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Open bid auction on previous post. #coyeknives #littlewhiskey #customknives #framelockfriday #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro®
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jakestork : Man I wish there was a company that had this as a production knife
jeffmc1 : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
simplyblades2 : Wow that looks amazing!
flightmedick : @jakestork all you need is a team of 8 y/o Chinese kids as good as Mr. Coye & we can do that!
philinthblank : Sweet blade
tuffknives : Auctioning my knife Wtf?
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Little Whiskey open bid auction. 3.5" N690 blade, OAL 8", stabilized Chechen burl scale w/ carbon fiber bolster on Ti liner. Ti frame lock. $900.00 opening bid. $25.00 bid increments please. PP only. Winner pays actual shipping cost/insurance. Bid here in this thread or by email igsales@coyeknives.com. Auction ends tomorrow Dec. 27th at 5:00pm central. Thank you for looking!
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bhutto13 : @jmohr723
wood_21 : @mkeob
lgolubeckis : @andrewwills24
coyeknives : Current bid $975.00
jmohr723 : $1000
flightmedick : $1025
zjstansfield : $1050
remingtonreed : 1150
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Merry Christmas everyone! My family and I are extremely thankful and humbled by your support over the past year. I'll be in the new shop 01 JAN 2015 so hook in and hold on for round two! Thanks again! #coyeknives #thankful #customknives #usnstagram #knifecommunity #knivesofig #knifeaddict #knifejunkee #doyouevengrindbro®
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steiney4 : Best to you & yours BC!
pabashe : Merry Christmas Bill! You make some amazing knives sir!
tierneykustomknives : Merry Christmas bill
elemen0hpee : Merry Christmas Bill
element_thirteen : Merry Christmas Bill. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.
jmohr723 : Have a Merry Christmas Bill!
magpod : Merry Christmas buddy
andrewgue1 : Merry Christmas to you and your family! @coyeknives
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Little Whiskey. 3.5" N690 blade. Stabilized Chechen burl & carbon fiber on Ti liner. #coyeknives #usnstagram #usnfollow #customknives #littlewhiskey #doyouevengrindbro®
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toadstkr : That rocks!
chuckburg : I've never wanted anything more in my entire life.
bob_pauls : Dude seriously.... @chuckburg
ri_yaz : @mysticarf
mysticarf : Tho hale @ri_yaz
rnanney : @scurvy092 @dbla
garthvadersballs : @knmak
colt_clow : @pardonmyenglish sick knives
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#coyeknives #edc #everydaycarry #doyouevengrindbro
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knife_eater : @coyeknives
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Necessities @coyeknives #coyeknives #coyeforerunner #pipes #gunsandknives #smithandwesson #custompipes #vzgrips #model642 #bottleopener #molonlabe #nra #2a #38special #dtom #doyouevengrindbro
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gears4545 : #guildpipes
blueline561 : Badass...makes me want a 642 with vzgrips!๐Ÿ‘
gears4545 : @blueline561 thanks man!
fishstix386 : Mr. @gears4545 you are a gentlemen !
gears4545 : @fishstix386 thank you kind sir ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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It's a #coyeknives kinda morning #doyouevengrindbro
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joeyp4099 : Curious, how's the collection looking these days?
thmayo : What is that thingamajig?
elemen0hpee : @thmayo it's a Romanian AK gas piston, Sent you an email of the details
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The Emerson/Zero Tolerance collaborative knife. Still not as nice as @combativeedge but pretty nice fkin knife. Picked it up at @goinggear from them and @coyotemtnoutdoors two great feeds if your into guns and knives and outdoor type stuff. #emerson #zerotolerance #goinggear #coyotemountainoutdoors #shank #igmilitia #usnstagram #knives #knife #blade #doyouevengrindbro?
