I shoot @samhorine shooting @chrisconnolly shooting.
anthonyperonace : Artsy
giant_torus : @ikedeani #meta
james.chia : lovin it!
abby_beth_williams : Love this!
lenkaii : Wow nice! :)
nazrinashman : What kind of camera is that?
samwiththeantha : Nice cam ahh ;)
chukabeat : Good veiw
shungarovaa - macadamaureen - mateoruescas - giulia_diana -
A great day. #dumborumble
dumborumble -
ritchiejordan_official : Belle vue
aruka69 : Great building
camfan2 : Great contrast. Ordinary made extraordinary!
zuhair_almazeedi : نحن امام مصور محترف
kingkoopa310 : Great pic
benbrown_ : @ikedeani did you take this with your iPhone?
edeani : @bengoeshard Yup, iPhone 4
benbrown_ : How is it such good quality? @ikedeani
andy_tong - lois.shin - mizyael - crackerspics -
Final #dumborumble // had a blast that day you guys should check out the amazing IGer's from that day @samhorine @sgoralnick @chrisconnolly @chrisozer @reedreeder @jungletimer @shahkashani @premiumview @ikedeani
dumborumble -
nivlek_ : Great shot
premiumview : So good bro! And thanks!
shahkashani : The bomb. 👊
peja79 : cooool
ksusha : @jacobisyourbuddy gorgeous
1soul2laces : @jacobisyourbuddy when's the next walk? I want in lol
mpw_67 : Great shot!
srtapoppi : Beautiful!!!!!
ilitchpeters - irina_burimenko - odd87 - andrewkusakin -
A #dumborumble #latergram featuring a @shahkashani and a horse I lifted from @bridif
safaricity - latergram - dumborumble -
theflyingsheep : Wow spotted 😳🐴 cool!👍
travel_stepher : Cool pic
samuelbarbosa : Stencil!!!!
aquavalgoff : I used to own a Paint-best and beautiful horse I ever owned! Great pic!
markaren24 : Cool
samhorine : #safaricity
myownphotography : Your a Great photographer
katejm : Almost a #rothkogram
siljevestland - docrouzi - berbaby68 - califrankia -
@chrisozer bridge // #nyc // #newyork // #dumborumble
newyork - nyc - dumborumble -
chrisozer : 
samhorine : @jacobisyourbuddy oh sad day indeed 😥
premiumview : @samhorine @jacobisyourbuddy That asshat should work for the NBA with these blocks he's putting out 😭
premiumview : Dope shot bro!
samhorine : @premiumview did asshat @ryanmooe (🐮) block you too?
therealkennedy : Jacob this shot makes me want to be YOUR buddy
therealkennedy : ie- it's flippin sweet
premiumview : @samhorine the asshat @ryanmooe didn't yet! Might after this 🎉
mareea9903 - mel370 - te_zissou -
Far away people // #nyc // #newyork // #dumborumble
newyork - nyc - dumborumble -
agal0330 : @jacobisyourbuddy great photo
jacobsantiago : @_manda_g thank you
ksusha : @jacobisyourbuddy love love love
jacobsantiago : @roaring_rose thanks
jacobsantiago : @ksusha thank you
ioe : Nice colors!
peja79 : niiice
arantm - shanimalxoxo - phil.photo - te_zissou -
#nyc #brooklyn #dumborumble
nyc - brooklyn - fartoodope - p3top - dumborumble -
premiumview : @selyl0v3 You're from around my way! We have some of the same friends
5pts : @premiumview amazing feed. 👊
premiumview : @5pts thanks izzy 👊
instagram_86er : @premiumview The 420th like 👍👍 Smoke 1 💨🍃🍃🍁
locustvonautofocus : Thanx for the like mate!😌👍😚🏆
nq75 : 👏👏👏👏👏👏
acsele : Cool
premiumview : #fartoodope
we_stay_young - dan_aljouf - ismolk - malmoftah -
#nyc // #newyork // #dumborumble // #vscocam
newyork - nyc - vscocam - dumborumble -
philanthropy : So great!
