Squarebody #c10 with a little different twist, owned by our customer @hector_salamanca_90 He is running #porterbuilt suspension to lay this truck on the ground. #azproperformance #properformance #sbs #squarebody #squarebodysyndicate #baggedc10 #thisisjustcool #dropmember #pbfab #stepside #stepsidec10
sbs - thisisjustcool - squarebody - stepsidec10 - porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember - properformance - stepside - c10 - azproperformance - squarebodysyndicate - baggedc10 -
luckysumbich : @squarebodysyndicate peep this bitchin stepper!
84nickelndime : Nice real nice best company around @azproperformance #azproperformance
rpmhotrods : Love it!!!!
debsamliz : Ours is on its way! Scott Thompson is like a kid at Christmas! @azproperformance
crashcam572 : @tcameron3324
azproperformance : @debsamliz should be there this week I believe. Look forward to seeing progress!
m_alfhaad - acadiankid - thetonydelta - nandovilchis -
End result. #pbfab #dropmember #porterbuilt
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
slosh_tubz : @streetdrivencustoms
erikj62ss : @the_grand_wizard37 πŸ‘πŸ˜³
ar_aware : @porterbuilt have you ever reinforced a first gen camaro sub frame ?
bigbeardedbastard : Damn pure truck porn right there!@porterbuilt
lindibilt_customs : @dsil3000
nolimitcustoms68 : @shawnworth
michaelleeshields : As I posted on @slosh_tubz post you are really liking that press brake nowadays huh @porterbuilt
jvcustoms : One of these days my old gmc will get some proper suspension Damn nice products
daddypolstin - c10talk - supergallen - 1gdw1 -
#porterbuilt #dropmember @azproperformance #farmtruck #shoptruck #stepside #c10
porterbuilt - shoptruck - dropmember - stepside - c10 - farmtruck -
5al9nee : @alrashdan_hasan @kalil_malallah @dakota_kuhn @bo3abeed @naseralenezii @hmdlfhd Ψ¬Ω†Ω‡ Ω„ΨΉΨ¨Ψ©
5al9nee : @n2trux
mcbassin : Very very nice hector! This whole time I'd had light yellow in my head.... Lemon reference
lolife99 : I had a light ochre color for my guess.
calvin78612 : That looks great !
hector_salamanca_90 : @mcbassin and @lolife99 the deciding factor on paint color was price. Summit sells this paint for like 70 bucks a gallon but they only offer so many different color choices. I'd have chosen a yellow or ochre in a second but it would have required buying higher dollar paint.
lolife99 : I still like it!πŸ‘
ryan_81monte : @keepnit_classic
htxrich - its_carrlitos - blameitonthebowtie - jake724 -
#porterbuilt #dropmember @azproperformance #farmtruck #shoptruck #stepside #c10
porterbuilt - shoptruck - dropmember - stepside - c10 - farmtruck -
steelcitybox : @reallygrilli
steelcitybox : @tony_t_63
blu_c_ten : Nailed it. And it's an original look.
blu_c_ten : No mistaking that truck for anyone else's.
aggie.91 : Love it!
southeast_squarebodies : @momosf100 this is beautiful
tuck.mace_ : @loweredtrukz
momosf100 : Yessir!! @southeast_squarebodies
dentonskatesupply - satanyeworship - jhama78 - wethepeople406 -
Quick video of the same piece. @slosh_tubz #porterbuilt #pbfab #dropmember
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
jnungaray2 : @doyerdiaz
javierdeanda78 : @porterbuilt looks like a machine did that, you must have robocop arms lol my welds still look like mud dobber nest lol badass work bro! #induetime#millertig
bankerrn : I don't weld but it looks like to me somebody does!
grajy_ : @balowaisheer
kyleleanderson : @stackingdimes
balowaisheer : @grajy_ 😭😭😭😭
scottyvdesign : Let's see Ya weld that circle start to stop no breaks. Where there's a will there's a way.
whatwouldrileydo : My wife scolded me for looking at porn😞
lab302 - golf21434 - brcasilio - mikes_glasswerkz_wager -
Little more MIG action on this Wednesday morning. Special piece for @slosh_tubz and his boosted Bertha project. #pbfab #porterbuilt #dropmember
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
albybbc : @_getch
albybbc : @nickdeptula
dj_mac48 : @porterbuilt awesome weld
slosh_tubz : #awesome #cantwait #worththewait #killingitman
slosh_tubz : #BoostedBertha #sema2015
m_a_c2013 : @outlaw_lo
severed_joe : Dammnnn !
lab302 - blameitonthebowtie - golf21434 - mikes_glasswerkz_wager -
Porterbuilt drop member for the new project arrived today. Like christmas all over. #porterbuilt #c10 #goodday #slammed #dropmember
goodday - c10 - porterbuilt - slammed - dropmember -
lolife99 : The new Version 6 Dropmember is the best yet!
