"Ok, I'm drawing a line in the fucking sand here. Do not read the Latin!" 'The Cabin in the Woods' by Drew Goddard & Joss Whedon (United States, 2012) 08/10/14 - I think ridiculousness is polarizing. 'The Cabin in the Woods' is ridiculous. And the 'The Cabin in the Woods' is polarizing. I mean.... I know I was polarized. Because I personally feel very strongly about this movie... I FUCKING LOVE IT. I love love love love it. Because it is TRULY a unique cinematic experience. You haven't seen a movie like 'The Cabin in the Woods' unless you've seen 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Although I do think 'The Cabin in the Woods' is part of a larger trend of horror movie ridiculousness that also includes movies such as 'Jennifer's Body' (an underrated favorite of mine). But that's besides the point. This is a unique movie. A smart movie that critiques a well worn genre. An unpredictable movie. A hilarious movie. A scary movie. My kind of movie. A great movie. #thecabininthewoods #cabininthewoods #josswhedon #drewgoddard #horror #comedy #horrorcomedy #quirky #quippy #movie #film #cinema #greatmovie #americancinema #americanfilm #2012cinema #2012film #2012 #10of10
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thecinema_man : The cabin in the woods is a comedy and it's meant to be ridiculous and play off of all the horror stereotypes haha so I'd agree with you, quite enjoyable
filmjournal_nz : This induced a bunch of what TF's after what TF's! So stupid yet so entertaining lol #AnnaHutchison the generic hot skank is kiwi/NZ so that was cool❤️
sflulu : Dumb
kylekanter : Nice!
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¡Los 6 Siniestros. Llegarán y harán de las suyas! #cinemania #cinemanía #sony #DrewGoddard #losseissiniestros #los6siniestros #villanos #droctopus #normanosborn #buitre #rhino #kraveelcazador #mysterio #superheroes #superheroe antiheroe #superheroe #superheroes
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ruben23macias : En the amazing spiderman 3 verdad?
cinemania_es : #antiheroe
cinemania_es : La sacarán antes de "The amazing spiderman 3.
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Drew Goddard's The Cabin in the Woods. #thecabininthewoods #drewgoddard #josswhedon #horror #satirical #analytical #comedy
analytical - satirical - drewgoddard - thecabininthewoods - comedy - josswhedon - horror -
takeme2themovies : ✌️
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This week's #moviemonday is one of my all-time favorites, #CabinintheWoods! The setup is familiar enough: five young, attractive friends take a vacation to an old abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere, where things go terribly wrong. Yeah, sure, you've seen this before. Evil Dead did it. Cabin Fever did it. You think you know the story. But you're wrong. With Cabin in the Woods, #JossWhedon and #DrewGoddard have created a film that turns the entire horror genre on it's head. I won't give anything else away, but everybody, especially avid horror fans, should check this movie out.
richardjenkins - frankranz - cabininthewoods - bradleywhitford - horror - amyacker - satire - kristenconnolly - annahutchison - drewgoddard - jessewilliams - moviemonday - chrishemsworth - josswhedon -
ardelltaylor : #horror #satire #ChrisHemsworth #AnnaHutchison #KristenConnolly #FranKranz #JesseWilliams #RichardJenkins #BradleyWhitford #AmyAcker
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#day9 #daynine of the #30daymoviechallenge #moviechallenge A MOVIE THAT YOU PRACTICALLY KNOW THE WHOLE SCRIPT OF: #TheCabinintheWoods #cabininthewoods #drewgoddard #josswhedon #cabins #ancientgods #evilgods #marty #frankranz #holden #dina #chrishemsworth #curt "Poptarts? Did you say poptarts?"
