All my life I have wanted to be a musician. Specifically, a cool R&B singer. You know the kind that gets on the stage, hits all the high notes and all the women in the crowd throw their panties onto the the stage. You know, a real teen heartthrob! Unfortunately, I am about 20 years too late for that kind of thing, lol. But all those years reading sheet music and taking vocal lessons didn't go all to waste! I took what I learned about combining melody and harmony and applied it to making delicious food and sexy photos! Even the greats make cover songs and this above recipe is no different! One day I was sitting in front of the computer editing photos, listening to the Beatles and watching Jamie Oliver on YouTube and it hit me! Strawberry Pandesal Forever! @jamieoliver had a special where he went to Sweden and he made a cross between a brioche and a cake and he smeared some wild blueberries in. It looked like a mess before baking but you know it was delicious! I did the same thing with a little pandesal dough and smashed a little jam and butter in. Then I folded the dough and smashed and repeated. That resulted in layers of jam and butter being permeated throughout the bun! I think I did both the Beatles and @jamieoliver justice! Ringo would be proud! What do you think? #food #foodporn #strawberries #strawberryjam #pandesal #sarap #delicious #filipino #vscocam #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #venturacounty #ventura #california #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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So I made some jam with the strawberries I bought the other day! And those things in the back? Well you'll have to stay tuned for that! #food #foodporn #strawberries #strawberryjam #ventura #venturacounty #california #igerscalifornia #delicious #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vscocam #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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When I go to Cali, this is the first place I go. I'm talking straight from the airport. #innout #california #classic #igerscalifornia #dwightsrecipebook
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Tired of the same old corned beef and Pandesal sandwiches? Well to be honest, I never get bored of them, lol. But I do like to spice it up a bit! I scooped out all the delicious innards of the squash I roasted up the other day and sautéed it up with garlic and a little bit of coconut oil. When it was heated through, I put it in some pandesal with corned beef and an over easy egg! Best breakfast ever! #food #foodporn #breakfast #eggs #pandesal #squash #filipino #delicious #ventura #venturacounty #california #igerscalifornia #vscocam #betterfoodforall@jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Breakfast in Ventura! Did you know it's next to impossible to get fresh pandesal out here? Well I don't mind because I never buy other people's pandesal anyways! lol! I did not have enough baking sheets so I made a couple loaves! I also made some jam with the strawberries I bought the other day! So stay tuned, I'm going to make a delicious breakfast sandwich with some corned beef and the the squash I roasted off the other day! I love California! #food #foodporn #breakfast #pandesal #sarap #delicious #filipino #vscocam #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Roasted squash for the win! #food #foodporn #squash #roastedsquash #delicious #ventura #venturacounty #california #igerscalifornia #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vscocam #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Check out this squash I bought at the Farmer's Market today! I'm not sure what kind of squash it is but with colour like that, you know it is going to be delicious! I love Ventura County! #food #foodporn #ventura #venturacounty #camarillo #farmersmarket #squash #delicious #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Hello California! I love Ventura Beach! Well it's not just the beach that makes Ventura County so sexy, it's the climate! The salty sea air here is warm and moist and when combined with the desert climate it makes for some of the best agricultural land in America! You can see from my last post that strawberries here are grown year round. Word on the street is that they get even better in February (!) when they are actually in season! That is the reason why I always come here in the winter. When it is cold and rainy in Vancouver, it's just warm enough in Ventura County! So in the next couple frames, I am going to go over what I made with some of the sexy produce I bought as well as a tour of a local doughnut shop in Camarillo that makes some ridiculously good doughnuts! Take that, Tim Hortons! And of course, no trip to California is complete without a trip or two to In N Out Burger! