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Cruiseing to goodguys 2014 #chevyonly #goodguyscarshow #dinosgitdown #chevycrew #c10club #c10 #baggedlife #porterbuilt #membersonly #dropmember
dropmember - baggedlife - dinosgitdown - chevyonly - c10club - membersonly - porterbuilt - c10 - goodguyscarshow - chevycrew -
irishmonkey : @fidy6 think you should put the roof lights on
fidy6 : @irishmonkey .....nah
fidy6 - jkent1966 - j_dogg94 - ckucsan199 -
Some new designs by Hot Rods by Boyd wheels. The Liberty (top) and Crowbar (bottom). I am really liking the Liberty with silver spokes! #azproperformance #properformance #hrbb #hrbbliberty #hrbbcrowbar #hotrodsbyboyd #billetwheels #billet #c10 #baggedc10 #silverado #porterbuilt #pbfab #dropmember #VIAIR #Baer #wilwood #accuair
porterbuilt - hotrodsbyboyd - billet - viair - hrbb - dropmember - accuair - hrbbliberty - hrbbcrowbar - baggedc10 - properformance - baer - pbfab - wilwood - billetwheels - silverado - c10 - azproperformance -
samuelv05 : Sick @iammaneee
crashcam572 : @barnburner95 I like the top 1!
lonestarthrowdown : @historyofminitruckinfilm that bottom pic 😍😍😍
cdimetrucks : Those are nice!
martinsocold : @leon2ww look at the bottom wheel
tyfer74 : @1misterg
untouchable_built_it : @untouchablecustomsinc
joeyw33 : @pee_double_u I like the bottom ones for the 56
matthew_estrada88 - 54caddymac - silverbulletsrt - bigwilliesgarage -
#porterbuilt #dropmember #membersonly
porterbuilt - membersonly - dropmember -
haven5770 : #teamlongbed πŸ‘
tufftater - hamdan____1 - haven5770 - ceeonefive -
Sloshtubz all painted satin black. These things are made perfect. They only need light sanding and paint. Very very good product and Betty is proud to have em. @slosh_tubz @bigwilliesgarage @porterbuilt @accuair
n2trucks - blackbetty - dropmember - sloshtubz - n2trux - c10club -
slosh_tubz : Awesome. ! Thanks and @jakedom yes they do look at installed pics of both mine are taller
jakedom : @slosh_tubz thanks, something to think about for my project ..
sethrosa11 : I can't say enough about the quality @jakedom you won't be disappointed. .. get em!
bigwilliesgarage : πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†AGREED !! πŸ‘πŸ‘ @jakedom
sethrosa11 : @slosh_tubz great job on C10 talk mike! Well deserved recognition. Great meeting you at SEMA as well. #n2trucks #sloshtubz #blackbetty #dropmember #c10club
sethrosa11 : #n2trux
slosh_tubz : Thanks @sethrosa11
decalsquad_ : dope shot
rlknight68 - cmwilson1 - jakedom - slosh_tubz -
Got old Sanford road ready so I can daily it for a while till all the parts come in! #dropmember #pbfab #drivewaywerks #accuair #lsx #supercharged #stepside #c10 #chevylove #chevyonly
dropmember - stepside - drivewaywerks - chevylove - chevyonly - supercharged - pbfab - accuair - c10 - lsx -
thee_gent : Got the same truck in a Fleetside!! Sunset Gold, it looks great in a step side... @lowlifej
v.t.c1 : @mansour__1
the_whitezombie_truck : Love it! Fallow for fallow!
h0it0taq - holyearsandagrowingbeard - lowriderw - joey_jasso87 -
I'll actually start working on this thing again one of these days #porterbuilt #membersonly #dropmember
porterbuilt - membersonly - dropmember -
lolife99 - ryanelliott82 - clayburt_11 - gina_schneider_rn -
#porterbuilt #blackbetty #dropmember #accuair #goingthruoldpics #thatshitisclean #bigwilliesgarage #satinblack #membersonly #usmags
bigwilliesgarage - porterbuilt - thatshitisclean - accuair - satinblack - usmags - blackbetty - dropmember - membersonly - goingthruoldpics -
wyatt_c72 : Perfection!
