#SleepisForTheRich x #PopArt x #GirlsWhoAintOnTV x @summerNixon x #BaseballCards x #CollectThemAll x #InsideEveryBoxOfFrostedFlakes x #DreamBigOrLiveSmall Right?
sleepisfortherich - popart - baseballcards - dreambigorlivesmall - insideeveryboxoffrostedflakes - collectthemall - girlswhoaintontv -
thewizzyworld : mo ass than the models
brandondeon : why she curling them toes though? My last question was how does her feet look lol
charismaboi : She got some sexy ass legs
dremack214 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
the_sweetestgirl_ : 😍😍😍😍
summernixon : Heeeeey! That's hot ;)
imanshakur : Perfect
miini_moo - bossladytara - teecake7 - shaaaanti_ -
Lime #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun sleeveless crop is sold out in small and medium! A couple larges and Xl is what's currently available. Text or call 318-751-3837 to order or be delivered! #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #Dreams #Dbls #womensFashion #new #trendy #dopeness
dopeness - dbls - girlsjustwannahavefun - womensfashion - dreambigorlivesmall - trendy - new - dreams -
ohsogorgeous12 - msthang0 - melissajackson83 - gladys6385 -
New Custom Made #PocketFullofDreams tee from DreamBIGorLivesmallβ„’,LLC Call or Text 318-751-3837 to order/purchase!!! Turn Around time 24-48 hours!!! #tshirts #pocket #fashion #mensfashion #womenfashion #men #women #dreams #dreambigorlivesmall #trends #designer #fashiontrends #clothing
pocket - fashion - fashiontrends - tshirts - men - trends - pocketfullofdreams - mensfashion - designer - dreams - dreambigorlivesmall - clothing - womenfashion - women -
officialjayk_ : Is that a hat?
jasminerenay85 : @officialjayk_ Yes Sir! Custom Bucket Hat!
jasminerenay85 : @thatonegirl86 Just let me know when and what pieces
officialjayk_ : Oh yea! I talked to Garrett…I'll be getting a short & hat for my show aug 7th
jasminerenay85 : O ok! That's what's up!!!
thatonegirl86 : Oh I was talking about the post u made under the pic! ! Those pieces are nice tho @jasminerenay85
jasminerenay85 : @thatonegirl86 O ok!lol
paradecraze : So nice!
_monilove_76 - bossladytara - heartfixer_rn - isnt_shebonita -
A few early morning pcs about to be mailed off. GOD can and will open any avenue that u need HIM to. Don't put that idea off another day. #pocketFullOfDreams #Dbls extension of #DreamBigOrLiveSmall If u are interested in ordering then text or call 318-751-3837 and we can have em ready within 24-48 hours
pocketfullofdreams - dbls - dreambigorlivesmall -
dreambigorlivesmall : @swag214 thanks πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
swag214 : Been thinkin about them pocket tees u got iDigs
dreambigorlivesmall : @swag214 we only a state away. Give me the word and it's in the mail
swag214 : I know fam im slackin so hard so behind on gear imma text u
cedjoseph88 : Hey wat sizes they come in i wanna get my lil bro some for back to school
dreambigorlivesmall : @cedjoseph88 any size
cedjoseph88 : I might have to get me 1
chance.ibo : nice
shawn1908 - noli08 - sendascript - vanveerbags -
S/O to my fam @flyLifeKri for repping the home team while at the jay z and BeyoncΓ© #OnTheRunTour #dreambigorlivesmall
ontheruntour - dreambigorlivesmall -
flylifekri : @dreambigorlivesmall πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
nickysherie - gdunnii - lamadetxpaid - bitchnevagavea_fuck -
Trying a couple new things out. #PocketFullofDreams #customBucket #customPocket #Dbls #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #Flora #AmanlyFloralTho lol
pocketfullofdreams - flora - dbls - dreambigorlivesmall - custompocket - amanlyfloraltho - custombucket -
supashu : DopeπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
geauxgab : Nice
i_necie : Nice
quiseatlanders : Need in blue bro
dreambigorlivesmall : @quiseatlanders royal blue or navy? What size?