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #ventura #venturacounty #venturabeach #california #igerscalifornia #beach #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Hello California! Where I come from, strawberry season is short and fleeting. I literally get sad whenever strawberry season ends. But not today! I'm here in Ventura, California where strawberry season is year round! The locals here like to call these Seaspray strawberries and I simply could not pass up the chance to take some! I love Ventura County! #food #foodporn #strawberries #california #ventura #venturacounty #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vscocam #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Here's a shot of one of the purple Peruvian potatoes I grew in the garden this year! As you can see, the colour is out of control! Unfortunately, they don't stay like that after cooking. Well what can ya do? The most important part is that they are delicious! This one above went into my beef stew! In the next frame we are going to the plate! #food #foodporn #potatoes #delicious #garden #gardenlife #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Mirepoix! One of the basics of French cooking! It is a mixture of roughly cut carrots, onions and celery that is the base for almost every french sauce, soup or stew. But first, let's review what we did in the last frame where we seared the meat. One the meat was finished searing, it was taken out of the pan and put aside. What is left on the bottom of the pan is what the French like to call the "fond." This is the foundation of the sauce and is the source of the sauce's colour, depth and flavour. What the mirepoix does, in combination with a little olive oil and heat, is that it lifts the fond off the bottom of the pan and onto the vegetables. The vegetables are then left on medium to low heat to caramelize themselves. This adds more depth of flavour. If you notice above, I have added bell peppers and two big cloves of garlic. The bell peppers will also caramelize and eventually disintegrate into the sauce, leaving behind colour, sweetness and will help to thicken the sauce. I leave the skin on the garlic to keep it from burning. At this point, I add the meat and whatever juices have come out of it and cover with a nice beef stock. Put the lid on, bring it to a boil and throw it in the oven for at least 3 hours. I know this is a long process, but it's worth it! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #stew #beef #beefstew #mirepoix #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Can't have beef stew without the beef! Just like any stew that uses classic French technique, it starts wit searing the meat. Besides the stock, searing builds a base of colour and caramelized flavour on which to build your stew or sauce on. Think of it as an abstract painting. You always have to lay your foundation before you start working with your colour and composition. And that's exactly what I do! I make art that you can eat! #food #foodporn #stew #beef #beefstew #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #dwightsrecipebook
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This one is an oldie, but a goodie! Pictured above are some potatoes from my garden that I had harvested back in late September. I bought them from @artknapp and the label said they were specifically bred for making chips and french fries. I was like, "Sold! I'll take two bags!" But the funny thing is, I have been roasting them, boiling them, mashing them, basically anything except deep frying them, lol. I am just going to finish off the last batch and I'm definitely not deep frying them! They are going into a delicious, no nonsense, straight out of cooking school beef stew. Delicious! #food #foodporn #beef #beefstew #potatoes #garden #gardenlife #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Breakfast! Corned beef and an over easy egg all on fresh baked pandesal! I did it all in the same pan. I put the corned beef in first and when it was done, I left some in the pan. Then I added a touch of olive oil and got them all crispy. Then I cooked the egg on top of the crispy bits! If you look closely at the egg, you will see them embedded into the top! Best breakfast ever! #food #foodporn #breakfast #eggs #cornedbeef #pandesal #filipino #sarap #delicious ##betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vscocam #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
cornedbeef - foodporn - food - eggs - igershawaii - igerstoronto - delicious - pandesal - breakfast - toronto - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - betterfoodforall - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - sarap - instafamous - vscocam -
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Pictured is some chicken adobo that went into a batch of pandesal I made for @geliibear yesterday! I hoped she liked it! *crosses fingers* #food #foodporn #chickenadobo ##adobo #chicken #sarap #delicious #filipino #vscocam #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - adobo - igershawaii - igerstoronto - delicious - chicken - chickenadobo - toronto - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - betterfoodforall - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - sarap - instafamous - vscocam -
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Chicken wings for breakfast! Best breakfast ever! #food #foodporn #camping #campfire #breakfast #vancouverisland #frenchbeach #chickenwings #delicious #beautifulbc #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
beautifulbc - foodporn - food - frenchbeach - hawaii - igershawaii - delicious - chickenwings - breakfast - toronto - igersvancouver - camping - vancouverisland - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - campfire - vancouver - instafamous - igerstoronto -