kris_fatal : Rad!
nr_carl : @mhawkins686
mandy1202 : That's clean
microairsuspension : πŸ‘Œ
charlidos92 - jamessmith440 - thizzler19 - offroad_garage -
Extreme dropmember front and rear @porterbuilt #porterbuilt #blackbetty #dropmember #ineedamembersonlyplaque #americanbadass #membersonly
blackbetty - porterbuilt - americanbadass - dropmember - membersonly - ineedamembersonlyplaque -
bradc85 : @corey335xi
chriskicklange : So nice!
dangarusmc03 : Gud dam !
gary_and_co - dangarusmc03 - nealsellsre - robbiereeves87 -
The #c10 got its new shoes!!! 😊😊😊 #c10club #c10crew #porterbuilt #dropmeber #bodydrop #irocs #22s #24s #68c10 #68shortbed
porterbuilt - c10crew - irocs - dropmember - c10club - membersonly - 24s - bodydrop - c10 - 22s - dropmeber - 68c10 - 68shortbed -
c10crew : Coming along badass
guero68c10 : @c10crew thanks
kustom_classics : @accuair
guero68c10 : @kustom_classics thats next on the list of things to do....
kustom_classics : @guero68c10 πŸ‘
damian_g__ : @esparza_23
badbird71 : @jc_camaro
guero68c10 : #porterbuilt #dropmember #membersonly
hail_acheron - robbypernudi - staticb2200 - tylerwhipaholik -
Finally put my frame back together !! #porterbuilt #extremedrop #bodydrop #c10 #68c10 @porterbuilt
porterbuilt - bodydrop - dropmember - membersonly - 68c10 - c10 - extremedrop -
mviveros2 : Looking good @guero68c10
66chevy : Nice!
guero68c10 : @ill_break_it
ill_break_it : Sweet @guero68c10
guero68c10 : #porterbuilt #dropmember #membersonly
henry2981 - killahxoxo - funkjive - reedy_62 -
Just a few of the #membersonly plaques handed out at the Git Down to those running full front and rear Porterbuilt Dropmembers. Are you a member? Post up pics and #porterbuilt #dropmember #membersonly.
porterbuilt - membersonly - dropmember -
juankybuilt : I'm building an orange C10 with PB logos every where not sure what brand it is....πŸ˜‰
michaelleeshields : I just want a regular one. Nate and Dave you already have my address.
crashcam572 : I will be checking the mail for mine! Lol @porterbuilt
ru_django : Nice!!
chevyonlydino : Nnnnice
chris_drenner : My suspension is pure Peanut Butter with some jelly thrown in for good measure!
typicaldock : I'm running full dropmembers front and rear does that qualify for a plaque?
typicaldock : @porterbuilt
morteza_esfahani - m6motorsports - billyduncansbodyshop - ryuchan9592 -
Soaking up some rays Sunday at the #staticdropztoydrive pic by my boy @pedr0ski follow that kat for cool pics also follow @lonestarsquares @truckinthursday #weoutchea #weridinweainthidin #acrophobiatx #porterbuilt #dropmember #baggedc10 #baggedlife #baggedtruck #wheretheyattho
dropmember - weoutchea - acrophobiatx - baggedlife - porterbuilt - baggedtruck - wheretheyattho - weridinweainthidin - staticdropztoydrive - baggedc10 -
vanvan.kenji : πŸ˜πŸ‘
_dattboiilos_ : @meloowniqqaa πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ
the_grown_ass_man : I want! :P @_princessciarra
the_hooligan_ : @10corona72 bruhhhh
quenan_r1 : @christian5980
soscustom : @thirstyz71 @amanda_nichole2013
matthavvy : @tbohlen23
a_al7osany14 : @waleedalkaabi14
2gboy.on.da.9th - dewboy44 - fpdigo - kemallssen -
A little transformation Tuesday #c10 #mustbenice #drivewaywerks #chickencityhotrods #racelinewheels #pbfab #dropmember #baer #accuair #comceptone #chevylove #chevyonly #directpaintless #vintageair #lsx #twinturbo #cxracing #precisionmetalcraft
vintageair - dropmember - chevylove - accuair - cxracing - lsx - directpaintless - racelinewheels - baer - drivewaywerks - comceptone - mustbenice - chevyonly - twinturbo - pbfab - chickencityhotrods - precisionmetalcraft - c10 -
pwgrubb : Going to be BAD A!!!