trameme : Me likes
quiseatlanders : Navy Bro Large Shirt and hat S
dreambigorlivesmall : @quiseatlanders text me real quick bro so I can send pics of other fabrics we working with as well before u decide
lamadetxpaid - msyellabone - bayoubeauty_06 - thickfine_diva -
From 3-9 today only #DreamBigOrLiveSmall will be doing a Bogo sale when u purchase the new #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun pc or the #18 design! This means u can buy a shirt and get a second for free and give as a gift to a friend or for yourself if you're selfish! Lol. Only on select styles tho. 318-751-3837 to order or be delivered.
girlsjustwannahavefun - 18 - dreambigorlivesmall -
cedjoseph88 : Do u have my size in any of the 18 shirts
kyssepiphany : IM DEF SELFISH lol
koticde_firstname_lastname : Save me two fo when i cum back in twn
shasta86 - naomi_layiah - _killa_k_831_ - thats.toyia -
From 3-9 today only #DreamBigOrLiveSmall will be doing a Bogo sale when u purchase the new #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun pc or the #18 design! This means u can but a shirt and get a second for free and give as a gift to a friend or for yourself if you're selfish! Lol. Only on select styles tho. 318-751-3837 to order or be delivered.
girlsjustwannahavefun - 18 - dreambigorlivesmall -
ladyniesha - shasta86 - friis__ - lici_mac -
πŸšΆπŸ’ƒ #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #freshFaces
freshfaces - dreambigorlivesmall -
ricolove69 : @dreambigorlivesmall πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
dreambigorlivesmall : @ricolove69 let's get it bro
ricolove69 : @dreambigorlivesmall aight
serosa_matapa - tarra_1986 - msanicole___ - ctm__world -
Other colors that we forgot to post in the #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun crop-tank-tee 318-751-3837 to order or be delivered. #DreamBigOrLiveSmall
girlsjustwannahavefun - dreambigorlivesmall -
dreambigorlivesmall : @kyssepiphany hey sis text me the ones u want. I'm putting orders for the post office to the side now. Ma have jaz send u invoice after that
dreambigorlivesmall : @lawandhorsdoeuvre ok cool I'll put it to the side now. Size small?
dreambigorlivesmall : @dat_classy_chic text me now and let me see,phone back straight
dreambigorlivesmall : @chasha_marie what color? I'm putting stuff to the side now
dreambigorlivesmall : @1quin_cy I'll put it to the side homie! Do u know what size
chasha_marie : Pink,green,& blue xsmall or small
dreambigorlivesmall : @chasha_marie ok got ya
1quin_cy : @dreambigorlivesmall a medium!! And imma hit I up first thang tomorrow
shawn1908 - _nisac_ - itslexworld_25 - pearlannmaxie -
Big ups to my son Lil G for being featured on the #designer_babies page. Lil handsome fellow is on his way to doing great things. I guarantee the world will know him. @designer_babies thanks #DreamBigOrLiveSmall
designer_babies - dreambigorlivesmall -
_appleredyayo : 😍😍
mclovin_handsomeazz : Who his barber tho prolly Finna take he sum place else.....
wshg206 : Awwwww so cute! 😍😍
meashiadior89 : @iamjakita
iamjakita : Ahhhh mane he's too handsome @meashiadior89
thejaydenise : @plainjanecomplex
mswatt3678 - phollings - rataziaashley - big_meech519 -
Like my bro @supashu said "The goal is to be great" y'all can have everything else that is good. Sneak peek at new #DBLS #pocketFullOfDreams tee! Every last one of these are hand crafted. S/O to my partner @jasmineRenay85 #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #WeWorking #fashion #creativity #homeMade
pocketfullofdreams - mensfashion - fashion - dreambigorlivesmall - dbls - homemade - weworking - fresh - creativity -
supashu : πŸ’―πŸ’―
korporateflyguy : Real Deal Lets go bro!!!
_bevmystylist_ : πŸ’―βœ”οΈ
shasta86 : 😊😊 NICE SHIRT🐷 @jasminerenay85 GOOD JOB BOO!!!
red_poetry : I remember a discussion about floral lol. #100
2shotsof_wateva : Fresh bro
dreambigorlivesmall : #Fresh
dreambigorlivesmall : #Mensfashion
vanveerbags - almaddin - princessa_alyssa - just_bwalls -
Available Now! Call or Text 318-751-3837 to order! #women #womenfashion #style #trends #dbls #dope #dreams #dreambigorlivesmall #croptop #cute #dopeclothing
cute - style - croptop - dbls - dopeclothing - dope - trends - dreams - dreambigorlivesmall - womenfashion - women -
kyssepiphany : I need mine!!!
