Q&A with my #hero #DrewGoddard after a screening of @martianmovie. can't wait to see what this guy has for us next. #SonyA7 #50mm
drewgoddard - 50mm - sonya7 - hero -
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"Being in the moments, creating the moments" - Such great as a screenwriter, panel talker, and a patient, lovable, funny person who talks real sh*t #themartian #drewgoddard #screenwriting
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Great Q&A with #drewgoddard at The Los Angeles Film School after a screening of #themartian
drewgoddard - themartian -
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That's a wrap! Thank you for attending, and special thanks to #YoGoldsmith, #DrewGoddard and #Fox for making it happen! #LifeatLAFS
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Our screening of #TheMartian has concluded, and the interview with writer #DrewGoddard and #JeffGoldsmith has begun!
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Our screening of #TheMartian has concluded, and the interview with writer #DrewGoddard and #JeffGoldsmith has begun!
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Our screening of #TheMartian is about to begin, followed by a Q&A with @yogoldsmith and writer #drewgoddard !
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kelly_raithel : I start there next month! So excited 😍😍😍🙈
maxthebody : 👌🏾
anjalo : Excellent film! Should take home some oscars im sure.
ericlessantostv : My future school 😍😍
jeffesalazar : Excellent podcast!
ichie_i_am : @zaydertheinvader check this out
r0rschachsj0urnal : @jromerothre3 haha!👊
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#cabininthewoods #drewgoddard #josswhedon #horror
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Dudes, come out to @thronewatches on Thursday December 3 for the last gathering of @bkhorrorclub in 2015. We will be showing The Cabin In The Woods, drinking @gansettbeer and eating popcorn. I'm moving to The west coast shortly after so @travisalexander will be carrying on the torch in NYC for 2016 while I plan @bkhorrorclub Los Angeles domination. This has been really fun for me- thanks to all who have come out, and let's blow out the final one for the year. Tickets available now at bkhorrorclub.com #thecabininthewoods #drewgoddard #josswhedon #bkhorrorclub #thronewatches #narragansett
bkhorrorclub - narragansett - drewgoddard - thecabininthewoods - josswhedon - thronewatches -
se_baebay : @bkhorrorclub if you need any help put here in LA let me know
bkhorrorclub : @se_baebay thank you!
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Got these two steals from local pawnshop like place CEX Exchange for 6 bucks a pop! Love both these movies to no end. Dark City is a seriously criminally underrated sci-fi noir mystery with a tinge of horror to keep you on your toes. The mystery behind it and the overall atmosphere is astounding, the city itself is a sight to behold. Think Gotham and Fritz Langs Metropolis combined. Have fun figuring out wtf is going on and who's innocent and who isn't :) Cabin in the Woods, now that's just the best love letter to horror movies and fans of horror movies I've seen in a long time. I went into this expecting one thing when I first saw it and boy was I fantastically wrong about it and fell in love with it withing the first half hour. Great writing and such a inversion and great satire of horror and what you normally expect it's just wonderful. They took such a smart and funny (yes it is funny) take on the tropes in horror and the logic behind the things that occur, I was amazed to see it for just 6 bucks. Granted it was used but hell I'd have paid least 15 or 20 still for this! #cabininthewoods #darkcity #scifi #horror #comedy #noir #satire #mystery #alexproyas #josswhedon #drewgoddard #fun #goodtimes #film #movies #cex
darkcity - horror - alexproyas - goodtimes - josswhedon - film - cex - mystery - noir - cabininthewoods - satire - movies - scifi - fun - drewgoddard - comedy -
hellotelephone : Dude Dark City is so good. I really think the matrix coming out a year or two later is what fully buried that flick. I really hope it continues to grow as a cult hit.
candlejackv616 : I agree @hellotelephone since this is the directors cut I hope that means they expunge the spoilers in the first couple min of the film lol I'd prefer silence or music leading up to his awakening in the tub. Then on with the show.
monica_horror : 👍👍
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#TheCabinInTheWoods is life alwaaaaays. #DrewGoddard #JossWhedon #HorrorMovieFreak
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kacheeks_ : #Drugs
kacheeks_ : #are
kacheeks_ : #Cool
chocolatecake28 : #Sex
d1sc0_l3m0nad3 : @kacheeks_ That shouldn't have made me laugh as much as it did!