swerved : 👍
tristanfenholt : Love the cityscape and tones
premiumview : So good
_badkarma : 👍👍👍
jacobsantiago : @savyxo thanks
jacobsantiago : @swerved thanks homie
jacobsantiago : @premiumview thanks homes
yotico - dav88son - pompea - jimsantiquitys -
@chrisconnolly shooting street art #dumborumble cc @ikedeani
dumborumble -
sgoralnick : @only_real_vix nah, no need for admissions. I actually noticed an interesting phenomenon that seems unique to instagram: ten thousand people may "like" and image, but very rarely (and unfortunately) will the explore any deeper, and won't even see the image that came immediately before. so I posted this in the name of science, to try and get a gauge on whether many people saw (or went in to see) the next image. not many, it seems.
van_lam : @samhorine @btlover @jacobmeister follow me. I follow back!
xiibarblues813 : I'm "like" number 3333 - sweet!
jdsingaram : Awesome shot
chrisholifield : Love this
juliebabindesign : ❤❤❤👍👍👍
yukiko____ : 💝✨💝
fashioncandy101 : Art is beautiful
masaoseven272 - ilhamtaheri - menelab - natalyjones -
#dumborumble // Starring @samhorine @sgoralnick @chrisconnolly @chrisozer @shahkashani @premiumview @jungletimer @ikedeani
dumborumble -
jacobsantiago : @cmykchicago thank you
thanewyorker : Crazy good. You always find a way to op yourself sir. 👏
nolab : Such great lines
swerved : @jacobisyourbuddy that sounds awesome. Not sure if I'm ready to roll with you top dogs just yet lol definitely come for a boat ride when my brother and I are working. You'll get
swerved : Some great shot...
olasyuk_a : Very beautiful!
bemusedobserver : Great shot!
jllvrde : This is fantastic
razenyce - irregularroy - carlnyc - pompea -
Shooting Icarus
elisabetherin : Love that light!!
shahkashani : @hamrye @chrisozer @premiumview @herbergli @erin_love Much appreciated! 👊
shahkashani : @sbakshian @khadija @syahrilaz @sahilpandita @lucasdfranca Thank you!
christine2j : I like your style~
michaelpinet : Nice pic... Very nice gallery!
frauamygdala : 😍
jennlovesss : Gorgeous ! I'm going in June. :)
patriciaboto : with pictures like this, I realize I'm just a beginner D:
andynacksag - ilitchpeters - luis_black003 - agpstrikking -
face-off! with @samhorine and @chrisconnolly #dumborumble
dumborumble -
sgoralnick : @gphotographer why do you find it surprising?
iam_graham0 : Its pretty simple.
sgoralnick : @gphotographer it's a computer algorithm choosing the images that appear there, it's not based on what the photos look like. otherwise, there would be much better photos on there :/
sgoralnick : @gphotographer can't remember the last time I looked at the popular page, but I just peeked and at least half of it was screen grabs of quotes from tumblr and pictures of boy bands and celebrities nabbed from the Internet. while I don't necessarily disagree with you on the merits of this image, at least it is actually a photo, and one that I created myself...
samhorine : Awesome!
digitartistt : I love it
charmcitychica : You most definitely intrigued me when I saw what you did to alter it. Caught my eye. Talented! Love the way you think outside the box @sgoralnick
ilitchpeters : Amazing shot!!!
osiris______ - nicky_harris_ -
shahkashani : @jungletimer Peter C? That's awesome, such a small world! He's a good guy (with a phenomenal mustache), I'll be sure to grab him tomorrow for a Lisa-chat :)
shahkashani : @amersly I fully support the above suggestion.
jungletimer : haha yeah totally. sadly as of today, no more mustache. :{(
amersly : Shah; your road trip idea is genius. And I agree, I need to get out there! My husband is taking a trip to Princeton in the Fall and I'm thinking of tagging along and forcing an NYC day (or week...). Cc: @jungletimer
shahkashani : @jungletimer 👨➡👦? That's sad! With a bit of persuasion it might make a triumphant return one day. We're counting on you.
sgoralnick : intrepid explorers
d_lillian : Best/worst mockumentary of all time...
shahkashani : @dlillianphoto I still need to watch it! Apparently Norwegian Ninja is another must see / must avoid Norwegian movie. :)
aurora_frontonesi - ilitchpeters - marinelars - vanehrnndz -
Bridge view #latergram #dumborumble
latergram - dumborumble -
ocdad : Awesome take, great view
renatomattos23 : Fantastic
sarahcsuka3_rightfield : Yeah
totallyafabgirl : WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
picchu : Fantastic!