red_poetry : πŸ’―
jasminerenay85 : @kyssepiphany Hey Boo!!! Just let us know when you want it!!!
kyssepiphany : You can send me the invoice today. I pray it comes by Tuesday so I can go see Beyonce in it! *fingerscrossed*
theclothingaddict : Clean
mikedee_si4tr - dontjudgemylife - shay_letrice - _queeno1 -
Available at noon from #DreamBigOrLiveSmall Tanks,crop tops and tees and all different colors. 318-751-3837 to order or be delivered
dreambigorlivesmall -
cedjoseph88 : I got my shirt bro thanks
dreambigorlivesmall : @_delishalanice call me sis
dreambigorlivesmall : @cedjoseph88 ok cool. Glad u got it bro
dreambigorlivesmall : @kyssepiphany just give be the word sis and I'll put it in the mail
dreambigorlivesmall : @milfnc00kies I'll send u pics
kyssepiphany : Im ready. You can send me the invoice..hopefully it makes it by JayZ and Bey concert.
citygearpbmall : i want one!!!!! @dreambigorlivesmall
dreambigorlivesmall : @citygearpbmall text me what size and color and I'll get it to u tomorrow
paigee_waaggiie - msjuicyfruit83 - _onenawfnicca - youngvonni -
My girl @airForceShoes has went above and beyond when it comes to not only repping the brand but making sure others know about it as well. Thank youuuuu πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― #DreamBigOrLiveSmall
dreambigorlivesmall -
kk_stylist2u : And she rockin her #hairbykendra custom u part wig. Shameless plug! Lol
airforceshoes : No thanks needed!!! U kno i got u!!! @dreambigorlivesmall
airforceshoes : Lol yes i am @kk_stylist2u
datosa1 - white_ice_italian_ice - iamshe_meechiexoxo - angelbryant85_rn -
'S/O to my long time friend @prettysenia who been supporting since day 1! Can't thank u enough for believing in the brand. #DreamBigOrLiveSmall
dreambigorlivesmall -
prettysenia : πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
deiniece84 - white_ice_italian_ice - sexxi_ladies - paigee_waaggiie -
S/O to the homie @_kisskey for reppin the home team on yesterday. We appreciate the support. #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #youngQueen
youngqueen - dreambigorlivesmall -
_kisskey : no prob πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
dontjudgemylife - iamshe_meechiexoxo - _taralee_ - sexxi_ladies -
If u are broke then go get it like you're rich. If you're rich then go get it like your broke. #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #18 #Dbls Available sizes X-small-2 Small-2 Medium-1 Large-2 Xl-sold out 2x-sold out 318-751-3837 to order or be delivered
18 - dbls - dreambigorlivesmall -
jaysforever : Dope
dreambigorlivesmall : @jaysforever appreciate it bro
t_lake : Fresh my boi are y'all selling those shorts too @dreambigorlivesmall
staffany95 - _nisac_ - ayee_skylar_ray - cely_bae -
1= #NewBeginning & #LeaderShip 8 #Abundance & #Prosperity DREAM-LEAD-PROSPER #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #DBLS Only a couple left in each size in this color! 318-751-3837 to order or be delivered and if u text your dream to that number then we will throw a little something extra in with your purchase of this release. 😎 #newFashion
abundance - prosperity - leadership - dbls - dreambigorlivesmall - newbeginning - newfashion -
hancock27 : Soooo u just gon sit in the middle of the street πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dreambigorlivesmall : @hancock27 it's my street! Lol😎
hancock27 : Lol πŸ’―
topofdaline : I'm loving that default bro. Lil G is ready to go to work. Send him my way so I can train him, cuz his daddy sure doesn't have any skills.
dreambigorlivesmall : @topofdaline any court!! MEET ME THERE!!! 😎
thatonegirl86 : Sudds! !! @dreambigorlivesmall good look!
dreambigorlivesmall : @thatonegirl86 πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
staffany95 - vii_xxii_xcviii - _nisac_ - liloleairy -
dreambigorlivesmall -
katerbug3201 - teen3sixty - dima_cris - wonderwomanxs -
Just got my passport in. Time to start planning some trips international and live how I've wanted to since I was a kid. #createyourreality #dreambigorlivesmall #success #business #international #passport #travel
business - passport - success - dreambigorlivesmall - international - travel - createyourreality -
rfisher2820 : Let's connect! Get Results from your business.... YOU WILL SEE OUR FREE VIDEO THAT SHOWS THE SECRETS.... ITS A NO BRAINER COME SEE US NOW! DO YOU NEED EXTRA MONEY FOR BILLS? see our free video
provision_1 : totally awesome!! wana connect? :) #follow
_seeyouatthetop : nice!