kacheeks_ : I tried my best 😂
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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no iPhone no problem #sebastianstan #ridleyscott #drewgoddard #simonkinberg
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Shut up and take my money, MGM!!! La película fue escrita por Goddard y por Joss Whedon . #MV52Digest Nº106 #Valve #Left4Dead2 #CabinInTheWood #DrewGoddard #MGM #JossWhedon #Games #VideoGames #Movies #Left4Dead
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Wasn't expecting to have as much fun with this one as I did. Smart, funny, and well-crafted. #TheCabinInTheWoods #DrewGoddard #JossWhedon
drewgoddard - thecabininthewoods - josswhedon -
ale8yes : I generally don't like 'horror' stuff but this was great and the poster👌
golden_age_ : @ale8yes Me neither, but you could hardly call this straight horror. Haha Idk what you would call it!!
victorvonfrankenstein : It's a tongue in cheek parody of genre cliches and more specifically the cabin-in-the-woods horror films. A lot of horror fans didn't like it because it kind of tore the genre apart and ruined their appreciation for certain films. The Evil Dead franchise is my favourite horror franchise and I loved Cabin in the Woods.
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Ayer como cada lunes de un tiempo a esta parte se reunió el #postureocinefiloteam para la #sesiondecinedeloslunes. Bryan yuzna y su #pornogore iniciaron la noche con #society una película a la que el adjetivaremos simplemente con "rara". La segunda fue #lacabañaenelbosque y esa sensación de plenitud de cuando se la pones a alguien que aún no la ha visto sabiendo que va a flipar. La #nostalgia tomo las riendas de la noche cuando, tras una reñida/amañada votación se eligió #basilelratonsuperdetective para acabar la noche! #stuartgordon #drewgoddard #joshwhedon #bluray #dvd #porRatigan #disney
basilelratonsuperdetective - stuartgordon - porratigan - joshwhedon - drewgoddard - dvd - pornogore - postureocinefiloteam - nostalgia - sesiondecinedeloslunes - bluray - society - lacabañaenelbosque - disney -
ilfatto84 : La de la cabaña me aprecio extrañamente buena jajaja y lo digo de verdad , original al menos
haroldisonfire : @ilfatto84 Es una peli que me flipa. Una pequeña obra maestra xD y me encanta ver la cara que se le queda a la gente cuando la acaban de ver!
ilfatto84 : Si jajajajaja totalmente
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The Cabin in the Woods - When five college friends arrive at a remote forest cabin for a little vacation, little do they expect the horrors that await them. One by one, the youths fall victim to backwoods zombies, but there is another factor at play. Two scientists are manipulating the ghoulish goings-on, but even as the body count rises, there is yet more at work than meets the eye. #thecabininthewoods #cabininthewoods #josswhedon #drewgoddard #chrishemsworth #kristenconnolly #annahutchison #frankranz #jessewilliams #richardjenkins #bradleywhitford #horror #horrorscifi #scifihorror #scifi #horrormovie #cabin #woods #scientists #monsters #zombie #merman #demon #creepy #weird #cinema #film #spooky "You've seen horrible things: an army of nightmare creatures. And they are real. But they are nothing compared to what lies beneath us. There is a greater good, and for that you must be sacrificed. Forgive us... and let us end it quickly."
