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The Sea #cuttlefish#squidhead#tomato#salsa#squidink#bluesalt#nori#chefslife #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #wastenothing #whatwedo #dwightsrecipebook #sarap #cebu #truecooks #ambssador
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haannaahgnemeno : The sea in a plate.
cdinsay_itame : @haannaahgnemeno my version of the sea πŸ˜ƒ
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Custard Buchi #glutinousflour#sweetsformysweets #sesameseeds#whatwedo#comfortfood#sarap #chefslife #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #dwightsrecipebook #cebu
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Dill Marinated Salmon on Shaved Vegetable Salad In Shallot Mustard Vinaigrette #salmon#dill#vegetable #shallots#mustard#salad#chefslife #chefstalk #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #sarap #truecooks #cebu #dwightsrecipebook #whatwedo
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If this isn't #perfectlycooked, then I don't know what is! #food #foodporn #chicken #turbobroiler #currychicken #delicious #moist #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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The upside down frying pan technique is a winner! Remember to heat up your frying pan until it is smoking hot! #food #foodporn #chicken #currychicken #upsidedownfryingpan #turbobroiler #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
delicious - foodporn - food - igershawaii - currychicken - instafamous - chicken - toronto - igersvancouver - hawaii - instagood - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - turbobroiler - igerstoronto - upsidedownfryingpan -
least_icandrawabit : @dwightsrecipebook Tulo laway.
fightingforfit : Bahaha wut 🍚🍚🍚🍚 ugh need to reup on my Calrose. I had like two buckets in my fridge and it's getting all dry πŸ˜’ I'll cook more tonight
rowenaanne : What is this madness?!
dwightsrecipebook : @rowenaanne This technique uses a #turbobroiler with a really hot upside down frying pan inside. It cooks your proteins fast from both sides with the goal being crispy skin!
dwightsrecipebook : @least_icandrawabit Good one eh?
rowenaanne : Like a pan with no handle?
dwightsrecipebook : @rowenaanne yup
my_nitiss : What!?
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Pictured above are some chicken legs that I have marinating in a curry rub I came up with. I am working on a new recipe for a ramen broth and these chicken legs are going to be the base for it. From what I know about ramen (which isn't very much, honestly), the broth are half meat based and half dashi. Dashi is a broth that it based on kombu, which is kelp that has been washed in fresh water and dried in the sun. Another element to the traditional dashi is katsuobushi, which is made from albacore tuna which has been dried, salted, injected with mold and fermented for a year or so. When it is done fermenting, the fillets of tuna are petrified and hard as a rock. They are then put onto a mandolin and shaved paper thin. But that is a whole other post! So let's get to the curry chicken. I put the ingredient list in my last post. But in case you couldn't read it, here it is again. Start with peppercorns and fennel seeds and grind them up really fine in a mortar and pestle. Add 4 cloves of finely chopped garlic, two finely chopped thumb sized pieces of ginger and do the same with as many chillies as you want. Crush into a paste and add your #bagoong, turmeric powder, ground nutmeg and madras curry powder. Add enough chilli vinegar and olive oil to combine into a paste. Next, rub that into your chicken and let it marinate in the fridge for at least 4 days. Next, we will see how it turns out! #food #foodporn #chicken #turbobroiler #currychicken #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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dwightsrecipebook : #upsidedownfryingpan
uksicca : In my knowledge of ramen broth, chicken legs or whole chicken should be boiled and simmer with leek, ginger and garlic, not marinated with spices. I don't know how ramen you want to cook and I'm not a specialist but I'm Japanese and have some basic knowledge of cooking.
dwightsrecipebook : @uksicca It's called fusion cooking chef! Even the tonkotsu style was peculiar when it was first invented
my_nitiss : Nice! Knowledge too!
ravenandstone : :)
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I wrote a new recipe! I am going to get my fav dietitian @anna_koroleva29 to look it over! Hopefully it passes the test! #dietitianapproved #recipe #panroastedcurrychicken #dwightsrecipebook
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New Town Bakery. A Vancouver classic. #newtown #bestbunsintown #chinatown #sesameball #dimsum #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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g_deecee : Breakfast of Champs!