donna_pim : cool
demythecymatic : Your NYC photos are fantastic my friend! Inspires me for music thanks for sharing these
frederikliisberg : Fantastic Gallery mate! If you Like architecture please check out My work, and let me know if you Like any of it please:-) if you Got time✌
stephenwent - fayeresik - marinabesker - leslie_317 -
#vscocam // #nyc // #newyork // #dumborumble
newyork - nyc - vscocam - dumborumble -
pattyj : Perf!!!
ksusha : @jacobisyourbuddy I heart this !!!
philanthropy : Another awesome shot!
minhtai2306 : AmaZing!!<3
olasyuk_a : I want to be there)
kcdream - rachelypunto - ofgreatdesires - 3awoosh -
#metagram w/ @chrisconnolly
metagram -
trueshoutouts4u : Do you want a shoutout? So you have to go to user @northstrongwind and like all the photos(20 photos) :)
merwin.g : L4L R4R F4F only todaaay!!
cantsaycindy : So cute
arilombok : samorine....you are greaat!!!!!
krd_lodi : Ha, nice.
mgwalker74 : Great! Did you guys have wanda, snapping as you went? Nice shot. Enjoy your work.
foxxy_roxxy : Interesting idea)
ocdad : Nicely done
mytrinacria - syedfuzail - donna_pim - dashakiryanova -
The bridges of Kings County (combined in #imageblender app) #dumborumble
imageblender - dumborumble -
sjay6 : You're welcome. Changed user name to sjay6.
wheezy39 : Pretty pic!
ramesh0303 : Beautiful pic ...whrs that place
ramesh0303 : Cool pic
sgoralnick : @ramesh0303 thanks! manhattan & Brooklyn bridges (as always, just tap the location tag above the photo to see where it was taken)
jaypreet87 : Wow great image!
nemeleo : j'adore
dubceez : That's rad @sleazist_sleaze
ilhamtaheri - sackseeka - n3mophilist_ - willy102 -
#nyc #brooklyn #dumborumble
brooklyn - fartoodope - nyc - vscocam - p3top - dumborumble -
tahaphoto : 2nd look. Still nasty!!
premiumview : @tahaphoto thanks bro
ezzy2517 : Great shot!
premiumview : @ezzy2517 thank u
premiumview : @mareikeanastasia thank you
ryanchristopherpalmer : Wow! You have beautiful photos. Great work.
monikamladenova : nice work!
premiumview : #fartoodope
moirasette - tristanw_ - malmoftah -
#dumborumble #latergram
latergram - dumborumble -
jorbot3000 : Love
alisonzakcollins : Great shot
kelly4nia : Cute pic
jamesbondrock - marco_2 -
Inspector @sgoralnick & the mysterious case of the #dumborumble
dumborumble -
samhorine : @bexfinch yesssss!
furiousmate : Great shot
beccjoan : I have always wanted to own an inspector gadget jacket. Equipt with binoculars and a magnifying glass.
samhorine : @beccjoan that would be awesome!
sgoralnick : go go gadget fisheye lens, snapseed ambiance, rise filter!
samhorine : @sgoralnick OH: "slap some rise on that!"
arizabenk : Nice shot
danicaoller : Lovely :))
marjan8112 - taratip_punya - pdeezy000000 -
brooklynnsalvato : Wow
liamohanl : Wiah
liamohanl : Woah
shayboogie : @premiumview I see 😜
murdapolis : Your whole gallery is amazing.
leesumire : @robatphotogroove SO AMAZING
jadene_anitaa : Wow god knows if ur guna read any of this lol
__ju.lia___ : all of your pictures are so f.ucking amazing!! I want to print them all and hang them up on my wall!! so great.
verychrispy - anni_volkova - szergiusz - gabyviin -
#dumborumble #latergram
latergram - dumborumble -
bulldogfront - ray_tsai_16 - everton13 - most_23 -
Shot in native iPhone camera, combined in #imageblender app, edited in #snapseed app.
imageblender - snapseed -
digitartistt : @digitartistt
digitartistt : No Sgoralnick in Facebook
icmeicme : Awesome pic
sgoralnick : @digitartistt I only follow people on Facebook that I know in real life.
sgoralnick : @digitartistt I meant the answer to "how did you do this" is in the title of the photo.