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dragonstoilet : Photo taken in the bathroom at #antiartelite doyouevenLEDshowerBro?
dragonstoilet : #doyouevenLEDshowerbro?
dragonstoilet : #usnfollow
theivdoctor : #getrevived
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#Repost @mrdjbeck with @repostapp.โ€จใƒปใƒปใƒปโ€จAll black everything... - #sigsauer #sig #sigsnobs #mk25 #igmilitia #igmilitiaOH #nightsights #s5 #9mm #doyouevengrindbro #coyeknives #P226 #streamlight #EDC #EveryDayCarry #PocketDump #tactical #Tactical_daily #knifecommunity #knives #KnifePorn
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mrdjbeck : ๐Ÿ‘Š
nickhawk86 : @tacticalgumby what is the name of the knife?
mrdjbeck : @nickhawk86 it's a Boker Ridgeback carbon fiber exclusive from @bladehq check @coyeknives
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Ok i think im done buying other peoples knives now, time to focus on tweaking my designs and cranking out my own blades! But for now, this family is lookin good.. @coyeknives #ridgeback #forerunner #m105 #yes #badassery #knives #knifeporn #molonlabe #merica #doyouevengrindbro #familyphoto #photooftheday #instaknives #instadaily #usa #usn
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bohica_blade_works : Yes i hand shape each handle to your specific ridgeback, & also remold the sheath to fit my handles on your blade. @colejacks
bohica_blade_works : Its easier if you send the knife that way i get a good fit on your blade. Each ridgeback is diff of only by millimeters. And boker handles come off easy. You have the choice of me glueing new handle on or using stock hardware to fix them. @colejacks
colejacks : So what would the total price be for blue and black g10 handles if your order the parts?
bohica_blade_works : @colejacks lookin at about $40 give or take a cpl dollars depending on shipping.
colejacks : @bohica_blade_works I might just buy the stuff myself at my local knife shop, how much of the g10 would I need and do I need spacer material too
bohica_blade_works : Needs to be 1.5"x4" ea at a minimum
bohica_blade_works : @colejacks
sm_jnr : awesome and amazing page
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Been gone 3 weeks, got home o an awesome #mailcall just in time for #knifethursday. From @anderson.stuart got #kalashnikov auto flipper? Huge #kabar knife and the prize!!! @coyeknives #forerunner!! Boom goes the dynamite! #merrychristmas to me! #knives #badassery #knifeporn #knifefanatics #dailybadass #knivesdaily #molonlabe #usn #usnfollow #usa #merica #doyouevengrindbro
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bohica_blade_works : @anderson.stuart gotta say you're fuckin awesome man! Ive been eyeing that model kabar for a while!
anderson.stuart : @bohica_blade_works like I said I saw it and it made me think of you! Glad you like it man!! Have a great Christmas, and a great new year!! Cheers!๐Ÿป
bohica_blade_works : When ever you want those handles hit me up and we'll get it done! @anderson.stuart
anderson.stuart : @bohica_blade_works I'll send it out tomorrow man!
bohica_blade_works : Sounds good brotha. Know what color handles you want?
bohica_blade_works : @anderson.stuart
anderson.stuart : Nope! Surprise me, trust your craftsmanship! @bohica_blade_works
bohica_blade_works : Ok sounds good man, i got something special for ya! @anderson.stuart
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My beloved @coyeknives Ridgeback. Goes with me everywhere. Now if only we could do something about a folder... #usnstagram #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #openyourbooks #takemymoney
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Military only give away: Boker Ridgeback fixed blade. A small gesture of appreciation for all MIL personnel currently down range in the 093xx zip code. This is for those that know that "Katusha 72" was never an '80s rock band and that the "Giant Voice" has nothing to do with a televised singing competition. Email gaw@coyeknives.com to enter - our friends at @2vetsarms select a winner on 20 DEC 2014. This is the third and final GAW post. Thank you! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ #coyeknives #army #navy #usmc #airforce #coastguard #usnfollow #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro #igarmy #igmilitia
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joecoastie410 : @coyeknives no problem brother. It's going to a good home. Can't wait to try to win another
kmdcynot : Awesome, email sent.
samelliott1455 : I really appreciate you guys doing this, means a lot knowing we're remembered
adkmtnman : @coyeknives lmao. Damn eyes r tired tonight. That's what I get for checking over 200 end mills tonight at work. Gotta love precision.