dwightsrecipebook : @g_deecee You are correct lol
fightingforfit : OH MY GODDDDDD
fightingforfit : Hnnnnnggggggg πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
dwightsrecipebook : @fightingforfit These are the best sesame balls in Vancouver! I refuse to eat them anywhere else lol
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This year, one of my New Year's resolutions was to change up my cooking style by learning new techniques. So I have been working on a #ramen recipe. If you know anything about properly made ramen, you would know that the broth is very intricate. The broth I am working on is chicken based and requires several steps, including roasting chicken legs, adding dried mushrooms, making a #dashi, etc, etc. You saw in my last post that I pickled the mushrooms in soy sauce and chilli vinegar. The thing is, what do you do with a salty mushroom? They are too salty to eat on their own, unless you have a lot of beer, lol. My solution was to use it as a seasoning. I cut them up into a small dice (brunoise, as the French like to call it) and used it in place of salt in the omelet pictured above. I started with 2 eggs and beat them with a fork. Then I added another egg and some thinly sliced green onions. I did this to keep the onions from being bruised and also to keep the last egg from being over beaten. You can see that there are streaks of white in the omelet. The brown bits are the mushrooms and they give a little salty pop when you bite into one! So I used a large pan and put the eggs in once the oil was hot enough. Then I spread the mixture around and let it set. Once it was set, I used 2 spatulas to roll it into a cigar shape. It's important to keep it a little runny inside! Serve with rice for the win! #food #foodporn #omelette #breakfast #mushrooms #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Tiramisu #sweetsformysweets#sugarformyhoney#truecooks #whatwedo #dwightsrecipebook #cheforlife #chefslife#chefsofinstagram
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So I was watching "The Mind of a Chef" the other day and there was some Korean dude called David Chang @davidchang on it. I never heard of this guy before I watched it. And I know now, he invented the Momofuku empire. And I know now he is one of the most revered chefs in Culinary America today. What impresses me the most is that he was the star. In popular North American media, the Asian guy is never the star. And when he is, he knows Kung Fu and he doesn't get the non-chinese girl at the end. But now an Asian guy is the star of season 1 of a white bread Anthony Bourdain show. It is absolutely fantastic. I was sold when Chef Chang made a comment about kimchee and how "round eyes" had problems eating it. Wow. That's magic. You can't write stuff that good. To celebrate, I copied one of his recipes! Pictured above is bowl of shitake mushrooms that were used to make ramen broth. After about an hour of simmering, the mushrooms were removed and pickled in soy sauce. Thanks for the tip Chef Chang! I found that eating one of the mushrooms was way too salty. But I cut them up and used them in other applications such as a sofritos or fried rice. The result is delicious regardless of the application! In the next frame, I am going to make an omelet and eat it with rice! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #mushrooms #shitake #soy #soysauce #shoyu #momofuku #newyork #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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dwightsrecipebook : @rachella51 Wow! Rhdora is your cousin! I didn't know you were one of those Rosaleses lol
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rachella51 : Yes! I'm a Rosales. Wait how did you know?
dwightsrecipebook : @rachella51 I know the Rosaleses because I know the Leonardos
firered246 : Click the link in my bio. Earn up to $487.23 per day working from Instagram
dwightsrecipebook : @firered246 And how exactly does one earn that much money for no reason?
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Dwight's Recipe Book house special chow mein. #chowmein #chowmeinnoodles #chowmeingang #chinesefood #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Chicken and rice. @fightingforfit #turbobroiler #calrose #chicken #rice #delicious #dwightsrecipebook
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chuuuchainz : Looks freakin uhhhhmazzzing!!!
chuuuchainz : Do you have a cook book yet?
fightingforfit : Uh. Woah. 😳
fightingforfit : I'm drooling...... Air mail plz
dwightsrecipebook : @fightingforfit lol
dwightsrecipebook : @chuuuchainz No cook book yet!
