This is how @chefjasonb keeps his knives sharp in Spain. Follow him for world class food pics and this awesome #bikeGrinder. @burnleyknives you should try this in your apron. @coyeknives #doYOUevenGrindBro #knives
doyouevengrindbro - bikegrinder - knives -
kensei_ : Clever
kdcrec22 : @crkt_knives That is ingenious!
ir0nexpress : whoa ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
greg_pny : @contraterrene
burnleyknives : Ha that's awesome
sasway_illustration : Working Bike Show(?) @cogjoint
survivingknives : Createtive
zachery_9045 : Love it @zc_zk_knifeworks @jswinehart1031 @hammerb3
martinettidx - regularsizedmikerossi - forum10 - nverinder716 -
Today's shop gun: Smith and Wesson model 65-2 .357 / @chogunassassin hooked me up with the @inforce01 6vx ๐Ÿ‘Š #smithandwesson #357 #inforce #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
357 - usnstagram - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - inforce - smithandwesson -
rekerworks : Those torches are money. Got two myself.
harryskerry : I have the model 19-5, such a fun gun
mattya315 : Classic
_nate__smith_ : @big.____.teets17
cha_chabwoy - pulido_a - big_rig - feras1811 -
Took some time and went by @sharknivco shop and I ran into this beauty ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
edc - knifenut - grailknives - customknives - knifecollection - navajas - everyday_tactical - titanium - tacticalweapons - knifestagram - framelock - follow - knifeboner - knifeporn - america - bestknivesofig - dailycarry - knivesweekly - usn - knifegasm - everydaycarry - viknives - usnfollow - usnstagram - knifefanatics - doyouevengrindbro - cuchillos - nofilter - thatgrind - knife -
viknives : #usnstagram #usn #knivesweekly #knifecollection #knifegasm #knife #knifestagram #edc #everyday_tactical #everydaycarry #titanium #tacticalweapons #thatgrind #dailycarry #usnfollow #doyouevengrindbro #america #follow #framelock #grailknives #knifeporn #knifeboner #customknives #cuchillos #bestknivesofig #nofilter #navajas #knifenut #viknives #knifefanatics
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The Multitasker crew are huge fans of @coyeknives and fortunate enough to own 3 of his knives. Moreover, we are proud to call him a dear friend. To see Bill constantly push himself and improve his craft inspires us to do the same. Congrats buddy, and keep up the great work. #TeamTasker #knifemaker #customknife #Coyeknives #ForeRunner #carbonfiber #usnstagram #usnfollow #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - coyeknives - carbonfiber - teamtasker - usnfollow - forerunner - customknife - doyouevengrindbro - knifemaker -
therst : That piece....beautiful
jackkkkkim : Half carbon fibre and half wood. Thats awesome
liveasif : That's wild. ๐Ÿ˜
coyeknives : Too kind sir. Thank you
kmfrosty1138 : Someday, gotta find them in stock
fathertime583 : @knapptime7
multitaskertools : @kmfrosty1138 watch his IG, he will have flash sales
kmfrosty1138 : @multitaskertools Thanks! ๐Ÿ‘
multitaskertools - hunter_garry - roundup007 - csmithhpd -
Been a long time coming but I finally got my hands on a custom #coye Bill is the best at what he does and the Forerunner is his best. So stoked! @ashleyfaith18 gets the wife of the year award for snagging it up for me. @coyeknives
coye - blade - grind - selfdefense - forerunner - knives - tactical - doyouevengrindbro - knife - blades -
austindumanji : #knives #knife #blades #blade #forerunner #selfdefense #tactical #grind #doyouevengrindbro
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Still alive after a 14 hour day with 10 clients! #doesntphaseme #deadoralive #fullroster #beardgang #thegrindistooreal #whatissleep #doyouevengrindbro
whatissleep - doyouevengrindbro - deadoralive - thegrindistooreal - fullroster - doesntphaseme - beardgang -
nchewymiras : @happyshinyppl I know man! crazy how I've survived with such a small brain
nchewymiras : @tawnystr look at this guy/girl/heshe/dog trying to rip on me
bbeardsbrand : nice beard ! we got beard shirts for 10 bucks + free shipping!