holden - curt - evilgods - cabins - dina - thecabininthewoods - ancientgods - 30daymoviechallenge - chrishemsworth - josswhedon - marty - frankranz - day9 - cabininthewoods - daynine - drewgoddard - moviechallenge -
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The long-awaited confirmation of #Sony's next two #films in it's $4 billion #Spiderman #franchise is here -- hours away from preview night of San Diego #Comic_Con! Deadline reports that Sony has dated #DrewGoddard's #Sinister_Six film for November 11, 2016, with #The_Amazing_Spiderman 3 following in 2018. So far, a few of the names attached to the film are Goddard, with #Avi_Arad and #Matt_Tolmach producing what seems to be Sony's own in-house expansion on non-Spidey characters. After worries within the fandom that the Sinister Six #movie would never make it past the planning stages, the news is both welcome and slightly #refreshing. #Hollywood #AndreGarfield #EmmaStone #Marvel
andregarfield - emmastone - films - matt_tolmach - franchise - sony - hollywood - avi_arad - refreshing - comic_con - drewgoddard - movie - spiderman - the_amazing_spiderman - sinister_six - marvel -
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With the recent announcement just before Comic Con of The Sinister Six film being released in 2016, they have just confirmed the rumours at Comic Con of The Amazing Spiderman 3 being released in 2018. This is will be four years after the second instalment of the rebooted franchise but might be long enough to redeem themselves are the critically panned Amazing Spiderman 2
justiceleague - chrispratt - theamazingspiderman3 - theamazingspiderman2 - dc - batmanvssuperman - danedehaan - andrewgarfield - benaffleck - spiderman3 - spiderman2 - theamazingspiderman - gotg - sinistersix - spiderman - sdcc2014 - drewgoddard - venom - 2018 - marcwebb - marvel - tobeymaquire -
oddxjonah : @_ryanwatts 😑😑😑😑😑😑
ronaldo2497 : @torresdcristian
comicbookism : I knew this was gonna happen the moment I saw the movie
epic_hero_battles : Noooo
anees_theboss : I thought Spiderman was going to be in the sinester 6 film
kalif_d : Could someone tell me how they didn't like the amazing spiderman 2???? Yes gwen died LIKE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO! They went the complete correct way with the plot!
cobytron : This some bullshit
fangirlfaith : @random_fandoms_1
_diego234 - _hectormedina_ - bm24._ - brickenstein -
With the confirmation date of November 2016 for Sonys Spiderman Spin-Off film, The Sinister Six, it now has it's director. Drew Goddard has been named to write and direct the film.
avengers2 - justiceleague - chrispratt - gotg - batmanvssuperman - danedehaan - andrewgarfield - benaffleck - spiderman3 - sdcc - samraimi - amazingspiderman - spiderman2 - robertdowneyjr - sinistersix - spiderman - spidermanmovie - dc - drewgoddard - amazingspiderman2 - marcwebb - tobeymaguire - jamesfranco - marvel -
movies_of_the_future : #sinistersix #drewgoddard #spidermanmovie #spiderman #spiderman2 #spiderman3 #amazingspiderman #amazingspiderman2 #andrewgarfield #tobeymaguire #danedehaan #jamesfranco #marcwebb #samraimi #marvel #gotg #chrispratt #avengers2 #robertdowneyjr #dc #batmanvssuperman #justiceleague #benaffleck #sdcc
gemini_stro : Just jumped on bored with the whole "Comic book" movie cinema. What exactly is Sinister Six, I do know Spidey fights them . @movies_of_the_future
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The next film in the series will be Sinister Six, with writer-director Drew Goddard at the helm. He directed this little horror film called "Cabin in the Woods". Following a underwhelming critical response after "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", the web crawler won't cast a web until 2018, after "The Sinister Six". #SONY #TheAmazingSpiderMan2 #AndrewGarfield #DrewGoddard Sinister Six I #DoctorOctopus #Electro #KraventheHunter #Mysterio #Sandman #Vulture #SpiderMan #MarcWebb #web #movies #marvel #new #f4f #cinema #cinephile WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR "SONY", FOR EITHER #SINISTERSIX or #TheAmazingSpiderMan3
mysterio - sinistersix - cinema - theamazingspiderman3 - theamazingspiderman2 - vulture - sandman - andrewgarfield - sony - web - doctoroctopus - movies - spiderman - drewgoddard - marcwebb - f4f - new - electro - cinephile - kraventhehunter - marvel -
x1red3x : Stop being pussies. Marvel lost Edgar Wright this far in and didn't blink an eye, Ant Man is being release even sooner than before. Now they're shaking up because critically TAS2 didn't do well? They need to stick to there game plan. In my opinion that's what makes Marvel strong, there's no stopping them.
