My Mom made some #enpanadas for @gigglingj and @r4square's wedding rehearsal tonight! Here's to happiness, good friends and good food! #food #foodporn #enpanadas #delicious #sarap #filipino #filipinowedding #Vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #vscocam #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - igershawaii - sarap - delicious - toronto - igersvancouver - vscocam - filipino - hawaii - instagood - filipinowedding - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - enpanadas - instafamous - igerstoronto -
gigglingj : Woohoo I can't wait. I hope there's some with no raisins thx 😊
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I live in #Vancouver and we have a lot (and I mean a lot) of really, really good chinese food here. It is so good, in fact that you can get delicious dim sum almost anywhere. I don't even remember where I got this, it was like it appeared out of nowhere! Anyways, it was the next day and I was having dim sum for breakfast like I do every week. Honestly, I was getting really tired of eating it with my cereal. So I decided to incorporate it into a traditional North American (eggs and bacon) breakfast. I will get into it in the next couple frames so stay tuned! #food #foodporn #siumai #dimsum #chinesefood #breakfast #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #vscocam #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - igershawaii - delicious - siumai - breakfast - toronto - chinesefood - igersvancouver - vscocam - hawaii - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - dimsum - instafamous - igerstoronto -
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Pork side ribs? Check. Delicious marinade? Check. Shitty American beer? Check. Sunny summer weather? Check. Now all I gotta do is invite @misslaydiana to come over for supper and we got a party! #jeneparlepasfrancais #anglophone #food #foodporn #ribs #barbeque #summer #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #vscocam #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
summer - foodporn - food - hawaii - igershawaii - delicious - toronto - igersvancouver - vscocam - ribs - jeneparlepasfrancais - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - anglophone - vancouver - instafamous - igerstoronto - barbeque -
misslaydiana : Jealous, im really hungry right now :( thx for the invite but... GODDAMN VANCOUVER DUDEEEE cc: @dnd_mtl
misslaydiana : #ispeakenglishsoitsokay
dwightsrecipebook : @misslaydiana You gotta get out west more often lol
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But first, a selfie #selfie #rayban #sunglasses #polarized #vscocam #dwightsrecipebook
rayban - dwightsrecipebook - polarized - sunglasses - selfie - vscocam -
pinkybowers : Nice
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A little bit of #eggporn from earlier this morning. #eggporn #breakfast #delicious #vscocam #dwightsrecipebook
breakfast - vscocam - dwightsrecipebook - delicious - eggporn -
chandranavarro : Yummmm 🍳
pennylane5237 : #moneyshot 😍
desiree014 : @dwightsrecipebook gross...lol!!
dwightsrecipebook : @chandranavarro it was pretty good lol
dwightsrecipebook : @pennylane5237 that's right!
dwightsrecipebook : @desiree014 COOL GOOBER
akaswmbo : Gorgeous! Is that bacon I see on the side?
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I got some yellow cherry tomatoes too! #food #foodporn #garden #gardenlife #tomatoes #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook#vscocam
garden - foodporn - food - igershawaii - delicious - toronto - igersvancouver - vscocam - hawaii - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - gardenlife - vancouver - instafamous - igerstoronto - tomatoes -
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My tomatoes are finally ripening! Here is a photo of my cherry tomatoes after a brisk summer shower! #tomatoes #garden #gardenlife #delicious #summer #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #vscocam #dwightsrecipebook
toronto - summer - igersvancouver - garden - hawaii - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - gardenlife - vancouver - delicious - vscocam - instafamous - igerstoronto - tomatoes -
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Blueberry turon! @roseolee #turon #sarap #bananas #sarap #delicious #win #vscocam #dwightsrecipebook
dwightsrecipebook - bananas - delicious - turon - sarap - win - vscocam -
muggle_borne : Wow that's not ok!
roseolee : @dwightsrecipebook wow! Bring some by!
coycoy1982 : 😍
dwightsrecipebook : @muggle_borne It is ok!
dwightsrecipebook : @roseolee like that
dwightsrecipebook : @coycoy1982 it was pretty good lol
xochitlfilms : yum!!
