I love that my mom will do Anything for me #dsmom what does. Your mom do that u love?
dsmom -
katie_is_krazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy : She's really pretty
soccerprincess_512 - katie_is_krazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy - _scottish_mom_ - dance_dream_be_the_best -
This baby was getting sleep after getting up at 4:30a for the Buddy Walk on Saturday!! Thanks to everyone who came and supported Kellan and all of his friends, and everyone who worked their behinds off to make it happen!
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madlowe1 : *sleepy
madlowe1 : #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #hsvbuddywalk #thisboywillchangetheworld #ergobabybackpacksavedusagain
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Late night shenanigans...
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madlowe1 : #hesinmyspot #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #thisboywillchangetheworld
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I'm pretty sure that sticker was on his shorts when I buckled him in...
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madlowe1 : #thisboywillchangetheworld #theriseschoolofhuntsville #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #doesnteveryoneputstickersontheirhead
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I call this yoga pose "sleeping toddler half lotus." I'd require paramedics, a crane, and maybe the jaws of life to get out of it...ah, youth...
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madlowe1 : #imnotthatbendy #dsmom #downsyndromerocks
n_lee_7 : Luv the die ✌️
madlowe1 : @n_lee_7 it's a shirt from our Buddy Walk a few years ago. Thanks!
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Thought I could get him to help me pack his lunch as a teaching took-turned into him being furious with me for not letting him eat it right then. #winsomelosesome #kidloveshisgroceries #hesstillnotspeakingtome
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madlowe1 : #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #mrindependent
annedvs : Hsha. Mean mommie
madlowe1 : *teaching TOOL!
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Mr. Independent. #wheredidmybabygo #thatsnotabackpackthatsajetpack
downsyndromerocks - theriseschoolofhuntsville - wheredidmybabygo - dsmom - thisboywillchangetheworld - thatsnotabackpackthatsajetpack -
madlowe1 : #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #thisboywillchangetheworld #theriseschoolofhuntsville
annedvs : Bless him. The backpack is as big as he is 🐒
stbc_bex : I miss him!
jenhen713107 : Cute! Love the backpack!
madlowe1 : It has a matching lunch box-and it's not so ginormous!
baby2lovee : Sooo tiny an cute
madlowe1 : Thank you, @baby2lovee!
n_lee_7 : AwesomeπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ
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The salvatore brothers.♥ These both scene made me cry so much, i mean just look at them. They love each other so much no matter what. They should be together. This brotherhood will never be over! I see it in their eyes. So much pain! For both of them. First damon lost stefan, than he finds a way to rescue him and stefan comes back and now? :o Damon is dead! I know that he comes back in season 6! I know the spoilers and all...but damn it! Stefan doesn't deserve this. This pain!! Neither do damon! · Sorry for the long text guys. It's just so emotional. I love them so much and.now?:/ · Defan forever ♥ · · [#tvd#thevampirediaries#defan#dsmom#damonsalvatore#stefansalvatore#iansomerhalder#paulwesley#brotherhood#salvatorebrothers#love#pain#sad#tears#season5finale]
love - damonsalvatore - paulwesley - defan - salvatorebrothers - iansomerhalder - tears - thevampirediaries - dsmom - brotherhood - season5finale - tvd - stefansalvatore - pain - sad -
tvd_mrswesley : yeah same. I love their bromance😍❀ Damon will return #defanforever❀❀
mamarinouu : Defan foreverβ™‘
pansycakediaries : 😭
ianandpaulmine : Exactlyyy! Defan forever and ever. They're the best. ❀❀
damon_forever14 : f4f
onceuponatvd1864 : @damon_forever14 done:)
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All the toys in the world, and he's played with this empty Arby's cup for two days...
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madlowe1 : #boymom #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #afreecupmadehisday
hannah___presley : Cutie!
annedvs : ❀️
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"Poscle??" Yes, baby...you can share my Popsicle...
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madlowe1 : #downsyndromerocks #dsmom #thisboywillchangetheworld #heatemostofit #hedoesntliketoshare
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The face he makes when he sees food coming his way. I'm pretty sure he gets this from me.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜³
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madlowe1 : #downsyndromerocks #dsmom #dontjudge #welikeourgroceries
huntertrio : Hahaha love it!
coffee_and_cardio : Bahaha!
sthandwa81 : That's hilarious!!!! I wonder if my face is the same too
missydistefano : I think my face may look simular!
mrscdunn : Adorbs!! He is too dang cute!
madlowe1 : Thanks, @mrscdunn!! He's my clownball...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
averybaby : @gmoney1004
mrscdunn - maxxandmommy2 - brandiljones - _dani_bo_bani_ -
Still a long way to go, but progress is progress. No progress is a result of flat giving up. Don't ever give up-you hear me?
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madlowe1 : #iifym #chalenejohnsonismysuperhero #piyo #fitmom #fitunicorn #motherrunner #dsmom #downsyndromerocks
k_lids : You look gorgeous!
madlowe1 : Thanks, @k_lids So do you!!!!
