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Moto whip Monday. Old pic snapped by @djdayjob #prebeard #bmx #motolife #dugfur
motolife - bmx - prebeard - dugfur -
ryantyler115 : @motolife @dugfur
camranprice : In need of some @dugfur stickers bro
chopmoto - satanslittleprincesss - amairanifnz - elizabeth_errin -
Fire sunset down here at the rogue river 🎣πŸ”₯☁️ #sunset #fishing #dugfur #fireclouds
fireclouds - sunset - fishing - dugfur -
gamefairdirect - neu_rhymes_with_poo - cromladz058 - tejaybelliott -
Moto this moto that @motolife #grateful #bmx #motolife #dugfur @j_714 photo
motolife - bmx - dugfur - grateful -
steel203 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ boosting good to see u back homie! @ryantyler115
talyntaylor_ : You're in my neck of the woods braahhhh!
nwjake : Yea yea!
_anqela3 - phatrix40 - kojedkoi - motoprincess626 -
Home session jibs pt.1 #dugfur #vansbmx #odyssey #shadowconspiracy
vansbmx - dugfur - shadowconspiracy - odyssey -
customcruisers : Creative Pic
jakrlittle : My Attempts at a half cab manual 180 and nollie 3 to manual 180
bkinney69 - wrungway - abigailnwood - chris_sturner -
Lil Scooter kids are so annoying,, I miss the bmxπŸš²πŸ™Œ|| πŸ“·@jasperbmx7 #bmx #dugfur #toboggan #oregon
bmx - dugfur - oregon - toboggan -
goomba413 : Shut up,it's scooter gang or die.
jfisher_3 : It's,,, you are a bitch @goomba413
goomba413 : @jfisher_3 yada yada that's all I hear from you
dimensionsurfer - skatepien - abbi.hayes - rideordie_24 -
North Umpqua river posted 😎🌲 #dugfur #northumpqua
dugfur - northumpqua -
brockspangler - britneydense - mkbryson95 -
Got my dugfur SnapBack finally! Reppin the west coast all the way from VA! #dugfur #westcoast #newport #oregon #541
newport - 541 - westcoast - dugfur - oregon -
mlexaorrow : Fck yeah bro. Hope all is well my dude
__chalupa.__.batman__ : Yeah man it is! Hope all is well over yonder with you! @mlexaorrow
mylifeontrees : nice fucking stache bro haha
ryantyler115 - or_krystal - asspainmarie - boy.with.apple -
#Dugfur @dugfur
dugfur -
ryantyler115 : πŸ™
chr1sturk : Ryan I need some gear and stickers, I checked out the website but there was much of a selection. Is that all you have atm? @flyinryan115
ryantyler115 : Sadly yes. Money is a bitch and I'm still trying to lock down a legit loan. Little frusterated at the moment but it will work out. I have some new stickers, where you living these days?
chr1sturk : I'm in medford oregon, if you still have my number you should text me some pics of the stickers you have available. I want to put one on my street bike! @flyinryan115
dugfur - ryantyler115 - kylee_______ - roganwienert -
First run of hats up on dugfur.com #northwest #oregon #dugfur #snapback $20. Red snap, green under bill.
northwest - dugfur - oregon - snapback -
nwjake : Sweet!
