Tonight, Phil, Max and Karin come together to discuss their dodgy dealings and our Sharon is NOT happy. She never seems to be happy these days... -look at mrs pouty chops though😍 #EastEnders #SharonMitchell #PhilMitchell #MyGirl #Mine #HerThough #ShazbosNotHappy #PhilsDodgyDealings #PoutyChops #Love #Favourite #LetitiaDean #SteveMcFadden
poutychops - philsdodgydealings - herthough - favourite - shazbosnothappy - letitiadean - eastenders - mine - philmitchell - mygirl - stevemcfadden - love - sharonmitchell -
daisyraestent - maddison1965 - el_zorro_rojo - realshanefelton -
Liam is said to be leaving later on in the year but we dont know where too?!?!? Are you happy that he is leaving or sad we woulf love to know what you think! @bbceastenders #eastenders #eastendersfan #eastendersfan30
eastendersfan - eastenders - eastendersfan30 -
eastenders_goss - bradleybranning.tlef -
Goodbye @realjamesforde (Liam) You will be missed ! X #missyou #goodbye #eastenders #instagram #imill #likeforlike #followus #insta #bye #sad #omg
followus - omg - instagram - missyou - eastenders - imill - sad - likeforlike - goodbye - insta - bye -
prinesslove_ : Me
twiink2014 : What's happening to him?! @lovingeastenders
laureyinlove : Good good Liam And Good Luck in the future πŸ‘
twiink2014 - irene_pat_98 - sadiecee - brigidnvyhnal -
Aww☺️ his faceπŸ˜‚πŸ’• #Eastenders gotta be at school in a min x have a good day xxx
eastenders -
x_amazing_emily_hood_2015x - natasha.the.gymnast_123 - daljit_123 - jayke.son -
Tonight: Kim's fury! Kim and her baby pearl reaturns to albert square but her house overruns by the carters #eastenders #carters #kimfox
kimfox - eastenders - carters -
eastendersupdatesforyou - east_end_life_ - bradleybranning.tlef -
Goodbye Liam! Liam will be leaving eastenders some point this year!! Who will miss him??!! #Liam #eastenders #leaving
liam - eastenders - leaving -
east_end_life_ : I will miss him loads
eastendersupdatesforyou - bradleybranning.tlef - eastendersnewsforyou -
Actor James Forde has finished filming on EastEnders. Liam's final scenes will air later this year. Will you miss Liam? #EastEnders #LiamButcher #JamesForde #BBC
bbc - jamesforde - eastenders - liambutcher -
bradleybranning.tlef : Always the good actors✨
_rileywilks : no he was a bad actor really
molstie_dolstie_matey : No. @x.o.x.o_emily_x.o.x.o 😐
bradleybranning.tlef : No he wasn't,he was really good for his age @_rileywilks like the gang storyline? That was amazing, don't expect to much of him
_rileywilks : i meant to write no but a good actor @bradleybranning.tlef
rachelr151 : Yea kinda. Hes cute
evie.idk : @laura.swales
alexia.lexylou - minibeano_06 - sandra.thompson668 - x.x.ellie4evs.x.x -
ew, sixth form✊🏻 #kushkazemi #shabnammasood #eastenders
shabnammasood - kushkazemi - eastenders -
xellie_grace_17x - lottiefarnham___ - gracewoods17 - daljit_123 -
Actor James Forde has finished filming on EastEnders. Liam's final scenes will air later this year. Will you miss Liam? #EastEnders #LiamButcher #JamesForde #BBCOne @bbceastenders
jamesforde - bbcone - eastenders - liambutcher -
ellastewart2014 : Yes πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
the_lomax_crew : Ues he's hot
bradleybranning.tlef : Liam leaving? Seriously?
