I don't like to gloat too much well at least not on social media ha but I just have to say I'm proud of myself to have built this in two days of work 16+ a standalone pergola, can be taken apart in eight easy to move pieces (depending on how big it's made) easy to assemble this one in particular is 18'x10' #woodwork #pergola #customwood #wood #thegrind #project #projects #woodproject #loveofwood #woodworking #backyarddecor #backyard #backyarddecoration #decoration #duglasfur #dugfur #loveit #amazing #proudtobewoodworker
customwood - woodwork - loveit - backyarddecor - dugfur - decoration - woodproject - woodworking - backyard - proudtobewoodworker - projects - thegrind - pergola - duglasfur - project - amazing - wood - loveofwood - backyarddecoration -
needwantinc : 😎
needwantinc - arianakaylene_ - mwawoodworks - dunbar_67_42 -
The horses approve of the work we did for them lol... #outside #GODSCOUNTRY #countryboy #countrygirl #countrylife #followme #follow #followgod #followgodsplan #timberjob #payingbills #antiquebeams #postandbeam #LOGWORK #cedar #arbor #rafters #customclassic #timberwork #timber #dugfur #truss
godscountry - timberwork - countrylife - dugfur - countrygirl - cedar - antiquebeams - follow - logwork - timberjob - truss - followgodsplan - timber - customclassic - arbor - followgod - outside - payingbills - countryboy - postandbeam - rafters - followme -
newcreationstaxidermy : Awesome!!!
darnkdz4 : Impressive
team_hangn_outdoors - smiths2373 - sunflowergurl89 - whitetailsandbeer -
#dugfur @mimickingbirdsmusic
dugfur -
unbecoming - magtx - maria_d_mangi - nikki_peterson758 -
#dugfur ideas 🌲
dugfur -
talyntaylor_ : That would be so sick! Etched and raised!? 😍😍
ryantyler115 : Probably raised embroidery with a patch on the front. Trying to get back Into making products as soon as I land a job
ryantyler115 : @talyntaylor_
keyonaxoxo - concettaford - jtre_97 - j_714 -
#barcollc #woodmizer #beams #spruce #custom #dugfur #gotwood.
woodmizer - spruce - beams - gotwood - barcollc - dugfur - custom -
customhauler07 : Sweet mizer!!!
lucafriedly77 - georgej99 - simarie29 - hiser3 -
The process of my table. Parts to dry fit to feet to finish. All mortise and tenon joints and dowels no screws or nails. #carpentry #table #mortise #tenon #dowels #wood #dugfur
mortise - wood - dowels - table - tenon - dugfur - carpentry -
madisonmcclaire_ : Awesome @fitnessandfortune
b_cox : Nice
chrismayville74 - danthecreator521 - thepremierteam - lukehughesco -
#clouds #mistymountains #mist #dugfur #deepfocus
mistymountains - mist - clouds - dugfur - deepfocus -
christinejubert : Beautiful.
riedmaldo - alanalasagna - shimonajesus - seanbeast1 -
Moto whip Monday. Old pic snapped by @djdayjob #prebeard #bmx #motolife #dugfur
motolife - bmx - prebeard - dugfur -
ryantyler115 : @motolife @dugfur
camranprice : In need of some @dugfur stickers bro
chopmoto - satanslittleprincesss - amairanifnz - elizabeth_errin -
Fire sunset down here at the rogue river 🎣πŸ”₯☁️ #sunset #fishing #dugfur #fireclouds
fireclouds - sunset - fishing - dugfur -
gamefairdirect - - cromladz058 - tejaybelliott -
Moto this moto that @motolife #grateful #bmx #motolife #dugfur @j_714 photo
motolife - bmx - dugfur - grateful -
steel203 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ boosting good to see u back homie! @ryantyler115
talyntaylor_ : You're in my neck of the woods braahhhh!
nwjake : Yea yea!