camranprice : I want one
24killinit : πŸ‘Œ
blakep22 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
_treverbates_ : What!! So sick! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜±
clarkroast : Tooooo rad πŸ”₯
buttxshark : i want one
marydavis3 - blakehaughton - carson_headlee1 - _braindamage17 -
Ran into @williambmx88 today shreddin and running one of our decals on his bike. Thanks bud #dugfur #oregon #bmx #northwest
bmx - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
williambmx88 : @utopiuh
babyface97 - puchalska - phatrix40 - howry70 -
Wouldn't want to be wearing any other kind of gear, I love my shift and fox set up. Power motorsports has the sickest selection!!! #dugfur #thursdaynights #powerkawasaki
thursdaynights - powerkawasaki - dugfur -
j_714 - garrenzintz - lcatmx - toridenise7 -
Off to pir for some Thursday night motos #221 #dugfur #powerkawasaki #motolife #180decals #cubstyle #203
203 - cubstyle - 180decals - motolife - powerkawasaki - dugfur - 221 -
alyas_wardius433 : Get it bratha πŸ‘ŠβœŠ
dugfur : Good luck homie ✊
maysonmarie16 - rugerap9 - ash91192 - clay_wallen -
@33lund keeping it about as northwest as it gets in the sleeveless dugfur. πŸ“· @nickvergillo #dugfur #northwest
dugfur - northwest -
leowilliamson : Sweet pic man
babyface97 - kylevinson18 - _kevin_43 - jamieraeh13 -
Congratulations! #Dugfur
dugfur -
dugfur : Not completely finalized yet but we got it. Thanks for the support bud ✊
dugfur - krafty90 - kyliemariemiezio - jessajewels -
Just about got this locked down #ustrademark #dugfur #oregon #northwest #onestepatatime
ustrademark - onestepatatime - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
24killinit : πŸ‘Œ
thestrugle340 : What's up bro! Hope your doin good! I been wanting to start my own company but not sure where to start any ideas? Trying to start a clothing company called TLG! How'd you start off?
hobiedoan - kylevinson18 - howry70 - jamieraeh13 -
Late night shenanigans @dugfur #dugfur #oregon #northwest #apparel #screenprinting
apparel - screenprinting - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
bobjenkins17 : BA!!! I gotta get some fresh gear from ya soon.
theramblinglass - lane_jimmybuffett_i.b - beastmodesavage01 -
@tactilelight surprised us with this awesome wooden engraving. Gonna be working with them on some products soon! #dugfur #oregon #northwest
dugfur - oregon - northwest -
fauxfox_ : 😍
tactilelight : @dugfur - We shall make some awesome for sure!
boatznhoz : I need to get an anchor tree for my new curr @dugfur
leowilliamson : @boatznhoz I'll send a few home with k-slaught
miathermopolisp : DOPE. gotta rep dat in the 707 #yayarea
nwjake : Love the DugFur in the tree.
babyface97 - jamiekeller13 - turbo277 - tactilelight -
#oregon #northwest #dugfur #coast
coast - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
24killinit : @djdayjob front yard?
haileyjewll - dithering - jaketaunton - _kylebarnard_ -
"The spruce city" #oregon #northwest #dugfur
northwest - oregon - dugfur -
leowilliamson - kellymcc0y - mcleoud119 - nikkinae -
Relaxin out back at the neighbors. #jibbin #fiddle #dugfur #rollingrock #itstoodamnwarmalready
itstoodamnwarmalready - fiddle - jibbin - dugfur - rollingrock -
_megan.dee_ : I was also drinking a rolling rock this evening β˜€οΈβ˜ΊοΈ
jdubya381 - _kylebarnard_ - talyntaylor_ - squeezenj -
dugfur -
dugfur - _megan.dee_ -
Had a good night at Albany riding. Thanks @dugfur for the hook up. If you haven't checked out there website then go do it!@flyinryan115 is always making legit shit! #atown #dugfur #oakley #goodday
atown - goodday - dugfur - oakley -
shay203 : Damn FAA you fine as hell. @steel203
dugfur : Thanks for buying some stuff bud πŸ‘Œwe'l have to kick it this summer
steel203 : Thanks baby @shay203 your fine as fuck FAA lol hope your day At work is going smooth miss u
maysonmarie16 - alyas_wardius433 - mazy459 - ash91192 -
Some fresh classic tree ring tees. Adding these to the sale later tonight #dugfur #northwest #oregon #clothingco #apparel #screenprinting #greenongreen
apparel - northwest - clothingco - screenprinting - dugfur - oregon - greenongreen -
turbo277 : Gimme a job bro!