garygarratt : Progress on this badass ride?
lowlifej : @garygarratt I'll try to update it sheetmetal fitting at the moment
pedchatchawank - thejennifury - tkid1221 - olblue84 -
@cousindave_porterbuilt showing off his truck at the Git Down. #porterbuilt #dropmember #pbfab
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
motohead29 : @motodude
erbdaddy3590 : @ibanezer12
junkboxchoppers : @jawzua
ibanezer12 : @erbdaddy3590 that truck is awesome
rkpyles : @rusty.dusty
bl_enterprise : Wat a sick looking truck with classy wheels and tire setup
alexanderspeed : #tunacan @cousindave_porterbuilt
kaddorico - moose_1008 - blu_c_ten - joserodcora -
A quick look at @krozelle74 Porterbuilt Equipped truck from the Git Down a few weeks back. #porterbuilt #pbfab #dropmember
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
nosensecustoms : Need same dropmember for c30 project. Hope Lrd send it quickly to finland.
ebustos74 : What size rims are you running?
porterbuilt : @ebustos74 22/24 combo. 8.5 front 15 rear.
geegeehernandez : @jmeda1
whatwouldrileydo : Such an amazing build! Those rears tho!!! 😡
moose_1008 - jjaeger240 - ese_man - ogciscokid -
Dude told me "bottom line I've got what you want so you'll have to wait 14 weeks " to what I said maybe I'll just make one myself to what he said "if you could you would" so I did ... Maybe he was having a bad day !!! #dropmember @porterbuilt #c10 @c10crew @c10forum
c10 - dropmember -
zaccardibuilt : Great job!
danielle_saltski : Do work! πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
nachoavg65 : @porterbuilt I'm not paraphrasing at all I remember the convo like it was yesterday actually I couldn't believe my ears when I called here is a person wanting to spend thousands of dollars with you and that's what you have to say .. Actually I've got more quotes I can give you from whoever I was on the phone with .. And I also dig the design tho it's not rocket science as you already know
azautoclassics : Looks good man. Maybe a set of billet upper and lower Aarms since you saved your self a ton of $ πŸ‘
nachoavg65 : @porterbuilt how long is the wait for some control arms ?
jrmitch19 : @greenfield_speedshop @lowflying31
dwwerks : @chickencityhotrods
nr_carl : @mhawkins686
fanaticbeemer - mattdrivesstuff - dday180 - 4wardinv -
I think this better see the road again this summer #blazer #chevytruck #k5 #northsidestreetrods #moremilesmorememories
dropmember - porterbuilt - chevytruck - k5 - blazer - moremilesmorememories - northsidestreetrods -
koolkat53 : @trevorgowen I agree, that's one truck that has more miles on it than most guys put on rides that are half as low. Many a high center was levelled off and I thank you for that :-)
gear_alloy : Ahhh!
trevorgowen : @koolkat53 so true. I have the bent control arms to prove it! Needs a #dropmember #porterbuilt
laserdavid - halfevilhotrods - deathwheelercory - 51monarch -
Bringing the stepper down a little bit! #c10 #stepside #lsx #stroker #6.0 #squarebody #drivewaywerks #dropmember #pbfab #supercharged
dropmember - squarebody - stroker - drivewaywerks - 6 - supercharged - pbfab - stepside - c10 - lsx -
robbiesworld303 : @c10farm
ohyoustancyhuh : Who owns that Westfalia in the back?