_jornavir3 - phatrix40 - motoprincess626 -
Home session jibs pt.1 #dugfur #vansbmx #odyssey #shadowconspiracy
vansbmx - dugfur - shadowconspiracy - odyssey -
customcruisers : Creative Pic
fiending_jake : My Attempts at a half cab manual 180 and nollie 3 to manual 180
kadefukdabike : Wow!
bkinney69 - 666a.m - abigailnwood - chris_sturner -
Lil Scooter kids are so annoying,, I miss the bmxπŸš²πŸ™Œ|| πŸ“·@jasperbmx7 #bmx #dugfur #toboggan #oregon
bmx - dugfur - oregon - toboggan -
goomba413 : Shut up,it's scooter gang or die.
jfisher_3 : It's,,, you are a bitch @goomba413
goomba413 : @jfisher_3 yada yada that's all I hear from you
damico_288 - lauren_of_course - struggle_bmx - kinguhthejungle24 -
North Umpqua river posted 😎🌲 #dugfur #northumpqua
dugfur - northumpqua -
just_brockspangler - britneydense - mkbryson95 -
Got my dugfur SnapBack finally! Reppin the west coast all the way from VA! #dugfur #westcoast #newport #oregon #541
newport - 541 - westcoast - dugfur - oregon -
mlexaorrow : Fck yeah bro. Hope all is well my dude
__chalupa.__.batman__ : Yeah man it is! Hope all is well over yonder with you! @mlexaorrow
mylifeontrees : nice fucking stache bro haha
or_krystal - asspainmarie - - ryantyler115 -
#Dugfur @dugfur
dugfur -
ryantyler115 : πŸ™
chr1sturk : Ryan I need some gear and stickers, I checked out the website but there was much of a selection. Is that all you have atm? @flyinryan115
ryantyler115 : Sadly yes. Money is a bitch and I'm still trying to lock down a legit loan. Little frusterated at the moment but it will work out. I have some new stickers, where you living these days?
chr1sturk : I'm in medford oregon, if you still have my number you should text me some pics of the stickers you have available. I want to put one on my street bike! @flyinryan115
dugfur - kylee_______ - ryantyler115 - roganwienert -
First run of hats up on #northwest #oregon #dugfur #snapback $20. Red snap, green under bill.
northwest - dugfur - oregon - snapback -
nwjake : Sweet!
camranprice : I want one
24killinit : πŸ‘Œ
blakep22 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
_treverbates_ : What!! So sick! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜±
clarkroast : Tooooo rad πŸ”₯
buttxshark : i want one
marydavis3 - blakehaughton - carsonheadlee1 - _bdamage -
Ran into @williambmx88 today shreddin and running one of our decals on his bike. Thanks bud #dugfur #oregon #bmx #northwest
bmx - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
williambmx88 : @utopiuh
babyface97 - puchalska - phatrix40 - howry70 -
Wouldn't want to be wearing any other kind of gear, I love my shift and fox set up. Power motorsports has the sickest selection!!! #dugfur #thursdaynights #powerkawasaki
thursdaynights - powerkawasaki - dugfur -
gz758 - lcatmx - j_714 - toridenise7 -
Off to pir for some Thursday night motos #221 #dugfur #powerkawasaki #motolife #180decals #cubstyle #203
203 - cubstyle - 180decals - motolife - powerkawasaki - dugfur - 221 -
alyas_wardius433 : Get it bratha πŸ‘ŠβœŠ
dugfur : Good luck homie ✊
maysonmarie16 - rugerap9 - ash91192 - clay_wallen -
@33lund keeping it about as northwest as it gets in the sleeveless dugfur. πŸ“· @nickvergillo #dugfur #northwest
dugfur - northwest -
leowilliamson : Sweet pic man
babyface97 - kylevinson18 - _kevin_43 - jamieraeh13 -
Congratulations! #Dugfur
dugfur -
dugfur : Not completely finalized yet but we got it. Thanks for the support bud ✊
dugfur - krafty90 - kyliemarierichards - jessajewels -
Just about got this locked down #ustrademark #dugfur #oregon #northwest #onestepatatime
ustrademark - onestepatatime - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
24killinit : πŸ‘Œ
holden_340 : What's up bro! Hope your doin good! I been wanting to start my own company but not sure where to start any ideas? Trying to start a clothing company called TLG! How'd you start off?
hobiedoan - kylevinson18 - howry70 - jamieraeh13 -
Late night shenanigans @dugfur #dugfur #oregon #northwest #apparel #screenprinting
apparel - screenprinting - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
bobjenkins17 : BA!!! I gotta get some fresh gear from ya soon.