tawnystr : Lol says the person with a private profile and no photo. Lol ooo you're a big man ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘ Bet you ten bucks is a fat guy with a tiny dick @nchewymiras
happyshinyppl : Well not nice to talk bout nick that way we know he is fat!!!!
nchewymiras : @happyshinyppl lol your name is Nick too that's so funny. Small world
nchewymiras : @bbeardsbrand the tees are sick!
nchewymiras : @tawnystr no way! It has to be someone who has a really cool life with lots of friends and money
sneakers_yo - get_mean_fitness - fashionsummerxx - tawnystr -
#werk #coyeknives #customknives #littlewhiskey #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives - doyouevengrindbro - werk - littlewhiskey -
costaknives : Beautiful combo! Where do you get those clamps?
john_dunkerley : Have you ever done any work with Damascus?
coyeknives : @costaknives You'll have to google "Kant twist" clamps / I honesty don't remember where I got them. @john_dunkerley never to completion. Yet.
coyeknives : @helenkellertactical Thanks man. The good, the bad and the ugly.
frstr8 : Wow!
coyeknives : @frstr8 I bought this block of Chechen burl from @alphaknifesupply about 4 or 5 yrs ago :)
dhccustomkydex : I have a weakness for knives or firearms with a beautiful wood handle or stock...and that grain is perfect.
frstr8 : @coyeknives I think you found the perfect use for it ๐Ÿ‘
giambattistaskull33 - roscoedash3rd - tkepler_2007 - n_kl_s__b -
@coyeknives Forerunner mail call today ! #coyeknives
coye - edc - coyeknives - fixedblade - knifecommunity - blue - fixedbladefanatic - forerunner - everydauca - knives - doyouevengrindbro - knifenut - camo - g10 -
knife_eater : #doyouevengrindbro #edc #coye #forerunner #knifenut #knives #knifecommunity #fixedblade #g10 #blue #camo #fixedbladefanatic #everydauca
coyeknives : Nice!
multitaskertools : Congrats
knife_eater : @coyeknives ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž
knife_eater : @multitaskertools thank you ! Very excited
ashtonmire - whitelighter_nexsoldier - xenocomms - adrenalinearchery -
My original @coyeknives #ridgeback out in the New England woods during duck season! This blade has become a steady hunting companion as well as part of my EDC! Perfect balance, size, blade thickness and sharp as hell...there's not much it can't do! #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro #downrangefirearmstraining #prostaff
downrangefirearmstraining - usnstagram - coyeknives - prostaff - doyouevengrindbro - ridgeback -
inkaddict36 : Amazing shot
fireclean : Agree with @inkaddict36 - well done! @drftraining
drftraining : @inkaddict36 @fireclean thank you sirs
dtdhunter : Nice!!!
coyeknives : Great shot!
boyd1313 - wilhelmwashere - danny_p86 - nisakorn_supermom -
by @zhmartin "A closer look at the @coyeknives pumpkin! @monderno #coye #coyeknives #forerunner #doyouevengrindbro #monderno #igmilitia #igmilitiatx #usnstagram #happyhalloween" via @PhotoRepost_app Very cool sir, thank you!!
coye - happyhalloween - coyeknives - igmilitia - monderno - igmilitiatx - forerunner - usnstagram - doyouevengrindbro -
zhmartin : @coyeknives Thanks for the repost!
shirogorov_club - firlinugraha - pro_elite88 - thijs_middelkoop -
A closer look at the @coyeknives pumpkin! @monderno #coye #coyeknives #forerunner #doyouevengrindbro #monderno #igmilitia #igmilitiatx #usnstagram #happyhalloween
coye - happyhalloween - coyeknives - igmilitia - monderno - igmilitiatx - forerunner - usnstagram - doyouevengrindbro -
coyeknives : Whoa! That. Is. Awesome!
monderno : Nice job!
zhmartin : @coyeknives @monderno Thanks!