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#Turon is basically an egg roll with banana inside. Pretty simple. But what makes the recipe a winner is the caramel coating! This is done prior to frying when the freshly rolled up #turon is rolled in white sugar. Then you fry the whole thing in shallow, medium heat oil. For some reason or another, the sugar does not come off. It melts, carmelizes and adheres to the surface of the #turon wrapper. Crispy, crunchy, sweet and delicious! Oh and by the way, @roseolee thinks that I have put jackfruit in there. I'm waaaaay past that! When you see what I got in here, it'll blow your mind! #food #foodporn #turon #bananas #secretfruit #sarap #delicious #filipino #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
bananas - foodporn - food - igershawaii - delicious - toronto - secretfruit - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - turon - sarap - instafamous - igerstoronto -
megumi53 : @dwightsrecipebook this is my fav Filipino dessert!! Hot or cold!
sandradanca : Yum
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It sure is good having a day off! With all the weddings, portrait sessions and events I shoot, days off are few and far between. So when that elusive day off comes, I make sure I take full advantage of it! So today, I'm going to hang out in the garden and cook delicious Filipino food! And of course, I am going to put my own spin on it! Pictured above are some big ass bananas getting washed in the sink. We don't get many different types of bananas here in Canada, so I'm really not too sure as to what kind of variety they are. What I do know is that they are pretty sweet and they are a little starchier than grocery store bananas. Not as starchy as a plantain (well not even close, actually lol), but just starchy enough to hold up well in cooking. So I'm going to make #turon, one of the Philippines' most delicious desserts! For those of you who don't know, it's basically an egg roll with banana inside and covered in caramel. It's delicious. Stay tuned to see how it turns out! #food #foodporn #turon #bananas #dessert #delicious #sarap #filipino #filipinofood #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
bananas - foodporn - food - dessert - igershawaii - delicious - toronto - filipinofood - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - turon - sarap - instafamous - igerstoronto -
dwightsrecipebook : @aaron_lifts thanks!
dwightsrecipebook : @anapc5 I will have to charge your extra lol
dwightsrecipebook : @acacia_leibka I have never even heard of those lol
acacia_leibka : They're a fairly common variety of banana, short usually about 4"/10cm and relatively fat in circumference. The longer you wait to eat one ie: the more black the skin, the more it takes on other fruit flavors. Some people say pineapple or apple flavor with a bit of strawberry mixed in there. They're really good!
dwightsrecipebook : @acacia_leibka Wow! I'm totally gonna wait
roseolee : @dwightsrecipebook turon with jackfruit too?
dwightsrecipebook : @roseolee Jackfruit is playyyed out lol
roseolee : @dwightsrecipebook lol
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Besides the bikini babes, the berries are the best part of summer! #food #foodporn #blueberries #berryseason #summer #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
toronto - summer - blueberries - foodporn - food - hawaii - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - igersvancouver - vancouver - delicious - instafamous - berryseason - igerstoronto -
_thispinaycancook_ : love the shot
_thispinaycancook_ : #jj_forum_0921 tag them so u can get featured😁
dwightsrecipebook : @_thispinaycancook_ I wanna be featured on your feed! Lol
_thispinaycancook_ : im not even active in my feed lol
pldcult : ✌
gabereal287 : sick!