kelly4nia : I like the overlay
sgoralnick : @kelly4nia thanks!
s.mccartin : Definitely my favorite.
childofsatan - raafafb - n3mophilist_ -
Almost #twinsies 👯
twinsies -
joesack67 : Why you little......
methono : An asian Homer behind <3
mgwalker74 : Love the colour lay over. What u using there. I'm starting out & trying to learn. Any recommended apps? Again, nice shot.
nyle_on : The man in the back is hilarious :) haha
nyle_on : I just wanna photoshop him everywhere and post It on tumblr
samhorine : @nyle_on the haha!
wiino_street : Yeah!!
ferferriv : In Harlem??
califrankia - becca4898 - andreacorongiu - uhhohhhh -
cazedmunds : Nice angle of the shot...
ocdad : Nice take.
mochit4 : So Great!
alexiamayo : I miss this city
monica870 : Wow the angle on this shot is gorg!!!
dharma_cowboy : beautiful!
nickcedo8 : I luuuuuv the Brooklyn bridge!!!! Ehere was the pic??? Brooklyn????Manhattan????
e_vandross : I like this photo
missunfkenbelievable - francesca_sargenti - serifenurkrks -
#newyork #brooklyn #dumborumble
newyork - brooklyn - dumborumble -
elisambeta : Wow
thefashimite : Dude you're awesome
____2nd : I have a picture like this @premiumview
bayuwizakson : Follow back me,
davidbrucevegan : best picture on instagram
blueeyedbell : Great perspective! @premiumview awesome! 😝
tawnytsui : Nice pics :)
twoonethree : Great shot!
y.s21_ - povilasdovydaitis - herrisonchun - vargakrisztian -
from yesterday's jaunt over the manhattan bridge with @samhorine @chrisconnolly and @jungletimer. I don't normally think these thoughts about the East River, but yesterday it was quite beautiful.
sadladders : Almost looks like paradise, but we know better.
jordyn_moo : Omg I live that view
laure_l : Iike it ;d
mrrazor15 : Were do u get dese from
amandaalopez14 : Wow Now That's Beautiful (:
lego_man_f1666 : Nice pic
symm_melhado : Thats an amazing picture
sjay6 : I've always wanted to visit New York.
nickjacclyn - caterinaricardi - thingsidontknow - stormie3678 -
#layingdowninpublic // In this scene we have @shahkashani @reedreeder @samhorine @chrisconnolly @premiumview // #nyc // #dumborumble
nyc - layingdowninpublic - dumborumble -
jacobsantiago : @hamrye thanks dude
jacobsantiago : @shahkashani thanks buddy
ocarinaofrhyme : Sweet focus
edeani : Sneaky!!
ashleybigblue : great shot :)
nolab : Jealous. I need some hang time w these creative master minds.
jacobsantiago : @nolab they are all really great people. If you're ever in NYC we have to link up
nolab : I look forward to it.
itimmy__ - carlnyc - gambinogirl333 -
from where @chrisconnolly stands to shoot @jacobisyourbuddy & @shahkashani at the #dumborumble - also #hugstagram
hugstagram - dumborumble -
sgoralnick : "hey. are you going to take a TTV?" <leans over @chrisconnolly, puts I. headlock>
sgoralnick : *in
samuelbarbosa : Vintage style camera! Luv it
samhorine : @sgoralnick 💁
rapp41 : Beautiful Hasselblad...
ladydezine : I love them old caneras. I have two. Thnx for sharing
indradel__ : Is never saw The image on top in one Of these cameras before !! Awesome 👌
colinmpark : Miss my blad.
rocavine - duss_photography - trotamundos_7d -
The Fifth Dimension
dumborumble -
shahkashani : With @samhorine, @sgoralnick, @chrisozer & @ikedeani #dumborumble
samhorine : iPhone centipede grows longer!
shahkashani : @samhorine Mightier than the Human Centipede. World dominance awaits!
thesophieadventures - patti_cam - mccrysun - mazpink -
it was a great day for instagram and for new friends. @samhorine @sgoralnick @ikedeani @reedreeder @shahkashani @chrisconnolly @chrisozer @jacobisyourbuddy #latergram #dumborumble
latergram - dumborumble -
jacobsantiago : Love this shot Lisa
ocdad : Great shot.
