Beer & blooms @10acres #driftwoodbrewery #whitebarkwitbier #craftbeer #ilovecraftbeer #localbeer #victoria
whitebarkwitbier - craftbeer - localbeer - ilovecraftbeer - driftwoodbrewery - victoria -
photographyfortravellers : :)
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Back at it!! #scenicdrinkers#driftwoodbrewery#tuglife#ipa#boats#beer
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hottmolly - tannabis - douglasramone_ - beercapchoppers -
@driftwoodbrewery it's that time of year again... #sartoriHarvestIpa #ipa #beer #beerstagram #driftwoodBrewery #shelfbeerdrinker #craftbeer
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#CraftBeer fans, this is #SartoriHarvestIPA and it is one of BCs best #Freshhop offerings #DriftwoodBrewery
freshhop - driftwoodbrewery - craftbeer - sartoriharvestipa -
quinn_mckinley - mirandafanceepanda - thatoneguymoe - hazelriggs_brewing_co -
#FF our amazing #VIIF2014 sponsors: #Ramada Inn & Suites Downtown #Vancouver / #driftwoodbrewery / @wevancouver / @viawesome / #instanttheatre / #Improvisation.ca / #EastVan #Comedy http://vancouverimprovfest.com/sponsors
ff - viif2014 - eastvan - ramada - driftwoodbrewery - improvisation - vancouver - instanttheatre - comedy -
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Couple of @driftwoodbrewery very limited release Sartori fresh hops. beat out the hipsters selling out their local spots. Very tasty citrus and nice bitter notes. Worth the wait #DriftWoodBrewery #FreshHops #Beer
freshhops - beer - driftwoodbrewery -
juliejulesjubs - marvellamgbohr - laumichelleg - jaga_rai -
We only have a few bottles left of the most sought after fresh-hopped beers made by some of BC's best brewers. Available until they're not available anymore 😎 #sartori #wolfvine #ipa #paleale #beer #ale #driftwoodbrewery #hoynebrewery #hoyne #cicerone
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And to finish, Driftwood Brewery's Fat Tug IPA. A bold piney delicious IPA #driftwoodbrewery #fattugipa #victoriabc #thebentmast
fattugipa - victoriabc - driftwoodbrewery - thebentmast -
kevinjacobphoto : Too cool
glovictoria - ben2891 - pbnjac - nickelodeon90 -
So good! Was looking forward to this beer all day! Well actually I was a whole year since
benhayze : Are you brewing your own beer now? If not you should be
optimusprimevan : @benhayze soon man.. I got a beginner home brew kit and been putting it of cos always busy.. Really soon!!
benhayze : Cool, can't wait to try your optimus-ale
punkrawkgeek : Have three in my fridge... I cannot wait to crack one, or two open. MMmMmMmmmMm.
optimusprimevan : @benhayze dude.. That's an awesome name..
optimusprimevan : @benhayze using it for sure once I get my ish together and start brewing.
aaron_senetza : Sweet glass, where you find it?
optimusprimevan : @aaron_senetza chapters a while back. They could have them back in stock?
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Slowly coming together! #driftwoodbrewery #driftwoodbrewing #driftwood #mosaic #art #renovations #tastingroom
art - driftwood - driftwoodbrewing - driftwoodbrewery - tastingroom - mosaic - renovations -
shelbmay : Looks so good !!
mmasked : @designs_sr thanks! :)
mmrzilla : Dude that looks rad. Good job
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On tap!!! #driftwoodbrewery #drinklocal #craftbeerbc #Canadiancraftbeer #freshhop #yyjfoodie #yyj
drinklocal - canadiancraftbeer - freshhop - craftbeerbc - yyj - driftwoodbrewery - yyjfoodie -
robinacion : How much u have left? Didn't get to make it in yesterday?
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Rainy afternoon of foraging in the forest successful. Found a few gems along the way πŸ˜‰πŸ» #vancouver #wethopped #driftwoodbrewery #sartorihops #beer #craftbeer #hiphophooray #hoynebrewing @HoyneBeer #vsco #vscocam #afterlight
afterlight - wethopped - vscocam - craftbeer - hiphophooray - hoynebrewing - driftwoodbrewery - sartorihops - beer - vancouver - vsco -
alisonmpage : @lltripp nice work!!! Me too, I thought they would be sold out!! Enjoy! ✨🍻
mantic_moon : Mmmmmm I had this last year.
lucasjlawrence : What did you think of the wolf vine?