lowlifej : @ohyoustancyhuh idk the trucks at my biddies garage
lvdieselballs : @gypcsam @4hate0
gym_lyfe24_7 - widerangejapan - bradenrein24 - chrishickmanartwerks -
Driving home from the static dropz toy for tots toy drive Kyle doing his thang in the rain #porterbuilt #dropmember #accuair #acrophobiatx #weridinweainthidin #weoutchea #baggedc10 #baggedlife #baggedtruck
dropmember - weoutchea - acrophobiatx - baggedlife - porterbuilt - baggedtruck - accuair - weridinweainthidin - baggedc10 -
pedr0ski : #shiningintherain
trillest93_staticdropz : Appreciate the help today!
hectic_hec : @pedr0ski lol
hectic_hec : @trillest93_staticdropz no problem man I'm always down to help
_tommy_h - hashem79karam - powerwagon72bug - 3meran -
Someone needs this #squarebody #dually on ebay now. #1973 #73-87 @squarebodysyndicate @porterbuilt #dropmember
dually - dropmember - 73 - 1973 - squarebody -
n2trux : Looks like one @dragalac owned.
kustomfab : @der2z
thehulk6_7 : @daved85
xleratin : @0n_three buy me
keithbosse - psychotic_bean - old__school___ - cujo387 -
#sundayfunday #took her out for a cruise #silverado #c10 #squarebodychevys #porterbuild #dropmember #raceline #twotone #mondaos customs
dropmember - raceline - sundayfunday - took - twotone - porterbuild - mondaos - squarebodychevys - silverado - c10 -
diggy_d_ : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
bagdsrt : Looking good @lowesthoe
aprilb25 : Nice! Can you dm me some full pics off your truck for a feature on our page?
perez_50 : @streetcruisersphotography
mrromphf : @39ratrod love that colour, love those wheels!!
aprilb25 - rpmhotrods - partsguy52 - p_dougie_dubble -
For sale $6500 or trade ... I really hate to sell but I've had some unforeseen circumstances in my life and it has come time to sell this truck so if anyone knows anyone who may be interested please let me know ... This is not a must sell so don't low ball me serious inquires only the truck is super solid it has 3 spots of rust both cab corners on the very bottom about 1-1/2 circles and the core support under the battery but that's it orignal paint the truck came from Texas it was a Waco Tx public works truck it would be totally cool layed out with some old scool name or striping on the door .. This truck is not a rust bucket the paint is simply burnt off witch anyone from Texas can tell you it's commin every nut and bolt comes right out again this is not a rust bucket if you wanted one with a nice paint job on it this would be the one to do it to also because it's not full of rot pics do this truck no justice @c10king @c10crew @c10forum #c10 #porterbuilt #dropmember #forsale @nr_spot @pony420 @delmoxxx @thee_gent @builtbybrooks please let anyone know that may be interested in building one of these trucks @samcastronova @streetmachinery @c10addict @_high_octane_ @rpmhotrods @n2trux @rheaschevys @chevyonlydino @calebmercer @chassisfabjohn @gradyshippjr @66chevy @jason_thorbecke @deadairgarage @jdoisher
porterbuilt - c10 - dropmember - forsale -
nachoavg65 : @nateisthegr8est
nachoavg65 : @dylanredneck101 no it's a short bed
trend_setterz08 : Where are you located
nachoavg65 : About 40 miles south of chicago where i80 and i55 meet in Illinois @trend_setterz08
nachoavg65 : @austinweiss
alholzl : @bradmalyon
alholzl : @me51na
_angry_canuck : Thanks @busack @spike_sidewinder can you send me more info and pictures at your convenience? Eh_brant@hotmail.com
garynfg - cluburalmexico - leon_s.ibb - chris_carreiro95 -
Nothing like drilling a brand-new spindle... Then again there's nothing like an @porterbuilt dropmember. 😎 #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
queencityspeed : It's only new once. Lol.
