$uccess!!! I am all messed up ahahahaha #feeeeelingood #drunkenmaster #druggedup
druggedup - drunkenmaster - feeeeelingood -
ibocy : 🐯
castroreg : Recovery starts now
tainoflavor87 : Que dios te bendiga y que salgas fuerte
digitalmynd - danielruntkim - jxggye - castroreg -
After two days, four surgeries, about seven hours under the knife and 70% of my eyelid being cut off and surgically reconstructed with what I am now guessing is just eyelid and eye socket are now free from cancer!! #CancerCanSuckIt #SurgicalVoodoo #MoffittCancerCareCenter #cancerfree #druggedup
cancercansuckit - cancerfree - surgicalvoodoo - druggedup - moffittcancercarecenter -
codyhinson : Oh wow! Best wishes for a fast recovery!
drcpepper : Cancer where?
_shenanigains_ : 😘
victor_jx : Get better soon Brian!
katiebalagia : I am so sorry you are going through this. Sending you lots of love and prayer.
aloisiormacedo : Oh wow! AΓ­ 8
oh_steph : Whoa! Brian, you're a beast! Kick that cancer's ass!
tcornillaud : You're a badass, get well soon!
jaixxiii - kingkeelo - garrettcrabb - rtaback3 -
My baby last night dito πŸ˜–πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸ₯ #sicky #boyfriend #lehighvalley #exhausted #druggedup #morphine #steroids
lehighvalley - steroids - exhausted - morphine - sicky - druggedup - boyfriend -
jdelvalle05 : Dito what happened? Is he better today?
illy_ills : @jdelvalle05 yeah, today he is. His glands and tonsils swelled up, he couldn't talk. And when he talked he would gag and throw up. They were HUGE!
jdelvalle05 : Oh no!! Dito. .. glad to hear he's feeling better
mzpoison87 - j3c1962 - vee_610 - acarey6291 -
After our emergency trip to the vet because the boy had an allergic reaction from stepping in a pile of ants! πŸ˜”πŸΆ #poorguy #sadface #squishedface #bowser #druggedup #badluck
sadface - poorguy - druggedup - squishedface - bowser - badluck -
megmcm_ : Oh no!!! Poor Bowser! I swear we have the worst luck! Lol give him lots of hugs and kisses from me!!
pecsenka : @megmcm_ I know! Thank you!
nakedunderleather - sydneymcmahonxo - megmcm_ - jocemcallister -
jenya and dayday 😘 #druggedup #howyadoin #rubishoes #happy #PHARELL #GRILLD #marioparty
rubishoes - druggedup - pharell - marioparty - howyadoin - grilld - happy - : Wow like it!
dainabrooke : Wow very much like^
dainabrooke : Such happy
clefor547 - natt0d - dainabrooke - jazzybserra -
Lafemmenikita & IVs #Lafemmenikita #hospital #druggedup
hospital - druggedup - lafemmenikita -
heyyitsamber16 : get better please πŸ˜’πŸ™β€
rianaj_eryday : Bruuhhh😫😫whyyy
layniebug7 : Feel better!!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
everlyyk : Thanks guys.πŸ’œ @heyyitsamber16 @rianaj_eryday @layniebug7
elephantlover7 : I miss you in Anatomy and Lit! Get better!
everlyyk : missing all my gossip time! @elephantlover7
layniebug7 - chandler_allennn - xbootyx - ambithebambi -
My night... #sick #vicks #stuffy #needanurse #druggedup
vicks - druggedup - stuffy - needanurse - sick -
_nessa_nessa_nessa_ : Girl u and me both smh
lovelylavonne - nanota_8 - sammy88lee - _nessa_nessa_nessa_ -
Let's just say I don't remember this, at all #dentist #surgery #wisdomteeth #dontrememberanything
highislife - dentist - selfie - withmedentist - dontrememberanything - druggedup - surgery - wisdomteeth -
thedailydylan : #selfie #withmedentist
thedailydylan : #druggedup #highislife
julia_speirs : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
cherylsturko : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thedailydylan : Hahaha I like saw this in my phone and was like when did I take This hahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @cherylsturko
cherylsturko : You look completely gone πŸ™ˆ
thedailydylan : I litterly don't remember any of it at all @cherylsturko πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
yael_timms - jobishgunner - hardcor96 - ellapasin -
Doctor has ordered for some pain meds and sleep! Thank goodness because I'm dying from back labor lol #laboranddelivery #babytime #contractions.#soexcited #druggedup #LOL
soexcited - contractions - druggedup - laboranddelivery - lol - babytime -
boyohboyd : I had back labor too, its by far the worse. You got this!!
