Finished this one with a @officialwickededge on this bad boy this am. #knives #knifemakers #tanto #verystabby #usnfollow #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro #440Cshinesupnice
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coyeknives : #evolution 🍻
moosestuff : That's a great looking forerunner. It would be hard for me to pick between that and purple/black.
knife_eater : @coyeknives #greatness
knife_eater : @moosestuff thanks man!! Yeah any one Bill posts I always want haha
knife_eater : #forerunner #ridgeback #edc #knifecommunity #knifenut #knifeclub #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro
itsawonderfulknife - fareastsamurai - osoljewels - daily_defense -
#WIP #WIPitrealgood #jakehobackknives #kwaiback #midtech #titanium #backspacer #moddinainteasy #doyouevengrindbro #36gritmakesmehappy #USN #USNstagram #USNfollow 14 @jakehobackknives midtech backspacers rough profiled. I wish these were faster😴
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free.samurailedwatch : Great! We are giving away an awesome Samurai Led Watch for free. Check our bio.
mikepapa131957 : Awesome! can't wait to get my mitts on one! !
beers61 : Looking good Paul!!πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ
erockmoney - reateknives - steelofart - pyroj -
Repost from @i_cristo808 Video showing off the detent magic @coyeknives is able to do. Bill knew I liked a good strong detent. This, I would say, is perfect for me! Coupled with the added jimping on the flipper tab for sure non-slip deployment, this knife fires like an automatic! Recoil included! Love this damn knife. #usnstagram #usnfollow #knifeporn #knifeaddict #customknives #handmadeknives #knives #grailknives #bestknivesofig #knifefanatics #grailgatherer #coye Thank you sir! πŸ‘Š#coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro®
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mitchelldshuman : πŸ”ͺ
kris_patterson : How do I go about sending my ridgeback to you to get reshape me's
pcubedpapa : I SO want one.
dissonantworlds : Can't wait to get my name on the order book sir!
bo3abed9 : Nice!
nevets1777 : Love that sound!
pietro_lanz : @scazzeggiatore
dissonantworlds : I can not stop hitting that play button 😰
prego68 - baseinba - mlines89 - thijs_middelkoop -
Raffle for the Coye/ monderno forerunner 18 of 20 Come one lets get this done! 20 spots $23 a spot! Comment "I'm in and I will dm you details. #knifesale #knifetrade #coye #doyouevengrindbro? #kniferaffle #knifeforsale
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tk_guy99 : @best_baba_ever
tk_guy99 : @sha_la_na_wool_um
peter_shawn : Woo hoo! wish I could buy some more
peter_shawn : We're getting there @tk_guy99
peter_shawn - augie186 - nemesiomendoza3 - southblade_ -
#tbt Been a while since I posted this gem. Sitting in with the band, St. John, USVI 1988. #donthatetheknitie #duranduran #bonjovi #journey #vanhalen #tearsforfears #boston ;) #coyeknives
tearsforfears - boston - duranduran - vanhalen - tbt - donthatetheknitie - journey - doyouevengrindbro - coyeknives - bonjovi -
coyeknives : @dissonantworlds no video. This is the only surviving still
dissonantworlds : That would of been awesome. We need more video from the grinding room sir
tactigonblades : @coyeknives touché sir, equally badass πŸ‘πŸ˜œ
ronswanson2016 : #feelthebeatoftherhythmofthenight
viking_ordnance : I've got two of those Morley wahs in my collection.
arcticgrey : I played bass in St. John while my cruise shipped through in 1997.
