzt #video#sw#photoshop#geileshandyvidz#bahn#wagon#ebv#lautergruppeninccundichhabkeinplan#mucke#hxcww#hxc
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Getting our paint on🎨happy bday to my amazing mother in law! #paintingwithatwist #EBV
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glittled : Those look so good!
chamberlainl : Yes she is amazing. Looks like so much fun
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#Repost from @alfredoperezbalza with @repostapp — #halouver #ebv #ebvalumni #ebv04 @michaelberkley @mikefajardo9 #habano #beerman con mi bella @titagalan_ te amo!
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vechemaly : Amo a este trio! Friends for life! Miss you all!!! 💖
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Escuela biblica de verano! Had so much fun and everyone learned more about the gospel! #ebv #2014
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yia_777 : #yia #oneoftheprojectswedid
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#halouver #ebv #ebvalumni #ebv04 @michaelberkley @mikefajardo9 #habano #beerman con mi bella @titagalan_ te amo!
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gabrielagarcia89 : Mira al Mike @mikefajardo9 😱😱😱
c_h_e_w_i_e : La perdicion... Jajaja
loloplumacher9 : A lo bien
titagalan_ : Te amo too!
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T-shirt of the day FSOL "Dead Cities" #1996 #fsol "futuresoundoflondon
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exxiii : That album is in my list of influential releases for sure. That came out when I first started working on music.
segoobval : Que buena
miamigospooky : Discazo!
acamonchi : #ebv #fsol #ambient #electronica #experimental #astralwerks
nuplastic : Everyone in the world is doing something without me.
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#mindcrime #ebv #T1M3X
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It's been a headache kind of day... #ebv some days are better than others #sickgirlproblems
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enmaestre92 : Hey chicas, las extraño! Que bonito momento jeje :) un beso, las quiero! @anaisriberaesteves @rosaniloiv
rosaniloiv : Enma! Espero verte pronto, lo mejor siempre para ti y que sigan los éxitos, un abrazo! @enmaestre92 :*
anaisriberaesteves : Ay Enma ♡, muchos besos y abrazos! @enmaestre92
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Mi puerta favorita
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littlepozo : @pozomusic
alfredoperezbalza : Mrpozoooo ,
alfredoperezbalza : @kiquefm
danielamilli1 : Awww good times!
pozomusic : Mine too...for 16 years only!!! Moyeja puejem!! Besos a todos mis ex-alumnos (daughter included, hahaha)
pozomusic : Gracias you too..
kiquefm : Youre the best @pozomusic miss you man
pozomusic : Me too
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#EscuelaBiblicaDeVacaciones #EBV
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#EscuelaBiblicaDeVacaciones #EBV
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juanito327 : Asi me gusta @laura.sanchezcasado del madrid :)
laura.sanchezcasado : Jajajaja claro el mejor equipo del mundo @juanito327
juanito327 : Ojla ganemos el finde para molestar a frank jejeje @laura.sanchezcasado claro que es el mejor equipo del mundo
laura.sanchezcasado : @juanito327 jajaja es qur mola picar a frank
juanito327 : Jajajaja me gusta cuando se pica, si ganamos picale por mi AJAJAJA :)
juanito327 : @laura.sanchezcasado
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#ad #photo @elizavetaporodina_official #makeup @heikopalach using @chanelcosmetics #headpiece @heikopalach #styling @susannemarx #model #helenab @placemodels #setdesign @beatriceschuell #power #energie #beauty #future @pictureoftheday @instagood #all_shoot #look #mirror #ebv
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lumua_es : @heikopalach it's amazing! I wonder how are done the clothes 😯
arkhoy : @mr_hendra
heikopalach : @susannemarx did the top in origami whit silver mirror folie
rivimadison : Perfection
danielazippan : FantasticLook and great teamwork :-)
chai_sphere : Fabulous!👏👏😊
yokemara : 💎 great work, love the concept 💎
heikopalach : Thanks
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#EspaciosVerdes #EspacioArtistico #EBV#ReciclandoReduciendoReutilizando
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emi_patri : Que bello nuestro escuadron jejeje
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Let's try this again ok?? So over it #ebv sucks #levaquin please
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Congratulations to our double champions Elise and Corinne on winning the Santa Cruz Open and the AAA in Long Beach all in one weekend! We are proud of you🏆 #ebv #winning #hardworkers #champs
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#Prevencion&Orden #EBV #MachachosTrabajadores
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#EBV #Prevencion&Orden
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