Lets do this team man flu cocktail! #drugies #manflu #needsomeconcrete #bomberswonyesterday I feel like ass #nohomo
nohomo - bomberswonyesterday - drugies - manflu - needsomeconcrete -
mitchieowilliams : Please don't die @darragh_walsh
darragh_walsh : Im still alive and feeling better @mitchieowilliams
wangy_jess : I don't see any vegetables there. Garlic is really good
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A little cloudy but still amazing. #byronbay #hippies #yuppies #ferals #drugies #seniors #hipsters #me.
seniors - me - hipsters - yuppies - drugies - ferals - byronbay - hippies -
jill_ruby : This is more than a little cloudy
ratuisaboysname : Shit got real @jill_ruby
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This is my night damn meth heads lol #fire #drugies #mynight
fire - mynight - drugies -
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Cops investigating homeless people lol #homless #bums #drugies #cops #edmonton #edmontonproblems #jasperave
cops - drugies - jasperave - edmonton - bums - homless - edmontonproblems -
mexdemarco -
(1/of many) For those that watch my stuff closely you saw I have a shout out to an #atheist @atheismisfreedom was the one. Why? Because I got a picture from him. Well it did what I knew it'd do. It erupted in a hail storm of controversy. The shock I caused was big. Agnostics stepped up DM me and texting me "John that's very Jesus like bro. Maybe God isn't bad" then I had others who were like "How could he do such?" I will make this as simple as possible about how I had the "nerve" to do such. Throughout the Gospels we are taught by Jesus to LOVE. The leaders came to him and said "What is the greatest commandment?" and Jesus gave them two. Love God. Love Your Neighbor. Then they asked who was their neighbor and Christ said everyone. So who am I called the love? The Atheist, the #agnostics, the #Wiccans, the #satanist, the #homosexuals, the #bisexuals, the #pansexuals, the #drunks, the #drugies, the #potheads, the #hookers, the #sick, the #white, the #black, the #Muslims, the #Hispanics, the #pimps, the #wife_beaters, the #murders, as much as I dislike them and want most of them dead (see I'm flawed) the #rapist, the #thugs, ETC ETC.
pansexuals - wiccans - sick - pimps - hispanics - wife_beaters - muslims - drugies - rapist - thugs - homosexuals - hookers - atheist - potheads - satanist - drunks - black - agnostics - bisexuals - white - murders -
spence4hire705 : @atheismisfreedom I won't waste my time with someone who like you believes in man/science over God who created it ALL. Look at the posts and comments you make about people of faith... you poor lost soul, trying to take as many down the wide path as you can... good luck with your life, I have no respect for anyone who paints with a broad brush like you do, insulting in one sentence, then complaining about intolerance in another why would i want to spend my time with a person especially after the 30 or so posts I did read and your ignorant stupid hate filled comments that went along with them... say it I'll the cows come home , tell me again how good a person you are and I'that you only attack beliefs... then go back and read your stupid posts, oh the one I liked best is when you see a rainbow it's God having gay sex . That's real good, I'm sure @hurt_john enjoys that kind iof vile tripe. Since he follows you and all...tell me what you know about the bible... I'm sure @hurt_john will enjoy all his tollerant new followers... I'm unollowing... if I want to read atheist crap I know where to find it .
atheismisfreedom : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hilarious. Im sorry if I base my beliefs on facts and demonstrable evidence instead of faith, thats what intellectually honest people do. Can you direct me to a post of mine that attacks someone on a personal level who doesn't deserve it? Calling god gay doesn't count since its only a belief but that was a funny one and im sorry if it hurt your gods feelings (not really sorry). You're just upset that I am showing people like you the huge flaws within your beliefs, your cognitive dissonance is showing. I care about truth, logic, and rational thought and there is none of that within your religion. Its a little hypocritical if you to say I attack people when you're the one doing it this whole time so I ask you again, please conjure up some actual evidence against me or move along with your claims. Saying something is offensive is a pretty subjective opinion is it not? @spence4hire705
hurt_john : @spence4hire705 you choose not to "waist your time"...... This whole time you've over looked my point. We are called to love, so I do. We are called to give, time being one of those things, so I do. We are called to make disciples, so I try. He may bash my faith with a rock just as Cain bashed Abel. When we, we is plural; when we were lost in sin God sent people to tell us of Christ. Have you forgot that Spencer? Have you forgot God sent his son for all men not just a select few? As I've stated over and over and over until my thumbs hurt from typing. So fine leave. You started following me when agreed with some faith stuff then when I step out on faith and minister and build a relationship like we're called to do you wig out. Go. In the end you me and everyone else will stand before God, he'll remember when you wouldn't build a relationship with someone who doesn't love God. Who needs Jesus more? The saved sinner or the unsaved sinner? The answer is unsaved.