booned : @coyeknives Definitely 2 thumbs up and a clap!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
coyeknives : @booned Hahaha! I thought you'd get a kick out of that :)
nathannohr - triplebravo - geargeek - koentje0013 -
Just had a guy back out. ForeRunner® mini-flash sale! $325.00 + $10.00 USPS insured shipping in the lower 48. AK, HI & Int'l extra. PayPal only. OAL: 6.25", Blade 3.25", 3/16" 154CM stainless, tumbled finish, custom kydex sheath with soft loops. First email to igsales@coyeknives.com gets it. I'll take it! This is legim. Thanks for looking! #coyeknives #knifesale #customknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives - knifesale -
qfmurray : I'm here too late for some meaningful conversation with my fav IG peeps...just #toolegim2quit @coyeknives
jasonrocha24 : @coyeknives Can't wait to get this beauty.
vicinadp : @coyeknives is there any major difference between the ridgeback and the forerunner? I know you are no longer making the ridgeback.
wool_patch : @sha_la_na_wool_um
sha_la_na_wool_um : @wool_patch I know, I woke up and checked right away, so upsetting
maprik : @coyote6506
gears4545 : Dang it, missed this again!
beau_knows_ : @fishbone_knives can u make this g10 steel?
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The big guy with the little guy. Match made in heaven :) #usnstagram #usnfollow #knifeaddict #doyouevengrindbro #handmadeknives #coyeknives #coye #knifefanatics #knifefanatics #grailgatherer #grailknives
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nighthawk454 : Sweet pair!!
davidvoutas : Holy grail set of knives. I'm half way there haha. Nice shot
blitzed310 - daily_badass - snyper1ad - jtho8774 -
Boker Ridgeback pictured left and the magical, mystical, almost unattainable @coyeknives #forerunner on the right. This picture does not do justice to how much better the custom #forerunner is. If you ever have the chance to buy one. Do not pass it up. #murica πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ”ͺ #coye #boker #ridgeback #knife #knives #blade #blades #doyouevengrindbro #merica #america #patriot #freedom #selfdefense #EDC #concealment #conceal #tactical #igmilitia #dailybadass #becausebadass
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austindumanji : @coyeknives
coyeknives : Great shot! πŸ‘
supercords : Nice. I missed the mystical unicorn (black/purple handle) Forerunner twice in the past 2 days...
austindumanji : I can't tell you how many times I've tried and just missed it. One day soon the great one they call Bill will look down upon you with favor and you will attain the power of this mystical blade. @supercords
megannnbrownn - armordilloconcealment - antiquatedold - arctickingdom907 -
@knifethursday ... Some incredible craftsmanship from @coyeknives ... #105 #MondernoForeRunner #LightHorse #RidgeBack #Monderno #doyouevengrindbro #coyeknives
lighthorse - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - monderno - mondernoforerunner - ridgeback - 105 -
monderno : Nice
coyeknives : 😳
dandesjardins - imyourhuckleberry_216 - johnbigramirez - metalbear375375 -
Working on these titanium wallets. A bit of @viknives and a lot of @sharknivco check them out. great #edc for only $95 the blue is my own personal wallet and the gold is his. If you want to customize yours let us know.
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swiss_army_zippo : #badass
theunrealsmith : Great Design!!
a.alhelal : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
viknives : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜‰ @swiss_army_zippo
viknives : Thanks Dan. The design is all my brother I'm just helping with the dirty work lol. @theunrealsmith
viknives : πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘ @a.alhelal
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ForeRunner® Flash Sale: 1 Pink/Black camo, 1 Purple/Black camo. $325.00 each + $10.00 USPS insured shipping in the lower 48. AK, HI & Int'l extra. PayPal only. Must be 18 years old to purchase. OAL: 6.25", Blade 3.25", 3/16" 154CM stainless, stonewashed finish, G10 scales, custom kydex sheath with soft loops. One per customer please. If interested email igsales@coyeknives.com and use color preference in the subject line. Thanks for looking! #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #customknives #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives - knifesale -
tater333 : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
qfmurray : Such sweet blades. Light Horse on the horizon mate?? I'll take it!
neffhouse : Swooning over the pink! Amazing work as always @coyeknives!
bushy_p : Awe 😒
jrenaes283 : That pink camo sure would have went good with my collection!!!