samhorine : Nice!
feejordy : Awesome
alexandra008 - nokiel - mazpink - imogensusan -
Great walk across the Manhattan bridge yesterday with @jungletimer, @sgoralnick & @chrisconnolly
jamesdelliquanti : I miss new york
cool_grumpy : Very nice shot!
lydili : NY is so beautiful...
ms_nimisha : Amazing view
rivane : Wanna be there...
m_lutfalla : Magnificent shot ,we dont have like this in bahrain h3
debbie12t : Very nice👏
donna_pim : mice pic
ilitchpeters - eggwhites25 - donna_pim - bugsmemaw -
#nyc // #newyorkcity // #dumborumble
nyc - newyorkcity - dumborumble -
jacobsantiago : @josheinwechter thank you Josh
jacobsantiago : @chrisozer thanks Chris appreciate it
m_twice : Nice shot!
aniketshahane : Awesome!
sgoralnick : just realizing that we must have been standing almost in the same spot, but took two very different views
jacobsantiago : @sgoralnick so true I love your take on the shot. FYI I think the red team lost the ball game
chicca1994 : Omg! Just would be there now!!!
winatristiana : Ah keren !! Great shot
immy_sh - vasilman - suzithorne -
lookingup -
edeani : @ableparris Nah, this was yesterday
tere616 : Awesome. ......
era_lisa : I love this! Great shot :)
queenbusybee : It's brilliant!
nicuapz : Wow!! Its cool! Nice shot!!
joe_says_hello : Great line work
rrodd80 : Awesome
instamann : Excellent compositions and use of light. Following you now.
bobi_5 - ilovewilllastforever - singleflesh -
Great hang yesterday with @ikedeani @sgoralnick @chrisconnolly @reedreeder @shahkashani @samhorine @jacobisyourbuddy @premiumview and @jungletimer (not pictured).
maya_sh : I love your photos!
blanka_st : Love it.
afred72 : @chrisozer...U took this pic with an Iphone 4S? If U tell me YES , then it is a fantastic pic. Great Job! ;-)
skywalker523 : SuperB
geppetto7 : Very nice
gravvity : wow..it's very cool
_shiboro : 👍@chrisozer Perfect!!
a_alsq : Nice
shuyinggggg - vungu - spashalxnoon67 - fidan_kandemir -
#nyc #Brooklyn #dumborumble
brooklyn - fartoodope - nyc - vscocam - p3top - previewny - dumborumble -
thefashimite : 😳 wow
premiumview : #vscocam #p3top
juliebabindesign : ❤❤❤love this shot!!!
selim_ce : ✨👍
pimmy27 : Very nice:)
premiumview : #fartoodope
premiumview : #previewny
garzoha : Awesome shot
moirasette - alevoicu - gigi559 - jesiennylisc -
Love the bridge views in NY
matsruwe : Its beatiful
thejqconcept : How amazing 
phelpsman : Just don't get too close to the projects
michaelgrabow : Looks just like the field where they played baseball in Richie Rich.
jleaps1 : Freedom tower in the back ground.
thiennhatthenewclassic : Beautiful !
alana1703 : Great shot :)
theofficialblake4 : Ahhh!! This is amazing !
fesyenvictim - bamkemika - imprettyme - taratip_punya -
wonderwoman_duh : Lmfao dumbo
edeani : @avdr79 DUMBO is, literally, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Brooklyn bridge is right next to the Manhattan bridge though
av_dr : @ikedeani ooh. Thanks.
bluntbreak : Awesome sauce
12lulup : Love it great pix.... follow back
jacquieblaze : Stunning!!!!
ruthlamb1996 : Wow it's Awsome
harper_7oo : I love all your work ;)))
chokevintage - brettlymonster - lauritagtz - mstkt1cooper -
Chill Zone
dumborumble -
professorbombay : Perfect timing with the sun. Great shot!
ctolliver81 : Awesome feed, Shah!!
bexfinch : This is terrible I hate it
bexfinch : Because I wasn't there!!!
shahkashani : @bexfinch Ima photoshop you in.
bexfinch : I think you're lying.
alzirlima : great gallery! keep it up, man. cheers from brazil.
shahkashani : @alzirlima Thanks, Alzir! I'll certainly try!