alisonmpage : @lucasjlawrence I really enjoyed it! Very fresh, I've only ever cracked opened fresh hops and smelled them, but I'm imagining it might taste a bit like this? Having the Driftwood tonight to compare πŸ˜‰
lucasjlawrence : Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by Hoyne once again. Good beers!
alisonmpage : @lucasjlawrence had a few sips... I'm actually going to vote for the Hoyne over the Driftwood this year 😁 it was the other way round for me last year!
lucasjlawrence : Plus the new label sucks πŸ˜€
alisonmpage : @lucasjlawrence seconded 😁 I've read that a lot of people are disappointed with the new label design
driftwoodbrewery - poldnick - _holly_weir - meow_lerie -
My BC fresh hop haul. I stuck one of the old labels over top of the new one. Not sure I like the new branding yet. #driftwoodbrewery #sartoriharvest #wethop #freshhop #ipa #hoynebrewing #wolfvine #paleale #beer #craftbeer #beerporn
ipa - craftbeer - paleale - freshhop - driftwoodbrewery - beerporn - wethop - wolfvine - beer - sartoriharvest - hoynebrewing -
alisonmpage : I prefer last years branding too 😁
littlemissbliss : @hopzombi Sartori comes in to the shop on Friday and I already have our bottles on hold. HopHead, don't you worry, as I always have your back.
shellsrealm : Looks amazing!!
armundtanzarian : If they had made the writing smaller so you could actually read it without having to turn the bottle it would have been better. Last years label is still better though.
hopzombi : @littlemissbliss have you tried the Wolf Vine?
michaelzino : @lupulist Looks like you are professional beer dude. Do you carry Leffe Blonde?
lupulist : @michaelzino we do not, we have more of the local six packs in stock. But we have some great European singles that would compare to Leffe
optimusprimevan : I was about to ask why you held onto one for a year.. Haha. I also think the old label looked better..
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#driftwoodbrewery #sartoriharvest #craftbeer #itcamefromhastings #hastingsliquorstore #yeastvan
hastingsliquorstore - sartoriharvest - craftbeer - itcamefromhastings - driftwoodbrewery - yeastvan -
hastingsliquorstore : Limit 2 per customer per day.
jeffman1979 - cervezacraft - wilsonjam - thebeeropener -
Yes! I went out in the rain for a walk with Quest, got all wet, and then copped some amazing wet hopped brews.. Wish I had the $ and time to go around town grabbing as much #Sartori as possible.. The Satori was only bottled 5 days ago.. #SoFresh.. All three of these bottles will be gone by the end of the weekend.. Wet hopped ipa is definitely a beer that you want to drink as fresh as possible..
drinkingcraftbeerforlife - bccraftbeer - sofresh - wolfvinepaleale - hoynebrewing - paleale - driftwoodbrewery - optimusprimesbeerhauls - wethopped - indiapaleale - beers - satoriipa - sartori - bccraft - craftbeer -
optimusprimevan : @chibrewz :) I'm content now just knowing I didn't miss out. Nearly miss out last year..
hoptimusmaximus : @optimusprimevan Yeah I've had a few people tell me that Wolf Vine has been better for the last couple of years. I don't buy it. But like you I'm biased toward IPAs (and this one in particular haha). There's also something about the malt bill in some Hoyne beers (Down Easy Pale, and Devil's Dream IPA) that just rubs me the wrong way.
optimusprimevan : @hoptimusmaximus haha.. Yeah. Haven't had them in a while. Usually found hoyne to be enjoying but nothing amazing that had going back to buy the same brews again.. Dark matter is one of theirs that I did like a fair bit and will probably buy again someday.. And releases like this also..
optimusprimevan : @hoptimusmaximus had hoyne cherry wheat beer last week and that was def very average!!
optimusprimevan : @hoptimusmaximus so average I forgot to post it up.. Haha. Lucky a buddy had bought it and I had half when he had to leave and left it with me..
optimusprimevan : @hoptimusmaximus just cracked and sipping on the hoyne. First impression was a little "meh"... It's decent but nothing I would buy a second bottle of.. Sartori tomorrow and I can guarantee it's gonna make wolf vine seem like it's flavourless..
hoptimusmaximus : @optimusprimevan Dark Matter, Voltage Espresso Stout, Off the Grid Red Lager, and Hoyner Pilsner are the ones that I'm most partial to drinking. Lots of places in Vic have Hoyne on tap
optimusprimevan : @hoptimusmaximus yeah. I liked the voltage and also didn't mind off the grid..
