The man behind the mask.... Kinda.. Yes i use pink respirator filtors! Fuxk cancer! Late night grindage. #bohicabladeworks #knife #knifemaking #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #usn #usnfollow #grinding #kryptek #shop #handmade #custom #bane #instadaily #photooftheday
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6figuresociety : If you have ever considered making money through your social media page, check out my website, it explains EXACTLY how.
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To address some of the confusion, this is a comparison of the Ridgeback versus the ForeRunner®. Top: early handmade Ridgeback. Middle: production Boker Ridgeback. Bottom: handmade ForeRunner®. I licensed the Ridgeback design to Boker Germany and then took that opportunity to make upgrades to the existing design. Those upgrades, although slight, were enough not to call it the "Ridgeback II". Hence the name change to ForeRunner®. Design tweaks: Swept finger choil, additional scallop for ring finger, more material at the bottom of the handle and an additional notch for thumb jimping. The goal was not to change the profile that makes the knife what it is but make upgrades by the natural evolution of the design. Q: "how does the Boker Ridgeback compare to your ForeRunner"?. A: Boker did a terrific job with reproducing the Ridgeback design. 440C stainless is excellent steel. All of the early handmade Ridgebacks were made from 440C. Hope that helps. #coyeknives #ridgeback #forerunner #usnstagram #customknives #doyouevengrindbro®
forerunner - usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives - doyouevengrindbro - ridgeback -
ginjasaur : I want one so bad, one day... one day.
adam12ish : What is that small cut out on the rear portion of the blade (of the bottom knife) used for? @coyeknives
coyeknives : @adam12ish That's a sharpening notch. That's where I start when I'm standing at the grinder to sharpen the blades.
guadarrama318 : @dakota_sands
rideafunday : Such a bad ass design, I want one
sgn230 : @coyeknives Thanks for showing them side by side and explaining the differences.
durkin1466 : Beautiful... I love my boker ridgeback... It's my favorite knife hands down, wear it edc and on swat calls, can't wear it on patrol though.. Someday I'll get one of your hand made knives though.
fairwarning89 : Love my boker ridgeback my edc one day ill get my hands on a custom
benjamin_comeatmebro - mag_natchanon - maklaud007 - jeromeriptide -
Some major league ninja lovin! by @tater333 "You gotta ask yourself "Are you a major league ninja?" Rockin then#majorleagueninja shirt from my #ninjabrothers @x_medina and @o771e @honosmeanshonor This shirt is badass without question! So much #HONOS here from @dansskinz and @honosmeanshonor along with my #forerunner and #glock #19 with some #borntokill from @last_ditch_effort_gear #igninja #igmilitia #igmilitiamt #asiansensasion #honosmeanshonor #lastditcheffortgear #monderno #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #dansskinz"
glock - monderno - ninjabrothers - borntokill - dansskinz - majorleagueninja - honosmeanshonor - lastditcheffortgear - coyeknives - igmilitia - 19 - forerunner - asiansensasion - igninja - doyouevengrindbro - honos - igmilitiamt -
tater333 : 😘😘😘😘😘
thejames77 : No, I'm still J.V. ninja.
honosmeanshonor : @thejames77 HA!
regular2aguy - bigpapamotors - 3nalmlal - klobrc123 -
Fresh off the bench! 2A Shooting Center in Tulsa just received 3 Model 105s: Black, Multicam & OD/Black camo. A couple of Gk1s as well. Email Thank you! #coyeknives #knifesale #customknives #usnstagram #usnfollow #doyouevengrindbro®
usnfollow - usnstagram - coyeknives - knifesale - doyouevengrindbro - customknives -
d_isaac_g : @dannywhispas there's an oscar mikes on ebay $400
jmohr723 : Like Bill says - call 2A & get on the list! Can't wait till the Multi-Cam delivers this week! Thanks Geoff @ 2A & especially Bill!
dannywhispas : @d_isaac_g thanks for the heads up.
nilsbonnier : How long. is the elitungar list on 105?
nilsbonnier : Waiting*
davidmdallas : @tig_mig
coyeknives : The black handled 105 is still available.