filmfanesco : @x1red3x exactly. Stick to your cards. Take "Transformers" for instance, they still make these movies regardless of critics opinions. Sure "Transformers" makes so much more then "Spider-Man", but you get the point. Sony should get their hands off the movie for crying out loud!!! Let Marc Webb direct the damn thing, don't mess with it because you'll loose your audience.
iamjordanneel : i agree. Yes im glad they're finally puttin out a Sinister Six film but dont delay the Spider-Man film just because critics didnt think too much kindly of it. IMO TASM 2 was better than the 1st one.
x1red3x : See, the reason I was in with Sony keeping Spidey is they seemed to have a master plan! Release dates, writers, directors, story, so now one of there writers leaves they're just gonna start making changes like this? They have 2 YEARS to release it. I was going to use Transformers as an example too, because Spidey 2 critics were still better than the best transformers (1st) reviews and Michael Bay still dropping movies making money. Haha Just ridiculous and disappointing really.
x1red3x : ALSO, you're right they need to let Marc Webb do his thing. You can see Sony all over these movies. Which I really loved TAS2 despite some flaws. They have a great cast & director.
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Fan Cast: Kraven the Hunter for the upcoming 'The Sinister Six' film. Jermaine Clement (Dinner for Schmucks) (also Boris the Animal in 'Men in Black 3') or Jon Bernthal (The Wolf of Wall Street) Comment which you like better or your fancast! #KravenTheHunter #TheSinisterSix #MarvelComics #JermaineClement #JonBernthal #DrewGoddard #spiderman #kraven #fancast #marvel
drewgoddard - jermaineclement - thesinistersix - fancast - marvelcomics - spiderman - kraven - kraventhehunter - jonbernthal - marvel -
nataniel__shorb : Jermaine Clement- As Boris, he really showed that he can play the crazy/horrible character
fanboy.updates : @nataniel__shorb that, and his voice is so perfect
fanboy.updates : @nataniel__shorb obviously he'd just need the accent
nataniel__shorb : Yea! I forgot that too. His deep sort of growling tone would fit well!
itztinybutcher : Jon bernthal all they just based off the walking dead he would be perfect for kraven plus he looks so much like him
joshuamorgan002 - official.ironman - ariyana_shojaii - nataniel__shorb -
#day4 #dayfour of the #30daymoviechallenge #moviechallenge FAVOURITE HORROR FILM: #tie between #TheCabinintheWoods and #EvilDead
theevildead - thewhore - cabins - thecabininthewoods - deadites - necronomicon - thefool - vacation - thescholar - tie - dayfour - chrishemsworth - ash - josswhedon - thejock - thevirgin - frankranz - cabininthewoods - day4 - evildead - kristenconnolly - david - mia - drewgoddard - moviechallenge - 30daymoviechallenge - bookofthedead -
knguyenreviews : Good choice.
makesmemoix : Thanks, @debonairtime and @knguyenreviews
harkanwara : I liked evil dead more
makesmemoix : It's a toss up for me, man. They're two completely different movies with different feels. @harkanwara
harkanwara : Evil dead was true to its name while cabin was a stoner horror.. Unfortunately I saw the latter in two sittings weeks apart. I hate it when i do that.
makesmemoix : You can't really compare the two, though. It's apples and oranges. Evil Dead brings the series back to its original promise of terrifying horror, whereas Cabin takes a satirical look at what horror is and what we (the consumers) sacrafice for one. It's not at all a horror film more than it is a comedic take on horror. I can't explain it. But it's meant to mock the genre but pay homage to it as well. @harkanwara
harkanwara : @makesmemoix well said.. I'll give you this one. I don't know if you saw it but there's a moronic film called tucker and dale vs evil.. Netflix forewarned me and told me I'm gonna hate it. Again.. Not comparing these two with the former but thought I'll mention. If you are a fan of horror, check out this Aussie film called lake mungo.