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Peppers and onions! I chose to bring along pepper and onions because they are compact and therefore, they pack well. Also, they don't have to be refrigerated. Well the peppers do, but it is straight up cold on Vancouver Island this time of year! So let's just say that Mother Nature provided us with some refrigeration, lol. I wanted to bring along some lettuce to make a salad, but you would have to cut it, wash it and be really gentle with it. On the other hand, you can throw your onions in the back of your truck and you don't have to worry about them! You have to take a little bit of care of your peppers, but if they get a little bruised it's all good! No one will notice after you caramelized them! Speaking of carmelization, after that was done, I deglazed with some coconut water, reduced and seasoned with salt and pepper! Best breakfast ever! #food #foodporn #breakfast #onions #carmelizedonions #peppers #redpeppers #delicious #frenchbeach #vancouverisland #vscocam #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - frenchbeach - hawaii - igershawaii - carmelizedonions - igerstoronto - delicious - breakfast - onions - redpeppers - toronto - igersvancouver - vancouverisland - instagood - betterfoodforall - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - peppers - instafamous - vscocam -
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There's nothing like cooking over an open fire! Most normal people will bring some of that freeze dried, add boiling water, in a plastic bag kind of meals when camping. That's fine if you're in the back country, but French Beach is a BC Provincial Park with a busy campground. Which means they have fire pits and camping spots! So of I can help it, I'm going to eat some real food! A real landscape photographer gets up before the sun and in this case, I was awake way before that because I need to make breakfast! I picked foods that would pack easily and didn't require that much equipment to prepare. I have chicken wings on the right. The reason I picked these is because they can be cooked in a pan or in a grill and they pack easily. I also bring coconut oil with me because it is solid at cold temperatures. That means I can keep it in a small tupperware and I don't have to carry a big heavy bottle of olive oil. So after patting the wings dry with a paper towel, they went into the pan with some coconut oil and salt & pepper. Then the pan is allowed to be brought up to temperature by the fire. Remember, you don't have a dial on your fire, the heat is controlled by moving the pan around and stoking the fire. As for doneness, you will know when they are golden brown and crispy! In the next frame, we'll talk vegetables! #food #foodporn #chicken #chickenwings #camping #campfire #breakfast #vancouverisland #frenchbeach #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - frenchbeach - hawaii - igershawaii - chickenwings - chicken - breakfast - toronto - igersvancouver - vscocam - camping - vancouverisland - instagood - betterfoodforall - dwightsrecipebook - campfire - vancouver - instafamous - igerstoronto -
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When I'm not shooting weddings or in the kitchen making sexy food, I like to do a little bit of landscape photography. Well maybe more than a little bit, lol. So over the Thanksgiving long weekend, @piarro and I went to Vancouver Island. French Beach is situated along the Juan De Fuca straight along the south west tip of the Island. There is a kelp forest just off the beach and all kinds of marine mammals like to hang out in the area. Otters, sea lions, Harbour seals, orcas and Grey whales in the spring, just to name a few! There are also tons of bald eagles and black bears in the area! Luckily, we didn't see any bears, as they are quite hungry this time of year. But I went there to shoot some sexy landscapes, and more importantly, cook over an open fire! I will go over what a cool landscape photographer likes to eat while they are chillin' out on the beach! Oh and if you haven't seen @piarro 's feed yet, check it out! #frenchbeach #vancouverisland #landscapephotography #nature #dwightsrecipebook
igersvancouver - natureonly - wilderness - nature - frenchbeach - mothernature - vancouverisland - dwightsrecipebook - neature - naturelovers - survive - landscapephotography - explorebc -
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The ultimate sockeye and #pandesal burger! When I get my salmon in the summer, I make sure I get my money's worth! I get all of the fish whole and fillet them myself. Then I get a spoon and scrape the meat off the bone. Then, I mix that meat with all the trim I have leftover and chop it up with my knife. Then I add some very finely chopped sweet onion, chopped dill and enough bread crumbs to bring the mixture together. Then I shape them into patties and off to the freezer they go! I did the above burger from fresh and froze the rest. I don't put anything else into the burger. Fresh salmon and fresh pandesal. What else do you need? #food #foodporn #salmon #wildsalmon #sockeye #beautifulbc #pandesal #filipino #sarap #burger #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
beautifulbc - foodporn - food - salmon - igershawaii - burger - pandesal - toronto - igersvancouver - filipino - sockeye - wildsalmon - hawaii - instagood - betterfoodforall - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - sarap - instafamous - igerstoronto -