chuuuchainz : Thanks for getting back. I seen the steps to make it. Gonna try it out soon
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I am going to go ahead and dedicate this to Esther Suzuki, who goes by the name of @fightingforfit here on Instagram. I'm making chicken and rice! Pictured above is the meat off the bone and after cooking. First you heat the pan until it is scorching hot. Marinate in olive oil, salt and pepper. Leave it out of the fridge and make sure it is at room temp then lay them skin side down on the hot underside of the pan (after you have put it in the Turbo, of course!). You'll hear it sizzling, then put the lid on and and run it full blast for 20 minutes or so. As soon as it is done, get the meat off the pan and onto a plate for resting. The pan is still hot and you don't want that chicken to cook any longer than it has to! In the next frame, we go to the plate! #food #foodporn #chicken #upsidedownfryingpan #turbobroiler #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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fightingforfit : 😍 holy fancy chicken!!!!!!! Calrose? Plz say Calrose
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dwightsrecipebook : @fightingforfit I haven't even gotten to the good part yet! lol
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The next couple posts will be on how to roast meats in your Turbo Broiler and how to optimize your Turbo Broiler experience. The problem with this otherwise fantastic cooking vessel is that it is really difficult to get crispy skin when roasting. The way most people use them is that they throw their leftover lechon into it and turn the dial. Your lechon gets nice and crispy and never dries out. That's all fine and good for lechon, but roasting meats from raw delivers less than favorable results. The your meat is never golden brown and crispy. If it is, the inside will be dry and overcooked. The solution to this is to hit it with high heat and cook it from both sides. Also, to get the most out of the heating element, the meat would have to be closer during cooking. I solved this problem by taking the handle off a small frying pan I had. After making sure that my Turbo Broiler is properly warmed up (run it full blast for 10 mins), I heat up the pan on the hob, turn it upside down and set it into the Turbo Broiler. Then, I set my protein onto the upside down pan, put the cover on, turn up the heat all the way and roast at full blast. This way, it always cooks faster because you are heating from both sides. Also, the intense heat insures crispy skin! So chicken legs were on sale at T&T yesterday and I bought 5 lbs! Pictured above is a pic of myself removing the bone from one of those legs. The goal here is to cut them so they lay flat on the cooking surface, resulting in even cooking and crispy skin! Stay tuned! #food #foodporn #chicken #turbobroiler #delicious #upsidedownfryingpan #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
toronto - knifeskills - igersvancouver - foodporn - food - hawaii - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - vancouver - delicious - instafamous - turbobroiler - chicken - igerstoronto - upsidedownfryingpan -
dwightsrecipebook : @chandranavarro That was my favorite class in cooking school! We got to break down whole sides of beef at VCC.
dwightsrecipebook : @kanyebest
dwightsrecipebook : @kanyebest No videos yet!
kanyebest : Awesome...keep up the dope stuff your doing....will be waiting on the supplemental videos lol
maesp75 : They usually come with a mid level rack so u don't need a pan. Unless u don't have that, I roll balls of foil to elevate food. Easy cleaning
dwightsrecipebook : The purpose of the pan is not just for elevation. I heat up the pan on the hob first and lay the chicken skin side down, that way the meat is crispy on both sides after cooking. Extra heat for extra delicious! @maesp75
kaizen604 : Nice work. I've personally never tried this, even though I grew up with a turbo broiler. But I put a little thought into this. What if you lightly oiled the skin and flesh before you put it into device at a high heat, say, 425 for 1/3 of the time then reduce heat? Not really sure because I have a connection oven at home.
dwightsrecipebook : @kaizen604 As long as you warm it up first, it's all good
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Every Filipino household has one of these! The ubiquitous Turbo Broiler! Well this one is not an official Turbo Broiler. That was the first brand that made these little see through tabletop convection ovens! While they are great all around cooking vessels, they are not without their weaknesses. I have found a method to optimize them for better results, and by better results, I mean crispy skin! I have talked about this technique here before, but I have come up with some new recipes! #turbobroiler #upsidedownfryingpan #dwightsrecipebook
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franchise_77 : Whatchu know about this @getfadedinc
kuptsynova : Oh my Mom used to have one of those to broil whole chicken. I love it
eatlikeyoureondeathrow : noooo iactually tried baking pound cake
getfadedinc : #TurboCooker
dwightsrecipebook : @eatlikeyoureondeathrow How did it turn out?