makesmemoix : Horror's my first love! And I have seen "Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil." I actually quite enjoyed it. I occasionally like to watch "stoner horrors" or just things that a bizarre as compared to the typical suspenseful horror. I havent heard of "Lake Mungo," but I'll check it out. Is it on Netflix? @harkanwara
blade_of_rust - butterycosby - jeankarllosanjos - nathanielhawthorn -
One of my favs! Amazing movie! #thecabininthewoods #drewgoddard #awesome #bloody #gory #crazy #great #2011 #horror #horrorporn #horroraddict #horrormovies #horrorcollector #follow4follow #likeformorepics #hashtag
crazy - horrorporn - gory - thecabininthewoods - follow4follow - bloody - hashtag - horrormovies - great - horrorcollector - drewgoddard - horroraddict - likeformorepics - 2011 - horror - awesome -
shaggyhorrorlover : Saw it in theaters... AMAZING! It was just like an episode of scooby doo gone all wrong
horror_mad : Soooo awesome! Very unique to the horror genre @all_horror
paul_1011_ghost : What a load of shit this movie was the b-movie of horror stars.
fordv6 : Awesome movies
irish7392 : Whedon is a genius
cesar_dj_02 : When I saw this movie at Hastings I thought it was about a group of friends and a killer. But it was actually about a group of friends and a whole lot of creatures
rileyl99 : It was clever don't get me wrong but the acting and just the way they handled everything was stupid
breakingdawnlovefav - filofiandri2002 - wafflequeen98 - brandi.lee -
Nice start to my morning with some coffee, leftover Chinese, and The Cabin in the Woods on Netflix...what an interesting take on a genre I don't generally enjoy.
cabininthewoods - drewgoddard - thecabininthewoods -
brandongernux : #thecabininthewoods #cabininthewoods #drewgoddard
jbrandon1901 : Dope movie
brandongernux : @jbrandon1901 yeah man it was. I never peeped it because it just looked like every other cabin horror movie, but the twist to it was dope
ksperrr : Great Story.
brandongernux : @ksperrr definitely. Very unique
_faviolagomez - _pom_terez_ - robinsparkles3487 - meganoclock -
So I watched The Cabin in the Woods on Netflix and these were my thoughts on the experience of watching a pretty fascinating horror movie. #thecabininthewoods #josswhedon #drewgoddard
drewgoddard - thecabininthewoods - josswhedon -
nate_fmpd : Ima have to check it out and im not even a fan of horror movies
chriiisteeena : NO THAT MOVIE IS TERRIBLE.
chriiisteeena : It was not scary at all and the acting was just terrible. I can't even right nowwww
deadpooljr18 : I agree tht it wasnt tht good bt i enjoyed the concept of ppl chooseing the way die
ksleeter : Lol, I'd have to agree with ^^ great idea, poorly executed
tristanbestrange - tyler_evanss - rb_chloe - ksleeter -
Cloverfield. I have never been the biggest fan of found footage films before, some have been good, some not, but this one I enjoyed mostly because of the pedigree from which it came. Produced by Lost creator JJ Abrams, written by Lost and Cabin in the Woods writer Drew Goddard, and directed by Matt Reeves (Let Me In & this months Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), the film depicts the events surrounding a giant monster arriving in New York as seen through the eyes of a small group of people. Racing across town to save one of the guy's former girlfriend, they witness havoc and mayhem as the the Armed Forced attempt to take the monster down. This film was hyped up incredibly well when it was released. JJ has a knack for keeping his projects secret and building up anticipation and this was no different. Many speculated just what it was and it opened really well and went on to be a decent hit. The special effects are decent for this type of film as most of the footage focuses on the people involved and their reaction to the monster. And the acting is also about what you'd expect, with Lizzy Caplan's performance bring the one that stands out the most to me. It's a fun movie from a trio of talented filmmakers and definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.
blurayaddict - moviebuff - moviecollector - collection - bluworldorder - bluray - bluraycollection - jjabrams - foundfootage - drewgoddard - movie - moviecollection - bluraycollector - mattreeves - dvdcollection - movies - blurays - cloverfield - dvd - cinephile - followme - monstermovie -
blu_world_order : #moviecollection #moviecollector #moviebuff #movies #movie #bluraycollection #bluraycollector #bluworldorder #blurayaddict #blurays #bluray #collection #cinephile #followme #dvdcollection #dvd #cloverfield #jjabrams #drewgoddard #mattreeves #monstermovie #foundfootage
spidergirlpink : 👍
kylestyle26 : I loved it back in the day, but everyone I talk to don't seem to agree.