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The humble #pandesal! Besides the venerable #adobo, there is not another dish that has this kind of effect on the hearts and stomachs of Filipinos around the world! I kid you not, I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of the perfect pandesal. I never, ever, EVER buy pandesal from anyone. Why? Because my Mom's secret recipe is the BEST IN THE WORLD. Why go out for burgers when you got prime rib at home? If you look up the #pandesal hashtag, you will see Filipinos dipping it in instant coffee, eating it with ube ice cream or eating it with instant pancit canton. I never do that kind of stuff. The reason for that is because my Mom's recipe is the best and it deserves the best! So for the next couple frames, I'm going to make sandwiches with wild sockeye salmon in different ways! You're not going to want to miss this! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #pandesal #secretrecipe #bestintheworld #sarap #filipino #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - bestintheworld - adobo - igershawaii - pandesal - toronto - secretrecipe - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - betterfoodforall - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - sarap - instafamous - igerstoronto -
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pinayflavor : d picture I posted with d pandesal & pancit luglug twas my first time to do that LoL we usually use pancit bihon back home LoL but since there's pancit luglug yesterday I thought Id tried LoL it was good though LoL but I have another one that we use as a palaman LoLfor pandesal, ill post & tag u when I make some jehehe its my mom's specialty :P
dwightsrecipebook : #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver
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Nothing like fresh #pandesal first thing Sunday morning! And if it has sockeye and dill baked right in, even better! Best breakfast ever! #food #foodporn #salmon #wildsalmon #sockeye #beautifulbc #pandesal #breakfast #filipino #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
beautifulbc - foodporn - food - salmon - igershawaii - pandesal - breakfast - toronto - igersvancouver - filipino - sockeye - wildsalmon - hawaii - instagood - betterfoodforall - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - instafamous - igerstoronto -
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Sockeye season has been closed for some time now. *sigh* Well that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop eating it! I literally have a freezer full of sockeye! When I got them in fresh, I would clean, portion them and then freeze the portions indivually on a baking sheet. I don't do #mealprepmondays, I like to cook every day. Preparing the salmon like above literally takes the same amount of time as it does to make coffee (I only buy coffee if I have to, but that's another post, lol). I cook directly from frozen and the reason for this is when you defrost, all the moisture comes out of the fish. That's where the rubbery, frozen texture comes from. What I like to do is cook it in my #turbobroiler, which is a table top convection oven. Then I get a little frying pan and get it real hot on the stove. While I'm doing that the frozen salmon gets a coating of olive oil, fresh dill and salt & pepper. Then, I place the hot pan upside down in the #turbobroiler. The salmon gets placed onto the hot pan and the lid/broiler is put on. Full blast, high heat for 15 minutes. Now, the salmon gets cooked from two directions. Also, the pan brings the fish closer to the burner and your reward is super crispy skin! Now why would you go out for lunch if you can do stuff like this everyday? #food #foodporn #salmon #wildsalmon #sockeye #beautifulbc #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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My favourite part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers! At my house, we always eat turkey and #pandesal for the whole week afterwards! Yes, it's true, we were slow to buy a turkey and we were left without a bird for this year's celebration. But, I was cleaning out the freezer the other day and I found a frozen turkey leg left over from last year! I remember I set it aside to make some turkey and lentil soup. I know what you're thinking, "Frozen for a year?! Gross!" I'm not one to waste food and on top of that, I'm cheap. So I made a ridiculously delicious sandwich! The #pandesal you see there is a whole wheat variety and is my own SECRET recipe. Above that are some sweet potato fritters that my cousin brought over. I popped them in the convection oven for 5 minutes or so until they were crispy. I cut some big chunks off of my defrosted turkey leg and made them real crispy. As always, season with salt and pepper after taking them out of the oil. I was going to do the stuffing and cranberry sauce route, but *yawn* that's boring! So I kept it simple and added a little bit of sriracha to spice it up! #food #foodporn #turkey #pandesal #sweetpotatoes #sriracha #thanksgiving #leftovers #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vscocam #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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pinkybowers : Frozen food is good food.
dwightsrecipebook : @pinkybowers Depends what it is. If we were talking about a frozen TV dinner or gross fish sticks, I would disagree lol
pinkybowers : @dwightsrecipebook I have learned to double ziplock freezer bag items. With a family of four, food won't last a year in my house, but with freezer bags, they last a great amount of time.