coyeknives : @dissonantworlds The picture of everyone jumping for the volume control didn't sit well. @qfmurray No large fixed blades planned as I slide over to the folder bench. You've got to get in, and stay in, the groove making folders. I'm not smart enough to do both. @jrenaes283 Who's to say there won't be more? ;)
qfmurray : @coyeknives excited to see some folders too!
dissonantworlds : Awe come on! It's not the same without the tunes sir, I still can't get Fat Man In The Bathtub out of my head :)
peter_shawn - pro_elite88 - hunter_hodnett - jamc90 -
#Repost from @cknifeworks with @repostapp — Here is your chance to own the first sinbad flipper, and the first sinbad flipper that is a collab with @sharknivco. This is a open bid auction for IG only! 5 minute Snipping Rule! Your bid is your bond. Open wing bid starts at $850 with $25 increments. You must be 18 yrs old and know the knife laws in your area. If you are outside of the US you will pay actual shipping and are responsible for the knife once it leaves the US. The Blade is 3.5" .186 CPM M4. The auction will start now and ends Wednesday Oct 22, at 7pm Central time with 5 minute snipping rule. Thanks for your support and God Bless! @alphahuntertacticaldesign
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"I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it." -Clint Eastwood
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dcbdiggs : Nice!πŸ‘
for_god_and_guns : @dcbdiggs appreciate that my friend! 🍻
tonray1979 : You need to take pics of the 357 playaπŸ»πŸ‘Š
watchzealot : So bad ass!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ’€πŸ» #vomitworthy
for_god_and_guns : @watchzealot thanks bruddah πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
for_god_and_guns : #weaponporn #sickguns #shot
sipdark : Great shot!
for_god_and_guns : @sipdark thank you sir!
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A few of my favorite things.. πŸ”«@sigsauerinc P226 MK25 πŸ”ͺ@boker_knives @coyeknives Ridgeback carbon fiber exclusive from @bladehq βœ’@cantubrunerdesigns 308 copper accent
igmilitia - gunsdaily - sigsnobs - mk25 - weapons - coyeknives - igmilitiaoh - sigsauer - ccw - s5 - sickguns - filter - sig - weaponsdaily - doyouevengrindbro - 9mm -
mrdjbeck : #sigsauer #sig #sigsnobs #mk25 #igmilitia #igmilitiaOH #ccw #sickguns #filter #weapons #weaponsdaily #gunsdaily #s5 #9mm #doyouevengrindbro #coyeknives
brandonmoody : Killin it!!
mrdjbeck : Thanks @brandonmoody !
rust522 : @mrdjbeck So much win in this pic!
mrdjbeck : Thanks @rust522 !
qjcb_ - jerrygrigley - jayjohn2808 - eliabeltrame -
$110 shipped (US only or APO). A2 steel, acid stone washed, hand contoured and polished blue and white kirinite handle, 8" OAL, 4" blade, 20 degree bevel, sharpened to 1600 ceramic and stropped to 1micron on the wicked edge....hair popping sharp. Includes blue kydex sheath and pouch. Thanks for looking and supporting my work!! #knives #knifesale #knifemakers #knifecommunity #knifecollectors #hunting #usnfollow #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro
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cnnrthomas - geargeek - knife4sale - southblade_ -
ForeRunner® Flash Sale: 1 light brown woodgrain, 2 purple/black camo, 1 OD/black liner. $325.00 + $10.00 USPS insured shipping in the lower 48. AK, HI & Int'l extra. PayPal only. OAL: 6.25", Blade: 3.25", Steel: 3/16" 154CM stainless, Finish: stonewashed, custom kydex sheath w/ soft loops: Email: igsales@coyeknives.com if interested. Use color preference in the subject line. One per customer please. Must be 18 years old. Thanks for looking! #coyeknives #knifesale #customknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives - knifesale -
bushy_p : Dammit!
davidtindol : Thank you kind sir.
coyeknives : @dissonantworlds No sir, not tonight. @davidtindol My pleasure
rjleenaerts : @coyeknives can you post to Australia?