coyeknives - lil.ritter - biggestn8r - killerbee_ -
The @coyeknives @monderno #forerunner is great for carving pumpkins too! #pumpkin #carving #coye #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #monderno #usnstagram #igmilitia #igmilitiatx #happyhalloween
coye - happyhalloween - coyeknives - monderno - igmilitia - igmilitiatx - forerunner - usnstagram - carving - doyouevengrindbro - pumpkin -
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ForeRunner Flash Sale: 1 OD/black liner, 1 Dark Green/Black camo, 1 Desert Camo. $325.00 each + $10.00 USPS insured shipping in the lower 48. AK, HI & Int'l extra. PayPal only. Email if interested. Please use your color preference in the subject line. Must be 18 years old. Thanks for looking! #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #usnfollow #customknives #doyouevengrindbro®
usnfollow - usnstagram - coyeknives - knifesale - doyouevengrindbro - customknives -
rtbvtraining : Man I keep missing these ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
coyeknives : @antiquatedold just pulled in the driveway. It appears you were successful
antiquatedold : Yes sir! My apologies for the drama. Sincerely, thank you for this chance and for making your beautiful knives!!! @coyeknives
antiquatedold : @joshuamaitz
pigeonfeet : @eewoulfe my dream knifes
davidtindol : I always miss it.
stockwellington : @stevenoreo haha just talking about it and missed again!
best_baba_ever : Late again๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
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#Repost from @flightmedick; that's the #EDC-2 we make for @emersonknivesinc next to the #Ridgeback #fixedblade by @coyeknives --- #TeamTasker #multitool #multitasker #estwing #glock #keybar #coyeknives #DoYouEvenGrindbro #customknife #knife #bladestagram #DevilMakes3 #DM3 #usn #usnstagram #kydex
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gbtimber : @jtw843 look at that fuckin estwing!
_thewolfisloose : I think I've seen this at Home Depot!
neundorferwj : Are we sure it's not a hammer morphed into a tomahawk?
661dlomb : @van_voorst
flightmedick : Best $40 I've ever spent!! They have a nice double headed one too
andrew86smith : Thats awesome! Im a big Estwing fan. Needs the leather washer handle though!
matebrzuszek : @martin_genek estwing makes tomohawks? interesting....
martin_genek : @matebrzuszek I have one bro. It's cool but not exactly balanced for throwing.
omnicorb - dyer_situation - americantrigger - jensen.roberts -
1.5 hrs left on the ForeRunner auction! It can be found three posts back. I've pruned that thread, streamlining it for the bidders. #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #usnfollow #doyouevengrindbro®
usnfollow - doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - knifesale -
dissonantworlds : You should add the blood grove to all the Forerunners sir.
nickgnick : @mikedezzwgc
drftraining : @lawtactical ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
drftraining : @coyeknives if you ever do a run of these... @biggestn8r @killerbee_ @matsarge and myself are all in ๐Ÿ™‹
coyeknives : @drftraining A "run"?!? **place nail biting emoji here**
flightmedick : Art piece
killerbee_ : Yup! @drftraining
moosestuff : I didn't notice the fuller in this. Really great touch.
benhaul - cameronyelley - redtag13 - ozbah -
The ForeRunner. A versatile tool ready for any task. This one is going to remove the mallards leg from the attached band. @coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #forerunner @banded_ducks
doyouevengrindbro - forerunner -
qfmurray : @drftraining the perfect waterfowl blade....agreed
_lexilulu__ - __chewy__ - acselone - sophielious -
ForeRunner® open bid auction. OAL: 6.25", Blade: 3.25", 3/16" 154CM stainless, tumbled finish, milled fuller (blood grove), professionally stabilized spalted Fiddleback Maple scales w/ dovetailed Black Site carbon fiber bolsters, red fiber liner & Loveless bolts. Custom swede-lined kydex sheath. Comes with COA. Starting bid $450.00. Minimum bid increments of $25.00. Auction runs until until 1200 noon tomorrow 10/19/14. 15 minute anti-sniping rule in effect. PayPal only. Must be 18 years old to bid. Thank you for looking! #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #knifecommunity #knivesofig #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - knifesale - knifecommunity - knivesofig -
jthagrippa : 850*
drivestop : $500
sleepingpandaa : $950
jthagrippa : 1350
coyeknives : Friendly reminder about the 15 min anti-sniping rule: any bids after 11:45 rolls the official auction close to 12:15. This will roll an additional 15 min one time only.
