Dwight freeney is the best defensive end I do t care who did agrees #dwightfreeney#footballislife
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matt_ferrara2218 -
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Most addictive game ever? I shot 3 duckodiles. Download Duckodile Hunt for iPhone and Android! #campuswide #alphaarbutinsoapph #toccoafallscollege #elliottsrideroftheday #maililguy #volcanopose #chapinswimming #lenasher #ashtonbandana #fishersin #mililanistarbucks #palmbayigers #atholts #urbanaltruisms #dwightfreeney #kappahlalta #belgiumwantswwat #parklandmural #panamacitybeachgirls #anchorxlife #orchidsfordays #blisssssss #wallaceblood #arthurellijah #parmanargile #griffinfam #oldtownblue #oldtownlp #mayoman #manitouflood
kappahlalta - oldtownlp - dwightfreeney - griffinfam - arthurellijah - fishersin - mililanistarbucks - parmanargile - oldtownblue - volcanopose - wallaceblood - toccoafallscollege - panamacitybeachgirls - maililguy - manitouflood - alphaarbutinsoapph - urbanaltruisms - atholts - belgiumwantswwat - orchidsfordays - elliottsrideroftheday - campuswide - anchorxlife - parklandmural - ashtonbandana - lenasher - palmbayigers - chapinswimming - blisssssss - mayoman -
jamesriver22 : Good shot!
Greatest Football team ever!! And my all time fav 5!! #indy #indianapolis #Colts #IndianapolisColts #PeytonManning #MarvinHarrison #BobSanders #DwightFreeney #RobertMathis #snowmanshaw #tybg #NFL
indianapolis - tybg - dwightfreeney - peytonmanning - nfl - indy - robertmathis - snowmanshaw - bobsanders - indianapoliscolts - marvinharrison - colts -
sportsbubbleshooter : @snowmanshaw like!
hmmrgng : Go ravens
nicky_peepee - mahrun_k - work__of__art__ - 73colts -
Who takes pics on the field while the game is going on ? Who my bro @dwightfreeney we go way back ..! Solid guy and great player ..! Chargers did there thing last night against the cowboys for preseason game ..! Thx again GT we had a blast , I love football I was acting like a little kid ..! #weworking #stevelobelconsulting #chargers #cowboys #nflpreseason #nfl #dwightfreeney #sandiego
stevelobelconsulting - dwightfreeney - sandiego - nflpreseason - weworking - nfl - chargers - cowboys -
juliecsk : That doesn't look not one thing like Camron. They're both black. End.
therealtaylor11 : Cuse alum!
camp_kris10 : Only the coolest people admit that in the spirit of something they feel like a kid...just saying...ur cool people Lobel....know how to live life... ✌
dirtyworks5050 : #Chuchi
papidebarge : Damn dats crazy u was n daygo,dats wer I'm frm, I just watched yo interview on this is, bruh u was hella sayin some real shit. Im tryna give u some of my music 2 hear, if u can take some time out n hear it n let me noe what u think dat would b a real blessing, thnks bruh hit me @weworking
papidebarge : @weworking
ecook26 : @melvininghram @bigmall_lmg @cjmagic_lmg
ecook26 : @melviningram
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I love @uber ...oh and did I mention my @jumpman23 #jordans @chargers ...❤❤ #sneakerhead #sandiego HERE WE GO!! @humble94 #dwightfreeney
jordans - sneakerhead - dwightfreeney - sandiego -
alvieshowtime1 : #sweetkicks
darkartclothing : Dope picture.
prettywhitney_ : Yay 💙💛 go chargers
prettywhitney_ : I wanted to be there tonight lol I miss you
prettywhitney_ - sarahbear1482 - d_heben - drewsteady -
⚡️Got some autographs! ⚡️ #chargerscamp #chargersfanfest #nfltrainingcamp #BrandonFlowers #ShareeceWright #MarcusCromartie #MikeFlacco #MikeWindt #RyanOtten #DwightFreeney #CoreyLiuget
chargersfanfest - dwightfreeney - coreyliuget - mikewindt - chargerscamp - marcuscromartie - brandonflowers - shareecewright - mikeflacco - nfltrainingcamp - ryanotten -
bigalceja : @cromartie_m @shareece_wright @humble94
angelkatiejane : Get it!
cousinfu : Thats bad ass
bigalceja : @cousinfu I'm going back for more on sat. You should go! Miguel and his boys are coming too.