frkmalinnilsson - ilitchpeters - ddazzvalentina - andynacksag -
Snap snap snap snap // @reedreeder @sgoralnick @ikedeani @chrisozer /// side note still trying out #vscocam mix feelings
vscocam - dumborumble -
stevenbeijer : Thanks for the info! I didn't know that. An app has to truly blow me away to gain (and keep) a place in the (two) already full 'Photography' folders on my iPhone, so in that case I guess I'll reserve judgement.
jacobsantiago : #dumborumble
wazelig : It looks like the end of Reservoir Dogs. Everybody shooting at each other. Great composition.
mendes33 : So cool
sgoralnick : so great.
jacobsantiago : @sgoralnick thanks Steph
adamjoelsmith : Yes!!!!
marse_m : Ahaha)
gkorytov - anjelica87 - sensitive_love_spirit -
New York
dolphin_okamura : I love NYC.
clovisk26 : NYC is amazing!
stillrill : Amazing, I wish I was there!
maisiechan5 : New York is the seaside city so beautiful
wackypatacki : awesome
saintsandevils : Stunning
reagenmarie : I spy manhattan mini storage... love their campaigns
theofficialblake4 : LOVE THIS ! great shot !
lisaayla - lidiacolombo_pannacotta - lorenzo76jfc -
soloparking - dumborumble -
elisabetherin : haha! love it!!
shahkashani : #dumborumble
samhorine : Just real life LOL'ed for solo parking!
4blankwalls : haha, nice hashtag
jonesjanuary : :) love love love this
dudelum : Hope he wasn't his bizness in the water.
minervafernandez : Love it!!!
biggie_griffon : 😍 love
butaoji - marinelars - akatomed - abfkrish -
@chrisozer & @shahkashani & @samhorine & @reedreeder
dumborumble -
tanim_khan : Nice picZZzzz......
kalpurush : Lukng grt
krisshevch : love it.
kelly4nia : Great shot
fangque : 
feire_licious : We are all on drugs yea
_s.p.c.c : Thought you might enjoy my brand and photos check out @sgtpepperbrand
hirozzzz : Yes!
mohsen_dehghani - steadyhand1 - grace_ville - colinauer -
@ChrisConnolly & @SamHorine Kickin' The Tires
dumborumble -
haileynicole3 : @shahkashani thanks(:
jacobsantiago : Good one buddy @missyhelly he is definitely tall in fact most of the group were giants but me and @shahkashani represented the 5 foot crew
elisabetherin : I loved the comment about you inspiring! very sweet :) & you ARE inspiring!
shahkashani : @erin_love You're too kind, thank you. Means a lot coming from a talent such as yourself!
shahkashani : #dumborumble
soverain : Prank prayer wall - these guys are trying to figure it out.
portaobjetos : Nice😃
juditcanela : :)
andynacksag - yulikatorza - dashakiryanova - paulapordios -
ahmed_desouky : Good one :)
tiarayuandari : So nice:-)
lokchow : well!
samhorine : shoutout to @morecakes for the awesome name and thoughtful comment :)
morecakes : Ha! I get you, thanks
trentster14 : Nice! Really.. :)
mgwalker74 : Love it. Great colour and captured the history brilliantly. ❤
tahaphoto : Lovin the feed!!
sfbellejar - wellyce - tukkata1990 -
a splendid afternoon spent with instabuds old and new: @jacobisyourbuddy @reedreeder @ikedeani @chrisconnolly (not pictured: @samhorine @jungletimer @shahkashani @chrisozer)
dumborumble -
lilis30061970 : Relationship in a light. Good
linalopes : Uauuuuuu
i_spy5 : What a gang!
sgoralnick : #dumborumble
mcbeth22 : Cool
arianajenkins : Delicious
arianajenkins : Awesome
fashioncandy101 : Cool
n3mophilist_ - flobeciri - mattmama13 -
The Magic Hour, Starring @samhorine, @sgoralnick, @chrisozer, @jacobisyourbuddy, @ikedeani, @chrisconnolly & @reedreeder. Not featured, but deserve mentions: @jungletimer & @premiumview #talentoverload
talentoverload - dumborumble -
wattphoto : Ahhhh so jealous! You guys are amazing, would have loved to meet you in person!
lucasdfranca : Whoa!
sbakshian : Wow! Very Cool Shot! Happy to see you all had a super time! Can't wait to see more!!