spence4hire705 : @hurt_john I don't need a lesson on how to disciple John I certainly don't want or choose to have my faith beliefs trampled on by some not knowing atheist who you think is brilliant. ..... you go save the world of atheists who mock and bash you while telling you you are a cool guy... and my calling and yours are obviously very different... you blocked a hard core believer you erroneously thought called you a scum... much pride going on there john? You need to read what @sonsoftyranny said, he said your atheist friends page was scum... and I got news for you pal... it is. He may have you sucked in, but not me, as I said before you think you are leading to the light, watch out for the darkness around the corner on that wide path...I expect when I am at the white throne judgement I prayerfully along with men of God like you will hear "well done my good and faithful servant". You without I think any ulterior motive are lending a platform to an avowed atheist on a Christian psge... watch out for the vile this guy spews... others not so strong in their own walk yet could be led astray.... those of us who are stronger in our walk who are eating the meat know how to protect ourselves from ravenous wolves.... don't assume that prayers for the blasphemers aren't as good a ministry as yours....
atheismisfreedom : Again do you not think i'm brilliant? Again you imply that im an idiot because I dont believe what you do, you couldn't be any more hypocritical. I ask you this very simple question, can you hate the sin and not the sinner? I can hate your belief without hating you, its not that difficult to understand, john gets it. You can hate science and everything I believe but im not going to get butthurt about it like you are. Still I wait for you to show me where I mocked John, show me please. The only person spewing vile and hate here is you and I challenge you to prove me wrong. @spence4hire705
spence4hire705 : @hurt_john God will remember the fervent prayers of a righteous man, trying to availath much... my prayers along with those like minded will avail much more than befriending the atheist. .. love him sure, give him what I? Talking about the weather and fishing? Have you got him a bible? Nevermind, he's way to brilliant in cognitive thought to need to read the bible... it's not based on facts... you really want a ministry based on saving the atheists? I'm praying for protection and fruits for you... your ignorant friend already started sending his crap to my page so he has been blocked, I don't want to unfollow you, I think I know your heart, but I won't allow a vile God hater... oops, he doesn't hate God, just doesn't believe he exists...to be offensive on my page or give him a stronghold to my followers... you should rethink the way you are going about trying to save hin, and be careful of all the young believers yiu may lose because of him...
atheismisfreedom : @ingerasata this should be a good example of what you just commented about. ^^^
atheismisfreedom : @spence4hire705 if you see this then be afraid, im coming after all of the believers and their souls including you. Your prayers will also get you about as far as this conversation, nowhere so don't waste your time talking to yourself. Also, no need to get me a bible I have one for reference and that i've read when I was a christian, your assumptions are pretty weak but you are true on the brilliant part. Hope you could be just a little less childish in the future and maybe start practicing what you preach. If you ever want to gain some useful knowledge my page is always open.
liradarapper - ashleyy.lynnn - mark_palushaj - njxixjxjjcnc -
My lazy days are the best I be lookin like one of the drugies haha #Lazy #Day #BestDayEva #Drugies #HoodiePower really loving on my hoddie feeling like a nice warm hug (: #Hugs #Heat #LovinLife #Imcute #notcute
imcute - lazy - bestdayeva - lovinlife - heat - drugies - notcute - hugs - hoodiepower - day -
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Tripping to hard down to hell. #trip #whoa #ohgod #hell #sleepless #hella #rad.. #drugies
rad - ohgod - sleepless - whoa - hella - drugies - hell - trip -
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The munchies where really strong, okay. #food #drugged #whoa #sleepless #drugies #hella #perf #bombin #munchies
munchies - perf - food - drugged - sleepless - bombin - drugies - whoa - hella -
totallyalaina : only a little bit of monster in the background
zira_sniper : There was more behind the scenes... @imnotalaina
totallyalaina : damn you guys gunna be running a marathon or something?