persecsystems : That's a really cool idea, @coyeknives !
patrickjwillis : @byromaniac get in on this
coyeknives : Let's review: A) You've got to be MIL. No CIV contractors. B) You MUST currently work at an installation that has a APO/FPO 093xx zip code. This knife ships to a 093xx zip code only.
austinojardino : @nickkunz
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Lets go Grunts!!! #Repost from @coyeknives Are you deployed with an APO/FPO zip code that starts with 093? Giving serious consideration to naming your dog "Hesco" when you get home? I'd like to stand in front of you, look you in the eye, stick my hand out and say "Thank you". In addition I'd like to give you a Boker Ridgeback fixed blade. Email a single entry, one (1) to gaw@coyeknives.com and on Saturday 20 DEC 2014 our friends at @2vetsarms will select the winner using random.org. This is the second of three times I'll be posting this give away. Thank you! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ #coyeknives #army #navy #usmc #coastguard #usnfollow #usnstagram #igarmy #igmilitia #doyouevengrindbro®
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militarymindset : @dhods @thomasrdoyle
thomasrdoyle : @xtaggartx @ehbohn @ameadows7
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What I supposed to choose one now? New @coyeknives pocket tool in. Very cool. #usnstagram #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro
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Are you deployed with an APO/FPO zip code that starts with 093? Giving serious consideration to naming your dog "Hesco" when you get home? I'd like to stand in front of you, look you in the eye, stick my hand out and say "Thank you". In addition I'd like to give you a Boker Ridgeback fixed blade. Email a single entry, one (1) to gaw@coyeknives.com and on Saturday 20 DEC 2014 our friends at @2vetsarms will select the winner using random.org. This is the second of three times I'll be posting this give away. Thank you! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ #coyeknives #army #navy #usmc #coastguard #usnfollow #usnstagram #igarmy #igmilitia #doyouevengrindbro®
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cardonacamilo : @caritoaguilar12
biggestn8r : Bill, you da man.
coyeknives : @jstaniford All of the rules are in the photo caption ๐Ÿ‘
coyeknives : @jstaniford This give away is for deployed personnel with an APO zip that starts with 093.
mholman918 : Is there a way for me to donate/cover the cost of a Boker Ridgeback for you to do an additional GAW at the recipient of your choice?
coyeknives : @mholman918 @davidtindol Brought up the same subject. Starting a fund gets complicated. I think there's an easier solution ๐Ÿ‘
mholman918 : I could do a post myself, but obviously, your number of followers are a "little" higher than mine! If I can help out, I'd love to.
coyeknives : @mholman918 ...and I'd be happy to facilitate that. I buy the Boker Ridgebacks like everyone else does - online or at local stores. This conversation needs to go email - info@coyeknives.com whenever you get a chance please.
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Changed my grinding jig from steel angle iron to aluminum since its lighter and conducts heat which keeps the blade cooler when grinding. #WIP for @fjannucci #SNB #NB #knives #knifemaking #customknives #handcrafted #handmade #garagemade #doyouevengrindbro
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gripkey : Thats badass bro
stephen_christopher_ : @gripkey thanks man.. He wanted something large lmfao cutting edge is about 5.8 inches
gripkey : Damn!!
stephen_christopher_ : @gripkey yeh and this one I cut out and grinded to shape all by hand and files
gripkey : WHOA, thats legit bro
stephen_christopher_ : @gripkey thanks I'll post up a pic when I get it done. I'm waiting on a can of duracoat at the moment so I can spray it
babaleeni : @stephen_christopher_ making any throwing knives? Im in
stephen_christopher_ : Lol I made a batman one for my friend @babaleeni
cmort64 - wicho_pg - danekurdyla - pectusbodybuilding -
doyouevengrindbro -
war_hulk : Love the grind lines on this one!