richardjenkins - horrorscifi - spooky - horror - demon - annahutchison - zombie - woods - cinema - scifihorror - merman - chrishemsworth - josswhedon - film - frankranz - cabininthewoods - horrormovie - kristenconnolly - creepy - monsters - drewgoddard - scifi - bradleywhitford - scientists - weird - thecabininthewoods - cabin - jessewilliams -
ultimatet5 : thats awesome
itsjustahphase : Wow this is Nice
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A couple day late, but saw Ridley Scott's #TheMartian on Sunday night. Refreshing to see such an unabashedly pro-science film. We need more like it. #RidleyScott #MattDamon #drewgoddard #JeffDaniels #JessicaChastain #ChiwetelEjiofor #filmlust
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Box Office Update! Top 3! 1. Spectre ($70.4M) 2. The Peanuts Movie ($44.2M) 3. The Martian ($9.1M) #TheMartian #ridleyscott #drewgoddard #mattdamon #kristenwiig #jessicachastain #katemara #jeffdaniels #chiwetelejiofor #sebastianstan #seanbean #michaelpena #donaldglover #childishgambino #thepeanutsmovie #spectre #danielcraig #007 #christophwaltz #leaseydoux #ralphfiennes #andrewscott #monicabellucci #benwhishaw #naomiharris #davebautista #charlesshultz #shultz #movies #boxoffice
leaseydoux - jessicachastain - jeffdaniels - chiwetelejiofor - katemara - childishgambino - davebautista - michaelpena - boxoffice - seanbean - 007 - ridleyscott - benwhishaw - sebastianstan - donaldglover - drewgoddard - monicabellucci - mattdamon - themartian - christophwaltz - spectre - movies - kristenwiig - thepeanutsmovie - shultz - andrewscott - charlesshultz - naomiharris - danielcraig - ralphfiennes -
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The film was shot in Wadi Rum, Jordan, which has a red coloured desert. The 2000 film (Red Planet) was also shot there● Matt Damon was willing to lose a massive amount of weight for the scene towards the end of the film but Ridley Scott forbade it. A body double was used instead●Jessica @chastainiac Chastain & Matt Damon both appeared In the 2014 film Interstellar● Director (Ridley Scott) said that Matt's solo scenes were shot for five weeks straight, after which Damon was relieved from the schedule. He did not meet most of his co-stars that were on earth until the cast reunited to promote the film● The plot lines of the returning craft's requirement to be perpendicular to the surface of Mars to be able to leave the planet and a botanist/astronaut growing Earth plants in mars soil were seen before in George Pal's 1955 film (Conquest Of Space)● Donald Glover really did slip and fall in his first scene. Ridley Scott decided to keep it in● A real potato farm was installed on the studio lot with potatoes in all stages of growth so they could be used for filming● Sol is a way of keeping track of time on Mars. One sol is one Martian day, or roughly 24 hours 39 minutes. One year on Mars is however a lot longer than a year on earth, 668 sols or 684 earth days. Sol is the Latin word for sun● The forward antenna on the Hermes with the large round dish flanked by two smaller ones is the same as the AE-35 antenna on the spaceship Discovery, that was featured as a pivotal plot point in Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic (2001: A Space Odyssey)● RidleyScott #SirRidleyScott #TheMartian #JessicaChastain #SeanBean #MattDamon #AndyWeir #MarkWatney #Chastain #KristenWiig #MichaelPena #KateMara #SebastianStan #AkselHennie #ChiwetelEjiofor #DonaldGlover #DrewGoddard  #TheMartianMovie #Chiwetel #Ejiofor #HarryGregsonWilliams #DariuszWolski #BenedictWong #MackenzieDavis #ScienceFictionFilm #ScienceFictionMovie #ScienceFictionFilms #ScienceFictionMovies #SciFi
sciencefictionfilms - ejiofor - jessicachastain - chiwetelejiofor - katemara - chiwetel - themartianmovie - michaelpena - seanbean - dariuszwolski - harrygregsonwilliams - sirridleyscott - mattdamon - mackenziedavis - benedictwong - akselhennie - chastain - donaldglover - drewgoddard - sciencefictionmovies - sebastianstan - themartian - andyweir - sciencefictionfilm - kristenwiig - scifi - sciencefictionmovie - markwatney -
filmtrivia1000 : In the beginning, it is mentioned that a compromised space suit would cause decompression, giving someone about a minute to live. This is scientifically correct; contrary to popular belief, acute decompression in space or a planet with very low pressure like Mars does not cause the body to immediately explode or expand. Major effects include confusion, loss of consciousness and some subdermal bleeding, but it is generally agreed that a healthy human body can survive one minute in vacuum without life-threatening consequences● The constellation Orion can be seen in almost every shot of space throughout the entire movie. It is even visible in the background of most scenes through the windows of the hab and Hermes● Matt Damon plays a character named Mark Watney. "Mark" is the English version of the Latin name "Marcus," which means "of Mars."●Gravity on Mars is only about 40% that of Earth's, so you'd be 60% lighter (but not moon-bouncing light)●Dust storms can envelope the planet for days at a time●The buildings that represent the NASA HQ and the Chinese space centre in the film are Budapest's two famous cultural hubs that are only 3 stops from each other in real life●If you notice, after Mark Watney digs up a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator in order to provide warmth to the interior of the rover - once the RTG heats up the cab, Watney plays "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer●RTGs are essentially batteries powered by radioactive plutonium-238. As the plutonium naturally decays, it generates heat, and the battery casing turns the escaping warmth into electricity