deerfieldkid : Now you can come with my family on a cruise next May
libby_gonzo : Glad to see the pic isn't of your open passport πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
yo_itsmee2 : He whats up txt me 7346782255
yo_itsmee2 : Hey
italiansweetheart12 - momo0095 - organo_gold_leads - nicktompls -
S/O to my girl @topOfdaline for always supporting #DreamBigOrLiveSmall She has to live by that phrase b/c she think she can beat me in basketball. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ we all got a dream tho! πŸ€ go follow her @topOfDaLine
dreambigorlivesmall -
topofdaline : Lol! My boy is still tlkn out the side of his neck. Imma need u to let the people know that u have been invited to get crossed several times, BUT u never showed up.
therealkinghenryiii : @dreambigorlivesmall you forgot about me
just_bwalls - christopher.dwayne - t_b0425 - stillsdetailing -
The homie @lawandhorsdoeuvre (one of the best graphic designers I know) reppin the home team. Go follow her and let her design your next logo,flyer or car wrap. #veyTalented #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #homeTeam
veytalented - hometeam - dreambigorlivesmall -
bihc77 : I need to get in contact with you asap @lawandhorsdoeuvre
lawandhorsdoeuvre : Thanks sudds! Can't wait to see pics of the girly design
audrey0105 : Awe... Look @lawandhorsdoeuvre! :-)
cfmikeb - dontjudgemylife - secreat_c - tuffassantoliver -
#tbt me and my bro @exclusive_james after a shoot. #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #ExclusiveJames #DbLs #youngKingz πŸ‘‘
exclusivejames - youngkingz - dbls - dreambigorlivesmall - tbt -
jacody23 : Thats fye
exclusive_james : Been family
dreambigorlivesmall : @jacody23 appreciate it bro
dreambigorlivesmall : @exclusive_james u already know
mszzzzzphi4012 - byrdhousemuzik - _jetruday_ - lici_mac -
One day I'll do an iron cross. #DreamBigorLiveSmall #built4thisathletics #built4this
built4thisathletics - built4this - dreambigorlivesmall -
earl_cedric - rashidsway - martysmash - mikesmash11 -
One day I'll do an iron cross. #DreamBigorLiveSmall #built4thisathletics #built4this
built4thisathletics - built4this - dreambigorlivesmall -
dreambigorlivesmall - crossfittowson - martysmash -
Available tomorrow! #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #only50pcs 318-751-3837 to pre order. #18 #Dream #Lead #Prosper
only50pcs - prosper - dreambigorlivesmall - lead - 18 - dream -
cityboi_christlife : Need that top first red tee bro.! In a medium... @dreambigorlivesmall
cajun_doll : PLEASE SAVE NE A SMALL RED & BLACK BASEBALL TEE... I'll be home to get it Monday
asvp_deona : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
cedjoseph88 : Hey which ones come in my size n bro i never got my other tee the fourth of july shirt
flylifekri : @dreambigorlivesmall man I need the red and black baseball tee in a xl
dreambigorlivesmall : @cedjoseph88 text me bro
dreambigorlivesmall : @flylifekri text me Sis
dreambigorlivesmall : @cityboi_christlife text me folk
_nisac_ - trinity4eva - mr_fire_dog - laurencekennedy -
😎 #addThemLast3wordsDiddy and it's on!! πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’° #DreamBigOrLiveSmall #diddy @iamDiddy
diddy - dreambigorlivesmall - addthemlast3wordsdiddy -
king_bweezy : Wait a min what just happened here?
bmillermusic : Hope you had your brand copyright could mean a big pay day is so not 2 mention the great free advertising from a major mogal @dreambigorlivesmall
dreambigorlivesmall : @bmillermusic been had that homie.