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With Canada Day and the 4th of July happening this past week, it's hard to eat healthy. I mean, that sure was a lot of beer, barbeque and fun! But now, it's time to get back to business. Every week, I purchase some sort of fruit or vegetable that works well when diced. The main purpose is to practice my knife skills and it just so happens that Hawai'ian pineapples are in season and most importantly, on sale! So I made a little salad that sort of turned into a pickle. I diced up the pineapple real fine, put it into a bowl and added a large dose of chilli vinegar, a splash of olive oil and a pinch of pink Hawai'an salt. Then I added some chopped up #lemonbalm from my garden. I didn't mean to, but I left it in the fridge for a couple day, leaving it somewhere in the middle of fresh and pickled. But it's all good because it was delicious! #food #foodporn #pineapple #oahugrown #localproduce #delicious #hawaii #igershawaii #vancouver #igersvancouver #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - igershawaii - delicious - localproduce - toronto - igersvancouver - hawaii - oahugrown - dwightsrecipebook - instagood - vancouver - pineapple - instafamous - lemonbalm - igerstoronto -
thirdbeachofficial : 😎
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You want to be a great cook? I know I do. The secret is not in sauteeing, roasting or frying. The secret is knife skills. If you can pull off a mean dice and do it fast, anything is possible. #knifeskills #dwightsrecipebook by @dwightsrecipebook via @PhotoRepost_app For all my chefs #cheflife
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You want to be a great cook? I know I do. The secret is not in sauteeing, roasting or frying. The secret is knife skills. If you can pull off a mean dice and do it fast, anything is possible. #knifeskills #pineapple #oahugrown #localproduce #hawaii #igershawaii #dwightsrecipebook
igershawaii - knifeskills - dwightsrecipebook - pineapple - localproduce - hawaii - oahugrown -
cassandrant : ThisπŸ‘Œ
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Can't have adobo without rice! #food #foodporn #adobo #oxtail #rice #sarap #delicious #filipino #filipinofood #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - adobo - igershawaii - igerstoronto - delicious - toronto - filipinofood - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - oxtail - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - sarap - instafamous - rice -
3ddierocksteady : @ejsee @mmg_ryder @hustleambition604 @robef78 @mike.esg true!
_misskryskay_ : @dwightsrecipebook: looks bomb cousin!
fightingforfit : Can't have anything without rice.. Lol I'm on a two cups a day diet
lovetoronto : Nice!
dwightsrecipebook : @_chrystalle_ It was pretty good!
dwightsrecipebook : @fightingforfit You're also on the "I'm fucking jacked" diet! Looks lkke its working out well for you lol
dwightsrecipebook : @lovetoronto thanks!
fightingforfit : Hahahaha you're the best. Thanks for the compliment ☺️
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Oxtail adobo! Sarap! #food #foodporn #oxtail #adobo #sarap #Filipino #filipinofood #vancouver #igersvancouver #instagood #instafamous #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - adobo - igershawaii - toronto - filipinofood - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - oxtail - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - sarap - instafamous - igerstoronto -
3ddierocksteady : @mmg_ryder @ellerach
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After a long morning of swimming at the lake, one gets hungry! So yesterday, I made some.#adobo with #oxtail! Oxtail is literally the tail of the cow, skinned and cut into pieces. What makes oxtail so delicious, is all the bone, connective tissue and fat in it. When they get finished stewing, all that flavour comes out of it into the broth. You are left with a soft, sticky stew that is delicious! I put them together with some pork bones that were on sale at my local butcher. As for the recipe, all you need are three bay leaves, some peppercorns, a spalsh of soy sauce, molasses, sugar and some chilli vinegar. Throw it in a pot with a little bit of water, bring it to a boil and throw the pot in a 350 degree F oven. Set the timer for 2.5 hours and go take a nap. Make sure you put a lot of water in it so it doesn't go dry. When you wake up, you might have to reduce the sauce a bit. When the adobo is thick, tender and sticky, you know you're done! #food #foodporn #adobo #oxtail #filipino #filipinofood #sarap #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - adobo - igershawaii - toronto - filipinofood - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - oxtail - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - sarap - instafamous - igerstoronto -
westendbia : Nice one!
dwightsrecipebook : OMG, I forgot to mention to add 6 whole, smashed cloves of garlic to the mix before cooking!
dwightsrecipebook : @westendbia thanks!
cherylleetalbert : Try this @whitnay_t
dwightsrecipebook : I agree, you should try this @whitnay_t @cherylleetalbert
cherylleetalbert : @dwightsrecipebook I made this in the crockpot the other night! It was so good I forgot to take a pic, lol! Thanks for the idea. Masarap talaga! Have to make it again & take a pic for u;)
dwightsrecipebook : @cherylleetalbert "Masarap talaga!" She says lol I'm glad you liked the recipe
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Breakfast. Believe it or not, I had to pass on the garlic rice this morning. I had this with a salad! #longanisa #breakfast #delicious #sarap #filipino #filipinofood #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
toronto - longanisa - filipinofood - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - delicious - sarap - instafamous - breakfast - igerstoronto -
okayokayfine : Ano gamit mo na cam?