tactilelight - shmam12 - holiday_every_day - printingbydemand -
Happiness is doing what you love #Music #Goodtimes #Live #Krooked #DugFur #BadGirl
krooked - live - music - badgirl - dugfur - goodtimes -
burtlejr : @_britneypierce 😊
cintah_xoxo - sullivankelseyy - bailar_ - elpedrito1993 -
@dugfur is a brand inspired and influenced by the northwest. Been working with owner @flyinryan115 and others to put out some new designs and product for the summer season. In the meantime, check out the website dugfur.com for on sale items, and add a few to the cart to show some support! #dugfur
dugfur -
dugfur : The help is very appreciated! We all have our strengths and weaknesses and I think we have a good dynamic going. Thanks again bud πŸ™πŸŒ²πŸ‘
7holman - traskhmoney - howry70 - lub56 -
Leaking this preview I'm excited about #dugfur #14summer #myart
myart - 14summer - dugfur -
talyntaylor_ : Bad ass!!!
willjgurney : Can't wait
ryantyler115 : @talyntaylor_ @willjgurney Thankyou guys πŸ™
jakeryann89 : GIMME.
thestrugle340 : Bro you should send some merch back to Cali with stankdog! Let's get your brand more advertisement and expand! I bet we could make it huge! @dugfur @stankdog726 #supportthecause #motolife #dugfur
ryantyler115 : @thestrugle340 I totally would if I had enough product bud. Really appreciate it though man next time I come back down I wanna bring some stuff for ya. I was pretty impressed you got your own bike and doing it on your own, hardly anyone is willing to do that anymore ✊
thestrugle340 : Ahh no worries dude your line is awesome and it's gunna blow up! And thanks man tryin to keep the dream alive! That would be so awesome! I can't wait to rep and promote your stuff! Hope to see you soon bud! πŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸŒ²
jamiekeller13 - phatrix40 - devint69 -
We are trying to clear our old inventory so we can release our first full line this summer. Everything is marked down super low and shipping is free at the moment. Quantities and sizes are limited so now is the chance. Every order helps, thanks for all the support #dugfur #northwest #oregon #clothingco #indieclothingco #summer14
summer14 - northwest - clothingco - indieclothingco - dugfur - oregon -
dugfur : Dugfur.com
delusionmfg : Interested in any private labeling? Our minimums start at 25pcs for 5 Panels, Snapbacks, and bucket hats!
dugfur : @delusionmfg we do need some help with that! I'll peep your site when I get home but we need woven tags. You guys do those?
jamiekeller13 - chancect1 - holiday_every_day - _treverbates_ -
Summer line design previews #dugfur #northwest #oregon #summer14
summer14 - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
cborden94 - povertymk3 - jaycole541 - devint69 -
Rather be Motoing Monday feat @molinski_478 🌲✊#dugfur #moto #northwest #motocross
dugfur - motocross - northwest - moto -
j_714 - joeypappas117 -
Sunset sky was off the hookπŸ˜πŸŒ…πŸŒ² #dugfur #beautifuldays
beautifuldays - dugfur -
kbrock117 : I took almost the exact same picture
jfisher_3 : Holyyyshittt they look so similar @monkeybunz117
kbrock117 : Were you following me????
jfisher_3 : You wish 😏 @monkeybunz117
beccatrimnell - softailcrit - kylecroy - connor_hartley -
I would like to personally thank @molinski_478 and @leowilliamson for not only believing in dugfur but investing their time and effort into it. Both of them work their asses off with busy schedules already and the help really means a lot. Everyone that's ever believed in the company and showed your support I can't thank you enough. We're hell bent and determined to do big things. #fullsummerline #staytuned #preview #nevercrywolf #iloveyouall #letsdothis #northwest #oregon #dugfur
nevercrywolf - iloveyouall - letsdothis - dugfur - oregon - staytuned - northwest - preview - fullsummerline -
whitealexandria - hobiedoan - devint69 - chancect1 -
Getting up and spending some time on the mountain was so damn niceπŸ‘ŒπŸ‚ #dugfur #freshsnow #beauitfuloregon
beauitfuloregon - freshsnow - dugfur -
dugfur : πŸŒ²πŸ™πŸŒ²
thereanbackagain - trusttherabbit - brockspangler - cooper_brown3 -
Bagged up #dugfur www.dugfur.com
dugfur -
killlah_bebe : This is dope
ryantyler115 : Jeff ratel add
ryantyler115 : Jeff ratzlaff
j_714 - jdubya381 - coltinknudson - talyntaylor_ -
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