coyeknives : @nilsbonnier πŸ‘†
coldhearted81 - tyleroxbrough - marcustheturtle - andyhauck1 -
Open bid auction for my personal Whiskey 2 prototype. **Do Not Bid Here** All bidding and auction rules on previous post. #coyeknives #usnfollow #usnstagram #knifesale #doyouevengrindbro®
usnfollow - doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - knifesale -
mattya315 : @bpipe_95
mattya315 : @lumberjack_ink
hausofguns : @coyeknives ahhhh you're killing me! Been thinking about this bad boy since shot show.
hansgerken : Damn wish I could afford it! One day though!
chogunassassin : How did I miss this?
yurka40ru - daily_badass - parkwoosu - marcus_menezes_sa -
Open bid auction: the first Whiskey 2 I ever built. It's got "proto" etched on the S35VN blade. This is the only proto Whiskey 2. I've carried it since the spring of 2013. All Ti frames, bead blasted and tumbled finish. Quasi-satin finish on the primary bevels. This goes until 9:00pm tonight 9/15/14. The knife is being sold as-is and no additional work will be done on it outside of the sharpening warrantee. Do not buy it for the detent or blade centering as they're both lacking. It's a historical piece that I'd hoped would be spared the auction block. Not so. Starting bid $500.00 with bid increments of $25.00. Anti-sniping rule in effect. Don't bid if you're not 18 years of age. PayPal only. Ships world-wide and shipping will be calculated at the end of the sale. Thank you! #coyeknives #knifesale #customknives #usnstagram #usnfollow #doyouevengrindbro®
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adsmith282 : $850.
jthagrippa : 900
adsmith282 : $950.
jthagrippa : 1050
adsmith282 : $1075.
jthagrippa : 1100
adsmith282 : $1125.
coyeknives : @adsmith282 Congratulations! Glad my first W2 is going to a good home. Please shoot me an email when you're able. Thank you very much everyone!
junior_0009 - asgsurvivalgear - parkwoosu - marcus_menezes_sa -
#boker #ridgeback #coye #doyouevengrindbro #coyeknives #bokerknives #knifeknuts #knifestagram #knivesweekly #knifefanatics #knifecommunity #knivesofig #knifefollow #knifenuts #knifelife #knifesociety #knivesdaily #edc #everydaycarry #pocketdump
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iamchrisbays : Waitin for mine to come, it's on it's way.
sharp.edge33 : @iamchrisbays sweet. You'll enjoy it
chevyoffroading - hotgirls4sure - getdeclan - yahyahz_ -
Studying and being the top flight security of the world at the same time. The grind doesn't stop, like a chick stripping in her way through college, but I already have a bachelors and masters degree. I want it all. 😁😁😁 #grind #goals #housefund #doyouevengrindbro #forthebabies #everybithelps #foreverhumble #bluecollarhustle #icandomealplanstoolol #ilovethegameifeellikeoneofthoseballplayniggas
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whitney_leyah : Of the world, Craig!!!!
dbrasco223 : Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you already know @whitney_leyah
xkal301 : Grind mode bruh
cardothinks : Somebody asked me when do I sleep. I laughed! See you tomorrow
javareelikeferrari : Keep going
ruby_can_be_fit - lisathisandlisathat - littleherc - missyoungandsuccessful_2u -
Jimmy at Oklahoma Police Supply asked me to sign their Boker Ridgeback delivery. Kinda awkward 😜. Email if you want one, $69.00 bones. #coyeknives #boker #ridgeback #knife #knives #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - coyeknives - boker - knives - ridgeback - knife -
liquid_link : @coyeknives Where can I get a soft loop carrier for my Böker Ridgeback?
laxlife42 : Thanks @alex_gluszczak
multitaskertools : #supastar
coyeknives : @liquid_link @armordilloconcealment makes the after market kydex sheaths with soft loops for the Boker Ridgeback.
oakjoker01 : When do the books open and when does this offer close @coyeknives
coyeknives : @oakjoker01 The books open when I am done with the current list. As a one-man knife shop there's no way to forecast when that will be. The offer? As the text reads, this was a heads-up that a store had 6 Boker Ridgebacks available. They were sold within minutes of this posting. @bladehq has the Boker Ridgeback in stock right now.