blu_world_order : Yeah it's one of those love it or hate it movies I guess.
blu_world_order : @kylestyle26
bd_collection : Nice
mariolener : I love this movie so much! I have a limited steelbook edition!
doc_jensen : I love this film! I didn't want to pay the 80 some odd $s for the blu ray steelbook so I bought the regular bku ray and just swapped the discs in my DVD steelbook! In other words I took my blu-ray disc and put it in my DVD steelbook case and put my DVD disc in my regular blu ray case.
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Only way to finish a night shift. #TheCabinInTheWoods #JossWhedon #Horror #HorrorMovie #BluRay #DVD #ChrisHemsworth #KristenConnolly #DrewGoddard #Slasher #Movie
slasher - drewgoddard - dvd - thecabininthewoods - horrormovie - kristenconnolly - chrishemsworth - movie - bluray - josswhedon - horror -
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One of my newer favorites!! #monstermoviemondays #josswhedon #drewgoddard #horror #film #movie #mmm #monster
monster - monstermoviemondays - drewgoddard - movie - horror - mmm - josswhedon - film -
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The Cabin In The Woods [2012] TRiVIA: Much of Drew Goddard's inspiration for this movie came from his own upbringing in Los Alamos, New Mexico, a place filled with scientists and co-workers all going about their business and living seemingly routine and ordinary lives even though they were building nuclear weapons that could potentially destroy the entire world. He talks about this in DVD special features interviews and commentary. #TheCabinInTheWoods #DrewGoddard #JossWhedon #KristenConnolly #ChrisHemsworth #AnnaHutchison #FranKranz #JesseWilliams #RichardJenkins #Horror #Hollywood #AmericanCinema
richardjenkins - frankranz - drewgoddard - thecabininthewoods - kristenconnolly - annahutchison - americancinema - chrishemsworth - jessewilliams - hollywood - josswhedon - horror -
americancinema : @tylerlucas_ It's a good film, if it wasn't, I would have never posted it here, it's very different from a lot of new horror films
tylerlucas_ : Isn't it like a comedy/horror
americancinema : @tylerlucas_ more like a satirical horror
capnbroc311 : This movie really impressed me, it begins as such a typical kids in the woods movie then totally flips it on you, so excellent..the stoner guy was pretty great too
paulcoe84 : Loved this film really surprised me. A great new take on a horror. This and You're Next are two of my recent favs. Always prefer them with a bit of comedy in it
bao_film_review : Hahahaha this film was hilarious.
brah_4444444 : That movie was so unrealalistic
_jedi_mind_chick_ : No bueno
jaredweee - shaylynnrhea - rslany501 - stefanom50 -
映画鑑賞♡ ドリュー・ゴダードの『キャビン(The Cabin in the Woods)』#TheCabinintheWoods #キャビン #DrewGoddard #ChrisHemsworth #映画 #movie #cinema #film
cinema - drewgoddard - movie - thecabininthewoods - 映画 - chrishemsworth - キャビン - film -
derkonrad - naomi_h_703 - filminayear - ______omi602 -
#TheAmazingSpiderMan3 is coming in #2017. #MichaelMassee is returning as #GustavFiers aka #TheGentleman - finally in an expanded role. #AndrewGarfield will don the black suit as #PeterParker grieves the death of #GwenStacy. Villains we haven't seen before will come into play & the #Symbiote will make its debut in this franchise. All of the above is tentative. The following is how I'd like it to go:Back in his days at #Oscorp, #RichardParker built two #Symbiotes in an effort to cure Cancer. One was sold to the military, one was kept at Oscorp. The Oscorp #Symbiote will seek out #SpiderMan - making him the primary antagonist of the film. #FlashThompson aka #AgentVenom will be tasked with stopping #Spidey and retrieving the #Symbiote. In the background, #Fiers will finish assembling the #SinisterSix whilst allowing #HarryOsborn to believe he's running the show when really bringing #NormanOsborn back from the dead. #Venom #MarcWebb #DrewGoddard #AlexKurtzman #RobertoOrci #Sony
