If you want one...... Why are you still reading this? by @drftraining "Another teaser pic from @coyeknives as Bill gets ready to finish the kydex sheaths on these DRFT ForeRunners! 5 of these will be available next week. Price is $375 and will be sold via a lottery system. Email to be considered for the lottery! #coyeknives #usnstagram #forerunner #doyouevengrindbro #downrangefirearmstraining" via @PhotoRepost_app
doyouevengrindbro - downrangefirearmstraining - forerunner - usnstagram - coyeknives -
gb_master_distiller : @biggestn8r thanks for the heads-up!
gb_master_distiller : @jrheikk
ballerdaddy - justinmccrea29 - calh66 - its_jhonnatan -
Savannah showing her serious side lol #doyouevengrindbro #coyeknives
doyouevengrindbro - coyeknives -
pookiematthes : I can't! She is too cute!!
94mim - whosthomo - reaperaz155 - clmoser -
Finally finished assembling the lower on the #mcgowen308build it turns out that a DPMS LPK won't really work in a Matrix Aero lower. So I used an ArmaLite LPK. #gun #guns #gunporn #gunright #gunsdaily #gunstagram #gunspictures #gunsofinstagram #weaponsdaily #riflebuild #tactical #igmilitia #pew #prepared #ar10 #armalite #awesome #shoot #doyouevenpew #doyouevengrindbro #fueledbydeath #longrange #bigbore #matrix #grindhardstayhumble
riflebuild - shoot - gunsofinstagram - igmilitia - armalite - awesome - bigbore - prepared - gunsdaily - gunspictures - longrange - doyouevenpew - gunright - matrix - gunstagram - mcgowen308build - pew - gun - grindhardstayhumble - ar10 - 2a - weaponsdaily - tactical - doyouevengrindbro - gunporn - guns - fueledbydeath -
3percent_dylan : #2a
luisloera111 - general_mills_cereals - killerbee_ - thegatman -
by @drftraining "Nothing better than when @coyeknives sends you a bench shot of a bunch of ForeRunners with your logo on them! These should be available next week! #coyeknives #usnstagram #forerunner #downrangefirearmstraining #doyouevengrindbro #igmilitia" via @PhotoRepost_app PLEASE READ: all questions to @drftraining
downrangefirearmstraining - forerunner - usnstagram - coyeknives - igmilitia - doyouevengrindbro -
tater333 : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
natstatetac : Those look sick!
natstatetac : @the_irish_nick
the_irish_nick : Yeah, I so want one lol! @natstatetac
cowlevelisreal : That green. Those are 👍 AMAZING!
lakerfanjb : How is this possible if the book is closed?
coyeknives : @lakerfanjb My agreements with dealers and individual companies have nothing to do with the order book.
lakerfanjb : @coyeknives got it, thanks
8ilgrande - ponomarenkostudio - liquid_link - perry_finklebottom -
Light Horse fixed blade on a recent Oklahoma hog hunt. Photo credit @coyote6506 #coyeknives #customknives #usnstagram #usnfollow #hoghunt #sleepypiggy #doyouevengrindbro®
usnfollow - usnstagram - coyeknives - sleepypiggy - customknives - doyouevengrindbro - hoghunt -
bc_aim : The bacon maker!!
calipatriot92 : Love the knife looks good
coyote6506 : @coyeknives Thanks Bill # themadgrinder for the Light horse! Looking forward to putting a #Whiskey2 to work on the Hogs!
euxandhy_ale2 - pcreell - valiantdesign - that1guyeddie -
#madscientist #derailleurhanger #doyouevengrindbro #promechanic #lookinstupid
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ginalaurenmarino : #steampunx
anniethemechanic - monoko25 - theblackox - mattface1 -
by @drftraining "Had the opportunity to hang out with the @railscales crew yesterday while visiting @coyeknives and play with the @assetweaponmfg custom @primaryweapons rifle! If you have a keymod rail system and DONT have @railscales you need to fix that...if you DO...make sure youre following their page for the drop of the new handstop! #railscales #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #downrangefirearmstraining #onlyhitscount #igmilitia #sickguns" via @PhotoRepost_app
downrangefirearmstraining - railscales - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - igmilitia - onlyhitscount - sickguns -
coyeknives : @drftraining Good times amigo!
drftraining : @coyeknives absolutely thank you again!
elemen0hpee : That mug tho!