lolife99 : Buck,... don't they go on TOP of the spindle arm for the mild and touring Dropmembers?
bucks68c10 : @lolife99 I believe they go on top for the touring and the extreme. For the mild they would hit the sway bar if on top.
lolife99 : Hard to tell in the pic.
lolife99 : The tie rod should parallel the a-arm as much as possible. The sway bar link can be any length.
lolife99 : But you are correct
bucks68c10 : @lowlife We will get a better look when the frame is rolling with weight on it.
1999moises - 4ever_low - sac_jeep - knomadd -
Just 1 drill bit short of having a roller. Maybe tomorrow. #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
rockylakekustom : Looking Good!!!
hotrodpeanut : Looks great
m95_art : @shassan_almosawi ☺ شوف Ψ¨Ψ§Ω‚ΩŠ Ψ§Ω„Ψ΅ΩˆΨ±
big_dan_1948 - gdog78 - old__school___ - positive_lyfestyle -
CPP rear discs so we can stop this pig. #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
m95_art - mattdrivesstuff - felipemfranca - s340 -
Bout to head to Redneck Heaven in Lewisville, if anyone would like to meet us up there #weridinweainthidin #weoutchea #acronawftexas #porterbuilt #accuair #dropmember #acrophobiatx #squarebodyvatos #c10vatos #baggedlife #baggedc10 #baggedk5 #baggedchevys
dropmember - squarebodyvatos - baggedchevys - weoutchea - acrophobiatx - baggedlife - porterbuilt - acronawftexas - baggedk5 - accuair - c10vatos - weridinweainthidin - baggedc10 -
abe_xx : What yall doing tonight? Might have some fajitas at the crib
hectic_hec : @abe_xx going to a Christmas party a ugly sweater thing
vanvan.kenji : πŸ‘
weelo_mst : @bmeeker37
bmeeker37 : @weelo_mst u need to get one!
needsurf - cootint - sixty_fo - taco84rice -
It's all starting to come together just a few bends and weld her up #dropmember #makemyown #c10 #autocad #laser @c10forum @c10crew
autocad - c10 - laser - makemyown - dropmember -
nachoavg65 : @n2trux
gsi_machineandfabrication : Right on! That's badass man. Nice job
nachoavg65 : Thanks @gsi_machineandfabrication I may be needing some machine work done to complete would you be interested in helping a brother out ?
gsi_machineandfabrication : Absolutely. Call the shop on Monday and ask to speak with Anthony. He can get you all setup. (480) 940-1806.
nachoavg65 : Cool thanks @gsi_machineandfabrication
azautoclassics : @moemag21
earljackson - yumimali - ratchet_rick - flyinfry92 -
Beautiful c10 owned by @kurtismew
bagged - 69c10 - dropmember - classicscene - chevypickup - c10club - chevytruck - dropped - 1969c10 - oldschool - badass - baggedc10 - 70c10 - c10crew - 1969 - chevrolet - chevy - 71c10 - slammed - c10 - 72c10 -
durango_erick : @gdayna_
peatear818 : @meropaez @_zepha_
ronnieeg23 : Wet
kurtismew : Thanks man
theamazingbethdavis : Siiiiic
corvette_stingrayy : (πŸ”΄πŸ”΄CORVETTEπŸ”΄πŸ”΄) πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
thajass : Ay
thajass : @_ace_hinojosa_
bigdog19kilo - timmymothafukinsouza_209 - joetorres2k13 - p51m -
If you're gonna wind the turns you have to have a sway bar. #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
powerdbychevy79 : πŸ‘
hotrodpeanut : Looks great
hotrodpeanut : How much is the k member & upper & lower a arms like this??
hotrodpeanut : @joverby72 @dzs86
rusbuilt : @hotrodpeanut check out pbfab.com and follow @porterbuilt
rusbuilt : And nice work Ernie you're moving right along! @bucks68c10
jasonhall68 : Nice!