coyeknives : Congratulations @jthagrippa! Please shoot me an email Thank you to all the bidders!!
jthagrippa : Funds sent @coyeknives
coyeknives : @jthagrippa Thank you! Replied with USPS tracking - she ships in the a.m.
jmohr723 - dmy986 - lone_wolf_br - c_o_d_y_man -
Tonights work, from left to right, #lavaflow #kirinite #letteropener #keychains #g10 #tigerstripe #camo #hellsangels #joker #custom #handmade #knife #knives #molonlabe #usn #edc #tacticool #doyouevengrindbro #bohicabladeworks
edc - letteropener - knives - tacticool - tigerstripe - hellsangels - molonlabe - kirinite - handmade - custom - joker - bohicabladeworks - knife - lavaflow - usn - doyouevengrindbro - camo - keychains - g10 -
huntergreenbro : Great job man.
paradoxparacord : What's the thing on the far left?
bohica_blade_works : Its a letter opener blade made from a piece of kirinite @paradoxparacord
paradoxparacord : That's dope
paradoxparacord - farebeatz - bulletsandbarbells - jacques.dechant -
Sharpening knives at the cigar shop tonight. Very relaxing. @sogknives @coyeknives @bladehq not pictured is my edc @sigsauerinc @sigsauerusa #1911 #carrynightmare #boker #coye #doyouevengrindbro #cigarshop #lansky
coye - 1911 - carrynightmare - doyouevengrindbro - boker - cigarshop - lansky -
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Beautiful one from this morning hangin with @austin_j_riley @thepunkskater @thrashen123 get some more tonight. #skate #skatepic #skatefilm #skatelife #doyouevengrindbro #skatespot #fisheye #photo
skatelife - photo - skatefilm - skatespot - skate - skatepic - doyouevengrindbro - fisheye -
micahwhited : I'm waiting for @thepunkskater to pick me up lol
thrashen123 : You coming soon though?
thrashen123 : @micahwhited
micahwhited : Hopefully
micahwhited : @thrashen123
deealto : nice pics
trevdawg96 - brittanylashell - e.antolin - ashleyofph -
#doyouevengrindbro #fab #boogs
doyouevengrindbro - fab - boogs -
zacharysmommy2010 - svillegaz - looking4truth - masa_baka -
ForeRunner Flash Sale: All three in Blue/Black camo. $325.00 each + $10.00 insured USPS Priority shipping in the lower 48. Additional for AK, HI & Int'l. PayPal only. OAL: 6.25", Blade 3.25", 3/16" 154CM, dark slate/tumbled finish, custom kydex sheath with soft loops. Must be 18 years of age. Email if interested. One per customer please. Thank you! #coyeknives #customknives #knifesale #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - knifesale - customknives -
davidtindol : Darn it, poop chicken nuggets!
dailyedc : @coyeknives i just emailed you guys to place an order, thank you.
best_baba_ever : I'm too late. ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘ next time!!
zacharyruss : @iliftthingsuppewpewpew
thrash_mann : The blade is like the standard griptilian but with better belly! Love it.
coyeknives : @thrash_mann Cool. I couldn't even spell "griptillian" when I drew the knife in '09 :)
coyeknives : @dailyedc If you sent an email to that address is used strictly for flash sales like the one above. Unfortunately the order book is closed for the time being.
flip_hunt : Very Nice!
kredtj - true_conviction - oktapodaspanagiotis - matthew_gomez57 -
Last day on the road #thankGod#manpurse#maxpedition#versipack#jumboversipack#everydaycarry#coyeknives#igmilitia#doyouevengrindbro#usatoday#errrbodygoteboli
usatoday - thankgod - maxpedition - coyeknives - manpurse - igmilitia - everydaycarry - versipack - doyouevengrindbro - errrbodygoteboli - jumboversipack -
coyeknives : Nice!!!