itz_angle : 😭😭😭😭😭
s.lane_x : Noooo!πŸ˜“
bakkernl : Yes
minibeano_06 - megan_382 - kymos123 - selfie_after_selfie_ -
Tonight dean and buster try to convince Stacey that dean is an innocent man??!! #eastenders #Stacey #Dean
dean - eastenders - stacey -
eastenders__ - eastendersupdatesforyou - bradleybranning.tlef - eastendersnewsforyou -
He's back on our screens as Albert Square's latest villain Vincent Hubbard. And comedian Richard Blackwood says the role has been a real lifeline for him after years spent trying to rebuild his career and credibility following the foolish excess of his youth. The 42-year-old star achieved fame and fortune in his early 20s, but soon found himself at rock bottom when his excessive spending sprees and flash behaviour robbed him of his home, his career and his friends. Oh my god poor Richard ! @richardblackwood @richardblackwood #poorrichard #omg #drama #instagram #ohmygod #eastenders #likeforlike #followus
ohmygod - followus - omg - instagram - eastenders - poorrichard - drama - likeforlike -
eastenders.soap - ya.lykes - xx_kizzababes03_xx - fk.its.beth.29 -
Karin Smart returns to Albert Square and warns Max that the police are on the case of the stolen cars. Max wants help from Phil but is unable to get hold of him, so instead he enlists help from Charlie, Ben and Jay to dump the cars. Later, Ritchie Scott heads back to the Square after Phil uses some unethical tactics to get her back on side. Soon afterwards, Karin reappears again and warns that the situation is more serious than she first thought as other car lots have been raided, which means Max will need to get rid of all the evidence. This leads to an embarrassing situation for Max. Once Karin has gone, Phil orders Max to sign The Arches back or he will go to the police... Meanwhile, Aunt Babe prepares a lunch to bring Mick and Shirley back together again. However, Aunt Babe's true intentions are revealed when she suggests that Mick should buy Shirley out of The Vic so the family can truly move on. Later, Babe raises a glass to her family at Blades but there's a nasty surprise when a brick comes flying through the window, reminding Dean that his crime still hasn't been forgotten. Elsewhere, Kim arrives home to the Square with baby Pearl but is unhappy to find that her house is overrun with Carters. Buster offers Denise some cash to keep her on side, but Kim angrily confronts her sister for taking them in. Also today, Stacey faces a challenging day. Not only does she receive a letter which asks her to testify at Dot's trial, she also finds herself unemployed when Dean returns to work. Finally, Kat tells Stacey that she has received another letter asking her to testify against Harry, while Alfie is disappointed when Ian refuses to let him manage the restaurant. #EastEnders#Bbcone#EastEndersToday
bbcone - eastenders - eastenderstoday -
x_amazing_emily_hood_2015x - mjohn230 - princess_sophie_c - taytay_x_357 -
Liam is set to leave Albert Square. Will you miss him? #EastEnders #LiamButcher #JamesForde #BBCOne @bbceastenders
jamesforde - bbcone - eastenders - liambutcher -
nadjia_nys_ : Yes luv him ❀️❀️😘
infinity.daniellex : YASSS
rubesfoster : Why
milly_x_x : Yes 😒😒😒
alicia.smith_ : @lucyhannahgee he's been there for years now, it'll be so weird when he's gone :(
sophielaurentaylor : Yes
lizziegraham37 : Yes. When is he going?
oranlad01 : Yes
em_6_x - elize_is_bae - ___hey__itz__alissia__xx - tumblr.hannah.xx -
Liam is set to leave Albert Square. Will you miss liam??.. #EastEnders
eastenders -
eastenders.spoilers : YesπŸ˜”πŸ˜”
lol.davina : Yass cus he is gorgeousπŸ˜‚
laurenn_kedge : No
molstie_dolstie_matey : All the good characters are leaving so older women can come in a trash the show!
beth_ritchie_x : Not really coz he wasnt popular ?!