alphahuntertacticaldesign : #00 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
lionwerks : Mmmm
inkedbylife : Perfection. My fave
bladecraftknives : @cknifeworks what size wheel are you using for your hollows
cknifeworks : @bladecraftknives 12"
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@danieldefense @coyeknives @doyouevengrindbro two of the best making an introduction for the first time. #knife #custom #ddm4 #sbr #556 #tactical #outdoorlife #blackgun #blade #doyouevengrindbro #forerunner #ssp #m4
sbr - blade - 556 - ssp - ddm4 - m4 - forerunner - tactical - doyouevengrindbro - outdoorlife - custom - blackgun - knife -
thebmwclub : Love it!
elementiumlighter : Very nice :)
spencer35p - dgmren - mason032 - brassdepot -
My job for this morning. Grinding is definitely one of my least favorite thing to do in the shop. Although being a job I hate getting stuck doing, I always put my best foot forward and produce the highest quality I can. All done with only a 7" sigma green, no softer pass used afterwards. Technique is everything in this industry, always be sure to become the best at whatever you do #weld #welding #metalwork #steel #metal #dailygrind #thestruggleisreal #doyouevengrindbro
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Soon to be duck hearts fried in bacon fat....so good!!!! @chefpja ?? #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro
doyouevengrindbro - coyeknives -
chefpja : @qfmurray so jealous
chefpja - allierodiger - __moomoo___ - kierstyn221 -
A parting shot of the @bhutto13 Little Whiskey before it headed south. #coyeknives #customknives #usnatagram #usnfollow #littlewhiskey #doyouevengrindbro
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cowlevelisreal : Commin in hot!๐Ÿ”ฅ
jguerra69 : @mario_speed3 ๐Ÿ˜
im_going_to_make_you_mad : Good Lord...
coyeknives : @daily_badass @knifefanatics
coyeknives : @knifeaddiction @theknifeclub
coyeknives : @knifeaholics
gpstyne_ : Mr Coye, was wondering if I could shoot you an email for some career advice.
coyeknives : @gpstyne_ contact page on the website has an email form - bring it
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Custom and coffee? Well admitting I have Baileys in my coffee while using Robs manly Chavez cup....umm is this still bad ass? #usn #usnfollow #usnstagram #knifecommunity #knivedandcoffee #customandcoffee #robsbadass @crossdraw_rob @tzvy #msc #mickstridercustom #imnotmanly
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cigarrodog : You are officially a badass. With or without the Baileys.๐Ÿ‘
haveaknifeday_ta : That MSC is awesome dude i cant get enough on those colors
haveaknifeday_ta : Of*
aidansdaddy1733 : Haha yes! @cigarrodog
aidansdaddy1733 : Thanks man! @haveaknifeday_ta
lee33htzdisco : Hello Mate, I'm late seeing this one! What a fantastic blade... Truly Awesome! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ‘Šโš“๏ธ
aidansdaddy1733 : Thanks brother! @lee33htzdisco
aidansdaddy1733 : #doyouevengrindbro
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Size comparison: Left, 3.5" blade Little Whiskey. Right, 4.25" blade Whiskey II. #coyeknives
doyouevengrindbro - usnatagram - coyeknives - wip -
bhutto13 : Very nice
r.mckinney : @coyeknives please for the love of God, my life will be complete after there is a Whiskey II in my pocket.
acoonradt : @coyeknives So want one of these. Keep up the good work sir!
pcreell : @coyeknives what are the little whiskeys going for ?
vandermeulen_bladeworks : Funny how our little knives aren't really that "little" @coyeknives
coyeknives : @vandermeulen_bladeworks Ha! Hadn't thought about it that way but you're right
moosestuff : More like normal size.
moosestuff : Regular. Medium if you will.