coyeknives : @elemen0hpee I knew you wouldn't disappoint
nboydford - carlosfclima - dexman__ - sonnygorges -
by @drftraining "Dinner and beers with @coyeknives and @railscales in Tulsa! BIG PROJECTS COMING! Oh, and dont mind the Forerunner and Whiskey knives 🔪 #usnstagram #coyeknives #railscales #doyouevengrindbro #downrangefirearmstraining #igmilitia"
downrangefirearmstraining - railscales - usnstagram - coyeknives - igmilitia - doyouevengrindbro -
jboy48111 : My kind of dinner!
coyeknives : Good times amigos!
gabe_castrate_castro : Y'all need an #area10 on that table...
gripstop : #woot!
kingpita_fab - callduty2416 - amagiste - jimcbarton111 -
by @monderno "The super rare and much awesome @coyeknives 105XL. The 105XL has an OAL of just under 12", yet it weighs less than 10 ounces. The blade steel on this one is CPM154, handle is a carbon fiber liner with black and grey camo G10. Photo by Bill. #coyeknives #bearhunting #monderno" via @PhotoRepost_app #usnstagram #customknives #knifecommunity #doyouevengrindbro®
knifecommunity - usnstagram - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - monderno - customknives - bearhunting -
mikeymike808 : @hammerheadfl @brianlg18
txcustomrifles : That is beautiful.
bobasaursrex : I must have one of these knives!!!!
_thatdudegregg_ : @mzadior
levib22 : @therootking
tater333 : You sir truly create amazing blades! I love and want this knife!
jguerra69 : 😍
gears4545 : Drool!
euxandhy_ale2 - osbaldobarajas - djahdi - steph_outofsight -
#Repost from @coyeknives Got a couple of old friends in the shop today. Mossy 500A and the Ridgeback that I carried for about 3 years. Fancy? Not hardly. Dependable? Without question. #coyeknives #mossy #12ga #igmilitia #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - coyeknives - igmilitia - doyouevengrindbro - 12ga - mossy - repost -
arod_gungrinder18 - european_military - hunter72727 - paulobedran -
I love guns almost as much as working out 😂 but here's what's usually in my truck. Why is it in my truck...Why not?
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living_for_the_lost : Ugh i gave it a try
rob6911 : @living_for_the_lost haha nice try though.
living_for_the_lost : Yup thanks
taylorrage : 😍
rob6911 : @taylorrage I feel the same way 😁 haha
dmoknives : @rob6911 awesome picture! It was an honor to make your knife.
rob6911 : @dmoknives Definitely a quality piece of functional art. I'll get the whole set eventually!
dmoknives : @rob6911 rock on. Looking forwArd to it.
cryoheat - kelseyhorton89 - _matt04_ - mara_kcco -
Workin daylight till dark and we get it till we get it boys. #work#workin#allday#erday#chainsaw#wood#tractor#truck#dodge#cummins #oak#tree#stihl#country #countryfolk #east #tn #doyouevengrindbro#ford
dodge - allday - workin - tree - ford - chainsaw - erday - stihl - countryfolk - cummins - work - oak - tn - wood - truck - country - doyouevengrindbro - east - tractor -
jtgentry427 : Guy @the_settled_country_man
jtgentry427 : Who helped u. @the_settled_country_man
the_settled_country_man : Nobody! @jtgentry427 country boy can survive
haleysauber - cr8zyk8 - hoke726 - godfamilyfriends -
Today's shop gun: AKS-74U by @rifledynamics @chogunassassin 5.45x39, 8" bbl, folding triangular stock. Built from an '86 virgin Tula kit. Receiver by 74U LLC in TX. Couldn't resist the 45 rnd Molot mag. #krink #rifledynamics #bakelite #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - bakelite - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - krink - rifledynamics -
snodyknives : Sweet
gosuna : @nemehnation94 hell yeah
killjoy762 : Dude. Best shop gun you've posted so far!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
pimptone007_ : @yuung_godd banana clips
yuung_guunz : Burn it @pimptone007_
pimptone007_ : @yuung_godd call me !