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It's the middle of October and I'm still getting strawberries! #strawberries #alpinestrawberries #garden #gardenlife #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #dwightsrecipebook
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The pot roast was a huge success! After searing, take your roast out of the pot get your #mirepoix into the pan. Those are large cut carrots, onions and celery. Sautee them in the delicious brown bits at the bottom of the pan and take the time to caramelize. Once that is done, deglaze with stock, put your roast back in and make sure the roast is covered 3/4 of the way up with liquid. Bring to a boil, put the lid on and into the oven it goes! You'll know it's done when the meat is tender and starts falling apart! Serve with mashed potatoes and green beans for the win! #food #foodporn #thanksgiving #potroast #delicious #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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So I went to the grocery store the other day to get a turkey for #thanksgiving and guess what? They were sold out! I was this close to canceling thanksgiving dinner, but instead, I sucked it up and got a pot roast! This particular cut is a blade roast, which is from the shoulder area of the cow, I think. It has been a long time since I studied my primal cuts but I'm 50% sure lol. Anyways, just like any braised or stewed dish, make sure you sear your protein first. Some say this seals the juices in, but since it's going to be covered in stock, that's a moot point. I always sear because it's the best way to build flavour and it also makes the sauce a sexy dark brown colour! Stay tuned to see how it turns out! #food #foodporn #thanksgiving #potroast # noturkey #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Once your duck is crispy and onions translucent, add your leftover rice! Toss until warmed through, add your chopped leftover veg, top with your chopped, crispy spicy squid and serve! Best breakfast ever! #food #foodporn #breakfast #friedrice #chineseleftovers #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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The first step in any recipe is building flavour! I took the time to pick off all the duck meat from the bones. Then I cut it into pieces and sautéed it in a dry pan. Duck is quite fatty so the heat rendered the fat out. Keep stirring to avoid burning. Eventually the meat and skin will become crispy. When this happens, that's you cue to add some finely chopped onion from the garden. Meanwhile, I put some left over spicy squid in the #turbobroiler. I turned it up to full blast and broiled the squid for 5-7 minutes. This was enough to get the batter crispy and the meat warmed through. Remember, squid gets rubbery when overcooked, so be careful! Next we add the rice! #food #foodporn #breakfast #friedrice #chineseleftovers #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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I don't know where you're from, but here in #Vancouver, we have great Chinese food. It's so good in fact, that it is next to impossible to get shitty Chinese food. I have searched high and low, far and wide for shitty Chinese food here in Vancouver to no avail. It is just not possible. So as a result, it is not uncommon for almost anyone living in Vancouver to have #chineseleftovers in the fridge at any given day of the week. While throwing the BBQ duck and rice pictured above in the microwave and eating it for breakfast is all good, you guys know that's just not the way I do things. So I'm making and BBQ duck and deep fried spicy squid fried rice for breakfast! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #chineseleftovers #BBQduck #breakfast #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook.
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It doesn't get much better than this! And guess what? I even made my tartar sauce from scratch! Traditional tartar sauce calls for gherkins, but I used some pickles I made from cucumbers from my garden! I also added #bagoong, ball park mustard, lots of chilli vinegar and fresh dill! Best salmon & chips ever! #food #foodporn #salmon #wildsalmon #sockeye #fish #chips #fishnchips #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Salmon & Chips! I love cooking and out of all the dishes I make, I love making fish & chips the most! The reason for this is that because your technique has to be spot on. What you need first is a heavy bottomed, stable pot. You are going to fill it 3/4 full with hot oil and the last thing you want to do is spill hot oil all over your feet! I use canola oil because of the high smoke point. The best temperature for this type of deep frying is around 360 degrees F. But, make sure you heat the oil to 375 degrees first. The reason for that is the temperature of the oil will drop as soon as whatever you are frying touches it. This helps to keep the temperature constant and everyone knows that consistency is the key to delicious! Now let's get to the batter. Two ingredients: beer and flour. The key is getting the consistency right. Just mix the flour and beer in a big bowl with a whisk until you get a liquid that is slightly thicker than a good maple syrup. Not quite sauce consistency, but thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. As for applying batter to the fish, I don't like to dredge the fish in flour first. Into the batter and into the oil and that's it! And remember, chips take a lot longer to cook than the fish. So start your chips off first and when they are half done, start on your fish. Make sure every inch of your fish is covered in batter. Let the excess drip off before you put it in the oil. Also, make sure your fish is cut reasonably thin so it cooks evenly. In the next frame, we go to the plate! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #salmon #wildsalmon #sockeye #fishnchips #fish #chips #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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The secret to delicious chips is the same as the secret to any other recipe. Time and technique are paramount! I like to start with a nice starchy potato and in this case, I used a couple Russets. I start by putting them in a pot, whole and covering them in cold water. Bring them to a boil and simmer them until half cooked. You will know they are ready when the skin just begins to crack. Take them out of the water and put them straight into the fridge to cool. I don't like to wait for them to be completely cool. I find that they fry faster and more evenly if they are warm in the middle. This is because the temperature of your frying oil will cool down when you add your potatoes and we all know that you get greasy, soggy fries when your oil isn't right! I would say that you should wait until they are cool enough to handle. Then, you can cut them into chips. You know you did it right when the edges of all the chips have a slightly mashed potato texture. Some of the chips will fall apart, but that's ok! When they hit the oil, they turn crispy and delicious. In the next post, we will go over oil temperature and batter for the salmon! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #salmon #wildsalmon #sockeye #chips #fishnchips #betterfoodforall @jamieoliver #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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