brew_carey - craftbeerpeddlar - megana28 - rebeckyf -
Relaxing in after a bit of walking around with some @driftwoodbrewery Sarotri Harvest IPA. Brewed twice a year during the season it has a lovely hoppy grapefruit taste. Without a doubt one of the top 3 best IPA's I've ever had #beergeek #craftbeer #driftwoodbrewery #sartoriharvestipa #canadianbeerbinge
beergeek - driftwoodbrewery - craftbeer - sartoriharvestipa - canadianbeerbinge -
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2013 vs 2014 Yeah ok, I'm kind of weird. #sartori #craftbeer #sartoriharvestipa
ipa - craftbeer - driftwood - hops - driftwoodbrewery - beerporn - hoppy - beer - sartoriharvest - freshhops - sartori - sartoriharvestipa -
vonmeow : #ipa #freshhops #hops #hoppy #beerporn #beer #driftwoodbrewery #driftwood
vonmeow : Too friendly?
vonmeow : #SartoriHarvest ack
mikescraftbeer : Your hair looks better this year. Like last year's labels better. Lol
vonmeow : @mikescraftbeer I know, right? I don't understand the shiny crazy label this year!
chibrewz : Awesome
dennisthefoodie - mikescraftbeer - localcraftbeerchic - cindymadewhat -
#Latergram from my birthday drinks last weekend.. Bought this one to share with a few of my buddies and didn't get around to posting it up at the time.. #optimusprimesbeeradventures
instabeerofficial - optimusprimesbeeradventures - bccraftbeer - craftbeer - drinkingcraftbeerforlife - driftwood - driftwoodbrewery - bccraft - gose - goseuh - latergram -
hoptimusmaximus : @optimusprimevan haha! You've always gotta have a few beer pics in reserve for rare dry nights 🍻 cheers
chibrewz : Good stuff?
cedgerv : Interesting beer, i'm always trying to discern what was added to provide the flavour. This one as interesting nuances.
optimusprimevan : @cedgerv I agree . Was definitely different. Not something I feel I would buy again but glad I tried it
optimusprimevan : @chibrewz not even sure how I feel about this beer. Haha . Was different.. Unique taste. My first gose though
lisaxbee : I liked it! Also, as per usual, four winds Gose is unique
optimusprimevan : @lisaxbee cool . I guess at the moment you can only get the four winds gose at the brewery?
lisaxbee : I believe you are correct
andrekeller82 - besadabeer - phreakstyles - onebeerperday -
#harvest #driftwoodbeer #driftwoodbrewery #seasonalipa #ipa #satoriharvest get it while you can #vancity almost sold out after #dayone :) #victoria #bc #vancouverisland #fall #autumn
vancity - ipa - bc - driftwoodbeer - driftwoodbrewery - vancouverisland - victoria - dayone - autumn - seasonalipa - satoriharvest - fall - harvest -
julievharris : Love this β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•
optimusprimevan - chef_christophersm - kurtbronson - christiancalonge -
#birthdaybeer #wheatbeer #witbier #imold
imold - localbeer - microbrew - driftwoodbrewery - birthdaybeer - bcbeer - canadianbeer - harvestwheat - witbier - wheatbeer -
vegapnyx : #driftwoodbrewery #microbrew #localbeer #bcbeer #canadianbeer
vegapnyx : @natelane1228 Better than #harvestwheat
lina_square : Very best!
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Driftwood Brewery Bird of Prey Flanders Red #driftwoodbrewery #craftbeer #sour
sour - driftwoodbrewery - craftbeer -
thebeertrale - razorhater - planetbeergear - localcraftbeer -
Having these with Garth :) #beers #driftwoodbrewery #Spinnakers #VancouverIsland #bccraftbeers #microbreweries #Canadian #ale #bitter #booze #drinks #beverages #bottles #craftbrew
microbreweries - beverages - bottles - canadian - ale - driftwoodbrewery - vancouverisland - craftbrew - booze - beers - spinnakers - bitter - bccraftbeers - drinks -
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Well that was a cold one 🎢 #longday #coldone #local #driftwoodbrewery
coldone - longday - local - driftwoodbrewery -
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"Townhall" #whitebark #driftwoodbrewery #darkmatter #hoynebrewingco. Sisters who love beer....make me happpy....β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
whitebark - darkmatter - driftwoodbrewery - hoynebrewingco -
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Bacon cheeseburger! With a #driftwoodbrewery #fattug #kamadojoe #grillin #chillin
chillin - kamadojoe - driftwoodbrewery - grillin - fattug -
stacey_picts : Looks Devine!!!!!! @ktdarkchef
ktdarkchef : @stacey_picts It was a gooey, crunchy, bloody mess... but oh so good!