deez350 - andyvidal1973 - jallensmith61 - abn_msar_ -
Making some progress.
dropmember -
robbiepurser : You have sold me on the #porterbuilt stage 2.
slowcpe : @robbiepurser you may want to stop following. I'm extremely close to biting the bullet and ordering a #dropmember. @porterbuilt is dangerous to my bank account.
robbiepurser : Yeah, I follow your build on the forum. I'm gac10boy with the 71 gmc. Put me in like for some of your pb parts if you pull the trigger on the dropmember. I'll be ready in a few weeks I hope!
slowcpe : Yeah I know who you are. Watching your build as well. I can do that. If/when I go with the front kit I'll have everything for a stage 1 front other than bags. More than likely going with Ridetech HQ shocks now.
robbiepurser : @slowcpe awesome! Sounds like a plan.
jpwayne86 - robbiepurser - pock76 - sambrutay -
A pic of me and Kyle with a big daddy cup of tea at turkey drag #porterbuilt #dropmember #acrophobiatx #accuair #airride #weoutchea #weridinweainthidin #baggedlife #c10crew #squarebodymafia #c10vatos #baggedc10 #baggedlife #turkeydrag #turkeydrag14
porterbuilt - c10crew - squarebodymafia - airride - weoutchea - acrophobiatx - baggedlife - dropmember - turkeydrag14 - accuair - c10vatos - weridinweainthidin - turkeydrag - baggedc10 -
classicscene : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
samuel_cade.97 : What city Yall live in?
hectic_hec : I'm in dallas tx
hectic_hec : @samuel_cade.97
samuel_cade.97 : That's what's up man. Nice pics I'm down here in Waco sometimes Austin.@hectic_hec
blowncash : @joepolka
lazaritoooo : @danielay5
awwwfuckyaaah : @isreal808
waylongifford - pauletteoglesby - aka.ricky.bobby - westonsp8_ -
This is going to be dope! #vortechsuperchargers #Repost @lolometalsmith ・・・ Giving the #chevy #c10 a heartbeat with a #vortech #supercharged #lq9 ! #elevel #accuair #falkentire #optima #usmags #mht #bearbrakes #porterbuilt #chassisworks #dropmember #doitbaileigh #truckin #steettrucks #sema2015 #slamd #sema #smallwindow #chevrolet #chassis #c10crew #64 #60_66
optima - porterbuilt - smallwindow - truckin - steettrucks - usmags - dropmember - 64 - chassisworks - accuair - c10crew - sema2015 - repost - bearbrakes - falkentire - vortech - slamd - lq9 - vortechsuperchargers - chevrolet - sema - supercharged - chevy - elevel - doitbaileigh - 60_66 - mht - c10 - chassis -
1989k1500 : @themichiganmaniac
mikepryka : @getonmylevelgarage take note!
destrominator : @jaredlbz
luizzjr23 : @luisjo0408
jimmyd_yo85gt : Dope? Lmao
getonmylevelgarage : @mikepryka lol I'd do that in a heartbeat but its my dads truck i just do all the work on it but he decides what he wants done he wants it mostly stock
hellspawn4ever - gary_young2425 - anandaman689 - zarif_chowdhury -
More mock up. #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
gera318 : Nice
mandy1202 : @bucks68c10 hey Ernie. What's different on the inboard vs outboard setups?
bucks68c10 : @mandy1202 I wonder if the outboard setup is more stable because the shock has more leverage in that position.
wyatt_c72 : Wow, looks great!!
mandy1202 : I'm guessing @porterbuilt can chime in and give us the scoop.
porterbuilt : @mandy1202 what specific info would you like? Function and reasoning? Or mainly configuration differences?
mandy1202 : @porterbuilt more of the differences between inboard and outboard function. And thanks bud!
m6motorsports - martincaceres_7 - eatmyshift - filippogaris -
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