chasehicklin : My dream gun
_tinrose_ : A 74 ! Sweet
ttanakak47 - theclaww1 - theanvilblog - davidh97_ -
#ijustwannabesuccessful #workinghard #workingsmart #onmygrind #doyouevengrindbro
workingsmart - workinghard - onmygrind - doyouevengrindbro - ijustwannabesuccessful -
k_am11 - bookofjudah - xx_jasmin3_xx - real_toronto -
Got my prize pack in the mail from @coyeknives. Great knife, can't wait to use it!! #knive #giveaway #customknives #forerunner #doyouevengrindbro #coyeknives
forerunner - coyeknives - giveaway - customknives - doyouevengrindbro - knive -
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Another awesome shot from @blackwirestudio with @costa_ludus running @railscales G10 keymod grip panels on the Transformer build. #railscales #railscaled #assetweaponmfg #coyeknives #igmilitia #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - railscales - coyeknives - igmilitia - doyouevengrindbro - railscaled - assetweaponmfg -
eric_strable : Oh ya, guns, and transformers😎
daily_badass : That's one good looking build!
coyeknives : @eric_strable Winning combo for sure @daily_badass Agreed!
blackwirestudio : @coyeknives I appreciate the repost.
rtbvtraining : @ju571n_5m17h a good reason to get an AR #transformers
ericandersen175 : @coyeknives thanks for the post Brother!!!! It was a true honor to put the scales on this build. I found it help with the heat reduction. Sexy looking with a high functioning purpose makes the Beard want more and I agree! Your product is a win!
shortclay : @Azogss dat rifle doe
gracelin_gallegos - capt_ems808 - bradfrommilspecmonkey - stayshittedfaceone -
Thinking about making a knife. #fab101 #fabrication #doyouevengrindbro #shoplife #ibuildstuff #allwedoiswork #bushcraft #edc #fixedblade #hollisarmory #dreamer #customwork
ibuildstuff - edc - fixedblade - fab101 - bushcraft - hollisarmory - allwedoiswork - customwork - doyouevengrindbro - shoplife - fabrication - dreamer -
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Seven piece ForeRunner™ drop at 2A Shooting Center. 1 tan, 3 forest green, 1 coyote, 1 black and 1 black w/ orange liner. $325.00 + shipping. You'll have to ask of they'll ship Int'l. Email #coyeknives #usnstagram #igmilitia #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - igmilitia -
coyeknives : @_brettarmstrong Hand made custom versus machine made production. Take your pick.
frstr8 : 😂
qfmurray : Black one is on its way to WA. Tan is pretty sweet.
alialdakheel : @aalmufarrej
dirtydutra : @coyeknives just got my boker from @bladehq love it.
coyeknives : @dirtydutra Very cool! Thank you
mbeavers77 : I got the Coyote Forerunner!!! Woohoo! Finally added a Coye to my kit!
dwdoubleu : To rich for my blood. Saving up
xhoiloca - los_214yahoocom - polomarko_ - tulsaguy76 -
From a few weeks ago. Chief keeping it real. @radford15 #bmx #feeble #feeble180 #street #dakota #doyouevengrindbro #thinkinitscali
feeble180 - thinkinitscali - street - doyouevengrindbro - dakota - bmx - feeble -
timmuir5 : Where's that?
bmxbenj : @timmuir5 is in Haselmere. Really nibbly park good fun.
deyetteraymond - babytjady - romeliamuma -
Got a couple of old friends in the shop today. Mossy 500A and the Ridgeback that I carried for about 3 years. Fancy? Not hardly. Dependable? Without question. #coyeknives #mossy #12ga #igmilitia #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagram - coyeknives - igmilitia - doyouevengrindbro - 12ga - mossy - productplacement -
kilosierra83 : @bfolks459 more like 3 times as much lol
coyeknives : @elemen0hpee That mug tho
coyeknives : #productplacement
elemen0hpee : Haha! You know I wanted to!
michael_k_campbell : Looks like you got pretty much everything covered with that combo :P!
fig_nasty : @pete_long
servus_71 : @bmwtechray
koawoodforknives : Great anywhere defense gun. A shotgun and a knife for close-in work.
koawoodforknives - cdr2r - 80sbaby510 - 1jdo -
H3 is done. Vince & I gonna stay a couple hours tonight & grind on the F450 project that arrived late yesterday. This will be a fun one to follow. Wetsanding. Trim restoration. This thing is hurtin & the new owner wants it to look near perfect. Here's a before & after of the neglected roof. #polisheverything #doyouevengrindbro #throwindown #staymotivated #stayhungry #stayhumble #insaneshine #paintcorrection #detailing
insaneshine - throwindown - detailing - staymotivated - doyouevengrindbro - paintcorrection - stayhumble - polisheverything - stayhungry -
jmrdetailing : Chase Tubbs results right there... INSANE
mrsparkledetailing - krecolowich33 - abowers2887 - davidcblackjr -
"Camping Stalworth" @coyeknives #BokerRidgeback #doyouevengrindbro #Mccormick'sCreek
doyouevengrindbro - bokerridgeback - mccormick -
t_hummer_24 - thor0005 - turtle_lol_lol - connerthornton29 -
Customer photo. #coyeknives #customkives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - customkives -
mongrel13 : I might get blocked for this , but I have to say it. Watch your dick bro that looks dangerous lol ...