c10era60_66 - lorenzo1698 - beardedxwonder - hectic_hec -
#prototype time, test jig next #c10 #squarebody #dropmember #lstcrunch #madeinok #builtnotbought
madeinok - builtnotbought - dropmember - squarebody - prototype - c10 - lstcrunch -
fredroumbanis - jessae22 - carterspowerboats - jonathan417 -
Consistency is key. #pbfab #porterbuilt #dropmember
porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
79brwnbunny : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
thafreshnes23 : Stackin dimes!
deatonk67 : @a_piece_of_schmidt
apluspowdercoatingllc : Need them powder coated give me a call 225-301-2828 @porterbuilt
olenhogenson : That's a badass #Migger
ronbrown2016 : Lucky truck nice color
scottyvdesign : I saw that robotic welder you have hidden in the back room. Nice work always. Have you ever sneezed while doing a nice long bead??
defenderv6 : @javad_fallah @shahramsh13
deadsand - king_of_filth661 - javad_fallah - -
Little MIG weld action on a notch assembly. Pretty picky around here. #pbfab #porterbuilt #dropmember #c10
c10 - porterbuilt - pbfab - dropmember -
chevy6772 : That's why your the Best! @porterbuilt
bigbody35 : Any plans for us AD trucks? @porterbuilt
porterbuilt : @bigbody35 yes. Super close to having the AD kit all buttoned up.
greenfield_speedshop : If the AD kits are close how about some pics...
porterbuilt : @greenfield_speedshop I won't be posting pics for another week or two. I know you're patiently waiting. Shoot me an email and I will make sure to get you some here shortly.
greenfield_speedshop : Will do Nate thanks man...
porterbuilt : @greenfield_speedshop πŸ‘
the_damn_shop : Show off!!!! Top notch like always!
ratriddle - relaxed_kris - yahiy_alzanbghi - moose_1008 -
Scraping over cow turds #porterbuilt #dropmember @azproperformance
porterbuilt - dropmember -
19kenndo89 - islv_ritchie702 - santidiaz69 - bigburben -
Ramming goats and cows without fear. Dragging cow turds. Laying grille guard to impress the locals. #dropmember #porterbuilt @azproperformance
porterbuilt - dropmember -
rattaxi48 : @lowmerc53
feltchhh34 - danielitov - dener.assuncao - atb.511 -
Laying frame seems so overplayed. Hector lays grille guard. #porterbuilt #dropmember @azproperformance #farmtruckdraggingcowpattys
porterbuilt - farmtruckdraggingcowpattys - dropmember -
azproperformance : @hector_salamanca_90 well done, I like it!
h0it0taq - alireza._.m - 19kenndo89 - ehsangm.ins -
I miss my old trucks! #c10 #gmc #dually #c30 #50thanniversary #22steelwheels #bagged #porterbuilt #dropmember #stock #staticdrop #alllongbeds #classictruck #67_72chevytrucks @longbedmafia @alexanderspeed @thelonerife
bagged - porterbuilt - gmc - 22steelwheels - classictruck - dually - staticdrop - dropmember - 50thanniversary - c10 - 67_72chevytrucks - c30 - alllongbeds - stock -
russelljgoodman : We miss them too Rus, go find another one and get to work!
rusbuilt : One day soon @russelljgoodman
luckysumbich - r.i.deluxe49 - longbedmafia - tymatyma -
Front print on the Porterbuilt tee shirts #dropmember #dropped #lowered #c10 #tshirt #screenprinting #dischargeink #pinstripes #lowbrowart #lowbrow #kustomkulture #kustom #chevytruck #classictrucks #truckin #silverado #cheyenne #scottsdale
dropmember - truckin - dischargeink - kustomkulture - scottsdale - tshirt - lowered - chevytruck - dropped - screenprinting - lowbrow - kustom - classictrucks - cheyenne - lowbrowart - silverado - c10 - pinstripes -
sicfitoldtown : Wow like it!
aaronscott__ : Superb!
elle.aura - mwedgeworth79 - ronbarbarino - minionlover0107 -
Cool discharge tee shirt print we did for the super talented folks at Porterbuilt Fabrication #c10 #dropmember #lowbrow #lowered #pinstripes #dropped #dischargeink #screenprinting #tahirts #chevytrucks #classictrucks #truckin #hamb #hotrod
c10 - chevytrucks - dropmember - hotrod - truckin - dischargeink - classictrucks - tahirts - lowered - hamb - dropped - screenprinting - lowbrow - pinstripes -
voyagersp - my1971buick - mwedgeworth79 - minionlover0107 -
porterbuilt - hartrod - patina - ride_height - dropmember - ls - accuair - c10 - lsx - cdime -
n2trux : SaF
meccaspeedkustoms : Badass!!