filmtrivia1000 : Plutonium-238 is pretty much impossible to turn into a nuclear weapon, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It's also not the kind of dangerous, skin-piercing radiation that humans have to worry about (unless it gets inside our lungs). Still, a nuclear battery is dangerous to have around because it's very hot●Watney decides early in the film that he is determined to survive the harsh environment of Mars. The song playing during the closing credits is "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor●Michael Peña and Kate Mara have previously appeared together in the 2007 film Shooter●When Donald Glover's character (Rich Purnell) thinks of a way to save Mark Watney (Matt Damon), he titles the idea/meeting he hopes to have with NASA (Project Elrond) on his phone. When Annie (Kristen Wiig) asks what's "Elrond"- Sean Bean's character (Mitch Henderson) says he named it that because this is like a secret meeting similar to (The Council Of Elrond) in The Fellowship Of The Ring. The Council Of Elrond discussed what should be done with the One Ring, similar to how NASA was discussing what's to be done with Mark Watney. Teddy (Jeff Daniels) says he wants to be (Glorfindel) if this is to be The Council of Elrond. Sean Bean played (Boromir), who's character was at The Council of Elrond in Peter Jackson's The Fellowship Of The Ring. The character identified as "CNN Reporter" in the cast list is played by CNN's actual Berlin-based correspondent, Frederik Pleitgen. "Fred," as he's known, is German, but speaks with a flawless American accent
neilbarbella23 : Great movie
zoesaidwhat : Great trivia!! Impressive amount of it, too, considering how recently the film came out.
filmtrivia1000 : @zoesaidwhat I used @nasa for help on this one.
nerlekarvedang : @dhananjay_0
zoesaidwhat : @filmtrivia1000 Are you sure you can trust them as a reliable source? 😀 (kidding of course!)
filmtrivia1000 : @zoesaidwhat (^_^)
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Better late than never! This movie was 5x5 & restored my faith in #RidleyScott... That is, of course, until "Prometheus 2" is released. HUGE shout out to #buffy & #angel alum #DrewGoddard who even threw in a #lotr reference. #movies #cinema #movieposters #whedonverse #buffythevampireslayer #josswhedonismymaster #onedoesnotsimplywalkintomars
angel - cinema - drewgoddard - lotr - onedoesnotsimplywalkintomars - buffy - josswhedonismymaster - whedonverse - movies - ridleyscott - movieposters - buffythevampireslayer -
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Great season and series I'l have to re-watch before S2 #daredevil #netflix #tv #tvshow #manwithoutfear #charliecox #mattmurdock #hellskitchen #marvel #marvelshow #akajessicajones #superhero #wilsonfisk #nyc #vigilante #drewgoddard
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whyilovenewyorkcity : I gotta get up on that show @awcurt
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Box Office Update! Top 3! 1. The Martian ($11.7M) 2. Goosebumps ($9.9M) 3. Bridge of Spies ($8.4M) #TheMartian #ridleyscott #drewgoddard #mattdamon #kristenwiig #jessicachastain #katemara #jeffdaniels #chiwetelejiofor #sebastianstan #seanbean #michaelpena #donaldglover #childishgambino #tomhanks #alanalda #austinstowell #amyryan #billymagnussen #bridgeofspies #stevenspielberg #evehewson #austinstowell #goosebumps #jackblack #dylanminnette #odeyarush #ryanlee #halstonsage #stevenkrueger
billymagnussen - jessicachastain - jeffdaniels - chiwetelejiofor - katemara - childishgambino - michaelpena - mattdamon - dylanminnette - amyryan - stevenkrueger - ridleyscott - odeyarush - ryanlee - sebastianstan - bridgeofspies - donaldglover - jackblack - seanbean - alanalda - themartian - stevenspielberg - drewgoddard - kristenwiig - tomhanks - austinstowell - halstonsage - evehewson - goosebumps -
tylercaldwell_tnt : Unfollow
moviesmaniax : Lol whut ^
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Last night was amazing!! Were you there?! Wiltern Night Of Horror first edition. Thank you Josh and Jake for an amazing night of scares and horror movies. And thank you Drew for presenting your The Cabin in The Woods on stage! See you next year 💀💊🔪 #wilternnightofhorror #joshcordes #jacobmaymudes #drewgoddard #horror #wiltern #halloween
wilternnightofhorror - joshcordes - drewgoddard - horror - jacobmaymudes - halloween - wiltern -
zombietrunks : It was epic!
bohaanofficial : This is cool.