zira_sniper : A drug marathon @imnotalaina
totallyalaina : true athleticism
zira_sniper : Indeed
emma.fischer - foodgasm - wildheart_gypsysoul -
#turn #down#for #what #turndownforwhat #wth #drugies #omg
what - turndownforwhat - omg - for - down - turn - drugies - wth -
its_georgy : Go on Ray William Johnsons channel and type in Art? Hahah and there is another woerd video called DIY and it should be some anime thing but that's not on his channel ha
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#blacklightparty #sick #drugies #itwasweird #mybestfriend #ilovehim #chanciepants #boom #4thofjuly #badassdude #webeballin #donthate #causeyou #cantbeus
causeyou - chanciepants - blacklightparty - mybestfriend - badassdude - 4thofjuly - donthate - itwasweird - drugies - boom - sick - webeballin - ilovehim - cantbeus -
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Addicts in the middle of frankfurt doing drugs. #Frankfurt #Germany #Europe #Drugies #NotCool
europe - drugies - frankfurt - germany - notcool -
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Lmao #Junkies #Drugies πŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š
junkies - drugies -
spookdizzle : @sexxxylilb see how ratchet Kermit is now n days! Lol
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#Trainspotting #BestFilmEver #NetflixLove #Drugs #Junkies #Drugies #IwantaFuckinHit #RawSilkToiletRoll #Smack
bestfilmever - rawsilktoiletroll - drugs - netflixlove - junkies - smack - drugies - trainspotting - iwantafuckinhit -
rositax85 - ivan_molina_ - _rogee_ - virrevidar -
"Per Favore" #Italy #Italia #PerFavore #GliAzzurri #Azzurri #CostaRica #Ticos #LaSelle #Drugies #England #TheThreeLions #ThreeLions #FIFA #WorldCup #FIFAWorldCup #FIFAWorldCup2014 #FIFAWorldCupBrasil #FIFAWorldCupBrazil #Brasil #Brazil #Calcio #Futbol #Football
fifa - perfavore - england - costarica - worldcup - football - laselle - drugies - calcio - fifaworldcupbrazil - brazil - threelions - italy - brasil - ticos - futbol - thethreelions - fifaworldcup2014 - italia - fifaworldcupbrasil - azzurri - fifaworldcup - gliazzurri -
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All I wanna do is sleep but I can't bc of this nonsense. This bitch better roll his ass out on a stretcher . My neighbors are always calling the dam ambulance . #drugies #iwantsleep #pleasehurryup #aintnothingwrongwithhim
iwantsleep - aintnothingwrongwithhim - drugies - pleasehurryup -
mzpamiebaaaaaby : - kmsl , you're craaaazy man !
yaladylove : @mzpamiebaaaaaby lol these neighbors are crazy ! I swear they sell or make drugs and someone always overdosing
mzpamiebaaaaaby : - kmsl , hell nah !
feel_my_essence - janethuiiyegha - papapreacley - vdale123 -
#willowkids #drugies #bus #we #are #weird
we - drugies - are - willowkids - bus - weird -
skittles_and_bitches : Imma mug you all and burn you with my joint 420 #blazinit -.- yeah, willow kids in a bombshell
andreasimpsonthomas : Lol #drugies HAHAHAH !
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Schools out and these are almost all of the people i met this year love you guys #summer #love #friends #family #crazy #people #highschool #geeks #emos #hipsters #groups #happiness #drugies #ilovethemanyway
summer - crazy - love - family - people - geeks - emos - hipsters - ilovethemanyway - drugies - groups - highschool - friends - happiness -
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#We #N #This #Bitch #psychward #Drugies #Tour #Bus #Ncrediable #Hero #Sheesh
we - hero - this - bus - tour - n - psychward - drugies - bitch - ncrediable - sheesh -
cintia_1406 - sk8rcuh - giedlinlona - nicc_boss -
HA KILLS ME EVERY TIME, OR "I need the purple syrup because the Yellow tastes bitter" #ICANT #PHARMACYSHIT #PHARMACYTECHNICIANS #DRUGIES #hashtag
pharmacytechnicians - drugies - pharmacyshit - icant - hashtag -
ajaxgetit - kyia_dior -
Gm#drugies πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
drugies -
dre______ : Don't get high on your own supply!!!
dre______ : Use other peoples money to spend and invest. Never your own....
positivity_and_culture - bombermanlivve - bnyce4b.e.z - princess_miagii -
When the average person sees a skater. Their tight pants. And long hair. They suddenly assume their into drugs. Crime. All that bad stuff. When Alll it is, is a piece of wood with wheels. Just because those kinda of people, sometimes skate. Doesn't mean the rest of us are like them. Don't judge someone, you have never met. Don't hate on them, because they have a hobby they like. It's just wood. And your just a person. Go Skate ✌️ #skate #hate #clear #judge #drugies #longhair #skaters #skating #ollie #people #goskate
skating - goskate - skaters - people - clear - ollie - skate - drugies - judge - longhair - hate -
gavinkme : If weed is a drug, ill happily be into drugs.
