Ben gets annoyed with Abi controlling him and later shares a kiss with newcomer Paul ..... Will Abi find out about the kiss? #AbiBranning #BenMitchell #PaulCoker #BBCone #EastEnders
benmitchell - paulcoker - eastenders - abibranning - bbcone -
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Tonight: Kim sees Vincent with Donna, and assumes they are on a date.. Vincent then carries Kim out of the pub, causing Kim to go home telling Denise and Shirley she will call the police on him for assault. When Vincent later comes round with flowers, he gets arrested! Kim insists she didn't call them.. But if she didn't, who did? #Eastenders #KimFox #VincentHubbard #RichardBlackwood #TamekaEmpson
richardblackwood - kimfox - eastenders - vincenthubbard - tamekaempson -
siwanmai_ : @chiara49
xxgirlygirl4life_libbyxx : Omg!
alishiahendryx : @elleyse95xo
keeley__spenny : Phill or Ronnie.
jalalfatima96 : @x.maryamj
kheris_vaughns_ : Ronnie or Phil
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{^^see her? that's my girl❀} -its a big week for the Mitchells this week &an even bigger week for Sharon next week... will she finally meet daddy? #EastEnders #SharonWatts #SharonMitchell #BigWeekForSharon #BigWeekForTheMitchells #MyGirl #HerThough #Favourite #Love #Beautiful #LetitiaDean #2003FlashBack
beautiful - love - sharonmitchell - favourite - bigweekforthemitchells - letitiadean - eastenders - mygirl - 2003flashback - bigweekforsharon - sharonwatts - herthough -
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Just seen an advert on tv for #WillYoung new album and can't get over how much he looks like #DeanWicks from #eastenders πŸ™ˆ #twins #lookalike
deanwicks - twins - eastenders - willyoung - lookalike -
Tonight : Stacey offers Martin moves in as just friends ! But Martin wants more from Stacey, but does she feel the same ?πŸ‘Έ #eastenders #bbcone @bbceastenders
bbcone - eastenders -
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Tonight: Masood demands the truth from Shabnam about her baby! Will she tell him the truth? #Eastenders #ShabnamMasood #MasoodAhmed #NitinGanatra #RakheeThakrar
shabnammasood - nitinganatra - masoodahmed - eastenders - rakheethakrar -
_anmol._ : She does its on the summer preview
_anmol._ : @eastenders.spoilers
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Tonight : Stacey offers Martin moves in with her as just friends ! Martin wants more from Stacey, but does Stacey feel the same ?πŸ‘Έ #eastenders #bbcone @bbceastenders
bbcone - eastenders -
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Tonight: Stacey offers Martin moves in with her, as friends! He wants more from Stacey, but does she feel the same? #Eastenders #StaceySlater #MartinFowler #LaceyTurner #JamesBye
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Big Mo! #eastenders #bigmo #southender #celebrityspotoftheday
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sorry for my lack of posting but as you are all probably aware there is a hacker going round. I just wanted to let u all know that if anything happens to my account, I will change my Danny dyer page to a spoiler page instead so I guess you could call it my backup page. make sure to follow it @dannydyer.fans #eastenders
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What's next for Kush, Shabnam and Stacey? #EastEnders #KushKazemi #ShabnamMasood #StaceyBranning #BBCOne @bbceastenders
shabnammasood - kushkazemi - bbcone - eastenders - staceybranning -
charlieoconnor14 : I like Stacey and Kush😻
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Someone kindly pointed out that I don't use this account which is true so I'll be using this account for giving away shoutouts and such for #Eastenders related accounts. #HettiBywater
hettibywater - eastenders -
_.eastenders : DM me x
iiellie_ : That would be good, but if you run out of EE accounts to shoutout what are you going to do next ? Good luck with the shout outs though!
iiellie_ : But you probably wont run out, there are many EE accounts on IG!