oakjoker01 : Ok thank you @coyeknives
im_going_to_make_you_mad : Just got the last one.
pcreell - recklessmomentum - mr.valenzuela - giovanezambelli -
#coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives -
dissonantworlds : 6am making knives. #doyouevengrindbro
coyeknives : @dissonantworlds Affirm. Been making dust since 0500 πŸ‘
gripstop : #billneversleeps
johnboyusa : #doyouevensleepbro
louxcustom : #shopshots love em!
franciii_el_biker : sigan a @seguidores_facil_gratis
adrian_morales9 - colepiersonc - brokeassprepper - miltacindustries -
@coyeknives Ridgeback hanging out. #usnstagram #coyeknives #customknives #doyouevengrindbro
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives -
benrickman : I love knife!
moosestuff : @benrickman do you really love knife?
benrickman : LOUD NOISES
coyeknives - kamm1123 - tuckerhw - chromefireworks -
Nothing goes together like @coyeknives making a pb&j sandwich in the field! #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #predeployment #knives #sharpthings #usn #usnstagram #usnfollow #molonlabe #army #training #badassery #tacticool
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epicawesomecrazycool : @TheKnifeClub #Epic
bohica_blade_works : @doyouevengrindbro
bastionllc - texas_sheepdog - vasquezknives - tactical_pterodactyl_knives -
#grindhard #work prep
doyouevengrindbro - work - grindhard -
drew_da_crew : #doyouevengrindbro
backwoodsbabe420 - rickyb215 - brad_hendricks - smokinjessica -
Thinking about a run of stickers. What say you? #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro® Kudos to @frstr8 for the artwork πŸ‘Š*place burning cigar emoji here*
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives -
jeromeriptide : In! Very cool!!!
jaydesdadd : Do you even Walter white?
roybwell : I would buy one.
davidfm4u : Breaking Bad!!! ;))
luke_jeter : @mason_holmes8
tulsaguy76 : swag it up
borosucker : What's up Walter white !
michaelclm : Bill I'm all over a sticker, brother. -Michael R.
btippen94 - hoodbreed_knucks - tigran1977.77 - pro_elite88 -
@ericandersen175 using soft loops to mount his ForeRunner to his chest rig. Vehicle class with @costa_ludus, photo credit @fourguysguns. Awesome photo gentlemen thank you! #fourguysguns #coyeknives #customknives #knifecommunity #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
fourguysguns - usnstagram - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - customknives - knifecommunity -
joedarr33 : @mpgonthehill
flip_hunt : I received my ridgeback from BladeHQ and man it's SWEET!!! I just gotta figure something out for carrying it every day! I can't put it down super smile :)
flip_hunt : I'm a man on a mission for a forerunner still!! I can ONLY imagine how nice that must be!!!
guadarrama318 : @dakota_sands
dakota_sands : @guadarrama318 this knife/vest combo is giving me a freedom boner
flip_hunt : Yup.. Had to look again :)
coyeknives : @flip_hunt If your on the list at 2A Shooting Center they'll call when the next batch lands there.
flip_hunt : Ok ... Thank you. I will call them and try to get on the list today!!
magfeddogsoldiersbcn - donttreadonmyliberty - multitaskertools - n8nm -
Tank 7 draft, @drewestatecigar Undercrown. Nice finish to a long day. #whatsinyourwallet #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - whatsinyourwallet -
coyeknives : @trainlikeaboss72 That is correct sir
coyeknives : @bladesnbabes Cheers Josh! 🍻
burner666 : Do you ever do any throwing knives? @coyeknives
moosestuff : That's a cool place.
coyeknives : @burner666 No sir
coyeknives : @moosestuff agreed!
flip_hunt : Sweet Folder!
drewestatecigar : Nice choice @coyeknives ;)
olivermolina_ - 808lena - jacksonf3425 - jakemc_13 -
At least @zeroknives will have a place to crash when he makes the trek north of the Red River. Yep, it'll have a shower ;) #itsmellslikeanewcar #notreally #waytoomanywomanatmyhouse #sorryhomie
itsmellslikeanewcar - waytoomanywomanatmyhouse - sorryhomie - notreally -
warriorlab : Awesome!!