coyeknives : @rjleenaerts Of course! Sent a blade to a young man headed to Afghanistan a while ago.
rjleenaerts : @coyeknives can you remember roughly what the postage cost was to send one to australia?
coyeknives : @rjleenaerts It was about $25.00 US if I remember correctly
steiney4 : I have a draft email ready to go, all I need to fill out is the color of product and hit send. Now I just need the luck to view Mr. C's IG page at the magic moment
cshneids - harrisontjones - timon_3000 - catasaur1217 -
This is how @chefjasonb keeps his knives sharp in Spain. Follow him for world class food pics and this awesome #bikeGrinder. @burnleyknives you should try this in your apron. @coyeknives #doYOUevenGrindBro #knives
doyouevengrindbro - bikegrinder - knives -
sasway_illustration : Working Bike Show(?) @cogjoint
survivingknives : Createtive
zachery_9045 : Love it @zc_zk_knifeworks @jswinehart1031 @hammerb3
andreygirnyk : @rocket_mc
kaguyakenji : And how much is this sharpening system?
kaguyakenji : @pauliemaiii
bryanlarsgaard : I have seen this done in african countries.
bigjonnah : @dfog88 whatever it takes
chrismcafe - nova_edc - matthias_snoep - johnny_fatts -
Today's shop gun: Smith and Wesson model 65-2 .357 / @chogunassassin hooked me up with the @inforce01 6vx πŸ‘Š #smithandwesson #357 #inforce #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
357 - usnstagram - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - inforce - smithandwesson -
rekerworks : Those torches are money. Got two myself.
harryskerry : I have the model 19-5, such a fun gun
mattya315 : Classic
_nate__smith_ : @big.____.teets17
jcmarmolejo - bo3abed9 - craigpattinson - nathanandrusko -
Took some time and went by @sharknivco shop and I ran into this beauty 😱😱😱
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viknives : #usnstagram #usn #knivesweekly #knifecollection #knifegasm #knife #knifestagram #edc #everyday_tactical #everydaycarry #titanium #tacticalweapons #thatgrind #dailycarry #usnfollow #doyouevengrindbro #america #follow #framelock #grailknives #knifeporn #knifeboner #customknives #cuchillos #bestknivesofig #nofilter #navajas #knifenut #viknives #knifefanatics
yahyahz_ : Wow like it!
alphahuntertacticaldesign : Great shot!
viknives : Thank you sir and Great design BTW @alphahuntertacticaldesign
alphahuntertacticaldesign : Thanks, buddy! @cknifeworks nailed my concept. I couldn't be happier. @sharknivco Has mad skills. I'm very impressed!
valentinsat - lifeaidbevco - alphahuntertacticaldesign - recycledfirefighter -
The Multitasker crew are huge fans of @coyeknives and fortunate enough to own 3 of his knives. Moreover, we are proud to call him a dear friend. To see Bill constantly push himself and improve his craft inspires us to do the same. Congrats buddy, and keep up the great work. #TeamTasker #knifemaker #customknife #Coyeknives #ForeRunner #carbonfiber #usnstagram #usnfollow #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - coyeknives - carbonfiber - teamtasker - usnfollow - forerunner - customknife - doyouevengrindbro - knifemaker -
therst : That piece....beautiful
jackkkkkim : Half carbon fibre and half wood. Thats awesome
liveasif : That's wild. 😍
coyeknives : Too kind sir. Thank you
kmfrosty1138 : Someday, gotta find them in stock
fathertime583 : @knapptime7
multitaskertools : @kmfrosty1138 watch his IG, he will have flash sales
kmfrosty1138 : @multitaskertools Thanks! πŸ‘
rasmus.d.rasmussen - 1updesignlab - isidor_elrey - haroldhatley -
Been a long time coming but I finally got my hands on a custom #coye Bill is the best at what he does and the Forerunner is his best. So stoked! @ashleyfaith18 gets the wife of the year award for snagging it up for me. @coyeknives
coye - blade - grind - selfdefense - forerunner - knives - tactical - doyouevengrindbro - knife - blades -
austindumanji : #knives #knife #blades #blade #forerunner #selfdefense #tactical #grind #doyouevengrindbro
crmattas - nktanenbaum - zulu_fucks - domcotrone -
Still alive after a 14 hour day with 10 clients! #doesntphaseme #deadoralive #fullroster #beardgang #thegrindistooreal #whatissleep #doyouevengrindbro
whatissleep - doyouevengrindbro - deadoralive - thegrindistooreal - fullroster - doesntphaseme - beardgang -
nchewymiras : @happyshinyppl I know man! crazy how I've survived with such a small brain
nchewymiras : @tawnystr look at this guy/girl/heshe/dog trying to rip on me
bbeardsbrand : nice beard ! we got beard shirts for 10 bucks + free shipping!