eastenders.obsessed : I pointed that out, sorry πŸ˜‚πŸ’—
not_so_shy_online : Please can I have your account πŸ’œπŸ˜­
eastenders : lol it's fine πŸ’•@eastenders.obsessed
eastenders : I know there's loads & I'll think about what to do in the mean time 😜 @iiellie_
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Tomorrow: Kush's mum Carmel arrives in Walford, but what will she make of her son's choices? #EastEnders #KushKazemi #DavoodGhadami #CarmelKazemi #BonnieLangford #BBCOne @bbceastenders
kushkazemi - bonnielangford - davoodghadami - carmelkazemi - bbcone - eastenders -
haughton_sarah : First comment
megan_raj : I love kush 😍
_caseylouu : 3rd x
1dlmhoarpsfangurl : 4
crazyftenchie : Kush is so fit
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Pretty much me when Kalfie left the squareπŸ˜“πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’– #eastenders #kalfie #gone
gone - eastenders - kalfie -
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This week: Vincent will be arrested after a heated argument with Kim where he carries her out of the Vic but she claims that he assaulted her..but was it Kim that made the call? #EastEnders #KimFox #TamekaEmpson #VincentHubbard #RichardBlackwood @bbceastenders @eastenderssfan
richardblackwood - kimfox - eastenders - tamekaempson - vincenthubbard -
fulldriversl - sweetnessm1 - insta_tweetcbr - ronelle_cingz -
#maxturner #corrie #coronationstreet #Tommymoon #eastenders #bbceastenders #itvplayer #itv #bbcone
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amy_bxox : Max
man_like_katz_ : Max
jelly_bean_alisha : Max
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Love Taylor swiftπŸ’• this song tho😍 just a few of the very few thousand screen shots I have of eastendersπŸ˜‚πŸŒŸβ­οΈπŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸŒŽπŸŸπŸ‘‘β€οΈ #eastenders #taylorswift
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fxck_molz : Could u do one of just Nancy & mick ?
xkylie52466x : Can you do Lee please.
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This has got to be the best job vacancy advert ever!!! #HouseOfCamden #albertsquare #eastenders #shoreditch #pub #landlord #pint #beer
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Morning everyone! Will not be active as much today cause im going to the cinema with my friend but I'll post screenshots of tonights episode later, have a great day!πŸ˜™ #kelliebright #lindacarter #mickcarter #dannydyer #eastenders
mickcarter - lindacarter - eastenders - kelliebright - dannydyer -
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#Eastenders #tracybarlow #Villian #corrie #coronationstreet #bbceastenders #itvcorrie #itvplayer #itv #bbcone #bbc #deanwicks
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candy_queen_lush : Dean
corrieenders : These are the results this is not a vote @candy_queen_lush
amy_bxox : Dean
jelly_bean_alisha : Dean
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#kelliebright #paulalane #eastenders #game #winners #Kylieplatt #lindacarter #corrie #coronationstreet #bbceastenders #bbcone #bbc #itv #itvplayer
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amy_bxox : Oh well
corrieenders : I'm saving you from wasting your time, these are the results you don't need to vote linda because she's already won @amy_bxox
amy_bxox : YES! it's not wasting my time I'm soooooo board
corrieenders : Why vote? Your vote isn't being counted if your bored im starting another game called Find The Emoji in about 5 mins if you want to play that @amy_bxox
amy_bxox : Ok
amy_bxox : When is it coming on
littlemixobssesion : Linda
jelly_bean_alisha : Linda
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Request edits any character of your choice! Bank holiday special If I do a edit for with your name - shoutout! Any type of edit- shoutout! #EastEnders#Bbcone
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princess_lauren_eastenders_fan : LaurenAnd I'll do u a shoutout @eastenders2000
xx_a.l.i.s.h.a_xx : Alisha and I will do u a shoutout and my edit pic of jacjossa and Ella and jacjossas niece please x
txlford.sfs : Do Johnny! 😍
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#winners #mickcarter #Davidplatt #Dannydyer #corrie #coronationstreet #itv #bbcone #eastenders #game
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candy_queen_lush : Mic
amy_bxox : Mick
abz_kerrz : Mick
jelly_bean_alisha : Mick
bryyzzz4 : Mick