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The man the myth, the Legend #DwightFreeney #Fanfest #Chargers
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#dwightfreeney and #melviningram signed my ball thanks guys #boltup #gochargers
melviningram - boltup - gochargers - dwightfreeney -
airaaquino_ - chooti - _snow.white - kristelaquino24 -
Chargers training camp 2014⚡️ #sandiego #chargers #boltup #DwightFreeney #MelvinIngram #MantiTeo #DonaldButler #JahleelAddae
boltup - dwightfreeney - sandiego - donaldbutler - chargers - melviningram - jahleeladdae - mantiteo -
michelle.umali : 👎😁
gmendeezy : @michelle.umali 😒🙇 wrong emoji for thumbs up 😭
michelle.umali : Sorry bout it! 😏
louwzystoop : 👍 @G_M_X
_juuuuules - janzuniga - spanx_uno - cuhrollinn -
Jarret Johnson n Dwight Freeney!
chargerstrainingcamp - chargerspark - boltup - bolts - dwightfreeney - trainingcamp - jarretjohnson - nfl - chargers - jarrerjohnson - sandiegochargers -
eleneki26 : #sandiegochargers #chargers #bolts #JarrerJohnson #DwightFreeney #BOLTUP #ChargersPark #chargerstrainingcamp #TrainingCamp #NFL @chargers
eleneki26 : #JarretJohnson
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This past NFL season and off season has not been easy for this man...hours upon hours of doctors, rehab, traveling to the best specialists, training and mentally preparing for this season...AND HE IS BACK!! #thebeastisback @chargers #chargers #allsmiles #sandiego #93 #dwightfreeney #HOF ...can't wait to witness this...
hof - chargers - dwightfreeney - sandiego - 93 - thebeastisback - allsmiles -
telltell_heart : Love him!'
quizzy32 : @lindseynfl Let's Go
notorious1127 - quizzy32 - joannasadaka - laurenmclaughlin13 -
Dwight Freeney Sues Ex-Financial Advisor For Fraud -blogged by @eleven8 - San Diego Chargers star Dwight Freeney is heading to court and he's taking his ex-financial advisor and her brother with him. Freeney is accusing the duo of scheming him into unnecessarily taking out a $55 million life insurance policy in an attempt to receive a huge $450k commission. Freeney says he paid $500k a year for 15 years. Via The Jasmine Brand The 34-year-old running back has filed a federal lawsuit against his former financial advisor Eva Weinberg and her brother Richard Weinberg. He claims that the duo schemed together to convince him to take out a $55 million life insurance policy all in an attempt to score huge commissions on the deals. Eva has already been sentenced to 3 years in prison for her role in stealing millions from Freeney with another man, both working as his advisors at the time. Freeney explains that at the height of his career he made the decision to entrust his net worth with Weinberg, despite him not knowing that she didn’t have the proper licenses to perform the services she said she could. He says she used her position to defraud him through various schemes. read the rest log on to (clickable link on profile) #DwightFreeney #FinancialAdvisor #Fraud #readtherest #logon
readtherest - financialadvisor - fraud - logon - dwightfreeney -
aceofhearts_23 : Id keep tabs on my money if i was them.. how do you let someone control your acct like that!
tallerthanaverage : @loyal4life don't he look like Mark from canton?? Thought this ninja was him!
tallerthanaverage : @amazedadoredloved
loyal4life : @tallerthanaverage lol. Kinda yeah
idia8419 : Lol i dont think people realize how difficult it is to manage millions of dollars. I mean seriously some of yall cant manage hundreds in your bank accounts ,getting all them overdraft fees.
cupcakeyp : Dang that's 7.5 Million just gone.. smh
jessdykstra1 : He's a defensive end not a running back 😩😩😩
benjaminstagrm : 👌
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Good day at Bolts mini camp. Keenan Allen and Dwight Freeney came through #chargers #keenanallen #dwightfreeney #nfl
chargers - nfl - keenanallen - dwightfreeney -
hoopshouseofcards : Very nice man !
mikeymetalnj : thats sick af!
brian_noe : @hoopshouseofcards @mikeymetalnj thanks guys!