king_keichel18 : It's a plan, do like πŸ˜‚ naw @gavinkme
king_keichel18 : @fuckoffssz stare at my cheeks
fuckoffssz : Lmao nahh
king_keichel18 : @coreyTyler14
motogirl90 - daphnee__x3 - austingruber - celyvii_x3 -
.... By: Anthony Burgess
stanleykubrik - ultraviolence - mollokovellocet - drugies - aclockworkorange - bethoveen - alexdelarge - singingintherain -
irachesoria : #aclockworkorange #alexdelarge #stanleykubrik #mollokovellocet #bethoveen #drugies #singingintherain #ultraviolence 🍼
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Who's got the gear!!!
summer - oldpeople - police - oaps - hashtags - thelaw - holdup - crime - wandsworth - lockthemup - criminals - drugies - handsup - lawbreakers - oap - london - sunshine - bluesky - exercise -
aaahhh_yeah : #wandsworth #london #OAP #holdup #drugies #crime #OAPs #oldpeople #exercise #handsup #lockthemup #summer #sunshine #bluesky
aaahhh_yeah : #police #lawbreakers #criminals #thelaw
brookecutmore : How many hashtags??? Your as bad as @craigdavid
aaahhh_yeah : Fucking love #hashtags
chloerose18 : This is amazing.
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1 d are#drugies #lol
drugies - lol -
jessica_hughes25 - xox_c.h.l.o.e_xox - lowriwills10 - josh_802 -
drugies -
Its HOT out what better way to set Memorial day of for all my drugies DRUGS dress Xtra Small and Small available $15 shoo the memorial day sale #shopwithdiamondluxboutique #diamondluxboutique #shopinstyle #chicagoboutiques #chicagoboutique #dresses #summer #spring #drugdress #drugies #memorialdaysale
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Lol found this at my school! We are a GREAT school! #drugies
drugies -
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Night babes 😘😘 #goodnight #dt #tbh #doinme #f4f #followme #follow #summer #summerlook #makeup #lips #pink #bright #duckface #idgaf #drugies #cantstopme #kushislife #kush #og
summer - goodnight - summerlook - makeup - idgaf - tbh - bright - drugies - follow - dt - pink - kush - kushislife - duckface - cantstopme - lips - og - doinme - f4f - followme -
trxppinqod : Tbh ; iont really know you like that dont be a ghosts follower tho 😁
im.chriss : Tbh:you cool af fr & I can't wait when u come back down here ayyyeπŸ‘…πŸ™‰
caitlynxco : tbh // idky, but nice eyes
or__nah___ : Tbh: idk u but your pretty πŸ’•
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I trip out on stupid woman.
rumors - pillpoppers - familyproblems - drugies - foochie - tweekers - bullshit - methheads -
tony_valdez22 : #bullshit #rumors #tweekers #methheads #pillPoppers #drugies #familyProblems #foochie
ksr94er : That's right you tell'm
kachisluvspink89 - ksr94er - __mmayy__ - anneliese2dope -
drugies - gotdruged -
marcello_el_shaarawy : With @_dawit_12
marcello_el_shaarawy : #drugies
grit42 - emilylombardo_ - jazzy__42 - vanessa26xo -
Have so much fun with this girl πŸ’ž Ilysm girl we the Lightskin musketeers πŸ˜‚ #mcm #ik #we #r #girls #idgaf #smoke #drugies #wedontcare #justdoinme #justbecause #justdoit #youknowyouwantem @azzarrialuvsyooh
justdoinme - we - justbecause - justdoit - girls - mcm - idgaf - ik - r - drugies - youknowyouwantem - smoke - wedontcare -
that_girl_you_want_ - beautifulmahima - aramaskuxxphillips - ptqer -
Kreepos live there #drugies
drugies -
mangekyosharingan94628 - livehimheartbroken - osheaturnbull - ultimatespiderman94719 -
Now this is the main bitch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ love u bae @trvpgirll #tbh #tbt #yall #justbecause #justdoit #school #sucks #nowords #justdoinme #livin #turnt #smoke #drugies #maybe #nah #ornah #idk #hashtag #lmao #loml
livin - sucks - tbt - tbh - drugies - hashtag - justbecause - justdoinme - school - ornah - nowords - maybe - justdoit - loml - turnt - idk - smoke - lmao - nah - yall -
trvpgirll : love you toooooπŸ’•
yadi_ville : TBH ur pterry
im.chriss : Tbh: you cute πŸ˜„πŸ˜š
__lania__ : 😘😘😘
that_girl_you_want_ - _1derek - chanthepharoah -
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