clayhol : @coyeknives thanks man, enjoy this awesome Tulsa weekend
ivan_castro_ - pabloarr - hoseini_47 - instadhree -
From @jmohr723 Things are starting to look good... #railscales #coyeknives #pws #coye105 #coyeforerunner #doyouevengrindbro #assetweaponmfg
railscales - coyeknives - pws - coye105 - doyouevengrindbro - coyeforerunner - assetweaponmfg -
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Night Shift ForeRunner Flash Sale: 1 Dark green/Black camo, 1 OD/black liner, 1 Coyote/Black camo. $325.00 each + $10.00 USPS insured Priority shipping in the lower 48. Additional for AK, HI & Int'l. PayPal only. OAL: 6.25", Blade 3.25", 3/16" thick 154CM stainless, slate/tumbled finish, torx screws & custom kydex sheath w/ soft loops. Must be 18 years old. Email: if interested. One per customer please. Use the color you'd like to have in the subject line. Use the color you'd like to have in the subject line. It's worth repeating twice. Thanks for looking! #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #customknives #knivesofig #doyouevengrindbro® ๐ŸŽถ Living Colour, Cult of Personality.
usnstagram - coyeknives - knivesofig - doyouevengrindbro - knifesale - customknives - puckerfactor -
coyeknives : @cameronphilpott I wouldn't put this Flash Sale into the "giveaway" category. I've got people at home with my last name to take care of ;)
cameronphilpott : @coyeknives haha caught me on my mistake, obviously you can't giveaway something this immaculate! Although those people with the same last name seem to be doing great things in life anyways ๐Ÿ‘ you've done good
jhoran2000 : Ha Bill. Probably not. My last head-butt resulted in a broken nose. I will tell him you said to though.
coyeknives : @jhoran2000 Fair enough. No trauma, no drama :) Shoot me your shipping address via email and I'll return the USPS tracking number.
jhoran2000 : Done. Thank you
rxezbeth : @dano_952
dano_952 : Omg i lovee ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ @rxezbeth
jen_boyleee : @jaboyle246
hunterforrestjewelry - serjiohifi - koentje0013 - ncpsycho -
By @tk_guy99 "Coye/Monderno forerunner 18 of 20 RAFFLE! 20 spots at $23 a spot! Let's get this done fast. Winner will be picked via #knifesale #knifetrade #raffle #coye #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro" via @PhotoRepost_app
raffle - coye - coyeknives - knifesale - doyouevengrindbro - knifetrade -
bendeepa2 - nemrac72k - evlsqurl13 - jasonmccoy76 -
ForeRunner® Flash Sale: 1 Black, 1 OD w/ black liner, 1 Tan w/ black liner: $325.00 each + $7.50 USPS in the lower 48, additional for AK, HI & Int'l. PayPal only. OAL 6.25", Blade 3.25", 3/16" thick 154CM stainless, slate/tumbled finish, G10 handle scales, torx screws, custom kydex sheath with soft loops. Email if interested. One per customer please. Use the color you'd like to have in the subject line. Have color preference in subject line of email. Worth repeating twice. These are so fresh the kydex is still warm. #coyeknives #knifesale #customknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives - knifesale -
flip_hunt : Ahhh.. Damn it man
davidtindol : Crap
coyeknives : @king_the_am_i Ha! That's awesome.
qfmurray : @coyeknives can't stop humming can't hide love all day.... Thank You for that sir. Ha
coyeknives : @qfmurray Gotcha! :)
vicinadp : Dammit you got my hopes up.... God I want one of your custom forerunners/ridgeback so badly
coyeknives : @vicinadp So, like a "Night Shift" Flash Sale is in order?
vicinadp : Yeah I just have to see it early
tkepler_2007 - mrmocha7 - bagbeer - td_legion -
All #BADASSERY with this Raffle!! Check out my brotha @tk_guy99 for spots! Don't pass this one up!! --- Coye/Monderno forerunner 18 of 20 RAFFLE! 20 spots at $23 a spot! Let's get this done fast. Winner will be picked via #knifesale #knifetrade #raffle #coye #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro
raffle - coye - badassery - coyeknives - knifesale - doyouevengrindbro - knifetrade -
tk_guy99 : Thanks bro๐Ÿ‘Š 12 spots left
demi963 - rs9191 - bowslayer01 - smithandwesson_fanatics -
Carbon fiber......otherwise known as "The easy way to cover every surface with black dust". #coyeknives #customknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives -
chris_f3holsters : I have the same feelings about kydex.