theramblinglass - lane_ib - beastmodesavage01 -
@tactilelight surprised us with this awesome wooden engraving. Gonna be working with them on some products soon! #dugfur #oregon #northwest
dugfur - oregon - northwest -
fauxfox_ : 😍
tactilelight : @dugfur - We shall make some awesome for sure!
boatznhoz : I need to get an anchor tree for my new curr @dugfur
leowilliamson : @boatznhoz I'll send a few home with k-slaught
miathermopolisp : DOPE. gotta rep dat in the 707 #yayarea
nwjake : Love the DugFur in the tree.
babyface97 - jamiekeller13 - turbo277 - tactilelight -
#oregon #northwest #dugfur #coast
coast - dugfur - oregon - northwest -
24killinit : @djdayjob front yard?
_kylebarnard_ - dithering - kylee_______ -
"The spruce city" #oregon #northwest #dugfur
northwest - oregon - dugfur -
kellymcc0y - leowilliamson - cliff_self - nikkinae -
Relaxin out back at the neighbors. #jibbin #fiddle #dugfur #rollingrock #itstoodamnwarmalready
itstoodamnwarmalready - fiddle - jibbin - dugfur - rollingrock -
megablondebomb : I was also drinking a rolling rock this evening β˜€οΈβ˜ΊοΈ
jdubya381 - _kylebarnard_ - talyntaylor_ - squeezenj -
dugfur -
dugfur - megablondebomb -
Had a good night at Albany riding. Thanks @dugfur for the hook up. If you haven't checked out there website then go do it!@flyinryan115 is always making legit shit! #atown #dugfur #oakley #goodday
atown - goodday - dugfur - oakley -
shaytowery : Damn FAA you fine as hell. @steel203
dugfur : Thanks for buying some stuff bud πŸ‘Œwe'l have to kick it this summer
steel203 : Thanks baby @shay203 your fine as fuck FAA lol hope your day At work is going smooth miss u
maysonmarie16 - alyas_wardius433 - mazy459 - ash91192 -
Some fresh classic tree ring tees. Adding these to the sale later tonight #dugfur #northwest #oregon #clothingco #apparel #screenprinting #greenongreen
apparel - northwest - clothingco - screenprinting - dugfur - oregon - greenongreen -
turbo277 : Gimme a job bro!
sogroclothing : very nice! I would love to help you organically grow your clothing brand, let's connect! Can I shoot you an email?
uniqcustoms : Like it!
shmam12 - holiday_every_day - damian541 - tactilelight -
Happiness is doing what you love #Music #Goodtimes #Live #Krooked #DugFur #BadGirl
krooked - live - music - badgirl - dugfur - goodtimes -
burtlejr : @_britneypierce 😊
lillyfawcett - - sullivankelseyy - elpedrito1993 -
@dugfur is a brand inspired and influenced by the northwest. Been working with owner @flyinryan115 and others to put out some new designs and product for the summer season. In the meantime, check out the website for on sale items, and add a few to the cart to show some support! #dugfur
dugfur -
dugfur : The help is very appreciated! We all have our strengths and weaknesses and I think we have a good dynamic going. Thanks again bud πŸ™πŸŒ²πŸ‘
7holman - traskhmoney - howry70 - lub56 -
Leaking this preview I'm excited about #dugfur #14summer #myart
myart - 14summer - dugfur -
talyntaylor_ : Bad ass!!!
willwood4130 : Can't wait
ryantyler115 : @talyntaylor_ @willjgurney Thankyou guys πŸ™
jakeryann89 : GIMME.
holden_340 : Bro you should send some merch back to Cali with stankdog! Let's get your brand more advertisement and expand! I bet we could make it huge! @dugfur @stankdog726 #supportthecause #motolife #dugfur
ryantyler115 : @thestrugle340 I totally would if I had enough product bud. Really appreciate it though man next time I come back down I wanna bring some stuff for ya. I was pretty impressed you got your own bike and doing it on your own, hardly anyone is willing to do that anymore ✊
holden_340 : Ahh no worries dude your line is awesome and it's gunna blow up! And thanks man tryin to keep the dream alive! That would be so awesome! I can't wait to rep and promote your stuff! Hope to see you soon bud! πŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸŒ²
jamiekeller13 - phatrix40 - devint69 -
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