laurenngracee_ : Love you Kelsey, I hope everything goes good!
candicewilkie : Awww! Good Luck, Kelsey!!
kattaileen : Goodluck!!❀️ ily guys
pjayd1120 : Hope everything goes well best of luck and dont be afraid to cry when you see your baby boy I cried when I saw my daughter for the first.time
junger400 - kaylabelll - carolinekn26 - carlyboss -
This is me for the next couple of days. Jelly + custard + couch.. 😣 #wisdomteeth #onelessproblem #jellyandcustardtime #druggedup #tvseries #nogym #nokisses #nowork #makesmesomethingsomething
onelessproblem - nokisses - druggedup - wisdomteeth - nogym - makesmesomethingsomething - tvseries - nowork - jellyandcustardtime -
ballzy76 - bubby1991 - steph_carter20_ -
After surgery duck lips!😜 everything went well! I'm sore, but grateful for all the love & support! πŸ’”+πŸ”‹=❀️ #DruggedUp #FixedMe
druggedup - fixedme -
mjdavis13f - whitneyclambert - phaynie32 - ingvildbarland -
my poor girl got 6 teeth taken out and is now decked out on laughing gasπŸ˜‚ #crookedsmile #druggedup #poorgirl #loveher @cheyburgess
crookedsmile - poorgirl - druggedup - loveher -
cheyburgess : πŸ‘Ž @katannagriffin
jessicaboyd01 - phillipsjess_xo - lynseywallace_11 - jadesowaxo -
Wisdom gone #swollencheek #druggedup #nomakeup #whocares #naptime! Always working though! #trouper
nomakeup - swollencheek - druggedup - trouper - naptime - whocares -
dorinexofashion - poshpawsslc -
So i'd usually never post 2 #tbt in the same day. But i found this and had to post it. Bet you've never seen someone this happy in a neck brace πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #quadaccident #2010 #myfacewasfuckedup #druggedup
myfacewasfuckedup - quadaccident - druggedup - tbt - 2010 -
randi_radcliffe : @stevea29 most people wouldnt put a female on a 450 the 2nd time they ever go riding πŸ˜‘
stevea29 : @randi_radcliffe totally my fault. It was the only other bike thats why.
randi_radcliffe : @stevea29 just messing around
veronicachz : Enough is enough! @randi_radcliffe and @aprillltaylor we need to hang out! Street fair is this weekend so I better see your faces there!
aprillltaylor : Meet you at the bar πŸ™Œ @veronicachz
veronicachz : @aprillltaylor I expect a whiskey sour waiting for me! 🍹
randi_radcliffe : @aprillltaylor @veronicachz ill be there tomorrowwww!!
softballisfuns : Wow what happen
highclassbum73 - crystalbaely - veronicachz - brennapickett -
When you're stuck at home for a week with nothing to do! #strepthroat #selfies #bored #faded #druggedup
selfies - bored - druggedup - faded - strepthroat -
_natdory : Get better girl β™‘
drew_rnt - mdeulk_joshrob - rachaelboys - neekitam -
Been sick since yesterday so I sit in bed with all of these things all day lol. 2 liter full of water, night and day time cold and flu medicine, herbal tea with honey, and toilet paper to blow my nose a million times. Thanks to my wonderful husband I have all these things. I love you baby. :) #Sick #DruggedUp #BedWritten #Honey #HerbalTea #ColdMeds #ToiletPaper #Water #RunnyNose
water - druggedup - herbaltea - bedwritten - honey - sick - coldmeds - toiletpaper - runnynose -
avenged_beauty95 -
Sick. My tonsils that grew back after being removed hurt. My day consists of Netflix, laying in bed and cuddles with the pups. #sick #tonsils #bed #tired #netflix #puppycuddles #zeusthepittie #aurorathemix #meds #druggedup
druggedup - tired - puppycuddles - netflix - bed - aurorathemix - tonsils - sick - meds - zeusthepittie -
arrowflyer92 - marcelenejelida - sherirutherford -
I got to keep my wisdom teeth after they were yanked outta me! Top two, and my impacted bottoms. Now I lay here in numbness. #wisdomteeth #numb #druggedup
wisdomteeth - druggedup - numb -
lisacolacci : Omg!!!