eatlikeyoureondeathrow : salty like my trolls πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ was my first time to bake and my poor dad pretended that it was good even if i put 1 CUP of salt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©
dwightsrecipebook : 1 cup of salt?! lol awesome @eatlikeyoureondeathrow
dwightsrecipebook : Your dad must be really nice to pretend it was good lol @eatlikeyoureondeathrow
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Panna Cotta Dome#pannacotta#sugarnet#basil#chefslife #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #truecooks #dwightsrecipebook #workhardplayhard
sugarnet - chefslife - workhardplayhard - pannacotta - dwightsrecipebook - truecooks - cheforlife - basil - chefsofinstagram -
adinsay : @cdinsay_itame gusto ko try to! :)
cdinsay_itame : @adinsay nextime pag balik mo ditoπŸ‘
adinsay : @cdinsay_itame cge! :)
muckamay : This is amazing!! Beautiful WorkπŸ‘Œ
cdinsay_itame : @muckamay thanks πŸ˜ƒ
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Beef Carpaccio with coriander Asparagus in sesame soy dressing #beef #coriander#asparagus #sesame#soy#chefslife #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #sarap#truecooks #cebu #dwightsrecipebook
coriander - cebu - chefslife - beef - asparagus - cheforlife - sesame - sarap - dwightsrecipebook - truecooks - soy - chefsofinstagram -
cdinsay_itame : @justify7representing πŸ˜ƒ but I'm a #truecooks ,thanks.
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Seared Scallops with Szechuan Sauce #scallop #szechuan#spicy#chefslife #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #truecooks #whatwedo #sarap #dwightsrecipebook
spicy - chefslife - whatwedo - cheforlife - scallop - dwightsrecipebook - szechuan - truecooks - sarap - chefsofinstagram -
qualitymeals : πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
thegrumpygourmand : Looks awesome
cdinsay_itame : @thegrumpygourmand thanksπŸ˜ƒ
thegrumpygourmand : What's in the sauce? Can I get the recipe? @cdinsay_itame
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Chinese Roast Duck Pizza With Hoisin Sauce,Red Peppers and Cucumbers#roastduck#pizza#hoisin#peppers #cucumbers#chefslife #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #whatwedo#wastenothing#truecooks #cheese#dwightsrecipebook #sarap #pinoy #sesame#cebu
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mirkolivieri : #follow4follow
haannaahgnemeno : Chef, mao na ni?
cdinsay_itame : @haannaahgnemeno yes πŸ‘ŒπŸ΄πŸ˜ƒ
rocinc : Beautiful!
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Even Fruits Need Too Dress up sometimes #chefslife #cheforlife #christmasfood #chefsofinstagram #sarap #truecooks #dwightsrecipebook #cebu
cebu - chefslife - cheforlife - christmasfood - dwightsrecipebook - truecooks - sarap - chefsofinstagram -
qualitymeals : haha πŸ‘Œ
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It's time to cap off a great year with a great beer! @parallel49beer 's Ugly Sweater Milk Stout made this holiday season a delicious one! I'm about done with eating for a while, but here's a pic of a big ass pot roast I made for my cousin's 50th birthday bash a couple days ago! Happy New Year! #uglybeer #potroast #newyear #happynewyear #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
toronto - igershawaii - igersvancouver - hawaii - instagood - potroast - dwightsrecipebook - uglybeer - vancouver - newyear - happynewyear - instafamous - igerstoronto -
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Lemon Baked Grouper Fillet on Truffle Flavored Mushrooms#grouper#lemon #truffle#mushroom #chefslife #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #truecooks #whatwedo #dwightsrecipebook #sarap #cebu
cebu - lemon - mushroom - grouper - whatwedo - cheforlife - dwightsrecipebook - chefslife - truecooks - sarap - truffle - chefsofinstagram -
cdinsay_itame : @travis_vs_food thanks πŸ˜ƒ
chef_brandon_duley : NICE #truecooks
selinakaur123 : Wow
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Fish Skewers in Lemon Cream Sauce #lamonlamon#lemon#cream#aragula#ambssador#chefslife #cheforlife #chefsofinstagram #dwightsrecipebook #truecooks #sarap #cebu #whatwedo
cream - cebu - lemon - whatwedo - cheforlife - dwightsrecipebook - chefslife - truecooks - sarap - lamonlamon - chefsofinstagram - aragula - ambssador -
selinakaur123 : This looks so yummy :)
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Merry Christmas! This is a recipe that I have been working on for a while and I have been looking for the right beer to do it with! I can't tell you the exact recipe, but I will tell you that it includes dark chocolate and a good dose of @parallel49beer's Ugly Sweater Milk Stout. Delicious! I took the liberty of topping it with a peppermint scented dark chocolate ganache. Best Christmas ever! #uglybeer #cupcakes #christmas #christmasbaking #chocolate #ganache #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
toronto - uglybeer - ganache - hawaii - chocolate - igershawaii - igersvancouver - dwightsrecipebook - cupcakes - vancouver - instafamous - christmasbaking - igerstoronto - christmas - instagood -
cherylleetalbert : Yum! Almost like a dark chocolate stout cake! Love those for St. Patrick's celebration:)
sweet.seasons : F4f✨
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Merry Christmas! Man, @parallel49beer's Ugly Sweater Milk Stout sure is delicious! Can you believe that I made cupcakes with it? Stay tuned for some pics! #uglybeer #nowthatsugly #getuglygrantwishes #christmas #merrychristmas #dwightsrecipebook
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sunny_mylene : Maximum ugly my eyes are sore !