dwightsrecipebook : @okayokayfine I use my phone Samsung Galaxy S4
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The #mojito! What a delicious drink! It doesn't matter what country you're from, the mojito always fits the bill! The original recipe includes lime, tonic water and Cuban rum. Honestly, I couldn't find a rum with hilarious America packaging and that is why I'm using vodka. The key here is the mint and that is what makes a mojito a mojito. Take a bunch of leaves of mint and put them in the bottom of your rocks glass. Take your pestle (the club part in a mortar and pestle and smash the leaves up in a pinch of sugar. This process is called muddling and it helps to spread the flavour of the mint throughout the drink. Then add as much as you want of your favourite rum and top with a little tonic water! If you like it sweet, it would be good to add a little simple syrup (50/50 sugar/water solution). But I'm barely sober enough to write this post, so I used some ginger ale lol. Happy Independence Day! #mojitos #4thofjuly #america #abrahamlincoln #benfranklin #barrackobama #delicious #foundingfathers #daydrunk #win #dwightsrecipebook
foundingfathers - mojitos - benfranklin - dwightsrecipebook - abrahamlincoln - 4thofjuly - daydrunk - mojito - delicious - win - barrackobama - america -
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I'm pulling out all the stops today! Steak is on the menu for the 4th of July! Pictured above is the #tenderloin grilled, rested to perfection and sliced up to be shared with my American friends! Happy Independence Day! #america #food #foodporn #steak #tenderloin #delicious #abrahamlincoln #benfranklin #barrackobama #foundingfathers #daydrunk #win #4thofjuly #independanceday #dwightsrecipebook
america - foundingfathers - foodporn - food - benfranklin - tenderloin - abrahamlincoln - 4thofjuly - daydrunk - dwightsrecipebook - delicious - win - barrackobama - steak - independanceday -
fgamersf77 : What about your Mexican friends and Guatemalan friends,oh my phillipinos want some tooπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ
dwightsrecipebook : @fgamersf77 Come to Point Roberts, and live the American Dream!
fgamersf77 : πŸ™€πŸ™€why I'm in #SANFRANCISCO living my American dream!! Lol
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A good ol' American vodka for a good ol' American drink! And yes, I am aware that the #mojito came from Cuba. But, I can't get any cigars from them. So I'm taking their drink. That vodka is swedish, you say? What? Mojitos are made with rum? This is America! The Declaration in Independance clearly states that I can make mojitos any way I damn well please! Happy Independence Day! #mojitos #4thofjuly #america #abrahamlincoln #benfranklin #barrackobama #delicious #dwightsrecipebook
mojitos - benfranklin - dwightsrecipebook - abrahamlincoln - 4thofjuly - mojito - delicious - barrackobama - america -
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Happy 4th of July everyone! I'm here at @trevhink 's summer home in Point Roberts, Washington! If you haven't figured out what we are doing up this early on the 4th of July, you got to get with the program! We're having a party and since most party goers don't start this early, we're going to start without them! We're gonna get day drunk and if that makes us alcoholics, then we're gonna be alcoholics! After all, this is America, land of the free and the home of the brave! It is our God given right as Americans to get hammered drunk at 730 am! Well, if you are wondering what I am holding in my left hand, it is a bunch of mint from my garden that I smuggled across the border! Well actually, there are two different kinds of mint. One is just your regular mint and the one with the long stem is #lemonbalm. While technically not mint, it does have minty characteristics. I think of it as a cross between mint and lemon zest. We're making #mojitos! Delicious! Maybe I will post a pic if I don't get too drunk first. God bless America! #4thofjuly #independanceday #abrahamlincoln #benfranklin #barrackobama #foundingfathers #daydrunk #win #holiday #mojitos #alcoholism #dwightsrecipebook
foundingfathers - mojitos - benfranklin - abrahamlincoln - 4thofjuly - daydrunk - dwightsrecipebook - godblesstheusa - win - barrackobama - lemonbalm - holiday - alcoholism - independanceday -
piarro : LπŸ˜‚L😭L
cincty21 : You crack me up!