coyeknives : @cooleycustomknives Scratch it! :) @chris_f3holsters I'll take cleaning up kydex grit over CF any day - crap is nasty
allgoodmfg : Baby powder your arms before sanding. It will help to keep the fibers out of your skin. @coyeknives
coyeknives : @allgoodmfg Right on! Thanks for the tip
metrowestacademy : Woah woah woah... where does one get on the list for one of these??
coyeknives : @metrowestacademy To be completely honest: once I started to sculpt the handles, voids in the carbon fiber were discovered. After a brief meltdown, dinner and a smoke, I'm taking that crap off of my knives.
metrowestacademy : Bummer, but I very much appreciate the attention and commitment to quality control.
coyeknives : @metrowestacademy It's from a local company and I've had very few problems. This, however, will never leave my shop.
kredtj - bourne_spectre - cj5kyle - s3eedxb -
The ForeRunner auction can be found on the post before this one. It ends at 10:00pm central tonight. Thank you! #coyeknives #knifesale #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - coyeknives - knifesale -
whitetail.assassin : #beauty!!
flexsm : @sksurvivalist what a knife
moosestuff : Beautiful work on this one.
flip_hunt : Oh boy!!! I wonder if my wife would divorce me?
t__marsh96 : $500!!!
tulioborgesba : where can I buy this knife?@coyeknives
coyeknives : @tulioborgesba The auction was in the previous post to this one and ended last night sir.
nachoo_landaur - caspian_d - shirogorov_club - nick_thedevar -
#Repost from @tk_guy99 with @repostapp — Coye/Monderno forerunner 18 of 20 RAFFLE! 20 spots at $23 a spot! Let's get this done fast. Winner will be picked via #knifesale #knifetrade #raffle #coye #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro
raffle - coye - coyeknives - knifesale - doyouevengrindbro - knifetrade - repost -
nosoynormal_knuckles - code4kydexholsters - meaganywrudi - redeye_tactical -
Open Bid Auction: ForeRunner, OAL 6.25", Blade 3.25". Professionally stabilized juniper burl handle scales, Loveless bolts, 600 grit hand satin flats, machine satin bevels. Comes with mole skin lined kydex sheath. This is the second wooden handled knife I've ever made. Comes with COA. Starting bid $450.00. Minimum bid increments $25.00. Auction runs until 10:00 PM Central today 10/14/14. 15 min anti-sniping rule in effect. PayPal. Must be 18 years of age to bid. Thanks for looking! #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #unsfollow #knivesofig #customknives #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - coyeknives - unsfollow - customknives - doyouevengrindbro - knivesofig - knifesale -
sflikas : On that note email sent. However, Mr. @coyeknives if you could weigh in on what you would like to do either way is fine with me. I want to abide by and respect the auction rules, for not only this but as a precedent for future auctions you hold in this fashion.
coyeknives : @sflikas Just landed back at the shop. Sent @jthagrippa a DM to confirm he's no longer interested in purchasing the knife.
coyeknives : @jthagrippa Sir, I need to confirm that you're forfeiting your winning bid.
coyeknives : @sflikas Email replied to.
gabe_castrate_castro : Gorgeous piece of hardware. Absolutely stunning
coyeknives : @king_the_am_i Now THAT's music. This album came out when I was in Junior HS. Yeah, I'm an old guy :) Brings back great memories of simpler times.
king_the_am_i : @coyeknives life would be great in simpler times again. Hey nothing's wrong with being an old guy. You're just seasoned. Love your knives. They're amazing. Hoping I can put some money together to buy one and sow into your business.
coyeknives : @king_the_am_i Thank you and I very much appreciate the follow. I'm not going anywhere. At 53 this is pretty much my 401k ;)
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