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It's gonna be a good day Tater... #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro #Glock #KnifeFanatics
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colejacks : Beautiful choice in accesories @jmohr723
gun_toting_heathen - barbaroskinran - coty52 - kevinpolanco -
#coyeknives Ridgbacks and Forerunners. Custom paint and airbrush work done by me.------#knife#knifeart#knives#knifenut#knifestagram#customknife#knifegasm#knifeporn#knivesofig#knifepics#knifefanatics#usn#usnfollow#usnstagram#daily_badass#dailyknifepics#grailknives#custompaint#airbrushartwork#doyouevengrindbro#everyday_tactical#edc#edcknife#grailknives#bestknivesofig#TheKnifeClub#babesnblades#bladeart
custompaint - edc - knifenut - knifeporn - knivesofig - theknifeclub - daily_badass - everyday_tactical - customknife - grailknives - dailyknifepics - edcknife - babesnblades - bestknivesofig - airbrushartwork - coyeknives - bladeart - knifefanatics - knifegasm - knifepics - usnfollow - usnstagram - knives - knifestagram - usn - doyouevengrindbro - knifeart - knife -
bohica_blade_works : Are these for sale. Or you own them? @adsmith282
adsmith282 : @bohica_blade_work I own them, not for sale
meetyourravebae : Cool Shot!
adsmith282 : @meetyourravebae Thanks
babesnblades : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
adsmith282 : @babesnblades Thank you
jrenaes283 - shooter_issf - arthimsl - esknives -
I check FleaBay periodically... #forerunner #knifesale #coyeknives #doyouevengrindbro®
doyouevengrindbro - forerunner - coyeknives - knifesale -
whitetail.assassin : That top one with the dark blue is #deadly @doyouevengrindbro
whitetail.assassin : @single_action_colt
chasegibson5 : Just saw a ridgeback listed on armslist in Oklahoma @doyouevengrindbro @coyeknives
djphotoshop - stretchermonkeyphotography - triplebravo - wyattderp -
seriously in need of this tamper, anyone who can help?? @dagnerpipes #Repost @coyeknives with @repostapp.โ€จใƒปใƒปใƒปโ€จThank you very much IG for making the debut of the AK piston Coye Pocket Tool (CPT) a huge success! Many thanks and a shout out to @frstr8 for the lanyards! #coyeknives #usnstagam #pipetool #pockettool #bottleopener #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagam - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - bottleopener - pipetool - pockettool - repost -
dagnerpipes : Mine got shipped today
centaurd : @dagnerpipes I saw the announcement but didn't know how to order........
jdhanson79 : Get in line Dean, I tried twice and they we sold out both times๐Ÿ˜’
centaurd : @jdhanson79 gotta pray harder before bed ๐Ÿ˜‰
fab34 : ้€™ๅนนไป€้บผ็”จ็š„
centaurd : @fab34 ๅญธ้•ท๏ผŒ้€™ๅ€‹ๆ˜ฏไธ€ๅ€‹่ฟทไฝ ๅฃ่ข‹ๅทฅๅ…ท๏ผŒไนŸๆ˜ฏไธ€ๅ€‹้–‹็“ถๅ™จ๏ผŒไนŸๆ˜ฏๆŠฝ็…™ๆ–—็š„ๆ™‚ๅ€™ๆœƒ็”จๅˆฐ็š„ๅฃ“ๆฃ’๏ผŒ้‚„ๆœ‰้€™ๅ€‹ๆ˜ฏ็”จAK็š„็“ฆๆ–ฏๆŽจๆกฟ(gas piston)ๆ”น้€ ๅ‡บไพ†็š„๏ผŒ่ฆบๅพ—ๅฅฝ้…ทๆ‰€ไปฅๆƒณ่ฆ๐Ÿ˜
fab34 : ๆ„Ÿ่ฆบๅฐฑๅพˆๅƒๆญฅๆง็š„็“ฆๆ–ฏๆŽจๆกฟ๏ผŒๅŽŸไพ†ๆ˜ฏๆ‹ฟไป–ไพ†ๆ”น้€ ็š„๏ผŒ็œŸ้…ท๏ผŒๆƒณๅฟ…ๅพˆ้‡๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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Thank you very much IG for making the debut of the AK piston Coye Pocket Tool (CPT) a huge success! Many thanks and a shout out to @frstr8 for the lanyards! #coyeknives #usnstagam #pipetool #pockettool #bottleopener #doyouevengrindbro®
usnstagam - coyeknives - doyouevengrindbro - bottleopener - pipetool - pockettool -
vfgunrunners : @coyeknives thats badass
_mattmartin82 : @valwest949
braymo : @coyeknives I want one how do I order it?