stacey_picts : :) @ktdarkchef
kcromie : Oh. My. God.
grimcatfarm - duspin - stacey_picts - i_am_snowangel -
Pre birthday Brunch with my hubby since he's got ball tomorrow ♥ #awesomness #cheersbitches #craftbeer #farmhandsaison #driftwoodbrewery #edithandarthurpublichouse #happybirthday #handsomehubby #
happybirthday - craftbeer - edithandarthurpublichouse - driftwoodbrewery - handsomehubby - farmhandsaison - cheersbitches - awesomness -
diamond8tor : #baseball#life#kindalikeathing
fiatspyder - dashamhlnk - erikavista -
Extending our stay in Tofino by another day!!! #toonicetoleave #craftbeer #driftwoodbrewery #westcoast #vacation
toonicetoleave - westcoast - driftwoodbrewery - craftbeer - vacation -
jerrydblack : Great idea!
fiatspyder - emiliano.travel - beeryoga - tinhornbrewing -
beautiful - smackdabmanteo - craftbeer - craftbrew - driftwoodbrewery - whitebarkwit - beers - igers - instadaily - manteoresort - patiobeers - explorekelowna - vsco - bestofvsco - okanagan - kelowna - driftwoodbeer - smackdab - vacation - instagood - bestphotooftheday - sunset - summertime - bestpicoftheday - igdaily - britishcolumbia - vscocam -
jennika : After traveling all day and nearly missing my flight, this Kelowna sunset and Driftwood Brewery's White Bark Wit with @bcdlane and @jessicalane_rd was absolute perfection. πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ„
jessicalane_rd : πŸ’—
jennika : #okanagan #kelowna #britishcolumbia #vacation #smackdabmanteo #smackdab #patiobeers #beers #sunset #craftbrew #craftbeer #driftwoodbrewery #driftwoodbeer #whitebarkwit #beautiful #vsco #vscocam #bestofvsco #igers #igdaily #instagood #instadaily #bestpicoftheday #bestphotooftheday #explorekelowna #manteoresort #summertime
beersnobiety : Very nice shot!πŸ‘ŒπŸΊπŸ“·
beerbaronlivonia : Love it!
beersnobiety - hop_tour - chelsea__potts - buzzyrobot -
#gose-uh #beer from #driftwoodbrewery from #Victoria was incredible with a hint of #seasalt #MVFeastofFields #yvr#vancouver #farmtotable #craftbeer @driftwoodbeer
farmtotable - yvr - driftwoodbrewery - victoria - beer - vancouver - gose - mvfeastoffields - seasalt - ffcf - craftbeer -
corvillegroup : #ffcf
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Nothing like a craft brew on a saturday night. #craftbeer #ipa #hops #pnw #driftwoodbrewery
hops - ipa - driftwoodbrewery - craftbeer - pnw -
kennycarlsson - brewbab3 - sons_of_beers - ale.craft -
#craftbeerbc #craftbeerbar #yyjfoodie #yyj #phillipsbrewing #driftwoodbrewery #33acres #steel&oak #Tofinobrewing
steel - 33acres - phillipsbrewing - tofinobrewing - craftbeerbar - driftwoodbrewery - craftbeerbc - yyjfoodie - yyj -
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Brewing #sartori today! #craftbeer #wethop #driftwoodbrewery @driftwoodbrewery
wethop - driftwoodbrewery - sartori - craftbeer -
jjeong225 : Can you send me some free samples?
bbcook9 : @jjeong225 where ya living?
sindiddy - owainsamuel - mattfilgate - realaleguide -
Pacific NW #beerhaul #thecommonsbrewery #centralcitybrewing #burnsidebrewing #highwaterbrewing #almanacbeerco #driftwoodbrewery #schoonerexact
almanacbeerco - thecommonsbrewery - driftwoodbrewery - centralcitybrewing - schoonerexact - burnsidebrewing - highwaterbrewing - beerhaul -
nwaymire : What did you get from highwater? Don't recognize it
matklein11 : Thor's Hammer !!!!!!
meech411 : @nwaymire Le Petit Diablotin
andreasstenberg - matklein11 - millswinegroup - ale.craft -
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