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Kush and Shabnam celebrate their engagement, but more trouble seems to be looming when a conversation with Shirley makes Masood doubt whether his daughter is telling the truth about the baby. When Masood demands the truth from Shabnam, she is finally honest with him. A furious Masood then storms over to see Dean but Shabnam begs him not to say anything. As the truth comes out, tension rises between Masood and Shabnam and they exchange some harsh home truths. Later, Fatima has another bombshell for Masood - revealing that the baby was fostered rather than being adopted. Fatima then admits that she knows where Shabnam's daughter is... Meanwhile, Kim clashes with Donna when she assumes that Donna is on a date with Vincent. The row escalates when Kim takes drastic action. Vincent ends up intervening by carrying Kim back home, but this infuriates her further so she tells Denise and Shirley that she is going to the police and reporting Vincent for assault. Later, Vincent returns to make an apology to Kim but they are interrupted when the police turn up to arrest him. Kim insists that she didn't call the police, but is this the truth? Elsewhere, despite Martin's flirty behaviour, Stacey agrees to let him move into her spare room as a friend. Martin still wants more from Stacey and tells Kush that he will be marrying her within the year! #EastEnders#Bbcone#EastEndersToday
bbcone - eastenders - eastenderstoday -
txlford.sfs : Lol Stacey's face when Martin touched her leg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡
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Our vest cinchers are now in ladies Orders yours today and be training by Wednesday. Call 07507 206 329. WHOLESALE PRICES AVAILABLE
dieting - fashion - core - eastenders - vestcincher - slimming - waisttrainersuk - ukwaisttraining - coronationstreet - ukwaisttrainer - hotpink - corset - celebrityfashion - waisted - summertime - fitness - 2015 -
waisttrainingcorsetsuk : #waisttrainersuk #vestcincher #hotpink #fitness #waisted #slimming #coronationstreet #eastenders #fashion #celebrityfashion #celebrityfashion #dieting #summertime #2015 #corset #core #ukwaisttraining #ukwaisttrainer
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Cruise with these ft luke's car πŸ”₯#cruise #sunday #bestfriends #selifecentral #selfie #selfienation #weirdosunite #eastenders #likeforlike #followforfollow #followme #instalike #insta #instadaily #instagood
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Vincent tells Kim that he wants to be her husband and father to Pearl, but will she give him one last chance? #VincentHubbard #RichardBlackwood #KimFox #TamekaEmpson #EastEnders
richardblackwood - kimfox - eastenders - vincenthubbard - tamekaempson -
txlford.sfs : NOOOOO 😑😑😑😑
hannahsilman_xo : Is this tonight
xx_love_my_sis_xx - sophiestevens02 - xoxchrissiejxox - evexroberts -
Phil and Vincent continue to clash this week but who will come out on top? #PhilMitchell #SteveMcFadden #VincentHubbard #RichardBlackwood #EastEnders
richardblackwood - stevemcfadden - eastenders - vincenthubbard - philmitchell -
txlford.sfs : PHIL! PHIL! PHIL! πŸ˜‚
xx_love_my_sis_xx - abiking08 - hey.lils - evexroberts -
Kush or Max? #eastenders #bbc1 #game #instagood #likes
bbc1 - game - eastenders - likes - instagood -
jess.infinity : Kush
ox_princess_grace_xo : kush
mimiwilliams.tuef : Max cus I wanna fuck KushπŸ™ŠπŸ˜
xlucy.bealex : MIMI (it's Maya) @mimiwilliams.tuef
aimee_jayne_hp_xx : Max
stargleeson : Kush
mimiwilliams.tuef : Oh shitπŸ˜‚πŸ’˜ @xlucy.bealex
lilly_alan_gymnast_ : Max
amy_boii11 - lovingeastenders1 - stargleeson - frankiesummerhayes.teer -
What did you do? #likes #eastenders #bbc1
bbc1 - eastenders - likes -
xlucy.bealex : Kisses Lee at the vic❀️
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Based this edit on frozen as you can seeπŸ˜πŸ’• if you have never watched frozen then what the hell have you been living under a rock?! Frozen is baeπŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• like if I should do more Disney themed edits xxx #eastenders #frozen
frozen - eastenders -
xx_love_my_sis_xx - xoxchrissiejxox - leahharding2 - evexroberts -
#repost #freedotcotton #freedot #eastenders #bbc1 #television
freedot - television - bbc1 - freedotcotton - eastenders - repost -
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Despite martins flirty behaviour, Stacey agrees to let him move into her spare room as a friend. Martin still wants more from Stacey and tells Kush that he will be marrying her within the year. #eastenders #bbcone #kush #martin #staceyslater #bbc
kush - staceyslater - martin - eastenders - bbcone - bbc -
megan_handson_xoxox - rowan.emma_ - ____lucie___tribe___ - houseofcamden -
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