qfmurray : The coolest stuff! Will someone just have theirs shipped to me so I can open it? Promise to then forward your way.
zappadragon : That would be a great booger scooper for those hard to reach ones!
kwf.0311 : @coyeknives can I pick one up ?
zipman5150 : Where do I get one of them?
j_a_keefer : Are these available?
derricktinsley - bambooandblades - sheepdog1745 - 994tony -
Never go full retard.... But he can't help it... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #doyouevengrindbro @boga243
doyouevengrindbro -
boga243 : Damn I'm good
mattreytard70 : @boga243 your a "special" type of kid
boga243 : Damn right I am @mattreytard70
mattreytard70 : haha what are you working on? @boga243
boga243 : Re-shaping the tip and blade on a shit neck knife @mattreytard70
mattreytard70 : oh cool....... noke knives??? @boga243
boga243 : Yesss @mattreytard70
abby_coleman12 - herawynn1 - preacherx - mattreytard70 -
- Little Whiskey open bid auction. @nicholsdamascus Boomerang stainless damascus with XHP core, bead blast/tumbled Ti frame lock. Blade: 3.5", OAL 8", anodized Ti pivot accent and Ti frame screws, Ti back spacer, jimping on thumb ramp and flipper tab. Locks up solid, good detent, blade rides just a frog hair right of center. Auction ends tomorrow, Saturday 12/13/14 at 5:00pm central time. - $500.00 opening bid. Bid increments of $20.00 please. PayPal only. Winner to pay actual USPS insured priority shipping. Shipping/insurance cost based on final sale price. - Bid here in this thread or by email igsales@coyeknives.com. I will periodically "prune" this thread, as I have in the past, to allow potential bidders quick access to the recent bids. Thanks for looking!!!
bhutto13 : 1250
coyeknives : One hour warning w/ anti-sniping rule in effect: any bids placed after 4:45pm roll the auction to 5:15pm. This roll back will occur only once.
coyeknives : @bhutto13 Congratulations! Please shoot me an email igsales@coyeknives.com - thank you everyone!!
jmohr723 : Congratulations Barry! Going to have to meet up so I can check it out!
bhutto13 : @jmohr723 for sure
justinviolett : Outstanding work Bill, this thing is gorgeous
joshgilbert86 : Looks amazing!! I can't believe I missed this
tlee4257 : Awesome. @mrspeedycrane
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Swung by 2A Shooting Center this morning and they still have a few ForeRunners left. Email Jason@2ashootingcenter.com if interested. Thank you! #2a #coyeknives #knifesale #usnstagram #doyouevengrindbro® ๐ŸŽถ Kansas
doyouevengrindbro - usnstagram - coyeknives - 2a - knifesale -
pabashe : @xmascritters usually at least $325 + shipping
gpstyne_ : I just filled the cup
longnthetooth : Get one Jason is on it got me one quick ๐Ÿ‘top service @coyeknives j
will_wep : @dakotamoffat
jaq_33 : @plakaplakaaa
bohica_blade_works : Boom FINALLY got a #forerunner! Thanks jason and bill. @coyeknives
haydenyancer : @sj_squires
mesp05 : @alberto_elpollo
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...So we make these #Bacon Banger sausages. Ask for them by name. #doyouevengrindbro?
doyouevengrindbro - bacon -
raythebutcherman : Yes. Yes.
meatmangian : Bangin' the bacon!
herrspecht : Me Me Me Me Me Me Me!!!!! Bacon!!!!! @chefowenfoster
herrspecht : gimme
ilovedirt : Whoa @herrspecht ease down! ;p Hahaha... If it's all bacon, it's all good!
raythebutcherman : @guytheenglishman @cam_mather
guytheenglishman : I assume you will be weighed down with said bangers next weekend @raythebutcherman or we may fall out
raythebutcherman : Bacon bangers = ice fuel @guytheenglishman
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