vernardtroyer : More space can only mean more knives. Oh yeah! πŸ”ͺ
im_going_to_make_you_mad : Nice place! Was I the only one that thought this was another #MethLabMonday at first? Haha
coyeknives : @joshgilbert86 Affirm - the new shop space.
flip_hunt : Cool... More Room = more Forerunners :)
coyeknives : @im_going_to_make_you_mad Haha! In retrospect I could see that would be a valid question :)
augie186 : @im_going_to_make_you_mad I was thinking looks abandoned.... but this is way to clean for a meth lab.
qfmurray : That would have been POST clean up crew...@im_going_to... Trying to type out that name is making me mad....
glock30man - pcreell - triplebravo - brokeassprepper -
Stopped and ate lunch by this lil waterfall! The water was clear, cold, and really refreshing! My #forerunner from @coyeknives and @monderno enjoyed the hike as well! #monderno #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #igninja #asiansensasion #montana #godscountry @doyouevengrindbro #waterfall #406
coyeknives - monderno - godscountry - waterfall - 406 - forerunner - asiansensasion - igninja - doyouevengrindbro - montana -
jeniusjarhead : Damn i want this knife!!
tater333 : @jeniusjarhead this knife was a limited run but you can get a #forerunner
thejames77 : What waterfall?
tater333 : @thejames77 haha
tater333 : @thejames77 but the waterfall we hiked to I'm not sure of the name either!
bohica_blade_works - aleks96popovic - melsworld23 - kristajudithd -
Needed a bottle opener so I whipped one up really quick lol #bottleopener #minidashi #doyouevengrindbro #hashtagfollower
doyouevengrindbro - bottleopener - minidashi - hashtagfollower -
kelsiejoo : Looks wonderful baby πŸ‘Œ
douglas_knife_co : Nice!
bigborealaska : Need and want one how much we talkin???? Been lookin for a dashi
andi_sharps : @douglas_knife_co thanks!
andi_sharps : @bigborealaska lol I'll make you one
bigborealaska : What do I owe ya? New knife makers gotta get paid
steube84 - slade_daniel_ - bigborealaska - issues1975 -
#doyouevengrindbro @coyeknives
doyouevengrindbro -
instanpound - bigbob68 -
Had my phone under my chin to video this. I love my esteem grinder! #doyouevengrindbro
doyouevengrindbro -
bruteforce_bladeworks : @tactical_pterodactyl_knives
tactical_pterodactyl_knives : Man i want to get a good one so bad!
effectivert4wd - logan8813 - evanlechner - _chippens_ -
Another #walmart SCORE!!!! #sriracha#chipotle#habanero grinders used for lettuce fajita wraps with my favorite foodie @profitness_jamiekeen #prep #profigure #ifpafigurepro #ifpapro #girlswholift #doyouevengrindbro
ifpafigurepro - profigure - ifpapro - habanero - walmart - doyouevengrindbro - chipotle - girlswholift - prep - sriracha -
hutch_la - kristinflanery - jordanschallock - khaleesiluna -
by @richard.king "LOVE this #Forerunner from @coyeknives; such a rugged and practical #fixedblade. More importantly, I am a fan of the man himself. Bill, it is an honor to call you my friend. #Coyeknives #customknife #knifestagram #usnfollow #usnstagram #Doyouevengrindbro #RichardKing" #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro® @richard.king, paths cross for whatever reason, we're given the free will to do something those opportunities. Thank you sir!
usnstagram - coyeknives - fixedblade - usnfollow - forerunner - customknife - itsmyfirstday - knifestagram - doyouevengrindbro - richardking -
flip_hunt : I think I could stare at this knife all day long... I truly love it. Just the coolest knife I've ever laid eyes on.. Not blowing smoke either.. Truly are an American Master Craftsman.
coyeknives : @flip_hunt 2A has a waiting list. Did they offer to put you on it?
coyeknives : @flip_hunt Thank you BTW!
flip_hunt : @coyeknives no they did not. I did ask if he knew the next time when they might be getting more? He said he did not know... Kinda bummed.. I'm just telling the truth about your work :) I worked as a manual machinist for 10+ years at a job shop holding true position so I have an eye for metal working.. You my friend are the man!!