juantocdetail : Really nice hub caps. 15's? @hart_rod
hart_rod : Lol old man 16s...@juantocdetail
hart_rod : #ride_height #patina #HartRod #porterbuilt #dropmember #LSX #accuair #LS #cdime #C10
shaggin_c10 : @hart_rod you gonna be at LST?
hart_rod : @shaggin_c10 you never know about me..:-)
porterbuilt - gofast68 - mrpizzafreak - lilwall3 -
Back on the build your own dropmember project just a few more pieces to cut and bend and I can move to the rear !! Or maybe I'll sell this one to ?? With all the #gnrs pics I would really like to build a 32 or 33-34 ford .. #decisionsdecisions #dropmember #c10 #airride @c10crew @c10era60_66 @_high_octane_ @rpmhotrods
dropmember - c10 - decisionsdecisions - airride - gnrs -
azautoclassics : Looks good man. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ initiative @nachoavg65
nachoavg65 : Thanks guys @gsi_machineandfabrication @azautoclassics you guys make a nice piece as well !
nachoavg65 : @bodydrop0921 thanks man ! Porterbuilt makes a nice stuff it just takes to long to get and when you talk to them they think there the only ones that can cut and bend metal it's not rocket science move it up in and forward weld it together ;)
bodydrop0921 : @nachoavg65 yes they have quality products just don't quality customer service. Awesome to see someone else grabbing attention with quality
nachoavg65 : @bodydrop0921 I do agree with you on that there customer service sucks but in a way it's a good thing because there customer service gave me the initiative @azautoclassics to build it myself !!
_high_octane_ : @nachoavg65 I want one... let me know when you're ready
nachoavg65 : @_high_octane_ as soon as I make sure it all fits
danielle_saltski : I take back what I said! 😘😘😘
azautoclassics - yumimali - jlautocraft - nan.wilkins -
Last one for suspension Saturday #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
1nice67chevy : Did that guy buy those wheels
shea7775 : What does all the suspension cost for the 67 to 72 frame cross members etc just like all the parts in the pics ?
popcorncaptain - andrew_hand15 - ironcarsesparraguera - felixramoncastro -
More suspension Ssturday. πŸ‘#projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
popcorncaptain - pinche_mon - sinya22 - ironcarsesparraguera -
Let's call it suspension Saturday! #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
1nice67chevy : Wish I had the money to do a set up like that
mc_7t2 : Hurry up and get the body back on! @bucks68c10
bmv135 - luisenrique.seijascolmenares - ironcarsesparraguera - mannyyyyy96 -
Almost starting to be something to look at @fssteeringwheels #c10 #fssteeringwheels #accuair #porterbuilt #handmade #garagejournal #hamb #hotrod #dropmember #baggedtrucks #squarebody #c10crew #metalshaping #metalart #sheetmetal #fabrication @accuair @porterbuilt
porterbuilt - hotrod - metalart - dropmember - hamb - accuair - sheetmetal - fssteeringwheels - fabrication - metalshaping - baggedtrucks - c10crew - garagejournal - squarebody - handmade - c10 -
deadland_nathan : Dash is turning out pretty bad ass! Not a big fan of the seats, but maybe as it all comes together it will grow on me
popcorncaptain : Yeah im always on the lookout for new ones so they are just sitting on the old seat mounts so they arent in place, i cant get the headrests off and i dont like the colors, they are 6way adjustable and heated though @deadland_nathan
true_jsmith - bitchinpaint - holly_hiawatha - deadland_nathan -
LS1 getting cozy between the frame rails. #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech #DaggerGs #billetspecialties #LS1
porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers - dropmember - ls1 - daggergs - ridetech - billetspecialties -
jessmtz23 : Man thats gonna look nice
porterbuilt : Looks good Ernie! @bucks68c10
porterbuilt - mikemike1965 - kdcamarilloxo - hereismo -
LS1 is in, transmission mount has been modified. It's a shame to cut those pretty @porterbuilt welds but it had to be done. #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech #DaggerGs #billetspecialties #LS1
porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers - dropmember - ls1 - daggergs - ridetech - billetspecialties -
markilo63_wdw : And this one @dquintanilla1
taylor.inge : What had to be changed on the trans mount?
porterbuilt : @taylor.inge @bucks68c10 made his to have some adjustment in it.