emhayxo : @lisacolacci Ya it's pretty gross but I like to see what made a home in my mouth when it shouldn't πŸ’€
hannamacek : Put them under your pillow for the tooth fairy πŸ‘Ό
ammaroriginals : But can you please post a wisdom teeth selfie? Lol the funniest chipmunk faces
emhayxo : @ammaroriginals I'm not all that swollen though! It's a sad disappointing that I'm basically perfectly fine. @hannamacek I'd be rich!
alyvictoriaxo - mateuuuuuusz - slybry89 - kelciebabyexo -
Just got fixed...#druggedup #stelectrified #shihtzu #surgery #puppy #dog
stelectrified - druggedup - surgery - shihtzu - puppy - dog -
caseyjeremy20 : Awwww :( cutie
ktbuhhg : Poor thing! She totally looks drugged up lol
_cristalmichelle : Awww she's so pretty 🐢 how old is she???
patricksobaszek - charlielepetitprince - perolashihtzu - baileejordyn -
My baby β™‘ #alldone #druggedup #stilllaughing
beast - alldone - druggedup - stilllaughing -
mahniggamoni : We always do. pictures and videos. Ha @eddicamelissa
mahniggamoni : No she's not. She's coming home today @thevato
eddicamelissa : Oh Lol @mahniggamoni
49erqueenb : Poor thang glad she's ok ,she so out of it
thevato : That's good ! Poor xiomara she gunna be knockrd out all weekend
mahniggamoni : I'm not sure! Maybe just for tmrw. She never takes pain meds when she goes through her surgeries! She's a #BEAST! She doesn't like the way it tastes @thevato thank you !! @49erqueenb
thevato : LOL she's a Gangster id be like give me five of them pills hahs
mahniggamoni : Pshhhh right?! Me too! @thevato not her though if she don't like the taste she ain't havin it lol
eddietellojr - suckafree_pancheezy - neena_67 - v_a_n_e_s_s_a_23 -
Takin care of my lil man #druggedup #wisdomteeth
wisdomteeth - druggedup -
_alicat08_ - trevin_jade_19 - mikey_j_d - gabe_clark012 -
Poor #Chopper has an eye infection. This lil pup was so excited at the vet (new people petting me!) that they had to sedate him. T-minus 20 seconds later...drooling with tongue hanging out. Man, I love this dog. #PoorDeafDog #stupideyeinfection #Pit #pitbull #druggedup #goodstuff #stillasleep @gage_ross_ @zackary514
druggedup - chopper - stillasleep - poordeafdog - stupideyeinfection - goodstuff - pitbull - pit -
whiteboardartist : nice pic.. want to wish someone a HAPPY BIRTHDAY with a whiteboard animation? check out my profile..
faizazarin : Hope Chopper feels better soon.
emma_chapman - dazun3 - old_skool_chevylife - awesome_pitbull_shirts -
Going for a new look πŸ˜‚ excuse my eyes I'm in pain & drugged up 😊 #havingmyhairdone #foils #goingblonde #blonde #blondie #newlook #funny #druggedup #inpain #selfie #pamperday #poorly
funny - pamperday - druggedup - havingmyhairdone - selfie - inpain - newlook - blondie - foils - goingblonde - blonde - poorly -
whois_i - nicolacatrin - maarja_kroon -
#tbt to my very fun day in the hospital #druggedup #byetonsils
druggedup - tbt - byetonsils -
k_eddison - maggieewalshh - beccaford95 - rubz15 -
And here's the start to another long recovery.. #pain #hospitalselfie #ilooklikecrap #druggedup #kneeinjury #thirdone #lordhelpme
hospitalselfie - ilooklikecrap - lordhelpme - kneeinjury - thirdone - druggedup - pain -
andiii_bee : Fuckin bliss 😳 feel better soon πŸ‘
mai_juarez98 : Hey I hurt my knee too! Soccer? ⚽
miahfloyd : Mend quickly. 😁
emma_lee_davie : It's all good ha @filifil.13 thank you girls! @_justagirlandherhorse_ @kaysha021 @guhhorrgee @andiii_bee @miahfloyd Mindy, unfortunately we did not, haha. @mindaayy2 and yes, it was another soccer injury:( @mai_juarez98
morganmccarthy12 : Emma you're such a stud muffin. Love you girlβ™₯β™₯β™₯
emma_lee_davie : Thank you, sweetheart! Love you too! @morganmccarthy12