flip_hunt : I called and emailed Ft. Henry too
flip_hunt : things happen for a reason... I know how valuable your work is, but my wife would prob kick me in the fun bags for spending that right now... Lots of bad luck lately... I was just going to sell some stuff to buy it... I feel connected to the Forerunner...
mikeybigface : @eddie__bear u follow these guys? They got some bad ass knives..
eddie__bear : @mikeybigface I do now! Sick
brycestober - dez_devious - iso_nbr - morevi1989 -
LOVE this #Forerunner from @coyeknives; such a rugged and practical #fixedblade. More importantly, I am a fan of the man himself. Bill, it is an honor to call you my friend. #Coyeknives #customknife #knifestagram #usnfollow #usnstagram #Doyouevengrindbro #RichardKing
usnstagram - coyeknives - fixedblade - usnfollow - forerunner - customknife - knifestagram - doyouevengrindbro - richardking -
coyeknives : Back at you sir!
epicawesomecrazycool : @TheKnifeClub #HellYeah
palefaceandsavage : ..@Daily_Badass
jjinshuo : ε“ͺι‡Œηš„?
gun_craft - myxantixstar - coyotemountainoutdoors - jrszyjamesdrifts -
Finally got my ridgeback elite! #boker #coye #doyouevengrindbro #cut #blade #unicornskinner #quality #bling #upgrade
coye - cut - texasdidwhat - bling - boker - blade - unicornskinner - upgrade - doyouevengrindbro - quality -
hollis_armory : #texasdidwhat
coyeknives - _dmoran56_ - robcastorena - shannon0825 -
Almost forgot my fbf.. lol #firehouse #firefighter #fire #fireman #toolsofthetrade #towerladder #thebravest #thinredline #truckie #structurefire #smokeeater #smoke #hookandladder #engine #pumper #ventilation #searchandrescue
towerladder - firehouse - thebravest - fireman - fire - truckie - besafe - searchandrescue - brotherhood - thinredline - dtom - neverquit - pumper - knowledge - firefighter - gearwhore - engine - ventilation - smokeeater - smoke - doyouevengrindbro - hookandladder - toolsofthetrade - familyprotector - structurefire - risktakers -
gunz_blazin_ : #doyouevengrindbro #dtom #gearwhore #knowledge #brotherhood#besafe #familyprotector #neverquit #risktakers
bastionllc : Nice!
cryoheat - bryanosborn54 - bastionllc - tylerjay101 -
Open bid auction: Model Gk1, 5/32" CPM154 stainless, OAL 7.5", Blade 3.25", bead blasted and tumbled finish, kydex sheath with soft loops. Auction closes at 8:00 pm Central time tomorrow 9/6/14. Ships worldwide. Shipping cost winners responsibility. PayPal only. Starting bid $10.00 with $10.00 increments. Do not bid if you're under 18 years of age. Anti-sniping rule in effect: bids posted after 7:45pm 9/6/14 roll the auction over 15 minutes. Take the soft loops off and mount the sheath behind the mag pouches on your duty belt. Or take the soft loops off and mount the sheath on the off-hand riser of your boot. Haven't seen one of these in a while! Thank you! #coyeknives #customknives #usnstagram #unsfollow #knifesale #knifecommunity #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - unsfollow - customknives - knifecommunity - knifesale -
jrenaes283 : $300
xjayvee24x : @edward_thegreat10
coyeknives : Heads up! 3.5 hrs left on this auction.
coyeknives : 30 min warning
coyeknives : Congratulations @jrenaes283! Please shoot me an email through the "contact us" page at ~ thank you everyone!
jrenaes283 : Thank you sir!
fotolian : You still have one like this?
coyeknives : Please email - there were 2 in the knife case an hour ago. @fotolian
moosestuff - green3guy - warlord_change1 - knifis -
Alright, so I know it's pitiful and ugly, but my very first attempt at making a folder. And hey, it works. Now just to improve aesthetics... #knife #knifethursday #knives #knifemaking #knifemaker #doyouevengrindbro #knivesofinsta #knives #knifenut #knifegasm #knifelife #knifenuts #knivesofig #knifeporn #knifeaddict #knifestagram #knifecommunity #knifecollection
knifenut - knifeporn - knivesofig - knifecollection - knifelife - knifemaker - knifestagram - knifenuts - knifecommunity - knifegasm - knives - knivesofinsta - doyouevengrindbro - knifethursday - knifeaddict - knife - knifemaking -
palefaceandsavage : @Daily_Badass!