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Day 2 of PiYo (yep, I'm on the bandwagon, and I love it!;). Seriously. I've always been a TurboFire girl, but this one? You're done super fast, and I'm already feeling it.
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madlowe1 : #piyo #doesnteveryonepiyoinredlipstick #bighairdontcare #chalenejohnsonismysuperhero
madlowe1 : #fitmom #fitunicorn #motherrunner #workit #dsmom #downsyndromerocks
thepiratemama : PiYo is amazing...I'm on day 11!
madlowe1 : @thepiratemama I'm loving every minute!! I can't wait to see how I feel on day 11!
samanthajobrown : I started yesterday too!! Will be doing day 2 when my kiddos are in bed! ☺️
madlowe1 : @samanthajobrown let me know how you like it!! I'm actually on day 3 if I count align...I did upper body today. My arms are like noodles!!
samanthajobrown : Oooooh I did lower body today! I'm surprised I can feel it in my legs so much! Looking forward to tomorrow!
threemangoseeds - lisajpeterson - miszcoco - theyogabuddy -
First golf lesson. #futurepgaplayer #wannabelikepapaandunclematthew
downsyndromerocks - dsmom - futurepgaplayer - wannabelikepapaandunclematthew - becausethatswhatthepuppydid - thenhechewedontheclub -
madlowe1 : #thenhechewedontheclub #becausethatswhatthepuppydid #dsmom #downsyndromerocks
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This kid. #thisboywillchangetheworld
thisboywillchangetheworld - downsyndromerocks - dsmom - morealikethandifferent -
madlowe1 : #downsyndromerocks #dsmom #morealikethandifferent
janiefox2 : Agreed. He's a treasure. Adorable.
madlowe1 : Thanks, @janiefox2!! I love those grand babies of yours, too!
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Water Day at #TheRiseSchoolofHuntsville and he has his trusty water scooper for what appears to be a very important task.
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madlowe1 : #theriseschoolofhuntsville #theriseschool #helovesthepoolaslongashecantouchthebittom #waterflinger #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #thisboywillchangetheworld #morealikethandifferent
benavideztammy : Seriously, I need to bite him!!!
madlowe1 : @benavideztammy he's totally bite able...
madlowe1 : But at this age, he's liable to bite back!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
benavideztammy : Lol!!! He is just too cute!
stbc_bex : Love him and miss him. I don't care if he takes a bite out of my thumb!
annedvs : Wait Rebecca. Aren't you in Italy?
madlowe1 : @annedvs No, that's just Mom-well, Mom and a bunch of high school kids!😳
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Matching chocolate ice cream smiles (the dog's just smiling because that's what she does). #brotherlylove
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madlowe1 : #bros #bubba #blueheeler #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #morealikethandifferent
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On A Date With My Best Girls πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ§πŸπŸ˜‹ #Mom#DsMom
dsmom - mom -
happinesslovesyou : M'mmmm that looks good! Sending you ladies a big hug!
annc_07 : @happinesslovesyou Thank you😘
luishuante - miss1mayra - yamilimon - scuttlebutt33 -
Another tattoo for my Mr.B :). #lovehim #DSmom
lovehim - dsmom -
lindsey_oakley : 😍😍😍
dayton_mason : When u get that
aliciac112 : Last night @dayton_mason
dayton_mason - crazyeyes01 - taratappkolodey - lindsey_oakley -
Got in #turbofire HIIT15 with this guy this morning...mostly he waved his breakfast around and yelled hi, but it's all good...sorry, @cjenkins0809 I know we said HIIT 20, but that disc is mysteriously absent...see my workout partner for an explanation...;)
downsyndromerocks - chalenejohnson - thisboywillchangetheworld - turbofire - dsmom - threenager - turbonation - chalenejohnsonismysuperhero -
madlowe1 : #turbonation #chalenejohnson #chalenejohnsonismysuperhero @chalenejohnson #downsyndromerocks #dsmom #thisboywillchangetheworld #threenager
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This is exactly the way I feel about my food, too. (And still with the very proper English tea pinky).
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madlowe1 : #babyanglophile #foodtouchdownforthewin #englishteapinky #descendantsofcharlemagne #hedoesntshare #downsyndromerocks #dsmom #thisboywillchangetheworld
jessiemae4865 : So cute!!!! @madlowe1
madlowe1 : Thanks, @jessiemae4865 he's my clownball.😜
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Someone had fun at Water Fun Day at school...
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madlowe1 : #theriseschoolofhuntsville #splash #downsyndromerocks #dsmom #thisboywillchangetheworld
coffee_and_cardio : Ahhh! Love him :)
madlowe1 : @coffee_and_cardio He had a blast, they said!
stbc_bex : So cute!
coffee_and_cardio - jessiemae4865 - stbc_bex - missydistefano -
I didn't run at all last week because of the foot issue, so I'm re-running week 3 of my 5k training program...and boy, am I glad I am...it's hotter than the face of the sun, I had no energy, and I struggled, but I got it done. The new shoes are a perfect fit, though, and this girl was equal parts mad that I left her at home, and happy to see me. I'm not coordinated enough to try to run with a 6 month old puppy; I do well to stay upright on my own two feet.