michigandaddy : Ouch good luck How bad is it
emma_lee_davie : It's pretty bad, not looking to promising right now @michigandaddy
lezlee411 - sunshinebbyy_ - miahfloyd - _gaby_dallas -
Why did my parent's spell my name so weird? I can't even complain when people read my documents and then call me and I respond awkwardly like I'm unsure of my own name
iwokeuplikethis - freeadmission - aisha - asianparents - nosleep - cantspell - druggedup - hospitalwristband - ayesha -
aishr__ : #nosleep #hospitalwristband #freeadmission #Asianparents #Aisha #Ayesha #cantspell #druggedup #iwokeuplikethis
hinajab : Salaamat x
monwara23 - humorlover - sumeya_noreen - fueledfocus -
3 days ago #druggedup #justgotmywisdomteethout #dontremembertakingthis #blood #imcool #itwasnteventhatbad #peoplebitchovernothin #imdrunkatthemoment #whichiswhyimprobablypostingthisnow #ohwell #whocares
peoplebitchovernothin - dontremembertakingthis - imcool - druggedup - ohwell - imdrunkatthemoment - justgotmywisdomteethout - itwasnteventhatbad - whichiswhyimprobablypostingthisnow - blood - whocares -
remmyvelez : #sexy
fashion.loveig - remmyvelez - nicolesemler_ - qtcorex -
If at first you don't succeed try another pill. #overdone #addicted #prescriptionjunky #fixme #drugs #pills #prescription #callthedoctor #tryagain #onemorepill #medicated #druggedup #dangerzone #fixmenow
tryagain - fixme - medicated - prescription - onemorepill - drugs - dangerzone - overdone - prescriptionjunky - callthedoctor - addicted - druggedup - pills - fixmenow -
captaincleavage : I'm on 10 daily medications not Including the over the counter shit--I feel your pain.
sammyjaneblankley : Yea ain't it great @captaincleavage lol. Living the life.
leahrachael22 - panzram31614 -
My baby is home!!! #homesweethome #dogs #dogsmakemehappy #surgery #tumor #vss #greatdoctors #sleep #sleepy #logabog #logan #puppy #naptime #druggedup #vet #miracles #recovery #happiness 🐢😴😷
miracles - vss - druggedup - naptime - sleepy - greatdoctors - dogsmakemehappy - logan - sleep - logabog - surgery - happiness - homesweethome - vet - recovery - tumor - puppy - dogs -
sindeehoohoo : Poor baby! I'm so happy he's home! And I like his shirt. :)
carolinagyrl : πŸ’€πŸΆπŸ’€πŸΆπŸ’€πŸΆ
josephinebeanbottom : @sindeehoohoo Pointfest 15 2003!! Never thought I'd be sharing teeshirts with a dog! Hard to believe I was that tiny. 😳😜
darth_plankton - maggiesler - tklugs - emma_akathememma -
How I've been spending my last couple of days πŸ˜ͺ😞😷😷 #eeww #sick #sinuses #FeelinALilBetterNow #TheStruggle #NyQuil #DruggedUp #Medicine
nyquil - druggedup - eeww - sinuses - feelinalilbetternow - thestruggle - sick - medicine -
mfnelson48 : Momma poor baby, you need your mommy
mob_boyz21 - taibreon - tujmargarete -
So this is me after getting my wisdom teeth out #druggedup
druggedup -
aelizalerb : Omg awwwh get better soon β™‘
mckenzhorton : Haha thanks girllll❀️ @aelizalerb
ghmalcolm : Hope you feel better soon😌
stephaniedeeves - lindsfaulkner - ghmalcolm - crissyball -
Homosexuality at its best my friends. #getalife#stupidshortshorts#druggedup#assproshop
assproshop - druggedup - stupidshortshorts - getalife -
tontowhiteman38 : #jelly
caityjoan - bethanysinninghe - bryanna_dustin - jamiewarren72 -
#wcw goes to amber. #womencrushwednesday #cute #druggedup #afterwreck #armbrace #brokenarm #studentid #idpicture #smile #funny #hilarious @amberrnicolee96
cute - idpicture - studentid - druggedup - womencrushwednesday - wcw - armbrace - funny - afterwreck - hilarious - smile - brokenarm -
amberrnicolee96 : πŸ˜’
reidfisher56 - amberrnicolee96 - mariebabe16 - dspartanxjose -
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