jteso : ^ lmao @mongrel13
coyeknives : @mongrel13 It'll take more than that amigo ;)
mongrel13 : Thank you sir ...
cacdac84 : Well played @coyeknives :)
coyote6506 : Need a really sick whiskey 2 to add to my sickness@ coyeknives and I'm fortunate to know bill and own #doyouevengrindbro knives...he's a true craftsman!!! and yes they get used!
ice_man_98 : @coyeknives do you still sell the ridgeback and how much are they
multitaskertools : That is a cool photo
daxtynkier - nchav17 - grizgorge - datalonsoguy -
Logan showing off his hand eye coordination #lefty #doyouevencrawlbro #doyouevengrindbro #coyeknives
doyouevengrindbro - doyouevencrawlbro - coyeknives - lefty -
motoscrog755 - ivanponomarenko - tacfiesta - neilstorz -
#2 cleaned up....this one is 1095 steel. Probably a CF handle or brown micarta. #knives #knifemakers #knifecommunity #knifecollectors #doyouevengrindbro #harpoon
knifecollectors - doyouevengrindbro - knifemakers - knives - harpoon - knifecommunity - 2 -
ctool1800 : Another stunner👍
westbenchblades : @ctool1800 thanks Chad!
nighthawk454 : That looks great dude!
westbenchblades : @nighthawk454 thanks brother!!
michael_k_campbell : You have improved by leaps and bounds, looks GREAT :)!
westbenchblades : @michael_k_campbell thanks buddy. I know I have a loooooong way to go still, but it feels good to see something functional come out of my efforts.
blackkryptonite - alchemy_1 - salsmanator - mike_house38 -
Boom just got this baby in the mail today! Love it! #doyouevengrindbro #coye #coyeknives #boker #ridgeback
doyouevengrindbro - coye - coyeknives - ridgeback - boker -
kfbroph : Nice how much was it bro @ihopexxxyoudie
sammy_decae : #Bro, do you even, I can't even, #whitegirlproblems
xmr_cleanx : Awesome. My brother in law has a coye
tommedvedich : #grownassmanshit
neeeeeks92 - gb_master_distiller - kfbroph - boker_knives -
Cool mail call today from @bladehq . Received my boker/coye ridgeback. Unbelievable blade for the price. Very sharp out of the box. Nice construction and size for edc. The packaging and presentation itself was very impressive, but the thin kydex sheath that came with it could be better. Until I can grab one of Bill's customs, this will do nicely. @coyeknives @bokerknives #doyouevengrindbro #coyeknives #bokerknives #ridgeback #edc #everyday_tactical #bladeporn #knifeporn #usnstagram #igmilitia #bladehq #hotbrass365 #hb365
edc - coyeknives - knifeporn - igmilitia - hotbrass365 - decapaturtle - bokerknives - ridgeback - everyday_tactical - bladehq - pocketdump - usnstagram - bladeporn - doyouevengrindbro - goblin - hb365 -
dvdphoto : Agree with @a_helms go see Booth. Been rocking his sheath for a few months now. Nice fit.
hotbrass365 : @nicholas481 has them in stock
nicholas481 : Sweet thank you
pcoleman21 : @hotbrass365 I got mine in today to. I don't mind the sheath, hated the belt attachment "thing" though. Robbed some soft loops off a old IWB holsters and stuck on it and it squared it away.
mzadior : @rodny_o
rodny_o : @mzadior nice
coyeknives : Very nice!
daily_badass : nice post man
die.alone - johnbigramirez - ebarrett_one - bulletknives -
Been a while since we've seen the @killerbee_ Ridgeback. 'Sup? #ballisticballerina #coyeknives #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - ballisticballerina -
ems90202 : Love that handle
killerbee_ : She's lonely and needs a sibling... #justsayin 😏
moosestuff : I really like purple g10.
calikov : @specialk100001 very nice!