cocioknives : Nice man
g_m_o_d_ : Thank ya! @angel_cocio518 @palefaceandsavage
indo_infinity - vonage1995 - mmacustomknives - voodooblades -
Another belt/throwing knife w/ polished leather wrapped handle. Maybe gonna make a set of them...? #knife #knifethursday #knives #knifemaking #knifemaker #doyouevengrindbro #knivesofinsta #knives #knifegasm #knifeporn #knifesale #knifestagram #knivesdaily #knivesofinstagram #knivesforsale #knivesandguns #knifenut #knifenuts
knifenut - knifeporn - knifemaker - knifestagram - knifenuts - knivesandguns - knifesale - knifegasm - knivesofinstagram - knives - knivesofinsta - doyouevengrindbro - knifethursday - knivesforsale - knivesdaily - knife - knifemaking -
g3_stuff : What would the price be about? @g_m_o_d_
g_m_o_d_ : $55 shipped anywhere in the U.S. @g3_stuff
elijah_hollis - byrdcutlery - babesnblades - vonage1995 -
Rough profile of a new knife design.
doyouevengrindbro - newknifemaker - knifethursday -
practactical45 : #knifethursday
practactical45 : #newknifemaker
practactical45 : #doyouevengrindbro
The elusive @killerbee_ Ridgeback making a rare appearance. Great shot B, thank you! #ridgeback #coyeknives #customknives #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - bodydouble - coyeknives - ridgeback - customknives -
coyeknives : So....this is a #bodydouble? @killerbee_ @biggerj76420 :)
biggestn8r : UNICORNS!!! EVERYWHERE!!! @killerbee_
killerbee_ : I cannot confirm but will not deny.
jeniusjarhead : Take my money.
d_jenninz : @dicknaniels you should get one of these
flip_hunt : My favorite Knife of ALL TIME.... One can dream... Amazing piece of American Craftsmanship!
utacsupply : Purple and orange? Helluva color combo! Go Tigers! #clemson
armordilloconcealment : @biggestn8r πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #notevenascratch 😁
moosestuff - tlrmade - para_dime - epicawesomecrazycool -
I will look allot different after the Acid etching and heat coloring! #DoYouEvenGrindBro!!!!!
doyouevengrindbro -
_jacob1866_ : Ya, leave it lol it looks BAD!!! 😍😍😱
mrpilipinoy : Wow
k_r_a_z_z_i_e : Wow! Keep it satin! 😍
fresno1969gtx : It's SanMai!! @k_ :)
fresno1969gtx : @k_r_a_z_z_i_e πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
tzvy : WTF brother?! Are you becoming a knife maker??? You too?! ;-)
fresno1969gtx : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚this is not me!!! @tzvy
thcpenguin : @parhabib
dgippo - jaydendeveloper - ryanwolves - tokkolive -
by @jboy48111 "Whoop Whoop!! Epic mail call from the one and only Bill Coye! #coyeknives a little bit of Afghan wrapped into a whole lot of Merica! #merica #105" via @PhotoRepost_app A small tip of the hat to my MIL medic brother at Ft. Bragg. Different uniform, different job, same flag, same heart πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘Š#support #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
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coyeknives : That wooden bead was made from a piece of wood from BAF. If you rub it real hard it smells like Monster energy drinks, long cut Skoal and the crapper ;) No, not really.
coyeknives : Lanyard by @tulsaguy76 πŸ‘
rsarrett : Something like this @robert.o
flip_hunt : That lanyard is money in the bank...
no_rush_79 : Coye? Do you think that @tulsaguy76 will make me a similar lanyard for a whiskey?!
coyeknives : @no_rush_79 I've got a lanyard I can leave at 2A for you. The wooden beads from Bagram Air Field are reserved for special projects.
no_rush_79 : That's cool, I understand that.
no_rush_79 : I have a lanyard already. I just thought that I might try to request one with one of those coye tags on it, haha. Thanks.
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