dreambigorlivesmall : @king_bweezy nothing as of yet. Lol. He got shirt that say dream big,I just added a lil flavor to it and entertaining the thought of him actually adding "or live small" at the end
dieyung21 : What a lick dat would be
bihc77 : Do you know how many people would buy this!!!! Sick
king_bweezy : Word OK man I thought I was gone have to go handle diddy lol @dreambigorlivesmall
exclusive_james : Lmao boi u crazy I bet you praying on it too... he the homie but nicca cut my check
cbescalade - kelliekey_ - exclusive_james - tericarenee -
Floral Printed Shorts(Available in Boys and Men!)...Call or text your size to 318-751-3837 or 318-402-2213! #cutekids #fashion #mensfashion #kidsfashion #kidswithswag #men #demsuddskidds #dope #dbls #dreambigorlivesmall
fashion - dbls - dope - men - mensfashion - kidswithswag - dreambigorlivesmall - cutekids - demsuddskidds - kidsfashion -
megan_i_am_ : He is just tooo cute!!!
cajun_doll : So I just showed Mal a pic that Garrett posted of you yesterday & I said Mal who is this, she said "momma"..πŸ˜”πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚. My baby miss y'all.. Hell she don't even call me "momma@..
jasminerenay85 : @cajun_doll Lol!...That's cause she hear Garrenn and Grace calling me mama all day!πŸ˜‚...Awwwh! We miss our chunky mama too!!!πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
crimexdesignn : He is the cutest😍😍
daciaaaaa - tutuwhatever - brittmeshelle_24 - ferrarifoxx102 -
If you could get whatever you wanted what would it be? #visionwall #mclaren #p1 #dreambigorlivesmall #sportscar #wealth #success #money #fastlife
sportscar - worldventures - xplocial - money - infinitydownline - wunfam - successstories - organogold - fastlife - wun - networkmarketing - nm - ypr - p1 - wealth - success - og - mclaren - visionwall - mlm - herbalife - amway - dreambigorlivesmall -
b_wealthy : Interested in multiple streams of income, connect with me.
jmaxxgrant : text me at 248-920-4220 if your looking to make money in a new business and soar to the top
me_myself_and_xay : @brodno03 :)
andy.welch : I like what you do!
young_new_rich : @brodno03 Nice photo
corked22 : Love it!
momo0095 : I see you got great passion . maybe we can business together.
wuntaj : You got the passion, but your in the wrong program
retiredat29 - c_peso - naomipoppinten - jayrock169 -
I believe this with all of my heart and mind ... Let your greatness shine. #doingrightgreat #makeithappen #motivation #mindset #succes #smartlife #dreambigorlivesmall #drgyourlovemotivator
succes - motivation - doingrightgreat - makeithappen - dreambigorlivesmall - smartlife - drgyourlovemotivator - mindset -
cajzita : @dionysus_capital
hawleystrengthandconditioning - _dta_215 - carlstrid9091 - aireasybreezy -
Supplication and prayer changes things. I am proud to call Phillip Craig @fe2020 a friend. Within this last year God has done some amazing things for my fellow brotha in Christ #socalregionals #crossfitaffiliate. I am excited to see what the almighty has in store for the future. #dreambig #dreambigorlivesmall #god1st #godisgood #walkbyfaith #agreatideatodayisonlyagoodideatoday #hokaheyallday #crossfithokahey #craigclan #breakingbarriers #makingadifference #persistence #crossfit #competitor #changinglives #coach
godisgood - hokaheyallday - breakingbarriers - crossfitaffiliate - coach - makingadifference - crossfithokahey - craigclan - walkbyfaith - competitor - crossfit - god1st - changinglives - agreatideatodayisonlyagoodideatoday - dreambigorlivesmall - dreambig - socalregionals - persistence -
mikeyeun : Tell him to come out and play RB.
felli__fel : I love this pic Mike! 😊
lovemycorral : Great picture! I love how @mariacraig20 is looking at him..
mateooson - webbdaddy_951 - lovemycorral - mariacraig20 -
Lil G got game! #whoNext πŸ€ #DreamBigOrLiveSmall
whonext - dreambigorlivesmall -
jasminerenay85 : Mamas Luv Muffin!!!😍😍😍
jammerfit : A natural!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️ him
jmarie448 : So πŸ’• cute
dreambigorlivesmall : @kaykotur lol @ thotlers
geauxkayc : #BABYFASHION
geauxkayc : #CUTEKIDALERT
topofdaline : Him and his papi are next lol
kendrickjfarris : Jasmine Sudds looking ahh
firdausahmadi - titilopez_305 - _aleeciaaaa - deelou60 -
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