hotbrass365 - s3eedxb - mehrdadba81 - onelove7205 -
"When there's a will, there's a Steve". #coyeknives #usnstagram #dudeisweariputitdownrightoverhere #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - dudeisweariputitdownrightoverhere - usnstagram - coyeknives - iloveyouman -
coyeknives : @tulsaguy76 #iloveyouman
dalton_parks : @coyeknives Hey Bill! I've been such a huge fan of your work and I actually live in Tulsa. Is there anywhere I can go look at your work locally? And/or even buy?
coyeknives : @dalton_parks 2A Shooting Center on Admiral is probably the best chance of catching one in the knife case
moosestuff : I got my ridgeback there. Give it a try @dalton_parks
dalton_parks : Great! I appreciate it.
bmum22 - daily_badass - kittyzam0ra - fightingrifles -
Finally got my hands on a #bokerplus #ridgeback by #coyeknives from #bladehq this thing is beast. Very solid and very comfortable on the hands. #doyouevengrindbro #coye #bokerridgeback #fixedblade #usnstagram #knifecommunity #knifethursday #everydaycarry #440csteel
coye - bokerridgeback - coyeknives - fixedblade - knifecommunity - everydaycarry - ridgeback - bokerplus - 440csteel - usnstagram - knifethursday - doyouevengrindbro - bladehq - usnfollow -
artyblaydes : #usnfollow
nkelly226 : How you liking it so far bro
artyblaydes : Knife itself is a tank, feels solid in the hands. Lots of blade only thing I don't like is the belt clip it comes with. The sheath itself is fine belt clip is garbage
thegreatequalizerusa - mike_xdm - brettlmccormick - mlamb86 -
A little mail call from my favorite knife maker @coyeknives #coyeknives #coyeforerunner #doyouevengrindbro #boker #bokerridgeback #edc #usn #usnfollow #usnstagram
edc - coyeknives - bokerridgeback - boker - usn - coyeforerunner - usnfollow - usnstagram - doyouevengrindbro -
daily_badass : nice shot!
gears4545 : @daily_badass thanks amigo!
brolom - crashsordahl23 - fishstix386 - badkidscollective -
Officially my first knife is done!!! My 10 year old picked out the handle material and laid claim to this one. I high polished the kirinite,as that is what he wanted. I don't see him hard using this in a tactical situation anyway :) #knives #knifemakers #knifecommunity #knifecollectors #doyouevengrindbro #440C #firstknifedone!!
knifecollectors - doyouevengrindbro - knifemakers - knives - knifecommunity - firstknifedone - 440c -
westbenchblades : @dutchsteelpimp thanks bro!!
nighthawk454 : @westbenchblades that looks awesome bro!! 👏👏👍👍
westbenchblades : @nighthawk454 thanks buddy!!
westbenchblades : Hey guys...finally have one done. Thanks for your advice and videos for us new guys to help get started. @frankfischerknives @gavko_knives @tuffknives @balzanoknives
helenkellertactical : Nice
westbenchblades : @helenkellertactical thanks brotha...
balzanoknives : So cool
westbenchblades : @balzanoknives thank you!! Means a TON coming from you!!
josevillamizar - gravhammer - helenkellertactical - bloodykansasknives -
Well? Do you even grind Bro? Do you? Rocking some @coyeknives in the rain in Rockwall today. #igmilitia #coyeknives #ridgeback #knivesofinstagram #usnstagram #knives #doyouevengrindbro® #knifeporn #knivesdaily
coyeknives - knifeporn - igmilitia - knivesdaily - ridgeback - knivesofinstagram - usnstagram - knives - doyouevengrindbro -
nathanschultz6317 : That's still a shirt that's at the top of my list to get. Looking good @biggestn8r
biggestn8r : @nathanschultz6317 it's one of my favorites.
mrstout26 : Did you guys get the flooding north Dallas got?
biggestn8r : @mrstout26 I'm out east in Rockwall. Just started raining here.
mrstout26 : Yeah, I remembered you said you're in Rockwall. It rained early this morning here(farther east) but nothing like what Denton got
biggestn8r : Yep @rowdeeyates said it was flooding and he's in Sanger.
rowdeeyates : My neighborhood was on the news from all the flooding. I drove down a dirt road for almost a mile to be able to get home with the water up to the floorboards of my lifted Jeep
iamtommynewgun - ballerdaddy - d_jones2012 - hondo_longmire -
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