freyaaaa_._ : I will😟πŸ˜₯
misszoha : Yeah
eeastenders_sspoilers : I'm gonna cryπŸ˜–πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜–
erin_tortoise_x - abbiequinnx - mia_walsh_1938 - misszoha -
Would you have kush or mick as your dad? #eastenders #eeasteendeers
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
xjasbettyx : Mick
carliebutler_tlef : Mick
eastenders.soap : Mick 😍
akehurst123 : Mick
jacqueline.jossa_fan : Mick πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
evie20050 : Mick
xxizzy_04_xx : Mick
daisyraestent : Mick 🌍❀️
eeasteendeers - maisysweet_xo - - eryn_shaw_xx -
Would you have Whitney or Kim as your mum? #eastenders #eeasteendeers
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
chelsea_violetx : Whitney
eeastenders_sspoilers : Kim, but I like Whitney, as well x
xjasbettyx : Whitney
carliebutler_tlef : Whitney
eastenders.soap : Whitney
abi_branning_tlef : Whitney : Whitney
evie20050 : Whitney but Kim as a sis
eeasteendeers - maisysweet_xo - - -
Would you have max or Jim as your dad? #eastenders #eeasteendeers
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
pcd11 : Non
chelsea_violetx : Max
xjasbettyx : Max
carliebutler_tlef : Max
eastenders.soap : Max
abi_branning_tlef : Max : Max
evie20050 : Max
eeasteendeers - maisysweet_xo - - eryn_shaw_xx -
urghhhh mondayssss are the worst. - {#EastEnders #IanBeale}
ianbeale - eastenders -
holllyoaks : ^?πŸ˜‚
bea.sykess : ????^^^
_.np03_ : No coz eastenders is on tonight
_.np03_ : @eastsenders
eastsenders : @cumstomp looolπŸ˜‚
cumstomp : ya'll fucked me up
infinity.daniellex : HAHA that's me
x11millie11x - minibeano_06 - ella_rocks_lol - millieirwinx -
Would you have Linda or Lola as your mum? #eastenders #eeasteendeers
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
eastenders.soap : Linda
eastenders.soap : 😍
abi_branning_tlef : Lola
jacqueline.jossa_fan : Linda : Linda
akehurst123 : Linda and lola
evie20050 : Linda
daisyraestent : Linda 🌍❀️
eeasteendeers - oxsophx - - eryn_shaw_xx -
Would you have Jay or Ben as a dad? #eeasteendeers #eastenders
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
lolapearce.tuef : Jay
chelsea_violetx : Jay
_lexh._ : Jay
pcd11 : Jay
eastenders.soap : Jay
abi_branning_tlef : Ben : Jay
evie20050 : Jay
abi_branning_tlef - oxsophx - _xhailie.jadex_ - -
Would you have Abi or Nancy as your mum? #eastenders #eeasteendeers
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
maya_ralston_789 : Abi x
_lexh._ : Both
pcd11 : Abi
eastenders.soap : Nancy
abi_branning_tlef : Nancy (I can't have myself) : Nancy
evie20050 : Nancy
daisyraestent : Nancy 🌍❀️
eeasteendeers - x___.kmw - oxsophx - -
Would you have phill or Ian as a dad? #eeasteendeers #eastenders
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
carliebutler_tlef : Phil
chelsea_violetx : Phil
_lexh._ : Phill
pcd11 : Phil
eastenders.soap : Ian
abi_branning_tlef : Phil : Ian
evie20050 : Phil
abi_branning_tlef - pcd11 - daljit_123 - _xhailie.jadex_ -
Would you have Lauren or Stacey as a mum? #eeasteendeers #eastenders
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
maya_ralston_789 : Lauren
_lexh._ : Both
pcd11 : Stacey
eastenders.soap : Stacey
abi_branning_tlef : Stacey
akehurst123 : Stacey : Lauren
evie20050 : Lauren
eeasteendeers - farell_xox - eastenders.soap - -
Would you have Charlie or Alfie as a dad? #eastenders #eeasteendeers
eeasteendeers - eastenders -
chelsea_violetx : Charlie
maya_ralston_789 : Charlie
_lexh._ : Charlie
pcd11 : Charley not Alfie after the fire
eastenders.soap : Alfie
abi_branning_tlef : Alfie : Alfie
evie20050 : Alfie
eeasteendeers - 1ddwlmc18spoilerssoap - farell_xox - paigescatt2004 -
Would you have Kat or Sharon as our mum? #eastenders
eastenders -
best_friends_life_life : Sharon
carliebutler_tlef : Kat
chelsea_violetx : Sharon
maya_ralston_789 : Sharon x
_lexh._ : Sharon
pcd11 : Kat
eastenders.soap : Sharon : Šhāròñ
eeasteendeers - 1ddwlmc18spoilerssoap - farell_xox - oxsophx -
Actor James Forde has finished filming on EastEnders. Liam's final scenes will air later this year. Will you miss Liam? #EastEnders #LiamButcher #JamesForde #BBCOne @bbceastenders
jamesforde - bbcone - eastenders - liambutcher -
seanmcn92 : @nicolewhite23
cfc_johnny : He's shit now
nicolewhite23 : I'm so sad πŸ˜₯ @seanmcn92
ishabmarie : Yes😯
babii.irene : Yesss
andrewrcrew95 : 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧 Nooooooooo Liam
adamcarr98 : @afcdaz147
afcdaz147 : @adamcarr98 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
eastendersupdatesforyou - o.ttaylor_2 - coolstar4227 - _kellie_bright_fan -
Tonight-Kim returns to Albert Square with baby Pearl but is frustrated when she finds her house overrun with Carters. #EastEnders #KimFoxHubbard #TamekaEmpson #BBCOne @bbceastenders
bbcone - eastenders - kimfoxhubbard - tamekaempson -
jessicacdavis : Vincents back
daisysummerd : Vincent's back because he visited Ronnie
kmo__21 : Lol
x.chloe_mai.x : πŸ’œ720th likeπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ
jammy_dodger_100 : 905th like
beth_everard : That was ages ago @eastenders__
idkembo : Lol ages ago
harry_don99 : Throw them all out always arguing with the same argument
xox.millie.louise.n - o.ttaylor_2 - _kellie_bright_fan - coolstar4227 -
SPOILER PICS: Tonight Dean and Buster try to convince Stacey and the rest of the Blades staff that Dean is an innocent man. Will they succeed? #EastEnders @bbceastenders
eastenders -
x_aaliyah_xox : Nope
morgan2003777 : No way
jessi_bough : No
jasscarff : You wish deano !!!