signaldbn : Love that.
shahkashani : #dumborumble
christinapavlova : Wonderful!
kaylanfw : The golden hour is SO magical. Love it
maisie_z_b : Amazing shot x
zwarteindiaan - elishaaa7 - haaaleyyymariieexx0 -
Epic #zombiecar
zombiecar -
briansouth : I got some shots of this car :)
cristiangarhe : Nice!
theartistya : I wanna go for a ride
dozerguy81 : @lacedavis11 it's a 57 I believe
kuripa : Omg!!! I love this car!!! Nice shot!!!
mrmariob : Gangster
cetindgr : Thats my dream car
portaobjetos : Cool !
samantha_pitu - rgz_maria - prchlikova - embos23 -
dumborumble -
trvp_qu33n : Nice picB-)
bego08 : Waoo
lesavcowgirl : So beautiful
lluna_g : Magnifique !
feire_licious : Awesome
pepex_ : Awesome!!
mohib2002 : Imaginary photo
hirozzzz : We need to go on one of these walks.
jonesstyle - kolldi - shulman27 -
Roll Call: @chrisconnolly @jacobisyourbuddy @sgoralnick @jungletimer @chrisozer @ikedeani @reedreeder @shahkashani & I.
yeahrocksyeah - dumborumble -
samhorine : @twheat wish we could have gotten you on this one...if you ever come to NYC on biz let me know!
elvini : love shadows photos !
ravi05singh : Wow
rnathanv : Look at the photographers massive triceps!! (;
barneyandfred : Great image - love the shadows and composition.
samuelbarbosa : Ccoooll
alienbaby : @rnathanv LOL
adr1an_hall : Cooooooool
prchlikova - ilitchpeters - nic120411 - saraelbeth -
@reedreeder getting his golden hour on
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sgoralnick : #dumborumble
jirehrocks : One of those scenes where something fancy will happen ✨😱✨
allhotguys : Nice
stefanie4290 : Awsome! Im coming on the 16 th of may to new York !
sgoralnick : @stefanie4290 cool! have fun.
elifgulmen : New York! :)
lenefollestad : Cool✌
ceciliacyril : Wow
reneehsiao - c1pman - natunia - thejasminepetals -
#nyc // #newyorkcity
nyc - newyorkcity - dumborumble -
ioe : Wow!
samhorine : Nice!
chrisozer : Really nice man.
jacobsantiago : @samhorine @chrisozer thanks fellas
ksusha : @jacobisyourbuddy stunning
makaheng : Powerful !
jacobsantiago : #dumborumble
mzdot - yaelbarash -
dumborumble -
kevinpaulsmith87 : F4F
xxhelloxsunshine : Folllloww me:)
chrlstian : Sick
nattttylite : This is so cool
samhorine : #dumborumble
hfangnz : Cool
omini01 : 👽👽
lokkdaisy : So cool~
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@jungletimer vs street art
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gulbisz : Love your photos!!!
sportyandshorty : I think it's kinda weird
sgoralnick : @hannaharcement great! that was most certainly the point.
donnatroublemaker : Love it
donnatroublemaker : @sgoralnick good photo
ghadeer.3a : I like it
rkcnney : Grrrrrrrrrr haha
linda_vanda : Scary 
flordlousand - eyesofm - infinityblond101 - bitch_please_im_juicy -
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mutatis_mutandis : Cooool
tlschaaf : Love this, great shot
sgoralnick : #dumborumble
thehouseofhair : Great photo
mcbeth22 : Yummy
allhotguys : This is a cool photo
jstlsvld : Wow love it very much 😍
caligurl25 : Great shot! 😁
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pork buns #onthetable with @samhorine @chrisconnolly and @jungletimer
onthetable - dumborumble -
sgoralnick : *pork
sgoralnick : #dumborumble
najooob_jl : Oh ok Thanx :) we eat same like this but filled with sheep meat yummy it's so tasty :D but i never tasted pork :)
sgoralnick : @najoob_shakur who is "we"? where are you from? can't tell from your pics and you have no profile info ;)
najooob_jl : We means my Family :) I'm from Saudi Arabia .. Aha bcoz am new here so no need to fill everything :D
juditcanela : Nice!
telerouge : Very cute photo! 肉まん
kelly8882 : 吃包子,喝茶?
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