tawnystr : Lol says the person with a private profile and no photo. Lol ooo you're a big man πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Bet you ten bucks is a fat guy with a tiny dick @nchewymiras
happyshinyppl : Well not nice to talk bout nick that way we know he is fat!!!!
nchewymiras : @happyshinyppl lol your name is Nick too that's so funny. Small world
nchewymiras : @bbeardsbrand the tees are sick!
nchewymiras : @tawnystr no way! It has to be someone who has a really cool life with lots of friends and money
sneakers_yo - get_mean_fitness - fashionsummerxx - cute_but_shy -
#werk #coyeknives #customknives #littlewhiskey #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - coyeknives - customknives - doyouevengrindbro - werk - littlewhiskey -
costaknives : Beautiful combo! Where do you get those clamps?
john_dunkerley : Have you ever done any work with Damascus?
coyeknives : @costaknives You'll have to google "Kant twist" clamps / I honesty don't remember where I got them. @john_dunkerley never to completion. Yet.
coyeknives : @helenkellertactical Thanks man. The good, the bad and the ugly.
frstr8 : Wow!
coyeknives : @frstr8 I bought this block of Chechen burl from @alphaknifesupply about 4 or 5 yrs ago :)
dhccustomkydex : I have a weakness for knives or firearms with a beautiful wood handle or stock...and that grain is perfect.
frstr8 : @coyeknives I think you found the perfect use for it πŸ‘
outdoorsfanatics - survivingknives - catasaur1217 - kwfranklin77 -
@coyeknives Forerunner mail call today ! #coyeknives
coye - edc - coyeknives - fixedblade - knifecommunity - blue - fixedbladefanatic - forerunner - everydauca - knives - doyouevengrindbro - knifenut - camo - g10 -
knife_eater : #doyouevengrindbro #edc #coye #forerunner #knifenut #knives #knifecommunity #fixedblade #g10 #blue #camo #fixedbladefanatic #everydauca
coyeknives : Nice!
multitaskertools : Congrats
knife_eater : @coyeknives πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ”ͺ😁😎
knife_eater : @multitaskertools thank you ! Very excited
mayday_21 - fareastsamurai - that1guywhoisme - badass4531 -
My original @coyeknives #ridgeback out in the New England woods during duck season! This blade has become a steady hunting companion as well as part of my EDC! Perfect balance, size, blade thickness and sharp as hell...there's not much it can't do! #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro #downrangefirearmstraining #prostaff
downrangefirearmstraining - usnstagram - coyeknives - prostaff - doyouevengrindbro - ridgeback -
inkaddict36 : Amazing shot
fireclean : Agree with @inkaddict36 - well done! @drftraining
drftraining : @inkaddict36 @fireclean thank you sirs
coyeknives : Great shot!
coyeknives - byork1990 - nicke_massey - creasycarlito -
by @zhmartin "A closer look at the @coyeknives pumpkin! @monderno #coye #coyeknives #forerunner #doyouevengrindbro #monderno #igmilitia #igmilitiatx #usnstagram #happyhalloween" via @PhotoRepost_app Very cool sir, thank you!!