dwightsrecipebook : @piarro #godblesstheusa
dwightsrecipebook : @cincty21 lol
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It's 1030 in the morning and I'm all set for Canada Day! Sir John A. MacDonald would be proud! #ribs #canadaday #independance #delicious #vancouver #dwightsrecipebook
dwightsrecipebook - thatsyou - vancouver - ff - delicious - canadaday - independance - ribs -
magdalena__s : :-)
tilliepadilla : @dwightsrecipebook happy canada day! glad ure not serving church's. lol.
dwightsrecipebook : @magdalena__s (-;
dwightsrecipebook : @tilliepadilla It doesn't have to be Canada Day for me to serve Church's!
dennysmith : Church's all day every day!
dwightsrecipebook : @dennysmith if you're an FF lol #FF #thatsyou
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Fried rice with garlic, salty dried fish, crispy pork and shitake mushrooms. #breakfast #friedrice #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #dwightsrecipebook
dwightsrecipebook - igersvancouver - vancouver - delicious - breakfast - friedrice -
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Good morning! It's another beautiful day in the garden! #garden #gardenlife #dwightsrecipebook
dwightsrecipebook - gardenlife - garden -
piarro : Super crisp!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
trevhink : Who's garden is that @dwightsrecipebook
dwightsrecipebook : @trevhink my garden bud
dwightsrecipebook : @piarro like that eh
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Sinigang! The quintessential Filipino stew! Like any famous recipe from any country, it differs from region to region. The one unifying flavour for any sinigang recipe is the sour taste of #samaplok or as us English speakers like to call it, tamarind. The problem is that the presence of a store bought sinigang soup mix has gone viral over the years. Also, with many Filipinos moving abroad, they did not have access to the ingredients required. Tamarind has only been available here in Vancouver in the last 7 or 8 years. It has gotten so bad that a lot of Filipinos do not even know how to make sinigang the traditional way. I have heard stories from baby boomers like, "My Lola used to do it like this, blah, blah." I even asked my Mom. Besides tamarind, they used to use a fruit called #kamias, which is shaped like a pickle and is crazy sour when ripe. I have had it back home on the island, but it is not available here in Canada. So as per usual, I made up my own recipe based on what is available and what I learned through old stories of the old country! I start off with finely diced onion, chopped tomato, smashed garlic cloves, whole chillies and sliced ginger. Sautee in coconut oil and add your bay leaves and peppercorns. Sautee for another minute then add your pork bones. I used the bones that are cut from the spine because they are cheap as chips and the flavour is incredible! You will have to do a little bit of work to get the meat out when eating, but what can ya do? Anyways add your bones and add 3 or 4 peeled, whole tamarind pods. Simmer for four hours. Remember not to mix! The agitation will break apart the tamarind making a mess of the broth. Proteins will float to the top during cooking, so make sure to skim that off. Where I come from, we finish it off with bok choi. Add a huge splash of chilli vinegar for heat and sourness. I used some kale from the garden instead. Serve with rice for the win! #food #foodporn #sinigang #samaplok #tamarind #garlic #ginger #sarap #delicious #filipino #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
kamias - foodporn - food - ginger - igershawaii - garlic - delicious - samaplok - tamarind - toronto - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - sinigang - vancouver - dwightsrecipebook - sarap - instafamous - igerstoronto -
princessjazmen : I wish I lived in Vancouver so I can eat all of your meals!
dwightsrecipebook : @princessjazmen well if you're ever in town, let me know!