bmwmodification : looks good
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Ready for football season to start. #ColtStrong #DwightFreeney #BlueAndWhite #LetsGo #SuperBowlBound
superbowlbound - blueandwhite - letsgo - dwightfreeney - coltstrong -
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Lmfao. Just went through a 2-hour golf clinic with one of the greatest defensive ends of all time (far right). #DwightFreeney #NFL #halloffamer #igavehimputtingtips #nicestguy #mydadsecretlytookthispicture #ididntrecognizehim 😂😂😂
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tagdistrict_app : @bradpittskii I like! Get more likes and followers using TagDistrict Lite App free, 20,000 Instagram users use it. Message us if you need help :)
e3photography11 : Sick!
omg_bitch_its_oly : Damn man that's awesome @bradpittskii
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I am so proud of my girl @MeredithcKaloog (possibly future business partner) for launching her Management company! Based out of Cali- She's already acquired some big name athletes! #DwightFreeney 🏈 She's just getting started! Her connections and network will blow your mind! - I'm just lucky she came to me for MockingBird Creative to help her Build her Brand! #MCKmanagement #MustFollow
mustfollow - dwightfreeney - mckmanagement -
chicgoddess88 : #dowork
benny_schaeffer - kezieo - joycookbrown - meameau -
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_chosen_24 - trever_mandella_31602 - thedodgerfrog -
This pretty much sums it up... #dwightfreeney @sdallstars #dodgeball photo CC @marialozano84 #givingback ..the most competitive man ever!! #dblock @keenan13allen @chargers #larryenglish #ryanmatthews #kingdunlap #melviningram
dwightfreeney - larryenglish - dblock - kingdunlap - givingback - melviningram - dodgeball - ryanmatthews -
blinkyssegal : 😂😂😂👏👏👏
brandybest : Grrrrrrrrr losing sucks!!! 👉😡🔫
lindseynfl : We were robbed @brandybest
dodgerdave619 : Never trust a dodgeball ref in stunner shades and shell toes!! @brandybest
joinaltruist : Nice one, @lindseynfl!
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Just a lil friendly competition!! #sandiego #summer #california #dodgeball #afterschoolallstars #foxsports #dwightfreeney @lindseynfl @sdallstars
summer - california - sandiego - dwightfreeney - afterschoolallstars - dodgeball - foxsports -
jwdovichi : Your hair looks lighter.. I like it!
lilette84 - mmerica_619 - valerielynn89 - stone_becca -
Ran into my brothers at #hakkassanvegas @youngtwizzy #aaron #dwightfreeney @afrojack spinning
hakkassanvegas - aaron - dwightfreeney -
comegetitrecords : That's Da one Rit there
youngtwizzy : @nycbigga what's hood my Nig
albertobragado : Cool!!
trederaye_next : New single in my bio go check me out don't sleep on a young nigga on his grind so tune in 💯💯
iamjesswhite : Zzzzzzzzz
therealpecas : @iamjesswhite i hate you haaaaa
rayfresh617 : @trederaye_next #MakeDaIndustryComeToYou #DoItuRsElf #RayFresh
sterlingmade365 : Where do I even start to get in a position lik yours?
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With future Hall of Famer, #DwightFreeney at the 2014 #SDAfterschoolAllstars #Dodgeball tournament. #SanDiegoChargers @chargers @virgilabueg @_akcirrej @missmevy
sdafterschoolallstars - sandiegochargers - dwightfreeney - dodgeball -
shirtdiego : Nice!
shirtdiego : Great!
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Loved watching my boys play for #DwightFreeney's #AfterschoolAllstars #Dodgeball event. @virgilabueg @_akcirrej @keenan13allen @catch_24 @melviningram and King Dunlap. #SanDiegoChargers @chargers
afterschoolallstars - sandiegochargers - dwightfreeney - dodgeball -
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Photo op with Team D-Block. @keenan13allen @catch_24 @melviningram Big King Dunlap and Dwight bustin his best Popeye face! My kid and I represented Cox Business at #DwightFreeney's #dodgeball tournament benefitting #afterschoolallstars. #dadlife #fatherandsontime #SanDiego #Chargers @foxsportssd @hiltonhotels @chargers @afterschoolallstars
chargers - sandiego - dwightfreeney - afterschoolallstars - fatherandsontime - dadlife - dodgeball -
roflo619 : Dope. 👌
meljimenez : So cool!