coye - happyhalloween - coyeknives - igmilitia - monderno - igmilitiatx - forerunner - usnstagram - doyouevengrindbro -
zhmartin : @coyeknives Thanks for the repost!
s3eedxb - paddys777 - andrew_lackie98 - pro_elite88 -
A closer look at the @coyeknives pumpkin! @monderno #coye #coyeknives #forerunner #doyouevengrindbro #monderno #igmilitia #igmilitiatx #usnstagram #happyhalloween
coye - happyhalloween - coyeknives - igmilitia - monderno - igmilitiatx - forerunner - usnstagram - doyouevengrindbro -
coyeknives : Whoa! That. Is. Awesome!
monderno : Nice job!
zhmartin : @coyeknives @monderno Thanks!
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The @coyeknives @monderno #forerunner is great for carving pumpkins too! #pumpkin #carving #coye #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #monderno #usnstagram #igmilitia #igmilitiatx #happyhalloween
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ForeRunner Flash Sale: 1 OD/black liner, 1 Dark Green/Black camo, 1 Desert Camo. $325.00 each + $10.00 USPS insured shipping in the lower 48. AK, HI & Int'l extra. PayPal only. Email igsales@coyeknives.com if interested. Please use your color preference in the subject line. Must be 18 years old. Thanks for looking! #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #usnfollow #customknives #doyouevengrindbro®
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rtbvtraining : Man I keep missing these 😩
coyeknives : @antiquatedold just pulled in the driveway. It appears you were successful
antiquatedold : Yes sir! My apologies for the drama. Sincerely, thank you for this chance and for making your beautiful knives!!! @coyeknives
antiquatedold : @joshuamaitz
pigeonfeet : @eewoulfe my dream knifes
davidtindol : I always miss it.
stockwellington : @stevenoreo haha just talking about it and missed again!
best_baba_ever : Late again😁😁
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#Repost from @flightmedick; that's the #EDC-2 we make for @emersonknivesinc next to the #Ridgeback #fixedblade by @coyeknives --- #TeamTasker #multitool #multitasker #estwing #glock #keybar #coyeknives #DoYouEvenGrindbro #customknife #knife #bladestagram #DevilMakes3 #DM3 #usn #usnstagram #kydex
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gbtimber : @jtw843 look at that fuckin estwing!
_thewolfisloose : I think I've seen this at Home Depot!
neundorferwj : Are we sure it's not a hammer morphed into a tomahawk?
661dlomb : @van_voorst
flightmedick : Best $40 I've ever spent!! They have a nice double headed one too
andrew86smith : Thats awesome! Im a big Estwing fan. Needs the leather washer handle though!
matebrzuszek : @martin_genek estwing makes tomohawks? interesting....
martin_genek : @matebrzuszek I have one bro. It's cool but not exactly balanced for throwing.
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1.5 hrs left on the ForeRunner auction! It can be found three posts back. I've pruned that thread, streamlining it for the bidders. #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #usnfollow #doyouevengrindbro®
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drftraining : @coyeknives if you ever do a run of these... @biggestn8r @killerbee_ @matsarge and myself are all in πŸ™‹
coyeknives : @drftraining A "run"?!? **place nail biting emoji here**
flightmedick : Art piece
killerbee_ : Yup! @drftraining
moosestuff : I didn't notice the fuller in this. Really great touch.
hadenhackler : How much would it be for a big one and a little one total @coyeknives
coyeknives : @hadenhackler Haden....buddy. This knife sold for $1350.00. You need to check out the factory production knives man.
coyeknives : @moosestuff Thank you - pushing out of my comfort zone. #growth
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The ForeRunner. A versatile tool ready for any task. This one is going to remove the mallards leg from the attached band. @coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #forerunner @banded_ducks
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qfmurray : @drftraining the perfect waterfowl blade....agreed
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