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Cloverfield (2008) #horrormovieaday #horror #horrormovie #movieaday #halloween #cloverfield #alien #nyc #statueofliberty #newyorkcity #hud #foundfootage #monsterattack #drewgoddard #jjabrams #breakup #coneyisland #military #11808 #slusho #areaus447 #centralpark #hammerdown #brooklyn #brooklynbridge @teenagemillionaire
hud - 11808 - centralpark - newyorkcity - horrormovieaday - halloween - alien - brooklyn - brooklynbridge - military - slusho - areaus447 - coneyisland - hammerdown - jjabrams - drewgoddard - breakup - monsterattack - foundfootage - movieaday - horrormovie - cloverfield - statueofliberty - nyc - horror -
admiral_atlas : Dude, YES!
admiral_atlas - artisticimages - ggeldof - elkallejon -
Fun night last night at #thewiltern for great #horrormovies. Loved hearing #drewgoddard talk about #thecabininthewoods. #americanwerewolfinlondon #thedescent #horror #halloween
thewiltern - drewgoddard - thecabininthewoods - thedescent - halloween - americanwerewolfinlondon - horror - horrormovies -
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#DrewGoddard, writer/director of #CabinInTheWoods #thewilternnightofhorror #horrormoviemarathon
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cynlisette - cjehle - laurtaylor - adrianquihuis -
The Cabin in the Woods, directed by Drew Goddard . My rating: 9/10 . This might be the smartest stupid movie--rather, seemingly stupid movie--ever made. Posing as a conventional movie about a group of college students being terrorized by sinister forces in a cabin in the woods, from the beginning we're aware of a group of people, a kind of corporation it seems, who are in control of what happens to the college students. They pull strings, entertain themselves at what happens to the students in the same way anyone is entertained while watching a horror movie. And mixed in with gore and terror is an undeniable and intelligent sense of humor. This movie is hilarious, and has one of the most shocking and terrifying, yet comedic and insane, climaxes I've ever seen. The intelligence of the film is most apparent when looked at from a broad perspective. The whole movie seems to be an allegory for a question which plagues many: do the means justify the ends? You could see the film as an allegory for torture, in addition to its other satirical elements. With a touch of the mythological, and a fantastic blend of dark humor and horror, this is an incredibly fun movie that I find myself rewatching frequently. It's beautifully shot, has some impressively funny gags that are also stabs at deus ex Machina and conventional horror, and overall, this movie is awesome. #cabininthewoods #josswhedon #drewgoddard #horrorcomedy #horrormovie #horrormovies #scarymovie #scarymovies #movie #movies #moviebuff #moviereview #moviecritic #cinema #film #films #filmisnotdead #filmcommunity #filmbuff #filmcritic #filmreview
cinema - films - scarymovie - moviecritic - filmcommunity - horrorcomedy - josswhedon - film - horrormovies - movies - cabininthewoods - movie - horrormovie - filmcritic - filmisnotdead - scarymovies - filmbuff - moviereview - moviebuff - filmreview - drewgoddard -
bobks_moviemania : ❇️ At long last, we disagree.
filmsnob_heaven : @bobks_moviemania Haha, bound to happen eventually! Fitting movie to disagree on though, as it certainly walks a certain line between intelligent and stupid in many ways
filmsnob_heaven : @bobks_moviemania Though, as I believe I said of it once before, for me this film is part guilty pleasure and a specific film snobbery since it appeals, to me, not only with it's fun and dark sense of humor but also satire and subtle intelligence mixed with a bunch of horror craziness. I can definitely see it not working for others though, such as yourself!
bobks_moviemania : ❇️ That was said in a tone of insufferable film snobbery! 😂😂
filmsnob_heaven : @bobks_moviemania Ah, dang! I didn't mean to, haha. Meant to say "here's why I like it, totally understandable that you don't though!" Sometimes the snob just comes through in spite of myself! Haha
bobks_moviemania : ❇️ I was just joking… I totally get ya.