lucypaterson55 : How long can this go on they know he's not innocent 😑
x__.morgan.__xx : This is annoying he's so not innocent
misszoha : No
eastendersupdatesforyou - elliebealeofficial - xlillyxsummerx - eastenders_spoiler_2015 -
James Forde has confirmed that he has finished filming at EastEnders, Liam will leave the square later this year. Will you miss him? #EastEnders #LiamButcher #JamesForde @bbceastenders @dominictc @bbcone
jamesforde - eastenders - liambutcher -
x_emiliebear_x : Yh 😭
fatty.fabtastic_unicorn.magic : Na
kelliebrightanddannydyerfans : I willπŸ˜“πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
elliegx1_ : Yeah πŸ˜“
laurenlouise2267 : I wont
eastenderrs : @a1bert.square @steviekingxox James said on his twitter 😞🌟
hannah_knox20 : Aww what!? 😭
harry_don99 : He doesn't to nothing in eastenders
seline_warner - chrissie.jones.xx - zxhrxx_x - a1bert.square -
@bodeclubking pure madness #CattleMarket #BottlesAfterBottles #BottleService #GreyGoose #5Litre #Drunk #Morocco #ItsHappening #Omg #NockOut #Whitey #Alcohol #BlameItOnTheAlcohol #Booze #Vacation #EastEnders #London #ShutDown #GoingOff #LevelsToThisShit #555Club #Smashed #LinkUpTv
bottlesafterbottles - whitey - omg - itshappening - drunk - goingoff - booze - london - shutdown - greygoose - 555club - bottleservice - alcohol - levelstothisshit - linkuptv - morocco - nockout - eastenders - vacation - blameitonthealcohol - cattlemarket - smashed - 5litre -
farmaan94 - majid_a_k - elliscameron91 - mr__lv -
Like if you cant sleep coz your ill ! 😫😷😳 #instagram #imill #andtired #helpme #likeforlike #followus #please #eastenders #thanks
followus - instagram - helpme - please - imill - likeforlike - eastenders - andtired - thanks -
howl_jenkins_pendragon - lisa_douglas_ - eastenders.soap - eastenderss_central -
My nan is the bestπŸ˜‚ cracked up at end thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #dubsmash #eastenders #katandzoe #youaintmymother #nanny #nan #funny #fun #likeforlike #like4like #lfl #l4l #laughing
funny - nanny - like4like - nan - eastenders - katandzoe - likeforlike - laughing - lfl - fun - youaintmymother - dubsmash - l4l -
cheriexgrace - benjicavazos - coulersen - nachooosky -
This little girl makes me die!!! She told me to take a picture then used her favourite phrase for me "welcome Dannie to the Jeremy Kyle show" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she learnt how to be a midwife through kat in eastenders πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she's too much @predz22 #funny #hillarious #eastenders #jeremykyle #youvegotchickenpox #itwasme #knockknock #selfie
funny - youvegotchickenpox - hillarious - itwasme - knockknock - eastenders - jeremykyle - selfie -
predz22 : You to crack me
djbrosnan1990 : Push @predz22 breathe like this!
kcr_____ - sobiskittles - predz22 - doncarlos1290 -
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