glhunter9 : Wow.... Sweater... Barely noticed the sweet smiling face ;)
dwightsrecipebook : @sunny_mylene Then my job is done!
dwightsrecipebook : @glhunter9 I'm always all smiles!
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Merry Christmas from all of us at the Now That's Ugly Society! Everyone needs beer for Christmas and I just picked up a whole bunch of Ugly Sweater Milk Stout from our friends at @parallel49beer! They have been kind enough to donate $1.00 from every six pack and $25.00 from every 50L keg sold in December to the Now That's Ugly Society! So help us get ugly and grant wishes for the Children's Wish Foundation during the holiday season! Best Christmas ever! #uglybeer #nowthatsugly #getuglygrantwishes #dwightsrecipebook
getuglygrantwishes - uglybeer - dwightsrecipebook - nowthatsugly -
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It doesn't get much better than this! Thanks @parallel49beer for helping me make this day delicious! #jerkchicken #uglysweaterjerkchicken #uglybeer #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
toronto - igersvancouver - jerkchicken - hawaii - instagood - igershawaii - dwightsrecipebook - uglybeer - vancouver - delicious - uglysweaterjerkchicken - instafamous - igerstoronto -
savingyourhardearnedmoney : Hungry!
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Got a busted, old propane grill at home? Don't throw it away! You can give it a new lease on life by taking out the old propane piping and using it as a charcoal grill! Pictured above is the chicken after about an hour of smoking. After I got the charcoal lit, I pushed it all to one side and let it burn. I seared off the chicken and put them all onto the side with no charcoal. Then I closed the lid and let it smoke. The pan at the top of the frame is a glaze made from the leftover marinade and a bunch of brown sugar. I leave that on top of the flame to reduce. The protein in the liquid will cook out, leaving a raft of protein floating on the top. Take that out and toss it. Keep an eye on your reduction and eventually a caramel will form. When that happens, deglaze the pan with some more #uglybeer. Put a chicken piece into the glaze and swish it around. Then touch them on the grill to make them sticky and serve! Now break out that Ugly Sweater Milk Stout and go nuts! #uglybeer #nowthatsugly #getuglygrantwishes #jerkchicken #uglysweaterjerkchicken #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Now that the #uglyparty is over and another Ugly Season is at an end, we can get back to delicious food! Since our friends at @parallel49beer were nice enough to make their Ugly Sweater Milk Stout, I figured that I make some food to go with it! That #uglybeer sets the bar high, so I am going to make recipes that will do it justice. So on that note, I came to the conclusion that today is a perfect day to call in sick and make some Ugly Sweater Jerk Chicken! The first thing I do in this recipe is to get a whole chicken, take the thighs and legs off in one piece, remove the wings and cut the rest of the carcass into random, but evenly sized pieces. The marinade consists of pimento, star anise, fennel seeds, black pepper corns Chilli vinegar, as many chillies as you want (I used 6 or 7), 6 cloves of garlic, a thumb sized piece of ginger, mustard, brown sugar and 3 bay leaves all crushed up in a mortar and pestle. Then I added some ball park mustard, olive oil and some salty #bagoong to make a paste. All that gets whisked into a bottle's worth of Ugly Sweater Milk Stout. Then the chicken goes in and gets marinated for no more than 4 days. In the next frame, we'll go over technique! Best sick day ever! #uglybeer #nowthatsugly #getuglygrantwishes #jerkchicken #delicious #vancouver #igersvancouver #hawaii #igershawaii #toronto #igerstoronto #instagood #instafamous #dwightsrecipebook
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Dr. Strangelove killed the stage at the Original Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! #uglyparty #nowthatsugly #getuglygrantwishes #dwightsrecipebook
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