filmsnob_heaven : @bobks_moviemania Haha I got that from the emojis! Have a good Halloween, my friend!
footagezoo : This film is #epic
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October Horror Fest Day 30: Went with another Recent Favorite from 2012 #thecabininthewoods #2012 #October #drewgoddard
drewgoddard - thecabininthewoods - october - 2012 -
babyluvabby - jarhumor - zombabe_xo - nutritionzone_lh -
The Cabin In The Woods!!! #thecabininthewoods #drewgoddard #josswhedon #chrishemsworth #kristenconnolly #richardjenkins #bradleywhitford #horror #horrorfan #horrormovie #horrorjunkie #horrorlover #horrorlife #horrorfamily #dvd #collection #likeforlike #followforfollow #instalike #instafollow #instalove #instagood #instahorror
richardjenkins - instalike - horror - instalove - collection - horrorlover - horrorfan - dvd - horrorjunkie - horrorfamily - chrishemsworth - josswhedon - followforfollow - instafollow - horrormovie - kristenconnolly - instagood - horrorlife - drewgoddard - likeforlike - bradleywhitford - instahorror - thecabininthewoods -
numbskull_95 : I have that movie on Blu-Ray. Watched it when I was in my single-digit age. Very good movie.
kasper_kmc86 : Yeah I need to get this on bluray soon, love this movie @numbskull_95
numbskull_95 : Get it you won't regret it. I got it in a combo pack. Three movies for the price of one. 3 Blu-Ray + 3 Digital HD. So have two versions of all three of the movies: The Possession, The Cabin In The Woods, and Sinister. @kasper_kmc86
kasper_kmc86 : That's an awesome combo @numbskull_95
fluffandfauna : Probably my most loved modern horror movie. I think the only other recent film that had some similarity was Drag Me to Hell.
kasper_kmc86 : I got drag me to hell on my page too @fluffandfauna 😉 lol
fluffandfauna : Lol, and I just noticed you had Night of the Comet!
kasper_kmc86 : Yessss I love it @fluffandfauna
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Tonight we welcome @johnaugust and The Martian writer #DrewGoddard for an awesome chat about their writing processes, transitioning from TV to film and more deep dark writerly secrets.
drewgoddard -
gmariana2010 - thebilliefiles - boniqueaapplebum - kjduffey -
Uma aula de Cinema. Roteiro e Direção, muito bem trabalhados. Fotografia assombrosamente realista, Direção de Arte muito eficaz e o que dizer do Som? ... simplesmente fantástico o trabalho de mixagem. #DrewGoddard, adaptou essa história com maestria e só de saber que ele começou no Terror \o/ (O primeiro roteiro para filme foi o competente "#Cloverfield ", em Found Footage). E #RidleyScott, um dos mestres do cinema moderno, que também praticamente começou no Terror com "#AlienOoitavoPassageiro ". Esses dois nomes merecem muito destaque. Produção muito eficiente! . #cinema #amocinema #cineasta #filmmaker #BringHimHome #Movie #Filme
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I love this design for #thecabininthewoods. One of the best films of 2012, and one of the most original and unique #horrorfilms of the last 15 years. "The wind must have blown it open." #october #horrormovies #halloween #chrishemsworth #kristenconnolly #frankranz #jessewilliams #richardjenkins #annahutchison #bradleywhitford #coffemugbong #youshouldtalkaquaman #drewgoddard #josswhedon #lionsgatefilms
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These are probably my top 6 favorite horror films (they are in no particular order)! You should totally check them out! What are some of your favoite horror films? #theconjuring #housebound #thecabininthewoods #cabininthewoods #thebabadook #zombieland #tuckeranddalevsevil #drewgoddard #kristenconnolly #chrishemsworth #essiedavis #jameswan #patrickwilson #verafarmiga #ronlivingston #lilitaylor #jesseeisenberg #emmastone #woodyharrelson #abigailbreslin #billmurray #richardjenkins #bradleywhitford #horrormovie #movie #scary #horror #horrorfan #movies #film
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moviesmaniac : Dude whatsupp couldn't reach you through the phone
moviesmaniac : And great choices!!!
gorod.727 : Halloween 1978, the Exorcist
alpacino.movieslover : The cabin in the woods
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