richardparker - robertoorci - symbiote - spidey - theamazingspiderman3 - gustavfiers - andrewgarfield - michaelmassee - sony - thegentleman - gwenstacy - normanosborn - sinistersix - harryosborn - agentvenom - fiers - oscorp - alexkurtzman - spiderman - venom - flashthompson - symbiotes - marcwebb - drewgoddard - 2017 - peterparker -
triguena_rubia : 👏👏👏
andrewgarfieldofdreams - andrewgarfieldsmile - uncleboy_ - jesseispeterparker -
<3 #CabinInTheWoods #JossWhedon #DrewGoddard
cabininthewoods - drewgoddard - josswhedon -
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#karnivool #drewgoddard #iankenny #stevejudd #trix #antwerp June 11th, 2014 (2/2) ... and a slight hint of @kanye_lens in the lower left corner :)
karnivool - stevejudd - trix - drewgoddard - iankenny - antwerp -
cmee12 - trix_online - hoheyj - flamingpistons -
#karnivool #drewgoddard #stevejudd #trix #antwerp June 11th, 2014 (1/2)
karnivool - drewgoddard - antwerp - stevejudd - trix -
trix_online - _amoniak - hoheyj - flamingpistons -
#thecabininthewoods was just so fuckin phenomenal. Take every cliche horror trope and turn it on it's head and watch the fucker spin #josshwhedon #drewgoddard really outdid themselves. #ugh #imstillnotoverthismovie. Someone come watch scary movies with me all night
drewgoddard - imstillnotoverthismovie - thecabininthewoods - josshwhedon - ugh -
ellie_graace - indiahays18 - kevinroman23 - jordanschwaller -
Oh my. #karnivool #drewgoddard #jonstockman
karnivool - drewgoddard - jonstockman -
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#maratóndeterror2014 #sanpedrofest #ficmonterrey #centroculturalfatima #nightofthelivingdead #GeorgeRomero #1968 #TheThing #JohnCarpenter #1982 #AnAmericanWerewolfinLondon #JohnLandis #1981 #ShaunoftheDead #EdgarWright #2004 #EvilDeadII #SamRaimi #1987 #TheCabinintheWoods #DrewGoddard #2012
centroculturalfatima - sanpedrofest - thething - georgeromero - nightofthelivingdead - anamericanwerewolfinlondon - johncarpenter - 1982 - 1987 - ficmonterrey - 1968 - samraimi - 1981 - drewgoddard - evildeadii - maratóndeterror2014 - 2004 - shaunofthedead - edgarwright - thecabininthewoods - johnlandis - 2012 -
jleos123 : Sick!
claramoralees : Como haces esoooo?
wendiedie : Ya viene la opción aquí cuando quieres subir video , ya sólo acomodas los pedacitos @claramoralees
malibvaults - jleos123 - chmelanieromero - shaunofthebread -
3/5. Looking forward to seeing this one. #bluray #bluraylover #steelbook #hmv #hmvexclusive #thecabininthewoods #drewgoddard #kristenconnolly #chrishemsworth #annahutchison #frankranz #horror #mystery #clever #thriller #steelbookjunkie #steelbookaddict #1080p #movielover
clever - steelbook - hmv - movielover - annahutchison - bluray - chrishemsworth - thriller - mystery - frankranz - drewgoddard - steelbookjunkie - steelbookaddict - kristenconnolly - hmvexclusive - horror - bluraylover - 1080p - thecabininthewoods -
random_cinephile : One of my favorite horrormovies
dmears89 : This film surprised me. It wasn't what i was expecting. @random_cinephile
gerxamtrendingtopic - ediz_hunt - disneyaddictx - movietops -
quick test fit on the #daredevil cowl-- it was cast in urethane rubber from @smoothon --not sure what the new suit will look like on the new #netflix show but I'd be happy to send one to #drewgoddard to wear for it 👍😈 #marvel #comicbook #cosplay #costume #cowl #mask #marvelcomics #stanlee #mattmurdock #manwithnofear #sculpt #smoothon #reevzfx
mattmurdock - stanlee - cowl - reevzfx - manwithnofear - costume - smoothon - cosplay - netflix - drewgoddard - comicbook - sculpt - mask - marvelcomics - daredevil - marvel -
comicmayhem : Steven S. DeKnight is the new director @reevzfx
matthew20010701 : @reevzfx how did you got that mask?