chris_veeeez - angela_23 - hiltonhotels - bee910 -
How it should be done... @tyreedillingham @foxsportssd @sdallstars #dwightfreeney #dodgeball ... #ryanmatthews @keenan13allen #kingdunlap #melviningram #larryenglish #dblock @chargers
dblock - dwightfreeney - kingdunlap - melviningram - larryenglish - dodgeball - ryanmatthews -
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Fox Sports San Diego, San Diego Chargers and @frankievizzle from @channel933 and his team #thedodgefathers helped raise money today for After School All Stars to help keep kids off the streets by playing a friendly game of Dodge Ball. #kingdunlap #ryanmatthews #dwightfreeney #keenanallen #melviningram
keenanallen - dwightfreeney - kingdunlap - melviningram - thedodgefathers - ryanmatthews -
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Ready to kick some BUTT in #dodgeball! #afterschoolallstars #dwightfreeney #frankiev #letsgo
frankiev - afterschoolallstars - letsgo - dwightfreeney - dodgeball -
mousiebringas : 😮
jenniferbianchi - gd2520 - vell_artistic - dj_rffirmative -
#dwightfreeney is Fired UP for Dodgeball! @foxsportssd @sdallstars #dodgeball
dwightfreeney - dodgeball -
pcg7 : @lindseynfl did you get to give any of you guys some @pgsports gear?
itsmspou : Please tell me he's giving you a spot on his team???
drbarbersd : Fack! Wish I cud partake!
dodgerdave619 : I told u to skip whackvegas @drbarbersd
drbarbersd : Bro I'm on cloud 15 out here, don't hate blood! @dodgerdave619
drbarbersd : But for real I just saw a Yankee ball player and he said to tell u fuck the dodgers
dodgerdave619 : Sounds good douche bag!! Too bad the yanks are at home in NY!!! @drbarbersd
marialozano84 - pbizzel0 - zshaina - devonmcneil_99 -
My twitter days.,, oh how I love #dwightfreeney I tweeted @robertmathis about my boo. @nickiesq look #throwbackthursday
throwbackthursday - dwightfreeney -
bludiamond18 -
@dwightfreeney #dwightfreeney in the press box @padres game #riptonygywnn #chargers #padres #dodgeball @foxsportssd @chargers
chargers - riptonygywnn - padres - dwightfreeney - dodgeball -
desiree_astorga : 👏🙏
marialozano84 - bolt_up_gang - clintonbell - its_krys209 -
Sorry about the #DallasClark spam, but This is kind of a big deal to me. He was the first colt I knew besides #PeytonManning. I had to wait a year into football card collecting to get one of his cards (@paniniamerica #LifeAccomplishment). I watched him play for 6 years with the colts, and when I found out that he had been cut along with #JosephAddai, #PeytonManning (I STILL HATE YOU JIM IRSAY!!!😡😡) #ReggieWayne (thank you pagano for bringing him back), #DwightFreeney and #AustinCollie (the got cut the year after), I was broken hearted, and I KNEW @trey_boss44 certainly wouldn't take it easily either. I still stayed updated with Dallas after he left Indy for Tampa bay and Baltimore. And I just want to say #ThankYouDallasClark, for being my FAVORITE tight end in the @NFL, and will always be one of my favorite colts! #FinallyaColtAgain
austincollie - thankyoudallasclark - lifeaccomplishment - dwightfreeney - peytonmanning - finallyacoltagain - reggiewayne - dallasclark - josephaddai -
camford150 - libbyworking - grantsvillecowboys - matt_phillips87 -
If only I was a size 13.5 ...😢 @dwightfreeney #teamjordan #jordan @jumpman23 #dwightfreeney @chargers #sandiego #chargers
chargers - teamjordan - jordan - sandiego - dwightfreeney -
prettywhitney_ : Lol!
desiree_astorga : It's a good thing your not
iluvterricka : If only we were on Jordan brand 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
lindseynfl : This is true @desiree_astorga
lindseynfl : I know @iluvterricka ...need to make that happen...
jeg8122 : I am!!
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#DoubleClick #DwightFreeney #ItsAChargersWorld #TimeToDropTheBomb #ItsOurYear #SuperBowlBolts #Chargers #NFL
dwightfreeney - nfl - superbowlbolts - chargers - itsachargersworld - timetodropthebomb - doubleclick - itsouryear -
graysondoe : s4s?
batman_2chainz - codaly - ddh_reginald - kaine.humberson.15 -
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