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madlowe1 : #clumsy #motherrunner #blueheeler #5k #railstotrails5k #getrunning #ialmostpassedout #butididnt #nikewomenshalfhopeful
madlowe1 : #dsmom #downsyndromerocks
k_gourgeot : Awwwww where's the other 2 pups?
madlowe1 : Taking a nap, @k_gourgeot They're not as excited by the fact that I ran...more excited about sleeping!πŸ˜‚
k_gourgeot : Hahahaha
coffee_and_cardio - stephanie_running9 - cjenkins0809 - pacopike1 -
Just a boy and his dog.
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madlowe1 : #loyalty #thisboywillchangetheworld #blueheeler #downsyndromerocks #dsmom #summer
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Here u go @perfectly_imperfect216 He getting it in too!! #mybiggums #1stborn #teamJj #teamds #tri21 #dsmom #PROUDDSMOM #stoptheRword #specialneeds
specialneeds - teamds - tri21 - mybiggums - 1stborn - prouddsmom - dsmom - stoptherword - teamjj -
perfectly_imperfect216 : There go my jj I miss him sooooo much
locallegend95 : I feel you nephew! Dispicable Me have me on the same hype when I hear that shyt.. #PharrellGotUsBoth
kings_queen_nojokers3282 - jamietoofocused - msjesyka - doitallbrown -
We had a great time at #greenestreetmarket in downtown HSV with my dear friend Amy (Kellan calls her "Mamie"). Beets roasting in the oven, fennel and baby turnips are next!
downsyndromerocks - freshisbest - beetsbeetsbaby - wehadaphotobomber - greenestreetmarket - tuckeredtoddler - healthyeating - dsmom -
madlowe1 : #tuckeredtoddler #wehadaphotobomber #beetsbeetsbaby #dsmom #downsyndromerocks #healthyeating #freshisbest
coffee_and_cardio - rdnecastro - krystina_erin - pacopike1 -
By chance, I got to see my awesome friend and my coach @fitwithannie, as we happened to both be in #Tennessee today! This lady has and continues to motivate me, encourage me, push me to achieve my goals, and pray for me. And, did I mention she had three awesome kids, and an awesome mom?! Love them all!
downsyndromerocks - tennessee - mentor - teamimpact - team2 - dsmom -
madlowe1 : #team2.1 #teamimpact #mentor #dsmom #downsyndromerocks
madlowe1 : @janiefox2 Why didn't we get a picture together???
janiefox2 : Why didn't we???? 😭
madlowe1 : @janiefox2, you know what that means...we're just going to have to come to IL!;)
newageceo - samanthajobrown - stbc_bex - adrianfarris -
"Trees, Mom! Trees!"
thisboywillchangetheworld - downsyndromerocks - dsmom -
madlowe1 : #thisboywillchangetheworld #downsyndromerocks #dsmom
dbundgus - kyliesfitjourney - lissa106_ - kimberr -
This boy. Today would not be Mother's Day for me without him. I love him.
thisboywillchangetheworld - downsyndromerocks - fearfullyandwonderfullymade - dsmom -
madlowe1 : #thisboywillchangetheworld #downsyndromerocks #dsmom #fearfullyandwonderfullymade
huntertrio - k_gourgeot - lissa106_ - benavideztammy -
Feliz día a todas las mamis DS!!!πŸ’— #happymothersday #lovemom #happydays #dsmom #dsdanzastudio #love
lovemom - love - dsmom - happydays - dsdanzastudio - happymothersday -
denny2000 - mafeergarza - mielpons - bre_rh -
In process for mom. .. For the best reasons this year I will celebrate just my wonderful mom β™‘ #dsmom#bestmom#mothersday#momslove#lovemymom#inprocess#itsnoteasteregg
mothersday - dsmom - bestmom - momslove - lovemymom - inprocess - itsnoteasteregg -
mahcarol_ - lu_almeida10 - melanievivirito - cookiesygalletas -
Jj ribbons he won this morning! #specialolympics #specialneeds #downsyndrome #lovemybuddy #dsmom #tri21
specialneeds - specialolympics - downsyndrome - dsmom - lovemybuddy - tri21 -
for2reasons : Go JJ!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘
_jess1206 - honie_84 - ds21awareness - donny_d_24 -
Someone put on his pants all by himself tonight...might get a little tight in the leg...πŸ’–πŸ’–
thisboywillchangetheworld - downsyndromerocks - dsmom - merman -
madlowe1 : #merman #thisboywillchangetheworld #downsyndromerocks #dsmom
annedvs : Hahahah
brandiwr - swit4healthy - erikatx_tge - lissa106_ -
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