reevzfx : @matthew20010701 I made it
matthew20010701 : Oh that's so cool @reevzfx
ridlercorps : So much want @reevzfx!
depecheme : powerful
marscrain : By chance do you know of any leather craftsman!? I want to get a captain america backpack made.
eric_steedle : 👌🙌👏
matts99 - sketchez3120 - jamsindahouse - 328i_diaz -
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New episode of Constantly Calibrating going live soon! We wonder aloud about whether hype is ultimately detrimental in producing/marketing a product. #hype #PeterMolyneux #fable #Lionhead #AntMan #EdgarWright #DrewGoddard #Marvel #Marvelcomics #MCU #MarvelCinematicUniverse #Daredevil #Nintendo #podcast #gaming #gamingpodcast
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vicrtreat : Reason why he left is because sony is moving full steam ahead with Sinister Six.
thedorkknight_ : Not sure what is going on at #Marvel studios, but word is that #Daredevil #Director, #DrewGoddard (#CabinInTheWoods, #Cloverfield, upcoming #SinisterSix) has quit. This comes very soon after #AntMan lost its Director, #EdgarWright. What is going on at Marvel? How will these changes to buddies of #JossWhedon affect him?
thedorkknight_ : Thanks @vicrtreat I updated the post.
imawesomefella : His replacement isn't a bad choice either. Plus, they cast Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock today. I still have plenty of faith in this project.
thedorkknight_ : @imawesomefella Yeah, Steven S. DeKnight, is another Whedonian, but I've never been overwhelmed by Spartacus :-/
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Well it has been announced that director Drew Goddard has quit from directing the new Daredevil series on Netflix to focus on the Sinister Six Movie. The team's roster is yet to be confirmed but now we know that since the movie is about to step into production, we might get the movie as early as next year. Who knows? Source from SevenWebHeads from YouTube. #SevenWebHeads #YouTube #SinisterSix #DrewGoddard #theamazingspiderman2 #theamazingspidermanseries #tasm
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britneydrawings : If i understand it well there's one sinister six movie and one amazing spiderman 3.. Or is it all in one movie? Hahaha @harry_osborn_official
harry_osborn_official : Both of it are separate movies with separate directors. But, they will all be linked. @2fab2draw
lorebongio : Tnx man @harry_osborn_official
britneydrawings : Aah okay! And will mary jane , peter parker and harry osborn will be in both? I'm sorry for asking so much! I am just really curious 😊 @harry_osborn_official
harry_osborn_official : Haha no worries 😊 It's okay to@be curious. Hmm. The three of them MIGHT be altogether in TASM3 but I doubt Peter and MJ will be in the SinisterSix movie. @2fab2draw
britneydrawings : Mind taking a look at my spidey drawing? @harry_osborn_official :)
aceandyx24 : Can't wait
panda_celia : @mik_0726
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Drew Goddard, who is set to direct the Sinister Six movie left the production of the Daredevil Netflix series. This could be because Sony wants the movie soon. I can't wait! 🚨follow @thosenerdguys one of my favorite accounts!🚨
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marvelcinemanews : Someone was wrong haha @thosenerdguys yah that is very upsetting to me, however I think the conflict will be greater because of this, and marvel probably doesn't want all their non-comic fans hating ant-man before his movie
marvelcinemanews : @edog_1884 excited?
edog_1884 : Yeah I'm actually really excited for this movie I think it will be put together really well! @marvelcinemanews
marvelcinemanews : I sure hope so! @edog_1884 they did a terrific job setting it up in TASM2
edog_1884 : Yeah I totally agree @marvelcinemanews
marvelcinemanews : This edit though 😍 I'm proud of this one
film_faceoffs : I feel like the villain overload could hurt the movie, but we'll see.
marvelcinemanews : I can't say I haven't thought of that @filmfaceoffs
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