sdgerberjr - thedonniewadd - liftedchev2013 - isaacquintero -
#c10 #bodydropped #porterbuilt #dropmember
porterbuilt - c10 - bodydropped - dropmember -
iroc_ab : Nice truck broπŸ‘
browwnpride_bullies : NiceπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
spoiledboy_808 - blameitonthebowtie - punahou21 - __outlaw__1 -
#c10 #bodydropped #porterbuilt #dropmember
porterbuilt - c10 - bodydropped - dropmember -
nick_n_rayray - spriggan_808 - 66k96y - iroc_ab -
That wheel you aren't quite sure of,... until you see it for real. @rockytop72t killed it with @racelinewheels #smuggler wheels. Badass #baggedc10 #c10 #bagged @porterbuilt #dropmember
bagged - dropmember - smuggler - racelinewheels - porterbuilt - c10 - baggedc10 -
millerinium : Lookin' good!
rockytop72t : @lolife99 thanks brotha.
lolife99 : @rockytop72t You're building some cool stuff.
lowesthoe : Sickkkkkkkkkkk
98l150 : @greenss69
rockytop72t : @lolife99 thanks Keith I appreciate it.
meccaspeedkustoms : @wollysolly looks bad ass!
greenfield_speedshop : @paul_vannus
bigwilliesgarage - franks53 - mejia_luis14 - mcbassin -
Ol blue finally made it to truckin magazine thanks to @kikoleiva @ihatephil and @truckinmagazine wish I never sold it but glad it went to a good home .. Be sure to check it out in the February issue of truckin magazine .. #porterbuilt #dropmember @cousindave_porterbuilt @porterbuilt #accuair @accuair @accuairderek #elevel #vu4 #introwheels #wilwoodbrakes @bedwoodandparts @introwheels #lsswap #c10 @c10farm @c10crew #c10crew #relaxedatmosphere #nationsfinest
relaxedatmosphere - nationsfinest - porterbuilt - c10crew - wilwoodbrakes - lsswap - introwheels - vu4 - elevel - dropmember - accuair - c10 -
gradyshippjr : @hrpgwiring gonna have a real good time on the 55 lol
hrpgwiring : Lol
xxcov3rxx : Congrats man, that is a beautiful truck!
gradyshippjr : @xxcov3rxx thanks man
rolherna123 : @gradyshippjr U have any pics of that seat? Looks sick man!!
gradyshippjr : @rolherna123 ill dm u a pic
kvn1011 : congrats!! well deserved!!
gradyshippjr : @kvn1011 thanks man
c10united - bigrick074 - mgrossklaus10911 - layinrocker -
Picked up @lethalcx frame from powdercoat today. When you know how to use a grinder you don't have to bodywork them.
c10 - porterbuilt - c10bros - dropmember - squarebody -
bcchassisnfab : Or called for?
bcchassisnfab : I have πŸ’΅!!
_high_octane_ : @bcchassisnfab they're for sale I'll get you payment info
bcchassisnfab : Ok
chickencityhotrods : What grit did you finish with before powdercoat?
_high_octane_ : @chickencityhotrods 80 grit on a 9" then 80 da and it was sand blasted before it was coated.
chickencityhotrods : Thanks for the info. Looks killer!
sailorjerryrum : Looks amazing! Nice work!
chunkee_drunkee - nr_repoths - angelguerrerod - sailorjerryrum -
Last of the suspension mockup complete, rear coilovers installed. #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech
ridetech - dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers -
taylor.inge : Porterbuilt makes some good looking parts! Seems strange that the coilovers seem to sit very far in.
bucks68c10 : @taylor.inge I would have preferred the coilovers be mounted outboard but this is what I have and I'm not changing another thing, need to keep moving forward.
taylor.inge : Makes sense. Looking great!
m6motorsports - bonks89 - rockylakekustom - potter_34 -
Sittin' on all fours for the first time in a while. #STOKED #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech #billetspecialties
dropmember - porterbuilt - stoked - projectshiro - coilovers - ridetech - billetspecialties -
shearjs : Looks great! Sticking with the coil overs?
bucks68c10 : @shearjs Yep!
m6motorsports - andreasmoen93 - rockylakekustom - c10.culture -
@delmoxxx new website has gone live! Check it out! @porterbuilt #dropmember @accuair #delmospecial wheels.
dropmember - delmospecial -
lolife99 : Repost fro @xxlf250
lolife99 : @hotrodjeff
scottyvdesign : Clean design like the layout.
delmoxxx : Thanks for the support brother @lolife99
rusbuilt - slowcpe - old__school___ - _fattbackk_ -
My buddy @hart_rod hook in' a brutha up! Fabbed c-channel for my modified @porterbuilt transmission mount. #projectShiro #porterbuilt #dropmember #coilovers #ridetech #billetspecialties
dropmember - porterbuilt - projectshiro - coilovers - ridetech - billetspecialties -
mandy1202 : @bucks68c10 hey Ernie. Get some good pics of that. I'm going to be needing that soon.
bucks68c10 : @mandy1202 I'll be sure to post up some detail pics.
barneyf74 - al_nuaimi86 - s340 - jdoisher -
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