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This >>>>> chicken & waffles #ribs #waffles #brunch #win #dwightsrecipebook
win - ribs - dwightsrecipebook - brunch - waffles -
fightingforfit : NO WAY
fightingforfit : πŸ‘
torontofoodbwoy : Hype
acacia_leibka : OMG, yessss
dwightsrecipebook : @fightingforfit YES WAY
mikem2b : Absolutely #win!
therealnatesimon : It's... it's so beautiful! :' )
dwightsrecipebook : @therealnatesimon lol
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Being Filipino means that you go to a lot of Filipino parties. That's just how it is. There is always a lot of food and I always, always take food home with me when I leave. Most people go straight for the desserts. But do you really need to be eating leftover #biko, #lecheflan and #bukopandan during the week? As much as I would like to do that, it's a ridiculous way to eat! So what I usually, is take home as much meat as I can get my hands on. Fried chicken, #adobo, #lechonkawali, stuff like that. Yesterday, they had Portuguese sausage and a cheese and cold cut plate. I took home a bunch of sausage and some roast beef. I diced up the sausage and sauteed half of it along with my garlic in some olive oil. Once the sausage got a little crispy, I added my rice. While that was happening, I diced up my roast beef, ran out to the garden and picked some parsley and cilantro. I added my roast beef to the pan, mixed it around and with a wooden spoon, brought my rice mixture to the side of the pan. Then I scrambled a couple eggs on the empty side of the pan. Taking care to keep the rice and the eggs separate, I cut them up with the spoon and mixed the works in with the rice. I then added the chopped herbs and seasoned the works with salt, pepper and a touch of soy sauce. Breakfast is served! #food #foodporn #garlic #garlicrice #breakfast #filipino #sarap #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
foodporn - food - garlicrice - adobo - igershawaii - garlic - instafamous - breakfast - toronto - igersvancouver - filipino - hawaii - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - lecheflan - vancouver - bukopandan - lechonkawali - sarap - biko - igerstoronto -
yuritakada666 : You're a filipino, too? πŸ˜πŸ‘‹
dwightsrecipebook : @yuritakada666 I sure am!
yuritakada666 : Wow. I'm so glad to meet talented filipinos around the world here on instagram. God bless, kababayan 😊 #proudlypinoy
dwightsrecipebook : @yuritakada666 Oh stop it@ I'm not talented lol
victorchadarov : Great shot :)
dwightsrecipebook : @victorchadarov thanks!
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This morning I woke up, looked out the window and thought to myself, "Today would be a fantastic day to call in sick and pick some berries." So that's what I did! #salmonberries #sickday #doctorsnote #dwightsrecipebook
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scottie1226 : Hope your boss is not following your account . Lol
dwightsrecipebook : @scottie1226 It's a little something we union guys like to call "stress management" lol
scottie1226 : Good for you!!
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My potatoes are sprouting! Well, they have been sprouting for a while. Back in the winter I kept a couple differnet kinds of potatoes on the windowsill and waited for them to spout. Potatoes will sprout from the eyes (the little indents on the potato) and every little sprout will grow into a separate plant. So before you plant, cut the potato into pieces. I don't have much space so I plant mine in pots. When they sprout, you are supposed to cover them in soil. In turn, each plant will have to work harder to get to the sun. The more work your potato plants do, the higher the yeild will be. Because the plants are in a cramped pot, the potatoes do not have much room to maneuver. This will yeild potatoes that are small to medium sized. Perfect for roasting or making chips! If you want to see how they turn out, you'll have to wait a couple months! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #garden #gardenlife #potatoes #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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torontofoodbwoy : Nice thanks for the info!
dwightsrecipebook : @torontofoodbwoy You're welcome!
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After a tough day of gardening, mowing the lawn, drinking beer and Instagrammin', it's good to find some strawberries! #food #foodporn #garden #gardenlife #strawberries #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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spek1 : ^_^
dwightsrecipebook : @spek1 ;)
pldcult : ✌
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Lunch. #pandesal #pandesalparty #pandesalsliders #sliders #burgers #sarap #delicious #filipino #dwightsrecipebook
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renobayuprabowo : Wuuu yummy :))
dwightsrecipebook : @renobayuprabowo It was pretty good!
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Good morning pandesal! I'm making sliders for lunch! #pandesal #sarap #filipino #dwightsrecipebook
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